The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1931 · 3
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The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 3

Scranton, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, March 5, 1931
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THE SCRAN'fON TIMES. TJ1UHSDAY. MARCH H. 1931. f r Courti Directs Bank . TvPlace $18,000 In Gladys Jermyn Fund Third National Must Add That Sum To Trust Created Under Will of Her Late Father, Charles ?. Conn ell Legal Question Involved, In an opinion handed down In orphans' court today, Judga M. K. Manrio directed the Third National hank and Truat (ompanji, trustee for (laa Connell Jirmyn, to add kll.3?l.'7 to (lie trust fund created under the terms o( tha will of her father. Charles K. Connell. Ths drclalun decides a nlc lsal quea-t Ion which attracted attention In law circles. Mr. Connell died Hept. !l. 1:I. namlni his widow, Kllsahetb tihafer Connell:, hla aon, Bernard K Connell, and the Third National Hank and Truat company eiei-utora. Tha lattrr u eeleoted to handle the truat fund created for a daufh- trr. tiladya. Anions tha aecurltles turned over to th truat fund wtm Z21 shares of alixk In the Cherry Illver Iloi.m and Lumber company. While the truat fund waa being; created 11 711 In taah accumulated and thla too was turned Into the truat. I n to Jan. JO. 110. a total of !?:il was received from thla atock In regular and eitra dlvl- drnda. When tha fund waa origin ally created the stork had been appraised aa rich aa SI per ahare hut at tha January. 1J0. accounting it waa valued at "7. Tha truat company, therefore, withheld. $14. 4l of the dividends to maka up tha mlKlnal value of the stock. Attorney M. J. .Martin for the beneficiary thereupon Instituted ault for tha cai.h Juilce Hanrto In hla opinion pointed nut that "aa tha Intact or book value muit be. preserved for tha te-malnilrrtnen, It la nf no consequence how the money waa paid under the ternia of regular or eitraordlnary tillvMenda. If the divtdenda Im-palrrd tha book value, then sufficient of the dividends must b added to the mrpu aa will restore lhn Intact value Accordingly the dlfTerem e of tHHt and : 77 or 11. ! per ahare on the fzS sharee ' a total of UV11S 2T should be added to the corpus of the truat fund." LI WEB SELECT GUM TO FILL BEYER'S PLACE At CMIIF COUNSEL FOR COM LAIN ANTt IN WATI ft UIT HE WILL AROUE MFORE SUPERIOR COURT. Attorrfty Jl'.Th F. (iunater. one of tha bit kja and ableat of the younger tasffiibar of the Lackawanna bar, waa ytaterday named a chief counsel for the complainants IHIi CIPW'SICITY WILL HAVE EMERGENCY II ' JOSEPH F. CUNSTER. E M IS UNCOVERED Br FEDERAL RAIDERS AND ANOTHER PLACE VISITED HAD SHOE SHINE PARLOR AS BLIND TO DRINKING ROOM. I..V.JIK hlnc an offensive agnlnsl local drinkli'K establishments after n temporary lull of several days, lode I prohibition agents working; under thi- direction of Suiirrviaor Klrhard K. Kfucerald j ii? t bpfice noon today raldid two places In thla city and arrested two rn-n for violations of the liquor 1 a s. A trrocery store served as a mask to hide the burroom at II 4 Mulberry Mrret. where agents arrested Al fred S-xerlnl. of 1 .SOS Cedar avenue, on a charge of posseesign. A gallon of whlskev, gin. wine una some home brew were found on the premises and confiscated. Seerlnl liter waived a bearing; before 1'nited States Commissioner James K. Teck nnd furnished ball of 7: 000 for his appearance In federal court next Monday. At attempt to hide tha real purpose of the place was also found by the ngents when they raided the premises nt 144 West Market street Iters a shoe shining parlor occu pied the front end of, the building and the bnrroSm was located in the rear The agents found fourteen bottles of home brew and a quantity of whiskey nnd arrested Joe Pran-skua on a charge of possession. He was unable to furnish ball when given h hearing before Commis sioner l'eck and was committed to the county jail In default. SNAPPyllllENGlGEO . US EXTERMINATOR OF RATS Samuel ("Snappy Sam") Nagel-berg. one of the six defendants who stood trial for nearly five weeks In federal court nt VVIlllanisporl on charges of conspiracy to violate the dry Jaw at the Lockport, Ta., brewery, now has a newt racket. ' Naelberg, apparently satisfied that It's no use trying to buck Uncle Sum, called on Director of Public Works Frank J. Miller and Pr. Frank O. Bryant, director of public health, at city halt today- and Informed those officials that he U now engRged In the business of exterminating rats, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs and w hat have you. Mr. Negelberg. who may yet face another trial with Harry Spiegel, II. 1. Scldman, and Franklin J. Cira-lyim, the latter of Philadelphia, on vvYose cases the Willlamsport Jury disagreed, announced that he has associated himself with Morton llankln under the firm name of the Ideal Kxtermlnator company, with headquarters in Room 404, Paull s HIGHWAYS ARE DANGEROUS Snow that fell during the night and the continuance of cold weather have resulted in a warning to motorists to use extreme care while driving: on the highways due to the ioy road conditions. Thla announcement was made this morning- by Charles Von Storch, 1 secretary of the Lackawanna Motor club. . DIRECTOR MILLER TO SAIL Director of Public Works and Mrs. Frank J. Miller and Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Hsvey will sail from New York Saturday for a stay of two weeks In Havana, Cuba. In the Sera nton-. Spring ftrnok Water Hervlce company rate raw. Selection of Mr. tiunster to head the complainant"' lecal forces was made at a conference in llarris-burtf of all the law era connected with the cae. They had a.etn-bled In the to v their 'i-t reelects to the late John It ie er. former chief counsel, who was burled yesterday. The following were rreaent at the conference: City Solicitor C H. Utile and Ills altant. Albert S Hosenberir, Kdwln H. Morgan, solicitor of Wllke.-Harre; M. W . Acheaon. of Pittsburgh, and Charles N. Ijoveland, of Wilkes-Harre. Aa chief attorney for the mo elated municipalities Attorney (inn ster. "who has performed Mellnr work In the rate battle, will nuke the riialn argument before the su perior court when the appeal ot the complaJnanta comes up In Pittsburgh during the week nf April 20. It was decided at the conference yesterday thnt no further continu ance will be aked of the superior court deplte tha blow suffered by the complainants throunh Attorney (ieyer'a death. Attorney Paul Smith, one of .Mr. Ucyer's law partners In Harrtsburg has agreed to lend whatever assistance he can in preparing thre case. Attorney tiunster is thoroughly familiar with all the manifold technicalities of the rate case. He handled the Iackawanma county real estate appraisal testimony during the hearings before the public service commission and also participated In the argument on a number of occasions. ASSETS ORDERED SOLD BY WATSON COURT MAKES AM0LUTE RULE IN IANKRUPTCV CASE Of ROSENTHAL IR0l LOCAL CIGAR MANUFACTURERS. Federal Judga Albeit l- W.taon, In an order handed duwn In U. . court today, makes attsoluta a rula to ahow nuH why Iionald M. Johnson, Iruatve In tbe bankruptcy oaae of lloaenlhal brothers Cir Manufacturers. Inc. should not be empowered to sell all the real and personal property of the bankrupt cerpoialloa. - Aa Intolunlary petition In bankruptcy was filed asalnat the Roaen-thal firm, which la a local concern, on April !l. !:. with the I'enn Klectrlcal Manufacturing company, the Norrlatown tiar Itos company, and the Anthracite Preaa. Inc. appearing at the pftltlonlnc creditors. Subsequently the firm admitted Ita Inaolvency, and In a schedule filed listed assets of I1&0.H4 1I. and Ita-bllltlea of .'M71:. of which f:il.;i7.:l were unsecured clalma Attorney Johnson was named aa truatee. and Attorney John II. Price and I-ee Stark were appointed at-torneva for tbe truatre. Some time ago they came Into court and tl t toned for the rule allowing the truatee to ell the real and personal property to Henry M Imnhani for lloti.uuO. Thla move followed a bearing be fore Ileferee In Kankruptcy Morgan H. Kaufman, at which no ohjectlona were raised by iredltors to the sale The date uton which the rule was made returnable wai Keh. 7. and no proteats being made, the attorneys foC the truatee presented the petition to court asking the rule be made absolute Judge Watsons order thla morn ing does that, and directs the trustee to make the sale and to eiecute all deeda. I. Ilia of sale and othrr written Instruments necesnary to Insure that the purchaser shall re ceive proper title to the property concerned In the sale. LANDING FIELD IN BELLEVUE UNITS WILL QUIT B Director of Public Works Miller Maktt Announcement and WIU Install Beacons and Floodlls; (its To Aviators Making Forced Landings. HAS CUT T ITER RESERVE MORE THAI HALE SERIES OF DEATHS MAKES HIM BENEFICIARY AND INELIGIBLE LAKE ARIEL PIONEERS. Judge M. F. Samlo In orphans' court today removed Warren l!un-nrll as guardian in the estate of his nephew. Donald Hunnell. A series of deaths which mnde the guardian a beneficiary In the ee.tatp caused his ineligibility. Donald was the minor son of t.eo U Bunnell. When the latter died. Harry H. Bunnell, of Iake Ariel, paternal grandfather of the boy. was named his guardian. Warren Bunnell furnished the surety bond for $5,000. When the grandfather died year ago without leaving an accounting of the estate, court upon petition of relatives named the surety to fill the vacancy. The evidence disclosed that the youngster, hits been receiving little or nothing from the estate and that Maude Daubenhanser. a maternal aunt, was supporting and maintaining hliiK The Bunnells are pioneer settlers of Ioke Ariel. In the opinion, Judge Sando wrote that If all the facts had been presented to him original ly, the substitute appointment would not have been made. FOR FOURTEENTH CONSECUTIVE MONTH PRECIPITATION IN THIS REGION BELOW NORMAL. Month after montjf fourteen in a row. to be eiact. IjsUe been marked by annour Attj.i f the hcal weather biI to the effect that the pre-1 p nation In this city has been deficient, but with onlv a few have these reports rngfr with more than pasalng attenT Scranton and -yt0tt nlam In particular, howevojye fortunate that this reglnnT"""0' suffered from a shortage orTWer because of the long-drawn-out deficiency In precipitation, supplied as It la with a water supply system that has a reserve of H Ooo.OO" 00 gallons, a supply that Is estia ated to be sufficient for ::4 wye Figures comrXTViy the local Weather bureau. hoXevcr. bring shArolv to mind the Viation that must necessarily arise fti those localities where tlie reserve systems Hre not so bountiful as Is the case In this citv. The deflniency In precipitation has not been localized, hut lias been general throughout the country, with some regions being particularly hard hit. An Idea of its effect locally can be seen in the following paragraphs. The city of Scranton covers 20 5 square miles, which, reaureu to acres, amounts to 13.1'J0. A deficiency of only one inch of precipi tation means a loss of :5 410 gal lons or 113 tons of water per acre. 12.57 Inch Short in 1930. On the first of this year, the local weather i. bureau in its annual summary slated that the total deficiency in precipitation for the year 1930 amounted to 11.57 inches, the normal precipitation mark for a year in this city bein 3.9 inches. The definloncy for the past year amounted to nearly one-third of a year's normal fall. Figuring the acreage of Scranton, the definlency in precipitation In units of tons reached the alarming total of 1. 649. 700, or, roughly, 4,-12S.S64 800 gallons. This total is bound to he impressive, when It is realized that the total local water reserve system Is approximately 6.O00.O00.00O gallons. There are few persons who have not stood on the shores of I-ake Scranton la aoun to hare what the rlty has long badly needed an emergency landing field for air- planea. jMrertor of ruDiie yvoras rrana J Miller announced today that he has underlaktn preliminary ar-raligeiitenta for tha Installation of bearutia and fioodlighta on the big tract located between l.urne and t'iford street and Tenth and Meri dian aenuea, now being deeloped by the public orka department aa a oaseT'all neia ana rrcreanun center. Tha work of leveling off (he tract will be completed. It la eipecled by April 1. Although no city fun. Is are available for use In turning tha site Into an emergency airport, Director .Miller said he la satisfied that he can arrange with Duncan T. Camrliell. vlie president and genrial manager of the Scranton Kiei trie company, to aupply the t.nessarv IlK lit slid that lu. al civic oiganltatlona sill give him financial auiiimrt if funds are ne-ded. Director Mlilrr. In checking UP todav with City Knglneer Charles f S.broeder on the dimensions of the ifellevue ground leaaed by the cltv from the lilen Alden Coal com panv, learned that It comprises :ji;oo square feet, or approxi mately five and one-half acrea. An Ideal Landing Field When we get the ground prop erly graded It should make an ideal emergency landing field. It Is amply b.rge and centrally located. We will ha It lighted up so that any navl gator of the kl- who haptens to lose his way or run out of fuel can make a landing. Another good feature is that It will be possible for a plane to land on tbe field from all four dircitions." declared Director Mllier Although he Is conlnced that the tract Is plenty large enough for an emergency landing field, the public worka dliector sld that he Intends to prove It bv taking a hop Into the air with his friend Chester t'ross. of the 'roK armored car ser Ice, a navy pilot during the war. "We'll fly over the field and make a few landings istider emergency conditions." stated the director, who has liecome air-minded In recent months through his plane trips with Mr Cioes. The director made known that his plan Is to put beacons all around the ftfld. kK-ated In such manner i PUS3 AIRPORT J (Continued on Tage "J) ft V v V.: U ' 1 V-s' V 4 I FRANK J. MILLER CITYHALLGROWD Hi GUARD Bandits Line Men Up Against Wall In One Of Two Holdups Here TOBH M MAY BACK GREEN FOR SHRIEVALTY ARE INJURED BY BLAST EMPLOYES AT DORRANCE COL-LERV OF LEHIGH COMPANY TAKEN TO HOSPITAL. ALL WILL RECOVER. WilkeS-Harre. fa.. March 5 iT - Five mine workers, employed i:i the 1orranc colliery. 1ehigh Valley Coal company, were seriously burned shortlv after 10 o'clock this morn ing when a gas explosion enveloped them in flames. The victims are all at 'General hospital, where it was reported thev will recover. Tha inlured are William Fetro. thirty -five, laborer, hiy-p of face, neck and arms: Stanley Stalarcxyk, forty, miner, lacerations of neck, burns of arms: Joseph ftunyna forty-five, miner, burns of face and right shoulder, lacerations of scalp: Muhael Fasulko. twenty-four, laborer, burns of face. neck, back and arms: l'aul Bunyna, twenty - four, laborer, burns of face and hack. Paul' Uunyna was the most seriously burned of the five, it was stated. FORMER DEPUTY U. S. MAR SHAL ANXIOUS TO ENTER BATTLE SAYS HE HAS GOOD SUPPORT. A report spread throughout the municipal building to.ta that tli city administration may shortly trot out t dark hors" candidate for sher iff In the person of (ieorgo (ireen of West Scranton. former deputy I'nlted States marshal and now an acting citv detective. Within the past forty-eight hours Green. It la known has placed his proposed Candida' v before Maor Fred K. Derhv and is understood to have been told that the maor has no objection t" his landidaey and will place no obstacles In his path. "If )u find someone else 1 developing more strength and want to get behind them 111 be satisfied to drop out." a friend of (ireen quoted him as stating to the mayor. Ilis honor then said, according to the rumor, that he is not picking candidates but would like to sit around the uH wi!-i other Repuh Mean leaders and see what they hae to otter. Can Get Money. ;rocn has been ducking in and out of (he mayor's office all eek but It was nol until today that it was possible to get a line on his mission. As recently as vesterday. when cornered by a Times man who saw him departing from the execu tlve chambers by the rear door, he claimed to have been conferring (Continued on Face 2.1) (Continued on Fage 30) T DROUGHT FUND DONATIONS Additional contributions to the Red Cross fund for relief of suf ferers In the drought stricken area bring Scrnnton's total up to $9,-476.40. Gifts not previously reported are: Employes of Cardinal Silk eompany, $25; a friend. 19; Nurses' Alumnae association. Scranton State hospital, $25: Ralph 1 Newing. $5; employes of Union National bank, $15. - ElIYIHURST AUDITORS REPORT The report of the auditors of Elmhurst borough for 1930 was filed today. It shows receipt of $3 -721J. and expenditures of J.241.9, leavtn a balance ot $479.33 in the treasury. The poor fund totals and tha health fund $17. 7. Tha auditors are S. A. Lapsansky, H. B. Jones and William K, Styer. Get Our Prices Reupholstering Repairing Retlnlshlng. Mattress Renovating Young Upholstering Co. Estimates Given. Phone 26550. Adv. Ki-T-Th-tf DfLETORGIVEN PAROLE Samuel Drelor -waa paroled from the county Jail on an order made today by Judge William Ft. Lewis. On Feb. 18, last, Dretor pleaded guilty before Judge Lewis on the charge of assault and battery and on Feb. ZS, waa sentenced to threw months In the county Jail. Attorney Walter Kohler presented the petition for parole. Dretor, an Old Forge man, is the sole support of his mother and father and seven brothers and sisters. . Cadillac Restaurant ' 412 Spruce Stet Special 30c-40c Lunches Try Our Delicious Coffee, 5c AdT AU 9 I 13 IB-IK-H-M-JU E ATTEMPT MADE TO BURGLARIZE MUNOY GARAGE. SEVERAL MINOR CRIMES ARE REPORTED. Detectives are at work today on an investlciillou of the burglarizing early yeslerdny morning of an A & P. chain store at 705 ICast Market street, where $47.70 was obtained by thieves. William Kief, the nianajrer, dis covered the bunsrlary. which Is being investigated by City Detectives John Richards and Thomas Williams. The burarlars ripped out two panels and several iron bars from a rear door In order to get Inside the store. ' An attempt was made to burglarize the Rat-ape of John Muridy, !at 1S2I Dartmouth street, last night. Two locks on the garaa-e were broken, but the burglars did not pet inside. Several other minor attempted burglaries were reported. APPLICATIONS MUST REACH OFFICE OF DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETY JONES BY MARCH 20. Director of TuMIe Safety Aneurin Jones announced today that he will conduct public hearings in the council chamber at city hall. March 25 at ! o'clock, on approximately fifty-five npplirstions for poolroom licenses. Most of the applications are for renew als. The director nlso made known that all applications must reach his office not later than March Those that arrive after that time will be Ignored. I'nder the terms of a city ordinance any three persons residing in the neighborhood, of a poolroom may file remonstrances against the granting of a license. 1 he public safety director has the final authority on all applications, new or. otherwise. PiTTSTON FIRE CHIEF'S SON FINDS BLAZE IN NEWS PLANT 2 f CIH PAYROLL ASSURED . Tax Collector Fred J. Hues- tcr notified City Treasurer George Iecke!nlck today that ha will advance hWu $50,000 in city taxes tomorrow In or- ! der that the city may meet the payroll falling due next Mon- day. Mr. lluester turned over S" $S0.000 to the city treasurer on ! Monday and last week he made an advance of $55,000 so that the city could meet Its buai- ness bills. "" 4 Young Webte Sounds Alarm and Flames Are Extinguished Before . Much Damage Is Dons. Pittston, March 6. While on his wav to the Pittston High school this afternoon at 12:50 o'clock. Kmil Weber, thirteen, son of Fire Chief Weber, of this city, discovered a Are In a stockroom of the Pittston Gasette. He quickly sounded an alarm and the Eagles and Niagara companies responded. The damage was slight. Kmployes of the Oarette were busily engaged In getting out the dallv edition w hen young eber, who was passing In the rear of the building, noticed the flames. Files and old papers were kept In the room. The firemen were on the scene for about a half hour. SEEK NEWDUES SYSTEM THEY ARE DISSATISFIED WITH METHOD NOW IN FORCE. MAY ADOPT GLEN ALDEN PLAN. That the new system of collecting dues in District 9 of the miners' union, which extends from Shamo-kin to Pottsville. is not giving satisfaction is stated by officers according to a dispatch today from Mahanoy City. It is added that officers are now making a survey of the region to determine the best system. The No.' 9 officers say that only about half the membership is paying dues at the colliery windows and that others pay to the secretaries of the locals. In the Scranton district the Glen Alden system is operating most satisfactorily, say union officials. The Pittston company operates nearly along the same linos as the Glen Alden. The latter company issues a warrant for one dollar to each worker. listing his name and the name of the colliery. The warrants are then sent to district headquarters where the men are credited with the payments. The Pittston company system does not list the colliery and will likely be asked to adopt the Glen Alden system in full. Local officials would like to see the Glen Alden system accepted by all other companies in the district and say that it should be adopted throughout the whole region. Gutheinz celebrated Bockwurst Friday and Sat-urday. Wholesale and retail Adv. J30-Th&F-tf - RESERVATION, HOWIVSR. IS NOT TO BI ABANDONED AS TRAINING STATION TOR ARTILLERY. A pra report from MarrUbur la the eftr. 1 that Isll will probably mark tbe final )rr of training- uf the I'enin) lanU National Guard unlla at the Tub)Uanr ieeratlon were aplked liimtar aa lirti year I concerned, at Iraat. In a trlephone conversation with I he office of Ad Julant (ieneral 1 J. Iavla. at lUr rlahurs. thla morning. An offtt lal f ttie adjutant gen erala oflite listed that the sU plant to gradually Increanfl Ita land boldlnsa In Ihanon county o aa I Inaka It ixiaatble to fir all Phiix-a of armv lialnlng at tbe Ml t.rrtna reservation Hu h plana he aid. however, may not matertallie for several yearn. The preaa dltpatrh stated nego tlatlona are umlrr way for the pui rhaaa of a larg 11.1. t of land In the vliinlty of Koulh Mountain which Can be converted Into an artillery range. Military eiwrta h have looked over the !!e. according to the dlaaati-h. hae piuriuunred It better training terrain than that at Toby hain It la geneia'U known 1ht the lead'-n of the '.Mb livlnlili whlih oiiiprlsra the IVniiev lnl.t Nation al l.uiT'l are aniloua to consoh lite the training of the I'ernmyl Mtnla KUardeinrn an coitipa'ltv a poaalble. Thl" waa evidenced in l'cjs when the entire division was aasemhle1 at Mt Gretna for one week period during which It oper ated aa a unit. Can Obtain Bettee Rtsults. It la understood that the guard Officials arc firm In Uielr Idea that the beat reaultn ran be obtained by bringing the guard units aa rinse together aa ponslbl In their train Ing maneuvers That their idea Is practical waa shown In the splendid compliments from high army offl- U. MEMBERS Continued on Page "it DLL PEACEFUL AS C.L ELECT OFFICERS McCRONE AND SKELTON DEAD LOCKED FOR PRESIDENCY. WALSH RE-ELECTED SECRETARY OVER MYERS. Flags of peace and harmony were unfurled at the meeting of the Central Labor I nicin last night w hen the orders of President Wil liam Green, of the American Federa tion of Labor, for a new election of officers was carried out. Kxcept for the bottle for the presidency all contests were decided. Kdward McCrone and (irviile Skelton, can didates for the presidency, each received forty-four votes and further balloting was postponed until the next regular meeting, March 18. The results: President Edward McCrpne, 4: Orville Skelton, 44. Secretary Frank E. Walsh, 48; William Myers, 40. Vice President M. H. Kernan, 45: Hubert Gormelly. 43. Treasurer William Dally. 4a. K. Kirchner. 41. Roll Clerk Frank Ellis, no op position. organizer rrtd Ileoer. no oppo sition. Assistant Orpanizcr Harold Ezekial, no opposition. Sergeant-at-Arms Karl Har rington, no opposition. Trustees (Masters, Serarini and Harrington elected). Harold Mas- i C R C F DIES SUDDENLY IfJ HIS RESIDENCE Gunmen Order Drug gist and Customer; Into Back Room and Then Rob Them Hallers Automobile Taken By Another Armed Pair. PROMINENT ITALIAN - AMERICAN CITIEN WAS ONE OF FOREMOST BUILDERS IN STATE. Two dlffeielit groups of atlikur men. four In one (and and two In It,.- other, arc aouglit today by city defectives for a brace of holdups Death ye.terdav afternoon at 4 . U?r ... ,, ,.,, Ki,i,1Da oioMH rutiiii me 01 rio ItalUn - Carlurcl leader among American rltliena and one of the foremost building contractor In , I ' ' i ' ; ' 1 FRANK CARLUCCI. waa ataied at " o lo k when John IHIIer. of 1745 Monroe avenue, was forced to turn oer hi Oldsmohll edan to two robbets who held hlnv up at the point of a sun In front, of t tie nidamoMle enc . 17 Poplar street. Haller w a litKida tha building when lie saw a man lllriit'lnf Into hi automobile, lie cm to tbe fiont door only to be ionfront?d by second man who ung a nickel-plated revolver In hla direction. With No. 1 man at the wheel of the car tbe second bandit Jumped on the running hoard and with his gun leveled at Haller he commanded tha latter not to move. Th car shot to Wyoming avenue and headed south. It lost to view long before Capt. Albert Glraaon. Lieut. Harry Goerllti and Motorcycl Patrolman Michael Flymi arrived. The two men who took Ha Her' ear both wore blue overcoats a.nd light hats. Their description, ax well a that of the sedan, was flashed out on the polio teletype sleni. Take Watch From Wrist. At J: 43 o'clock a trio of bandits, all armed with revolver, walked tContinued on Page L'J) Pennsylvania. The end came quiet ly at his residence. 60 1 Madipon avenue, while he was seated In hla room. Before medical aid could reach him he had passed away and ath was officially attributed to heart failure. Desldea the widow. Mrs. Louise ."arluccl, the survivors include two sons. Frank. Jr. of Fortvfort, and Cari. whi Is now in Italy: two daughters. Miss Hilen and Miss Al-thea, the latter a member of the (Continued on Page 30) HAS 73 POUND ADVANTAGE Miami, Fla.. March 5 OP). Primo Camera. Italian heavyweight, had 73S-pound advantage as he and Jimmy Maloney. Boston fighter. weighed In this afternoon for their scheduled ten-round fight tonight. arnera weighty 27J and Maloney WILL OF JOHN N. COOKE The will of John N. Cooke, former prominent resident of Old Forge, was filed for probate this morning. The estate Is valued at 17.00". It is to be divided among the widow, two daughters and a son w ho are also named as executors. PssJI Sloan's Liniment (Continued on Page 23) OVEHNMENT GIVES $69,000 BACK TO BELIN ESTATE An International News Service message to The Times today brings the Information that S ashlngton authorities have made an Income and estate tax adjustment of IS9.-02 In the estate of Margaretta E. Belln. Attorney C. H. Welles, represent ing the estate, explained that this Is an allowance made by federal revenue bureau for taxes already paid to the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Margaretta E. Belin was the widow of Henry A. Belln. for years head of the Pennsylvania ranch of the du Pont Powder coin- any. MRS. WILIA.NIS LEAVES STATE Mrs. M. Williams, mother of the famous Broadway celebrities, the WillHms sisters. Horothy and Hannah, was discharged from the State hospital this afternoon. !he had been a patient there for the past month, suffering from pneumonia. Mrs. Williams, who .came to this city about two months ago to spend a vacation with relatives, will stay heYe until such time as she has fully recuperated, when she will take a trip to Florida to visit her daughter, who was recently mar ried to Roger olf Kalin, at Palm Beach. Fla. POLICEMEN BANQUET TONIGHT The annual banquet of the Police Pension association will be held tonight in tv-heuers hall on Prospect avenue. Charles Weber is president and Lona B. Day. secretary. . . Men's Suits, Dry or Steam Cleaned, $1 1 Pressed Only 50c HARRISON'S Tailors For Men and Women Open Evenings Until S O'clock. Phones S-114S 1-1149. ; Adv. o:j-Thurs.-Tues.-tf MOOSE TO NAME DELEGATES The Scranton lodge of Moose will name delegates to the national con vention, which will No held In Cleveland. O.. next August, at a meeting tonight in the kxi rooms, Lackawanna, avenue. ORDERED TO QUIT TOWN Mother! check colds! laaS.Wvltnl.wasOTMBHi .j, 4f It was evidently "no foolin'" ' when Police Magistrate John P. Kelly ordered a number of youthful girl Inmates of ! bawdyhouses out of the city In police court yesterday. Two ? of them, foahiorvably " gowned 41 and recent imports from New ' York, called on Kelly today and asked him if he really meant what he said. His an- awer was thitt if the pair are In Scranton after the passing - ot another twenty-four hours ! he will have them picked uo 4 by detectives and sent to the county Jail or the House of Oood Shepherd for one year. They left city hall In a rush, ass. w.s.eA.T. err, Children and grown-ups, at the first sore feeling; in nose and throat that means "cold, coming" use MistoL Drop some in not with bandy drop per in package! uie as gargle. Quick relief to irritated membrane? soothes, heal. Doctors use It. Sold by all drug gists. Protect yourself this easy, pi ant way. Get a bottle today t IJJCIvYTlGI-n Fmr Hmh asf Sca(-f A atwrM hattla awiita seals trrta mi a num wiw, iwim; am. Wartd'a laiiK attMr Pnnt sitv- . Sir Pmr MlH;7.'iHfl rat I II I n i i ii hp If (Mways Husy Downstairs Store SPECIAL For Friday and Saturday, If Hosiery Stock Lasts A Pair of Gordon Silk Hose Included With Every Pair of Shoes From Our Ladies' Bargain Tables At Over ""THIS is easily the most attractive offer of its kind ever made by our Downstairs Store and comment seems unnecessary.- It means a double saving to every purchaser. Uur oargam tapies are filled with excellent footwear fqr, women and the Variety is wonderfully interestinje:. Dewaatalrs Star Oalr Lewis & Reilly U 2-1 14-1 16 Wyoming. Ave.

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