Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont on September 19, 1916 · 2
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Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont · 2

Rutland, Vermont
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1916
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RUTLAND DAILY HERALD, TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 19, 19 1 6. Crawford Ranges and Heaters If everyone knew all about stoves, Crawfords would be the only kind sold. Ask Your Friend Who Has One. We can show you why, if you come in. Cahee House Furnishing Co. BRITISHGIVEBtFAlLS BELL-ANS OF LATEST BIG DRUE Indigestion. One package proves it 25c at all druggists. Armored Cars Prove to Be qf Much Value Englands Greatest Victory. BELGIANS ENTER PROTEST. Claim Garmans Imprison Official Force $200,000,000 Loan. Washington, Sept. 18. A protest alleging that German military authorities are attempting to force a loan of $200,000,00 from Belgium banks and that M Carlier, director of the Nation- Bath Robes! --- - Are Arriving. We intend to have the BEST LINE this CaU and winter we have ever had, both In Men's and Women's Robes. 4.60 to $5.00 Robes ..$3.50 each $6.00 to $7.50 Robes $4.00 to $4.50 each Troy Shirt Store 140 WEST ST. The Little Shop Around the Comer" al Bank of Belgium, has been imprisoned because of his refusal to consent to the proposal, was filed at the state department today by the Belgian legation. Recent press reports fn Belgium contained references to such a loan and to the imprisonment of M. CarUer. The Over-Seas News agency, a semiofficial Berlin concern, however, denied there had been a seizure and declared the bank bad agreed to the loan. The arrest of M. Carlier, the agency declared, was not connected with this transaction. State department officials have not indicated that they considered the controversy one in which the United States should Intervene. Buy Your Heating Plant Now! Dont wait until Fall before figuring on your new home heating system. Get started now before the rush begins, while we have more time to study your problem. Come in and see me Today. Agent for Kelsey hot water and steam boiler and warm air generators. M. H. McLaughlin 6 Evelyn St Rutland, Vt FRIDAY AND SATURDAY MAY WARD The Dresden Doll of the Movies, in 4 Where is My Father? The Untold Secret. An adaption from the famous novel Black. The story of & dog, by Alexander Dumas, in 7 parts. This is a real treat for Rutland Theater patrons. SPECIAL MUSIC. ADMISSION 10c. WE WANT TO SELL Every Seat in the m PLAYHOUSE THURSDAY, SEPT. 21 Offering the Following Guarantee. f Rutland, Sept. 19, 19 16. To the Patrons of the Playhouse: I desire to call your especial attention to an extraordinary attraction that will appear at The Playhouse, Thursday Night, Sept. 21. It is the world famous, triple alliance of illusionists, magicians ana wonder workers, LeRoy, Talma and Bosco and their big company of 25 European entertainers. Tons upon tons of scenery, paraphernalia and properties is employed in the presentation of their remarkable performanceSj as well as 100 head of live stock, which ranges from canary birds to African lions. This unusual and very meritorious attraction was diverted to these shores by the world war. They were making a three years tour of the world. They arrived in San Francisco from the Orient last year and since that time have been appearing in the first-class theaters in the larger cities. Here is my proposition to you: If you have ever, at any time or place, seen any similar attraction that approaches the offering of LeRoy, Talma and Bosco, ox if in your opinion, you do not thoroughly enjoy yourself, I will cheerfully refund the price you paid for your tickets. This offer is made in good faith and will bo fulfilled to the letter. I cannot do any more to acquaint you with the merits of this attraction. Can you do less then attend one of their performances on my personal guarantee to you! Please make reservations at onoe and thereby obviate regrets, , The prices will range from 25c to $1. Very sincerely, THOMAS A. BOYLE, Manager The Playhouse. London, Sept 18. A British official communication Issued tonight gives a more complete account of the fighting In the Somme region of France September 15-16. It says: The attack was launched at 6.20 oclock the morning of the 15th on the front from the Leuzd wood to Pozieres. The enemys position consisted of a treble line of entrenchments connected by strong subsidiary trenches. In addition to this the enemy was holding some advanced , positions with machine guns in i trenches, works ana sheU holes be- ; hind these fortifications and at a distance of some 7000 yards from our front the enemy had recently con-1 structed and wired a fourth mine lifle of trenches in front of the Le Tran-sloy-Bapaume road. "Supported by more than 1000 guns of all calibres the hostile defense was formidable. Punctually our infantry, accompanied by heavy armored cars, moved forward to the assault close under cover of our field artillery and barrage. The front of the German line was carried everywhere except on the high ground between Ginchy and the Leuze wood and at the Foureaux wood. Neglecting these places the Infantry swept forward around them and by 10 oclock in the morning had captured the whole of the village of Flers with its strong points and advanced to a position beyond the village. . The outskirts of Martinpuich and Courcelette also were reported about the same time. The latter two villages fell in our hands in the course of the afternoon. The Northumbrian and London territorials, Scottish and English new army divisions with troops from Canada and New Zealand shar-ed with our guards the credit fm-these successes. w On our right the enemy maintained his hold on the high ground northwest of Leuze wood and our efforts to dislodge him were not successful. At the Foureaux wood, however, the enemy began to surrender when both his flanks were turned and by 11 oclock the whole wood was in our possession. Armored Car of Great Value. We thus gained not only practically the whole of the ground between the Combles valley and the River Ancre, but are well down the forward slopes. Thanks to our excellent artillery observations tnus afforded we are in a position to inflict heavy punishment on the Germans. Our armored cars gallantly led the action, knocking out hostile machine guns and inflicting heavy losses by their machine gun fire enfilading the German trenches and causing indescribable demoralization in the enemys ranks. On the night of the 15th the enemy began a counter-attack with forces hastily brought from all directions. These counter-attacks contin ied through the 16th and were all repulsed with heavy losses to the enemy. The New Zealand troops after gaining their objectives on the 15th were particularly heavily counter-attacked and not only stood their ground and punished the enemy heavily, but even made some progress. On the 16th our troops made further progress, especially in the direction of Les Boeufs. In the course of the above operations and in close connection with them the new army troops have skilfully and gallantly extended our gain south of Thiepval, seizing trenches and capturing hundreds of prisoners. The result of the fighting Is of great Importance and is probable the most effective blow which has yet been dealt the enemy by the British troops. The damage to his morale Is probably of greater consequence than the seizure of dominating positions and the capture of between 4000 and 5000 prisoners. To date since the first of July the British forces alone on the Somme battle front have met and engaged 35 German divisions of which 29 have already been defeated and withdrawn. "During the past week in the battle area only 14 hostile aeroplanes have been reported os crossing our lines while our machine have made between 2000 and 3000 flights across the enemys lines. STATE PRIMARY OFFICIAL VOTE (Special to The Herald.) Montpelier, Sept 18. The complete returns from the primaries held on September 12 have been filed in the office of the secretary of state and the result of the voting is as follows: For United States senator Republican, C. S. Page, 27,213; A. M. Fletcher, 8912; C. W. Gates. 7753; Oscar Miller, democrat, 3816. For congressmen Republican, 1st district, F. L. Greene. 19,644; second district, P. H. Dale, 16,787; democrat, 1st district, E. B. Daley, 4307; second district, G. Herbert Pape, 4049r For governor Republican, Horace F. Graham, 33,244; democrat, W. 3. Mayo, 6562. For lieutenant governor Republican, R. W. Hulburd, 16,680; J. E. Weeks, 15,759; democrat, H. C. Bishop, 6097. For state treasurer Republican, W. F. Scott, 29,891; democrat, O. E. Lace, 5867. For secretary of state Republican, G. W. Bailey, 31,627; democrat, T. B. Wright, 5953. For state auditor Republican, Thomas Gave, Jr., 14,334; Benjamin Gates, 16,595; democrat, J. C. Durlck, 5800. For attorney general Republican, H. G. Barber, 27,934; democrat, F. L. Webster, 5800. The progressive party filed Its ticket with the secretary of state. WILSON TO SPEAK SATURDAY. President Will Fire First Gun of Campaign at Shadow Lawn. New York, Sept. 18. The democratic national committee announced here tonight that President Wilson would make his first speech of the campaign at Shadow Lawn next Saturday at 3 P m. to the business men of New Jersey. Members of all chambers of commerce and business organizations of the state have been invited. The president Intends, it was said, to discuss the eight-hour railroad law. NEWS OF THE CITY. THE SHRINES OFFERINGS. Ella HaM in "Jewel Is Feature of Screen Play. At the Shrine yesterday, the feature picture appealed to the universal public taste for a real, sweet love story. It Is entitled Jewel," and shows Miss Ella Hall, something of a Broadway favorite, in a piece that not only ueld the interest closely but which at times touched the realm of pathos and sentiment with a true appeal. The 13th chapter in the Billie Buke serial, "Glorias Romance, completed an excellent program, with a cavchy vaudeville act, "The Versatile Trio, said to be fresh from the Big Time." Today, for a special attraction, the management offers A Wife's Sacrifice, for which Robert B. Mantell, the eminent dramatic actor of the metropolitan stage posed, accompanied by his stately and beautiful wife, Genevieve Hamper. Miss Hampers success as a movie star has been little short of sensational, as she has not only a fine screen sense and presence, but seems to know Instinctively the proper tempo and effect for the silent drama. This attraction, with music by Wil sonjs orchestra, will be shown today at-2:15, 7 and 8:15 p. m. TO INVENTORY CANADA'S MEN. Sir Thomas Tait to Determine Number Available for Army. Ottawa, Ont., Sept. 18. Sir. Thomas Tait of Montreal has been appointed director general of national service. He will create an organization to report on the men in Canada available for military service over-seas and these who should be iretained in Canada to preserve agricultural and industrial stability. "PURPLE LADY IN TOWN. Grand Theater Presents Clever Film Production. "The Purple Lady, shown yesterday at the Grand, introduces to the local screen world Ralph Herx, whose latest achievement on the speaking stage was in Ruggles of Red Gap. It also exploits Irene Howley, a film beauty of reputation and great popularity. The story follows the Sydney Roseb-feld story closely, and Is a somewhat daring exposition of the sharp contrast between the purposes of an uplift uncle, Silas Gilworthy, who descends into the tango world to reform it and remains to learn the figures in which the purple lady is expert. Skilfully matched in with the dashing comedy is a thrilling detective story, with a finish that is a real surprise and with enough suspense to make a crook play go alone. This detective feature is builded around a necklace of matched pearls, and the situations are tense and enthralling. Tom Moore in another of the Whos Guilty? series, entitled Weighed in the Balance, is another feature, with a clever vaudeville turn by Brown and Grue,. entitled "Crayon and Song. The program is repeated today. RAMONA AT PLAYHOUSE. Strong Bill Presented Yesterday at Playhouse. Ramona. after the purpose novel by Helen Hunt Jackson, was given a first showing at the Playhouse yesterday. This great picture is well termed the love story of all the ages, but it is more than that; It shows, with relentless fidelity, the white mans proverbial crime against the Indian, interwoven with a romance as poignant an dtraglc as it is beautiful. Accompanied by a 10-piece orchestra of women players, led by Jean Stock- the Playhouse. FIRESTONE TIRES Wonderful is the mileage at a cost, but a little more than most tires and lower than some. - i! 3 -. . - ' i Quality Service Wholesale and Retail. FRENIER AUTO CO. Service Station Garage, 100 102 104 Cleveland Avenue. Fall Models In Mens Shoes i The following makes are ready for your inspection: Nettleton, Elite, Walk-Overs, Hurleys, The Dalton and Brennan. The strongest lines in Mens Shoes on the market today. Shoe prices have advanced everywhere and are still advancing. Our line of Fall Shoes, purchased at last Springs prices. We Give You the Benefit. W. S. SMITH CO. TWO STORES 28 Merchants Row 25 Center St. BUICK In announcing its purpose years ago, the Cadillac Company said that the Cadillac car would create a new stan- When miles are measured by the gallon, Bulck gasoline economy isimmediatlly proved beyond all argument. This fuel saving with Buick power speed and flexibility, indicates a quality of building which has made the Buick car the choice of discerning buyers. FOU RS $650 $665. SIXES $985 $1020. F. O. B. Flint W. C. LANDON & CO. Evelyn Street Garage. passed, constitute an appeal as powerful in many ways as Mrs. Stowes immortal novel of slavery, while the skilfully blended in scenes of the prologue constitute a complete story in themselves, yet leading up dramatically to the story of Ramona. The entertainment begins at 2 oclock and 8 oclock, respectively, and will be repeated twice today, with all the special music. No lover of the fine and uplifting in drama, romance or worthy film achievement will willingly miss Ramona. in Washington. dard of automobile values. The very phrase itself has passed into automobile English and become a part of the language of the industry. But the Cadillac has translated the phrase into practice and made it come true in the most literal sense of the word. Draw a mental picture of all you would like your motor car to be and all the things you would like your motor car to do. We believe you will find that the Cadillac Eight will come nearer to meeting your ideal than any other car in the world. MILLER AUTO SALES CO., INC. 81-85 Willow St. Alessandro, a dian, dominatin story proper. For 10c You Can See the Best Show In Rutland At The GRAND THEATER MATINEE DAILY AT 2.30. ADMISSION 10c. THE FINEST ORCHESTRA IN NEW ENGLAND AT ALL PERFORMANCES. EVENING AT 6.308.30 ADULTS 10c. Come as Late as 9 P. M. Tonight and You See All. PROGRAM FOR TODAY ONLY Refuses ii The Purple Lady 99 An Elaborate Plcturization of Sydney Rosenfelds Stage Succe in Five Acta, Featuring Ralph Herz assisted by Irene Howley and All Star Cast. The talk of the Country the Million Dollar Face, Here Today. PARAMOUNT VAUDEVILLE BROWN AND GRUE ARTI8TS IN CRAYON AND SONG. Dont Mlaa the Million Dollar Face Today. TOM MOORE In Weighed In the Balance A Complete Story in Two Reele From the Famous Whos Guilty? Series. WED.-THUR MARGUERITE CLARK In SILK8 AND SATINS 5 Reel Paramount Also Raymond Hitchcock In The Wonderful Wager, a 5 Reel Comedy from V. L. S. E. Studios. BIG VAUDEVILLE OFFERING VIOLIN SOLO BY PROF. ALBERT SMITH. PLAY-HOUSE WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 20th ONLY YOU REMEMBER BEAUTIFUL NORMA TALMADGE In THE CHILDREN OF THE HOUSE. 8EE HER IN GOING STRAIGHT A Triangle With a Punch. ALSO WM. COLLIER, JR. Two Reel Comedy WILLIES WOBBLY WAYS. HEARST WEEKLY If There Was On Later We Would 8how It at Playhouse. VAUDEVILLE TOO MATINEE 2.15. EVENING 7-t. ALL 10c. 10c 15c. SEE THE STARS. THEY ARE WORKING FOR YOU.

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