The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1932
Page 3
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.SATURDAY. A PK1L 23. 1932 PRICES FALLING IN ILL STREET Once Busy Mart Quiet as Stock Traders Await Senate Action. Bj- PADI, HARRISON NEA Servirt Writer NEW YORK.-Whlle a Scnals commlltee In Washington !m In- vcsllgaicd practices of securlcijs selling;, tlie New York Slock Exchange itself luis been so quiet you rould hear t!ie prices droppta". Just Wailinr Tlie floor lias been terns ami nei- vous, with bear transactions IKJIIJJ made almost Iii 'silence. Eacli bit of news from Washington hns commanded more attention than buy- Ing orders from members' ofllcei. Would the Senate committee disapprove "short" selling? would stock sales be taxed? Or could Richard Whitney, president ol the Exchange, swing ihe investigators to his point, of view— that "short" selling ts essential to a free, securities market, and that, a tax might so reduce tradlne that the Exchange would have to clow? "All the public ever hears." said a member of one firm, "is how much the buyers of securities have suffered. But vlmi do you suppose has happened to the Exchange Itself, and the brokers who are dependent on its activity?" Well, here is what has happened: Outside the impressive' nlit buitdinic, wliiih is rallur badly in n«d of a Inid, tlicru is MJmethlng of Hit >ercnily uf a rural churchyard. Where huse crowds millrcl in 1929 to share in the thrill of skyrocketing paper fortunes, sandwich men now stalk up and down, a gardenia peddler watches his untold wares wither in the spring Mjnshine, and a lone policeman yawns; The trading floor is at, street level, with elevated balconies for th* batteries of high-speed machines which transmit records of stock transactions. Only 'four of the six machines, manned by skeleton crews of operators, arc ivorlclng now. Galleries Closed Above these. 0:1 both sides of the huge, high room, are the visitors' galleries. These are deserted, not en I [rely because of lack of public curiosity, but., because they were closed last fall- when rumors of a bomb plot struck terror to the crowded trading floor. For the floor looks crowded, regardless of'the"' small amount of business transacted there. Even the dullest day will find about 3000 men and boys milling about the seventeen posts and the telephone booths where the floor members maintain contact -with their offices. At least 100 of these are ticker men; some 1200 are page, quotation and Cube boys. Killinr Time Many of the brokerst all of whom are identified with big -celluloid buttons) are obliged to remain on the floor wl'.tther or not they l-Jive anything to do. One. gray-haired "specialist," who always may be found at Post. No. 1, employs most of his five-hour day in working cross-word puzzles. On the- walls at opposite ends of the main trading room there are large call boards, electrically operated. which flash the numbers of members when they arc wanted on the telephone by their offices. On a reasonably busy day in normal times there at least 300 of these, numbers constantly being flashed. Today the Average is from ten to twenty-five. The big lounge and smoking room is always crowded these days. Backgammon has become a papular pas- lime with the idle floor members. Many of them read magazines and newspapers, occasionally glancing lip at the screen-projected image of the ticker tape Hint moves at a snail's pace across one side of the room. Occasionally a tew horcd members may be found matching coins —of small denominations. .Ana some of them play a word game o Ping King BLYTHEVILLE.JARKO COURIEU NEWS PAGE The swift-movint' racquet of Coleman Clark of Chicago enrrlc-l him to victory in the national pins- iwng tournament. Here you see the former wrestler mid Clilcat;^ University football star In aelirju during t-lie tourney, sln^d in the ballroom of a New York hotel. He van- miished Abraham Krukaiisr of New York University, 21--10, 21—1321—15, to win ihe PavXer Cup symbolic of ping-pong supremacy. Osceo/a Society—Personal A |)i-ofusioj\ of cut flowers, artistically arranged, made Mrs. Clias. Inwrancp. jr.'s home at Oliver attractive yesterday afternoon lor the entertainment ol lwe:.iy-eiglit who enjoyed the af- Icincon at contract bridge. Among the guests were Mrs. W.- E. Johnson ol Little Hock and Miss Estellc Wundeilich of St. Louis, who are visiting relatives here. Mrs. Walton Wilson of Wilton, nnd Mrs. Jack Uwlle of Pecan Pcint. Jlii'li score prize, a dainty piece cl lingerie, was won by Miss Mary Sue Hale. Mrs. P. A. White was awarded a set of breakfast plates fcr second high scnre, and Mrs. Godfrey White was given a wnstc paper basket lor low score favor. A delirious salad and dessert served following the course \i as game. E.U uglllllll illllnKldy llHCr- " II - !."« . fttic itvlilluu U> t|llLS- eiitertnlned the three table tinning .and police were attcmpt- clnb to v.-hicli she belongs ' n S '° clKch up on recent robin extra uible of gurstj at "^ies in this seclion. Mrs. Ed qninn Thursday afternoon bridge and- an extra uible of guests a her home here. Guests besides thc club members included Mesdaracs H. L. Driver, Ciias. Driver, L. S. IVfil- chell. Geo. Aurey, E. S. Driver and Ben F. Butler. High score prize was ivdi by latiou following the game. * • t Twenty-seven members of the of the Atot/icdlst I linns and Mills Will - Tes lily Against Palmar Plan Next \Veck. WASHINGTON. April n. lUl 1 ) — Alter five days of lictirlngojiriinmta of the $2.000,00(),060 Patmnn soldi?rs bonus bill iho house ivay.s and means committee was In locess lo- clay iinlil Monday when admlnlsira-, lion figures wbih' again biln>; in I Iheir cudgels of criticism. Venn-nils Anmini=.iralor llliie<>:iim .Secretary of Treasury Mills are on; to npjx^ai- before tin? fomjiiiu* 1 :; next week. A uronp of .world war vMcrans, members of the IWU.M:. General Churlcs G. Bawcs, and Prote.-sor E. W. Kcmerrcr. 1'riiici.ton authority on monetary problems, already !:ave been Jie.ard. The attack on the hill has rails - cd Irom predictions tin- new currency proposed in the measure would force the country nir the gold standard (o charges.the veterans hnve been misled by distorted j ftnteinriits i-c^arding tl:e as*[.sf<ince Bovernmenl agencies arc (slviinj business. Tlie ccminittee yesterday n>mv- etl two proposed imbslitiiu-s f:ir tin- hill. Representative Fish, ffjii'iblic- an. New York, suggested ;i federal Ixind issue ii|) lo two billion dollars for public work, with veterans given preference for jobs, Rjprc- seniative Lea. Democrat, Cnlifor- nia. urged his bill for paying veterans tlie present value of iheir adjusted service certificates He ev li.'iiaied $773.000,000 would no to veterans under this plan. Michigan Louths Held by Officers for Inquiry Two Mears. Michiqan youths arrested by Chnrley Barker. Clear Lake constable, on a Saniiv Rid".e road soiitti of .Blytlieville early this morning were held at i»lico headquarters for questioning, The pair was traveling in a Michigan car. An motor assortment of spark plugs. oils, knives, shotgun shells, , , , packed in cartons, tivo guns and other articles aroused suspicions of officers. A n^w nxe was also found in tiie rar. The two youths, who gave their names as Clarence Quist, IS. nnd Orin Flood. 18, said thev were en- routc to Izard eoiinly Ark., where they planned in obtain work- with road construction company. Discrepancies in the stories of flic two were revealed by Man as Automobile Thief HOf.I.Y SPRINGS, Miss.—Instead -. ~. ¥ '„ • , -" "J of welcoming a:d when a car he Mrs. J. L. Ward and Mrs. W. E. was driving luruert over near here. I-lint rut prinQMlni im, f-it-fLF fi m .. ,, , . .lalbot Nunnery, who said lie lived of the ran for Vvanicii class Sunday school were entertained Thuisday evening at the home of Mrs. Lee Maxwell, when Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Frank Morrow, Miss Maude Littleton, and Mrs. Eli Myers were hostesses. The game ol bnnco u-ns enjoved throughout the evening with Mrs. Steve Ralph winning the hiyh n:. She was presented a bouquet of spring flowers. A riclic- course was served late in the evening. * * a Mr. nmi Mrs. nn;ce Ivy and Miss Mary Sue Hale si:cnt" Tuesday and' Wednesday in Memphis. Mrs. w. E. Jchiison and small son. Gene, of Little Ko:k. nre visiting Mrs. Johnson's parents Mr. and Mrs. H. [,. Driver. Mr. ami Mrs. R. A. Carlwright, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ivy. Miss Eva Montague and Nathan neutsch attended the circt.s in Memphis Thursday evening. the tape; as the abbreviations of the various securities arc (lashed on the screen, the first contestant, to form a word from consecutive letters wins the stakes. 1. andi Popular Now Tlie Exchange Luncheon Club, on the seventh floor of the building. Is enjoying unprecedented prosperity. In boom llmrs it is little patronized. the floor members taking their lunch on the job-a sandwich and coffee brought by a page. Now, however, it is a simple matter to get -a ray for a couple of I hours and still be within easy call or the floor ,-„ case ,, ie ,, lwv])Cct( ,d sr.ould happen. Incidentally, no' member, regardless of his wealth. t? .£ d to nin " p a bil! o f « 1Dre lhan $100 ni the c | ( .,j_ contrary to common belief, the membership of the Exchange is larger than ever before. In February. 1829. 275 seats were added to the previous to t a , ot lm (0 ,.,,.,, care of the tremendous volume of "i? I' 8 .',. 11 was On1v recently. tr.r.t all of those seats were rlisposc.1 of. But. from the brokers' point of view \f^^ a con "" e "'<»'-y that ssafc? which brought a .high of $625.000 In 1929 now arc going i, S3g [,, 6 at slightly mere than $80.000. II ts estimated that Etradivar- ins, famous Italian violin ranker pf Cremona, made about looo vlo- lirw, $100 Fine Assessed in Transporting Case Charley Estes was fined S100 by Judge c. A. Cunninsham in municipal court yesterday afternoon on a charge of transporting liquor Pohcc testified that FSles was carrying a couple of pints when ic was tirnretcrt. Spanish President Scorns Palace MADRID (UP)—Despite rumors, thc President of the Spanish Republic. Don Niccto Alc.ila-Zamrjra h.i.s no Intention of moving into the National I'alace. Thc palace, formerly the residence ot the Tionrbon Kings of Spain, has been rfftrlally designated ns the President's residence. Alcala-Zamora. hosvevcr. preferred his own home. Recently it was rumored Hint he planned to move, fits family is opposed to giving up their own home. Thc President has been invited to spend the summer In vnrious o{ the northern scacoast cities, bin sa far has not decided whether lo r.cccpt. Foimerly. as a private citizen, he spent much 'of the sum- mcrltme in (he mountains nr ar Madrid. overturned machine the woods. Motorists who had stopped to aid. pursued nnd Cifiude Brpwnlee. d?n- uty sheriff, . a posse of Potts , Camp men found the fugitive Tippah bottom after a long chase. When taken into custody bv the officer Nunnery admitted "llie'ft ol the car from a road near Jonesboro. Ark., it wr.s stated. Sheriff Nash ot Craighead county. Ark., and n Mr. Ferguson fram whom the car was stolen. retiirn^J the car, nnd Nunnery to Jonesboro. J. P. Stead/nan Buys Agency at Leachville was mad" today of the sale ol the F. P. Carter insurance agency at Lenchvillr io J. P. Sleadmnn of Armorc! who will take personal charce of the business which will still b.?, located in the western Mississippi comity town. The sale was made through the W. M. Williams insurance agencv of this cily. Washington Prepares for Great Initiative OLYMPIA, Wash. (UP)—Washington is preparing: for its great- |cst initiative year Already 13 pro- I Do;.:i;l initiative measures have been filed with the sea-clary of [slate. Should everyone obtain the I necessary 50.000 signatures ot rcg- jisterjd voters necessary to place ill on thc ballot, tltc cosl of pop- shr legislation will be approximately $75.000 this year, officials I Among the more important [measures are those proposing per- jinanent r?gistration. state g.ime I control, abolishment of compulsory military training in hl;li jsclicols nnd colleges, iiiromr: tax. :chain store taxes. re|)c:il nf stale ibonc dry laws, and others proposing vaHons tax exemptions for liom?s nnd tnx llmils. Courier Ncwr. 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