The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on June 9, 1916 · 15
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The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 15

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 9, 1916
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Ear Only one item of a kind, tires excepted, to a customer. gans At So many people have expressed their regret in being prevented from participating in our tale of last Saturday, owing to the inclement weather, that we have decided to repeat the tale tomorrow. Moat of the special featured in last week's sale will be included in tomorrow's affair. - .'."ML t t ! . ' Vo pAone, & 0. 7). or j matf orders for these Specials accepted 4Ti Another Saturday Demonstration of Auto Vacuum Ice Cream Freezers No doubt you have heard & frost deal about thl wonderful Invention how It makes Ice cream without turning or shaking. We'd like to have you come In tomorrow and too It In operation. It's the moat sanitary simplest and the most satisfactory freuser ever made. Come In Tomorrow and See the Ice Cream Madeand Taste It It. j rff Screens f ';if ': Of CH)d I ' ' ' r" t d Height. Full Width. Reg. Price. Special at 15-in. 33-in. 25c 17c 18-in. 33-in. 25c 18c 24-in. 33-in. 30c 24c Screen Doors These doors eome direct from our own stock and are the finest we can buy. $1.10 Screen Doors at 89c $1.40 Screen Doors it 98c Tomorrow We'll Repeat Last Saturday s Reduced Prices On Vacuum Cup Tires Remember these are positively the only non-skid tires on the market and they're absolutely oil-proof. They're guaranteed for 6,000 miles and If you divide that guaranteed mileage by tomorrow's special price of the tires you will She what a genuine bargain this brand really Is. Stse. Regular Price. 30x3 ) Fr. 30x3 J Ski 32x312 -31x4 33x4 34x4 35x412 36x4l2 . 37x5 $14.20 $18.75 $20.75 $26.95 $29.25 $30.30 $41.35 $43.40 $52.75 Tomorrow. $10.75 $15.30 $16.60 $22.05 $24.05 $25.00 $34.85 $36.35 $44.25 Note the Savings Other slses at the same proportionate reductions. Here's your chance to K"t 6,000-mile tires at the price you'd ordinarily pay for common 3,600-mlle tires. 'VirtfM Guaranteed for 6000 Rllles 65c Atha Claw Hammers These hammer are guaranteed against being too hard or too soft Immensely popu. lar with mechanics everywhere. DiMton't 10c $1.80 Combination 51.29 Souarei Tomorrow I They're made with hardened blade and center had. Regularly ft. SO; tomorrow $1.29. Guaranteed Steel Tape These tapes are guaranteed and they come In leather cages, length. Regularly. Tomorrow. Absolutely the best you can buy. CabinetC. ScnpersvC Sue, 3x5 26 ft. 50 ft. I2.K0 $3.00 $1.89 $Z29 $4.50 Steel Tray Wheel Barrows They have a 4 cubic ft. capacity. Made very strong and certainly priced A Q very low for tomorrow ptTJ Lansing Hdw. Co. Hand Saws 24-inch $1.60 grade at $1.29 26-incn $1.75 grade at Guaranteed From Mantle To Tip $1.39 $12.50 Top Icing Refrigerators $9.25 This No. 8100 refrigerator has a heavy oak case and Is durably enamel lined. Strongly Insulated and a real Ice saver. Regularly 112(0, tomorrow $9.25. Florence Oil Stove Ovens This famous oil stove oven Is Insulated with asbestos and Is constructed so as to give the best circulation of hot air. See how you save by buying tomorrow Single Burner CI QQ Two Burner CO OC Oven Res. 2.75 Oven-Reg. $3.00 $4.25 Reliance Two Burner Oil Stoves, $3.45 " ' firm; " "f!X i lii II $4.25 Copper $Q Af Wash Boilers OMy These boilers are made of No. fl H-ounre copper and sell regularly nt 14.25. Having bouKht an Immense quantity In ordr to get them at the unadvnnced niarl.nt prlcee.- we are going to feature them tomorrow at $3.49 $3 Six-Foot Porch Shades $2.48 Here are Just the kind of shades that you often wished you had on your porch. They're made right and painted green they keep out the sun's hot rays but allow the cooling breesea to cprne within. A regular $3 00 shade tomorrow at $2.48. Chicago Brace Bits to H-lnch Regu- 9-16 to Inch Beg- H to 1 Inch Regularly 25c; sale IO. ularly 30c; sale ID. ularly 35e; tale OO-price Price oc price 13-In Tinners' Snips 69 c These snips will cut 3 Inches and are absolutely guaranteed. Sure to be a big seller tomorrow at 69c. 5-Ft Yellow fl 7 Folding Rules a A Real Bargain. Disston's 20c Compass Saws tf 12 and 14-lnch sizes. $1.10 Stillson QQ Wrenches at OVC 14-lnch alze. 10c Large Size Syracast Nail Sets 6c Disston's 25c Oval Burnishers 15c A blade that will hold its edge 85c Miner's go or House Axe TOb lL&niinig Hardware Co,, 142-144 washingt on Ave. I close her ankle nest, here's a maiden1 I looks Just like the Russian ballet, for her bathing lult blsnrre has Indeed aj rainbow air as some ribbons blue, pink, , ; purple round It rally. There Is yellow j ribbon too end the suit Is green In i hue and It's two-tiered skirt hangs idown In jagged points that the divers t ribbons edge and the knickers cloudy I hedge hsr shapely nether limbs helow ; ,rAP the knee Joints. Near the hips are rtb- NIFTY 0NE-PECE 8UIT8 KEEP ; bong placed that half gather In her ESSAD PASHA, THE ALBANIAN LEADER, TELLS ALLIES HE IS THEIR FRIEND waist, but the ribbons don't extend across the front. From square neck It fails quite plain and thus length of tine doth gain and It makes It a' good model for a runt The sleeves are pointed tabs with more bright ribbon dabs. Oh this bathing suit sure keeps the ribbons busy, for they also trim the neck and the helmet cap, by heck, and the whole things sure to make the fishes dlssy. There are bathing mantles too that have stripes of hectic hue that bisect THE EYEI OF MERE MAN OFF. THE OCEAN. By MASOARVT MASON. 'VYKtea for the United Trw. IT wfcM ru dee your bethlsi suit. You're choree It with cars, Ae oa eh beach to btUit you ere en route. You'll tu4 you have s following Replete with on and btr. It follows tiTy meo wits follow suit. New Tork. June i. If you want to take a dip then you d better take a tip tnr tlrip7e (old, of TuMOre ellk ,n1 f"""11' "7l !""-- j tnlnk you will agree If rare sights you for they're making more and more suits M t0 t tn, Ma ihore w, wU,,M for bath ng on the shore and to wear of .j... llu them in the wet you hadn't oughter. mor "t In fact most everyone Is for bathing! Jaoansse Coslinn Qirle !Irfm.brtK0ne"plT-."U,IS,.:'N-k. JI". th "Sling, don It will stand the aqua test and It HU entre b ,rl, B ca, bftr be fwEZ!? tue 'm1 y flna- BuL'f y0U I on upon a ship as It approaches the thmk It fun just to linger near the gun ihM, and aoon a- Kt comM t0 -and of course a moneyed son you ,nchor ft MUfh ,ad(,,r ta , fl much prefer there are ruffled suits fweer) tne vfM1 and the foremoU galore that the brightest sons are for.,bargti 0n tacn runK tak h They excite to envy human maids or , Pac,, Mtn ,n th) bar quickly shovol men Of taffeta they re made In all the coal Into shallow baskets, holding or any shade, but there s one of green : nnif a bushel each, to the sound of a tnat gimpiy is divine, ine SKiri is , monotonous chant, and these baskets Iyindnn.. June l-On his recent vlelt to London. Essad Pasha, provisional prenldent of Albania, declared that he was heart and soul for the alllei. He came here from the French front and brought the English this cheering news: '1 have visited the French firing line and studied the position at first hand I am satisfied." Esaad Paths has led an aventurous life and was at one time regarded as an outlaw. He Is fifty years old. Is a member of the old Albanian family of Toptan, and claims descent from a natural son of the French royal Duke of Anjou, Crusader. At one time he wa commander of ruffles four and there simply can't he more, because above the knees It draws the line. The neck Is rather low then pass from hand to hand up thu living ladder with marvelous celerity. Each girl seises one and swings It with a ruffle round It so and the sleeves .tmirht nn (n fmnt nt hap ihnvi hap - - . . 1. 1 v a. - i ' . . " ' . . . . " " It's cap Is ruffled too, with Its knickers out of view and to make appearance they have no Intention. Another suit of blue Mounts something very new, around the hips be-lleve me 'tis a hoop. There are scollops by and fore down the front and then gome more round the skirt but Its the hoop that Is the coup. And so If you are brave In the trough of ocean wave you can go and roll your hoop with perfect ease. 80 hoop-a-la my dear, noops at flrst you may tmnx hend, where It is caught by the next girl. Down a second ladder, likewise packed with girls, the empty baskets pass In similar manner back into the barge to be refilled. . Barge after barge Is emptied In this way. The monotonous chanting never ceases; the living elevator goes on hour after hour, with Its never-ending stream of bsskets, until the last bunke Is full, when the ladders disappear as If by iriaglc and the ship is ready to proceed m her voyage A big mall steamer will "hunker queer, but for "bathing cults they're 1800 tone of coal in six and a half chic soon each agrees. - hours, an average of lis 1-4 tons per with sandals on her feet, clasping 1 hour-ran almost incredible record. mm inn SO CM, .-aiiw Siunmer Colds Vealcen Thy art even more dangerous than winter colds, for they hang on to long that they become chronic catarrh. Heat and duet aggravate them; cause the Infected surface to spread, and fill the body with systemic eat nrrn. Neglect costs hsaltn and energy. PERUNA EXPELS CATARRH It doM wore builds op the weakened system, regulaiea the dine don, removes the inflammation, overcomes the poisons of catarrh, and in-vijroratei Alt over. Forty-four yean of success proves ita great value, of which thousands gladly testify. ,- , f " v ' ' V' ' ' t Accept the verdict of two generations yourself, Don't be swayed by prejudice, when your health la at stake. Tske Peruna and get well. , . . liquid or tablet form, whichever the moro convenient. . "Ho PewejM Cmpuft-y-'tj , 0J ,': ,. CeJsnsOms, Okie) XiMi? 1 1 lW It & JU r ilk ji);iiX k RIVAL NATION8 COVET TURBULENT ALBANIA Albania h long been earmarked by both Italy and Austria. A region of onslderable national resources. In- 1 habited by a rate of hlglilund clans men who have kept the country totally , undeveloped by their endleae Interne cine wars, this weak land of anarchy has been a tempting prise, savs tho Review of Reviews. In general, Austria has established her Influence tn northern Albania, while Italy was pre dominant In the center and south. In South Albania. It Is true, the Greeks also had claims, but Greece was too mall to stand In Italy's path. The question naturally arises why Esead Faehe (photographed during resent visit to London). ' The Mpret wae (Hnally tore'ed the gendarmes at Constantinople, Where he was well known for hie daring.. He became one of the leadare of the Toung Turk movements and In 190 personally notified Sultan Abdul Hamld that he had been deposed, after the success of, the revolutionary forces. He later wu placed In charge of the Turkish gendarmerie and com. mended the Turkish forces at Bcutsrl in the Balkan war.; When Prince Wll-Ham of Wled was made Mpret of Al-banha Essad Pasha became minister of war. Later, fearing the Austrian influence! la Albania would result In com plete domination over Albania, he organised a Moslem revolt Later he was expelled front Durasso by Prince- William n4 went to. Italy, WhfahY sympathised with the Modem Uprising. , to leave Albania, whereupon in October. 1114, he returned, collected an army Of 10,000 men, and was proclaimed provisional president of Albania. When Austria invaded Montenegro Essad 0s clared war on that country and as Lslsted the Serbian army to escape from ine Austnans on Curasao and their capture of that place compelled him to flee to Italy. - He later visited France and England. Deaths from typhoid Ja Pennsylvania have, been greatly reduced slnoo the state department of health was organ Ised, 10 years ago. The rate te each 100,000 was 45,1 in 1100. as against II. liv llll. .Estimate place the- umber or uvea saved at Italy and Austria did not settle their disputes by dividing Albania between them. This would probably have been done but for the fact that Albania stretches rlonr down to the Straits of otranto, the narrow waters connecting the Adriatic with the Meiilter-rsnean. Right at this point Is located th magnificent harbor of Avlona-Thls obviously msde any Austro-Itallan division of Albania Impossible. Were Itnly to poas Avfnna she would completely bottle up Austria by eon-trolling both sides of the narrows; were Austria In possession she would dominate the straits because the flat Italian shore has no harbor fit for a corresponding naval base. . At the present moment, Austria bfilfC temporarily out of the running, Italy has seied Avlona and various other l olnta on the Albanian coast, and evidently Intend" to claim Albania as one of the spoils of war. Rhe thus gains nn enormous advantage by definitely closing the Adriatic; but. as In tbe Halmattan field, there are corresponding disadvantages. If Austria survives sh emusi. sooner orr later, challenge this closing of her enly exit to the outer world, while If she If replaced by a Greater 8erbls, the latter will Inevtt. ably atep Into Austria's shoes. A watch requires 175 separate parts, more than 1400 operatlone being necessary in Its manufacture. TV-aW Villi lis"V- S- f!S Today We Show a Window Display of Genuine Cultured Oriental Pearls Genuine Cultured Pearls from Japan are the result of intensive culture of nature by man.. The Pearl forms in the inner surface of the shell, after the insertion of the nuclea by the cultivator when the mollusk is three years old it takes four years more for full development. It has all the iridescent qualities, delicate sheen and shimmering tones of the costly Indan Pearl which is the product of chance, yet the Cultured Pearl costs considerably less. Come in tomorrow and rrtake your selection. Pearl Beads Beautiful strings of Pearls, In handsome Individual caaea. Scran-ton's finest collection. The string $3.50 to $65 Cash or Credit Payments Genuine Cultured Pearl Rings--$0.K) to $12.00. Genuine Cultured Pearl Bar Pins and Brooches $10.00 to $15.00. Genuine Cultured Pearl Scarf Pins , $0.00 to $10.00. Genuine Cultured Pearl Earrings ; $14.00 to $16.00. , Genuine Cultured Pearl Pendants 7 $10.00 to $15.00. Bee Hive Jewelry Co., I;' 11 f Formerly 417 Sprue Street S , j' r ' WMMV el MV VUI)Ve ' ! ' f ' ,' . g r 1.1 M a ViTIlllM JT V aUAlVaUi Location V.I, . Location ; " f" "' "s IIIIIIIIIIIII1DII1 5UJIIIIIIIII 1 m 11 hi iff

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