The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1932
Page 6
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Mrs, Dean's Boy Pnul Paul Dean Says Tlicy'll Be! Referring to Di/./y Just His Brother. By LEW UYUKJl \EA Sen-foe SiMrhl Writer COUJMBUS. O—Is Paul Dean the. younger biothfr of Ihe Great Jere/ie H. "Di/jiy" Dean, or Is Je- rciue just an older brother of 111? Great Paul Dean? Tnc siory RCCS back io ia?t summer, shortly after ll-.e Ihnn 17-ycar- o.'d Paul joined Ih? Columbus lied Birds, mainly on the recommendation of Ills brother, Ihe Cardinal, 1 eccentric pitcher. In his first a|ij>c.iranrc for the Birds, Paul opposed (lie New York Claim in an exhibition i;aine and lh? Birds won. 3 to 2. That jiujln (he Columbus (Into passci through Indianapolis en route to St. Louis and one o! the players brought in a pa- I»r carrying a story fj'. Ihe ijiime ivhich said: "Paul Dean, n-year-old brother of Hie famous Dizzy Dean, pitched the Columbus team [o a :i lo 'I vic- lory over the Glanls." Paul read it and grinned. "Give me another year in baseball." lie snltl. "and Ihcy'll bo enll- in'-lhat dizzy so and so Paul Dean's brother." Paul, who has just. Inrned his 18lh year; is a belter pitcher Ihan Dizzy, in the opinion or Charley Barrett, veteran ivory hunter of liie Cardinals, mid discoverer of Pepper Martin. The Yankees were the scheduled opposition in tho first Ixmio game for Hie Red Illrds during spring training. A couple of days before the game, Paul sidled up (o Manager Nemo Tjelboli), wilh the following drawled request: "If it's jest the fame io you, Ah'<l like it if you would lei me pilch against ihosc Yankees. Ah'vc al- v.-ays wauled to pitch Ibis hcah Huth fellah!" Paul got. the assignment, opiios- Ing Lefty Gome?, in his last slarl before the American League opening. For five innings he held the Yankees lo one infield hii. in that time only two balls were driven out of the infield. Both were easy He weakened In the seventh and elghlli—he hadn't gone the roulc In any game this spring—and was relieved in the eighth wilh tlie Yanks lending .) (o 2. : He.faced Ruin four times The first time up the Babe fouled out His next effort was an easy roller to first. On his third (rip the flabe . <£nv( a'base on b.ills. His fourth trial iwas ft lofty fly to i c a center which Bevo Lcboiirvcau misjudged and let go for n double. Paul is being counted upon as one of the nees of ihe Cohimbv; mound staff this yca ,-. Last year he had everything but a change of race. Tr.e vclewn Sherilf Hlake taught him that pitching trick this spring.and he lias been one of the best of the Columbus luirlers ever since. Ihe fij-ht will !„, | m |,|, racing ilan-.-iliim, (ha price uf J27.M for such an uniiiTOssnry luxury ns a prize light. laBiiin the ojilimtMlc hibcl). seems lo nm to !«• moital- 1}' sinful. « * • (Iriiumk Fur a Hint If such a price, chai-ged for a few hours of ncrfcclly useless enlcrlulmuent. is not good ({rounds for a Bolshevistic uprising, (hen there arc no llnills lo the patience nf our (ictir imljllc. it Is like slacking the several hundred thousand dollars the light will probably draw in n pile In Times Square, and Ijurnini; it, while a horde, of slnrviiig men look on. The cruelty of the jcikc Hint, this light jiminlsra (o be will be emphasized perhaps by Ihe complexion of ihe patrons who will buy those $27.50 seals. H is a .'fife bet that nil the speakcusy proprietors In New York will be there.- at the ringside. The vnck-cicors. freshly bathed, perfumed, fed nnd clad In (he purple of Ihelr profession, will be part or tho spectacle. Men who have been unem- o.mi for mouths, men who tb not, know where the uexl meal for their families is coming from, must siiircr tin- spectacle of ihis Immoral wealth fltuiulfil in dieir pinched faces. • • • Here's Unpin; it Flops Think- how fnr S27.. r iC would p,o among thcsu men whu are willing to do honest work! How much bread, and how much milk it would buy for babies who arc living from hunger! The fight seems due lo fail, nnd the Dealer the failure-at prices like $27.50-the less the wrong, it is more Ihan proper that, such a fighl shonid fail—ii is essential. .. s of S27.50 for S<-at at Fi;lu these nays u Plainly Sinful Whoever nicknamed James J Johnston "the > Boy Bandit of . Broadway" knew pretty well what he was talking about. This remark is inspired by the recent announcement that Hie prices tor seats for the Schmcltng-Sharkcy light will range from S3 to $2750 That TWENTY-SEVEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS representing the renlal of n camp chnir for one person lor n couple of hours on n June night, in the neighborhood of what is optimistically being called a pviTo fight, i? more than mere banailry. it i? more than grand larceny, it i< almost what ;lic boys might call murder. I' It My Business? The argument may be advanced —in fact has been advanced, lhat, the price of n, prize fight is nobody's business as long as (here are people willing to pay it. James J. Johnston, matchmaker of Madison Square Garden, is running the show. He is gambilngr, no doubl. with thoi money of his employers. "Ihe 600 millionaires"—indeed. If there be GOO of them who still can call themselves millionaires. It is a business venture, and it is THEIR BUSINESS VENTURE, and Dobody's concern. But wail— A prize fight, surely, is something you can take or leave'alone. It appears a great number of customers will be able to work up quite a lot of enthusiasm in leaving Ihis one alone. At that price .the show should flop, and probably will. But, that is not the point, either. The point, it seems to me, lo that here Is flagrant disregard for conditions of gaunt poverty lha are no longer & secret, even to i Presi<J«it_ Hoover, with thou- upon thousands of people ri«M (n KMT York City, riioncjraph Call-; to Service TOTTER1DCE. Hertfordshire, England. turt-A phonograph with amplifiers connecting- loudspeakers in the loirer has been (uslalted in SJ. Andrew's parish church, her? to summon (he parishioners to the services. Sweet Cream linller 30c I,!). Bennett's Pasteurized Milk lOc Qt. Delivered I'hone 7-1 Bulgarian Hullcrmilk 15c Qt. Go lo Church Sunday Standings Sniilherii Ir.isuc W. L. Clialtaiicona n 3 Memphis 10 3 Dirmlnghiiui R 4 New Orleans r, 7 Atlanta 5 g Na;hvlllo 4 i' Ktioxvllle 4 9 Lllllc Rock ;i 10 Pel. .186 .067 AV1 .385 .301! .231 American Detroit Wusliiiigton New York Cleveland HI. Louis .... Philadelphia Chicago Ilosloii W. . 9 . 8 . G . 7 . 5 . 4 . 4 .750 .727 .661 .53B ,3B5 MX 333 :m National I. Chicago Uoston Philadelphia I'ltlsbiu-gh N'cw York Su Iritis Cincinnati liiooklyti .fajue W. L. Pet. 3 .727 3 .127 (! .500 U .500 fi .455 •I All 8 .385 7 .100 TODAY^GAMES Soullirrn l.oasue Nashville at Memphis. Birmingham at Atlanta. Clialtanooga nt. Little Rock. Nc«- Orleans nt Knoxville. American I.MSUC Cleveland at SI. Louis Chicago at Detroit. Washington al New York. Boston ac Philadelphia. St. Louts nt Cincinnati. Pittsburgh nt Clifcugo. New York at Brooklyn. Philadelphia nt Boston. Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STKELK, Phone 85 Go by bus and learn more of your South. Litest type par. lor coaches, deep-cushioned rxumng chairs, free pillow and porter sen-ice. Frequent, local service, TOd through coa- nections to all America. UJTE NIN 7:30. WREC. KMOX, 'vVLAC. [xcunion Round Tripi* •SelKnj d«t. »Dir<> April 30. P-' - - '* ' EXCURSION ROUND TRIPS' 'Selling date expires April 30 Return good for GO clays .MEMPHIS' ----•-$ 33(1 CHATTANOOGA - - - 1380 .PADUCAH loo.i Sf: LOUIS* 060 EVANSVILLE - ... 11.55 , BIRMINGHAM - - . 1330 ATLANTA ----- 1810 DETROIT 1950 NEW YORK - -.. «.50 UNION BUS DEPOT 2nd & Ash Sis. Phone 279 OIXIB GREYHOUND sums IE Rain and Cold Wealher Plays Havoc. Wilh Majoi Schedules;' Indians Win. Cold weather and rain played hnvoc with major league schedules yesterday, no less than two Na- 'ional league inul three America :-.ISUG (fames Iwfn!? postponed IM lui.w of Inclement-weather. ,-..- : The champion St. Louis .btirdf- nals won . 'ought ,l ,.,. ° " *)«'«¥ 1IAJJJI ihe Cinclnnall Re<Ls. Ti:c'scorc te ' lo 2. The fK>n.s held the edge nn- 1 the .slxlh Inning when the Cards IIIH- ilirough wltli a three run rnl- . Dill Hallnhan iKsted'ned Lucas In a hurling; duel which featured Ihe name, liafcy of Cincinnati trin- lc<i nnd scored the first Red run. The Phillies nosed out a 4 to 3 a-ln-oriT Hie Boston Draves in the Iwelftli inniiiir and tl-.e Ule Cubs .'.ent Inio a tit with u, 0 Braves for rirsl place a.s a result. Ben Canl- ivcll forced in the winning run 1 In .lic.iath by walking a pinch hit- er.- \VorlhiiiBloj) of the Braves hit wo homers. Tn the only American lea-iie tame t'nc Cleveland Indians trlm- ned the St. LOUb Browns: Tlie cort was 10 to 5. nick-Fcrrell hit . Hume run In the second inning >ut the olhcr Brownie batters were ept in clscck by Clint Brown who vent the route for Cleveland. Sam iray, Hcber'l and Blaehotder tool- urns trying to slop the Indians. Today the Senators and Yankees look up in a crucial early season erie.s at New York that will give he critics an Idcn of the compara- Ive .strength of the (wo chilis. Read Courier News Want Ads GEM THEATRE" Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Matinee—2:30 - Night—7:00 Arim.—Matinee ami Night— 10 nnd 2Hc N ' with ie Ftmniesf. Coninieilinn's- Smillj & Dale , Comedy — "The Imiwrfect I.over" with Jnck Haley-and t'li-x News. . • RITZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday Matinee—2:30 - Night—7:00 Aclm.—Matinee-r-10 and 25c N'ight—10 and 35c * liny and t itl^ 'Vfi™ r-nnrrnnlrd by a \- / JWX future surh as ^ l,*^ Invr iirver had to face Ixforr: UPTON _ _ sr\ci.AiK^mAM|HMr THEWET Pai-ainount News Screen Song and a Snappy Comedv. Holbert Beats Wardell To Win Third Straight The-Holbert Red Sox'won their, iird straight ganie Stihday when icy defeated Uie Wardell team 5 . .^^-., tr/:lo get,a ball 'into'the air by sco4p| nB it up. Th»'t,' is the cause -pf most lopped s/iols. nie club meets ihe Iwll us it' the '•I"" In ascending, which imparts •fO PREVENT ToPP'HO HIT TUG 8W-L HJ • TiV.S ipsplu t»'the ball ano>. niiii it irvc quickly downward:' In most. ifss, ihe player who tops his all will redouble his efforts lo coop it up'and only/make nm- •?rs" worse-^ .•••'•.. • • There are two ways '• to, ellmi- ale topped - shots. Slrlke: the ball horizontal blow'.--with Utw wood Inb and a downward blow with he Iron where turf should be. iken. TriLit the loft of the club o (jet the-ball into the atr ' to 4 at Holberl. Tlie wlimlng" run was scored In the tcm'ft inning. Michle o< Holbeft and DePrl'cst for th« visitors went ilw route with Holbfrt hurler allowing onlj' , futi while gave uu eleven. Michie had ten strikeouts and DePrlfcit nine. Manager T. E. Hnlbtrl of'lho Red Sox It anxicns to « cure. , gamps with ' Indeix'iident learns ii)tli)n 'a liU)xlr*d jiille radius. He rniy be reached by mall ni Ho!land, Mo. I!»X Sl'Wf ;i; ;, AB.;H. n R. Rushing ss s' o 0 B: "«a rf 5 , , Jacltsoii If 5 o „ Michle p 6 . n; t Tolbert c- 5 , , J. Rushing Ib ! .. 5' (j- : ,3 UMe'lti .'...'.'.'.'. : ' \"\ '\ Nfarshall 3b ; .V!..'.....'!''4'" j' - t 4 C Z?.G\ I lie* visitors*gc: f f IfUtll. l.lnM.. ,' Wnrdell .. . .• AR Br<»k S .is •;...... :.;.... BiirJeson 3U ......... 6 . Mliard 2b ........ $ c ..,..,... ....... 5 Crabtree If ........ 5 Mootf Ib ....... " ;, Sargent rf ...... ..... 'r, Patten cf ......... 5 p ........... '.','. 4 Read Courier Ncivs Want Ads "ffc* M»n" 'New (iran'd 'Leader Barhcr Shop 1)0 N..2nd' Hair Cans--25c '-arl E. Parker n. s. Prcvost I the nibbles 15;ijut the visitors i more distance out of llwir bio..! The Travelers used three pitchers and .several new fac&s made their appearance in the Peb lineup as Mauayer Strohm strives to-lift, his team from the cellar wilh but llitle luck so far. Barfcot-went the roule for Nashville. The Jvfcniphis Chicks dcfe.itsd the Nashville Vu!s uy Ihe .simple mui- , ler o( a four run rally In the iiintli Pebbles Sink Fu'i-rri*»- nc ! lfinln K- The • score was ' 8 to 7 - *'* i tuutts '"" K ' ul [tl er as ],, ltc hesoi,. Memphis outlieldcr. Jud Lookouts Lop; . Mcm-' a V rlK <- <!«>' al Hie bat find hu double in the ninth mil across Ihe lying inn. Davis u-ho relieved Griffin, was (he whining pitcher. The Birmingham - Allania, and New Orleaas-Kiioxville games w;ve jioy.iioiied beuuise of rain. BUCHAREST, i UP)— Liemeiifml I'elreanu entered a wine .shop ami .slabbed to death two waiters whom he claimed delivered ten liters of bad wine', lo a parly of Pelrc-anuVj frleiics.i' , phis Rally Successful, in the anol'.ier Tho leading Lookouts c Southern league added ,, llul .. ll iranie io their win colunui nt the expense of Use Travelers who are doing their traveling further inio the darkness of the cellar. Lookout hils cracked nil over 11x3 Traveler/ new park 'as (he visitors won 10 to l> u( LUlle Rock. T.'a U-pkonts Karnered" 12 blows and Uolil May 7lli l l,m ,;rl«. fnr the sc-rvi ( « your J'or,! nerds at Ihis time. All For $2.00 flu-hiding ]jb<ir anil M-ilerial Wn nre on'ering (his exeeplionally |, w ,- a i e f0l . ll]( . , cl . vl( . c yon need in the Spriilc-to prevent uiinntossiny depreciation of the life of ypur Font. The sped -ice Is B cod only until May 7ih. It includes:- Adjust, four wheel brakes l-iibi-lentc chiissls, .spray .springs • 'lime up motor . Clean and adjust spark pings >f Clean and adjust carburetor jets - Clean and adjust' distributor points Check battery and .refill . . Clean and Mush radiator DON'T MISS THJS-SI'KCIA), (WVKll IT MKANS A MAI, SAV1N(J I'hono Sin Phillips Motor Company Autliorizeil Furd Df.tler lUytlirvillr, Ark. mmrnm Only the NEW NuGRAPE Has Their Delicious Flavor You'll admit tW {« « goodnws in the flavor of and that's why the New NuGrape is different from an , oal fl«vor»—different as gold and brass. C f! t ±.!^r de L ricb " nd »."?»««" »>y ~»n of ,he renowned for tb« rich, fruit - ^ if o£ NuGrape Bottling Co. inylhevillc, Ark. MAO€ WITH WtLOfrGRAPC JUICE

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