The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1931
Page 4
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PAG8 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THX COURIXR MEWS CO, FOBU6HEKS : . • . 0. a, BABCOCK. Editor ;•; ; a w, HAINIS, Advertwni Minwr Sok NtUoMl Aa'vertUlng R«pr6«nw lives; Tbe Tbonuu F. 01*ik Co. luo., Ne»- York, Philadelphia, - AtUnu, DtllM, Son Antonio, San ftipciico, Ch'c»go, St. Louis. PuWltbtd EYtry Afwrnoon Except Sunday. • Snttrtd u ttcooa CUM m>ti«r »t Hie post, office at Blytlievill*, Arkansas, under act ol Congreu October 8, 1917, Scrred by toe United Pieu SUBSCRIPTION BATES By ctrrlcr In"the city ot Blylhcvllle, 15c per wttk or (9.50 per year in advance. By mail within a radius of 60 mller, 13.00 per jear. llAO for alx month*, 85c (or three moutlu: by mail In postal zona two to six, Uicl-iswe, KM per year, In zones tcven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable Lu advance, The 1931 Fair A.^ an advertising investment space in the annual Mississippi County Fair catalogue may or may not be wort!) • what i*j costs. As an investment in Blythevillc and Mississippi county it is dirt cheap. If the value pf advertising in the fair catalogue is a debatable mallei 1 the valua of tlte fair is not. .Ami the proceeds of the sale of space in the -fair catalogue are file loiur.hition of •the fair. A good many county and regional fairs in recent years have degenerated into a form of commercialized entertainment about on a par with a street carnival. They have sacrificed their constructive, educational programs in it struggle to make receipts . balance expenditures. The Mississippi county fair lias been : and should continue to be primarily : an exposition of this county's agricul- • tnral progress. It is helping to advance a program that will mean year around and year in and year out prosperity for Mississippi county farms and, indirectly, Mississippi county bus- .iness. The cumulative results of this program will pay liberal dividends to all who help nut it across. And this does not take into consideration the immediate returns which are obtained by an institution that attracts thousands . of. people to .Blyllicvillc. • Sale of space in the 1031 Mississippi county fair "catalogue will start in a day or two. All Blytheville business concerns can benefit themselves by giving it the support it deserves. A Little Bit Mixed It Js -something of a commentary on Uio kind'of civilization in which we live, that a big New York musical 'revue recently put into effect n minimum wage of §100 a week for its chorus girls. Not, of course, that anybody ought to begrudge a chorus girl a nice fat pay envelope. If she can get her hundred a week, more power to her. She's lucky. Rut, while this was happening, every city was lilled with skilled workers at .)' COURIER NEWS useful Ir.idoK who could not got jobs at all. Every industry was full of trained men who had had lo take sharp reductions in their pay. Every town, from the largest to the smallest had plenty of men of who were glad to get half-time or (iiiartcr-time work. It is a queer country, isn't it, that od'er.s $100 a week to chorus girls while it can't pay some four or live million useful workers anything at nil? , Free Speech For Mayors The city council of Atlanta, Ga., by a vote of 23 to 9, killed a resolution censuring Mayor James L, Key for remarks condemning Americsm prohibition uttered while he v.-as in France with other American mayors attending (he French Colonial lOxposition. The vote doesn't necessarily show that Atlanta coimcilmcn agree with their mayor about prohibition, but it docs reveal a commendable readiness on their, part to acknowledge the right of a mayor or anyone cl.-:u to speak his own mind." In Italy it is a crime to take issue with any governmental policy upon which Mussolini and his fascist regime have placed the seal of official approval May the time never come in America when a man need be afraid to say what he thinks about prohibition or any other public issue. Vindicating (he Weather Man Poking fun at the official weather forecaster seems lo be one of the freeborn American's inalienable rights. When father, unfolding the evening paper, remarks that "I .see tile weather man says it's going lo rain tomorrow," the rest of the, family is muru or less expected to reply that the weather man is seldom known to be right and, that his forecasts are little Letter than inspired guesses. Now, however, the weather man gets his vindication. The United States Weather Bureau, having checked up on its accounts for the past year, reveals that its forecasts were 89.G per cent accurate throughout the year. ' In other words, when the weather man says it is going to rain tomorrow, the chances are nine to one that lie is right. Most of us, probably, will go on doubting his word—but we might KS well realize that the odds are all in'his favor. . v {-.• SIDE GLANCES By George Clark '9Ji ai ma SERVICE. t.HT.orr. _M _MONDAV, JUNE 22^ 1931 "Gee, but I'm sick of that music! I'm going to tell the boss that either he gets ?. new orchestra, or I quit." As fnr us the farmers nre concerned, foresight consists ol savins up for n dry day. Then there ivas the Chicago nice starter who, oi! firing the starting pistol, assassinated the sprinters in u lapse of memory. The trouble \\ith most "angels" of Broadway shows Is that they think, as fnr as thc-ir ^reductions go, that the sky is the limit. ih WASHINGTON LETTER WusliingOn Ale Kvpectrrt (o He Distributed Ncs.1 Year by M'ay of UemliKlInjj Nation It Is XCOtli Birthday ' Pictures otp-ers. badges, buttons, plaques, blot- resident's Anniversary. BY KODNKY THJTCHER NKA Service Writer WASHINGTON.— H you. can kcop George Washington out of your ight next year you'll have to 1)2 living out In the woods without any money. The null I will start putting Washington's portrait on all of the quarters nnd of course it already Is on nlj I he dollar bills. II is also on all the two-cent stamps and just because next year is 1332 the post- office will put a different picture of rarrre on each of the other 11 slamps running denomination from one-half a cent to 10 cent.;. UTS, silk goods for dress3s, alma- iini-s. sthool books and other bookg —all ot which will bear some sort of a likeness of George. The commission gives advice and approves. The big calendar companies will mate 1032 bicentennial calendars snd if you get a free calendar from your favorite insurance company, taiiroad, delicatessen dealer or bank v.i'.h a brief biography of the pr?at r.nrt one or 12 scenes taken from his life you can (hank the Congress which decided that 1932 ought to bs celsbrated in a big way and the commission which has t^en whooping it up. 'Ihe Masons arc getting out a pps- ler called "George Washington the -\fason" which will be placed in all their lodges. And the fids of 10.12—did you know thai George Washington Bui that isn't the half of it. Lis-! his own flour, had his own ten to Congressman Sol Bloom, di- j killed, sent the help uown to the rector of the George Washington river f°r ice. hunted game and rode Bicentennial Commission. | In a coach? Wei!, the commission "I predict," he says, "that more knew it and it has tipped off the than 250.000,000 pictures of Gcorgj | millers, packers, cicc'.ric refrigera- Washington will be distributed. Of i tor makers, gmi manufacturers. the hands become cold, pale and numb. Attempts have constantly been made to Improve (hese conditions by modifying the form of the hammer and there Is reason to believe that eventual improvements will largely overcome the difficulties Practically all physician? ar; agreed that the conditions mentioned are not serious from the point of view of developing permanent disability. TODAY IS THE-/ AWSAJ THIS CURIOUS WORLD The /12/SH SUBMARINE ATTACK On Jimo 22, 1917, G;nn:m sub- uarines attacked United States .ransports hearing the first con- :lngents of the American Expeditionary forces to Franc;. The first sign of the presence of i submarines was notice:! by the! cckoiu map high above on one of Ihe big ships. He gave the alarm Just as a gleaming line of tabbies uincunced Hint a torpedo was on Its way. Then, .in (he \vords of an eye witness: "Hell broke loose. Our helm was jammed over. Firing every gun available, we swung in n wirh circle out of line to the leit. A ssnalbr ship slipped into onr place, and from what the lookout told me I think one of our shells must have landed almost right above the submarine. But they are almost impossible (o hit when they arc s;ib- mcrgcd, and the periscope is no target anyway. "They fired three, if not four, :orpedoes. It was God's mercy (hue they nil went astray among so many 3f our ships. We drove riirfct at 'hem U suppose, the safest thing to do. ns ihe bow gives the smallest mark to shoot at), and no doubt ho lid net care to wait for us. Or per- WHfri SRNOWG ON ITS HIND LEGS. [S MUCH NINS A OECiSNE QJ.OVJ, CO/t£S FROM. THE MSWO F/UL AMNOAUY OM THE StOOFS O(= AT. WAWL5UE, IN WHILE POURKHM r«u£S AWAY RECO.QOS SHOW BUT SllGHttY OVfR. 22. INCHES'- OI331 amtAGtB-.1CC.DvC. CHURCH EXCUSES = liy George TV. Bathamr I expect when mm. England Classed Lipsficks With Art of Witchcraft LONDON was once CUP)— Use of lipstick was a consistent church goer nnd church worker, but it seems O'jr church a lot of limes fails to recognize one's ability and fails to properly reward one for th= ™cm:i tell you just why f or a funeral who hns a voice more suited to radio singing. Very few pastors realize that no two funerals should be conducted alike. So a few years back we had a pastor who would conduct nil funjrais the same whether in church or out and I did my best at first in a nice Christian- like manner io show him how it vorh lne - v do - J havc always been a j should be done" Of' course 'it"end»il a punishable offense j n j sensitive person, and it seems lhat ' in a row and I left the Church and '"' ..... -•-—-- ----- • - • England .according to Dr. Margaret Fishcmlen. scientific investigator in Ihe Department of Scientific and Industrial Research. Cosmetics introduced into England by the knight crusaders she declared in a radio broadcast on "Chemistry and the House- .vheii a church crowd finds a per-: took up what you may call general ion like that they do all they can • funeral singing and as soon as it- to make them feel. no', e.vacily as-was known that I would eo any not wanted, but rather too, as they | time and anywhere to sing for a think, put that person in his or! funeral I inve had about all I can 1'imu:. ^ no Jn action to ills pay one gets I guess every person has a hobby ! Pleasure out of doing things one or some particular thing about 'ikes to do. church work they like to do. and; In 1170, she said. It decreed that! whatever should stand null and void." it hurt me to h:ar foms one sing , Harding's cabinet. course, if you get into tile copies of Washington pictures appearing newspapers and magazines it run into the billions." Pictures Everywhere In other words, the country is going to be positively phsle.-ed with pictures of the Father of his Conn- automobile companies and many others that such themes furnish ill ] swell ideas for advertising copy. • As Bloom suggests, that prouabiy meana billions of copies of Washington pictures. Medals for Schools If by any chance you should Every telc-tjraph blank will bear a Washington picture ,one is adv:s- This gcnrr.ilion. remarks the- office sag?, is distinguished by its hustle; the past generation, by Us bustle. OUT OUR WAY GOT OOVMM &OOO, NOW __ Ko ^ f A SAP ? SAP ? OOT OF TriW MAM TOR , NOT -SAP? SPiCv-C LAU&VJEETCH. MOW, HOVJ CAVL A SAP. GOT GAT O&E' ' DEES AM -AME MO try on the theory that no one will seeing what Washington looked like ever get tired of looking at him. | !>}' any of those means you may be able to catch a glimpse of him on a series of medals to be used in school contests, on bicentennial automobile tire covers such as may .now be seen, along with thousands of newspapers and magazine articles about George which the commission expects to be printed and for which it will supply art, at special exhibits of paintings of Washington busts lo all governors and mayors ot larg^ cities, in news re;!s cc-verins presentations and other ceremonies, in the great movie called "The Story of George Washington" now being prepared and divisible into short subjects, in th; commission's own sound-color movies enacting episodes of George's life, through special reels on Washington oeing prepared for ivc:kly meetings of 8-iO.KH) members of 1-11 clubs, in portraits furnished for l:c- ti:rcs at various culture clubs and eel nl the commission's heartmiar- ters. Special posters of the old gen- tlenmn will be stuck up in cvery onc of JD.281 nostoltice;. Separate posters arc being officially mart; for all railroad stations in a:l:li- lo those which railroads themselves will devise to stimulate trnv- 1 to historic shrines. To every sciioollimuo in America ;o?s another specially ricst-jncd •,-,'.;, r.iii of Wushiiujlou' in Irnmr- nr.r! "Dior.-. Puilninn ,-nrs will ii-int the faco cf the immortii f on their menus an:l sn;nr> of very largest railroads !mv irc::ii;cJ to do the fame thing n heir timc-tab'.cs. The latest telephone directory ici; in Washington boars the r 0 - lirortuction of a George Wai'aintjtn.i along with n rcinlm:?;- of'i;-'^ bicentennial nn:l rcprcseiiMiivos .ircseiiMiivos o; historical socieli?s or through :,!ides comm'st-lcm aic n=i?oti.:;in; in-.-{being produced for slercoptlcon bc- wilii a view to having cv.-ry te>- tures. phcr.e directory in IVr coar.t:.- cany a similar cover next yr s; . ' li::csts Souvenir Tnur Fivc-and-t:n-cont stores «:U .,;; fer a dime handsome littb ::-.n n> : This n-.odcs! program for the pic- ttirization of George Washington is j, ib t a mil? of what the commission i.-, doihtr to sell the Faliicr of his Country to his 120,000.000 children portraits. A host ot firms :<re E :-'on the 2Mth anniversary of Ihe ready designing innumerable :>'.;,- lyear of his birth. liivelccs Havc Health as Well as Accident; Hazards BV DK. MOliKIS K<!itir, .Icurnal ,of !!•:• .v-.- :; , Medical Asicti.ilim>. ;n, L ! ,.i ... . Sria, tl:c HraHli M^-..;/'U. Tr? riveltnj gar. : ; i:; ;'.\? .- . s'e;l fkyicr.irx'r hss a I i.:v dons ccc:ipatic!i. A nv:'.;;. ' inchides a he.\:er. .1 ,-,:•; - buckcr-np and a g.:: 1 . n.. healer t'.'.rc.wi the !v,l :;•, • i:v. Tr.r ratcli.-.- <:..;.; ir. iho r.o!c. The cucko: 1 -;.^ • • heavy pole c.iilcd a ,-l.:;>' ~-against (he cast end o' :..Then the gun III.MI lift:- !:•' ••••'•'- iiiaiic har.-.mrr and lets r. ; -. : "'.'' I the ot'.^cr end of tl^ nvv-' ; -- |.'.;r [richer st:: 1 ;.'.; ',CM : ; ; , . ' .1 :?. T.'.e fiiiu-v.. rim to :,. . ' : thc ,-avs of the gt.n i-,i,n ,' . , |io=ilions in uiiich he has to uoric make liis occ'.i|>.i::on a rather riif- Hcu'.t one. Accoriir.s to fi recent report, insurance cor:pan:?s charge trios: u-orX.^is $403 Icr Nash $1MO of in- fiirancc. Specialists in In.telria; di:o3$cs have rrceiuly given pjr- tlciilar consideration to tr.c condl- ttais cf I'.caltii associated with the «sj cf cot.iprjisccl air hr.n-.n'.crs Si cue enters u-ho use Imcunntic ch!s?ls fo:nctln;es havo what nre called "<!oaa f'.njcrs," which means a loss of sensation in tlie fingers ol th= hands which hold the tools. Trouble Is caused, according to Dr. Alice- Hamilton, by the long continued muscular contraction o! t!n> finger? hold the lx)l. the vilM-.ilion vl ;!:e tcol p.nd ccol; >ln Ih; 'condil'.cn called "dJad fingers" STANDARD OF LIVING For all we know, some Mongolian landowner, living miserably in a smoky felt 'tent, may be the richest man in the world... . For standards ol 1 living are not based merely on wealth. They are based rather on the way people use wealth. The reason why American standards are considered highest in the world is because the great,majority of Americans have at their command all the things necessary to a civilized and cultured mode of living. Any housewife in America, even of most moderate means, can draw upon the resources of ail the world for her own private use! You may study and enjoy outright at very small expense, music... drama ... art in all its forms, You You may review the smartest styles each day as they appear in the pages of newspapers. You may select household furnishings, modern conveniences, heat- units, refrigeration, food in luxurious and endless variety, cosmetics, dress-goods, automobiles, anything in fact thatos commonly looked upon as part of the American scene. . .you may select these things leisurely and conveniently by merely studying the advertisements as they appear each day!

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