The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 22, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1932
Page 4
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K ;:, fHE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS >'•.;,,. Ml OOORUB NKWS CC., PUbLI3BSHa v.;•'••-.• C. R. BABCOCK. BJIK* > ,.'.'.. H. W. HABW>. AOrerUslng Hunger Bal* National Advertising ArkiMM DalllM, fee., New York, JtttoU, St. LbvU, £gl!u, Kansas City, LUtlt .•fleck.- f ''JPubUihcd Evuty AUurniKin txccpt Bvndiy. , . < ' Inlered a* second class matter at Ihe post -.' ' jCtfC at BlylhevllJe, Arkansas, under act C.' .-•>' Congress October 9, 1517. Served by tne Uintco Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In the city of Blyl^cvllle, ISe per rtek or 16.50 pfr year In advance. By in all within a radius of 50 miles, fj.OO pfr ytar, si 50 lor six months, 85c tor thr?e months; by mall In postal cones two to six, Inclusive, 16.50 per year, In zones scion mid eluhl, flO.OC per ycnr. payable In ailvautc, Peace and War Tucked away in an obscure position, ; a brief cabl<> dispatcli the uthiT day ; told how a Japanese troop train was • • wrecked near Harbin, Mnndium, ami ;''added that Japanese! oli'k'ers on llio ;• spot believed lluit the wreck had been '• caused by Russian partisan.-. ;,' Apparently this news item lias ddfl- ~; ut! on down the stream of linn- and J*^will be beaid I'roii) no more; bill some ^_day a seemingly unimporUuit little ~ story like that may land cm UK- I'mnl • pnge in black-face type, to ;ii-t|miiiil '"'us with the fact that Japan and li'.is- sia are to go to war. For that is the kind of situation thai now exists in (be Far li'; ten;;e, strained, capable; of buistiiu; into llarnc at any moment from the smallest spark. This business of the wrecked I mop "train might have donu it. If Hie world lias bad luck, some incident, of iio more intrinsic importance will. ;••<. \Vai\-. liflve u way of beginning over '.-minor jars of Unit kind. It- may seem '^absurd to think of Russia and Japnu : flying at one another 'because a railway train, went into a ditch; but all the great'"nations of Use earth went into n, death grapple in 1910 because a lialt'-balccd student killed an Austrian jn-iiK-c, and the American Civil War- got under. way because the federal government tried to send supplies to a fort on the South Carolina coast. ..The point to all of this i.-:: that war.-?, never cumessuddcnly. Through many •yours (hey buili! (lu-nisclvcs up. 'rhuiY -.causes are piled 'up liku some tremendously powerful but reJalively inert explosive, which can IK: set nil by ihe j-concitssi"!! of a tiny fulminate of nicr- : cury : (ietoiuitin-. A pistol shot O r a .train wreck can be Lhnt detonator. Work ./or peace, then, if it is to di~ any good, mu.4 begin long before the crucial moment of accident, {irriws. It must begin when there seems to be no danger of war. If—to l lc plain about it—a terrible war in the Orient i.-i to be averted, the great powers must at once work for peace a lot banter than they Slave yet shown any signs of doing. —LSruco Cation. COURIER NEWS • Another Norris Rcforn SciiRlov George \V. Norris pnl , through Congress two ini|iHrt;mt ;iml si/act :-.ciil;n- re for n is lliis yw -- lln: OUT OUR WAY lame thick iinionilrminl ami the l;iw reforming tlie nso of injunction laws. Now liu is pushing still another ro- fonn, which i- j.'ically nrak'd IniL which hides Die i-lcmonls of ixjpnliir Hpiwul thai tin; ollKT two had. The new aw. is a move ID :;.'privo (lie fi'dfral courts of juri'iiii-liuii over nilirh IHjtfalioll \vl;ir!) fin.-r.-; H'llWJ pliiiiitid' and ilclVinlaiil in ;: i-ivil action livi! in two (liU'rivm slates. Tluit sounds c'xi'i-stuvrly iiiiiiiti' iiitf, |>u-)ia| ,i. Hut il i.-; iinp'.'i'liint. A 1,'ival i-oriioi'iitinii. for in Iniii-c, ol'lrii im-oi porali'ii in a state oilier tlian I he inn; in wlnVli il docs its luisiiiosK, i-o thai il can lliruw litigalinn into tin- fulcra! c-oui'lx. Since- federal conrl litigation is expensive thi.s given ihe corporation an ininu'ns(> advtinlagu when the ordinary cili/.en In-Jngs a legal action il. Senator Noiri.-.' bill (Ic'scrvc.s [o pass. The First 1'lyc.r The ivjiulilic of Unr/il is aljonl to build a monument to one liarlliolnniLMi t'usinao; and if you don'l know who hi; was, you may |e;ini now that he built an.!, apparently, (lew ;ui airplane up- urirds of a century ago. Long before the Wright brothers were.- born CUSDJIK; cousfrticled |[j s (lying inaehiiie; and contemporary records imliciitu that he actually succeeded in getting olf the ground with il. A moiumu'iil, in that case, is no more than INK due. And that brings up ;m interesting 1'i'ini. Jt is not enough, in' this worid, I') invent a naiv way of doing Ihings; you must persuade your fellows to follow in your footsteps. This Cusmao completely failed to do. The YVrighl brothers, coming much laler, .succeeds:!; and no matter vvhnl mnnumenU are buiil, Ibcy are (he ones history will always credit with the real cuiuniesl of the air. Cicri-sy Wnshiiislon was Ihe l;r:,l amiMn- iMiuij- iviiy.i (lie mast .su ci -i»iui bnslnrs; man "f Ins tlin,::i. Ui> loll a furtum- 0 [ sr.OD.oao, immense (or limi.'B. -Professor Alton Uilflini'll l[:i,(, li;sUri;ili. Aloays hi; jioiilp lo ycnin;; nubnlli 1 :;; yen nrvi-r know hue, they ulll turn out. n y ln ..... lst kick tonu'body. kit-k the old. — O;-«v;;i- Ut-rnani Shaw. Ycnlli is (lie |ii, u . time fin- ivllo-tlni;. • cpcru stiir. fcr loving. AK<- is tlie Gcvaldlne I-'anar, -land I il:n't believe thai in our country UK-IT is yroal dan:-,i-r lhat men who haiv clioM-n tiie imlilary |>rj/r.v.: ul , nill gi-t us into iiiioihei war. --Dr. li.iymund C. Knux. ch:ijila:n cf Cuhiinbl.i. » t * The Soviet sovcriiiniiu does not intend to war with any nation. Its people are liied of It; leaders talk iscace. —Thoma.s f). Cauiiibell. ajjikiiUni-al ,s[>ccUili:;t. lorinerly in Unssu. * * *. The dcir.nnslraicil incapaeity ol tiic Driiiu;rati; !>aity to riilt- the i-cimlrv will tic one or t-he Hc- liwhliran asu-t:. in (he coinlmj c:nii|:ai^u. —Uoliy Curtis Ctoim. sisU'i- of Vice Pu.>,:li-:;t Cuit is. By Williams MO-MO: l .. Go OUT -TILL SHt MS- IVY Trtutt-AFuL. WA V / . GO OOT ., COME ooT AM' OPEM TH' GARAGE OCOR , \wiUL I STRUT ALOMft- VMVTH OME. I'LL OPEM IT ! I'LL DO Ti-\e VMHOX-t :i SJDEGLANCES ; By George Clark _FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1932 "Dal warden i-omcs around lu-n- ;t doztn times a day, (impIainiiiK about his wife and stomach. I'm getlin' sick Here's What to Do Jf Your Child Catches the Measles lir I)K. MOHRIS Eilllni, Jciirnai. of the American Av.ui'inlinn, .ind ef Hy- fii'ia, (he Health Magazine '.'.• M, lliis.ijason of Uic year nuasli^' :i -usiiiilfy I'pklehiii- in Ec-vi-rnr part's 1 Hie Unlu-cl Slules. Aiiiiinri:i;>.s in Hie Nc«- York State Joini-iineiil ol llciillh !«•! thut cf- Mls .^liuiil.l IK eonmiirisle.l nul In nlile rUU'injjIs to j;t:iin|i cut Hie iseasc entirely. b;a on incaiis tp rcvcnt la!iili(ie.s from tr.^- itiscasc niiif tin- fn-fl nvc yi-jirs of lif ; .5 Seventy-five jicr CL-nl nl all dcaltiS oin inc;islrs occur in children ,..' r ei' tlnce ycai-s of ;u;e. ami 90 ji?*' cut in vliiliiren nmlcr five years r ;ine. In fuel, If a ciilUI contract^ ie:iLle.s L'L-foie il is/one year o!d, lie rii:inc-c u! dying is 50 titiuK rcatvr llinn an ulUick of ineaslrs ii i-liild between live :ui-J is [\ii.s jf aye. li.s i-iiie of mtality sradnnlly iiiiflu-s ii-oin one year anwauls, u l.'iit al t\vo years the cliancc Is Ilini-s grcatfr, and bolwci-n t^o ncl three years of n s c nine (inif.-; rcaU'i- Itinn tlie chanuc of dyin? if iris.s.'e.'; is ccntmclc:! al 10 'Oyrars f :ifi.\ When ineasie.s apiivars in n CIMM- ninily. |x)r?nLs should be iv.irncd f Ihe (ian»ci- iincl (old lo IK cxcccil- ..; Ingly careful auout liavhig their children come In contact with those >vlth the disease. It is important, of course, Uiat every case b: rc- ix)rtod at once lo the health departinenl: uy ths physidaii so that proper mensures may be token. It is only through tile constant and accurate reporting of disease thai prevention is possible. It is important that every chil;l with measles be kepi in n scpnrale I room and isolated from contact : with all other children until the j disease has passed and thcro is no •longer any danger of infecting'aii- olricr child. • All- ixutnls must be" -warnstl promptly to guard (heir chlllrsn against contracting measjcs by keeping them from conlact with children who have the disease cr from the brothers or sisters of the child who has the ilisease. If a child five years of age or under develops fevsr, vomiting, running of the nose, and the typical measles eruption, it, should to put to bed Imirsdiatcly. a physician should be called at once, nnd the cniia should U; kept strictly isolated until the diagnosis is certain, or until the diagnosis has made certain that the condition is not measles or until the child has recovered fully from Us illness GERMANS RF,rill,Si:i> On April 22, 1918, fighting/of great Intensity broke cut 'aeain be- '.ween the British and ihe German .roops opposing each other on the jys sector. German attacks, in Die naln, were repulsed. Reports that mi early peace wwild )e signed bclwecn Rumania nnd he central powers were current in wstcru Kurope. Rumania had been irtually a non-conibatanl S'IIICL- Russia's collapse. Guatemala announced I'.'.al it considered itself in the s:unc ixr>i- ion n sllie United States In tiie rar. This amounted to a virtual lectaratton of war on Germany and her allies. German losses since the begin- ling of the war were-placed at 4,- 56.0CO men by Karl Bliebireu, Ger- imn military statistician. This ri!;- nc was more tlian double the cored amount, according to allied BEHIND THE SCENES IN" 11Y UOOXKY M'.A Srrvii-c Writer ' WASllINCiTON.— Tlie !|Dcia!:st any, which reia-cscnls your only :tape if yon can't jjcl yourself o vtit;' for Hepnhllcans or ix>ii'o- nn. b-lievcs it h:is a splendid ippcrtnniiy in Oils election yrar . many IKVSOIIS are i!is- atir.fird with (lie old system nnd he olti imhtician::. progrrsslves convinced (hat he is somewhat progressive to ararl that. So he will have the two major parties fighting without nny gesture toward 'nalive American radicalism such as we had in 1912. Says OW Jii; h rip "Even Alfalfa Hills program except for standing on his head .... <.- . .. •-,- i' s an ^ c ho of Populism ,i m | jjrynii liu- f>r>ciahsls do nnl exprtt lo .in Ihe last century fieri a prcsitoil. They alsn :c -1 "Our Socialist job is 1 0 S cl the Ihcw limes cf strew farmers ,thc hand workers ami [".my vo;ers into comiilctc Uic brain workers to realize lhal aiiiM-rvalism, as in lh l: laM nnl-' the old jiff Ts up. We want a peaceful change krausc thi country is sa Renrcd (lint if wi have to copy Russia we will havi far worse time than she ttirt. "With 2W corporations con trolling aboul 50 per cent of you hope (or a prafc So- ialiM voli- in Nnvcmbcr and exec(. al their parly convention In Milwaukee Iwyiimhi!; May 2(1. (o >!:in :i:i orpnulzation canii»l«n which a ill include Intensive- r[- ovts L:i fi-r;aiii congressional dis- Iriri'i <..' Wisconsin, NVr.v York and ri-nnsylvanla, where there Is ie^ c .on:il)!p hnpo of electing Socialist congressmen. ThniiMs Seeks Sew System • •N'onnnn Thomas. oUts'.aiulms irier of (he par(y. who proiubly wiH be its presidential candidate . in this' year, thinks tlie cap- linli'.tic svMrm is riyinsr and thai no .satisfactory economic plan can t-.o Jimil npiin Uic "wreckage." If h wide acceptance of Uial fact eau he- i;niird. lip says, there .v ill l>c more chance (or a pra'C- ful. einEcrly (ransition (o a \\i-.v; wealth, we already have collectivism, but il • isn't intelligent or workable. "Socialists would socially the key industries—public utilities and Itviv- never hns IKOII s'.irh n v.plri* :-nise of fiitihly of Ihe major panics." 'lliomas said m an intcnic-.v here. "And nivir sucl' an oovions lack o[ a rironp. pip- nliir leader — even of a popular stuffed shlrl. Hoover will be rc- noinliiiitcd to a chorus of faint damns—some not FO faun. The nearer Governor Roosevelt comes lo nomination Uie worse he looks Nobody loves or h.ites him; I'-.j; air ji:..t lakinj hini. "t ic? no chance of a thirc' party to make a last ttai-.d for the capitalistic, system. Roosevelt la* er.cuf.:; of..the ^c.f.>lha t«r= Announcements The Courier Wews nas Been au thorlzcd to announce the follow in? candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August 9. Kor rroxcmlin; Attorney DENVER L. DUDLEY S. L. GLADISH IRc-election) For Coontj Jndrc ZAL B. HARRISON ((or 2nd term) For Shcrlft nOI.AND CRKEN CLARKNCE H. WILSON Treasurer W. W. HOLLlPBTEn (for 2nd term) CircniJ Coart Clerk R. L. "BILLY" GAINE5 (tor 2nd term} Cwntjr *ni Profit W. 51. "DOC" S MRS. JOHN LONG MISS CAREY WOODD011N FLEEMAN* 5ior 8. DTLLAHDN-n- !IC , r Iraiisporisitlon, principal natural Resources such as coal, oil, copiier and Iron and ihe banking system i Thqse Industries should be seif- JowiKd b^ groups of workers and cotuujjiers, subject to. the , general «tr»le|y of an economic planning board, producing for aw Instead of proflt. 3ocl»lb:»ilun would make th« government hold tlj-jm us a trustee for society and get riit of Private landlordism of land by In- tellijent taxation. It would make •n equality of classes, would save- Ihe farmer tjy gowrimicnt mar- ketlne auenclcs and export-Import, control uml would wipe out (ha favored iw.sitlon of a jntaorily vMcli ha» to mismanaged thing; lhat it now imnules In its boats We will have socialization wl:cn wo free ourselves from (he hypnotic power of lint minority. C'oJMfKnute—Not i "Socialists eencraily ..„_ . thtr compensate than confiscate ' Confiscation is an old capitalist I trtclc—as In the 18th amendment nnd abolition of slavery. ModernU- comjieiisalion would be followed by high Income anil inheritance taxation on wealth. "The first step is lo get an organization of the workers. Nearly alt of us are workers. The present process squeezes down men who thought tlv>.y were in ihe middle class. There Is Irememlous oliloonlent. Ev'cryouc. everywhere Is cussing. would ra in "But there Is no match for it a spontaneous capacity to or- giinine. f.Vindnrdizution has deprived AmejIfniK of the capacity to organize locally. Nevertheless, Interest has iucratscd vastly: oui ~iKKtings have a surprisingly larje ittemlance nnd we ho|>e to have . vigorous organization campaign this year and through the four years to follow. THIS CURIOUS WORLD .. ALSO, «jr f \OO.oo ZMRANlfe ecoo BEHAVIOR. , W«SN , HE MOST INDORSED/ Aid7rUSl He HAS Been Tfe toCLDS 5MALL6ST ...ANIMAL... , ifS Nest AT SiRO K6 V (He soiPoFA»exi«>... Plcuromonas Jaciilans. the world's smallest animal, has a diameter only about one-tenth tUc diamefw of an average human hair It lives m ditches aM ^te. II the pcol dries up. the tiny animal rolls ,, v fhlo a ball and waits until more water falls, or a wind blows it awiv to anolher .puddle. Plcuromonas talonjs to the group of animals known as protozoa, anil has existed since the dawn of life TciIB can reach home from (jreat distances, over land tint is absolutely barren or BUidias marks. On Bird Key. where great numbers gather during the nesting season, a tern ca n pick out her own e 3 g3, or chicks, from many thousands of others that look exactly alike. ^TOMORROW: 1[ow rt id IH-fittinff clothes save Andrew Jackson's lifer World War Air Ace New Jerusalem Y.M.C.A. Head NEW YORK i UP) — Waldo H. Heinnchr;, American air ace. -tnown ns the "luckiest man in the Wcvlii War." and newly appointed sencra'l secretary of Hie Jerusalem Yciini; McnV. Christian Association, is en route to Palestine ID lake rh.'irgi- of the W. SI. C. A.'s newest building in foreign fields —a million dollar moUerri plant. statistics, and observers in France ind Engiaud were at a loss to im- lersland it. I'ermancnl losses, according to 3mnau casualty liits, were not more llian 1,700.000. -.(-lilch leads to on the highway Jaffa Gate. Upon arrival, llcinrichs' Tirol task will be to make preparations fcr the official opening next fail ol (lit; ljuilding, and lo direct a program which serves 20 nation- alitlrs and adherents of three laiths — Christian. Jeiitoh and Mohammedan. K'cimich served nviiise^i lieutenant in Hit: Q5th Squadron. Tlis experiences him the Croi* de Guerre Palm from. Marshal Pefain. Kve bars to his Victory, Medal, an3 four citations. - : " as Aero wen with CLASSIFIED ADS GET THE RESULTS Go window-shopping in your easy chair Relax for a moment and turn the pages of your newspaper. Let the advertisements help you to make your shopping plans. Do you need a dress, or a coat, or a hat? Perhaps a new blanket for a guest-room, some curtain material, or even a few new pots arid pans for the kitchen? Of course, there are many things you want and need but you may be letting many of them wait until you see in a store or a window exactly what you have in mind, at an especially alluring price. / Those are the very things you will find in advertisements. Attractive articles, new and improved ones, prices that make quick action an economy. T h i n k CftMkx* now many steps it can save you to hunt out these things, and find them, in comfort at home! If a special opportunity is offered, you'll know about it in time. When new articles are announced, you c?.n have them before they are the least bit out of date. And you can save hours of waiting and asking, miles of steps—and money too! These are but a few of the ways the advertisements in your newspapers can serve you. If you read them every day, you arc sure to grow wise in the ways of purchasing... .and saving.

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