Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 11, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1895
Page 3
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4 ts 3 o * I SOUVENIlt 1 1 , Whether Vou I !o "A S o is», fi GRAND g; Easter Saturday, April 13 and Easter Monday, April 15! Handsome Souvenir Free to Everybody. Ocr Success is assured, The demand for 0 H 0 g S O 3 1 B e £ 0 ^ 1 . • r- I YourM Rail-Road, Workingmen's Mechanics' 'and Business Hen's AND and get a handsome souvenir free we are the onlij sample Shoe 60. Liwite.i I.OIIKOIH kid Oxtord slippers. Guaranteed solid leittnur Menu liico or con«re*s nhwn, .solid as a QOp lock and worth twlcotis much «7(JV/ Infants button shoes, k'tl or patent 4 [\n ath«r. Worth 40o 1 UV leather. Worth -I0o . •orsaunretof.YoiTve paid >2.50for'eni Plcadllly <JM OO 9 I- £i<J Boys real cnir luce shoes. Wear like Iron and worth twice its much For the bust misses nr boys shoes ever QQn made. Made to spll tor $1.75 • \J<J\j Mens hand sewt-d genuine Kangaroo <J>O AQ shoes. Gnaranteed. Worth t5 <f>£i **U ClUldrcns line kid gprlnx heel shoes. AQp Patent tip. Made to sell for 75c 1UV/ Ladles undressed kid Oxford »Ilppfrs <J> A /.O In tan or black. (With silk braid S1.C8) <P i.**Q Mlews white kid slippers, silk bows and QQ n ity line. (Ladles sizes 25 cents more)... JUy Indies white or pearl washable canYa» QQo Oxtord shoes, uheap at tl-50 U\Jij Ladles line kid, fancy trimmed or d> A rjC plain, turned sole Oxford slippers (P L.\J<J Our Guarantee Goes with Every Pair! Pay no attention to Baits offered by other dealers to get you into their stores. Don't forget the dates. Saturday April 13 and Monday April 15. Day .and evening. DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL] I* It F«to1 Did you ever stop and think how -our lives are affected by some seem ingly trifling olrcumstance-P It 1 .amusing to think what might have .occurred but for some more or lo§i trifling circumstance. If the nose o •Cleopatra had been shorter the whole face of the earth would have been different. It IB said that a glass o wine too much changed the course o •French history; many persons who have carelessly picked up a scrap o literature on Dr. tfheeler'e Nerve VI tallzer. have been cured of what they .considered an Incurable 'disease by Its use. C. S. Chambers, Atlanta, 111 was a sufferer from nervous prostration. A friend, who had knowledge of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzer. gave him a small sample. Its use stirred up new hope In his mind; he used two .••full sized bottles and was cured— fate directed this wonderful medl -cine to his notice. Your fate may be urging your attention to the same remedy, if you are troubled with ner TOUS prostration, spasms, fits, sleep lessness, mental depression, exhausted vitality, despondency and genera" -debility. For sale by Ben Fisher, the Druggist. _ Revival Mervhie*. A.serles ot meetings will.. begin at te Ninth street Christian ohuroh next Frlday ; nlght.-Rev. Dr. Lucas of In- dlannpolls'has be«n secured to do the preaching. For seven years. he was pastor of the Central Christian ohuroh at Indianapolis but ii no w in Evan gellstlo work. On preaching bis farewell, strmon to his congregation, seven persons untied with the church, thus making Its membership exactly one thousand. Dr. Lucas is an able minister whom all will be dellghte* to hear. •ar? »lo« Btnlta. From a letter written by Rev. J. •Qunderman, of Dlmondale, Mich., we are permitted to make this extract: "I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. King's New Discovery, as the results were almost marvelous in the ease of my wife. While I was pastor of the Baptist ohuroh at Rives Janotlon 4he was brought down with pneumonia succeeding Ia grippe. Terrible paroxysms of coughing would last hoars with little interruption and it seemed as if she oould not survive them. A friend recommended Dr. BUng's New Discovery; it was quick In Its work and highly satisfactory in Its results." Trial bottles free at B. F. Keesllng's drug store. Regular size ir«U Cut-Alb. Zoa-Phora Is compounded solely for. diseases of-women- In iujphsre.it las no equal. , For; testimonials ;and r lvloe,--addrjMi H. G; Colman, Seora.- tary of the Zoa.Phora Medicine Company. Kalamazoo, Mlch^ or ask your druggist. Soid by B. F. Keeslinf and <Joulson*Co. : THE COMMISSIONERS NAMED. Governor Matthews Appolntu the Chlckatuanga Commission— JD. B. McCoDiiell » Jlembor. Governor Matthews yesterday announced the Chlckamauga, Battlefield Monument Commission, authorized under a law passed at the recent ses. slon appropriating |40,000 for monu. ments to mark the positions of Indiana troops, The oommiasloners serve without pay, except for expenses. Their names are as follows: Gen. Morton C. Hunter, Blooming-ton; Col. William M. Cookburn, Oakland City, Gan. James B. Carnahan, Indianapolis; Capt. Milton GarriguB, Kokomo, and Capt. Dyer B. McDonnell, Logansport, Republicans; Capt. William P. Herron, Crawfordsvllle; Capt. George H. Puntenny;Rushvllle; Capt. Milton W. Thompson, Fort Wayne; Capt. Maroellus M. Justus, Bluffton, and Col. R M. Johnson, Eikhart, Democrats. Some of these were mem. here of the commission appointed to go to the battlefield and locate the spots occupied by the Indiana regU ments. <£ ^ JBo-w'n Thin! We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward lor any case of Catartb that cannot be cured br Ball't Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY 4 CO., Props., Toledo, 0. We, the undersigned, huve known r, J. Cheney for the last 15 rears, and b«lleve : • him • perfectly honorable In all business transaction! and financially able to 'carry onfanj'obllfatlon madebr their inn. WIST & THOAX Wholomle DrajglsH, Toledo ,• O AMIMO. K.IMMAN * MARTIV, Wholesale Drag girt. Toledo, 0. ' . • . . • Ball's Catarrh Care Is taken Internally, acting directly np«n the blood and mucoot surfaces of thetyitem. FMce 7io per bottltL Sold by all T«gtlmonlftl» free: RAPIDLY BREAKING DOWN. MRS. S. BATES TELLS THE STORY OF HER SUFFERINGS. Jlow She Was Cured br Little Pellets After Physicians Hud Failed. •dd Fellow*' Anniversary . The Odd Fellows of. the city will appropriately observe the seventy- aixth Anniversary of the organization, Friday, .April' 26th. Arrangement! are now. being made for the ezercdies, which will be held at the Broadway rink. . Bllloni Coll*. Penonu who are subject to attacks of blliout; oollo will be pleaied to know that prompt relief may be had by taking Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. .It aoU quiok- ly and can always be depended <upon. In many oaiei the attack may be prevented by taking this remedy M soon ai the flrit Indication of the dlseaie appoari. 25 and 50 cent bottle* for •ale by B. F. Keeiling, Drugglit. Toi Dw't Han to-Swear Off iayi the St. Louts Journal of Agrloul« ture In an editorial about TTo-To-Bao, the famous tobacco habit cure. "We enow of .many paiei cured by No-To- Jao, one, a prominent St..Louis arch, teot. imoked and chewed tor-twenty years; two boxei cured him .10 that ivon the imell of .tobacco makei him ilok." No-to-Bao sold and guaranteed by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. No cure no pay. Book free. Sterling lemedy Co., New York or Chicago. Seth M. Vel»ey can loan you money on olty property at 6 per cent. Call and we him at 204 Fourth itre»t. Mrs. S. Bates of Cecil, 'N. J. adds her testimony to that of the thousands who have been saved from a life of suffering by Munyon'a Remedies. She said, "I had suffered greatly with, indigestion and stomach trouble. Everything I ate distressed me. I wasnerv* ous and fretful and rapidly breaking down. Physicians had failed to help me, nor did any of the many remedies I took relieve me until I began using Munyon's Dyspepsia Cure. The result was astonishing. After taking but three doses I felt greatly im. proved, and after taking one 26 o bottle I was entirely cured." Munycn's Stomach and Dyspepsia Cure cures all forms of indigestion and stomach troubles such as constipation, riling of food, distress after eating, bloating of the stomach, palpitation of the heart, abortnesi of breath and all affections of the heart cauied by Indigestion. It loothei, heals and invigorate! stomach* that have been weakened by over- eating, or where the lining has been Impaired by physio and injurious medicines. Price 25o. Munyon'i Homoeopathic Home Remedy Company of Philadelphia, put up specifics for. nearly every :dii« eaee, which are sold. by all druggists, mostly for 25 cents a bottle. ' Those who are in doubt ai to the nature Of their disease ihould address Profeaior Munjon, 1505 Arch street, Philadelphia, -giving full symptoms ol their dliease. Frofeiior :Munyon will carefully diagnose the caie and give you the benefit, "of his advice absolutely free .of all charge.. The remedlei will He sent to any address: on receipt of retail price. . 8*nd It Om of T«w«, Jacob ... Sebaitlan was, -yesterday allowed by theMayor.to havepoiBes- slon of the gambling '-apparatus '-taken Tuesday- night from- the 'room over his saloon, -on the promise .that, he would send It out of town for storage.: Frank Shepardson. an engineer on the Southern Eaolfio -Ry. , ; who . resides- at Loi Angeles,: Cal,, was troublsd with rheumatism, for.^a long time. He was treated by several phyiiolan, also. vis* Ited the Hot: Springs, but received no permanent relief .until, he used Cham berlaln's Pain Balm. He says it is.tha beiVmedlcloe-in .the world for rheumatism'. For sale by B>-F. Seesling, Druggist. . 6, V. «. K. P. Regular meeting Thursday, April 11. It is important- that every mem. her he present. . GEO. A. SCOUCFKB. Capt. Silks, silks, now is the time to get a good selection — Trade Palace. | j^ULLIVAlf'S CASE EEVEESED. T^suit of .the P. C. C. &St. L.: railway company versus William Sullivaa was reversed In the. supreme court on.Tuesday. It.will he remembered that some time ago when Sullivan was a brakeman on the Pan Handle roai he leoelved lerlous Injuries tooneof- hliarms while In the act of making a coupling at a small station on the east endiof the Chicago dtvision. He was taken to the office of -the company's surf-eon who offered to. put Sullivan under the Influence of narcotics while thelnj.uries were being-dressed. Sul. llvan'.refuied to be drugged until- the surgeon promised him that his arm would not be amputated. This prom, ise the surgeon failed to keep and when Sullivan had recovered suffic- lently he sued the company for $10, 000 damsges in the Casa circuit court and at the trial was awarded 14,500. The railroad company was not satisfied and carried the case to the higher court. Judge Jordan who decided the case reversed the verdict on the grounds that a railway company is not liable to its employes for the malpractice of its surgeon any further than its negligence in the selection of its physician and surgeon, and if the employe has the privilege of rejecting the physician that was furnished gratuitously by the company and call to his aid one of his own choice, but does not exercise this right and accepts the physician fur- .nlshed by the company, the latter will not be liable. BUSINESS OUTLOOK FOB RAILKOABS. President Chauncey M. Depew of the New York Central road, after his return to Sew York from a western trip, when interviewed about the financial prospects of western lines said: ••I found the railroad people west of Chicago rejoicing over the very, healthy revival of local business. They all thought that but for the un. preoedented and total failure of the crops, railroad earnings would now be showing a marked increase. At it is, however, not much increase can be expected bsfore next fall. .Things looked pretty badly for the farmers this spring until last week, when abundant rains came. I do not look for much improvement In railroad earnings until the next crop is marketed in the fall. With the new crop and the revival of business combined, there ia reason to expect after next September or October several years of very prosperous business for the railroads." Mr. Depew added that a slight im provement waa already noticeable in west bound railroad traffic. WABASH SUED FOR $10. 000. Mrs. Mary O'Mara on Tuesday at Lafayette sued the Wabash railway company, demanding $10,000 damages for the death of her husband Richard O'Mara, a Wabash brakeman who waa killed In this; city on Sept 4th. He was riding down a. out of oars and aU tempted to reach the ground, but In descending struck a telegraph pole and waa thrown under the wheels. He was taken to the company's hospital in Peru where he: died In a few hours. Plaintiff Is suing in behalf of the estate of which she is admlniitra- trix. ' NEW.LINE FOE INDIANA. Articles of association for the Chicago, Lake Shore & Eastern were filed at Indianapolis Tuesday with the Seo. retary of State. 'The capital stock ia given aa $500,000; Chicago capital* ists are behind the move. Ihe line which in Indiana is 92 miles long will run from Hobart, Lake county, in a weiterly direction to the Illinois State line and ultimately to Chicago. Pan Handle operator J. D. Alllaon has recovered from an attack of sickness. . Ell Stougb, Pan Handle telegraph operator at Hartadale war in the city Tuesday evening. . ;Ine supreme c-nurt-of the State of Kansas has declared the.-law- to tax railroad property higher than other property unconstitutional.. August Glosser who teoently resigned hi* position in the.Pan Handle rouod housa has gone east In- search of employment and to see the country. He Is now in Brooklyn, M. T. General foreman J. J. Hannon of the Pan Handle oar shops,- and foreman Joha Sheerfn of the paint shop, are In Altoona attending a conference of all the oar shop foremen of the Pennsylvania system. It is a remarkable fact that there has not been a wreck of any kind on the Chicago division of the Pan Handle for more than a month, the wreck crew not having been called out since March 1 sfc This Is at least partly due to the fact that the freight equipment of the Pennsylvania southwest system hai of late years been thoroughly WASHING COMPOUND THECRtATINVOrnOlt fa* S*vtHaTaitttxftntt Wmtaifr Injoxr-To HIT' 7atn.vtc.OKag 0*Hua*. NEW YORK es less to ariv v.-ashable ' It bri good points. And the minute they spy dirt they rise up and go for it. No matter what it's on—linen, laces, silk, woolens, flannel, marble, china, o-lass, wood, metal, or your own person, Pearline will get the dirt off with the least trouble and labor. It saves that ruinous wear and tear that comes from rubbing. But there's another point to think about ; more important still: Pearline is absolutely harm- substance or fabric. readier* r.r.u «,,:r.c ^-.iscPinulons procers will tell vou. FALSE—Pea-line is' never JKUV you an imitation, be honest — Not Samples! Of what you don't want but a full stock of Desirable Shoes At Wf\LKER 6c Rf\UGH Where quality is our first object at prices to make them GO. FRESH FISH! If you want a fine fresh FISH leave your order with P. W, KINNEY, -TELEPHONE, 172.- A ane variety of fresh lake fish received daily. No cold storage goods. VI e dress and deliver without extra charge. overhauled. For sometime the car repairers have been working with a full force, ten hours a day, and the oars are said to be now in better condition thin ever. Wreck foreman, John Helzner, says that this is by far the longest rest that he has had since be has been with the car, more than twenty fivo years The new book of rules on the Vandalia goes into effect May 1st. • On that date an examination will take place and such employes as are not sufficiently versed in. the regulations will not be permitted to work. Consequently all trainmen are doing their best to gain a-proficiency. What IN the Work of the Kidney* f To remove from tha blood its impurities. The products of cell wastes which have been burned up in sustaining life and giving strength to the system. Every particle of blood In the body goen through the kidneys every three minutes, and if these organs are unable to perform their work fully, sooner or later the system la poisoned. Therefore, 'San Jak" IB the Indicated blood remedy. NerrOBi Debility. Every person having nervous debility, organic weakness, or failing memory, Is entitled to sympathy of every honest person, and should have ex. tended medical aid such as it found In -San Jak." Sold by Ben Fisher, druggist. Tha HherlffBrlDIO Bait. A suit has been brought by Sheriff Homburg against D. P; Baldwin for the possession of the sheriffs deed to the Harvey farm whicb-was recently bought by Baldwin, who afterwards enjoined the payment of the check given by him in settlement. CmamberlabiV By* and Skin Olatmsal Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salf- Bheum. Scald Head. Sore Nipples, Chapped Hands. Itching Piles, Bums, Frost Bite* Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Ltoa for sale by druggists at 25 cents per box. : TO HoJuiTowvns. For potting a hone in Vfine healthy condition try Dr. CadyV Condition Powdem They tone up the system,' aid -digMtion, ctn» loss of appetite, relieve 'constipation, eorrtet kidney disorders and destroy wormay givmf oew life to an old or over-worked hone. • Zo . unto per package. Forgale bydrnggiiU. lBfat lo«tlt*llo« £•««*•«•' • We tike pleasure In recommending Chamberlain's Cough Rsmedy because it is praieed by all who try it," «ay« J. W. Cox & SOD, druggists, Mar»h« field, Oregon, No one afflicted with a throat or lung trouble can use thl« remedy without praising it. Italwayi (jivee prompt relief. It is especially valuable for colds aa it relieves the lungs, makes breathing easier and aids expectoration. A cold wil! never re. suit in pneumonia when this remedy is taken and reasonable care exercised. For sale by B. F. Knealing, Druggist. . Carp. BKL.LJIOKK, 0., Aug. 23, 1891. Barer Medicine Co., Toledo, Ohio: ' Gentlemen—Have been a sufferer with severe pain in my back for 5 . years. Used everything known -In plasters and liniments without much relief. Yesterday I had a fearful pain, when I heard of your Dr. Bayer'i Penetrating Oil. I applied it well, and I am glad to tell you that the pain . Is gone, and I feel better than I have in five yean. I hope this .awful pain Is gone forever. Yourg truly. '•' .". FRANK BAKKB. For sale at John M. Johniton'a drug itore. _ Xotlce. All persons wishing to join the Pa- oahontas degree of the Order of Bed Men will meet at Progren Hall; Thursday evening, at 7;30 p. m. A new. complete and up-to-date Hand-book of information, covering nearly 2,000 cities, towns and resorti, contained in the current Isiue of the Rand-McNally Qutde. $3 00 per year, 40c per copy. 166 Adami street, Chicago. VENO AND THE G. A. R. ' OLD IiDlB' : HoiiK, Toiwo, O., Sept. 2, '91 Barw Medicine ay.Totoao. Ohio: Gentlemen—P.ease cead us some more of your Penetrating Oil. We have used It .in .the Home on a dozen patients in various cases, and uever found -a remedy which has m«re promptly and permanently relieved or cured rheumatle pains, neuralgia and stiff joints. We cannot remain without it, and it has become the most important remedy in our dispensary. Yours truly, •-.< Miss Mnrsre CHUKCH, Chief Furte. For sale at John If. Johnston's drug store. W- J- KEBSTETTEB OF THE SOLDIERS' HOME DAYTON, 0., CURED BY TENO REMEDIES. After *'o w Yrar'»:H«fferl»K-atC«i*dft* ,' • fcy Many PhyvlelM* Wl«»«"t «l» E»Urely C«r«4 W. J. Keretettw. tttte M««arf Dialer*' Horn*. wu a terrible Roflerer for fouT««n Irom dnpep- «U, nerroajineM and liver trouble, amd wx * e*o- flrmedlnvaLU moreor Irn. tot that lengtli «_ time. Manreflorw have bew made to" cnre^Maa. but all proTad anavalllag until Vcno'a Bemcdl**-. . wen taken. He wrH«« M follows: • _~ •"I bare taken VETO'S CURATIVE 8TBDJ' Md feel beti«r ttttn 1 hatefor lour }»*r». Jlfl J>«*' / tak«D.tbe«*rernedl*9^". tlmo I »oul« not ban .txenan invatid." TticsamcUnildot tlieuiaa* • ot others all o»er America. TfteVenoB*in«<l«« are medical trlnmptu oom- Monded from formula* lecare* ID Europe, and are dlfleraot fro<n anyililo« ever offered Here, . ./ . VBNO'SCDttATIVESraCPCSOc a bottle), it a rx«m»« core for went (rtomach. djuieptU. nnt,. . kidney, blood and urinary trouble*. tleepl«UDe ' - . ,, .nwWrraoii«crBic-« 1 ci»(SOB a Botj tie), will cure tne wont sod most <Je»perstt IOTTW of rheomacism.»cUflc»,liimbico, panlj»U,. gtUL lolnti. n«aral(1a and aUaebe* aad t€im. TEfO-8 tCMfi TOXIC «0o a bottle), 115.01* and permaneDt orator tbioM and lout ttaaMM aitbma, bronchia*, nosneaeu, ind.eoaclu and colds. .• , • - T ., Sold »r Jo&hiton. Keecllnc.and Ben: Tllktcv : DnuKlia'and caamitaoa w.ear* oti»o««r refunded. , '

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