The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1932
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Served>by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAS^ km, sn?™?r. ^^^T ' X ' *"* " " k-' VOi,. xxiv—NO. ;sr, ARKANSAS AND BODTIIEAST MISSOURI BiJ'thevlllo Daily "N.-WS, ' lllylhcvllle Hornicl """ ~^- rTTrT7r - ;r:: ^-~-r-=--~- —--- — =.-_—=-= _J?i R l'J!!PPj_V."J!gj' j^f- liKiheviiie courier, liU'TilEVIl.U':, ARKANSAS, WKIXNTSDAV U'KIl r ]<P~> -•-=•-- :.= SMITHWIN™~ SINGLE COPIES 'FIVE CENTO , ; ! PIPER LOSS IN (J(>s and Downs of I he Coiion Mnrkrl. I-arm Board Efforts lo Slabilix.e Prices Have Been Expensive. Lnrroirs NOTK': This h i:second uf Ihrei: Ltnriis en Ihe fVd- eral Farm Biurd, Uncle Sam's SMO.090,060 organuatiuji which iva-i dc-signnl In hull r*llinx faun prices. Its CMieniliturc u f S200.4W.OM in toying In pec and citCI-iii |il Ices Ii siii.ii tn In, invutligali-d liy a Sc-mte ccmimitu-L 1 . Ey itonxev iMiTf.'Krit NKA Srrviw Writer iCopjriehl, 1M2. NEA Service Inc ) WASHINGTON'. April 27.-T h e Federal Faun Board, if you judge it by what has happened to tc.o i farmer m the nearly three years '• since it was appoinltd to effect his I relief, has teen a frightful failure. • Otherwise, it would not b= in for { such intense scrutiny from Con-; Kress as it. will receive during the ! investigation by UK Senut? Agri- : ci.ltural Committee. i Battered by a =0 per cent decline in farm prices ..since 192D. by Jiuge surpluses in the big crops, by continued depression wilh its effect, of lower consumption, by rural bank failures and drought and other advecsities for which (he Farm Boarcl can hardly be blamed, the American farmer is today far wcrs; off than before he ever heard of the- agricultural iniufccling act which was hailed as the means of his salvation. , | Farm income fell from about j tivclve Milfoil cellars in 1930 to nbout seven billion dollars in 1931. Farm prices stand at 'about two, think the, pre F '\car-level. Mcnmvhile, the Farm Board has drawn $500,000.000 of Unelt- Sam's r money lo improve marketing con- LOIltains No Provision for diticns. stimulate and aid co-operatives and, when the bi» cranks in wheat and cotlcn came, to pluns; into the market, through the Grain Stabilization Corporation and Cot- ion Stabilization Corporation in an effort lo hold up [he pric:. Th: general refills are well- knowii. Ti: c board bought 330- OOO.CCO bushels of wheat an:'l. when it made its figures public last fall, still held I90.0DO.WO bushels. It paid an av- erase of 82 cents a bushel. Wheat 'Dairow Makes Closing j I'lea for Honor Slavers' i ... T. ||.. A ,,, n 2-1 IU I' 1 --Ciaivniv UiiiTi.w. considered Hi' 1 !iivalc:,i slicmnsiui of ths Am- i-i'i.-jii b..i,-, ie,j ; , v iiiaiii- wh;u may '»• hi-; final ndilr'iss to n jurv. a pli-a In H-iruoiial romt Iti've ili.ii fniir «lnti. ]HIK,HS ]) 1; found i:i;i!iy «! tin- si-cnntt <i-,- im - ! Marhie Dietrich Suspended by Studio HOLLYWOOD. April 27. i(JI>)- 'lli<> illspuit' between Miirl?ni- niet-1 ili'h. ii< Jowpli i/on h'ternber- i Iri'rlrir. mid I'aramDiml Studio!' • over pioilm-ilon c f -The iiinncl Vi 1 -' j nu;- " u.'day lii- 0 iis;lit Imli-flnllo MIS- Iff SIM nidrich 10 i,|,|,eiU- ,.,, ",'!'''' v .'"\ * I " I " I ' I ^K '""""i 'li'tiTor ^ 0 _ os evolt, I3nf!!y in Massachusetts, m Pennsylvania. '••''»t *'''liiriii!; !:•'• ,-iicry by Mui'lo wrllu-.s woulil ii sin-c.'i.inl picliuv. KILLEfi IB pnri|r nr How tlie price of cotton lias fallen, despite (he $500,000.000 Federal Farm Hoard's fo.mntion in 10=9. is shown in n,3 above chart, prepared from data compiled by I he aclivilv U S l time (J. S. Slilnor S5D.OOO a year lately has been "Iling below 00 cents. On (lie first of of lasi November tlw board estimate & a "paper Jo •> of $102,000.000. Congress has since voted 40.- CM, 000 bushels of the whenl for unemployed relief and a fe\v million bushels have been sold. Carrying nnd operating charges have mounted on the wheat and the same goes fcr cotton. The board bought 1.310.000 bales of cotton at 10.3 cents a pound and colon, has been down around six cents. The cotton is beina held, by agreement until 1933. The situation became so ,-iasr>:r- ate that at on; time the boar;, snfr- Kcsted that at! cotton fanners plow wider a third of their crop. -The "paper las. 1 ." on cotton was estimated last November al S75.000.000. The "paper" which Ihc IK.UC] decline,s to consider actual lossls until the .stnbilivalion operation Li completed, may increase or decrease with the fluctuation o! prices. Tie board also lent money on cotlsn up to 00 jar cent of the pievalling market price and has b:en faced with n loss of $10.000."CO in to.uis not now i-ccinvd because of tbe great price drop. The inxp.iycr, of course, is bound to S« It in the neck and stabilization efforts have been discredited As President Hoover .said, anv such attempt nt farm relief as the attempt lo buck the law of supply ami demand during a period of huge KWId-widc agricultural over- pro.iiclion and under-consumption, ended disastrously. A trcmendo\: s amount of criticism has followed revelation that n a two officials of co-opcrativps spon- ! Faces Murder Charge j in Death of Husband; . Ml-.MPHlS, April 27 UJP)—lie-:, niorrohil and, $, Mft. Harry I- Sicul, 27. (ortp.y faced'a charge! ol murder as a result of hfr hiis- ! nighl after si Junior and Sen: ior High Teachers. ullcgecily had .-shot him (toys ago when tie Ihreatcncd her v:hile drunk. Tho ycunj wife went to the police: ilaiion-last nil 1 hi ncco:np:in-i ied by Mrs. A. \v. Stephens, Hlv- i Denver Man Blinds Himself With Gun After "Mercy Slaying of Mate. board of Ihe Blyiheville '"' llv &lrs - A - w - Siophcns. lily-j rip.,™.,. .„,„ .' ,„_, „ district last nislit approved '-'"ille.-Ark., sister of Stout, and j ™£,} ™-*» ' j', ' UPi-S:,m- ;l for the school vear \W- > : " er; " c " h " reialivcs lo face the T' . 1 f-«-"'-old ncilroad eni- contain, ,, n ™- n V \,, n , t..! nuirticji- ch:,ivr<i. She iurnishod! 1J njc fnt : C(i ia ' 1 ^ lll( -' P^babilily The •chool d i biirige. ... t „, „. 33 thai contains no proVlsio»"'for | nu "'' iei ' cll: "i r<t - Slic Itirnished' mcelinj the expense of inslruc-' '*"•'"' °' C5.l ; W. :icn in tlic senior ami junior lil.h I Po'ice i-,iirt investigation fcbcols. ' ^d -Nirs. ^tuiit Wich estimated revenues for U)L i ' ( '"'°year anioiiuiiiistooiily SC2.090, an;l debt charges, insurance .ind I and operating costs totnl- 53-l.059.CC. the board will have sell de- -, :nj balance ol only $27,430.3-1 a barely enough to meet the gen •• :ial control.ant! elementary school instruction budgets. ' That this was the situation confronting the district has been mown for some lime, oncl plans :re already underway for opiua- lion of the senior and Junior hi"rh :chcols ns private tuition schooir. i inst ns they have been operated ' •'ince January 25 of (his year. Ftii'lhrr reductions in sa;aii'..s- A while teachers, avt-rayin^ si{ xir cent, were directed by tin- '.oard last ni^nt. as was a c-i: n Ihe salary of the Both teachcre and superintendent -cceived more draslic cuts at tho teciiniin^ of ihe ciiireiii s-hcoj year. No further cnt.s were or- to John Ilnghcs Curtis, wlio for four days has been olf ious jaclit licjctiatc f A. Lindners!). Jr.. N'orfjll; ioJ.iv. Arrival of tho yacht Mar.-on on winch Cmlis made 1 his Dip ers. as it uas fell by the Iward '. buildc-r app-Mred al his boat- ihat these liad already been rj- ! house. He immediately summoned disced a.s, far as pr.ictivahlc. .Rear Admiral Guy Smragc. with The new bud^i:! nbo calls tor j whom lie has been workin.-; on tin 1 •nlnor economics in other iluin-i. ] Lnul!:crp.h t-.csr-. and they held a ill of which are more than ollv. | confoi-enre. an increase in bond inaiur' 1 .-1 Admiral lunrn^e. nuesli(nn\l al- UM' the ronfeivnce said: "Al thi.-, lime «e can slate v.x- have overcome a niindx'r of obstacles thai have stood between i.:; itsul cur cbjiclivc." He uonld r,'-E suy where tlie yacht MniTon i.s nor \ihftt fur- mo\eir.c'iu Cinlis expected to make. jcf ,1 i rial on a charge of mimlci i for Ihe mercy slaying r,i his m- . r nnc wife. Delirious with pain ami blinded i by the bullet he fired into his ov.n head nfler he billed his wife. ; Ihr man, who lold police he "simply couldn't slant! ihe strain any longer." was in o critical conrii- bul bunjcons «urc hopefnl of recovery. :r 12 years his ivife had been subject to delusions. Three years jo physicians pronounced her \l ri ni i i hopelessly insane. Have Uvei'COme Obstacles,; Recently Shale himself snfiered Norfolk .Negotiators An-1 nit f °*A m»te\^unrt\rul™- IlOlinCC Today. ! iinl "' his wcvk - tester day he se- J •• cured a gun. walked to Ihe Fide of his slcepini: \uTe. ludd it to her head and lived, killing tier IS RETURN! iIBIP NORFOLK. Va.. April 27 .UP.- ' Lii.^tMitli'. Frr two l:oi:rs itinj 1 ." 1-ern a(T on - inwirr .- l - ! -- l - UKI i- r ' J LViU l - ui:rs ltin!l Zise hi °\ml • C w : f tole ^«" lliro "S" «»ls '>or,..e ,., fcr rrcoverv ol Charles C "' j"" 1 ' »'.. '"!, I! " S ,"" : , ?"", 01 .mi, .:,- •„,„„„-. ,„' hinisclf. Bhnrietl. nnd wilh blow S,"lf-Confoss(*fi fci's Aid to ficers in Mystery Case. Dlivc'il by Ills cflilscidiu:; til cnn- fif;: u ihrec> nnirdi-r whirh iiod na yei ,-0:;,,. ,„ jj stlli , it)J , Edward Smith, 25, lefl Oscco'.u UKliiy wilh pii2/lcd uillcers from Mi;-si;.;j].pi lo return .to Calhcnn county. Miss., and try. to liiid Ihc I'tTilB nf the iindisunercd crime. Went Hred nnd Lulher Woolen. Calhonn conniy deinnies who ciime lo oscceln io confer svilh tln> self- tonfcsspil ilillrr. visited J. W. \Vii;:ht ol this city, farmer sheriff of Ciilhciim county (c:day am! :2i'.l Smilli lucd ninved io lead them in a search for tangible evidence to Eubnlnnlin'-c 1 lib stn'ciiiji- Mr.'. ... While llir.pfTirars of ,llie sj).ii«- 'l.v'i ;-elt!rd artci-rhilly/'.MiS.ilssipi)! cctinty said sliey had 'ijceii unable to find liny evidence to cjori-Qbor- ne Smilh's confiusinn. Ilicy :id- mittcd tlie i-rinir could have been :cmn,icted In a lonely wooded district and have been' undiscovered. i. wns j.-oinled out that Smith and Fred Davis, the man he claims lo hare killed in an argument ovrr a 15-year-uld i;lrl. were not set- llcc! resident,- of Ihe conniy and the disappearance of Ihe men tnijihl not Slave moused imiisunl intercsl al ihe time. Ii is under- ^ti cd thai Snilih says., the ki;;:i>,.; occurred on n lonely 'road in a wooded section of Ihe county. Smith sayr hi: shot and killed Davis uith n 3J:2ft revnlvrr as the clima\ to a f|iiarrel over a Sh'l named Opal Ivy. The self-confessed kilier lied uiy Mills eliariji'd. loilay In u itnle- iui'iu hi-islllni; ivilh rrlik-Nm <i| Hi.- niCitMii e. '1'lic- cnbln:-l mrinbei' appeaml before [he hoiuse ways nnd mr.mi j cornnillloo In opprvdHon la 111:- bill which provides for Immcdl.itc piy- I uu-ni of udjmlecl compi-mallon cer- j llllcalcs lhroui!h Issiiiince of new r, ,, T D (.'lib UOVcmorS 1 ax Bill'- dun on Properly Has Become Unbearable. . Winilcl l l H,u,k,ui,tcv ' , Mills sale proimnent.s of tl-.e'l'al- ijllsll "i: taxation and man measure would i Hie nre^c-i ' lo work printlDj; rtl.iliniiM! doliar.s. and deliberately to uilcipi this insidious and e.uentlnlly dWionesl device wnnlcl. lo my mind. l>2 than an act of finrmdal b:inkriip;- cy. It would constitute mornl bnnk- iiin'.cy." Uecanso (he ccrdllcales do not iiia'.urc mid! 1045 the IreiKiiry cee- reinry chained Ihe bill Is designed lo pay an ubllgnllnn not ihis. lie. clenirrl (lure- Is a currency khcrliiMC and said Out M ic lion as Is proposed in Ihc 1' RICHMOND, Va.. April 27. .UP) I — Pi-e.sidein Hoover today iii-Kfl.ur- ! "" lli» nation Hie ncccwlly of \ i- taxation and B ovon,m:ni "l»ndiluie.s as the "sure hiKliwiv 7 HOSTON, April 27. (UP)-Mass.i- cl'iKetts d?lcjnter, t,b the . Democratic nutlonal convention will llielr full coinpllment of 3li votes for Alfred E. Smith, almost com- pli>le returns In the slide's prj.sV lilenlinl preference primary slraA-cd today. . ], Smith, in an out and out contest - llh !(ooscvcl|. defealsd ' i.r.e Nmv , s Votk uovernor in every concession- ' : al district nnd even in the city 'of Iloston, stronghold of .Mayor Jame:? Curlcy, Itooscvell leader. .'- tetiirns frcni M9 out of- 310 towns and 37 out of M clllcs In the rounty after the slioot- Calboim ins and hns IKCII in various parl. cf Ihe counlry since, nelieviu* he was doil-ins nulhoritlcs, n ],ii were icully never seeking him. Smith finally became a vlcliiu of his own conscience and eavc him- up to Deputy C. C. Bowen la whom lie unfolded h!.? striinw lale at Orcvnla Monday. lilnn would be Inlnl lo Ihe Ircj.s- Inulijot. lie held Uui «uy lo credit to '.vork was by m.iln- lalnlni; public c-onlldwicc. 1'i-ilrs (.'niiM'iincnrns Mills, n world war veleran, re- i fcrred lo Ihc present III-RP fxpen- dllures for velcians 1 ..briy>fi|iL.nutl snlcl he belirmi (here w;i? iio evidence to indicate veleraiL- as a elasa are i,iifcrliis ii.-oye Ib.ui any oilier group of individuals In the country. "Ti'.c passage of this bill. In my judgment, sinuld cienl such n .severe blow lo public conlUlcnrc as to make (tie cnmeiniencfs utmost in- calciilnble," Mills clcrlarnl. refcr- linp; to the tartes of failures of 1031 and their eltrcl an public confidence." loward national recovery Mr. Hoover addressed ' (he 2-l!h conferfiice of novel nors here lli'ts ullnrnooii, after cumins l:y uiolo,- and tiniji from Washhif;l«;i The president gixvs iho KOvornors. 'uath^ erecl fiom all over Ihe country. R niessage lo be curried liomc nml an. Plle<l lo every phase of (lorernin 'in Iroin Ihe town council upward Amoni! the specific recommemla- lions was a plea for loner (axes ,. ellnilnalion of ilupllcation r.f inv u -' Hon. cind discovery ot new reveiiii™ Church Representatives 'Visiting Local Homes There are 125 rr-prescmaiives from the five churches coDporaltn 0 in the Church Loyalty campaign o are visaing in the hniucs of (he. city each evening ibis week ns' the final acllviiy before the special church services begin Sunday. These workers hear a drvolional conducted by the Rev. Alfred - 8- Harwell before going Into Ih? homes of the city. About 3CO visits are niiule each night. dereil in salaries ol negro teach-I not noted hut the Norfolk .- irs which make necessary $26.MOC'J for debt service year. . Instead nf The budget provides $4.400 for jpnrral control, including Ihe superintendent's salary of $3,000. clerk's salary of $fi70. and various miscellaneous Hems: S4.8SOM for operalion, which includes janitor's pay. fuel, light and |»wcr, supplies nnd miscellaneous item:: for and m ... blood , Mr<'an>ing from his v.-o.mtl. hej 1 lelephcini! police. When they ar- ' • is-.i-<l he iokl his story. ; ' t lo dn it." hi- said. "I ; simply eouldr.'i stand ihe .«!r.iin ' any longer." If lif ivcoveis n jury will decide 1 whether his act was justified. De Valera Defeated in Vote of Irish Dail meitl luxes. E;ilnrics of cm:: improve-j Gets $50 Fine and Jail elementary teachers on Petty Larceny Charge under ihe new schedule, will range from S7<7 lo slightly .over S6tW. with principals receiving from $010 S1.2I5. Will Support Hoover «f LITTLE ROCK. April 27. lUPl — Republican delegates from Arkansas will go lo the llw national convention at Chicago in Jnne instructed to vote for the rcncnilna- lion of President Hoover. J. O. Uvesay of Foreman John McKcii/ie was fined S50 and ssntenced :o CO days in jail on a charge of petit larceny by Acting Judge Virgil Greene in municipal court yesterday afternoon. The youth was also found GUilly carrying a pistol and was fined \ $50 and given a 35 day j.iil sentence. The Judgni?!)! in the second cass was sn.-Fenried pending Bocd behavior. The youtii was convicted of the theft of a pUtol. Officers said he had a court record as a juvenile. Arthur Collins, r.egro. was fined $10 on B charge of njiui.'is- Rojella Brown, negro, was flnod o:ie dollar on a fighting charge. Arthur Enni-j was lined five dollars for fljMln;. Tivo iiioi were fined S10 each for public drunkenness. ^* DUBLIN. lr»hnrt. April 27. lUPi —President K.unon De Vaien »as liefeaier; In the dail today during debale on the bill for abnliiinno of the oath to (he crown. The dail. by a vou: cf 74 10 CC. rejected his motion to rtiwiiss Ire second reading of the bill ahMti of other business. Since the vote •«« not en a major i'-sue U was Iwlicv- ed the government's rr.sisiMi!}ii unlikely. The defeat n-as grfotcd m'l.H cries of "resign" from the opposition. Valera replied hy clialinig- anyone to snfcmii a mclion of OECEOLA, Ark.—A self-confessed siajvr. Roy Edward Smith, Is on the way lo piece ICKclhor for the ... tc-nelll C f Misst.sippi officers, evi- ny- r dence to .subslanlinie his slory nf n killmi; which occurred three years 1^0. Mississippi oifii-cTi'. wlio came here to confer with Smith, salt! he had talfccrt with (he father cf Ihe girl over whom Smith and . his victim said to have quar- | icllcd b.'fere Ihc 11111111" occurred. The ^hT.-, iiither was reluctant lo discuss incidi-nts leading up to the killinic bill, said thai Smith had been lo see him a- few days lo!louin>; t.'cc :ro;,bk.. When Smith is i-clurnctl lo Mississippi ol![i-ers l.ciicve Ihe nivKtery will bo clr-tircd up. YOUR CtUJLES ^•-S> Discuss Validily of Cost Pius Contracts | LITTLE ROCK, April 27. ilJPl — Members of ihe highway aii.-lil commission were lo confer today with Ally. Gen. Hal L. Nnrwcotl. Tlie roiifcrenro was to discuss' Hie proposed suit 10 icsl l'-e valid- by the hMuvciv sources. "One of the taxes whh-h Is responsible for a tllsproparllniiaic part ol the liiirtfihip of our prescn' lax syalem Ls the present in-opcr- ly las," Mr. Hoover said, "Dccrcnslng pricey ami: dcec-e-is- Ing inline, re.sull in. ilu burden ii|>pn' pi-cporly flv In rural and urban cnminnnli';'; wlilrh is now iKcomln? almasi IHI- tenntbtc. The lax-burden on real cstcne Is wholly out of proportion to that on other forms of property ami Income, Tliere Is no fcirni relief^ more "needed today Hum (ax Mr. Hoover pleaded for cooperation In every phase of fovermnetil. Up rmplmlKMi Ui L > siabllily O f the republic can be maintained only _ "Hie financial inlecjrilv of every stale, counly. .md uiiuiliiliiiil SOverninent." Significant sentences from Pres- klent Hoover's speech included"•'list as tlie niellird.s flnd practices In private bus-lures and livins; had lo be overhauled in this emer- Bcncy. so also must \ve overhaul the melhorls and ni.icilnv; of ea v- crnmenl." K 'We are clearly absorbing too great a jiortlon ol the national income for the conduct of our various branches ot government." "We cannot reslore economic stability by continuing lo siphon so large a part of piivnte rfrnit jn'ic the coffers of the Giwrmmn, nor can we hide onr heads in ll:,>'snncl by borrowing ( 0 cover curreni cnv - ornmeni expenses," out ti;e city. Mrs. G. S. Cunningham Refuses Hearing io in Critical Condition Mrs. G. S. Mooney Protestants RICHMOND. Va, April 27 tUPi „„„ has , - «««« a » «c en,d „ ' 9St " 13ht ond lwr co " llvc committee of the governor's <ll "on this afternoon i b crltlrsl. conference, today refi-el t vc ' "•'" (al « a dele S«"^ l«m" ihe nt is in ' na(Ir " tl1 ^tor Defense and th! r lo Osccoia. after noon, which arrived here, lo protest •'continued torturing" ot Tom Mooney. WEALTU Six linirly :irlii-los l>y nu. .\r o it in s (••is!!- BKIN, noted health authority and writer and editor of the .roiimal of t h c American Medical Association, will interest KVKRY i-'.n'HKR AND MOTH MR. 1'irst Article TODAY On I'lipo 1 in THE COURIKR NEWS tcl Ashabranner and John ^ • ••••s.a JV^IIIl Pierce of Manila Named by Grand jury. Indictments returned by 'the grand jury O f the recent criminal comt term hm only recorded IhK wcel; irvcaicd Hint IJd Astiabran- ncr and John Pierce of Mnnib have teen indicted on charges oi involuntary nian?bn»!itcr i n the dealh of .John I'a^cy on Hislnvuv IS iii December. The two men were crcnpanls of a which is allejcd in have l-'.lruck I'asley's, parked hall |<n and half oil iho hi°hv,-,y and knocked Ihe car inlo Pasii-y. stjindins on the highway, ri^icli- inc; In fatal Injuries. The acci- ileni occurred cibonl c.™ and a half miles cosl of l.e.ichville e-;i Uerembcr fiih. Pierce and Ashabraimer are al llberly umler bond. Which one ol Ihc two was drive: of the car Is not definitely known 1111,-] this j doubt is believed to have been (he basis for (he reliir.i of indirt- tnrnls against bo!h. Bench rants for arrest ol the jviir were only returned Ihi.i week. States Senator who headed Hie n, 1.1 . ,'• - c m " ll . tl -! l 'B"K Uckel, Hl.llM Vl i los , is aeninsl 53,074 for Cnrl2y. Smith's tremendous slrenjah siiv- '..-• crs. Smllh carried all of ill: 31 c-ll- 'cs ilnis far roirarled. .'.' I'ennsylvutlla (o llonscvrlt . PIIIL-ADBLPHIA; April 27 (UP)! -Cov. Franklin D. Itnoscvelt malii- - v 'nlnu;l his lend laic loday -,o\-n •" Alfred E. Smllh in the preslcleni- . '".I p'itmiry cf (he Dc'inocr.ilij caity In PeniiEylvnnia. ' '•' Th; von- hi 4,20a of Ihe slale's 1.181 election districts v,at' \\uo<t- .cll. 70,073: Smith, M.OI5. Kcnatoi Ji'.mes ,1. Davis virtually wns arsurcd of icnomlnallan :n Ihc Uepubllcun llckcU . Tlie vofu" t;lwccn him/ and Major Gcnvfal • Stnetllcy p. ". ai.tlcr wns: - Davis 718.071; BulhiV.\358.238. - ""•'..' r^-»«-.*M-^--.-i i is-.-«:«-s-;:' orectosurc Decrees Granted by Chancellor Approximately 15 foreclosure d:- -'J crees wcfo griinte.? by Chiinci?l.'or' J. M. Pntrell of Paragoultj u ...., lb . the adjourned ilny of chancery'c^iirt ! -r held liere yeslerdny. Tlw foreelos- .; in cs ivere fairly mil distributed be-' Iween urban and rural propsrjy ..> with loan companies MS pbintill'j. -?. Orders confirming sales In irm-o '. ', 5 foreclusiire nclloiu ivsra'onlirc.'!' ;• ).v the cni-.rt. Confirmation of rale- •'''. Hie lltwl court entry In foro- -' closure acllons. •• ".".";.. Ch.incelicr Fiiirell carried paper! . n a number o! dlvovcj actions to • P.iragoulc where te will review Ihi V charges and .send the circuit lis orders In the cases. Two divorces, however, were grunted yesler- lay. The decrees were In the fo'l- owing CIU.-M: Znla Wahl vs. Oeorej ' Wahl and Clnra Johu-;:.'ri v-i. .Jjirk" Johnson. Mid-South Directors ' Plan Annual Election 1'lnns for Hip mimml el.-ction of lirectors of Ihe Mid-South Colfnn Growers nsieclatlon were made at meeting of the present board nt .-uiphu yesterc'ay. The election will be ronducled hy commitiee conslslini! of T. Roy fieid. Lltilc Fiock. clia'ircnan Drew Varriell. Krniifftt. ,\fa.. and J. A Ded inert of liuthcrford. Tenn. A urimary will be liM:l May 2G. and the general jlorticin bo Iwld 21.'.is ii-jli be by po.itcurd • allots M-hii-:- wi!i be mailed lo all ni'inbevs of ihe a-kwcialion. Arl:anins dirretors who altcnd?tf yf-.storday's tKrotin^ u-^re A. B. Nj^ • nocks. Fcrrc-st Cily. C E Yancey Marianna. 11. II. Nafr. Pcrtlanh' Ccnn-.vay Scott. Scoit. J. M. Conn-' .!•"••. El.iine. C. T. Taylor. ,\fa'7- lolia. c:. B. oregR. jonejbarc.. and O. Siiiilli. Blytheville. Indiiiu Trihcs Ii.vilrd 1RW1STOM, Idaho. (UPi—Indi- tn tribes from Crcpcn. U'a^hln t '- • •nid MoMan.-i have been frj- ilc:l hore hy Ihr N'eic pcro Indians o cnmp.-ie nidi (hem in their sprir.s ka-oti-ll. rr Ihank.'.-ivliK fesltval '•'EATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy, probably frosi i:i extx-sert place's in north i:oi-ilo» loniahi. Tlitn-srtay paiilv clciiiiy !o cloudy, .tomeu-hat I'ninjorcd by Snmersauil TON' DU LAC. WIs iUP)-Fivc i passengers pscaped unht'i-l -i-heii j front wheel brake; Sorted on the Ycsierriay was the coldest April ( lay here in several years. accord- Ing to the official weather observer. Cliarlss Phillips Jr. .Tha • mini- mi! m tempjnlure was M detrree.? an:! t'.c maximum 75 decrees, clear. Today a ycar-ajo. tho minimum car In which they were, riding. | temperature was « deRroca (••!,-; the c«iit1ncj the machine to somrrsanll maximum «6 degrees clcsr (twice in the. air, | cloudy TO«u« r ye, 5 t«rday

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