Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont on October 16, 1905 · 5
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Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont · 5

Rutland, Vermont
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1905
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RUTLAND DAILY HERALD, MONDAY MORNIHG, OCTOBER x6, 1905 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE. ElPOSmOW MADE BY EDWARD ...!-:"...'" -J - r A- KIMBALL. Lecture Given at Dana Han Tester day Afternoon Before Large Oon-gxegation Meeting 1 Presided :: Orer by Henry P. Field Man' Lawful " Dominion - Oaafllcttng Medical Systems Flotiitlou Na-tore of Few CKd the Natural Haaler Mrs, Body's F1m for God What the BlUe Teaches . An tTBmystarlous Salvation. , Dunn, hall was well filled with the audience that assembled to hear Ed-ward A. Kimball's lecture oa "Chris-tlan Science" yesterday afternoon. In this audience there were many from other denominations who came to bear the new arguments la favor of Christian Science. . Mr. Kimball Is from Chicago where he was formerly -a . manufacturer. But for the last 20 years he ' has . been actively engaged In the ; educational' work of Christian Science and Is considered by many to be one of that church's most Influential Speakers. : '." -' Henry P. Field " presided at the meeting. In Introducing the speaker, he said: - . Mr. Field's Remarks. "Ladles and gentlemen, I am here today as a guest by the gracious Invitation of my good friends in the First Church of Christ,' Scientist, in Rutland, and by their further compliment the pleasant duty of presenting to you the speaker of the afternoon has been assigned to me. i "In fulfilling . this . formality you ,. will permit me to Bay that, like some of you, per naps, I am here to ' listen for the first time to the argument for Christian Science, as it ' ' shall be unfolded by such an ardent student and so distinguished a lecturer as Mr. Kimball Is conceded to be. Tou must let me add very frankly, however, that I come to this gathering as a whole-hearted Congre- Am ' Oil Heater Is what yeu need to make that room comfortablo. Cake 'k Spencer Choos CKopablo Matt, aril, tom YfUbla, bread-very kind of food o be eboppad, , coarse, Una, or madlnm, qaloklj' end wily wit SARGENT'S GEM CHOPPER It fiaaUr HfMaas tb labor of Baklnf bHk, Baaaaeif , woaoams. Sah ktUa, santaa, sai4t u4 Buy atbar Oirortt illihM. SlnpW, atrons. donmla, ad aaaO laioal bom at wmt. But ocrlD4 to4. m sbot M. Em ml Shaiaaala kafcraa. Oaa Cboppar Cook Book tarn wufc ok Ckopaar. W. C, LANDON & CO. HutlauadV 3 STONE'S FISH AND- OYSTER MARKET. telephone JIJ-4 No. ISO Wwt St. Our Ojrtari fair boot nalysd by (b Board of Health so4 proooaac4 par, ao berael hU sad e arc retdy le reraise trad r eoaaUtr o thort sot:-, 1m a full ln f rath Fish. VpoclaJ prlc to I ha wfcola-lebttad. rirtt daMioodt ad full if ut, tod Mior Is our aaotto. Tbaaks for put von d sooUbbmo ,of tb San elicited. t - . - ' , , ; P. a ALBEE, Manager. ' Grace THE FUKRIER ' For the n!c PIch Furs tod neat repair work. ' ,' ," ' FULL L1NP , Of amplM, Fashion plates of La. dla Fall Suiting. Workmanship fuarantd. Dyeing, Cleaning and Altering. , " H. Greenland, 20 Wales St OPERA -, HOUSE pRESCELLE H Y P N-O T 1S T PIltKCnON F. TWLLARD MAGOOX, Opera '-House Ladies Ticket. Tbl tlcktt and II cants can b Kcbntd for a fimt-ol Hrrl t for Ldl only, for Monday nUrht- Don't dly: ft tntm now, -,' 4 TV-kHn limited m too. UOXDAT rflCiUT OS LI, gatkmalists. -I am ' devoted ' to my church, as you are to yours, because I believe It to be a church for the people- democratic - church; because I believe in it for its broad charity and catholic spirit spirit, I think, that, greets and bids Godspeed to a christian, wherever one Is found. Indeed, I am enthusiastic -enough- to believe that it possesses all the good things that can be claimed .for Christian Science.; "The world la full, ofJ need and cries aloud for help, and the religion It Is asking for and will eagerly accept Is the one that most truly Interprets the significance of the life, passion and death of the son of God. "As Lyman Abbott has beautifully said: 'He did not send; he came. He did sot live apart .from men; he lived with ttiem. He was not a mere teacher of the publicans and sinners; he was the friend of publicans and sinners, sat at their tables, shared in their life. What he was he Is, what. he. did he does. To humanity's cry: Unclean! unclean! his reply is not a doctrine, but. himself; not a , sermon but a touch, He puts forth, his foand and. touches sinful humanity, saying: I will; be thou clean. The world Is saved by his touch , . r :' ' i''-- ' "Is there anything more beautiful, more helpful and Inspiring than this thought of our common leader, , the Christ who Is the great head of the dhurchT . 80 far then as any of us are teaching and . living such a religion, may the richest blessings of God the father attend us. "In your name then and In the cordial spirit of such a belief I greet Mr. Kimball and' now have the honor to present him to your acquaintance and attentive bearing. The Entrance of Christian Science. In order that you may most readily appreciate the Import of this address, you are asked to contemplate for a moment tb scene upon which Christ-Ian Science has made Its entrance. The history of the human race may be classified as a tragedy. If it were to be epitomized then one long monotone of protest, against the misery, one pitiful appeal to God for relief, and one final moan . of defeat would tell the story. There are a few flowers, a little sunshine, perhaps, but beyond the foreground Is the vista at Che end of which Is the grave and mystery. The people of earth.unreconclled to what seems to be - Intolerable fate, have turned in every conceivable' direction In their effort for deliverance from evil, and they have failed, thus far, to find the way., There are still the same tears, broken hearts, beds of painthe same havoc 'of outrageous fortune. Men continue to live, sicken and. die according to a philosophy of doom which declares there Is no salvation this side of the grave, no way out of the hell on earth but to die out t "' Weed of a Better Way. To this same stricken people, and In this very age, comes Christian Science to declare that they can get out, naturally, . lawfully, scientifically; it comes as a message of hope and, promise to a race which is in supreme need. We submit the proposition that humanity which prays for 'different results should also consistently pray for and eipect a different way, and we contend that Christian Science, which promises and produces the prayed for results, cannot logically be rejected simply because It also discloses a different way. . ; , . By means of literature, teachers and lecturers, explanation has been made concerning the points of agreement between Christian Science and other forms of religious and scientific belief, but It is my purpose tonight to emphasise the fundamental differences also, and thus enable you to ' make comparisons for yourselves. It Is self-evident that certain things have existence. It Is generally known that they . have - cause, origin, and basis, by reason of which they exist Borne people declare the cause to be a blind force; others that It is some sort of Intelligence, and theology affirms that It is a conscious Intelligence or entity which' Inany designate God. Enlightened Belief Concerning God. A ' consensus of enlightened belief concerning God Is that He Is one supreme, Infinite, self-existent, all-inclusive, , spiritual, . Individual conscious Being te sole Creator of all that has actual existence. Also that God is good. Life, Trutlht Love, omnipresent omniscient and omnipotent ; that He is the only law-maker and holds in His grasp the destiny of all men. ChrliUan , Scientists subscribe to all these postulates without rerve, and yet our rallglon Is In some respects quite different from that of others. Whyt Why different If we agree on these essentialsT, The difference Is In the amplification . and application, It is in this respect that most religious sects and systems diverge from etch other. There are hundreds of - Cbese sects. There are 140 Christian sects alone, many of .which have .been in the most violent antagonism toward each other. There is, therefore, no unity of religious ' belief with which we can compare Christian Science, but I shall explain wherein it is different from alt otJbers, In her effort "to enlarge the human concept of the Infinite God, Mrs. Eddy has added somewhat to the technical , definition of deity, and affirms. ConUaued ea Sixth rag- v THE HARVEST FEOTTVXL. Win Ooonr at the Old Ladles' Home WeflneodajvOnerone Response , Expected. . 1 The Harvest Festival, which is held annually at the old ladles' borne is to occur Wednesday afternoon and evening. - - The people of Rutland have) in the past, responded generously to the appeal made I to them, for all . things which can be used for the comfort of the Inmates of the homewhether provisions, household articles, or sums of money, and It is earnestly desired that this year equal - the past " ." ' Visitors will be received at the home from. 10 o'clock In the morning until 9 o'clock at night on the day of the festival. OLD SOLDIER DIBS. ' Patrick Humphrey of This Oty Expire t Soldiers'. Home, Benqtagton, Patrick Humphrey of thia city died Saturday of tuberculosis at the soldiers' home, in Bennington. He was born in Limerick, Ireland, 69 years ago, but had lived here for many years. v : '. ' Mr. Humphrey served through the civil war In company F,f 14th Vermont regiment. He was an Iron mol-der by trade until about 18 years ago. Since then he has been employed as a marble polisher. He leaves a widow, who lives at No. 126 State street and six children, Mrs. B. M. Tighe of Chicago, 111, Mrs. E. T. Bonville of Fair Haven, William Humphrey of New York, George . Humphrey of Ver-gennes and Miss Jennie and Miss Louisa Humphrey of this city The funeral will be held at 8 o'clock this morning at St Peter's church. The burial will be at Fair Haven. TO HOLD REVIVAL MEETINGS. Mrs.- Ellen Towalee to DeHver Series of Addresses at Seventh Day Advent Church. " Mrs. Ellen Towsler of Cornell will speak at a series of revival meetings at the Seventh Day Advent church on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and possibly Friday evening of this iweek at 7.30 o'clock. Rev. T. H. Purdon will be In Boston the first of the week but will return to be present on Wednesday and the following nights. These meetings have been arranged In response to a strong interest which has lately been shown by the church in revival work. aar" BAZ OPENS TONIGHT. Cbmoany A's Event ' to Continue fTluOngh the VVlt Good Entertainment Each , Night. The bazaar of company A, Vermont National guard, will open tonight continuing through the week. The members of the company have been working hard In making preparations for the event and announce a change In the entertainment programme each night during the bazaar. The programme tonight will be especially good, and It la the aim of those in charge to have a bazaar that will outdo anything previously seen In this city along these lines. The programme for tonight will consist of selections by . Cox's orchestra, piano and mandolin solos by Loyzelle and Rousseau. One of the features of the entertainment tonight will be an Illustrated song by Eddie Blanchard, entitled "Listen to the Murmur of the Pines." A. . A. Rousseau will also contribute a vocal solo. ; Another feature Is the moving picture machine. The machine is a good one and a series of pictures will be shown that would do credit .to Lyman Howe. Among the pictures will be a realistic portrayal of a thrilling train robbery In the Rocky mountain. Charles J. West contortionist formerly with Only Half Over Octobe. suits us : and ft proves our suits and there has bn such a run on our Boys' Ooth'lng Department that we've had to re-stock. This suit you. ' 1 Now we've bought a now lot of two-piece and threo-ptec suits for Boys from to II, ' Opening tomorrow. THE ROCHESTER: HICH0L5 4-lARRELL the Barnum Bailey circus, will do some stunts that will set many , lo cal persons thinking. The entertainment will begin at 8 o'clock and continue until 9 o'clock, after which -dancing will be enjoyed until 12 o'clock. : , THAT WASHINGTON TRIP. More Opinions ae to Advisability of Senior Class of High School Go. tng to Capital City. - The trip to Washington, D. ' C, which, , the members N of the senior olass of , the htgh school propose to take Instead of having the customary commencement exercises, Is arousing , much discussion. The class has asked the board of education to appropriate toward the expanses of the trip the money usually devoted to graduation expenses. Mayor ' Manning, when' asktd his opinion of the trip lest evening replied briefly and to the point saying: "Tou may say that I approve of It In every way." E. C. Tuttle of the board of education, when Interviewed yesterday, did not care to say much about the matter until the opinions of the parents and guardians had been learned. "I am In favor of the trip," he said, "provided they favor It: but I think that exercises of some sort should be held in June when the diplomas are presented; not so elaborate as the usual graduations, but still some public exercises. . "The trip to Washington would be of greaet education value. I question whether or not we have the right to use ' the publlo money for that purpose, but I am ready personally to guarantee $50 to be used by those who are not' able to bear the expense of the trip." ; A member of the class expressed his views on the question as follows: ' ' ':'t "I think that the majority of the class are In favor of the proposed trip to Washington. Three or four of the parents have gone to Mr. Frasler and told hlra that they do not approve of the scheme, hut those In favor of the plan have written letters to Mr. FraMer and these have been given to the secretary .of the class, who Is to give them to Mr. Frasler at his request when all ar ready. I am sure that when all the decisions are In It will be found that not more than six do not approve of the trip, but these will let their children go if the class goes. If the board of education decides to let us go I don't think that one member of the class will stay at home. As far as expenses are concerned It has been Investigated and they are no more than the expenses of the ordinary graduation exercises which we do not care to have. It seems to me as long as this graduation is for us we - would receive , more .benefit and pleasure from a trip of the kind than from anything else we could do." Rutland Man Married at Highland Park, IH,. Saturday J. P. Saw-. yer Act as Best Man. The weddlnr of Mrs. Arabella Allen Keith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Lane Allen, and Robert Cap-en GUraore of Center street, this iri 70 raou q) va ooejd jjooj 'Xjp bride's parents at Sheridan Road, Highland Park, J!!., Saturday after noon at 4 o'clock. It was a quiet home wedding, about 100 guests being present, most of them residents of. Chicago and the Jorth Shore Col ony. Bishop Charles Edward Cheney perrormea tne ceremony, the bnae being given away by her father, who lb a prominent Chicago lawyer. Mrs. Frank B. Stons wa matron of honor. The groom was attended by James P. 8awyer of this dty, as best man, Dr. Fred Murphy of Boston, Merrill Stone, Jr., of Chicago, and Henry Ladyard of Detroit Mich. Among th guests were Mrs. William Gllmore of thl city, mother of th groom, and Mrs. 8. P. Oiddlngs of Sterling, III. , ' Mr. and Mrs. Ollmore are taking a wedding trip which wll include visits at Baltimore, Md., and place In North Carolina. They will be at home at No. Ill Wwt Elghty-see-ond street Ntw York city, after December 1. . V. ' Advertised! Malt The following Is a list of advertised mall at the Rutland postofflo for tb week ending October 14, 1101: , , Women Mrs. LUile Bowen, Mr, R. Blaledall, Mrs. 3. R. Doroer, MUs Helen Fischer, Mr. 3. E. Jlbney, Mrs. Leah R. Nelson, Mr, trelyn Ols-son, Mr. Fred Pleroo, . Miss Haul Porter, Mr. D. Slrd, - Miss , Beast cannel, Mr. A. D. Simpson, Mrs. Lou I Sherman, Men T. C. Brown, Herbert Id-munds, (I), Harry K. Fullman, D. A. OHiospl, R . 8. Oalpt, 3. Hulett, Walter Hayne. W. B. Havne (I), W. Jon, Joseph Ionard, 7. Merrill, Dr. E. B. Miller OerveUe Moron, O. S. Roe, John L- Shannon Wihln RulmcOcasV Albert Tucker, Karoly Vagy. C TL Whlteomb. Mr. and Mrs. John Wood, B. Williams. Firms Th Century Manufacturing Co., F. W. Mill Manufacturing Co. Package Fdward H. Xarr, Mia Rose Richard, Charles Sherman, Rot-land .Bee. Call at Station A for advertised mall and glv date of advertisement. JOHN A. SHELDON, Postmaster. Grand A stoma Excwslosi to Montreal Th Rutland railroad will run Its popular Montreal eioureioa from station between Clarendon and Bennington Inclusive, Thursday, October II, and from station Rutland to Bl-lows Falls Inclusive, Friday, October tO, tloket to b good going on the day en regular train making station stops, good returning ta leev Montreal ao a to reach starting point until Monday, October II, Inclusive. Very low rate have been ,med for then ecurelons to Montreal and return. From Rutland, II II) Cut-tinssvine, II TO; Ludlow, , l til ChMter. II. Hi HeUow rails, 11 10 WeJIlnsfoTd, 11.10; Uenby, 11.71;. Manchester, II 0J ArUngton, It 10 Bennington, 11.10, with proportionate low r from lnlermltt st. UoD.4r. 0lJlHlllll -What. Is Lick" It is preparedness in the Cloth lng business; it means having the styles the people 4gst at the prices they want to pay and In slses to fit all shapes. W are filled to the door with Clothes that will do this for you. Suits and overcoats, extra good values, this week for $10aod $12 Tou can't find such values. If you are out for the best for this price, they will please you. Come and see. 1 David B. Twlgg k Co., THE CLOTHIERS. BURGLARY, TIEFT " ''and LARCENY This Class of Insurance Is Increasing Every Day. Be wise sod lock the barn door before the horse Is stolen. BURN HAM & FLETCHER Onion Building, Rutland, VL Rifles, Shotguns and Ammunition Watch Out for Our Prices. Coolidge Cycle Co. Have Yom Our window display of Toilet Aticles. There is sure to be something here that will please you Any Article in the Window 10 cents A. H. Aforatam, Cut Price Drug Store. Pocket Knives Perhaps you didn't know that w had a nendsom lln of cutlery. Well, we have, and It I a splendidly wall lctd lln. We make a specialty of Ste and tOo kntv for pockst and offlo um, whtoh ar often sold in other store at 7le and II. Th stl In th handy article Is ruaraatd and th handl ar durable and attractive. Carbine, The Stationer, IT Center Street. It is Now Time for Football Playing and we are ready with the Roods. Football Clothing for Men and Boys. Footballs of all grades.Shin Guards, Nose Guards and Helmets. Also a Complete stock of Boxing Gloves and Striking Bags. The Tuttle Co. II end II CZNTXft ST. Don't Wait It's gtttlng cold. Tou ned a Heavy Suit' or OverooaL We are making the Swell OarnMOU. Alt the lateat, and the price la moderate. Come in. W. B.. Kennedy, TAILOR, II IS Merchant Row. Rutland Souvenir Pillow Covers At the Decorative Art Store. E. N. MGRRIAM, 4 Merchant Bow, KaUaoO, Tk Extraordinary Waist Sale We place on sale this morning 10 dozen Women's Washable Flannel . Suits In a choice assortment of patterns and colors at $1.39. Such waist as these were never before offered In this city at less than 11.60 to IS each, as they are made, from goods which sells for 5 So per yard and it takes three yards to make a "Waist. All sizes, 82 to 42. " Panama Skirts in Black or Blue, made up from fine quality material, in one of the best selling styles of the season. , This same style skirt from same material has been selling right along for 17.91. We secured this lot way under price, so you gst them at 15.00 each. Big Stock of Suits and Coats to choose from at, prices that will convince you that this Is the place for good values. The A. I. Colfta' Co. A LIFETIME of wear in the resonant toned KIMBALL PIANO the Pl-ano which: is used and endorsed by so many of the world's foremost musicians. Wttiy not get a Piano' which appeals to the refined and cultured ear? It's the "Kimball"! ClAUBE BUCKPin,: 110 Wals Strt. The Little Ones srs usually re girded ai rather trou b 1 1 s 0 m e subjects for the photogrs p h t r. They are not so here. If you have not sue ceeded la having Justice done to your young' it e r 1, bring them here and its what we cm do for them. Cbas.A.nccre raoMesArasa &X CB'r su. ,, Vi SLATE- ROOFING '-SLATE WBOLtSALg AMD lKTAJL II tart Id? llr bUatlat . apMaa Slit KikM tb SM Sof. ipsi tor aax ruMTKoTi aoornta T st.parod roonaa oa tb saarts. averdMl (inn 4 rrlM ! M. LoeU aasoslBlo P. W. HATWARD. Tl- II 1-1. ITS Do. Msla Hr 1 OUR FALL STOCK: OF : .Carpets and Rugs . Have Arrived We would be pleased to have our patrons call and ex- amine our large stock. . PARKER1 RYAN, , At the L. Q; KINQSLEY STORE EASILY, QUICKLY ACCOMPLISHED; AND AT A . TRIFLING EXPENSE' Old Dingy Stove Pipes Made Like rew. "Sapolln" Stove Pipe Enamel. Perfectly ifmplf J , apply It. Quickly 00, quickly dried. Com a trifle. " , Ttc 0. C Smia tt Sons Co. Oppoelt iverwlrfc Rutland, Vmwmt ' Remember:- that each day this week we will give Special Prices on different Meat. TODAY !' Is Fresh Pork and Skinned Back Hams Pork Chops and Roasts .... 12 1 Skinned Back Hams 11 ll Cel. Hams , . .,. ... . ............. lo j. Watch this space tomorrow for. another Bargain. Now if you wish Nice Hams, now Is your time. ; ? WMsoe's . ; " Cash Market 1bone SSI'S 1 Grove St, ' Farmers Note This: Prime Cotton Seed. A 1 Bran Do You Know of a Better Feed? Davis Feed Co. ABO ATT DTCAirDZSCZSTf OAS LIGHTING). rUirsalirZMr1aMattBf 4 devele. lo of t&escUae of sm iUhUac darts f U put .w roar. I pU of U old SMklM4 barasr, w st ta survoloealy whuuk amies aa barman which, lo chair hrUltaaay or paw r, Mhlaar tlloaluat Tat Vmov-r4 XO will lod l ia,i Momr U ! r, aad for Ifore t pnrf U oaj. Ileal wtUt m ? Fed Gas Lfght Co. II Merchant Row. Come in and See ' Our Turkey Bed Damask, fast color only 41 yard. Black Mercerised Satin Skirt. new styles, 7lo to 11.11. C. B. Corsets, straight front, lie and 11.04 No trouhl to show goods. ALDIS DE L. ROSS. IS Merchants Sow. I I t I

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