The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas on September 5, 1961 · Page 12
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The Laredo Times from Laredo, Texas · Page 12

Laredo, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1961
Page 12
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Quadros' Timing Was ABHOff Th« Lar«do Tim«i, Tuet., S«pf. 5, 1961. Pag« 12 It Happened In Berlin By WILLIAM GIANDONl Latin American Editor Copley Newi Service Ex'president J&nio Quadros’ timins was off. While many observ'ers believe that the Brazilian chief executive's difficulties with congress played the greater part m his de- eisioD to resign, others have in- listed it was the adverse reaction to his flirtation with the Communist bloc of nations. Yet, had Quadros not given up middenly and quit, today you inifiht have been reading that the mercurial Brazilian president was taking a new, tough line in dealings with the Reds. For one ihmg. a few days be- ftrne Quadros resigned, he ordered his foreign minister to send what Brazilians term an “energetic let-! ter*’ to the Cuban Commumst government. The Brazilian com-; mnsication, it was reported, in- lormed Fidel Castro’s regime that m new Brazilian ambassador; would be named until the Cubans «Uowed political refugees to leave. the Caribbean island. | An estimated 700 to 1.000 Cu-.on the cotton every’where in Me- bans jam the Latin Amcncan'xico. Then there is a production embassies in Havana waiting tax. There is also the property vainly for safe-conduct passes out as well as an export levy d tto countty. Br.iU'f embissy^ it„u with »round 200 Cubans 1 » one o), tax on all the the most mechanical equipment the Rrow Of asylum. Under it. persons flea- ubzcrs and msecticides. tag political persecution who manage to gain entry mto a Latin LONGORIA- (Continued from Page 1) 0 n “They charge road taxes the fuel used on the farms, ambassy are considered beyond ' “What’s happemng is that the the reach of the law. ¡poorer counlries with no taxes The Brazilian note was the iand lower production costs, such bluntest public rebuke Quadrosi as Central America, parts of administration had delivered Cas-South America, Africa and Asia tro. tare boosting production in order; A day egrlicr, a spokesman for! to provide employment for labor Quadros announced that an o<- and get badly needed dollars, and, Cdal Brazilian mission was being rich governments are boosting lent to Nationalist China and that; production through subsidies. j Quadros planned to receive a dcl-j "Mexico is pricing itself out of •gatiMi from Nationalist China the wor!d market with so many going to Brazil to study ways of taxes and higher costs.” he said. Mtrtnphtnmg relations between; **i realize that the Mexican go- Brazil and the Chiang Kai-Shek vemment does not have the mo- gwemment on Formosa. ney to subsidize cotton growing” Those disclosures were made m stated, “but we should elimin- an obvious attempt to counter re- cotton taxes to mcrease pro- action ^ Otherwise, we will not Sit eith,r. »nd wUl b« killing our No. Hist China. , . Quadros made d^diberate a,f. j 1 industry, forts to show some impartitlityj ..j mean every tax affect- In dealings with Communists and ( ju- cotton industry should enti-Communists The statementf on Nationalist China emphasized Ceremony Held On Labor Day Labor Day w as observed locally by the Central Labor Council with a short ceremony at Jarvis Plaza and a parade of local labor unions dow^ntown. Taking part were some local public officials. The Labor Council later sponsored an outing at the Laredo Waterwork.s park. Several hundred persons attended. Eight Dallas Schools Will Be Integrated Holiday Death Toll Hits 529 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Traffic 380 Boating Drowning Miscellaneous 69 Total JEERING MOB SURROUNDS POLICE CHIEF ATLANTA (AP) A jeering group surrounded a car containing Police Chief Herbert Jenkins during a segregation rally spon-l sored by the Ku Klux Klan. ap-| parently In the belief he was an FBI agent. j About 25 persons clustered» around Jenkins’ car Monday night j wiiile a larger band half a block ; , away in West Atlanta w’as protesting the arrest of a man identified as Roy E. Frankhauser Jr. of Reading, Pa., on charges of assaulting an officer and disturb-i ing the peace. In the police car were Jenkins,; unarmed and wearing slacks, and' Atlanta Constitution reporter Keeler McCartney. ; “Pull them out,” the men shout-i ed, apparently thinking Jenkms waa an FBI agent. “I know it’s the FBI,” a man said. “One of them arrested me last week.” ! Additional police officers pushed ; through the gathering and cleared * the way. 'The police chief and the reporter drove off and the crowd dispersed. The jeering and the arrest oc-i curred after an estimated 300 per-i sons gathered in Almond Park for ¡a rally sponsored by the United <Klans, Knights of tha Ku Klux Klan. Grand Dragon Calvin P. Craig compared Atlanta to a police; state. Also cntirizing the police^ was James Venable, an attorney i from nearby Stone Mountain, wh 0 | ^ called for boycotts of any schools integrated in the future, of Negroes now attending former white schools, of stores that integrate lunch counters and of the Atlanta By RO.VME THOMPSON The pace of traffic deaths on the nLtion’s highways slackened during the closing hours of the,, , , long Labor Pay »cckrnd and Negroes bagan classes last day appeared likely to fail short (.'’“C”'?’'’/'''' of the preholiday estimate of 420. public high schools, i Safety experts said there was: ,a possibility the total might be| VFW Will Plan I under 400 and the lowest since rv* a • a I the traffic death toll of 364 in the DiStriCt Convention sl954 Labor Day weekend. How- ^ . • lever, belated reports may boost Laredo Veterans of Foreign the total. ' .Wars members will make final ' T»» '’"’■■1SrTo?5"i;iir‘‘mstricr c'onvrn. tion set in Laredo, Sept. 16-17. Pinpoint Accuracy Technician Richard Lilly at Laredo Sensor Site, formerly Laredo Test Site, holds finely graduated scale on the screen where an enlarged image of radar scope film Is projected. Rangt and position of satellites can be computed from scope data obtained from the Laredo facility. Senate Okays Adlai As Delegate To Ü. N. day period, from 6 p.m. Friday VNtrT.eK/.-r. midnight Monday, showed 380 D^LAS (AP) — Supt. W. T. persons lost their lives m motor White said today that eight Dallas vehicle accidents. Other accidents be eliminated,” Longoria emphasized. “I think the welfare of the people comet first, and 1 am speaking of the masses who live from tiiis industry.” He pointed out that on Aug. 1 Quadros’ known distrust of the Chinese Reds, Although the controversy Quadros stirred with his eourtmg of the Reds unquestionably was more sensational, Brazilians were to credit |«irtisatt politics thru!^s7'^ govirament''mcrii^ed inrrv *hmit **Port subsidy OE cotton from mn I ® 8*^ ccnts m order to to 8ctiv0 opponent , Jodo GouJArt,! u« yWa f c as vice president, Quadros had t®' contend with former President ® fi fJLr Juscehno Kubitschek, a dynamic ® . If »• 1 poUtidan. as head of the opposi- hurts their friends,” he tioo m the senate. Kubitschek *»»d, speaking chiefly of the sub- woo M bv-election several months boost. "Every time they ago. upon returning to Brazil Push the price down, they force from the lengthy trip to Europe, us m Mexico to sell cheaper, since He left on the trip the day he the V S. is the world s main turned over the presidency to exporter.” Quadros. Longoria pointed out two new The odds in congress were del- cotton growing regions which Initely against Quadros and con- have opened up within the past WASHINGTON (AP)-Adlai Ste- V. _________ chief U.S. delegate to the it was announced ’by Command- Nations, w as confirmed by er Pablo Villarreal that the meet-*he Senate toda.v to serve also '¿„.L. ............. ! An hour after classes begin Dr .. ® national ..ajc.\ Council said ports on plans for the convention, t’ve.s in thp General Assmhly ;n WTiite will list the number of Ne- appeared certain that the toll < luded Kep. Omar Burleson, D ! gro students assigned to former- would not reach the 420 the coun- AnderSOn Reported The Times Congratulates A happy birthday today to Mrs. Aloerl 0. Keene of 3001 Guslavus. American Red Llies In State In Moscow ly all-white schools. Earlier he ^il had rstimaled before the hob !wiU name the specific schools to - council said it also ap- Improved TuesdaV ¡be integrated. peared likely that this year's total “ ' ' _ *u 1 * • would 1^ lower than the 415 killed Immigration Inspector James Tf St remaining m traffic accidents in the 19G0 f. Anderson was reported to be United States ctiy of 500,000 or three-day Labor Day holiday ) improved this mormng at Mercv MOSCOW L\P) — The bodv of more in the i960 census which The record death toll for a La-Jlospital, where he underw c n 't William Z. Foster, veteran U.S. maintained public school segrega* hor ILiy weekend is 461 in 1951.1 surgery' Uomrnumst leader, la\ m state lotion. The previous largest was-phe lowest traffic toll for the hnli-j ^ day in the Hall of‘Columns in weekend in the postwar per-¡ Hogemeyers Vlsit Moscow N trade I nion House Here From Austin Congratulations to .\liredo D<>minguez, Lamar Junior High School seventh grader, who will observe his birth • day Wednesdav. He Is the son of .Mr. and Mrs, .Xlfi-edo Dominguez, l(M)l Rosario. Crocketts, Grandson Return From Vacation Mrs. Walker Returns From Trip To Mexico Mrs Betty Ann W’alker retiira- ed to her duties Monday with th# U. s. Immigration Service at th« Border Station, following two verks’ vacation. Mrs. Walker, with three sons, F.dward, Tcter and Kennedy spent a week at Fulton, near Rockport, and al.-^o a week in M o n t c r ref and surrounding area They visited Saltillo and Villa de Santiago. Red Radio Hits JFK, Macmillan Ban Plon The Dallas School Board de jod was in 1946. cided early this year to end six years of litigation over segregation and assign Negroes to pre viously all-white sctiools this fall Federal courts approved the Dalla.s plan of integrating one grade a year, begiiming w'lth the first grade. DOUBLE I (Continued from Page 1) gressional elections were some 13 months awiy Eusebio Cortez Last Rites Held stiJl five to 10 years, with marked acreage increases just the past year or two. They are at Apatzingan, 1 n Michoacan state, and Tapachula, in Chiapas. The Longoria companies are now completing in­ installation of new gins at both places, as well as another gin at Nuevo Cases Grande«, m Chihua- They will give the Ivongorla enterprises a total of 44 cot* ton gins, as well as five cotton oil mills, which are scattered throughout the r e- public. ASHERTON — Funeral servi ees were held Sunday afternoon hua. for Eusebio Cortez, 68, from his home to Immaculate Conscp lion Church with interment in the Catholic Cemetery. The rites, were under the direction of Am-^ erican Legion Villarreal Post 367 | Cortez, a native of Encinal who had lived here 45 years, died a‘ his home Friday morning. He the exception of Matamo- was a World War I veteran roa, where they have a compress. Survivors include the widow, most of the Longoria gins are Melitor.^ E. Cortez- a daughter. '®ry modern and expensive i n- Mrs Siiveno Valle of Asherton; |»tallaiions, with high density pres- two son?. F.tisebio Jr of Califor-!«» «> that the cotton does not nia and FJpidio of Asherton: a have to go through compresses. A brt^htr .Yacnv'« f (-rte? of Encin- type gin will do the work of al; four grandchildren and other than two of the old ones lelatives Longoria sees little chance fer Pallbearers v.ere Pablo Gutie- ‘®ti®<J®®t‘®n ®i the mechanical cot rre7 Gre^’orio Gutierrez Sr . AL t®® P»cker m Mexico, ejandro ^’ruz Julian Longoria, i says that it has been very Biriliu B J s and ( nrado Lon go successfully, or at least profitably used in dry areas of the U S "The mechanical picker lowers the quality and the yields, ’ Lon goria staled “Since our labor costs are not , as great as in the United States. MLXL.O c ITY (AP)—Aaron we cannot yet justify use of - »ermo r ernandez, governor of the mechanical cotton picker in toe sr.uthern territory of Quintana our countrv” said during a visit here that he ex{. .ts the area to 1k> granted T-iiehwd within two years Statehood Due Says Quintana Roos Chief PERISCOPE Too Late To Classify 32 . Houses — Furnished rtv »3iC>- Appi: P r f 12i. South B'ifn* Vj,I«, IvA ¡ * .4 _«h. Hein Wanted—Male young men 18 TO JO N«*' »pfM-a-.nj,- if,., to op'-f, !i !i,r 'riinir.* ¡n Norfh- lui.* O.<!sh0i:-» Do'.ng pub-i lUl-.rr vw» Tri.n»por*» (Son ' tjrnur.etí |&', uo weeis Adv^nre for ^ t «‘»inlrf 1330 pe per! Pi ,.I'if - M H a H H^tr.i.ron Hot»-) 5 " ' e ■ • «If 7 to », m only NO Ulf-r.If. < At.1.-, • t S55S H» Help Wanted—I ernale YOUSO LADÍKS 18 TO 28 IV 1. H--H n*nl < Al. il) n.!- ■ irxtr A. ■•‘t Í' ■ ■ ‘Un^ ir.érii<tc |> ’ .iftli'-r rontvi't ■». , Ou«,». 4 t‘ <X j ptr »>,» tf Altf> r«*tutn to L*- in «Hirn« t«. o-io »• Í uUin, T« k *; S,-* Mr Hñ!: i, I. H.-tr T to i • r» V.^^l ! «. OÎ '1'. ori- NO PHfjNi.; (Continuod from INge 1 Augusto F. Pena of liie organization s meeting t-.jd-i* ai 7:39 p m. al St. Anne • Hall M tn Pena -ay- th:i p- r vati'jns for thè annivcr- ary banquel nf thè - a) nuì, set Septemb« r T; c -<n he Hiade with Mi.,. M;*«'-- r/ iteji'phnne PA 2 J204l ur M: .. Mary Frantf" l)c \ «HA - b?i 79). 10 5 E ARS AiiD r. S. ('usiorns otficiiiK handled over 63,ikK) perMms at the intern:itiot«al l$rid«e dnn n g the Lah<»r Day weekend, 15 \ l Ak^ \GD Judge H D VSiictit, Nitling «A a spe «lal pidge tri Mite, deitared eledion returns in a J iin Wells founts sherilFs r a re null and void 20 5’EARS A(.0: The f liam- her of C'ommeree voted in la- vor of tie f'ilv goin« »l»e;ifj with iiistaiialion of parking nifUr* Dallas has 124 elementan- .schools. An estimated 14.000 chil dren will attend school for the first time this year About 3,100 of the first graders are Negro. “I am entirely optimistic.” Jesse Currj-, chief of police, said last week after going to Atlanta to observe the integration there. “Though we have taken nerrssa ry precautions, I anticipate no trouble whatsoever.” i ; Carla Dances Dangerously In Caribbean MIAMI, Fla (AP) — Tropical storm Carla threatened northern; Honduras, northeastern Guatema la and British Honduras with flooding today as she danced dan gerou..!y along a north-northwesl course through the Caribbean. < i Hurricane Betsy, meanwhile whirled harmlessly in the North Atlantic oc( asmnalh under the watchful eye of the weather satel lite. Tiros, Barometric pressures ^kidded in the three Central American coun tries during the night as Carla's skirts brought g-de forre winds and heavy mns to the area ; Carla reached .storm intensitv curing the night, with winds 40 to 50 miles per hour in sqiialLs ext:-nding out 100 miles from the center .\ t 5 a ro ÍEST the c<-nler was about 110 miles soulhea.'-t of Swen Ul.'.nd '¡nf! .'»0 oi miles off the extreme nnrthca«t tip nf Honduras The A’iarr.i Weaher Bureau li-aid ronriifmns m the orwrr .Ganhbean were unfavnrab'e 'or ! t'nrla to rre--" into a hurf'-ane The f.aet that Gr.rln’s ootor frinc e- '.-.ere a’re; over ianrl lend to hold thr storm in cheek, a foreiO'ler s;«!d Soov gf'-idual increa e- ut ¡n fen.Mfy wa. exp< <ted toda>. tio ¡ever, ?’ tl'c storm moved ft. er ¡the Gulf fd Hondura advanrin-' at abi/it 1' miles per hour. GarLi was expreted fo moy.- irili'n-- ¡along the British Honduras roast in abtjuf 24 hour- mois called La Urraca, which mean.s blackbird in English. Diego, who also own.s the restaurant at the Sierra Gorda Hotel in Victoria, and Double L were talking at dinner one night, one topic being La Urraca and how there were no blackbirds around. ■■\\'bcn I opened there were plenty of hlackbires,” #aid Diego. "In fact they arrived each evening at 6 o clock and left the ne.xt morning at 6 Diego d‘ cribed them as being beautiful and numbering in the thousands in the vicinity of the downtown plaza. now flanked by the University of Tamaulipas theatre on the north. "When they cut down some of the trees in the plaza the blackbirds up and left,” said Dicgn. and I ve been ex - piainin.E! the name ever since ’ Dicgns soda fountain was one of tbe places Laredo’s ten exchange students fre - quented while they were on tiie summer program m Victoria. LONDON (AP)—Moscow Radio today denounced the proposal of \tr Vf,., I:».. -t « r- J President Kennedy and Prim« ^ Frank H. Crockett Minister Macmillan to ban nu- The 80-vear old American Red. and grandson Frank Walker have clear tests in the atmosphere at three times his party’s candidate recently returned from t w o ^ maneuver to justify under- for president of the United States. - ground tests Mr. snrt .Mrs. Jack William died m a Moscow sanitarium Kri- ? *P™‘ « The home service broadcast wat Hagcmc.ver. of Austin, were in day. ■■'nd Mrs. Crocketts .summer first to mforni the Soviet peo- A.aredo Monday enroute for a 10 ; Burial arrangements have not home or the Baotist encampment pie of the appeal by the two West- May vi.sit to Mexico Citv. 'been announced. grounds at T^akey, ern leaders. i .............. ' " ' ' ' ' ' ... ..'■ ■ ' 'T .1 1 REMEMBER HOW GREAT CIGARETTES USED TO TASTE? LUCKIES STILL DO UWKIES Another \ ictoria area friend is George Madrid, who has a restaurant on the Tropic of Cancer, and a very large ranch that extends on both Sides of that imaginary dividing line Dne morning George wai having breakfast at La Urraca with Diego and Double-L. During the conversation he evidenced great concern about the failure of most .North- amencans to understand tht jiolioy of Mexico He. Jjk;- so many other .Mexicans admitted 'Che Laredo Tunes was an cxcepDon ■"i’he rest of \oiir prc-s is not doing us right, ’ (»corge said "They do not prr.senl the picture in Its true light. Friend (.-eorge is being sent a cifpy of Monday’s Double-L eoiumn, the one wliich took the ru AN -,ervic<-s to ta:;k. .Some«'<lo folk-, ma / re meinlxT Georgi''- f.iiher, who opf rated the .\rdpuico ID's- t-.uiant in .MeXiCO City. Don I f(5rg- t to avk t h e voung one if thev have done their honu-work. School is back m .se'-.sion. Skinners On Holiday Trip To Bandera Dom SKIMP lmn:¡gr.víiton i hn f and Mr** Al «in Skinn< r the Latmr RH'DR'm TO J'IliMIS î'rrTSBUÜt;!! n BI I.arr' Fo,'-.;,, a »-isht handed oitcher who h;,H y 10.3 reeo*-r* hi '^- A H ovî 'e .N.C., rtf the .Sally Leacue this Day weekend af Banrlera. uher» ¡' car will rcf>ort to the t‘iM .bio-cf- thev joined Mrs .Skjnner s pa- Pirgfes in Ghiraeo edoesd-tv lent*. hrotiicrs in !aw ¿,nd -u.-iers I H«- wai rf'cajîed hv the pirate-; of San Antonio, for a vi.sil Montiav' flftrr betnine niieh A he Mr and Mi v skinn«’r went up ville to the Sally Lea'tic pen î«) Bandera f-Tida;.' night and fa­ nant. turucU 10 Laieüo buüUa> mglit, They’re so round, so firm, so fully packed-so free and easy on the draw. They’re fully packed with fine tobacco. They re firmer than any other regutar cigarette. And Luckies smoke longer. THAT’S WHY THEY TASTE SO GREAT. Get TexaS’Size taste k Get Luckies today! itAicAW retAcco co. 9

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