Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont on March 17, 1909 · 3
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Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont · 3

Rutland, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1909
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RUTLAND DAILY HERALD. WEDNESDAY HORNING. MAROl 17. 1909. RANBAZZIO PAYS THE PENALTY, 'in D Macfe of 1 - 1 i Electrocuted at Auburn Prison fo Murder of His Cousin. -i ML 111 -1 earn' 'of' i zmk&Q Two Contactf Nccaaaary to Kill and OF RUTLAND, VT. Execution Is Succenful and Devoid rti TOT aDiO V.JUV ' ' ' ' -. '- . . .- . W . a ' M V, -'.51 5,1 ft: I--,--' -" . .. . : ' .. 1 a v, . - - -5 i - ...... . ; ! g a of Sensational Features Claimed to the Last That He Was blot I'M I k i 1 ! p i Tff T If - - - -as iV t! I Oi Is NoAlaxa, No Ammonia No Ada Iter ation ' of any sort. ; BIG RATE WAR "THBEATEHEO. Conflict Between N.Y..N. H. 4 H. and Trunk Line Railroads. Trouble Reaches Such Aeute 8tage That Another Effort Will Bo Made - to Effect!1 Settlement Me'etlng Hetd In New York Tomorrow to Plan for Nerjotiatlona. i ' . ; New Haven, CU March 16. The conflict of the New York." New Haven ; and Hartford Railroad company with tie trunk line railroad companies over the New Haven-Canadian raeifle preferential Tate has reached no acute a stage that another step of a more ponltive character has been taken to effect. If possible. a settlement. The executive committee, of. the trunk lines, after long negotiation with. the-New Haven company upon. the subject, having failed to reach a conclusion, have appealed to the trunk l!re presidents, and & meeting of the latter has been: called to consider the whole situation., s It. will be held in JCw York af 1 1 m. ThnrxJay. Several montfis aarc. the IJ-w Ywfc. Tr-w- Haven an9 Hartford Entered Info new J ri-DK-m-n t with .r - . Cana-nlan-Paciflr -m r- , y- far Yl im 1 1 buai-. .neavs. v .4iicfa thf r was -establjsbed he rame preferential a x- tbose of the B"trm . unci Maine In northrrn 1! ill. II III II . line via its Nw London -water con-nctIoriB, anil the Rootdern eoinlwiie . -wata-r and rail route the New, Haren -omr n v rias - been a tl e to . rtWert a. : conr'derable inrnnnt of -freight from tf-ie lower, part of it s.v-r f ana lJw K'orlc Htr. which formerly -Went- by. ott.T route. i -A. tn - rceplt r fltitri)ition f. ' fm he?n coBFlrlerable disturbance or traffic and mach mor serious t.ronto.9 fs tfcrten.d. eren InvolvinTf a gen- era! war of rates. ' HEGEMAN MUST FACE COURT. Court of Appeals Decides That He Will Have to Stand Trial. President fMetropolitan Ufa" Insurance Company Charged Wlthu.Per- Jury Iri Connectton With Alleged Misstatements in His Annual Re- . port to State Department. . Albany. .N. Y March 16. The Court of Appeals today decided tn effect that Joba R. Hegeman. president of the Metropolitan Life Insurance company, must stand trial on the charge of perjury in connection with alleged mis-statements made in hia annual report of the Metropolitan .Life filed with the state superintendent of Insurance January 1. 1905. - Mr. Hegeman was arrested In February. 1908. on warrants issued by City Magistrate Corrlgan of New York, charging perjury and 'forgery The "BETTY WALES- WELL RECEIVED i 1 1 i Large Audience Attend Opening-Production In Congregational Chapel-Toast to Ml-s Edith Dunton, Author " Second Play Tonight. A large audience received the first Mtv-liiUn a-at I h a lal-nn trm f ha appellate division, first depart- :.n- rtr. w vJUi,. ri,.n meni, aeia ui mere wa no rounaa- Congregational chapel last night with 'or h Chrre and directed that 't del of enthu.lum. -The first TPUL "T. ad wa. rutfire partr In a Mudent'a r"5" "l11 ""?.2ir wteen ;. rooxva. " at Hardios c.Tl.-K- ud everi- rSX?SS" ."TV " Information thlnK typlcaj of a fod. P-irty -raa ' M V l1? A,t"' Jerwaae ; eaaacted. even to tle fudse. wbieb. PtfM- - am ttat -tbe deTeodant be i -.lmplr mxild not cook." Mlas Con-afscnarred rront eaatody. j atance Steele, aa Bettr Wales, did a District Attorney Jerome earned tfaei ' Turkish dance in tne native coetume. tttef to the Court of Appeals, wnlcb: I a a stunt at th,e fudge party. The Guilty off trva Crlma. . Anburn. N. Y afarcb 16. Salra- tore Randazzio .who was convicted cq April 3, 1308, of tbe murder of tils cousin. Pietro Randazzio, at West Salamanca on January 11. 1908, was electrocuted in Auburn, prison at .13 o'clock: this morntns. Tbe electrocu tion was a -successful one. But , two contacts were necessary to kill, the first oae of 1840 Yolta at 7 ampflrea lasting a full minute, while the . sec ond one was of but three seconds duration. ' Tbe time of tbe first con tract was 6.06 and the second was administered at 6.06.45. Randazzio's electrocution was de void of sensation. Randazzio came to 'the prison April 4, 1908. sentenced to die during the week of May 11. 1908, but an appeal stayed the execu tion. The Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment of conviction and fixed the week of March 15 as the date of the death penalty. v Randazzio claimed to the last that he was not guilty of the murder of hia cousin. In a letter to his father, writ ten yesterday morning, tbe man with In the. shadow of the chair said that the murder was the work of Silvio Baretta. Baretta and the Randazzios were section men at West Safcunanac, occupying bunks ia a box car. ' Pietro Randazzio was killed on tne night of January 11. 1908. and the body thrown into the Allegany river, where it was not found until a week later. Baretta and Randazzio were arrested anf. Indicted for murder in the first degree. Randazzio's trial took place first and he was convicted. Baretta was ac quitted. It was shown at the trial that the murder was a part of a plan to rob Pietro Randazzio of between $40 and $50. r . "Warden Benham has under consideration a plan to hereafter have executions take place at midnight or the first hour in the. morning; II mi : i! in today reversed the order of the ap f WS I ure WW he! r. ipellate division and affirmed tbat of velopment in tbe second act of tbe the special term In tbe perjury rase, I personality of. Miss Georgia Ames. and ainrraed the order of t ho annel- woo in train ooes. not exist. Ml late division In tbe forgery case. I APPOINTED CONSULAR AGENT- late division in the fnrjrery case. " Mrs.. Cbarlc who bai ter. a Parker of . East street, ill wit ri the srrip. is bet- Carl Grossman of Proctor' Officially Notified by the AuJtro-Hungarln Consul General In New York Will ; Cover Entire State ef Vermont. ; Carl Groiraan'of Proctor has ieen officially notified by the AiiBtro-Hnn-prarian consul general In New York city . that he has been appointed a consular ajrent of the dual monarchy, with headquarters for the present in, the village where he resides. . j Tbe appointment was made, by the Frcretary (of state for foreign affairs et Vienna; Mr, Grossman's jurisdiction will extend over the entire state of Vermont and hi wJU be expect9d to look after the welfajre of the .peo ple from Austre-Huneary loclsited in this r( ate and .who bjv notlbecomd c!tizens of the United Stafe He! will be anthori'zed to " certify, under; his signature- and peal, napers .and Oocimerts originating herej to be used in the courts and go-ernment departments 1 of . A usrro-Hungarv. and will j-ecelve small ; fees for bis ser- Vices. - . - ; ., ; :, Mr. Grossman expects to receive in a few days his credential'" -seals and instruction from .tbe embassy at v--.aingron. He is the only con-filar orricer of Aus(x-Hungary in this -state sod will renort to the consul general in New York city. . : WEST RUTLAND, A daughter was born recently to Mr. and - Mrs. Valley Bersaw. I Samuel Simon is' spending; i a few ; davs in New York city on business. Miss Catherine Cwyer Isoent yesterday with friends at Poultney. r The embroidery club, which was to "eet at the home of , Mrs. W. R. Reed tomorrow afternoon will meet there Friday, i - ! j The Ancient1 Order of Hibernians will nresent the drama "Arra-Na-Pogue" this afternooa and evening at the new town hall.1 1 Mr. and Mis. W. H. Phelps of New Haven are visiting Mrs. Phelps' par-nts. Mr. and Mrs. John O'Rourke of -nooawaraviiie. j Julia ThOKau. aa Madeline Ayres trie the sen erne of handing In "L,it ...1 ..a V SIMS Of f faf.m jocaw ary WlrObllus vj.Lf, juna i Domas, as maueiiiiu Ajifs. trfee tbe sctaeme or handtBs " 1 .1 1 papers and sift-nine the , .name of CeorHa Ames to them and finally the. Merry HeartB. a society orpan iz-ed dttriasr the plar. vote her Into the dTjh, and Georgia, "certafnly fs a col- reare sensation. ror a -while., out dir. Acuities arise, so "Georgia mast die." The ""Merry-bird" club fs also a source of amusement. There are some campus scenes which are good afl the campus Is In true style and q"ilte realistic. The .last act is a Class ing on the steps of a college build ing, and all the favorite college songs were sung, the effect being especially good aj all the girls were dressed In whita At iVia Hmo frvr- tha flnnlo rnr. r-- it. Hopains ana a. a. frouse I t.u . vr.. roh x-aaia : j wsici nay un i TViintoTi the atihnr nT this Rtnnt All the members of tbe cast enacted parts particularly well suited toe them and their rendition of the play was exceedingly good. The second performance of the play will be given in the Congregational cbapel tonight. HIE SOLO CO V: d - eed to Turn Oyer Their Stock,! Minus the Read- to-wear Department, to a New Company, as Soon as This Department Can Be Disposed Of. larch if nmcncin i nursaav worn n I afford: to j! Ml vve sian a oaic in wmcn we name some or me lowest prices ever named in rvutiana County lOrdesirable merchandise. I ! I N ; ; . Every garment in this j department MUST BE SOL D . . , The prices we have put on these goods are "so low that you lean well buy for next Season's use..', li - - X:.. T; i ; : j A": I, !: li " jV : " 1" of dollar s worth rof Spring Suits, Coats and aa - - m - ' m : ia- . ' 'I 1 - -i . " a - a ". " : B-a a -4ff- V iV a'.' M -1 a ' i 'i I I ; . )l bkirts that have just been put in stock which will all have, to be saenhced. Read every word of this ad, as it means many dollarsi saved to you if advantage of this saler ; ! ', ' ' l $ K fl - 1 ii Bring this ad with you and you 11 find every lot exactly as advertised. ; The garments have been grouped into lots so tlfat you can see at a glance just I wnattnere is at any given price. ; I a if you take GOATS Lot No. 1. 'Ladles'. Misses. cloths at only Children's . Coats, and Capes. All good serviceable 5l each Lot No- 2j Seventeen Iadies. M Misses nad Csbildren'a ,'Coats. winter weights that eale price, I till $2.50 each Lot No.l. su ! h TS Cloths ; in Jacket and Et6n styles, theie' i Contains 3 Suitsi t All-wojbl Suit crlginally sold for to 520-.00, the Bkirta alone (than our sale price. Sale price. i."-.g.5 . . .j. Of ClOtlaV blacat.r Miss Alice B. McClare is III with tonsllltis at her home ,on vSummer street. . . : Mr. and Mrs. William Davis of Wal-lingford were visitors in Rutland yesterday. - : ' Mr. " and Mrs. Chsrles jJ patnode rf ill River street are both ill with the grip, v ' i Glens Gabe Say. Sile. whufs the best ininsr tbeJegslatur did? Sile Personally speaking, Gabe. I nink,It was the sUte. - NOTICE CADILLAC AUTOMOBILE r-miBf Tiurrnasers. aeisi Botlc tbat bare srniiiired Ijirary 0f RutlBDd, tO lOC tstrrest f Cadillac Owners. To owners of Csdillae Cam ami I to In trndisir nnrrhasers. T"e deitire to' give look after tbe rners. and a make '""h adjnatmritt and rrpaira a theae crs may renuire4 a ad who we bellrre will do tha a-ork la a workman like manner, and with rensonnHe rharjrs for the i asme. The Model 30 Cadillac, thirty Bomrpow-er. tfmr rrtlndrr cur. which- el! for. Four-tean Hurifitvrl Oollara J110.0' F. O. R. Jtroif. Mich., with three lamps ! and horaj. a tueetlnar wirb enornjoua salea. and while this car i helns sold for one thousand dollars LESS than any other car In it rUca. we shall continue to sell t tbem at Fonrteen Hundred IVllar tlO0.00 at Jens aa they ran be obtaiaed. . . . Our territory Inclndea Addison and Rut-In ml Counties -on the weat aide of the state; Windsor. Orange. Caledonia - and lUces CounUsa on the east aide. No en -l fthoried .to. onote pricea or dellree rartHlac- cars. to. ro Into the above terri-torr. e-teept onrselrea and we cannot-ac-Tvt . orders for era from . reaidenjfa f Ter-nnnt oqtside of tbe a bore in eat: need territory. . I MILLER AUTOMOBILE COMPANY, Whits River Junction, Vermont. V March Sth, 1909. M9eod3w were in business. W. A. Frenler of Cleveland avenue haa gone to Burlington on a few days business trip. Miss Margaret E. Keen an of South Main street ia visiting her sister la Bridgeport,. Ct. Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Harlow of Kinsley avenue have returned from a visit in Boston. i J. P. Kelley. who has been ill at bis home on South street ifor the past few weeks, is improving.1 Attorney E. H. O'Brien has returned from a several weeks trip through ttl; EOiMhern and wertern states. . Miss Eleanor J, Meldon. will entertain the teachers' of the Rutland high school at a St. Patrick's day dinner tonlghL Mrs. Guy B. Horton of Burlington is vtsltlnp at tbe home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Busbey of Royce street. -' i A.' C- Gravelle is confined to his home on State street, as a result of injuries received in falling on the ice yesterday. , William Dawson of Chittenden, who has been at. the Rutland City hospital for the pa6t month, will be discharged this morning. The condition of N.VJ.' Kingsley, who is seriously ill at borne on Grove street. remains about the same. He does not improve. Mrs. John W. Donnelly, who has been 111 at her hoa? on Jackson ave nue for several weeks,, has recovered and is able to be out again. RUTLAND TEACHERS MEETING. Death of Mrs. Ursula Fosby. Mrs. Ursula Fosbv of No. 24 Evelyn street, died yesterday a her hox, after a short illness with pneumonia. Mrs. Fosby was 8t years old. She leaves four son, William H. Fosby of Rochester. N.. Y.. Samuel Fosbv of BoFberK, Wash, O. N. Fosbv of West Rutland.. David A. Fosby of South Hadley Fan. Mass-, and , three daughters. Mrs. Charles Forguytes and Mrs. Harriet Gould, both of Forest-dale, and Mrs. W. F McRae of this city. Prarers will be said at-tbe residence this afternoon at 1.30 o'clock, the service being conducted by Rev. Eugene Haines, and the body, mill be taken at ? o'clock toBrandon where the. funeral will be held tomorrow. Burial will be in Brandon. Hold Successful Meeting Yesterday r Afternoon Listening to Three Talks on Different Subjects. At a meeting of the Rutland Teach ers' association held in the assembly ball of the Rutland high school building yesterday afternoon, Principal Isaac Thomas eave a talk on the subject, ''How to Teach English Successfully," which proved to be exceedingly instructive and,, interesting and great Iv appreciated by the teachers. Mr. Thomas told of the methods of Solving the problem of teaching English successfully and Of the importance of literature, j Supt- D. B. Locke gave a report of the national conference of school superintendents, which , he recently attended at Chicago, telling of the subjects brought up at the conference. Miss Maude: V. Cole, a member of the faculty of the local high school, reported on a science conference held in Burlington, last week, which she attended, i I John Cocklln. son of Mrs. Cornie Glynn Cocklln, played two piano solos. In a manner which drew great applause, j SPORTING NOTES. !! "Slats"' Davis '.will noT; umpire in the South Atlantic league this; season. . i The Philadelphia Nationals are training at a swell country club at Southern Pines, X. C. i Jimmy Walsh will meet Digger Stanley at the National i Sporting club of London in May. I Ed Geers. the noted driver and trainer may try his skill abroad the coming season. ' : With Dave Brain on the job the Buffalo team is better fixed at third than for several years. , The Boston A. A. would like to arrange a bout between . A. J. Drexel Biddle of Philadelphia and John Griffin of Boston. John is not very strong on names, but is said to be Colonial Theater. . ! At the Colonial theater today, there will be a new and interesting program of pictures, including the following anhleetft. "What a Uniform Will Tin" The Little Coquette." "Bess and Her J tbere wlth a he&vy step. Goose." Choosing a Life Partner." and ; ""He Can. Imitate Anything." Miss Newell will sing. "Shamrock." and I Love, You. as the Rosea Love the Dew." V. , A race for the world's championship in rcnlllng between Ernest Barry, the English champion, andl Richard Arnst of New Zealand. . the world's champion, will in all probability be decided over the world's championship course on the Thames river this fall. i Free to Alt Subscribers of This Paper. Every reader of this paper who has anv trouble with either Stomach or Liver, can get a . free sample of Rydale's Stomach Tablets or Ry-dale's Liver Tablets or both. if needed bv writing to Rydste Remedy Co.. Newport News. Va. These two remedies are not cure alls, one' is tor stomach troubles only, the other solelr for liver and bowel troubles. Guaranteed by Hlggins Drug Co-Rutland. Vt. Lyson & ' Carney. Cas-tleton. Vt P- D. Kennedy. Poultney, Vt, T. C Spooner, Brandon, Vt. adv. lot No 3 Lot . No. 3. Sevtailpun Iadies and Misses Coats, mixtures and plain colors, medium : aid heavy -wetgfata. that aold from SS.OO to SI2.00, sale price., ----- f 33 feach Lot No. 4. Lot No.! 2. i - : H Contains . 258 Tailor- Made dSntts. vry on a fins ili plain colors, anil mixtures, n f Coat and Eton styles, that originally sold for; lliri 1. IfUM .... Pi ink 1- i M.16(6 $5.75 eacK Lot Pi a - i - i. i f SrU W X I'l isr0.f3. .1-; - rtf: ( j-f .'- I ot No are I worth morf a53.50 eacl Spring Suits. Thirty-one ladies'. Misses' and Children's coats and Rain Coats, in mix tures and plain colors that sold for $7.50 to ;S15.00, sale price. $3.98 Lot No. 5. Twenty-nine Ladies and Misses Coats and Rain Coats In mixtures and clain cclorSfand blades, that sold from $10;00 to $16.00, sale price, i Lot No. 6. J Twenty-three Ladles Coats in blacksr. sold front $12.50 to $20.00, ;sale price. Lot No. 7. Thirtv-two Coats fori Ladies' ia blacks sold for $15.00 to $25X0, sale price. $5 eack Lot No. 8. plain colors ' and mixtures, that 1 $6.50 each -XX V.. ; plain colors and mixtures, that $7.Zixeacli Si-'.entten Coats for Ladies, la blacks for $15.00 to $27.50, sale price, - and evening shades, that" sOld $9.98 each MM There are jutt 70 Of thenl-thati Spring Suits have just arrived, in tse latest styles ; 1 ;3 '..' ): Contains 31 Suiti. all Coat 'styles, in excellent mlterUIa. -fid ; BB ! workmaiiRhlp, toauy tyt them practically just aa good styles iava th. Xw : 7 and colors. These, wil all have to go at 25 per cent discount. FURS S450.00 -worth of flue Fnra to be' disposed of at a 'discount of i 40 per cent ' irom rt guiar prices. $ -? -k- s . j ;..; L rFii Lined Coats Three Qppossum 'Lined Coats, witkblack fur collars, fliatj werei $30.00 ; At SI5 each 4 Two Squirrel Lioed Coats that's sold for $37.50, sale price, : :.-.. l: . - a : ' ' ;l :l 19 .... , aaa i . :J J rUHU each One $45.00 JIampster Lined Coal $25 One $C5.00 ftiver'Mink. Ltne4 Coat for -I I -A ' 1 It si- " .'I I One $5a.0O RHer Mink Lined Coat, $40. $35 Twenty-nine New Bain Coats in nearly tUk, all jat . 7 30 Raincoats air colors. In Crayennette and ' ' i per cent discount Two $40.00 KearjSeal Coats at : ; 'if $20 each PiTteen Children s Clotn coaxs,- jubu riSUi aeeL two to five, all $4.00 ana so.uo coats, for this Spring's wear In At $1.98 ech aaaaa a Dress bkirts r.r..r,ia. fit-irts in blacks. Dlain coldrs and mixtures, that sold for 1 T cut; --- -w-.-- " . I $5.00 to $7.50. - le Price $2.75 each UM.rhtv.sK all New Skirts, bought this Mixtures, bought to sell for $5.00 to $13J0 Spring, in Panamas, Voiles and All have to go at J 25 per cent discount All Spring' Coats for Ladies', Missest nd Children, wUl be sold at bis If Muslin. jlJndervvear AH 25 1 cent Corset Covers a. if cents each. All EOent Coiset Coders at,S9 centa each. All Talent Corbet Covir at "59 cents each. All -25 cent fjrawers! a "19 cents, . .All"v0 cent Drawers. bJ,c39 cents." p' : "AH CS jent lrawersi at?59 cents, ? 'All 75 c-nt Kieht Robe at 59 x-ents. , Every thing Use, in thvs department at a discount of 20 per 'cent from regulii r 4 prices Wrappers ana House Dresses Rc'Iande House Dresses. $1.25 jfer $1.00. lU'lianc' Hojise J)resss, $1.60 ior HJZi. Reliance Holise vDresses,! $1.75 ;for; $1.49. Reliance House presses. $2.00 fpr $1.69. $1.25 and $159 Two-plee: Dresses for "A S 1 ' - U ? If 98c each I Silk knd Lace Waists All $5.9R and $5.0 .Waists now - discounts, as every garment must oIh; disposed of. 1 -rua-r tuii i r STARTS THURSDAY MORNING PLtASt ntiatmBSin llirn mix na. ' T- S I 1 SURE AND BRING YOUR i-uurvt. i -tsuy r .-. ' it i i fi! A- - ,,u ar a.arr TUtQP WILL RE NO ALTERATIONS UNLESS FA1P FOR., NO tAinVo, AT THE rmi-ta nni.n i. - AND THAT iALl SALES WILL ' BE FOR CASH ONLY tSQ . BE O R RETURNS, WHEN A SALE IS MADE IT.WILL BE FINAL. E A. i. . COLIN P. 14" i $3.98 1-3 MERCHANTS ROW, RUTL AND, VT. wm

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