The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 23, 1932
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT HIWSPAFER C* NORTSIABT IER NEWS njVAOT* *noaf*.m n>» • . ' "^«i^ VOL. \Xiv_NO. 3L> BlytlievlllB Dally N.-vm, Blylhevllie Herald, _Mks!sBlPpl_Valley_ Leader, mythtvllle Courl«r, , : <, ...'. i-/ BOffiHfTlON '• SINGLE COPIES :•'> O.mimiiiisls. More Active in |PI till L-ilin-Ameai, <'»''-»'s Hawaii Prosecutor Sum- 'V;ns Alienists lo Answer Darrow's Experts. H0,\. -LULU. T. II., April 23 (UP) —The legal ijatllc over the sanity of Lt. Thomas :; Massic. who with Ills mother-in .tors. Grace Hubbard Fortes:.;,. . ' -two navy en- Ittcd men. : ci. cd with I,-.; Iranor murder of Joe Kalmhawal. broke out anew today when the trial was resumed. - - . •-. Incensed because Clarence par- low, chief of defense,- uninscl refused to permit proscY.itif,, -.> ists to examine Mo.«sie.. "•'• •'.' John Kelley asked Judt. .'avis to allow the records to show ihe request had been refused. He then renewed the'request and narrow again refused. "We claim Maisie was insane when Kahnlmvai was killed," he said. "He's sane now. and tha prosecution can prove nothing by examining him for his tanily." The trial entered its final slab's when rebuttal le.stimcny was begun today.- • • Witnesses included Miss Maunana Peters, stenographer who took notes on statements made by the defendants after the Hawaiian was kid- naped and killed, and prosecution alienists, Doctors Robert Fans and Stanley Porteus. Kellcy also was expected .to call Dr. Joseph Cation of San Francisco and-- '-Dr. Paul Bowers or Los Angeles who were summoned from iho mMnlan-j in an effort to counteract testimony offered by Ihe defense psychiatrists Drs. Thomas Orbison and K J Williams, that Maale was insane : »«cn the half caste was s'^ct to death: . Miss, Peters read a brief statement by Massie following hls : -ar"He was calm." she said "H" knew what he was talking .about" Massie had testified he was in a daze when he was arrested along wiia Mrs. Fortecue and E. J. Lord, one of the sailors, with Kaharn- wais body in a rented automobile. He said the last he remembered was standing over Kahahawal with a Bun tryinj to force him to confess attacking Thalia Fortescue m-iFSie, the lieutcnonfs young u'jfe fl "d daughter of Mrs. Fortesc'ue. Dud Bvnum. 60, Chicago Mill Watchman, Dies Duel Bymim, 60. rtied suddenly He ha $ C ' Wre - thl ' S morilin S- for thi! Chicago Mill and Lumber Corporation for a number of years. Death ras attributed to heart failure. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at four o'clock with Hi™ R."v. Thiirinan officiating. Interment will be made at Sawyers cemetery. Tlie Cobb Undertaking company is in charge of funeral arrangement*;. The dxeased is survived by his widow. Mrs. Tish Bynum, ' four daughters and rive sons. ported [o the stale dciKirtmem. . The .stoiy of Waimvrighf.s death : contains lln> dra:nallc qualities of . a inn-el. I When his execution seemed certain he slashe:' sis mist with a blood on razor his cell M.-.r.'.nuicni. Here you see i,_ ' "Long live coil: .H"tt Chlrajp L'ni- Six Central Aiiieri&.iu action dur- several nationalities v.'Ci'iT .i.ill- ment Indicate part of ihe communist activity Is ol spontuner.iis eii"- lii. white aiicUicr part Is inoilvaT- Accordiuu to llio report's Hie "Aprk'.sla" parly. dc.«.-rinrd us communistic in principle, is said to originated In Latin-America rested with Wulnwrlght nlojie ivni executed. but lie Walnwrlghfs execution centerej j attention on reports lo Hie stat? 'department which indicate a qnick- je;iin» of communist activity in Latin-America during the last six or I eight months. This ircnd Ls Inler- ' preled in responsible quarters her. | to be the result of dtstressino e"0- and thus far to have r2jcct;d prof- '"'s of alliance from Hie Third In- 'I'iie coniinlltee yesVOii^ siSd two pro|K>scd MibslUiilcs-i. believt,';'."re.;e:UHl!ve Fish, llaji-J.' •• New York auii'H. MSseslcd a ft- Women Will Obserye Progress . ''<n j. Various Paris of County. With "Clean t^fr&itlie first project IffS I've yeT*pbn to l-.o used In NJI -' ,-slppi county for |no Nai l Sr. 1 " ? «4r-"° Homes movement, <( vJVi^Sj iBhout tin- county arc • '^•jf^fS. 1 ''^ the observance next N5oscow, although" "Viiivo billion x;;-. The Mississippi little money from thereV'l! .vcl;raiv .« n ol Women's i None of the reports refcmlv ' '' • '"' Ed ring ton of parunenl, but their exLste- ''L'ef't r a " '"lenslre program tViroiiKh- the. nature of their contcm; f.V ,?ul the week which will reach ths l>ecoine delinlicly known. ' lenglh and liiea-lth of this laree Caruthersville Storage Building Burns Today CAUUTIIERSV!I.i.k. Mo. ^pL-d- al)-A liirgc feed.mill isralu sioras'c bullilniR, owiifit by the Cuiiiilnuham Reahy rompany, anil o|K'tni:cl by Frank Cminlngliain j r ., umi cnH- Mer I'li-rw, was ilrMrnyetl bv llro ily this morning. lie flumes, dtxrovrnfl at about * "-in., vivri' believed to have re- sullfd fioin Kixiniaiu'oiis cnmbnstfon caused by tlic heating ol cottonseed .stored In iho uulUllng. 'I'l'e loss Included briweeii 12.- OM and 15.000 bushels'of corn, ?.'> to ICO ions of Iny, aiid alwnt W tons of cottonseed.--- . • . No csiimalc of liie value of the building und ll.s conlents.was nvnll- ublc. . The building wns located near the noiili city ilmit.s on Highway M. iNRiM-FLB Work-Preliminary to May! janitor and Bandits Both Campaign Will Be Done! Run, and Neither Has Next Week. cooperative effort on the part I "f the First Baptist. Christian. Presbvlerian and First and Street Methodist churches . Lake has brr:i projected for May 1 to May with this chnrcli loyalty cam- Been Seen Since. GUANO JUNCTION, Tcnn Apr. 23 lUPt-Two armed \und\ls planning to rob the bank here were thwarted by a n?gro Janitor who was so frightened that officers are looking for him now lo paign lo be preceded by a prn-j reassure htm he is safe. pram of dailv visitation from April 24 lo Apill 3d. • Each church is seating Us own ^visiting groifps to »ike iv -. " call dfc-ing next > _5-;-eni-ef.-^tativp s will -i, K . .- rau. jn^ii. 7:30. at . the First Methodist church for ; l5 'rniniites. for devotional periods and instructions bv the Rev. Alfred S. Harwell. Members of trn groups olj- will then go tion work. out on their visita- The bandits left without taining J5.000 m' the vaiilt. Will Dnrniini, nogro janitor, w^nt into the bank this morning '•> clean up and iQUnd Ihe Iwo ;here. They ..ulle/l pistols on |4iim and the -negro' -•Became so frightened Vie ran from 'the bank. Th? robbers also fled. The nejro could not IK located afler he fled.. "1 think lie's still running," explained Ralph Parhnm, bank It is the hope of the pastors and cashier. other leaders In the churches that | The bandits fired several shots [this plan will arouse the interest [and two uyslanders 'were wound- I? 1 of UK church members In • church -••---..- —..-.. ... • attendance, especially for the'cam Judge Exacts Promise From Local Dairyman Municipal Judge C. A. CunnUv:- nam, at the request of officers of the coimly health unit, conferred with C. H. Cm-all dairyman. In the judge's chambers at tV.e city hall this afternoon. wlu'lc no formal charges were placed against Dnvall, it U under- siood. that he wa.s accused of sell- ins milk without a permit. Hi, permit was revoked about a week ago. according | 0 reports. Dnvall is said to have agreed to follow instructions of the health unit and was Bfsured that on such agr;cment no formal charge would te lodged "G'inst him. cd slightly. They were Wesley Houston, 18. and Johnny Burnett, fired twice. ng Craft, Carrv. Curtis, Norfolk. HOPFAVELL. N. J.. April 23. fUP' —Hope for progress in the search for Charles A. Lindbergh jr., shill- pnijn in the first two weeks of May. At that time each ; church will conduct, its own Eervico at 7:45 p. m. except on Saturday niTht. ' ' In these services the Rev. p. Q.: Rorie wil be (he First! Methodist church by the Rcv.j Paul Galloway, of Joiner, who will h?, in charge of the music. The Roy. XV. J. Lenoy, at the Lake Street Methodist church is to have fis his co-worker, his son-in-law, the Rev. H. M. Nance, of Doni- . phan, Mo, At thi! First Raptist [ church the Rev. Alfred S. Harwell' is to conduct the services with the music in charge ol the educational ('ircctor. G. C. Miller. Tile Rev. Oliarles Canmhell. of Conwav, Ark. is (o conduct services at the First Presbyterian church, assisted by .„ _ „ ... „.. ,.., ., Ihe host pastor, the Rev. Marsh cd to -Norfolk today with the word M. Callawav. At the First Chris- j a sailing vessel had put to sea on a tian church the'jRcv. E. K. Lati- j mission believed to concern the mer will have will! him Dr. Horn-; case. er A. Strong, minuter «t the Mur- [ Re|x>rts from Norfolk indicated roll Blind school at I'anucah. Ky. | John Hughes Curtk. contacl man ] for the southern negotiators, may con. Dean Dobson Peacock, associated with Curtis, offered no explanation of the boat trip. Curtis nnd Dean Dob?on Peacock returned from New York late yesterday biplane. The former conferred with Colonel Lindbergh at Tlopzwell. • Rear Admiral Guy II. Bnrraje. third of tire negotiators, said "Colonel Lindbergh told Mr. Curtis he appreciated the cooperation of Ihe press in no; attempting to follow ,. L *... b ui i.urt- his repicsentatives and again l-'::ru pouid Mondav cvenine when the I us requested tl-.ey continue their co- club of that city will entertain Mr.?: i operation. He alro asked us to con- McClerg. retiring national president, tlnue our efforts." The local mcmncrs are to leave | Dr. John F. Condon. "Jafsie," who paid out $50.000 of Lin.-tbergh's , . , jjvmtr ret negro, -They werj struck by charg- 1 Wils o n „ moael 110Ine rt s from; a .shotgun as the bandits school ?rol , nds are ^ ^ ^ :. Tom Jones Chosen for State B. P. W. Office Mrs. Tom p. Jones of (his city has been elected second vice president of the Arkansas Busings and Professional Women's club in a mooting nt pine Bluff this weekend. In a message received lisrc this afternoon the local club wns invited to attend a meeting in Para- here Monday at 5:30 p.m. Mooney Friends Would Recall Governor Rolph SAN FRANCISCO. April 23. (UP) —A movement toward recall of Gov James Rolph jr.. because hs re- fvsed lo pardon Tom Mooney was d'scusscd today by members of the Jim Francisco labor council The move was urged ty John Mconey, brother of the convicted bomber. Bam 2«» Years OU YARMOUTH, Mass. (UP) - A b.irn which was built when George Washington was a bab>- stands on the o!d Prence place in this Cap- Cod hamlet. Constructed of timber from nearby woodlands, the old n j 01 *"" 5 cclel)T ' 1 (cd 1U Wrthdsy nnnivrrsnry. Biytheville Second in District Play Contest Results or the literary contests of the Northeast Arkansas Junior High School Interscholastlc meet at Paragould Friday and today will be announced at Ihe close of the niMt today. The/onlv result which has beeri mode public Is that of the one net play contest held Thursday night. Jonesboro was first and Blythevillo second wills Lystra Brackin, of this city, winning the medal for the test individual act- .inir. In the play. "Corn Fed Babies" | were students: Lystra BracV-- Hn. Elmer Lindsay, Vanecta'Bikes i Margaret Crlmer andT I Miss Alice Marshall wi money to suppascd kiduaDer=. >ip- parenlly was making no progress. Gangsters still arc continuing to annoy officials by trying lo musclo in on the-glory, of recovering the baby. Persons representing themselves as speaking [or Al Capone sought to jet Lindbergh to aid in getting caponc freed from Jail so that i-.o could help in ihc search for the taby. Capone himself profe.ssps to have no information nor to be undertaking- any moves. BERLIN. (UP) —A smoker here ias invented a new type of match, t is a "pill-box" containing a narrow strip of paper on which sulphur dots arc placed. As the tape '" pulled out, the sulphur points ignited and at the same time cd today, •ill) be buried Mav trnfn thrt w\ll TVrt » A ,..ilt IP n f.,11 M.IIII . " J torn from the roll. The result Is a "" ;'taper long enough lo light county. Realising thai nothing can be done toward beautifiration of homes until they - are clean and are in clean surroundings, ihe club adopted the clean-up movement with this thought In mind and the progress made will be noted by (lie citizens who visit various communities next week. Vlsil O'crnla Tuesday The Osceola Progressive" club Is to be hostess lo all women of the county who attend the first lour Tuesday to it> c sou i n cn( j o! t j, e county. Outdoor living rooms have been the features of the program thU year in the club of that city and a number of these naiural beauties will be viewed. The comity home for Hie poDr at O.sceola was a project of the county'club ani resulls of ihis Ireautificatlon program will be seen. The women are lo be giie-SIs of the Osceola club for a luncheon fcrved in the club rooms at the court house where a quilt fair is also urauract (he visitors. Mri'L. S. Mitchell. Osceoln chairman of littler Homes Week, has announced that, any one may enlor handmade rjuilts in the fair nnd that an admission of 15 cents Is lo be charged to the fair. A number ol prizes are to be awarded. From Osceola the visitors will go to Winfiover, Ihe country home of Mrs. F. P. Jacobs, where an outdoor living rcom \vill be exhibited. Ai model home anrt the ids are to be shown n.s the work accomplished by the Wilson Community club. Mrs. Jim Grain is the. Wilson chairman. A second tour will bs held Wcil- nesday when Ihe Blytheville Woman's club will entertain visitors. Tlie party will Leachville for a view of the school grounds wWch were improved by the Leachville Community club. In tills city they will visit some of the prettiest ([ox- er gardens, this feature having: been emphasized, by the local club. This city' hag a program which includes the entire week. Mrs. B. A. Bugj, city chairman, lias arranged for a committee to make short talks to various organizations on Monday. Tuesday the women will go to the .southern part of th; county and the following ijay ai- tend the tour to Lcachville and here. Will Visit Orptia.laEf The Samaritan Orphanage of this city, which is to have one room beautified by the local club women will be visited Thursday. In tte plan to "clean up" the grounds have already been whitewashed under the direction of Mrs. John F Sanders, health chairman. A musical Is to be given Friday by the Woman's club. On Saturday there will be a visit to a local home for demonstration of the liomo beautiful. Miss Cora Lcc Coleman. county chairman of Ihe movement, has en- 'kled the ccopcration of 35 communities in Ihe county which aie ntlcmptlng to carry out some p'.r for Improving the appearance rf hOTie.5, grounds and pub'fc tntlld- ings. This year's program will ta foi- lowed in 1933 with a plan of "Calm and Want the highway" which Mrs Kdrinjton has elms-.-:). Witness Named Democratic Chairman As On e Who Lob't Moticy on Markef. WASHINGTON. April 23. (UPI- Details of how four of. America's richest capitalists and one of tjie shrewdest brokers on (lie N;w Yo>k stock exchange pooled Iheir wealth nnd brains and still lost money, In a bull market were given to" the senate banks and currency com- inlllee lodny. The combined financial resources of JoJin J. Raskob. W. F. Kenny Percy Rockefeller, and Fred Fisher, and the astuteness of M. J. Mue- 1-nn. broker, were unable to make money for an Anaconda. Copper pool formed in 1 1029. Thomas E Bragg told the committee Invesli- eatine the alleged bear raids • on the New York stock exchange. "I lost about $400,000," Bragg testified today, and then casually added ire and some associates, men .supposedly able to sham the niari kel- to suit their own desires, dropped anntlwr J20,000 each in a Lima Locomotive pool. Subpoena of John J. Rnsk'ob chairman of the Democratic national committee, will be necessary to complete the investigation Senator Brcokhart .said. William A. Gray, committee counsel, said if the committee permitted him lo do so lie would .summon Raskob. W. c. Durum, Vtca Fisher, and William F. Kenny and others named today before the committee as pool operators on the stock exchange. Suicitlc Notes Not Wrilteu Hatleti Clark Handwriting'-Experts Say. MIAMI, Flu., April 33. (UP)— Doctors have found bruises on the body of Hadcn Clark, writer and flyer, which Indicated he dted aflsr 1 a lilriit'ef.'. mid liandHVltiii; ex- ]>erls nssci-t Ihey have found nine discrepancies in suicide notes left In Mr.s. J. M. Keiih-Miller's home. Doctor Ctirllon Oeeclcrerf. Mayo clinic graduate, told of Ihe bruises dining a conference culled by Mrs Ida Clark, mollicr of the dead Meclhenrl of Mrs. Keltli-Mlllcr. Slale's AUonwy Hawthorne ami Slate's Investigator Rowland participated. Word Spelled iWnVrrntlv The handwrllhij; experts .said their findings included differences in phraseology used by Clark In his Hrllhifs arid In ;the suicide notes, doubtful signatures, and ditfcrenc- e.s in spelling. j One of the most Imporlant differences wns (lie use of the word "advice." in the suicide notes the word was .salted "advise," after the English usage. Examination of many pages of manuscript (Hepared by Clark while wrltlnjj; Mrs. Keith-' Miller's biography ;«ho»ed- he al- w»ys spelled the word "advice " MiJ' Kelth-Millervlrulsted she "loved Clark with «ll my neart and soul. I was proud-:'tp know 1 was BOing to marry him." SI* via still held, however, wilh lier manager, Captain W. N. Lancaster, a British flyer, pending In- VL'sllgatlon. Clark was found dead by Captain Lancaster at the Kellh-Mlllv home Wednesday. The two occupied beds -on ihe sleeping porch white Mrs. Keith-Miller sfcpt Inside. Find Bnilm on Hex) Clark lay on the floor. Lancaster's gun imiier.oho leg. Later the suicide notes were found and Clark's romance with the subject of his biography and the story of 11 mysterious ntr line to Mexico were revealed. Two bruises above Clark's right ear. Dr. Deederer said, could have been caused by knuckles or the butt of a gun. They might tfsa have been caused by a fall afler the shooting, but the doclor said an There's probably a catch to it. For pretty Frances Krtiger's pose Ls too reel-1stIc to be fishy, and she was caURht by the camera from a catchy angle us she was about lo net u trout, at Carmel, N. Y. Judges out their eyes ii)X)n her and awarded her tlrst prize for casllng durln* a piscatorial field dny recently! Will Bury IngersoU in Arlington Cemetery WASHINGTON, April 23. <UP>~ The ashes of Robert G. Ingcrsoll, famous I9th century American agnostic, soon will rest with the bcd- fes of presidents, generals and admirals in the nation's most hallowed burial p]a c «, Arlington National cemetery. Hts wife, Eva. will be interred with htm. Ingersoll, the United Press learn- - * • "•" ""'.wuiicu nitiy ^ UILU ,". , , '""fV.honors on the jwen overlooking tha Po- DOTH SENTENCE DF Wnois Hiah Court Saves Younp Murderer From Electric Chair. ' SPRINGFIELD. II!., . Apr 23 'Upj-The death sentence against "iw<rtl MrtVllllnn-s, 17-yea?-oW Rockford. 111., youth, convict^ of murdcrins a street car conductor wa s arrested by the Illinois supreme court lortnv. Tlic supreme fonrt remanded the case to the Wimnbaco county circuit court The decision wns one of 75 handed down as the court adjourned us April term. Intervention of the supreme court was youn ? McWlliinms last hot* (o f-sc-ce death, Gov.irnor Emerson had refused executive clemencv nnd all other means to avert the Otalli sentence had fail- eo. Clarence narrow. Chicago attorney now rcprescntinc the four defendants In tlie Honolulu honor slaytaff trial, argued in person before, the state board of pardons and paroles In behalf of McWill- ianis. Bassett Theft Suspects Arrested^ at Lepanto BASSETT, Ark.-Deputleji Shell Harrison of Warden and Jesse Orear of Wilson went to Lepanto Friday and arrested Clauda and Bill .leweii at the home of their mother, . • >, iw,W| They are charged with 'ente'fln? the Idaho Grocery company store lttre early In April and removing considerable merchandise. Port of the goods were'recovered. The men arc being held l n jail "t Osctola for preliminary hear"* ' '....I, , n Indicated fracture at the base of the skull could not have been caused by n bullet which entered Clark's brain. Court Awards $13,719 in Steel? Compress Suit CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo — A verdict In favor of Receiver J H McFarland for the Sl^cle Compress Co. at Stcele was returned by a jury in Federal Court at noon Friday. The Universal Insurance Co. wg s the defendant, and the verdict was for $13.710.15. The verdict Included J123.15 for delay. $1113.75 attorney's fee and Interest on the bulk amount of $12,375 since March 31, 1932. The compress fire occurred early In tlw morning ol last Nov. 4, and Mr. McFarland was appointed re» cefver for the firm In the afternoon of the same day, a few hours after the fire. Can't Sterilize Kisses Is Warning by Doctor PHILADELPHIA. April 23. (UP) —A kiss cannot be sterilized. Dr. Alexander McAtester said in urging members of a tuberculosis society not to kiss. "Women think that keeping kissable means keeping all dates and staying out late night after night." lie said. "They fall to get proacr sleep and become susceptible to tuberculosis." Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 99 1-* Anaconda Copper 5 Auburn 40 Caterpillar Trnctor .... 61-2 Chrysler 9 5-8 Cities Service 13-8 Coca Cola 96 3-8 Continental Baking .... 33-4 O*tleral Electric 14 3-8 General Motors 11 5-8 Mlddlewest Utilities 1-2 Montgomery Ward 7 1-8 New York Central .... 19 3-4 Packard 2 1-2 Radio 4 7-s . Simmons 5 Standard of N. J 20 1-2 Texas Co 11 • ii. 8. steel ; » )-8 Boy of 14 Under Arrqt^s Accomplice iii Attempted Burglary. ,.,.'"' TYRONZA. Ark., April 23.- (Ul>) -A 14-year-old youth was held'to- day In connecllon with an alleged nltempt 10 rob a.drug store.'here 'isl nlijlil in wlilch. one companion as fatally-wounded and 'another left In serloi^ condition by a EUII- shot wound -Jnfllcted by Sl.-f Snilth.- 23-ycar-old deputy sheriff, who sur-' ":i5ed WK «!l«ge(i robbers. •'-' ••>.-. Deputy Smith sijd Douglas-IIop- Bood, M, confe.«sjd'he sllpited Into the drug store and unlocked the back door for his two olicr companions "to enter. . •...,. ll ,,i. Orley Bird, 2?, nnd Tommy Boi-- Ihrg, 23, were both .shot by Smllli wlwn they attempted to run after Icing ordered to halt. Deputy Smith said ix> flrw)'' n warning shot. Bird died .som after arriving at Uaptist hospital in M»m-. phis and Bowling Ls in on.uncon-' scions condition an.-) not .-'expeeUd to live, a attendant, at t>o hospital sfllll >.'.-; ULTH! SWEDE British Paper Says Ceremony Will Take Place; in Berlin at 'Early LONDON, Apk {«.-. . (UP)— Th( naily'Mall repottw^ioitajrd'reil Oarbo. Swedish fllni star, would be marrieo; soon to Wllhdm Sorensm, son of a Stockiiolm nnancler and close friend of Prince Slgbard of Sweden. According .to tlie Dally Mall cdr- respondent »t Stockholm the wedding will be In Berlin. It, was understood Sorciuon and Prince Slg- bard arrived, in Dcirlln recently to complete arrangements for it. The Dally Mall said Miss Oarbo would leave Hollywood 'for Berlin at the end of April. She was understood lo have met Sorenson in 1928. Prince Sigbard is the second son of the Swedish crown prince. H«tljrwood Skeptical HOLLYWOOD, April 23. (UP)That Greta Oarbo, film star.! will marry Wllhelm Sorenron, son 'of a Swedish financier, was doubted today by her motion picture associates. Metro-Goldwyn - Nfayer officials said they "doubted if thorc was any truth in the reports." Miss Oarbo, wlra holds o contract with M-G-M. conlrt not be reached. Suspects in Keiser Kidnaping Are Freed OSCEOLA, Ark.-Wert Aiksn and O. K. Warnlck, alleged to have been Implicated in Ihe kidnaping of Elmer Womack, KeLscr night marshal, were released at a preliminary hearing before Justice G. L' Waddell this morning. Claude "Happy" Roach who Is said to have admitted a part In the tissault on the Ketser officer late In March anrt tlie subsequent "kidnaping 1 ' of the marshal for a few liours. was bound over to the grand jury. Roach, unable to make bond set fit $3.000, was held in Jail. New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 23. (UP)^-Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close May 595 557 593 595 July 612 615 611 614 Oct 637 639 636 fi3B Dec 653 656 651 IW5 Jan 662 663 660 6S2 Mar 678 680 076 07S Spots closed at 610. unchanssd. New NEW ORLEANS. April 23. (UP) —Cotton closed steady. Open High'LOW New Madrid County Min, Once Wealthy, Suicides SIKESTON, Mo., —The.' lifeless body.ol .Frank Albright, 05. promU nent'liildowner, Friday was .(oi'jiYd hanging In tlie family woodshed Bv his Elster. .'-.'. • .'/;; AlbH|ht had used his boil" for a' noose and h»d fastened it around-ft' rafter. He'hsd" been dead two or ,lhr«e..hours, . = ' : '. ' ; : 'i;'!.-^-: Albrljht carr^'' to this «cUpn'''t'in' or ntteen yeajj »go with a (ortune S-^ **' '>-*>V5* vljOOflW/ and rVh!&d •rarm"Tanr). beiWeerfrri'f^ and More house. . " Of recont months Albright "Had been pressed for payment' ct a loan on the property, and b;ing unable to meet the cbllEatlon he hiid worried coifStderably. An ln<jur.rt. was held by Coroner Holmnn of NeV. Mailrid coimly, Albright's farm bei'ng located two nnd a Imlr miles west" of Sikc.slon in Ihe edge of that county. . ' ' Surviving are the widow and four children, Charlei B. Albright, cashier of the, Bpnk at Msrehouse- Floyd I,. Albright, farmer:.'.Mrs. John cook, . and Mrs. William Cn:mpcclie.r cf,Morahoiije. J; '". Crisp May Enter Racer for Georpa Senate Seat AMERICUS, Ga., April 23. (UP) , —Congressman Charles A. Cii«p, Democrat, C*crgla, acting chairman of tl>e house ways and means committee, conferred here today with friends relative to his .possible candidacy to succeed the-late Senator William J. Harris. " ;'• After the conference Crisp said hs had no statement to make'fend- ing appointment of a Harris by Gov. Richard B. Russell jr., who is regarded as Crisp's most likely opixment in the impending contest. . . "' Bodenhamer No Party to Election of Stevens C. J. Little 1ms advised the Courier News that In his criticism of o L. Bodenhamer at last Tuesday night's American Lesion meotlng he did not intend th convey the impression the former national connnanc-cr of Ire Legion was in any way responsible for the elec- Hcn of the present commander. Henry L. Stevens, whose stand on payment of adjusted service certin- catas was condemned by the local post. .Mr. Little pointed out that Bo- cenhamer consistently opposed the election of Stevens, but blamed the Arkansas Legion leader for lining 'P a majority of the Arkansas delegation to tns last Legion conven- Jon i n opposition \o the cash bonus program. May July Oct. Deo. Jan. Mar. 595 612 634 650 6«1 67G 599 610 S« 656 en 679 593 610 C3-J 650 6S1 C75 Close 598 616 639 656 66( 679b WEATHER Spots closed at COS. off 3. Budapest is on bolh sides of the Danube river, Buda Is on one side (and Pwt oh the otlier. ARKANSAS - Cloudy, probably showers tonight and Suhdav. Cooler tonight. " , According to the official wtither observer. Ch»r!«« Phillips; JrV the maximum temp*r»ture here sw- Iterdav was M degrees inrt the jit'iinimim, 66 degrees, cloudy with !.02 inches or r«ln. Tod»v n year ago the nuxlrniim temperature vrai degrees and, the minimum, 44

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