The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1932
Page 7
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I. * Kixlp Ik., n«knr U !• *».•»•. ru<nii'*ii»" tf™*mr"H"n*t U-kwk l.'u",""" *" "" " ek *OW CO o.V WITH THE STOUT CHAPTEU XXI •JMIE loaves turned and It was October again, la another month Suean would be 20. When she was busy alia scarcely thought about ttie passage of time, but occasionally wlien sbo wan tired or things had cone wrong sbo besan to wonder wlilther slio was ilrlftlng. It was all very well to bo ambitious but where, nfler all. conic! sho got wi;li (his n ? .r(lcular Job? S''.i bad no special flair for the work. She, wns faitliful at routine but beyond that the business world, os Hr.y called It, disappointed her. Hose bad the right iilen. Stissa would thfnk os she passed down the aisles of a big department store. Rose had chosen to work IB a worn- tin's world. When she reached this stage In her rertcclions Susan was B0m? conscious of a sense of Panic. Sho must succeed at work because there was nothing else for her! Slio must repay Aunt Jeasi« for all «fce iia<j done. It waa only fair. It was well enough for otne'r girls to chat idly of marriago. hut that was not fcr her. Since she could not nave Ilia on» she wanted, she would not content h«r«elf with second best. Susan was passing tfie gtov; counter In a Slato street shop one day at noon hour when eha heard someone call her rmmo. The girl on the low stool held out one ncr- fectly manicured hand and said "Sorry it's the left but JOB see ltd other OD» Is busy." Susan saw. The saleswoman Was fittins a faultless, fawn-colored glove. Dsnisa Ackroyd regarded her shrewdly and as If OB aa Ira- ;PulM^,dded, "Do have lunch slth ™"you?" b»vo bought a newspaper. (tltswonmn'u nianntr »'ui deferential. "There. That'» Hint!" ••aid l)e- lilae. "Hhopplug Is a horrid l»ro, lin't II?" Sim did not seem to ro- qulro on aiiiswcr but olmttercd on lu lhal liijih luiiie'rlous toko. "I sujiposo you'ro in a bit of R rush. no you mind If wo stay right here? Tho tearoom's not bail, really." Not bad! Susan tlioiicht It liclglit of Qutct liisui-y. sho Into a chair at tlin cnudlfrllghicil tahls feel I HE uncommonly iihsbby beilde this other jlrl. Ucnlst threw a sllrer foi scarf carelessly aside and look her Yaolty kit from i mammoth tnako ekln baij. "I look a wreck," oho iioiilo.l, «. amlnlne herse'.f lu tho mirror, Susan seized this opportunity to frankly estimate her rlrnl. It naa as her rival sb* always thought of Denise. Tho other girl's cklu hr.<l a clear, sanlenla-wlilte textur*. It was almost trarnriuciuit. Her jliie browa wcro delicately archcit aud her whole faco woro customarily mi ejprcsslon of careless liisi her belongings, tha fur. the bac lie: wadded little gloves. brsalM a fceat thai was eiusiva and piijuant. Siisaa though: !: wa? ai!- mosa but wasc'i sura. Vfo'vo practloally bcim ralsi'd nho went on. "ami fnllicr, well, ho/a an phi darling, u P^l- Ills f.illter lias nlivury ex- Ptolcd 113 lo step off conio iJuy." Simn did not reuly. !!>• sumo iiilruclo elio iiinimiicil to kuei> her steady. If this noio only . over, eho thought, wildly! if ti, cr o wcio only BOIIIO (inlet, friendly Julo ivlileli slio inljjlit crcen mi.l hhlo herself, safe forever tiiuu (ho sound of tlmt clear, itrroKaiit. lor- iitlns voice. Hut slio \vns nut to let off so easily. Ucnlse ilm.| c d on. "It's not Ect'.lod, of coiiiT-.', nc- tually," she said. 'That is, tvo haven't named a dato or nnithlns Ilka Ibrit, Inn-well. I don't Us:ow. I tblnV iicrhaps I'IB too >OUP; to decide Just now." mauaeed a stltMluptd Susau (tulle. "I'm Just IS yon know." licul^e touted. "Of coi|fso I kiion mnr.t :lrls marry diirlns their llrst CL'.Ion but I c;m t nnko uji i:iy lalinl." Se.snn iiiurinnrril ponii'thini; con- ontlounl. Aftcrwanl she cunld nut -~ ' loli! what her part In MIU t»ii- C;HB felt locgiie-tled and u-on- *•' rfercd why she had conie. Why hadn't she thought of an eicuso! "What did this -irl want of l:er? lleterraincdly ebe liroagbt her st- tcr.tion back to what Deniss wus saying. "So sorry to have broken up |!-e parly that <by you and Hobby were luncliius," she Eald. Eusaa pretended not to remember. "Oh, well, ifeeo. it doesa't mat- tsr!" Denlso said sweetly. "I thought there was a chanco you niisbt be taking hiir. Eeriousiy and that would bo bad." "Would It? Vihjr Susan's voice was gravo. I)cnl«e laughed n silvery, little trickle cf amusement _ AU tciratlca had been. .,.. „„,. >-'y lo escape fi-oiii this brlijlil, ^arr.i :-obin n:nl from her toituror. J'O! courso ilora is 11,1 quesllnn ibcu: )!j!;by s ideas on the "subject." mnl Der.iGe. iirccuiug lu-rself m \ naturally aa a yiinng peacock, Slio iiito.-ri'iited hcroclf fof n uioincn; to bow pr.Ktlly to seiMial elderly women In blurk. lueceoiling In stale- . ly fashion toward « corner tublo. "UreadTnl old lions." i>(.,i| 30 ,, mr . mured. "What \vn^ 1 £-r.)-ii:g?" "Why? Sho asks rao that. 1 raised her ores in mock „„,. ment. "Sureiy you kr:ow his reuu- tatloD." '.-, Automaton^ like. "\\.\t Fain '.t,t: 0 WHS no Question about Mr. Uuiiuav'y t»el- Inge." Denlso stullpj. diverted. "Do you hoDostly call Mm tlmlT llov? fuu- ny!" sho trilled. "I tliniiKlit—tliat Is. I got tho l:ui>roMloii tlio other night you knew cnch other rather well. 1 ' Susan's noart nnaccountiblr iiecu 'llghteneil. So ItoiieK . Sutan dipped her spoon into tbe .•iniJzc-i=PS3!<im; of her! This was balm. "!la tliln!;3." cor.tlnueil Donlso spitefully. -tl,;>L you'ro smart clear soup ami f-sed her candid sazo on tho o!bcr g':~l. "I ^ aow very That's what !io s-.ild. At lensl that's ll I reiu»ail;er. 1 don't know how »'; i'o'J happ»i!c,i :o conio iulo tho con j know hov.- it :s_and ho said thai." and friendly." nan w«'. . i i. i ..... ----- SHI-.I-LU in ir.o wat aua. has a b-nb but yoa havs :? bound .to bcr wrist s :? oun .o cr know mm tiirouel: and through M| !«silu^. s i«p I Jo to-well, to appreciaio .^ • • • -^ ^- r^_ f.. . -^. - -• . ... ."OR. SALE— Potato Plants-Thous- ch sho woro by a plain, It u'aa a cluiBsy, i'. Aunt Jcssto had ands—I'orto Rico and Nancy appetite. Jail. Certified cold bed plants i2.M, 5COO and over, SI.75. Tomato, Mat Mam fat. ?OR SALE OB TRADE-Chevrolet one Ion truck. Runs good, take lutomobile, corn, hay or cash. P. O. Box ID*. 21C-K24 TOR BEST , that very most attractively. Tlic iiortlons for servins arc quite small, four tablc- tpoons bc'incj enough for each person, so a few tablespoons of materials nx?tl in combination will make enough cocktail to serve a number of persons. In making fruit cocktails, it's TOR RENT: - Nicely furnished ' cottage, four rooms and Uatli. Vacant May 1. .Call .968. L. I, Ward. . 2fl-c-k-tf , well to include one bland fruit in combination with two or more tart i ones. A dash ol lemon juir.e improves all appetizer;, fruit and FOR RENT—Five room bungalow, 605 Chickasawba. Good repair, heap-rent. Apply New York Store. 2BC-U , vegetable. Fruit cocktails gain much if mixed and placed on ice In a covered glass jar for at least four hours before serving. The iPERSONALS flavors blend, then, into a d:Jight- ful, mellow whole. Fresh ' pineapple cocktnil is par- 3NIDER METAL REPAIR SHOP Gutter ivork, ice boxes lined, awn mowers repaired and sharp- sncd. Gin work' a specialty. Phone 293-R. 323 North Sixth street 21pk26 Tomato and Celery Cwklall i -j.,.-- — ., J..H- One good sliced tomato. -I Inbkv ticnlarly good as a starter for a spoons minced celery 4 rargc'ripe, fish dinner. Mint and orange olives. 1 suggest Iamb or veal, but any plquent, well-chilled cocktail, be It , vegetable or fruit, ceptable precedin . The vegetable cocktails mubt b; crisp and well seasoned. It is best WAMIED WANTED TO EXCHANGE electric or treadle sewing macninc for car or equity in car. Singer Machine of ficc - " KITCHEN BY SISTER MARY SEA Service Writer This is the time of year when appetites need tempting and home-makers arc al?rt for simple ways to add zest lo every day tr.eals. If a hot smip fails to stimulate the appetite, try a f.-nit or vegetable combination in tho form ot a cocktail .to precede or wholly replace the soup course. These so-called cocktails serve .. two-fold purpose in that they act as appetizers as well as ndd- Ig color and elaboration to otherwise simple meals. There Is one precaution to keep In mind—do not repeal the flavor of the cocktail in sonic other course. For example, serve a fruit cocktail do not serve a fruit salad. Tlie general Nile for scrvln: cold foods thoroughly chilled •should be observed and the cocktail left on ice until the last mln- <e- . , ... Dp not 1st a fruit cocktail be too" sweet lest It' defeat Its ovn glvou lo her when sliu was i; ii|il«il fi.ii« hleli i-rlicMil. ,\t ilia Iliuo Ii had ncrfect mid do- JIUiblD. ,\-,,iv sns;in tlimrjlit It typlllc.l Nil iimi u-,,, , lllu| . nil i ,„,,,,! nud Bllilbliy In l, rr rslilv-Lf,. Jj'hu lookeil ul the liiuffcnslvo mileli nuil llllllMl It. Dcnls.i iiilslnlrrprctcil licr frrmn nnd B:I!.I. -H'« nil rlgln If > ou h :l vo to itiali. Ii nmsi. IK, |, 0 | HO n,)iia lo linvu ly live 0 || ef |, 0 ,i,,ii. um i sm,. I 10 - 0 >'"'' ' usiul to It. 1 ' Siran -;rii::ir e ,l. "Thniika lor lui:eli. It's |, r .,, ,, |CL . ncc , 1]8 y(JU „ 1'on!- ^.•ri-'.-d her. ".1-,^ om mtiiulo. l wauiod to ui=k vou If you'll Cv>i:iD out next wce!;-cti'il." USAX hoy ( , 1>| . (J10 _ Ycur'-yuii:^ nnn. I lull eve"." "Uo yen mean )),.„? JI P ',, t,. ot nilne," f a!,I Susan, hatluj; heraclf (or rlleclalnilui; him. "Oil. it-ally? I itioiujiu t!l!lt wn , Junt ono u( iboso tliluFs Well It doesn't mailer, llu',, coining.' liuy- ™y. i:.-uM K.U numnKo tlio 2 orlnek fr.-.nt Xoiilnixaterji Stotbii on Salnvil.iy.'" Knsan lics!lii|p,|. In ono wild fllKht she reviewed her v;arilrolu- Ob, tin. thin,.. u;1! , inuiousllile, of COUT30. TllCtl' \VilH ill] KC1ISO 10 It. ".Mnn:m>'» ;nvay." Dcnise. t.ab. Wed uii. "or I ivoiilib'i d.iro nsk honiii and Arnold. Shi; rails Iliciu my zon. hut I ,]„ i]i||,! ( thcy'ro fun." Sho s<?cmc:l c-ninlid nm] Innocent, but Kusaii'j susplniona wero not allayed. "I'm afraid I can't ninnage It." alio rciillcd. ".My uunl--" llenlso cut In sinoollily. "(}}, [ fnvyol to s:iy Uiat Hobby will 'l« there.^ of course." iiho imirniiirecl. SHMII'B tliouglita Tccreil. Tlio templatlon «;is cnorinona. Jur.t to sco bl.~i asalu, tn loucli bin haml null hear lila rolco uauld bo heaven. She wavered. "llo como," Dculso said. "I'll send you a lime, table. We'll probably BO on to (bo club to dnnco If tlio olil fngica aren't hogging tiiu placo na usual." .Susan cunsl-icred. In T llKiiluiiis Hash sho decided. It iniK.'u lie tier last chanto lo seo Itohcrc linforc ho married llila eonl. nrroKiinl, IHtlo bcauly. UOM .1 thlraly man rctuso water? Susan wns jiarclied and starved for n sight ot this boy. Slio at tho oilier girl. "I shoiili! lovo to come." slio salil. AVImt Dcnise'3 molivea miglit lia NOTM'K lii-ivbj' EIVCII Hint lln> I upplleil for license wiljflcnle for Mu' ojx>nUlon of mo or u .|itc],.3 f ( ,i. ii,,. ciin-yliip; u f irolslil. unilei- lliu provlsluns of Arl Nj. an ut t| 1( . Act5 ,, r loj-, ns niiifjideil by Arl No. S3 of 1023, over (In. followliiK ,pi)bllc liljjli- wnys of llils Male: Hlyh\uiy di, Mi-iiii,'.i;s toMnrloii. Illjiliu-iijr 10, Jfjitloii [o Wynne. illelnmy i, Wynne to" Korivit City. lilyhu-iiy "ii, Foiieat ally lo Mcni|iliis, Trim. ""_" . la, Jonebbui-ci to lily- Uii-vllk. uiul n-liirn. HJiJiiviiy VI). Wfiii|))ils (o West Mrni[ilil 01. West .Memphis to " f ;• M «»v.iv ltlVIH]Hll^ \\J lilythcvllle nnd liilermedlntp point! Hlghft-ny M. Memuhls'to Jones, toro nnd Intcrnieduita paints.- Case No. 933. r llil-> oppllcjtlon wilt be heard by dm Arkansas Hnllro'ad Commission at DIM A. 1 M., on the ?»th day of April. 1932, In ihc offices « the- Ailennwis TliilJroiid pomnils- slon. New BtaUj Capitol Building, Ultle Iiock, Arkansas. . . ' J. A. Cl' A safely IIIR now on the market will not tiiij i,n . lloors l)i'um.w of « rubber cusli- wlilclt llw ruu is built. Aid Mexku Made •;:>,vj'- . *.«._„„,, UUK BOA1UJUNG HOUSE EL PABO, T«x: (UP)-Don con- «|>c|a Maeces Is ready for deit'q. The 7»-yeat-oW man has purch»&- ej .his casket; crivMione ind 'burial J>!ct, atid }» keijps the gravestone; "ear Itlt , bedtkte. - . ; ' Por 20 ywjriiV'liMi .Sinews I'as jived with El Paw c'alhollc priests. "I am only being natiiral," lid siild. "Whei> I d^.evcryihiiiE will bo n«d the way I want It to be." Dan Uaeoes keeps |il s coffin In LI jnorluary across ihs street ham ' tlic Sacred Heurt rectory. . ]}! ' •••••'••f, ' mutter, anyhow. Tho main thine w.18 that sbo would aeo Hob l)uu- i'' >:;aln. ' v" 'i fto Ito C and cloy rather than whet the not >tlto ,_, As A Uusc you for Left-overs the, to combine too many materials but to limit Hie n|ipeti7cr to jtsvo or ;it tlio most three vcccia- 'blcs. Cabbage and carrot very iiicxj-cnbivi: Inn, zest fill. C'ahbuKC anil Carrnt C'ucktail Three-fourths cup llnely thi'ci rfl c;ibbnge, 3-^ nip gi'iitcd rot, 1-4 cup mincod celery, teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons ter !o (he cd&- of the luiv.ula. on juice. liouv Let cabbage stand -for one l ice water which more than covers. Dry between towels. Add cnrrots, celery, salt anrj k-mon Tomnrrmv's Menu UREAKPAST: UtapcfruSt juice cocktail Is'cereal cooked with raisins LTLMIII pleasantlyjclnniitnnn rolls, milk, c'otfcc. LUNCHEON: Data! clicrse riK- tnrd, cocoanul and Irnlt saluil wliolu wheat rolls, molasses cookies, milk, tea. Dinner: Ciibbnce nnd carrot cocktail, baked Imss wilh eg? sauce. l-Yencli fried potalocK. heat lettuce with hussinji dressing, olil- fasliionod tlrawbcrry sliorlcakc c-nr- 1-2 1cm- . , juice. Lift with a fork until thoroughly mixed. Chill well and serve garnished with threads ot green pepiwr. , will prove ac- any menu. Perl tomato and cm in slices. In the center of c.ich ]>ib a tablespoon of celery. FRECKLES AND HIS KRIENlis" olives from stones in neat lengthwise nnd arrange lhr:u 0:1 the celery radiating from (lie ccn- milk, coffee. New City a srcatev Imputation than that of nine stales combined — Wyoniinit, Delaware, KriViiiln. Ariwina, Idaho, New \tex- icn. North mkctn, Rhode Island ami South Dakota. • • "ATOJIIC ItltICK" Thr- nnitron, "aiotnlc brick" brought Into prominence by Prof. Ja.-tics Chadwick, Cambridge, Ens- land, is composed of an electron', tlu~ negative iiniliclo or unit of mailer nnd electricity, nnd a proton, a unit of positive charge. ( ^, ^ ^ Eai Oiyr AU - :DAV ' W^RlUA, -> -1ftV(M6 -10 BUV VOLJ A 'BELATfip v^EPJ> ( psese^-r, FOR WALK'IMC.-rn T PLAMK i •\ -ftliR-rw-vouR Mg ARS Aeo vjrfH-f^T / LUiUK So^i o"F MIME.'— I'M I BETSUs-r Like WE-TQ BRIMG. HOME / AU Eri&LISrJ SIDE SADPLE, OR A I PUSH-CART QT "E \^ S-i ~fi(KE. -THIS ^50 BILL BUY Ulh'Af VQLi BOOK'S AND HER BUDDIES JUST A ItKKKZE! ,IAV is INSULTED"! . SCHOOL-i TEACH t'*K 9RTAOtftX Too—SOT NOT Bv Craii- I'VE ALV/AYS VJBW6D THAT ALBERT. KNEW SOME HSLi. BS GLfiOTt> UEARkl SOM6 OP QDORSE ALBERT HAS TALEMT..-.H6S A S//AB.T D05O1E -'•' V-XJ CAW TELL 8V THE \MAV f. Ooe AdS, OR gy VJHAT H6 DOES V/HBTHER J)6 HAS A8ILITX OH (JOT... SAV.' *JO DONT W1S MAMS E, ooas Ace UK6 Atig DUMB - SOME AHE ... DO you HE HAS ISOFFEBrWS To TEACH TRICKS AMY KID'S DOS F.1E6 OP TO I"H= C _ , YOU r\e;; v. USED IM ^^toTl|Mi. OF HIS R66Rr_TV>GU-, IMPORWU, HAM6 C~ *ivt;»ct, it IS THE STUDf OF MEM, w^icice is The HM;I«CI CilFTEP MASTER.. SCHBLftRlY ResEftiRtrt « ^ NOBLE. to VEltf<M\NE'THe BtST MEANS

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