The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1932
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 21, 1932 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS GIRL SCOUT BETTY Spring Gardening B ? Montfort Amory Frisky, the pup, coiKrlfHitcs IHs moM soknin attention as Ik-lty and -Mary Inaugurate Hie Srst day of N«. IkKial Garden \Vetk by starting work lu Uiclr Girl scout ganku. "You m»y Mfth m, but you must not t^och," warns Ucuj, is Frisky, alert and full of plum vt iiia own, stands by, It* glrto tutvtac font, Frtakjr pmr«Hl« to do • UtUo planting (or hluueU. JIM tlw IIK* Cor • am baue. "If* • rood thtaf for yon to Animal* Week'," cays In time lo oaldb tbe thli tt alao >Be KM Betty, who returned JmM • iTot» Friakjp !• UM act, CONMCTf/r _ BRIDGE BY WM. E. McKENNEY htcretary, An»ncan Bridge LMJUC Detroit has Okl Man Degression on the run today in the manufacture of 1U three jiew lon'-priccd automobiles. Tiie automobile capital produces expert bridge players as well as cars. Here is an interesting hand played for a grand 1 slam at Detroit: *A-K-S-2 VK-10-5 4A-Q-J-2 *10-6 4.1-1 0-9 V2 410-86-5-4- 3 *K-9-3 NORTH jg •? !>«*[«• SOUTH AQ VA-Q-J-9.8-7-4 • None *A-Q-J-7-5 A 8-7-6. 4-3 ¥6-3 * K-9-7 303 The niddiiif South liic dealer oiieiicd t'.'.c biri- ""iuff with oii3 heart. West passed and .North bid one spade. .North and South were using the one over one, therefore even though North tas four quick tricks lie docs not heed to make .1 jump force as his bid of one spade .forces partner to bid again. East passes and now South, to assure the bidding being kept open, made a jump shift force of three clubs. This forcing bid re- iliiires that the biiding be kept (]{)en -until a game goinj; contract is arrived at. It differs from the one over one force which makes no promise for game. In reply to the three cluta, North went to four no trump to show a powerful hand. South responded with five hearts and now with Aorth's hand, knowing that partner has bid and re-bid hearts, and after a jump shifi force you cannot blame North for jumping right into a Brand slam at hearts. The Way West has the opening lead Th- only suit not bid by North and South is diamonds, but West realized that North is well prepared for a diamond icad or he would not •-ave bid the grand slam. To open trump might allow the declarer to establish one of his long suits before East and West eon do any c-nmagc. As North had bid spades West decided to lead through Norths strength and led the jack of spades which the declarer won with the queen. The declarer tan see that he is lacking in re-entries in dummy and fhould therefore play the ace of •Hearts from his own hand instead of leading a small heart to dummy. Ino small heart should be the next play and West. thinking there maybe some kind of a squeeze in the hand, decides to show his partner the king of clubs by discarding the nine of clubs. The declarer wins the trick in dummy with the ten ot hearts. The nine of clubs informs <!e- •larer that a club finesse would fail. There is only one chance—as long as lie knows that West holds tec king or clubs, why not play for the king of dlnmoii5s in the East hand Declarer plays the ace of diamonds from dummy and discards a club. He then leads the queen of diamonds. When East refases to cover, tire declarer lias to take a gamble, and discards the seven of clubs from his own hand. Of course, if West held both kings, the declarer's ^contract would be defeated. You can now see that the declarer can discard the other two clubs on the ace and king of spades and .lie has made tits contract of a grand slam. The hand was playei at rubber bridge, therefore South scored 1000 points for bidding and making the grand slam as his side was not vulnerable, and his side now became vulnerable. (Copyright, 1832, NEA Service, Inc.) Ekron News Notes .\frs. Earl Slmneyfelt and. baby of Half Moon were guests of Mrs. John Holland Monday. Mrs. Floyd Densmore of Number 20 was the guest of Mrs. Charley Nichols Friday night and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Conlcy of Number 16 6were guests of Tom Hart and family Saturday night. Mrs. Porter Smith spent last Thursday and Friday at Dell with friends. Miss Albie Ryan of Number 29 was the guest of Miss Elizabeth Jordan Friday afternoon. Olcn Cox of Armorel was the yuest ol Miss Elizabeth Jordan Saturday. Onley Stone ajid family were the For lazy liTer.jtomacri and kidneyj, biliousness, indigestion, constipation, head- aerie, colds and fever. 10*f and 35ff at dealers. - , give yu eaace. '7 think Dr. Miles;' Nervine is the best nerve ' made. Dr. Miles' Nervine was the cine on the shell or in the pret put me on my feet." J. M. , Q/iiij •' J. M. Foster 1^ T OR. MILES' NERVINE - 1 - 1 ^ LIQUID Kitchen Cabinets I Gilchrist - Burdctlc Miss Frances Crosston of .Manila and .Mr. Jimmy Quails of Bur- delte were married Saturday night! at the home of Mrs. Coleman. They spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. j. M. Quarles. The ball game at Sandy Ridge wmday was postponed on account of rain. ^ Misses Mabel Tomblln LotiiM 2'nne and Julia Coleman spent Sunday with the Quails sisters. Ar »old Springer and Grovcr Por';'" ca ' Icrt at the Quails home Sunday afternoon. Miw Julia Coleman entertained mentis at a party Saturday night. wrs. Mamie Evans and family M wiles visited Mr. and Mrs. Itu- fc=rl Corart Sunday The Hurdclte Junior high school •'il -n CT Ul ° lrack »n«cl ^ "ly- thcvilb Thiirsrlay. Mr. an<i M rs . OC[o M ^ of L)]x _ ora spent Ihc weekend with Mr. and Mrs. It. Ci . Brnwlcy '' 1 BraWlCy 1s Sick (1lls Mr, and Mrs. Lawlcr of Blyllic- yltle were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Roark Saturday evc- Lafayette Quarles Is vislllni? his. brother. Oblc Quartos, In Memphis. Pcgsy SHliinan of Uixora spoilt the Mck end at tl?o home of Mr and Mrs. Hubert Payne. Reid Courier News Want Ads Beautiful New Finishes in Enamel - Green i Ivory Molded Green Oak This is the first time in our history wc cou ]d O ffcr a first class Kilchen Cabinet in the latest enameled finishes for less lhan §20. Don't Miss This Special Solid Car Load To Pick From Come in and make your selection' Terms if Wanted at $24.50, $4.00 Down-Si per Week guests of D. E. Brans and family Sunday. Tile Bee. Caldwell of Armorel was yuest In lire D. F. Mohan home Saturday night. A dunce was enjoyed at the Ben Powers liome Friday night. Head Courier News Want Ads Kittens Bern In Pipt BAJNBRIDOE, Go,, (UP)—Three newborn kittens found In tho plpo organ of Jewl«h »yn»goguc here promptly were named Abraham Isnnc, and Jacob. Read Courier News Want Ads Cruy CryiUl*, a Mineral , Bring* a Great Health Rewrt (• YMT Thousands «ch year Journey to Mineral w«lte nalwl S.lh.e Alkaline Mineral Waler, re Jlo") « ft to normal and promptly bringing themselves to hnlth Here In America, those of m who have neltlwr he opportunity and with to »o to Mineral benefit, of the Cra*y Water treatment In o« r „ YOU T Uke ""* AUncraI w ' fer « loss of lime, without the vast expense, of travel. Art yoie.!* S. Rogers, to explain the benefits of tills wonderful water tmtraantT 1 1 sunr(;rln « »" h rheumatism, kidney trouble, dUtetif c r5S 7 * ny kln<1 0( 5tonuch dlwrt « v n , ln your °*' n drinkln « * tl "- ««t fundM Y l * ktng j lhe nrat "ox. vow w°nty w ill be funded. You alone being the judge. Mr$. Seppk Rodg en, Authorized Dealer For DlythevlJie and Vicinity, Has Headquarters at Lutes Grocery and Meat Market 122 W. Main si., Blytheville , . ALL MAIL ORDEpS PROMPTLY FILLED reeze through traffic with the new TEXACO FIRE CHIEF GASOLINE Sh rieking sirens-th e roar O f a powerful engine-a red streak flashes by and she's on her way! There's power for you-real honest-to-goodness power-the kind of power you'd like to have right under your own accelerator! Today you can have it. Not the fire engine, of course, nor the siren, nor (he bell—but the very same power- gasoline which surpasses Federal specifications for use in U. S. Govern- mcnt emergency equipment. Here's what Uncle Sam uses this type of gasoline for .; ."ambulances, fire-<rnginesandemergency vehicles." "What the Government uses for emer- THE TEXAS COMPANY gcncy equipment—you can now have for your own evcry-day use at no, txtra trice. Texaco Fire-Chjef Gasoline is an anti-knock gasoline with an Octane Rating that is outstanding. And remember Texaco Fire-Chie? plus Ethyl equals Texaco-Ethyl, now more than ever the leading premium gasoline. • Texaco Petroleum Products -- -^_«_^_ The U. S. Government specifies for- its emergency .use " . . . t |r*de of aotor foci whith • titible for •mlfclncn, irt-i^tcn, equipment." Exeiptfroo FcJcr.I P™pUrt W-U-371 Developed for fire engines TUNEINOM CD WYtM, wrf | yours at no extra price F. B. JOYNER, Agent MAIN SERVICE STATION PHONE 558 W. J. WUNDERLICH PHONE 711

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