The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 26, 1932
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Served by the United Press VOJ,. A'XU BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS . Tm ^ Kw ^^^^^^^^^^^^^S^iA^ - L '^ AJ ™ U BJytheville Dally K?n. Blytheville Herald" MUsHslppMftllev Lender. Blylhevllle Courier, After Tornado Struck Farm House HI.YTIIKVIU.K, AliKANSAS, TUKSDAY, A I'll 11" Bom I-arm Board and Co.n- . modify. Traders \V i 11 j Face Investigators. KJIlTOit'S .VO'i'K: I'olloii-iiig is Hie (Itbi uf thri ; uullir.:-i(-.iliu- ..13. rlM on Hit lilslniy of llu- I'c-d.-ial l-'jriti Kan-it, which s:on w ill |,. llmti-r invesliKJticii by :i ^i-i-ml U ^. Si-natr tLinmittri-. Hy KOIINEV i)IIT<;i|f-:lt ' NIIA Service \Vritrr I (Copyright, 193-j. RJ; A Service Inc i WASHINGTON. _ The i-cj Farm noaiO. which has lr-,l an °s- ttmalsd $200.000.000 in public. in=n = i- online a Uires-y.-ar ait.'inpi. t: save the farmers. Is about to go on I trial before a Senato ccmmittc: A ' ler » loriui-Jo swept :i ;)CO-yard paih which will try to decide whether it .should be overhauled or simply Junked. It represents a government investment ot a half billion dollars Kooj) Your Kyi on Thai Sinil<- • • J f • • •• '«n*--xn.i, .tjuiiuLi Y Kl tiller EniH 1 iv-remw irwl mjunn B more than 30. This I, v,h,a Is left of an old c omllm , , ^ " ™' £^™£ icn .Tenn Mrs n.iio „•<,« L.III..>< i,. ti,. i ._ _.^,... . . . "i i. ». u.m-, nein Mnnng- Mrs. D.ile n-ns killed in the house as It crumbled- before the twister estimated, will run over fioO.uOO. UGmirdiii Displays Can- colled Checks 'as Evidence lo Back Charges'. WASHINGTON, Apni au .ui')~ llu- allied paynifii) of uriis|)ap<-r linanriiil wriii'i.s to piomute public sali-s ol slwl; was descrllx-d to cuiiirnliii.i. by li'ciircscntnlhc i.n •' (tuardia. Itepubllcan, New York to- i iliiy. I!" llourisliid b.Hi-lu's uf -ii.niei'1- l«l rliccks lieliu-c Ihe seiialo i-jm- |iiiilliv and named S|)cclJ)fc ,itocl:.s I'll 1 ."-Hid hi', could piuihiH : a wil- Ineis v.| 10 wonl<l li's'iify : -'coiii'erii- mg 111. 1 ulli^ed I'Xix-iiililure of S2BJ.OU) to obliilii fuvorubli- pub- for r-iO[Krty damage,' mi- ni a move that 'was designed toiT slop Ihe lerrinu pi-Ice decline: j I The beard and the Agricultural I Mnrkeling Act under which it op- crates will be ]>robed and prodd-d assailed and defended. Private deal- trs in uraln and cotton lead those wlio propose abolition of ihc wl-.ois .system, whereas the larger naticn- that it be preserved ami be giv^n even greater powers to enable it to l.-ecoine iiselul to agriculture. Scenes of chiirB«i have been linrl- <:d at the board 'iiud its methods, . but the underlying impetus to this investigation by tile Senate Agri- 1 culture Committee was ftirnislied°by th;. fact that whereas (lie hoard and the $500.000.000 act were r?c- ommenrlcd by (he Hoover administration as the test possible farm relief measure, they have been almost utterly impotent in the attempt to check tobogganing farm . prices nnd rave cost the taxpayers • a huge sun of monev. Senator George W. Morris of Nebraska, sponsor of the investigation, says the Sjnattj ''only wants to ' make an absolutely fair, investigation for the truth." He so framed '?is ._resolu.tion that private grain and coHcn"deulers will also beTn- vcEtig.ited. with especial reference lo their Alleged altempts lo hinder 01 wreck the Farm Board. . Ten big questions Morris and other farm .stale senators want to determine are tt.sse: 1—Whether the board, regardless of ils $200.000,000 losses, has helped or hindered tile farmers. 2—Whether it should be abolished, or continued with activities restricted to encouraging co-operative marketing nnd making loans or continued with power to use tile fquiltzation fee or the export debenture plan. 3—Whether the cosily' stabilization operations were in accordance with tlic law. 4—Whether the act lias had n fair tryout or whether Its successful operation was rendered impossible only by Ihe- protracted depression. 5—Whether the board, by mistaken or improper operation, has injured rather man helped the farmer co-operative movement and fias entered into competition with previously established co-opera lives. G—Whether Ihe stains of trr ?5(iO.OM.OOO given to the board indicates the need of a change in the board's membership. 7—Whether there is Justification for tl:e S75.000 salary paid one executive of a co-operative financially aided by Ihe Farm Board or the $50.000 salary paid to another. 8—Whether any exchanges, board of trade or private dealers have hampered or interfered with tha fxwrd's activities. 0—whether politics entered Into the affairs of the board and Us sponsored co-operatives and whether there lias been speculation with federal funds lent to co-operatives. 10—whether anil why the individual fanner p.iys from 1 to 10 per cent Interest on F.irm Board money origin.iiiy advanced to (he cooperatives at an average- of 3 per ceni. Nearly everyone concerned has lavorurt ihj s investigation U has Dcen opposed by none. Morris s.iys he hns received many I fcmpiiiaijj asain.n th = to.ird and its co-oiwratlve3 which i;e has no! ma,c public, as lie prefers not (o give them publicity without proof. President John A, Simpson of Ihe i-armers Union | US promised to bung and prove sensational charg- «,«,,1 e JI w .^ »1« b _ fil * «« many i Road Audit Body Will j[|PUT Question Commissioners : £ | U H I ?. Girl Dies i Hospital of Injuries Re-i cewed in Storm. TI.E ROCK, April 21! <UP.':-i An executive session of ihi.- high- i w;iy audit commission was to be! held here today. It wns le.v.'mxl I commissfoncrs of several imp.-ovc:- nicnt districts \vill be riucstio icd. !IN llfity (or slocks bc'lnu . heavy public buyli>g.', v " ; «lt- killed were Mrs. Jessie Hale, 05, Robert Harris, 'hesro. 65. Ethel Adams, negro. 21, and Eddie Piggee, r.egro. About 15 persons ,^..,,,,,, tu „, hospitals -here receiving .medical ctlrntion tcday. Others injured had returned' to their homes. MEMPHIS. April 28 cUI>>—A ccnc of iwistcd buildings, leafless trees and debris strewn'over the country-side greeted rehabilitation workers today in Shelby c'u'iin- ly. harrassed by a. tornado''yes- terday. ' | The death list stood al live to- ny \-ith irene Sparks. 5, succumbing to her injuries late last, light in a Memphis hospital. Brill) ici parents. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Sparks of nosemark, remained in a hospital but are expected to recover. Jchn Aycock. member of -ins Jiintjl school board. • today applied 'for Red Cross aid of food ct-sliiMtar- .for .-tornado .victim? in Shelby county. An appeal was also made to the Family \VelI4r2 igcncy. Property damage at approximately S200.000. About . ten small near Memphis were estimated intls ="'=' issuance of bonds. I CULLS MEETilE 1 Ifll STUD! Committee of 33 Will Meet Storm Victime I n c 1 u d ,. Four White Persons and lira Four Negroes. OSCKOLA. Ark.-Elehl. persons four of them white, were Injtircc in Hie tornado which swept llirough Osceoia Monday morning, nnd llic property damage reiwrtcd anioinils lo npiimvlmtiiciy $35,000. Mattic Martin, 25, negro, taken to Hie General hospilal in Memphis with a fractured skull, ts in n crit- - Appearing as n" surprise iitMi- in Die slock market Ilimilry, Ui • CliiHi-ill:i. iisslstfd by tu-o mm! inrrlt-d lo tnc njiimilll<».< room i 1 '' jl»iB« imnk containing st . rn| , | :00ks »f -up*:,. nrtlt'U's, cancellrrl chrcta ,imi| cither d;it:i. MI- ile.suilicd !hi> alU'Seil p:iid iiubllcily iipcnillons In fi;iv:i«i- Anns inn) Indliin Moior- cyclc.aiul niimnd Ilimndal writers now ur formerly connected with Ihe Wall Hl,-m jniuiii,), Ncvv . y 01 - k Tlines. New York Hcnild-Trlbimc. , - , Kveninu Post antl other 1 Papers as having recnhvd money Mil - , Ol i -11 r • i •' cu """ lt)11 but w, al Dlythevitle rnday tol! noniin «- Slle ™s the worst m- I in " (jurcd. The oilier Injured are W T Launch Program. •• • -- . The Missiisippi County Taxpayers Conimiftee of Thirty-Three, 'ap- i | Jacks, 55, white. cuU on right ieg; ' Mrs. Clyde Jones, who sustalnet ct;(s across li:e back and shonlcers her one year old daughter, who , pointed some months ago by Coun- ; Hcnr i" Marlin, who had one leg in :omnmnities'!,the Blytheville, city hall at 10 a.m. ; i. K..i »Hr* ! TV'Hoi. A.,v[1 "in ' hit, but .the! Friday, April 2B. cast recovering from a recent iu- storm did not strike Memphis' 1 it-'-i T1 'e ccinmittee. in a report lo"'""' lllld lre MKT 1e B hacily cut '"" ''"' ' " 'Judge Harrison last month, poinl-i and I) ' 1 '"iset<. and Willie Perkins ed out tliat subslaittial reduction cf- ncg , rn - sustained cuts on his body, the tax burden now resting upon, • c Greatest proixirLy damage v.-as Mississippi county laxpayers could :S " slaincd b ^ thc "river Oin com-•'••••--- ' pony, whose plant was completely 4. remained' only'- be obtained through aclion of the stale legislature. The major ; purpose of Fridays • meeting is to wm ' ke(| . A. P.' Speise. manager, es- ( "" alctl '' would cost $12.000 lo re• g s o . - scck agreement, upon a program to '' bce tlle buildings and machinery. be used as a basis of ccojierali3-i ' Harvey Forces Seeking Farmer-Labor Alliance MONTE NE, Ark.. April 28 !UP) -William Hope "Coin" Harvey's Liberty party lias teen merged with the JobJes? pnriy of Father of Pittsburgh, it was learned here today. ; jrcup of repicsentalives nere > !n route to Omaha to invite the ! Farmer-Labor parly, holding .1 j convention Micro, to join forces villi.lhem. legislative action. Letters advising members of the committee of crie meeting will be Placed in thc mall momi »E- DC DUried Tomorrow ___ HISON', Ark., April 26 (UI'i— Wednesday Funeral services for Rep Gcorz^ F - Brown, , Cleveland county, will T II r r leJIs OCHate 01 ' j be held here tomorrow al 10 ; M., it was announced today. Brown, a member of Ihe Vote Fraud in Alabama \™^ y ^^T: ernl \ Springs hospital yesterday. WASHINGTON, April 2G IUP>—i iLnr^!:; 3 S' J^ICral ^^ KS Union GrOUD to Visit Kenllirkv •™nu\.n.j. Harvey, an advocate of free sil- 1 from Alabama, once more echoed , er durin.? thu presidential cjni- • through the senate hall today as ' ai?n of Willialn Jennings Bryan. ! l'-e S]wke supporting his contention! NEW YORK Anril w mm i the presidential, candidate of j he had been defraudctl out of re- i Arthur Garfield' Hayes hwvpr -iiiT *>™ l >- - '- ! h f'± nM iV "" l " r fr ° m A1 - lba "' a "•• ^'esntion from the'America ''" 1930 ' i c "H Liberties Union, have ac- The senate rescinded the two- j c fl>led EeH i-oiinly. Kenluck-y's hour lime limit pt.iced on liisjdnro to enter the county lo study and ngrec<t to allow iiimi mi »'ng conditions. They will de- Futrell Holding Social Day of Chancery Court An adjourned day of chancery our I is in session here tcday wiili Chancellor J. M. Fiuroll of P.-ir.i- gould on the bench. A number of foreclosure action? nnd divorce suits are expected to te presented lo thc court. Anioltg-the out of town attorncy.s- llendinsf the session nre: H. Gail- way, ifcmphis: j. -p. coston, o-,- ;cla; R. s. Hnrffon. Manila. C. T Caipenler. Marked Tree nnd J. !•-. Ccufey. Jcnesboro. Highway 64 Association Meets Today at Wynne WYNNE. Ark.. April 2C (UP) — Hundreds of visitors were here today for the annual meeting of (he Highway H association. ' Some 100 Pawnee Indians from Oklahoma participated in' tlie cele. brat ion yesterday. Delegates front towns along Memphis tended. to the highway "olon. N. M from at things.' Norris says. "1 nopo wei can call en ixparts of the ccmp ro.lor general's office to help us with the Invcsllgallon. We re-' '~ milre an expert staff and we want In n- r, .to keep orr thc tools and the spies Republican Committee ,h7^e^^SorXh[ Meets at l ™< R^ ,o show ,'hy .nese M.'o-salaried LimE Roc l^ prll „ (Up) _ —^.[il'^a^,^ It was expected plans for measures to compel minority representation on nil stale 'boards tfoliHV be made. , ^. • -.^u b ingu-^uiUl IVU men set so much money and what they do to earn it. It will surely *}**: ««b!t4nce. It probably will disclose that .many priva t c grain dealers are doing & \\ tixjy can to (Continued on P«ge 3) ngrec< o aow iiimg conto all thc time he thought nccessa'-j. 'part Thursday. - - I \Valter, E. Smith, West Coast Mob Tars Suspected Syndicalist LONG BEACH, Cal., April 26 lUP>—A. man believed lo be James Lacoy. 35. an asserted radical, was stripped, (nirccl and feathered by ;u )nob hei'e early today. 'The attack took place shortly after-Laccy uas released Irom jail where he was hrltt since Saturday night suspected of criminal sytHlicalism. Frame Tax Bill Policy Senate Democrats WiH 'WASHINGTON. April 2n lun— St-nale Demociats have called a nicellng for this aflnnoon lo frame party policy on the billion dol lar revenue bill. United Press . learned thc caucus, set for 4 P. M., would deal particularly with income and Inheritance tax rates. U. S .Steel Passes Common Stock Dividend NEW YORK, April 26. (UP)-U. S. 8[cel corporation directors toiay omitted th; dividend on Die com. inon slock, but declared the regular quarterly dividend of $1.75 on preferred slock. . , attorney of Pell county, has informed the del- r-gatioii it will be snpresKtd -as «c stipress mad dogs who come litre to spread hydrophobia." The. party will proceed lo Frnnk- fui lirst to confer with Governor Ktiby Laffoon concerning ptolrc-- lioii. Ed Tillman Is Cleared On Liquor Charge Monday Ed Tillman was cleared of .1 charge of transporting liquor by i Acting jiicge virgi! Orcene in '11111- ntcipal court yeslerd.iv afterncoii. ([JETS 12 More Arrests !o Come, Announces Chief of Police A. D. Gwyn. Twelve warnings had been served by police today in a drive against Blytheville motorists who have failed to secure 1932 city license iintl' more were lo be Issued today. ' ' r Police Chief A. D. Owyn said that all persons on whom warrants arc served v.lll be required to appear In court and Hint chniges will not. be dismissed simply on payment of the regular license fci: of five dollars. Say* Paymenti U Veb^ Will Equal War C«t WASHINGTON, AljrJI 3». <VP\- Conllmualon of the' present juy- iiK-nls to veterans Would umciini W lUi? lg "" t ' x l* mll 'i>re of 121.600*. 000,000, or approximately .(lie cost .of. the world war lo the Unlled Stole.-!.. Veterans Administrator Mines said In testimony today bj- Wc nre actually rinaiicinx ««other wur," said nines. Ho ngrvd with Kcprr.Miilnllvc llawlcy Ho- publican, Orfj-cn, thai .General Sherman's commeut on n-iir should refer us well to peace. Tli« loial cast, of Ihc Pnln'ian bill y-'lilch HID coinnilltec k consto-ln./ in $2,4K! I (UO,<XX). Miss Alice Cash of Clendtttc, Calif rushed In on her contagious smile! but she npncnrs to have olhei claims lo lure Ihc iryjf. Sho wiv i-lm.-u-n out of 15.000'con'lcslnnls h 11 southern California ".smile con test." Among many prizes, she was nv.-imlt-d an airplane ; trip. to &ui FYinickco nnd 11 week's .lucuUonln Ihe coast clly, on which.she is sinning in picture above, $25 each, but the fines were suspended by Acting Judge Vii-.;il Greene in the police division cl municipal court yesterday iUlc:-- ncou. Willie Edinglon, negro, wis fined five dollars for disturbing Ihe peace. Two men were fined $1(1 end] for ]iubllc drunkenness. PRIMARY GIVES CLEflWTJEST It's Franklin Roosevelt vs. Al Smiih in Massachusetts Today. BOSTON. April 26 (UP)—Massachusetts presidential primary Icilay will rifTcr a .test of strength between Governor | Franklin f). Roosevelt and Alfred 'E. SmW>. With two complete slates of district delegates nnd" delegalcs- lu the field, a hard fight 3C Bay Stnte votes is-ail- In this state which Cotton Trade Association Committeemen Announced Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri are well represented on committees of tl:e Arkansas Co:ion Trade association for the ensn- ng year. On the board of directors are H. fllghnil of this city. Jaine.s P. Wolfe Jf -Forrest City. Joe II. Murray of Joucfboro, She-p A. Oallighcr of >fewporti and William Sikcs of Slkcston. Mo. E. C. Palton of Ihis city. N. W. Helm of Cnrulliersvlllp. nnd Tom ftiUon of Newport are members of he executive committee, and B. G. West of tlu> city is a member of :he IcgUlative committee. in the presidential lor the ticipated Smith carried election of Younj James Roosevelt, directing the ncosevett campaign In Mew L'nglund with con.sider>'-?e succes to dale, has predicted that In tomorrow's baltle his fnthev will win 10 of the 15 district ecu- tests and n majority of thc at- Inrge contests. Leaders of Hie : Smith group, mindful of Nfassachnsetls' loyn!',y lo the brown derby, have equally optimistic forecasts. mnd» They . point out that thc K:ulth-pledged ol-Forrest City, Joe H. Murray of t slalc includes virtually e\ery pro'n inent Democrulic leader In Ihe federal Loans Must Be Completed Friday All loans for the government 1M2 :rop prcdiictlnn must kc complet- ^d by Fridny. Aiiril 2il. j. E. CriU. comity agent, announced today. Tbfsc loans, made at the office of he. county ngent. must be al Ilir- Mempliis office by Saturday. lice. )ne of Twin Beys Born Last Night Succumbs i Twin boys were born to ,%fr>; Mn- arrested by city no-1 rle Willis, 'city, at the BlylhcvlUe j hospital during the night. One of Wife Awarded Divorce From John R. Hearst LAS VEGAS, NeV.. April W (UPl -Mrs. Dorothy Hearst today had a decree of divorce from John Randolph Hearst, son of William Randolph Hearst. Judge William Orr grnnted the decree. the babies died Immediately nfter nirlh but Hie other baby nnd his niollicr are doing nicely • OA1C Mlcn - . ^^rs. Frances , 73-year-old twins, live together, look alike and dross alike act .... The two lime spent! most clothes for I of Ihetr lelr chll- New Crop Loan Agent for County Appointed George D. Purinton. of Ihc crop producllon loan office of Memphis. .»'ill be in charge of Mississippi [counly for |l:c 1932 loans lor crop proiluctlon and collection of loan balances of 1331, He expects to spend two days a week in this vicinity, tn addition to uittlne lotiv* hi will supervis? tiie expenditure of each borrower, obtain reports of how the borrowed 8pent ' snij l) reference to acreage, crops .Mate except Boston's mayor, James M. Cnrley. an ardent Roosevelt follower. On thc Smith slnte appear such names ns Scliatn.- David I. Walsh. Senalor Marciu A. Coolidge and Governor .loscnh B. Ely. nocscvcll's success In New Ens- land lo date includes a Hooseve",- pledged delegation In New Hampshire, and a Maine delegation pledged to him under the iiiiu rule. Mississippi .Authorities Still Checking-Story of Self- Accused! Murderer. OSCROLA, -'Ark.^Callioim coun- ly, Mlwiisslppi oirici-i's conllnued la i-hi-ck tmlav on the slmnue .story »r Hoy Kdwunl Hinltli. who Mir- M-ndei-Ml to anllioillles here yes- lenliiy u-llli the slatcmi'iil Unit he '"I u man In Uruce, Miss in 19 nnd had Ix-en doilL'Ini' n f- Ik'crs ever time. Ihile Jackson, chief deputy slierllr here, said that Smith's complete story had been furnished to pu-ttied olTlclttls and ex- O"iccis la (he Mississippi county nnd iluu ilellnllc connrmatlon or relulallon of Smllh's claim would lie announced soon. The 25-ycni--old man who save "P to Deputy C. C. nowen here his yestenlay snld he U-V' 1 * "t thc Ihrec years nuo In i Fred .. - town nuaircl over r a 15-year-otd girl, and had txwn ' , authorities' ever since. He . e l his colisclence had driven him ; Mil render. His- story showed ' lA. Ihi? M'lf accused tusltlvc to amlllnr with Ihe vicinity *\ K , he says UK crime was commit be Ford Teb Homr ol His Fariij.F»et»ry-fli» WASHINGTON. April K ( OPI_ Henry Ford, Kclroit molor m.inu- factnrer, Iwre on a pleasure trip stopped off lone enough today to tall on President ' Hoover, ou'tlia- liij lo him his ideas for combining farming and Industry. Ford, in an interview on leaving .the White House, said he told the president that city workers If Put on plots of ground away irom crowded fnctory communit- , . conlil "save us much as $500 year, each If they rnlwd tlie'lr own foodslulf for Inulc use." ies, Ladi«s Want MeUan Waion WASHINGTON, April 26 (OP)_ Many women prohibitionists ore bombarding Prdilbition DirecU- Woodcock with letters demanding :hat nctioil be taken ngainst Am- Authorities Place .fiol-aitri m Gahg'sifer's .Ability ( 0 Recover. Baby, .- . ' HOCEWELL,"rTT,'April.* , -Al caponc' and 'some or ms henchmen ire,.Kiln trying to chisel "f I" en tM 'Undb; 'but - nntlioHtlos .engaged ' In seckl'iis to " restore tlw child lo its parents ; Col, anil Mrs. Charles -A. fJn'ii- I.ergh. advised the United Cress lixlay (here Is mi reason lo believe elllier Cnpohc or lib help- •' ".rs cauW really old,. >. , These authorities lliiis dUposcd s <il reiwated: rumors of the past : : r everal days, said to emanate fionv ; » norlhqrn New Jersey oniclal or '.' IMllllcian, that. Capone or his Kmnifilers. v;.'eec:-nctu'»lly proniishii ; delivery 'of the child ,-lf- Canarfe could have a few. d'iys ,r.!lea» 'i from prlsrih. • • •• t ••'•! '-.•',•'-. There hsvc been cftdrts nuidei'to 'n Colniiel Lindbergh' .Jutei-esled"^ it/ so lor he litiK sleadfastly"rc-". !nscd lo make imy unrecnic-nt. wifji -'. Hie Clitrngo Kniixstcr nr his >\s- ! ' : scclnles nnd K known to feel a link, in Us present status''-* would be useless und timdvisable.-• : ills iWer Has Shrunk -. , : Slorles of bla money offered by Capone urc viewed skeptically '• 5hice It k kiiotfn Caixine's funds nre running low and his much . ; vaunted power hi (he Chicago ' nixlerwcrld has waned innleflntly : •Incc hls.liiiprLsohiiicnt. Capone hlniself bas advised' .the •': Unlled Pre$i .lie cannot make a deflnlle |rfomLi« of return but- he has I'xpresjett 1 u desire lo ' aid - ;; coupled svlliv art expression .ot opinion lie .could lielp. .1 .::•*:.• -.'•, Capone manifestly wouM'-Tuaf 'ii>' .f be .the deliverer of the UridberVh ; . <' b*by; for lh«ij he coitld uhdoubl-" ••'•(' fdly. make a plea 'fpi-.'clemeinVv-.-' Ih conhectlnn. with his Imix-nrtinB •'.' Ucnsfer.' to. Leavenjj-oflli .peniji-n-- - ; tlnry. but hutliorttUss'Vohilia';iuV-.: there Is a vu»t gulf 'betwi u .wish and th* act»»l:.» deliver.' ' "' ., tcd»y atohj; with the molo.-. ,, yacht Marcori In u-filch- he'• left •.';". Sunday night to iry-to nithblish" 1 - cpmmuulcatlori with men whom n n ' " believes to tie the kidnapers i 1 '. v Charles Lindbergh.-Jr. • ' ' .'<' Curtis • bbanled tho yacht some : time Sunday nisht, to cruise in Chesapenke Bay or al sea with - ? Edwin Bruce. Klmym. N, Y., -cap- •' = Itallst. -'fherc-hns been no -ail--; V Ihfntlc report of the little- inoti,'-- ''•"! yncht : since li left. Start SlasiuH K State : Highway Personnel ' LITTLE HOCK, April 20 liJP)^- " ' , Staff reduction in the state". high-. way department hod begun today •and already more than 90 persons have been notilled (heir jolis , announced he Andrew W M e on who , D " expire May 1. During the recent special serve liciuor at ihr, American embassy In fan ' mill Woodcock proposes to do "abso- ulcly nothlns" about It. He holds hat a question of diplomatic pol- cy and Immunity beyond thc province of his bureau. the legisl; ..... ....... department appropriation.^ New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 20 (UP) _ Cotlon closed barely steady Jan March May .'nly Del Dec open 072 C87 COS B22 645 K'2 Rod llrnd From Memphis Sells, Stork in Herself HOLLYWOOD. Cal.. April 26 iUP>—Velma Gresham. red-haired girl frmn Mempliis. Tenn., unsuccessful In a brief nltCmpt lo bteak into the movies, today became president and half owner of a $10,000 corporation. Miss Grcshnm Incorporated herself as "Velma. Inc.". and decided to sell shares in (he company nl *IOO cnch. She believes Ihe ilO,- CCO will permit her lo publicize herself sufficiently (o land a contract, with some studio. She learned from chamber of commerce statistics she would probably have lo be iti Hollywood nboul two years before she could hope for success. She would need clothes and plenty of publicity to attract Ihe attention or studio executives. An nllornoy sent incorporation papers for Veltno, Inc.. (o the secretary of state jestcrdiy. Miss Oresham Is president of the eom- p«ny and will retain M per cent of the stoclc, high 672 G83 BOS 624 G48 C63 low G62 678 597 615 C38 6.54 close C63 078 598 CIU 039 0.14 Siwis closed al 615. unchanged. New Orleans Cotton NEW oni.FANS. April li iU!')- Collon ctosfd steady. oi»n high Jan March Dec CS8 682 600 622 668 G84 605 G23 045 661 „„ Spots closed al 609. off tow CC5 679 SOS 017 639 C55 close G63b 618b 593 cn 639 653 salaries, etc., was cut from $250- COO to ',",100,000. Dwighl H. Blcickwood in makius- thc reductions said the department could not be staffed to the' same degree ot efficiency as in Ihe past on only $8,333 n month. Only a skeleton of each division of liie department will be retained. Closing Stock Chaplain Rec«Yering From Attack of Dengue Fever SINGAPORE. April zs tup)- Charlcs Chaplin, confined to li hospital he-re by an uttnck pf dengue fever, similar lo scarlet lever, exited to be discharged today nnd to continue his tour or thc far cast at the end of Die week. He arrived here from .lava with ; his brother. Sid Chaplin. ; Edits Weekly Paper From County Jail Cell OSHKCSH. Wis. April 26 (UP)--' A cell in ihc county jail became Ihe editorial offices of the Sqiiai- I Dealer, weekly newspaper, twain '-••— when. Roland senn, 100 5 41 C l-i A, T. & T Anaconda Copper . Auburn Caterpillar Tractor ... „ ... Chrysler 3 5 .g Cities Service .( 1-4 Coca Cola 97 j _j Continental Baking ..,.__ General Electric 15 General Motors n i-g MMdlewcst Utilities .... 1-3 Mont«omery Ward ... 71-2 •New York Central zn Packard 3 5.5 Ridio Corp ^ 7.0 SUnmqus Beds Standard of N. J 32 3-8 dorp n a ?2CO fine. Circuit Judge Bcgllnger assessed >'»': tne fine after Senn ««» fowrt -i fiiilty ot criminally libeling c Sf '•-•' Genal. The editor must sen-e n : co-day sentence it the nne is not . paid. A reque.i-. for a new Irnl ' va: denied. . ' Senn said he would send out "• cimili for news and with '!•» aid of other b,ill r jn' imnntes v.ould prepare cojiy for his wreHy cd.iious. . ' ARKANSAS—Artly ckwjdy coM- er tonight. WKtaetday p, rt ly cloudy, cofcl*r in »»MUie«st, -'

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