The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1932
Page 5
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APRIL 10, 1932 BLYTHBVIM.B. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS r*o «nls a word far first Iniertlon and one cent • weird 'or well subsequent ln»mJoo No BctvertlKmcnt Uken lor MM n 60c. count the worOi and Phone 306 K. - i'OK SALE FOR SALE—rianllng seed, Stonc- villc No. 1. Bee Monk Mallhcws, Yaibro Gin. 18C-K21 FOtt SALE—Haby chicks. Part cash, pay balance In fryers. Marilyn llalchery, lilytlieville, Aik. 21cU FOR SAL,E—Men's Half Holes, 50c and Men's Hubber Heels anil Leather Heels, 40c. Progressive Slio 0 Shop, 103 Soulli Second Strecl IJIyllicvlllc. 8P-K23 BY MABELMcELLIOTT Hi:GIV HKKE TODAY 8LI.VIX TAMUY, If. flfttf >n« • II orpka,, || >rl «,Mk krr AU.Vr JKSSli: In Ckkmica >Nl Ink.-. . •rirrrlnrlftl iruurkc mt » tfownffmn hilHllicx* Hchuol. There iihf mrvlH Jli)ll i;t'.MIAII. kr^r la a furfutTe. FOH KALE—Cafe on Highway fit. coiner location, good investment. Box am, CrawforOsvlllc. Ark. 15C-K23 REST FOIt KENT: — Nicely furnished cotlaye, four rooms :uul bath. Vacant May I, Cull DCS. L. L. Ward. 20-c-k-lf yon UENT—Five room bunaalow, (JOj Chickiisawba. Good retrair, cluap rent. Apply New York Store. PERSONAL \yj-S CHOP Y.OANS—We arc ill i»- sitlon co advance Afjricnlliirn! Production Credit to Fanners in this Scclion. Live Stock Finance Corporation.'Office in Cliamljcr of Commerce, Cily Knll,' Blylhcvlllc. 19C-K.21 FKKSH IllVEU CAT FISH EVERY DAY Jinimit- O'lJricn's Cafe 105 S. 2nd St. Phone 211 SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson 391-303 E. Main Tlio Offices of DR. FRED CHILD, DR. L. H. MOORE, DR. H. A. TAYLOR tnry i. l:ilNr>T 111) ATI I. iir.kl- Irvt. JACK WAIII.MI, H<-«lh'» n>. Ht«lant, trim tu alarl n JUrlnilun, hu< U rrlmMcil. 5llt!». llli.V'Lll Kiililt\ SUMtui. I1K.\ l,.i>Il'.U.\.\. n online KiHklHMN, inkrN SimnM In n hliiJJo parly liul Khr il(M>>« Mot enjoy ll. lluubnr (nkr» krr tn lunvk :ind ir-ll* hrr hr U K^|RK nbronrf. SitsnuV nuul dciinrlft on n \lnll mi. I HUSK MM.'IIIN .1:11. ullk aa- 1.111. J.ui.rly, fhL> |;lrl tltGr* for a tlrlir ulik \\'*rlnu nnA HAY ri.A.VM^IIV, FBI|>li»<-i In Ike Br« "Mi-.-. \Vnrlnir kl»»r» her untS *he ri-kuUm c-vrr «v KU **Hk klni n^itln. llrti IjiiMpMMH a»k» NU«NM It* ninrr> klnt .Lt4 »llt Mai ttrce|*i krr refu«:il MM llHnl. WarlHK Nutiln- tUf>. lu, I.U rn.lUUk l,r!,:,.lur. In M NftMipriiii.r ci<9i»l|i rnluinn, Su*:in ri-niN cbnt Hull Dtlnbnr )• lit hr liuurlrit. Slic iturkn nvertlmr •! Ilii> iilfirr .lit- ultkt B»d llelilk fur (hi> [Ir^l (line rrullzri krr r*uth mill lir:iii». SOW <;» 1IX WITH TUB STO11Y CilAl'TIJIt XIX W/11KX Susan nll|;iitcil from the trala at the suLinrbaii station sii2 lool:cil about (or Mr. Heath's man, Simon. Ills &LnULn£, black face Siavc her a lie.irlcnl»t; sense of briiiH at honie lu atl this in- tinililiitlnt; Ejileinlnr. A lialtcry of smart motors were drawn up In n circlo and Uio hluli, shrill voices of yoiniB Birls ami miitrnus wearing j liQvfcct stiort clothes iderccd the.' l-'rhhiy lunnilng cnltn. "N'o wonder," thought Susan, "this piivcicular section of the I.-iljcj Mich];;ull !>hori$ is called thi3 'tiuld' Cuaiit.'" Kvery one teemed fabulously rii'h. There was an air of luxury about tho IIOIIKCS which they liasscd, Siuiou drivhiK slowly anil carefully ilnwn a Krcat avunua lined ivilli liecch trees at the end a[| vlilch could he seen the shining hlile ot llu lake. Susan was disappointed when SiiLion turned off this road and followed a countrl- licd-looklng tiy-pntli. She had hoped the Ilcat'- home would UG on tho very fringe of tlic lake. Thai ivould hiivo been perfect Hut presently sho forgot her illsapiwlnlniont In the liciiit;* of lltGroad they were Iraversini;. ft misht have been the very thick of tto north woods. Whito hirches leaned out like ghostly lignres, birds sang gaily and tlio young pine trees left '"i is, MlBSj" he iiKi'eed, lie \vay tooling Iho car carefully tlirmiKh a narrow hiuo, avoldlns tlio Eharp brancliea that reached out anil might have scratched Ilia glimy surface. Susan loaned haclt agaluiit tho cushions and sl,;!ml. u'oYor cuulil Mr, Hciith le.ivo llils nuliee- each morning and come Inlu town to tho soot and smuk;? ninl notEO lint niailo L'liii'a^c'.i loop? Men wero slraiiKC. If she lived in imcli .1 iihice filie knew she ivould never, miver leave II. Tliera was n gleam of while Mirnugh an iniiliMali of i>li:t! trees ami Hlniun ninilo u nnigiiiUccnt sv.-ccii Into n circular drive. Tho huuae, cujn- lilclcly hidden from Iho road. B|iraiiK Inlo view. H was a long, low aliair o( whitewashed Inh'l; with u roof of black slate. The hlimls wcro Mi:e. There was ahout It an «lr at coul, dli'armiuj; simplicity. Susan, her heart boating r.-iniilly. nliclitcil. Slnwii dr.ivo slowly away lo somo retreat nf his oivu. 't'hus abaudoik'd, Ihere was iiDlliln;: for Susan soiinil the knocker. lo do Imt lo This she did. The miild who admitted her,was In pale Mi'cen. Kile had a rosy, ttn- passive face and cockney accent. '•Yea. Miss, l-'rom tho h'oirice. Miss? Mr. Heath is exiiccllns you," • • • QHB Ifil Susan Into a rncm niineJIed In aofl. oil] woi>d. I'ut. line down her dispatch i-ato ll:o yirl loukud shyly around her. There were steps In the hall and thuii R hlur of the mald'K voice how ilo you do." Susan faced Mrs. llealh, cooi and arro- j H»''osc. Sho had lo nliandon t!il:i lino of liuMltht wlili alacrity when her cm- 1'loycr entered llio rouni. Ho lookoil 111. Siioan fell a iwlngo of nutter- n:il concern. They but dov.-n uftcr a Inialness-llUo Ki'celliii;, SIICLIII at Iho uaken lablo and the. man lu the l)ig clialr. . Shi' liml laken off hov hat ami thK jacket of hM- serge Kill!, iiiiran foijjul hiTsolf uml !:cr ronudEn!^ As tliu wtirhcd. The man cinighfd oncu or twice, liaishly and de-ply, and cho lo-.iki :| u;i "Ari'ii't yon thvu? IVriiaiid we ^iht lo t ; loji iiov, 1 .'* Heath frowned. "1 waiu lo.i;cl this off my inlud,' 1 \Vln-si at last they hnd RnlBlicd Iho firl slimied her lunk and \ms b.iclc Inlo Ilir^ illsfattti cuse anil sulil shyly, "ll'.i so hoanllful hero 1 womler you evor leave." Heath's eyes llglil«l, "Von likj il?" She. had (oiiclicd im his ono hobby. "1 wonder If yon have llnio to neo the garden?" lie s:iiil t-atjerly. "0( cuurgo it's not at Us Liest now hut (hero are still some rosua and of tlio 2linii;ts — '* CUSAX iniLi'inurcd fiiinlly Ihal s ° tliou?lit olio should catch the 11:10 train. Simon had said soun.thlci: nljonl hrliLKini: the cararounit fur hi-r then. Tim familiar musk KlllH'fil down oueo moro ovei Krncbt lli-atb'.s face. Of course, he (hoiifihl, this girl wasn't IndM-cutcd in his garden. Ncilhsr was Uutl:. Slio hiilc.l talk of dpliiiiiiiiuin am! cosmos uml tull|i hr.'A Ituth lhou;;lit ll was sliirty li:int: tlu-re. Shu would havo lire (erred a villa In the uoulli of Knmcc. «"t rai:n M fJCA tfWKt IHC. ,(.;ij, (1 vuscj ,. n ,l 8 , lnlu ll nijiiniH. Hurry!" I uilfa my luilnV" Ku--;in il,.|!Blito<l y,t fwrtiil. hit .if II." llraili n-in i !.<,i. illdiHlli' i-ulf. ".Slinmi niriii'ij with thu ut .m'i \IMI, my hulv llu|i n ami liavu Iho i':n;lii.> -n no ilmo will Im | ( i,t." il.-: i a B I lui TIKATll went slowly Imcli ii|i thn L r tain. Ho fat at HIM uliulnw hi' fjuul in fawii'Colureit twecu. "Good morning." Tho brisk, superior voice on. "Mr. Heath will bo ilow: di- redly. I'm very much annoyed at his working at all and (lie doctor forbade it. Hut he Inslsls. lie has a very tad Ihroat." She gave Iho impression thai tho enllre affair was Susan's fault. "I'm sorry." There seemed to ! nothing else for Susan lo say. -Mrs. Heath's nod disused o[ the Kirl onco and for all. Her larye. disdainful eyes llickereil a moment as If lu faint amusement. Then sho.was gone. Susan feaeiv c.\aclly ho\v a microba must feel when ob- u: sorry you haven't time, to sec 11," ho s;iid formally. "Sonm other ilay. jierhaps." Ilo wa-i amazed :il lln> light that glowed In the KiiTfi Iambi'!!', eyes. "Oh. I Khmild love il," sho said eagerly. "I'vo ahv.iys hived llowers so niudi l.iil we have such a tiny back yard nud It's too ahady for anything to grow except a low violets lu Ihe sin-ing. Nolliing," she finished softly, "could bo rnore wonderful Ilian lo have 11 home like of hl-i iliv-slm; ci'iild Kllm|,::<i i!,,. i,]n«. u,;lor of ttlili h Kiicaii hail dn'iiutcd. lldciw him ihu lavii i.|ii|ii<d, a cll]>|icil. fir.-i-n lulnich'. la dm vi'^rlaliln Kiirili-i! 1:111! llm [<-i\nl.i co,irt:i ln>- ynu.l. Ui> rc:,|.-d hia bend on hl.i liaml and slj:!iul. \ViiinK-i-Jiil In hi> y.Minr; Ill<i! tin; slrl who had just left, ho r.!- fti'i tnl. llov, 1 the i-nior Imi] cmno and I-IIIIK In l» r t-|,viili:i when i-hn Bliul.u <if lhi> liiin-vrti! llciw IIIM- i') i'.' hail tilowod. Ilu lili'd lo reim mlini- wln-n. If ever. tlilni;:i liail M-:.'liicd a:l llll|>iirhliil lo him n.i Iht-y siii'iiicil In (III, cli||,|.' u wris ycuith, lu< Kiiptinscil. thai eu- vi;li>|ii'il evrryUilllir with Ihal In- cn-illlily i-nfy Jhnmnir. It .never ciiino unaln, om-o yon }a~i It. Tin';] he ivnniliMvil if il vt-ru ims- slhl'i l:i ii'.-ni:lnre It In some m.-aa. HIT. ihniUKh Hie i-yca oC ni-.nlhur. Tlial Kir!.. Tor liiHtnm\>. I-'m 1 it UMllH-nt, hli<Ml :.ho K;inl;r' of l!ii) Miudi'ii. hu hi'il felt lilmoat llnuri'd. IV'rhnim ir ho ami Itiilh hnd liail !l rldljl tlll;i:;a n-iililrl hiivfl licen dirfu-enl. Tlmi was Uio way u ma iulit live nvtiiin—Iliriiu^li ilia chlhlieil. Anothei 1 sl,qli escaped him. Ile-illi .foil old,' which wan nl«ird Ici-amo he van only -15 and a mini 6C that aso \a Hleavy Wheat Movement Reported in Kansas WICHITA, Kan. (l)P)~An im- luiially heavy movement of nlienl ior April was pointed onl by mr T. Klucalil, slate sr.iln IIUIKCI- or, while hero on a. business trip. lie iiltilbnled Hie imivcinciil to it 1 piojcck'd distribution ol -II).000,000 LusluMs of wheat liy tlu jOivrinneiH for relief iiurpikses. Itunsus, llio main whcul ."laie ol sunlliwst, naturally would tje Kroily iiliccU'd by such phns, !:s uildcd. One elevator In Wk-hli:i Ir^lp.l c:iu 19 curs of wliciil In n day, tin liMlwltT said, e\i>lalnliii; sin-li activity lit tlit; SLMSJ Ini 1 buyout! the cmUnavy. Minute Mea's Bell that «:!.-> ills To Ring Out Agaa LEXINGTON, Mass. tUI>)~ An aimm iiuiiln will ring oul oil llils I'atrlol'.i D.iy from Jlelfry Hill, wlwc hung tlio tell lhat warned Hie Minute Mi'ii n[ (lie approach «I Uio UiKlBli "lied Coals" 1» '75. Tlio orlulniil alimn lower, <lc- Mroyed by » jjalo In ItfOO, was reproduced 11 your luler, mil lias been without a bell, lint llullle c. lilnkc, fcimcr .wleclimin. jjuvc (lie town a toll once iisnl lo summon xluves lo v.'wk on a Southern plantation. II ue sounded lor Ihu ii feature of today's 1933 't's lo.iy cclubrallon. T* Stoke POTTSVILLB. Ps. (UP)-Tn* Anthracite '.Institute Laboratory. : i» working on a "cellar robot" to make coal "more automatic" according to uiiuHineenKiit hero. .. Tile laboratory.- located nt Primes, Delaware County, within a "Ijigle y«ar tested .about- 150 pieces or c<n:ipinciit used in consumption of antluadt*. ' - Tlio study of the elimination of manual labor lu the usage of coal la now centered In a stoker which will feed n continuous trickle of coal u> tlic furnace from convenient storage lioptKrs and will r«- Ihls and lo bu able to aliiy in It." Ho Klarnl at her. "You really feel Unit?" lie said Incredulously". Snsrm notified. "1 envy you,' 1 she paid "It must Lo UIIK wretched Ilii," lie ..- .".' f.:;;L .• . ' Tliero was sonu'thins about Kusan direy iHnt sol -Her miart from HID criiwil. Heiitli dltln't i|iiitu ArJ'.DURlrJa Sc,Mt£. WOULD WAShl CLKAR LQOKlMG A 13IS U1AWE. I SAW A QOLt> v.'ilh knnw wliuL it was. Why lint) Itiilli disliked her mi, lio wondered'( ajSiircly nho waa too iiiiliniwrlniil BOOTS AKI) HER BUDDIES SOJMKTll.NK MQ»K TO WORRY AHOUT! Uy Martii simplicity which hail truth. Simon came In tlic door of Uio :t microscope-. Mrs. lo mean aiiytiiins In Unlli'n lil'o. Heath slijIuHl anaiu ami trldl to sutllu himself for tlio rest Iho needles wliern tho srass would not Heath's glancii so readiiy grow. Site gasped for sheer pleas- aware of tho darn in her stocking are. "But Simon, this Is beautiful! and tho fact that her blouse w;is ary mid [iniintnu-cil Ih doctor, hiul nnlerod but somehow "Women like that." Ihon ready la talto .Mica Carey to the slccjt ivonld not come. Tlio jicarl-tialc face hadn't eipcctei anything halt EO Susan holly and resentfully, "what Sho could seo hia What do they do denly galvanized into life. him i ni'ul lilu - '• -j-n; •\ Conlluueil) eyes rolling delightedly at lax | n itt return for all the luxuries that Will Be Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. "Tell Hannah to cul somo flowers SNIDEB METAL REPAIR SHOP Gutter work, ice boxes lined, lawn mowers repaired and sharpened. Gin work a six-'cialty. Plioni' 293-R. 323 North Sixth street 21pk2G Machine Gun Stops Miners in Coal Wa Call Phone No. 243 for INSURANCE SERVICE We Write: Burglary (Residence & Mer- cuntilo Safe) Insurance, Health & Accident, Aulomu- bile Liability, Plate Glass. und all lines of casualty and bonds. I . Sell real estate, and service rental property. WANTED TO EXCHANGE elcciric or cituity in car. Singer Machine of- or treadle sewing mac,iine for car fice. i ... CLASSIFIED ADS W. M. BURNS COM PANY, INC. 601M6 TO UE.NS. GET THK RBSULTS - TH/S CU0OUS WORLD Machine gunners from a battalion of the 115th Jnt ::n'ry, Ohio National maichin-; column of striking miners at Aticua, nca;- c.idi7. O.. wlu-n- riotina. Troops were ordered o;il after county oiricial s had l;ecn stoned. the American Has met Hie national guardsmen hul halted Gccdycar company, v.hcn tlrey encomitered the nu diine 31:11. Blrikers returning to work. Ciiiard. arc siiowu coii[ronthi u ' •ee were kille:! in :M hours PI A pnrade [if ElrikiiiE miner. 1 , cai the Komcrs inlnr, o.un-ii hy lh are tryin- to keep mincis fro. ST. LOUIS. tUP)— Friends were ; Wiloerl ivas fi!p-j ;nriiriscd when the" will ol Clurbi | an citale of $7n.00li. ailhoni.ii lobacca ro:n|).iiiy slock. J ; RKI:KI,KS AND nus \ TO TEACM A DOG Tb WLx- EiECT, VJ,^ STAW3 l-il.'A IKJ A CCKUEK OH US HIWO FEET AJ4D V.'.'.O mt,\ A MIUUTES, THEM GIVE T& PAT TMAT HE tll^ES... V-CLL-, JU.'.'-EO t-IXES /AEAT 3ETTSS 7 I'LL TBACH FBgCXVSS 7 !3GP£f.T THAT FOR A VJE AMD \& MULL U5UAU.V STAUO MVfAT ARE too ODIlJC HEBE^TAS DP HE'D TEACH i POODLC TRrcltS JUMBO.'.' KO\W TQ TSACH A LOT / OP TRICKS TO BOIM (, DOSS... MOW LISTED FBECXLES HED TEACH SoaK woes THICKS THAT, HOLD A PIECE OF we AT HIS HEAD AMD TfiLl- MIM Tt> Cowe_Voi;?, cos WAS eXVrtNEO ANO CONT/(IM FlrTVffPARRoW I Oi)TSICe 60ROER. tx WASH TUHlte M «oazv. ViOT Wt 010 TOO. I'U. tlXE To TAKE 2EJW OLT. Teddy bear lojs flrsl made their appearance while Roosevelt was president am] , V crc given their name in his honor. For child's playroom was complete without regard the little bears as lucky omens. Harry Pigeon, tiring of routine life, built a 34-foot, yawl .started out lo fee (ho world. First he made a Irial irip from Angeles to lh c Hawaiian islands, and back. On Nov. 18, 1921, again headed the small craft out into lhc Pacific, and it was until three years, eleven months ,and thirteen days later that lie chorcd in Lcs Angeles once more. He had DCCII around ttie won? and had Iraveled 35,000 miles. During one stretch of the Journej Pldgcon did nol touch land Ior eighty-five aays. The actual satllni time was less tnan a year.

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