The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 25, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 25, 1932
Page 5
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JKMUIV APRlt 26, CLASSIFIED ADS for «K*I • word far «rrt Ud CO* <*« » He. OMU* U» UM cub. PfcOMSW FOR SAW tat lw FOR SALE—Btby chicts. Put cash, pay balance In Iryers. Marl- !yn Hatchery, BIythevllle, Ark. JlcU FOR SALE FENCE POSTS Hurt Cjprrw Fo»U 4 fMi lengths l»c 6 foot length* lie I foot krftks 2(k at MIH Office CHICAGO MILL & LUMBER COM*. : BlytbevllJe, Ark. FOB SALE—polato Plants-Thous- ands—i'orlo KICO and Nancy Hall. CcrtUk'd cold bed plains «: «.UM, 5lwo and over, si.'iS. Tomato, caooage, teppcr plains,' farm aim saracu seeds. Banner Store, 113 \vi-si Main si. . mu-K'ir FOR SALE: Com and hay. T H. HalDeld, Huffman, Ark. i'OR BEST FOB RENT: - Nicely furnished cottage, four rooms and ouin, Vacant. May 1. Call 868. L. L Ward. 20-c-k-u FOB RENT—Five room bungalow, Wj Chickasawba. Good repair, cheap rent. Apply New York Store. * asc-tt FOR KENT—Two furnished light housekeeping rooms,, 625 Walnut, Phone 521. Mrs. S. P. Cavendur. 23ck27 WANTED WANTED: Reliable man between ages of 25 and 50 lo supply old established demand for Etawlelgh Products in North Mississippi county. Other good Localities available. Surety Contract required. Company furnishes everything but tlw car. Good profits for hustlers. Write the W. T. Kawleish Company, Memphis, Tenn. M-398. . . 23ck2S PERSONALS SNIDER METAL KEPAIR SHOP gutter work, ice boxes lined, lawn mowers repaired and sharpened. Gin work a specialty. Phone 2D3-R. 323 North Sixth street 21pk2G LOST AND FOUND LOST — Black rimmed glaives in brown case In front Borum's Drug store. Reward. Call 306. 25C-KM Missouri Super'ntendent Urges School Support JEFFERSON CITY. Mo.. (UP)— Building of highways and other public improvements may be curtailed in hard times, but education must proceed regardless of economic, conditions. In the opinion of Charles A. I*e, state superintendent of schools. Lee said he was gratified at the action of voters in many towns over the slate in passing school bond issues by good majorities. "It shows that the people of Missouri are unwilling to let the children pay the price ot the depression," he snid. FRESH RFVER CAT FISH EVERY DAY Jimmic O'Brien's Cafe 105 S. 2nd St. Phone 271 SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson 1*1-3(2 E. M»J» The Offices of DR. FRED CHILD, DR. L. H. MOORE, DR. H. A. TAYLOR Will Be Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. Call Phone No. 243 for INSURANCE SERVICE We Write: ' Burglary (Residence & Mercantile Safe) insurance. Health & Accident, Automobile Liability, Plate Glass, »nd all lines of casualty and bonds, i Sell real estate, and service rental property. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INC. BLYHniVlLLB, (ARK.) COUHtEB •ti BY WABiL^McELLIOTT .•ECIN •MM.MP . . IU*AH CAKEr, M mho, KTH •H* k»r AUNT J««lt». Ckl- IMI. .« KRK»T BEATH, • »»!BEK LAHPMAN. * »*•«* E2B* •*»•»»'• *•«•• kvr «• • •*••»• vtrtr wton ifc* n««la ABKOLU .^4 IONIA fntlNIIKy ••* DBNIIE ARNOLD. • Mr It I r Clrf. l,, ctr . JIMMBK wtlk BOB UUIMMH, rMU> •HMwlK wkM •»• «K .1 kfitom MkMl, Ik* IXC, M?«?fc'.**.Jjif«,l. life. l<" •lit i»i i. f ,v.r ' - *rr •••! I. >wl Um < l,«r.rl> r .. H,, rm. { !•;"•. nlf, ».k. krr, Smtfm f«r. B.k Dv.lMr l« !• kr mmi- ittt >K 4 h kntl-kr«k«». Dr»U« Ark»;4 uki Wr !• rMir (• • "We're hound MIL-TOY. *•*!•'< HOW UO O.f WITH THE rrOBY c::.'-TE(t x.xm TF SiiBsn had known her aunt's plans »he vrould hare been furiously angry. As ft was olio met Bayly the following afternoon, lie came- through the coach looking rather mc-s Bulky than usual but almost pathetically brushed and tidy. 'Hello," she faid. for the same place." "J euess so." Ben threw » ebahby black bag Into th» rack overhead aid sat down. Moodily his gaze took her lit, from th» top of her new brown felt to tho tip of ber .'or':. "Y6u look nice," was ell he could find to say, aud that ratber grudgingly. SiiBan tlianked him, reflecting sar- dnnically that be was scarcely the perfect p: ".cm of an ardent admirer. Poor Ben! On a piano keyboard his fingers spnke the only langurgs that be k. iw. Otherwise ho was Inarticulate. "I <'in't know why I eald I'd conio to tb'i racket." Ben grumbled. "Sonia forced m« into it—said it would be good for my work." "Maybs It will," Susan told him. determined to look bu the- bright side of things this glorious f«II rtay. With the morning her misgivings fiad dissolved, leaving her confident and happy, Ben Blared at her. "You know why we're asked, don't you!' 1 he demanded. That kid think! we're, lunch o( freaks. When she come down 1-1 Sot-la's Elm believes Bin:'., slumming and gets a terrible kick out of It. She told Sonla It reminded ber of the Left Bank." "I don't think that Bounds bad," Susan said. "What 8b» mc auo is you'rs' all artists and artists have always been taken up by Tfct people. That's sot new.* B*n snorted. *Wher» -> yo» comt in, thtal You don't cltulfy." Th« Initant h» bait uld the words h* regretted tben, Suian winced ai It ah* bad beea struck Ind truly the blow bad son" home, Tb< question wai one sh* had asked bersell many tlmet but tbli morning she bed determined to put It aslda and b« as happy as pos> slhle. Sh« felt a surge- of hatred for B«B w!io, ob«r»lBg Ih9 darkening ot tier eyo^ and trembling of her lip, cursed himself for tlio clumsy fool bo was, • • • CU1A;r tunwl and stared out tlio window. They were slipping past little- houses now, their backyards running down to the railroad's right of way. II was all •ory suburban n»d sunshiny but it looked black to tho girl. Hen's hand touched hers. Sbo drew awsy as though Hung. Humbly he said, Tin sorry. I didn't mean that. They may ask aa ' - c---3 we're f-enks !>ut ot course a»yo" .o'lltl b» glad to linvo yo-a, y ' so beauMful." This from Ben! Sho looked at him t'azztcd. The words bad been wrvng from hlr.i by main forco hut they still hovered In tho air. Susan could forgive him anything for tut. "Ne.^r Jnd. It's all rli'it," slio assured him. "The trouble with TOU is you have au Inferiority complex and go about expecting usoplo to dislike you. You have a chip on your shoulder and someone's bound to I-ock It off." She felt mature and capable, gtv- 1-3 "" • ailvice. By tacit consent the dlKigreeablc subject was avoided thereafter. They talkcil about the orchestra Ben was working with just then. Susan told him about her jib. The- minutes >w. Hen kept glaocl:•- back ever his Bhoul der row i^l then, mutterlig, "1 wonder where Sonla and Arnold went. They said they'd bo on this train." Then tho conductor called the namo of theh- station. Susac reminded herself that there was nothing really to bo excited about, but as Elio followed Beu down tho Bteps her heart wa pounding painfully. They trntlcd along the platform, feeling siranyr and conspicuous. A uniformed ma' came up to them, touching bis cap "For Mies Ackroydr Ben nodded. Silently ttcy climbed into the great gray ear "Just a minute, .sir. There ure T;> others eipected. I will look tcr thr-," iho. man Bald. Ho -fs'-.t tlio duor, leirlni the boy aud rlrl alone In tho jewel bin I'-'orlor ot that fabulous motor c«r, liou b!i Jejj nnil whistled tottly. Suun tat up very straight and locked dlgulfl«d. Nearly a'I the ' rs that hrl met their ir.iln hid roared »way around the curve wh -i tbe c' uftVnr letiii-.u."! with Hie bedraggled Slrlnbkya trilling in bis wnke. If fiollli lew lind not forbade fu- Ban wo'i'd liavo gasped ut Suuhi's appearance. Slio woro » lurlio- ne.ikcd Bweater '. bdlllriru orungo. this flared out a pleated skirt of green and black checked wool, briefer th;m the modo of the momeiit demanded. A beret \>crched Incongruously on her head. Arnold'* appearance WAI onoii more extraordinary, llo wore a black velrc-t tin '-IIIB Jucliot ovor n knitted red waistcoat. !ll» gvn/ Iliuuiel trousers were botb bn^^y ami sputcd. Susan Bbu.1der~'d. f.lko mod girls of Iier age aud tyre slio passionately dcslroil to cen- form. Tlio Strlnskyn were- nut inly unconventional; tliey were wt'lrd. "plIB Ackroyda" chauffeur must hare ixxm used to all (Ills because his features renmlucd we'd- en, his niauuer perfect. Soula 15.vo Susan -. band : •-.. ' : - : --i to chatter nnlinalcilty to lien. Tho c,ir wound u\on% tho same roaii Susan haj trtiyolcd tho day she n-cnt lo r. HeStli's. Tlio lako stretched before them RIII!. ovcr- lir ;lng It on Iho edge of a ravine, v- u ' mse. A Blouo house, fur- bidding, magnificent. The Strinskys luniblcd out with their Incrcdiblo Ingtugo and Ben and Susan followed. They went up broad Btejia to a grilled Iron door ^" '"'i a man servant swung opea for them. A thin, elderly woman was descending the Slio Intro- d licrsei! nr Mrs. Fleuty, the chaperon. Blie. Bald Uenlso had been unavoidably detained at the club but would bo In directly aud wo. Id Mlas Carey mid Mrs. Strln- sky like lo go to tlicir rooms? II and Arnold lingered below. Susnn w-ii.i shown into a high ceil- inged room, crowded with dellcato Krencli furnltnvo. The great, low bed lind a gilded head-piece and the coverlet was of faded iieacb brocade-. It iv;is nil Gul/lly elegant. Tnrougti nn open door nhe glimpsed a bathroom .done In aiiricot tile. The Elas< shelves .were crowded wrU heaVy 61 HU t->'ds iind scouted tospa. Aflir the niKld h.i« Mt her Susan wtM to tlio vlmlow and ilsred out. Tb» lake ruilied and tumbled bdlow, ' Wliat now, she wondered? Bh« bud u ;.-avo ama of forebodlsg anil -ealliy. j-althful to rtoso'« tlons, slto shook out (lit whlt.i Iwo gown nn.i -'-.noted It ciiretntly m ||, ua - cr . T | ieB) Imvliij; t.rns: J herlialrnml wanted her lands \ the gurunntunn biilu slio shyly went down, • • • 'J'llK E nip wos niilinnlcd BOW. :) Tlvid In a bright grt*D frock, greeted her giiyly. "H'-llo, there! Find everything you iiit? 1 ' Siis.-ni sahl shp Imd. "It's early for cocktails," Ucils* niinoiiiiccd, "but wo'ro having them nuyiv.iy." Shu turned on a radio concealed In an istli century desk nud hclil out hi: nrir-i to lien, Su«'•- Imil a fiil-i, not «lto^r" -r rr-V":' ID, eencnllon of sir:;- us slio v telio' Hicm togcllier. ' Hen itiiuecil mazliiul.' well, Tnu in,,. ; Kavo him rclc^e. Scll-conscl 'is- ness will ../ frnm him nnd tliero wns graro In his lull, rangy foim. 0,-cr her boulder Dtnlto tlirciv Hits remark to Susan: "Vlic othcro will bo along In a niomci.t. Thoy'vo b;e:i iilnyiug golf iiiul pi ,)ped to change." Susan nlanccil down nt her blue scree. Well, eho had nothlnj to c -uiX' ' - no this wuuld have to "H right. Sho ilii:;ceil with Arnolf, haling It. Arnold mnat have lind [in nut 1 11- pipe tueked awrv aouio- whcre on li' person. It was nol pleasant. As tlio nmtlc slopped dbn:r-'lj an nnnniinccr's volco bcgau raucously to clialtcr alwut tho merlla of a certain lonth paste. Kusnn was conEcioua of a new pnlr nt ryca staring at Iier. Slio tried tn disengage 1 Kself, but Arnold kept his Imnd on her arm. "\Yalt a hit." ha eatd smugly. "Tbh fell.™ will bo finished In a miputo and wo ca . go on." There wan no help for her. Thronc'i Iho I'adows E!IO 3iw tho tall flguro of nob Dunlmr advancing. I; was not tlio way In which slio would have chosen lo meet him,. after so long a time. Ani(.:d. treak- Ish to llio point of laughter, held her po'scsslvely. Sus- •. heard Bob's roice, chill aud remote, i ad in that instant slis i-nllzed what had happened. )>en(so hail staged this Tory c:ene. Slio had wanted him to find Suian In exactly this way.'•" (To <'<>.MMI$tJIONKR'g 8AI.K NOTJCK Is licrcby given Uial tile liuli'isigned, commissioner, In compliance with -Uie terms of » dc- ree rendered by the Chancery :ourt for the Ctilckaa»wba District f MlsjiwJppl County, Arlausas, (xi he 22ml day of February, Wit, 'herein 11. Brli'krr, Substituted rnstoe for Mary It. Bites and Mury !l. Bales were itlatntltfs and Bcrtlm U. Tabtr, A, V. Hudson intl the mount I'low Works were ic'femlsnte, will soil M imbllc auc- Inii lo tlic highest ui\d best bM- der, on a credit of llireo monlljs, »l Iho fioiit dcor of the Court louse in (lie City of Bl>thcvll!c, iikonsus, 011 (lit; i4th day oi NUy, PAGi 1932, between the hours preicrlb- cd by l*w for Judicial sales, the following described real estate towlt: Soutlicut quarter ot the Northwest quarter, also known as I/it Fire (S) at the Northwest quarter of Section Six te>, Township Fifteen (15) North, RsntT Eight (8) Easl, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Bald sale will be Imd to satUly said decree In this lollowiiiii sunis, lo-*H: MIJO.OO with interest at 10% ptr Hiinum from November 1, IBM un- .il paid. Hl.U witli Intent! »l 10% p« jmiuiii from June 12, 1931 until paid.' • . .-..; ; f .-; : 110.00 with tatfrert .at 10«,« per annum froin Novembci 1 », : l«l »n- tU paid, totether with the cosu • of tuch ac^lori. ' . - : .:-.-... The piucruuer at said sale wilt' be required tr. execute bond with approved security, to- secure the payment of the purchase money,, and H lien will be retained upon sa!4 property as additional wcur- .ty for the payment of suclrpui chase, money. WITNESS my hand and llx> seal of said Court, on this, the 15th day of April, 1832. • n. L. GA1NES, Commissioner In Chancery. ULK bUAKDUSG HOUSE By Ahem KITCHEN By SISTJER MARY NEA Sen-ice Writer One of tile simplest and easiest ways to produce different varieties or flavors of ice cream is to use candy. A plain milk Junket, cream or custard foundation combined with the candy for flavoring and sweetness makes a delicious dessert. If the candy is thoroughly crushed and allowed to dissolve in the foundation cream before freezing, an even color is produced. An attractive, motlted effect is obtained if the candy is rattier coarsely crushed and added, to the cream mixture just before freezing. There will be bits of undissolved "ndy which retain their color sprinkled through the frozen cream. Of course, any favorite recipe can be used /or the foundation cream. Junket, custard, mousse, parfait, ice or sherbet may be flavored and sweetened with the candles. All the hard varieties of candies, chocolate coated or plain, can be used without additional sugar. Some of the "cream" candles may require a little extra sugar added to the foun- oalicm mixture. ' One-half pounct of candy is enough to sweeten and flavor one Quart of custard or other founrta- PHANN TS.KING THEIR. coTAT • V HEY' tion mixture. There is a wide variety from which to choose. TJ:e Btick candies, fruit lozenges, th? hard "stuffed" candies, the chocolate coated and plain inarslnnal- lows, ti>e nut britttes and so on through Hie list. Following arc two basic rules that can be varied by the uso of different, candies. Peppermint Slitk Candy One pounct peppermint red and white stick candy, 6 cups thin cream, 1-8 teaspoon salt. Scald cream in double boiler. lie- move from heat and add salt and finely crushed candy. Cool and turn into freezer mold. Pack in six parts ice to one part ice cream salt and let stand several hours. Serve with hot chocolate sauce or plain, as preferred. Marshmallows cnn l>c quartered and dissolved in the hot ercam. Chocolate- coated molasses chips can be crushed and added to Ihc cream after it has cooled. Crushed after-dinner mints offer another variation. And, of course, any lia- vor may be chosen for the stick candy In place of peppermint. Walnut Rrilllc Ice Crcum Oi:e pound vralmit brittle, -1 eggs, 1 cup whipping cream, 4 cups milk. Beat egg yolks slightly, ocalci milk and slowly beat into egg yolks. Ccok in double boiler, stirring constantly until mixture coals Epson. Remove from bent and 'add crushed brittle. Fold in whites of eggs b:at- en until stiff. Cool and i»ur into freezer mold. Puck In eight, parts ice to one part salt. When beginning to freeze on the edges, stir in cream whipped until firm. Let stand several hours before serving. This recipe Is excellent, to use in an electric refrigerator, peppermint stick .cream Is for use in an electric refrigerator, 1 tablespoon softened geliitine should be stirred into the sculding hot cream. , ed vegetable salad, peppermint stick cic cream with hot chocolate sauce, milk, coffee. Will Nominate McGehee Man for Rotary Chief McOEHEE, . Smith, charter member of the Mc- if the wanted Monday's Menu BREAKFASTrnnkerf rhub.irb, cc- rcal, cream, scrambled eggs, crisir* toast, milk, collce. LUNCHEON: I>nn liroileii liver sausage, creamed polator-.s, new onions, fig cookies, milk, lea. DINNER: Slewed chicken with noodles, twice baked sweet iwtaloes, FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A OOG To CAvS>-' A BASK&T.THe FIRST LESSoU SHOULD 8S "WITH A KUBBER 8AU THHOW IT A SHOUT DISTAUC6 AWD OHDES. HIM ~K> FETCH IT.... keep REpgATIMG TH'S UUT1L Foe. THZ BALL AH' HE'LL B2IHS THIS TW£ S/>'.<£ AS HS DID TOS BALL....HCW, • AMD I'LL •you .'. WASH TUBRj 's OLD 9 — wHv, V&WG&R w BUCK'AROO'S I-I' GO (^fa A BEkiP MARTl-lA ME CF IT —SO rlE START CRACK'ul 1 UP Ani 1 CR£AKV |*J -TH' rllAifiES WHf.^ -TrlEV'RE -THlR"TV-FH/e ! ' I'LL BACK-TUP! rfE'LUSAV, " PLEAilV OF CF OLD . MOME.S'9 BOOTS AND BER BUDDIES SI'KNCK IS TOO ANXIOUS! UP '. 1 TO LtARW TO SCHOOL ^ CCXIPVS. OF with incited butter, mix- 1 WET YOU OVD 6CMOOL Rotary club, will be nom- for governor of the 62nd giinlzation of the McGchce Rolary He has an enviable The Rio Grande Valley in Tesns Is producing ribbed oranges with skins like that of THE MASTER! : COG'S LIKE joffr tvep DOIWS D CX/ER AHD SOOU i poe MJIU. cTARay IT a /VBOUMD T-oQ VoO To IT , AU- YOU DO 19 JO E.THE HAWDte cf A TWEU yJU CAM SEW'D UM Vimt THS BASKET OP Twe - EASlCSTf TIME Tb| TEACH : THIS IS I-AST REQUKSTS! viaC ^ • -.— MX \ MUOS to NEft CiUNS 'N' (AEtT W,E 1W A 600C OVO FVS' To. district of liotary International at tho (list lict conference in Springs. May 18 and 19. Dr. Smith has lakcn an active part in Rotary work since the or- gnnlzatl club in nltciicliincc missed u meeting since lie became nflili&lcil with the organization. He served as first president of the locnl as secretary. • He has been engaged In (he practice oi medicine In McGchcc for rj years.

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