The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1932
Page 4
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I fJkGK KHJ* '-•- <•-—~-n-.- ~i^a> COURIER NEWS COrona KKWB CC., PUBU3SUER8 O. R. BABCOOK. EdUor H. W. HAPO'r AaverHilng Hucager «ot» National St. R«p:es«iuiires' joe, New York, Chicago, Sfcllu, Kinsw cily. Lit lit ; Publiiiwc Evecy Except Si'iiri»y. M Kcona class mutter at tlio post •IBIoe »t Blytliovllle. ArUiwas, under act o 4 Congrui October t, 1917, Served by trie Omtea Press K/ITES . By carrier In tlie city o( Blyfievlllc. IBc per ««k or 1650 p»r year In advance. By maU wlUilu a radius ot 50 wiles, $3,00 per jrsar, $160 {or si* montlu, 65c lor three months; by mall In postal zones two to E|X, inclusive, • »8.50 per year, In zunus seven and eight, f 10.00 per year, payable lu advuucO, J Conscience In Public Life '„ , Rcccully the niauaxinu Time, iit'ier •';_' -'prniiini? Coi)«i-cssnian l,ii Ciuarilisi for his four-Hue, energy and ability, .said -fliat his chief weakness "is (hat lu; has no responsibility except to himself and his own coiwciencu." That brought comment, from renti- ers who wanted to liijow why Uiu pusses-ion of a conscience and the ability to rely upon it WHS' to he reKanleii ___ weakness. -"• Time replied that l,a Cnm-tluus consistent ivai.sjil ( 0 subordinate his individual judgment, to t hi« iJ.irLy's ; leadership, or lo obey Die (iidafc.s of liii coiistituenls, lenileil to render any ell'orts on his part luwiird positive Jejjislfllive achievement ineffective. •Tiie answer is probably corrcei. Tho man who will .play ball with the politicians and espouse the popular causes no . doubt improves his ability to line up his ,fellow congressmen on ijuc'.-'lions in which he is particularly 'ink-rested. But does hu serve his country as •;. -well us. the man who acknowledges " ^resijuiisibilily only to'.his own con- 1 /science.?.. The.answer to thai, of cnur.-e, ilu- pcnils pretty much on the tjiiality ol' the particular congressman's brain, as well as Dial uf his'conscience. H, may be said, however, that lliusio who- follow "party leaders" usually follow men whose chief, interest is in ^ViKrpetualaijj; their own .p:>wer ; . while • tvtli'6=e Who'"1ieep their-cars' to (he •C'trround for tin- KeiiHmetil of Hie folks _,'back home are lilcely in many instances • "••-•to lake dictation oi 1 people who don't ;.;.Hnow _ \vlial is HOW! for themselves, V;tp say nolhiinj of what is best for the ^United Slates of America. v.;-. In actual practice other methods may -,;woi-k better, but the highest concep- ., tion of representative jj-ovcnnnoiit calls '••for the election by (ho people; of the .'., ablest and nio;t honorable ot their '; '--number to act, /or Iliein as his judgment; and conscience may dictate in •- the state or national legislative body -to wiiicli ho is sent. •_-. • It is iiossiblc that a return to such ~a theory of eovermnent, wliu-j, seems --.plainly what the founders of Ibis I-country had in m hu], would cm-oimi K o ~more of our "ablc-t and most honorable" men to cnlcr public lil'e. Such men are unwilling to put aside their own convictions .to obey the dictates of professional politicians or to follow OUT OUR WAY every shift in public sL>ntinit>nt, ;uul Jifiiee arts found in place's ol' public responsibility ICFS often that the welfare of the country ret|iiircs. -) COURIER.NEWS An Amazing Record Ik-ports filed with the Inl.-r.ilale Commerce f'ominis-ion iwnlly show Duct American railroads made ;i truly iiniii/iiur fn \^ y m . (l ,. ( | - m t |,,, | lall ,. ]);il ... titliim of passengers dunnu' In the entire year, only four passengers were killed mid <!!):! were injured. ('(insiilerinjf the mnnber of i^-uplt! carried on Ainericiin trains ninmally, liiis represenls a wifely record of ,ar- ju'isinjf .excellence. One wreck can easily destroy a dozen lives and injure H .scBi-c of. people. 'J'}u! 1MI jici is easily the best American have, ever made. Smi.h's Fine Suggestion Whatever yon m a y think of the "Iher points in Alfred K. Smith's Jef- (er.son Day bamjnel address, (Here is one point at which yon will probably admit thiit I lie former govei-nov hit (lie luiil right on tlie l:e;ni. That wa.i in his plea for short, and in- klligiljle party platl'oims. J''or ail the~ ini|ioi-liince that politic- ii'"s usually attach I,, (be writing of I he platforn^it is doubtful if (h L - douu- mi=nl, after it is linally wrilteu and accepted, make.-, a great deal ,,f dillei-- cnco to tlie average voU.r. This is partly because the emphasis nowadays is more on candidales than on platforms; but it is ;ilso itarlly no ordinary citizen ever reads the .platform in its entirely, or takes times to jxjwte'j- wliiil i( means. • '''here is really, as .\|r. Smith s'ay.s, no reason why :t plidform cannot he Klwrl and (o the point, ;i document, lhat can be read llmnigh in ;, C0 iinlo of minute-. To bring about that reform would | )t . ifl imjn-ove vastly our political inaeliinery. Let's hope both major parties see the point. The ouW.iimlliiB (lisaiMi-a «I Aniorit.-;. l.s I!,P un- Hciiltliy anil Iiitk-cna limisiiv,- ,„„! sinniivy ciimlll!t> lis _ 0 r „„, M ,, nl , nlll | , |]il|ly of o||r ]!O|IK , S Tlicic m-u WHIciis of cl<-JI,, r -.s , TOri |, ol - .:„,,„„_ fi'lt-Miniiurlliis uitil lirolU;il>!, : prjjct-i^ nl am- tlial nivitli approv;!! :inil (I-.,. ,mpm sl; to i:t;t under wny. -Vrancls U>D Slnnrl. rx- VicMcM, AiiH-flruu StK-loly of Civil Kii-iHccrs. * + * Pi-fsidcnl Koiivcr h;is iiuiit-uriiti'd n prcvvam »i> i-fTiclcnl :in>l su vital (!,;,! n. ,,| (lllc : ,ia, 1(l ,, as a ni?inari:il HUI r ,,l y [0 him l>iu ; ,Uj to llic ivlKlo iM|;;tb!t.- ol -Enu>;t Hit: navy. <il (he iniblic iriiii-lt chose ;i m:tn uccoiiipllshlns Ibis Miijx-iKloiii disk. 'L- Juhnvkv. as6lsl:iiu sccivlary ol TlKTC is otic ihliijj ,Mr, siiinlcy B.ilil in iTiniiioii wllli i, M>lniiw. nntl ti, a t btllt smoke Inn-tsiiiUly. — I5nvkl Llov-u Wai 1 litno jjriaic minister of Hiigliintl." » * * Woniptt a, v nvi-ii. Til(> oncs j mcl Ul land were swt-ll. Tin. 01100 I inn);c pit-tine;, in Hcllywr.^l r.iv -veil. _G;iry Coo::n IH r.cicr. n has they By Williams «TL, \ PUT OM HIC, HERE AFTER .i MO HtuP To AFTER VOO GiT 'EM . 1 HAFTA VOU OUT OF 'EM 1 IW^— Rooscvett in St. Paul Hits BackTTSmith THUr^DAY,_APRIL_21,Jl932 - THIS CURIOUS WORLD - I6O WMDCRSBW AND USSO .lflHO Do NOT (T TH5R MiniMBnohs, nation.! Democratic coininHtc'cwoman. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark before, It is presented for cxecu- , live consociation. This (orraal- | Ity was ctititcly tlis|ienscd with, ;slioivl»s that (he bill, no matter jwhiit it cotitaincd, suited the will of the Governor. It is now the voters turn to sprnk, and from all indications he has not lost his voice. A Barrel Cactus, four and a Half feet High, aml »• foot tt ». .wmctcr. vvi.1 weigh about.'™ pounds,- about 3TO . s, aou 3TO n wind. B waler. »lc... U ,, uas | lo desert Hfc, have died of tW«t hal[ o r w „ ' Wrtlwul its spiny armor Bllt iLscU ns ""inviting M would have vanisted from (he "' C e van desert lon B ago, a victim of thirsty birds and anitrals TOMOHROW: What is the world's animal? ".Jiimcs Henry .luninr! What will your father s;iv if ! IdM-m; he ,s just mtsling hfs money, sending yi u to Too Many Good Men in Race for Arkansas Governorship 1!V ,\. \V. VAKKI-: I.iltlp Kot-k, Ark. With :i field cluttered v.-illi ml rr-.i contesting Tor gubernatorial knnnis, cacti inlcnt, j n his own way. upon .'itrihiiig (l-.c fcllt-ml feet of the -. Ilio sltncklt-.s thai bind, it w.v :fin;ii::s tor the "machinf 1 to a candidate to conrcnlr,ite ipo:i with a minority thai can u? .nlkf-ncc-d. and with' a Hare of niiii]ic!.s endeavor to walk sreay wilh Die noniinntlon. Tlii s iin] C ; ord as to wliat sort ol a bill he favored, but subsequent developments more effectively card-Indexed him than if he l,ad MMn^s- cd Mn Assembly on tlie subject After the House had jockicd a bill until it allayed the fears of the anli-admniistration majority it was shot through to (he Senate. There the anticipated opposition bora me conspicious by its absence. The natural objectors turned de, fenders, taking the -niliiUivc in Ipas-sins the bill. The 'whole, thins AMKKICAN'S CONTINUK KATTLK On April 21. lOia. inlensv fi-jhi- ing between American and Orrman troops in thj hule village cf Seich- epry continued, with tie tl. S. soldiers rclaking the last of their out- pnsls still iieid by tiic Gennnns. Total Ic.-ses lt> American forces involved were esliinntcd at not more than COO, despite nearly 30 liui:rs fflglitlnj and 'intervals c! hand-to-hand combat. German troops eiigasc:! in tlie tttlack on Hie villagj and l':e cub- «f|iicnt Iisl!(iu E were cstiiualod at more than 5000. British troops on tlie Lys front improved their p-_v;i(icns by coitn- ter-.-itlacfcs after they had repulsed several German assuults. Newly organized Armenian troops retook t] ls c ity of Van frc-n the Turks.after liarrl fi g litin s Tne War Department in Washington Announced thai, vmcrni new units of American (roap.-, wrc rendy for action on (lie western front. The total available American force there was estimated ai approximately 250,000. C'ollcclctl Coucar ISounlr EUGENE. Ore. (UP>-nir'ry C. Hayes. Imntcr-lrappsr, received a S1H bounty iiayuicnt. In his jiac!- were 10 cougar > hides and seven bobcats. mat!:rofciirotirncing enough cc»d :w;ls so dcclrtetlly out ot pocket It. nii|. r ihc- rare, and b-.tvmi them mach that it left cvoryonc n bit uncertain of Jusl where he stood. Ma- •j.v- .... luiui mi: ii],tci.tne Oll'x)- "•"• *" j.i^t ^m,- "ition. has become Arkansas' cii!"f I cllinc Members had prepared llirnl sixir!. and it will again b?i amendments, but the "big boss." ccKiful tni 1 ?"^ the candlthtcs!"" 1 ' 11 ? »t case upon a couch in ln»c-.!-.rr nnrt climinnte three! ll!V cloakroom, while satellites rMis of iho<o now in the race.! B«nrded the doorways to s,cc thai t!ie vnlim; pnMlc do.-s II fori n " ^nown friends be present by !i>l:rlii\rr till save n'l: • iu, '.<,]ilitteis." niitl throwing n united viri-nrt ( 0 this of proven champion l noa- the ]»ople o ore in a mood to voting, directed that they not !>•? offered. The hnntifiil of consistent antis in vain callrl lUlrnltou I to the fact that the hiil ditl not [ pledge the "faith and integrity of ' the Stntc," was offering iwoplc a niias »rc in a mood to r'oan • «>»'«:, .100 uneiuig iwopic a miss. Irom cellar to cnrrM The'" 000 " 1 ' mort S n Be who already had io!cr.5 want men in office \vho vin-" rirs '' nnti thRt ""' m ' a5 «re was make an l;t«\rM effort to p:n' a ; so «lra»-,, thnt the "Park Hill" check on oxlravapaner, and n '"'"cndment could be eliminated by ' ' rlicck on oxli-nv.ipancr, and .•-lop to exploitation nf tbr Amendment . tlio courts and leave iiiMi'y in iltt- cnif-'of n'j|5_ I Practically the -sains lit ini;irovrnie:it.i thiit scivc oiily' "machine" first to t-iirirli a rhoscn few. Tl-.r 10- fiiuMin-.; inraMire of Hie rr-r-nl niml in (lie raimnlcn. nnrl all nn- nocnrcd car.tlid.-ttrs raprc-ss s;r.pi- cion ,-,.-, ; u its real ]>urpof iiy Hie time (lie c.impnign eels hat 11^ bill as Hie liroporji. Hncl the titit-er thmcs ceased the pa^.-ngc of tli» bin. u w re not so mccli unrasinrss concerning it. Tlie llon^ nc- came alarmed anrt wiiisln lo take R look at its civile), only lo find , . :•-; -,- —o" «.c-is nat that Ilic. bill had been surrentt- n,s o. kinky hcnrts will be stick- tlotisly removed fro:n the House Inc a'oovc the vvooSpllc. [flies, nnd More it co'ild ba en H,-°M' ? : 'n il bC r r ° mcs ™rfcyl-1rolled by authorized cici'ss cxe- rier,: thaMI- rcfimdin- mM.vivc'cullvc approval ,v as pimi by nf- vi<-ic;ry for (hi- "maciiiiie"'fixing the Governor's siznalure to Kfforis ,o f.noke the cov-jtlic bill. Ci:«o:nary pros' side-tracked by the!long. hand, and Ihc «i'iiiM?r« nf b:« active minority In the the President of he s"na e and He was nwr put pn rec- SJxaker of th« House Announcements The Courier rreiva nas •ocen authorized to announce the following candklaclcs, subject, to the Democratic primary, Aujun 9. For Trosccutins Attorney DENVER L. DUDLliY S. L. GLADTSH (nc-elcc(ion) For Connty Jad^e ZAL B. HARRISON' (for 2nd term) For Sheriff KOLAND GREEN CLARENCE It. WII.SON C'oqnty Treasurer W. W. HOLLII'ETEB (for 2nd term) Circuit Court Clerk R. L. "BILLY" GAINE? (for 2nd term) Counlj and Probate Clerk W. H. "DOC" SCARBORO MRS. JOHN LONG (Re-e)ec(lon) MISS CAREY WOODBURN' PRED FLEEMAN For Connly Assessor JOB S. DILLAHUNTY t( or 2nd term) Spain Plans to Make Old Archives Available MrtOKfD rui'i-Ninnei-ous liis- toncal tlocnmcnls, which have been liidtlen in Spnuisli arclilvc-s for over four centtnie:;, soon will he :mti!ab/2 for study. liccntise Spain was under Moorish domination for a Ion? lime and of its importance in the col-' cni/ntion uf America, these two aspects of Us Insiory will Vj c pal .. ticulnrly emphasized. At Sevilia a "Ccnlffr of Ilisuano - AWrican Studies" lias been created, and at Granada there shortly will begin functioning the "Center of Oriental Studies." Granada has a wealth , of material for tlw study of "MOOI-- | Mi culture in Spain, and S-viila j lias in the Archives of the Indies no Ics^ tlian -lo.oao - btmdles of original documents dealing ' with tilt- discovery and settlement of America. To house the Center ot Hisrinno- American Studies in llin Andnlu- fiian capital, the governments of (Chile, Unicuay and Mexico have ! ceded the pavilions of thoir rc- .spective countries, constrticted for : thn Ibero-American Exposition of LOOK... ONE TREAD UNDER ANOTHER Sweet Cream Hotter 30c I,b. Bennett's Pasteurized Miik 10c Ql. Delivered Phone 7-1 Bulgarian BuKcimilk 15c Qt. Go to Church Sunday A ID the holes malce po «ible for the first trnie a tire that is anti-skid right down to the last mile—a tire that never wears smooth. The picture tells the story. Far-thicker, tread, far greater mileage, greater safety be. cause the holes carry off the tire-destroying heati 5>ee this great tire at our,store. 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