The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 23, 1932
Page 2
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Society Calendar The women's missionary society ._,. ol the Second Baptist thurca u ™ '"- with Mrs. Mary McAllU- Stahcliff, . cluplaln; Mu«urct tht.p. T. A. program In this city. Rhodes, record *e<pcr; Le»h P«n- Ooldw Deri record keeper; Button jr., sergeant «t . Clirtncc Llnebcrry, set- e«nt;, Helen James, 2, Mrs. W. M. Williams; 3,' the church; 4, Mrs. F. 8. Williams of The Kappa Alpha Phi fraternity U meeting at tltt club rooms, The woman's miatkmary society of the Ftnt Methodist church la taring a program meeting at the church with Mrs. J. R. Stcadinan u leader. : Mrs. C. R. Bibcock Is entertaining the Tuesday Contract club. The Tuesday Luncluon club ii meeting with Mrs. O. W. Mc- Cutcben. ! • The Young Matrons Bridge club party Is at the home of Mrs. Dixie Crawford. i' Members of the Royal Neighbors order arc meeting with Mis. J. B. Foster. ' This group. which Include! chil- mi /rom 6 to 15 years of nee, ,i will mx(. each Friday evening In Mrs. Annie Bell U 'having the P. E. o. club. ' - , ' The women of the Church o! Christ are meeting with Mri. Charles Graves. Mrs. James H. Boll Is hostess to the Wednesday Bridge club. Th* study group of the Sudbury P. T. A. It meeting at the school for a study on "Special Pathology." Mrs. Rlley B. Jones is having the Wednesday Contract club. The. Delphian program is bclns given at the Hotel Noble at 9 u. m. with Mrs. IJoyd WUe as te*d- JT»»*Plmy Mrs. M..O. Usrey Is hostess to the MJd-.Wert Bridge club. Mrs. Ererell Ore Is entertaining th« Thursiay Luncheon club. TrWay The Junior Juvenile court ot the Maccabees Us meeting at the W. 'O. W. hall, The Muek department of the Woman's club Is meeting. with Mrs. Russell Fmrr and Mrs. John Meyers tit the home of Mrs. T. H. with Mrs. B. A. Bufg u leader. , ubject, Mrs. ^Chester Ctld»-dl pofco on "When Children Asked bout Death" and >"Dlsttnguls'h- d Between Nervousness and Act- Ity" WRS taken up by Mrs. Matt tfonaghnn jr. Tlie program was •omplcled with rcimrL 1 ; of tho acl- rfsso.^ e'ven by Dr. Caroline 'Heeler ,of the Elizabeth McComilck oundHtlon in Chicago, who was In ILvls-sippI county tills week. Mrs. arry W. Hnlncs briefly outlined ler talk at Wilson, In the meet- ng of the County Council of Par- nte-Teachers, and the address here was reported by Mrs. Black. On May 13 tlte last meeting of he year will be held Rt the honie f the chairman, Mrs, llnrry W. laines, with Mri. W. M. Williams Iso liostess. This group, orgnn(7«d recently, las become a permanent part of Yartre Kliaitaarj -• SieMy Ba« Xeetlnc. The Yarbro Missionary society met Thursday afternoon at the home of 'the Rev. O. Sutherland for the -monthly meeting. There were 13 members and four visitors present. Mrs. E. L. Evans discussed the deVdtionel from Matthew 9. Mrs C. B. Etchlson and Mrs. Evans offered prayer. For the' talks Mrs G. N. stlrwell dJsc'uKfd "Movliit Pictivres and ^Awtes.'^wss,'' a no Mrs. R. H. Hood the' work at the Wesley noose. Mrs. . J. H. Morrl: dlimlssed' the meeting with prayer Delklout refrashmenls w e n served. . • ,« f To Teach CUv. . Miss Moota Hughes will teacl: the Ladi«; Bible class ot the Pirsl Methodist church al the Sundaj school period Sunday morning. Al visitors are welcomed. • • • ' To Have Special Music. The adult department of the Sunday school In the First Baptlsl church, ol which T. H. Hayncs L- superintendent, will have spccla- rausfc for the opening period to morrow. ' A string trio, made up of Everett McDowell. Roscoe Morris ai« Mrs. Rustell Farr, will ulny "Ada- gto from Haydn's trio In O Major." This trtd will also broadcast over KICK Sunday afternoon. • ' Class »o Meet. The Dorcas Sunday school clas; of the First Baptist church Is plan- mng for a good attendance at Uu meeting .tomorrow with a spcolal lewlon arranged: Al] members a urged to attend. .S«nb«m Baptht •«* U.H.T.. The Baptist mieslon station Sun beam band has chosen sides for i. contest. Helen,'. Lovclance 'will be in charge: of .; the blues and the- reds are to be Iti by Claudia Ben . The group chaining the mos members, by the ".end of the qiiar- i*r will receive an award of a prize or a .party. There are now K members between the ages or J and 15 years Others , are. asked to. join ' ..Mr. and Mr^. Hlliman Hsbbln of Memphis -announce the birth o • son last; nlgh'' the MemphL MtthodUt ho5pita!.;Trre baby weigh «.flve pojundi. Before h;r marri JW Mrs. Hotbins was Miss Die' H«rwtirof thU'elty. Of Mtcnkm Ortantied - There were 75 boys and glrU . ----- -, Thursday Jwn a Junior Juvenile ^ ul v 0 tfc^Macctbw lodge was organlied «Ute Atta city. 6f Little Rock the M: R. M. ames F. Ellis, D. J. C»rt;r, uurdj; Bertlia IMni, Pauline I.u- as, Edna Jernlgan, escorts to uards; aiarlotte Bugg, musician; "" Bell LSneberry, assistant •lldy . ourt director; Beatrice ourt director. Miller, he W. O. W. .hall for fraternal >id social meetings, • • • M-Schoot r. T. A. Mffts Several dtecA«sl o n s which rmiglil out inlcic.stinj; fuels con- erning the proper rearlne of hlldren einphnslzed the meeting / (lie Pre-School I'arwit-Tenclier issoclitlon Friday .afternoon at le home of Mrs. T. Q. Seal. Mrs. Farnsworlh Black's talk ns on "Your Child and Other hlldren," "Thc Program of Your Mid" was Mrs. Charles Crlggcr's Bih oj Ntits Mostly Personal HB8T NUSBYTKKIAN CHURCH Manh M, Cutiaway, MlnbUr Th« purjiosc ol tlic Church School : , • '••'• i ! : ~< U to.train in worship and In the visitor. In the city yesttr- Word of Qrxl. J. Nick Thomas us i— 'i ' is assisted by an . Mre. Aaron Boaenthal and Mfs . abie body of teachers. Tlie Church • Marvin -oh.—iu tpent py^y ln School worship begins at »:K a.m. was a E. u. Lyimm attcndi-d to busl- week. IM In Forrest City yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Henderson and their mother, Mrs. Mary Sul- tjOn," and Mr. and Mrs. Mirciis Kv- farij will motor to Jackson, Tcnn., for''the weekend. '..Ira Haley Is 111 at Ills home on Walnut street. . 'Clio condition of Mrs. Mary Hulcy. mother of Ira and A. C. Haley, who U critically 111 at McKenzle, Tcnn., Is unchanged today. A. N. Church has accepted a petition with the Just North Filling Station at the Missouri state line. Mrs, Lloyd Sltcltmon and Mrs. Irn Haley urc In Joncsboro today for tlie Nortlu-iisl Arkansas Junior High Scliool Iiilcrwholasllc meet. Misses Lucille Bwirland and Jane Scvler spent, yesterday in Jonesbaro attending the track meet. Walter Logan, ami Hal Little of JotiOiboro, students at Arkansas A. and M. of that city, are spending the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Logan. Mrs. Rc*coc Craflon and her sister. Miss Rii'h. Bradford, returned to their home In Little Hock today after a visit here, llw former home of Mr«. Crafton. Mrs. Harold II. Baker of Morrll- ton, who accompanied them here, remained lor a two weeks stay with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J T. Craig. Mr. and Mrs. Sims Mlchlc and son, of stcelVwcrc In the city' yesterday. Adolph Cratton, who has been In Little Rock convalescing . from injuries received when a car trailer struck him, has relumed home. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown, of Fist River, Mn. r have returned here to make their home. They nre residing In tiia E. J. Browne apartment on West Ash street. Miss Ethel Owen, of Kernelt, High School News Written bjr members of the Blythevllle hl|h Khool Jtnraal- hm tlau, »mkr (he direction of Joyce S«ppd»»ton, Dortihea RoKtn and Wilbur AtVhrr. • - - 'Hie pa»tor will preach at 11 Cora Lee Colejnan, who«e o'clock on the subject "A Man May . ankle'was-sprained two weeks aro "*•" k expects to be out the first of next Generally with a side suit of six mils In* length »c try to establish thai Milt, but bridge U a game of unusual and Inttrettln* upaets uiu i«rc is a hand where we find tlmt the declarer discard* all ilx of a suit in his own hand and finally holding only a atnglcloli In dummy, ruffs that singleton with the las' trump,. This Interesting hand was played'^Russell J. Baldwin ulll- olal scorer of the American BrUgo teaguc, who lield tlie North hand v. AA-J-8-3 • Tolls Boys Club of Life in Hawaii Benny Bcrllclcl. miinager of the lothlng deportment of the Grand Deader store, .ipokc to the Blylhe- ille high tclkKil boys Wednesday lomlng at 10 o'clock, Thc subject f his talk was "Boys." Mr. BcrfieW told. Ih2 club of the joy.? in Hawaii, and having been a csldent ot Hawaii for two years X; was able to give an Interesting Iscufslon of the life of boys in lat country. He explained that Hawaii was nmdc up principally of Americans. Japanese, Korean, Chl- wsc and Hawnllans, the ball teams re made up of the illtlcrcnl rnccs. ut tlw people work together and y so doing overcome the racial dif- culllcs and make up one ot tlis most peaceful imtionas ol Hie world. •Accordinfr to Mr. Berflcld the iip- «rmO£t tl'iOiigiit in the mlntis of IK Hawaiian toys is to Imitate the \mcrlcan boys. He said, "The thing hey are trying to do in thai co;u>- ry Is tho thing wo arc trying to o here." Tlic religions of Ifnwafl, he cx- ilalncd were sun worship. pagan- Ism, and the Christian religion. He reiwatcd a tow common >hrascs and gave the alphabet ot he Hawailans. Competes for Prize Offered by Osctolan Miss Mitchell of Osceola Is olTcr- ng a prize ol five dollars In gold for the best George Washington. scrap book, made by grade, junior ilgh and high school students of Mississippi county. Paul Ncvm* ot Ihc hfgli school !KTC Is entering lis scrap-book. He has a very attractive nnd interesting book. He made his sketches of Washington's ife and work and etched hts own drawings. Tlie books will have to be turned In Monday to Mlii ;«ll- clicll. Scouts Sponsor ^ Pet Show lor PupiU A |Kt show was siwnsofcd bv Troop 2 Girl Scouts Thursday afternoon. This show was In accordance with (lie. nationwide. program ot the American Humane aMocl»- Hon In u drive for kindness to animals. TlUvwrek was the "Be Kind to Animaii" week Hint the air) Scouts throughout the country arc observing. Mr. Kramer, agriculture th r « •, Mr ' CrlU ' COUIll >' . Mr. cherry were Hie Judges of animals. Students Prepare for Contests at Paragould . at Paragould April 27th nrc using every opportunity to rc- icarsc their parts. Page Mccall i s Avi ™£*? ntallv<! for Shis voice, " UITmBn "»Vi voice. livron boys debate, Mildred Moore debate, Margaret Shaver read's. and Harold. Sudbury dcctania- 011. The trio, composed O f ot u- Tonkin "h"* EI1 ,'° U """ V[ ' KM « i^ompklns have also suu e the required number for the Mudcn" Virginia Tompkln, i, i he rep re S ", I tatlvc in piano. VJ iA-K-7-4-2 ' A^-J-10-2 . The BWdln; Soiitli, tlte declarer, opened inc bidding with one diamond, West passed and Mr. Baldwin In tlie North, bid one heart. Easl pa««l and South bid two no trump. Mr. Baldwin's hand was not suited 10 no triii]])) play, tlicrefore he sliowfct Ills other major suit by bidding three spades. Bast passed and South, who had been warned that Mr. Baldwin Ins a peculiar distribution and Is afinid to play the and at no trimip, decided that tho and would play best at four spades hlch was the final contract. The Play East had the opening lead, lic- icmbcr that.Mr. Baldwin In the orth had-- Md hearts and spaitcs. ou^h' had-bicV diamonds—It is In- ecd a difficult opening for East, he trump opening wits decided pon and Bast led the six of >adcs. Tlw four was played from immy, West played the ten ami Hr. Baldwin in Ihe North won t!:u rick witli the Jack. He then led Is cmcen ot clubs which East won Kli the ace. You can hardly blame Easl for ot wanting to lay down his ace f hearts as North has bkl hearts, In order to prevent the declar- r frail rutTniK hearts in the dum- ly, East led another spade—the ve spotr-wlilch was won'in tlum- >y with the ijuecn. Mr. Baldwin o\v tritti for a break in trump and 'd (lie king of spades from dummy lilch picked up the outstanding rump. His next play won a small dia loud which he w on in. hb; ow »nd with the queen. He relumed Ire elglifof diamonds and won In mimiy with the ace. His next plaj '«s the. king of .diamonds UIKMI hich he discarded a henrt Tlie dlamonrt suit broke so Iwc lore rounds of diamonds wore lak- n from dummy. Mr. Baldwin dts- ins two hearts.. He. then led king, Jack ami ten ot clubs roni dummy upon which he dls- Safely Worker Talks on Automobile Problem Miss Tclford, national safety worker, spoke at the high school Thursday. She brought out reasons why Arkansas should require ln.r)lvidiial driving licenses, as do Massachusetts and some ot of the car. . . She explained that the solution of the accident problem depended on the young people of ter the assembly period she talked to several girls who were Intro- •6fnem v "'iwc" v eiccttd- d ^ to hw ' tellln(r lllcm Mlnc .•*<»,. ..past eomJSStei * ^ '"««*«""« "perience.-. _. ..---—rJi AfclLitQtpNMfYter; Chfcrtes , " - ; ",Wood, junior' lieutenant; Cliarl. Read-Courier News' Want'Ads' „-. School liriefs The members of the Nations Honor Society, jtmnilc Tlpton Joyce SapphiRton. Imogenc Mor Ban, Mildred Lang, and Mildred Moore received their pi,, s T hurs •Hie seniors arc busy Retting in their required number of iiicmor lines. Several pupils limb Ijcei nppolntod to listen to the lln cs Collections for the cnpr, ani gowiw,. invitations, and diploma are belric; made now and will con limie for the six weeks term un til. .n)l Is .paid. Marie Ugget I collecting for the Invitation.';. Lol Hooper for l-hi caps and gowns and poris Secoy for the diplomas : Mildred Moore visited In Mem phis last week-end. Monday was the beginning of th last six-weeks term of school. Tlv tuition was reduced from $9 t, $7.50. • The Senior class presented Dor othy ' Hlley' with a bouquc-t o flowers. Dorothy received injurlc In a truck wreck Sunday and wa not able lo attend school lit- pa week. • Tlie seniors were host to the P T. A;? program glvfn at the oil Hall Wednesday riighl by th-. Car olyn Hedger. Wednesday several teachers froi the-High. Junior High, and grad schools attended the nioetlns a Wilson. Some of the high schoo students were appointee! to leac al the Junior high and gra( schools. Those teaching we're Vlr glnia Tompklns. Grace Elliot 'Dorothea Rogers, and Mildre Cudd icarls. Ho'tlieu led the Jack ol leans from dummy, which you wil lollcc was a singleton V.earl—In iacl succeeded In discarding nil sis leans from his own hand and nov "filler's .iliigleton licart was nil 'ed with the a'co of sjudn. The clever playing ol tills ham Mr. Baldwin and Ills partnc . parnc six odd. At duplicate bridge th ovcrtrtcfcs, wt:cn the contract i. not doubled, arc scored al bid trick value, ^fr. llaldii-ij] scored 120 for Ihc tlic . r [our tricks bid and made and 6 'or the Iwo ovcrlrlcks. Tlie same bonus nt duplicate bridpc Is 300 polnt.1 when declarers side Is not vulnerable and 500 when declarer's •Me Is vulnerable. As Mr. Uald- ln's side was viiincrabic he re- eived 500 points for .same, or a total of 680 points for the hand. SATURDAY, APRIL. Modish Ideas for the Cotton-Picker mon subject will l>e "Tlie Forty " Christian Endeavor al 6:30 p.m. There will be no mid-week wrv- Ice at this church but His congregation will worship in a union service at the first Methodist church at seven o'clock. "We 1 cannot but spcalc tlie tilings that.we have seen and heard." FIRST METHODIST CIIUKCH Main and Seventh Streets P. Q. ttoric, pjslor Sunday school, 90:45 a.m. WorslSp and sermon, n a.m and 7:30 p.m. "Who is On ihe Lord's Side." subject of Ihc morning funuoii u> the pastor. Dr. j. A. Anderson will preach at the eveninr; Ixrar and hold Ilic Third QuartcrryiKJonrer- ince. ...•• Juniors 2 p.m. •'•- ; Intermediates e-AS p.m. , Senior Young People, 6:«'|; Beginning Monday evening there' will be a meeting of "the worker* each evening at 7 p.mV fo'r a JS minute service, after which teams will visit every church home in Bly- thcvlllc. At-2:30 Sunday afternoon there will IK a Union Meeting ut (!ie "rcsbyterlan Church. MLfJRIM MITirEftAN CIIUHCIi H. J. KWndlensI, 1'astor Sunday school. 0 a. m .Bible class Subject:- "The „. „,. T]lc]ne ,. T , 1C turr i np- o'clock. .Worship, 10 illl;ml . Promise of tlic Resurrection.' Bible Fundamental • m. Subject: 'The. >er." Evening worship, 'heme "Tlic Promise of the nes- irrcctlon." llible Fundamental lecttiro 7 m. Subject: "The Lord's Supper." Evening worship. 8 o'clock "hemo "Pilate's Wife." NAZARENK 11KIU H J. A. niKseil. PA^tor Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. Church. 11 a. in. N. Y. P. S. 6:30 p. m. Church, 7:30 p. m. ;This is the closing day of the revival with the Rev. Smith In :h'argc. All urc especially invited 0 nils service. A welcome awaits ran. ' SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH J. I,. NcKsom. Pasior Sunday school. 0:45 a. m. J. D. Hooker, superintendent. Bqrmon, 11 n. m. Subject: "True iVorship." B. Y. P. u, 3.-.10 p. m. lionev Chlsni, director. Sermon, 7:30 p. m. Subject: 'Th« New Earth." Prayer mectiiiB, Wednesday cve- ih>S. 7:M o'clock. 1 The cRiinty n. Y. i'. u. meets 1," and he will speak it night on, "Prepare to Meet Thy God." B. Y. P. u. 6:30 p.m. All groups ncet at this hour. Teachers meeting 7 p.m. Weancs- iay and the Mld-Weck 1'ra.ver scr- 'icc al 7:45 p.m. The "regular monthly business meeting of the clmrcti will be held al this time as the regular time would come during the revival-nicctiii!;. A recommendation from the board ol deacons and men ot the church, relative to revising the budget for 1032, will be discussed and acted on at tliis time. All members of tlic •liurch are utgcd lo be present. Ciioir rehearsal Thursday, 7:30 [ ^B-s. Paul-Tipton, director, ;uid Mrs/j; T. Hall at " Remember the Church Loyalty Campaign which 'ins Sunday, .May 1st devotional will be the sixth study on prayer. vte Friday, 8 p. m. LAKE STItK.F.T MKTHODIST CHimctl W. J. I.cKoy, Pastor Sunday school. 0:43 a.m. Ivcrsun Morris, superintendent. Preaching, 10:50 a.m. Subject: "Living for Jesus." ,\l this morn- Ing service the irlo ot the Paragould glee club ihlgh school) will sing for us. Every boy nnd girl will want to hear lt:c.T singers. One ol the songs is "LlvitiR lor Jesus." .n beginning the Campaign." Prcachlnp 7:30 Subject: "God's Question and Man's Answer." No greater tc« in the Bible. service. Remember '•Ratter Homes Week" starting Sunday. FIRST BAT-TIST Cor. Walnut ami Hih Slrtrts Alfred S. Harwell, pastor .Bible school. 9:45 a.m. O. c. Miller, educational director. Morning worship, n a.m Evening service, 7:45 p.m. tlic pastor will preach at both services !!!•; subject, for thu mnrnlnc will lie "Five New Testament Ear Marks CARDUI Sweet Potato Plants Now Ready pper PUnls. Pimfnln, ikll or il Now. long KM c:a>- rm , c Ptr doz: lie per IM. Tcin»t« rl»«l«, sint,f. Ou | f se M»rVcl. M«r»h*t A Pondrrw* tic runts 20r per doi; Jl ] W BYRUM PRODUCE COMPANY Wml lyrem, 112 All Onlfi-s Sweet Cream Under 30c Lb. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Q(. Delivered I'hoiic 74 llnlgarian liutlermilk ISc Qt. Go to Church Sunday Keeping cool In eotlons Is a grand solution this year to hot-weather problems. And the new meshv lisle weaves add chic and that indelm.ble scrunchv crispness that make., yon feel fresh en he mranral hot ,I V . For days la (he WB . thero Is a u*. mesh Troek, with beltlinc and short s'cev d cuffs made adjnstab.e by ribbed weave. The cellar loo is made unstable, by two small bol II * tte t ta a cute «'iess. easy , 0 wear, easy to launder and pack. For the golfer or the girl "ho tver feels quite ngbt .KlNtit a l.cket, there Is a three-piece chulky «hite cotton mesh suit with a tuck , blouse with clMC-lo-tho-lhroal neckline and buttons down the front. The cardigan also buttons and mesh culls hug the wrist. The beret is of the same weave as the suit. God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for • the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation" (Isaiah 12:2).' TIio Lrsson-Sernion "'111 nlso in- cludc passages from the Christian Science textbook, . "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." by Mary linker Eddy, unc of which reads, ."Salvation, Life. Truth, and Love understood and demonstrated as supreme over all; Bin, sickness, and death destroyed" (page 593). Just As Many Miles Per Gallon Hospital Notes .Mrs. E. M. Hanilclt, Bragsado- orBnu c '°' Mo..^admitted, and nohert'Tri- Siintiltaiieous nl " ? ' Numbcr Nillc . dismissed.' FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH E. K. Lallmer, Minister Church school, 9:45 n . m. Holy Communion and Ecnnun 11 a. ni. Subject: Pet Kinkajou Makes Record Sales WOODLAND, Cal. (UP) Earl ..» C v.....u,i, Tillotson, locaf service station op- 'The Living i crulor, had every roason lo believe jlho depression was all over. When Vesper service, 6 p. m. Tills'lie opened the slallon (he other At 2:30 p. m. nt the First Prcs- byl.-rin'n church nil the church congregations arc asked to meet "Church Loyalty CHRISTIAN SCIKM'K "Probation Alter Death" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon to be lead in tbo Christian Science telvicc -Sunday morning o'clock. The Golden Text is, "He know- eth (lie way I Inks: when he hath tried, me, -I shall come forth Hold" (Job. 23:10). Among th; citations from Bible is the MATERNITY HOSinTAB for un- f'lrlunato girls; secluded, private, rates reasonable. For information morning th-j cash rrglstcr sliowcd (hat M,!(i2,00n in sales had been made during the night. Then he discovered that a net kinkajou kept lii the building hid escaped from his 'cag? and that the cash register, with its clanging Ml, otiered tlie chief amusement. A-s Many Higher Priced Gasolines . « 18c (i:ilkin . for''. r a n I c e d SJ o ( o r Fuel YOU CAN SAVE ON GAS AND OIL BY TRADING WITH VOLLMER AND SON, Inc. ON YAIUJKO ROAD : write Falrmouiil Hospital. Oil Ensi JsrFERSON STANDARU Lirs Ir-«u»Avai CC^ANY Jullw {V[c«. fVri.Cr««&*bcro \V. M. HUKNS A Superb Service At Low Cost Here is a REPRESENTATIVE Family .Bundle : ! shirts 8 boys' s 10 men's 1 ladies' dress 2 lilooincr.-; 5 ladies' 2 stininief 1 pair pajamas 5 children's dresses 1 4 sheets 4 pillow slips 2 bath towels 8 face towob 5 napkins S POUNDS Seven Pounds of Wcavitif! Apparel @ 20c . 81.40 Nine Poiiiuls of Flat Work @ 8e . . . . .72 Loss Discount of Nci Cost of Bundle - - - - 81.59 Kcnu'mlier — Kvcry ;trtic!e in this liundlt; was wmptrtely finished — KeUinitcl i« the owner ready to use. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY Free 3 loth -Proof Baps for Your Winter Garment?

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