The News from Paterson, New Jersey on December 29, 1971 · 18
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The News from Paterson, New Jersey · 18

Paterson, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 29, 1971
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Jfl Wed., Dec. 29, 1971 Paterson News THE WORLD OF STAMPS A Weekly Column for Philatelists By BERT NAWYN The Peace Corps , commemo rative has become the first stamp in the U.S. 1972 program with announced first day of Is sue and site. The two firsts were acmevea iwn a its Postal Service an nouncement revealed the 8-cent 6tamp will be released Feb. 11, 1972, in Washington, D. C. The stamp was printed by sravure on the Bureau of En graving and Printing's Andreot-iti press and was designed by Rmrthnrv Thorn nsnn nf River side, Calif, who based his con cept on an award-winning I'eace Corps poster by David Battle of Yellow Springs, 0. At tho Hnttam nf the red. white and blue vertical stamp 'is a simulation of a portion of the American Flag, in which! six of the eight ' stars shown IHfl 11 It.lf'l'fJ I 4 gradually evolve into doves of peace, two of which fly beyond the field. At tne top left in sans serif appears "Peace Corps, 8c United States." Plate numbers, two blues and one red, are at the top corners of tne upper panes and at the bottom comer of the lower panes. Persons desiring first day cancellations may address re quests to "Peace corps stamp, Postmaster, Washington, D. C. 20013," enclosing the proper re-mittances and addressed en. velopes. The Peace Xorps was estab listed on a temporary basis by executive order March 1, 1961, and became a permanent agency after Congress passed the! Peace Corps Act, Sept. 22 of that year, . Ther are some 8.500 Peace Corps volunteers participating primarily , in eaucauon, neaun ana agriculture, turn voromum-ty development programs in some 59 nations.'' IF YOU are at the right place at the right time, it's possible to pick up a philatelic t?eaure which is both unique a& rare. I received such a gift for Christmas from my son-in-law and daughter, Paul and Beth Veenema. . " The Saturday before Christmas the three astronauts of Apollo 15, Dave Scott, Al Worden and James Irwin were at , the University of Michigan, where they were given honorary doctorates. All three are graduates of the university. Beth works In the university guidance office and Paul is a Rood friend of the dean of engineering, who helped plan the reception following the ceremony. As a result. I re-celved four covers, autographed by all three astronauts, postmarked from Cape Canaveral. The one is dated July 26, the liftoff: the next July 30, the landing on the moon; the third July 31, the first moon River expedition, and the fourth, Aug. 7, the splashdown. . - All covers have beautiful cachets and are rare prizes. A White Ace album for Unit ed States souvenir cards is in preparation, according to The Washington ' Press of Mapie wood. The publishers expect1 the album to be ready for initial distribution about Jan. 10. In this unique new : album illustrated display spaces will be provided for all of the sou venir cards produced by the Bureau of Engraving ana Printing or the Post Office Department since those made in 1939 for distribution on tne tour ing philatelic truck. To date there have been 23 varieties, the most recent - being the card prepared for the ANPHIL EX stamp exhibition in New York City Now 26-Dec. 1, More than half of the 23 varieties were prepared for distribution during the past two vears. This accelerated fre quency of issuance has increased interest in the cards to the point where both, collec tors and dealers began clamor p rof Recife I 1 1 tiizi f - Fresh Regular Style CHICKEN LEGS '59 Fresh Regular Style CHICKEN BREASTS &9C Swrff Premium Bonolost Short Cut SMOKED QCtcSMOKED DAISIES TONGUES n, WottoLLdh VO C SAUSAGE Conrad , DtLI DEFT, SAVINGS! S L99 SWItT HKtMIUM HAM owviri rttcmiuM HAM SlicodCooluMl fOODTOWN SALAMI 9-lb. can $2 79t 34b. can Shenandoah ROCK CORNISH GAME HENS 1Zc MEAT : 49- cm VAIb.avg APPETIZER DEPT. SAVINGSI HOMEMADE ROAST BEEF 1 5 9 PASTRAMI SALAD h.2V SEAFOOD DEPT. SAVINGSI BONELESS SALTED COD T9 FLOUNDER mm CALIF. SQUID t.k-y J A U t- - -A t. I I 1.1 1 . towels L&ssmm dsm f ..t,' .'ii L - la , White OMET CSi STERLING- w cleanser M& oae salt ml ' n i i in i ii urn i i mill in in ii ii mi i hi mm T 'i1 i . . SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER "Tha fh that won't quit" lit Quality 100 Amplon Nylon . Foodtown Fashion Picture PANTY NOSE PAIR Shenandoah Long Island . . DUCKLINGS tg Shonandoah lonoloM Wh. Ml Dk. Moat Tl IDISCV OrHCV 4J4-lb. HOLIDAY PRODUCE! ...25 Extra Fancy Clil WONDER PEPPERS ESCAROLE OR CHICORY 19' LEMONS 10w49 JUICY L1MES 5 w 39 KnG POTATOES U S 1 EiinFaWMla 1 DELICIOUS APPLES v 25 Wi mi tf farilkmi , TOMATOES 29 Ji 59c rn Dartdl Ovtdiio HocJ PRETZELS THIN PRETZELS KRISPY CRACKERS Swnlwit CHEEZ-ITS Sims Kin HI HO CRACKERS StmiKim SESAME BREAD WAFERS I KM, CmM, Onion, WUtl w ty TmiI or S(MM Irtait Woltrl KEEBLER CRACKERS y M0NTINI TOMATOES ; Qc CkocoleM Covtroi 'ST 45 Al ooWtitW vr rodi littiM W.O.IL. la W'hn Soom DAIRY SAVINGSI ' ,' Foodtown Florida ORANGE JUICE negation Bla, , 69 HEAVY CREAM VkwTMtyMM HERRING 29 V69 Liquid COLD WATER ,ALL aadkaMMoa 87 You Save More - CONDENSED ALL . 37 umbo 2 Vou Save Aflore COLOR BLEACH , RINSO. g'onl , bo 77c Vow 5ove More DRIVE giont 49-ot box ... 87 7c eft LIGHT; SPRY 42M. 80c. . ' Vou Save Mote .FLUFFY RED 49 m. 87c Vou 5ove More SILVERDUST BLUE c giant 38-01. ', 91 i You Save More COLD WATER SURF giant 50 or. box 87 ova. .tW CAVS 9rU S iff Ok mi I l : IrtB WHh Thil Coupon 8K Ivv C'"" t 4 1 T -n ty ormoitwl. Oj fi Upntt w Sati4l IvNnJty I Vt ri'"niii.i1iiit4v.iown. . Aj ClOV iBTSLlVcLrPTHIS COUPON Vll -Tji Vr (tzzitvi; A SANBORN on'whhThifou',on B J T I I VfW7if 7 7l lf V. ClullliiJr"4nnu oihol. S8 1 TTTVl'e I ff 1' ff W Z4 Z4 U mi X" k Uk ana r tmly. UJ I.fjVU'LVl' t rf ff K RZjmm 1 rl fi 1 ..r- Caar4aT.Jtl.eri) la (TtrfYrtt iagV clip this coupon gRw.'syy i liquid wmci T 354 SWEET MIXED PICKLES 49c ,tffi cuPTHiscoupgNil -59- kuo1hErd,llP,cklES ifr'W&ffltEMP :l 79 I FAB . J 25cl l SAVI 12 WhhThit Coupon 70'- IVv upim'ia1ayraa4laMarmarkat. CM II .1 VS. ' Urn ana pararfuM tamay 1 Sf I jVvY' C't"" "r1' oar4aT January Can RI PNlVcUP THIS COUPONll i uJ rUIIY ni&PFRS boi 3V tgy '-"'-"' rn"'WJ ; rrx.urj a,0S S SARA LEE If CHOICE Whh TW. Coupon Xj LriJCaJjqJ v, 12-01. ffigNvVCUP THIS COUPON T8gi ji FRUIT DRINKS WHh Thit Coupon " " ' Cono f 4 1 any riinm luax awi lill YOUSAVE40RE . aJSSsag.'S.t ' . J rn n oniii id .limv- 4T aT I II J' f g XOm- I i baal J V 'Y " J YftH FOODTOWN THIN MINTS- 2yc . MMi-w-rti RIIITHNI V&lirP , 90' iMinrrjc BiiiBCDC ,u l rooowwo wy , , rtANuu is J7 EVEREADY COCOA 45 VITA HERRING TASTY BITS u.,69c MAMMOUTH RIPE OLIVES 7 29c Wilkooi Sloiw r - ' Owro'ialit ; , ' i , mrz-tiiiin urnnirr 10-M.OCt 11 h) VAKAjvnlniU LntKRltJ FROZEN FOOD SAVINGS! S9 Oanai Kant Oraaan lUavtar or OlnWa CM FRENCH FRIES Na4MWfrraaaa TWk. )( MSry M TERS ritJ-mt fn lait 1 Toward tha p jrehato tt any ail aw.m va ! rOICD.I.TATrDC vni-ir --- iw WaaOMrraat4aY law aria l aa4 1 any iaa4li Im.hi J hi. I LMl ana fa-Mn tangly. , I Malrai oaiaa ann rririfcoupdN " tagggi Frio. Wfocttv. thru Saturday, January 1. Not rtipontibl for typographical arrort. Wo ratorva tho right 1. limit quanthloi. Mombor Twin County Orcari. Inc fnr n fllhum In which to house them. The new White Ac album is being produced in re-sDonse to this widespread de mand. ' I , A lilcelv reason for the DODU- larity of the cards among phila telists is that, witn a iew ex-ceptions, they feature reproductions of pictorial motifs from stamps. The card produced for the recent New xor uty ajsua Show, for instance, shows the 1930 Graf . ZeDoelin air mail Istamp design. ' Special pages printed in color to match other White Ace pages for U.S. postal issues have been designed for the al bum,' as well as a distinctive binder. Since many of the sou- vpnir rnrria nrA larPfl (RV2XWV1). both the pages and binder will . oe larger man normal aioum size. But the album will be in usual White Ace three-ring looseleaf style. Its price has not yet been announced. So that the album can be kept up to date, supplementary sections will be published annually. m a a Artist James Wyeth says he is receiving scores of letters from persons asking him about the 1971 Christmas stamp ne desiped. They are questioning a word that was used, not his artistry. The stamp, witn a partridge perched over two pears and a cluster of leaves, bears the inscription: - On the first day of Christ mas my true love sent to me." Letterwnters from across the country think it should be , "gave" instead of "sent." The artist says he first used "gave to me," out was told by postal officials in Washington that the original text of the anonymous, ballad said "sent." Wyeth changed U but was sur mised at first oay 'ceremonies Washington Nov. 10 wnen a chorus sang "gave." A top-ranking postal otticiai sitting nearby just looked at me and said, 'What are you going to do?'" recalls Wyeth. He adds Jokingly, "Ever since I was a child, I always heard it sung as 'gave to me.' l guess it's better for the Postal Serv ice to use the word it did." The orisinal painting for the stamp and preliminary drawings for the design are on dis- at tne uranaywme mver useum until Jan. 9. visitors usually pause to look closely at the original artwork to see how the artist redid the word ana pasted "sent" over "gave." Wyeth did all tne design worK for the stamp last spring in Chadds Ford. He originally planned to do a stamp for each of the 12 days of Christmas but was told this would be too cost ly. He says he could not be as free with the design as he want ed to because "it had to be an organized design due to the limited area I had to work in." Wveth disclosed for the first time that he made another re vision In the design that is not noticeable to those viewing the original artwork. "I had 6 U.S. but was told it must be U.S. 8c and changed it," he says. The artist, a member of the Postmaster General's Citizen Stamo : Advisory - Committee, savs letter writers who are col lectors claim this is the only time that they can recall seeing the word 'love" used on an American-designed stamp. A Happy New Year to all the readers of this column. Phone Company Worker Cited For Aiding Child Arthur H. Makowskl of Wood- Ridge hag been awarded New Jersey Bell Telephone Company citation for aiding a three-year- old gin who was injured in an automobile accident in Lynd-hurst. Makowskl. 25, repairman in the company's Passaic district, was driving on Orient Way. Lyndhurst, last Aug. 8, when he saw a wrecked car. A girl and her mother were In the car. The repairman parked his truck, took a first aid kit and ran to the scene. With the help of another passer-by. he re moved the girl from the car and applied compresses to a cut on her face to stem the bleed ing. Makowskl returned to the car and assisted the girl's mother, who was in shock, until the Lyndhurst Police arrived. Both the girl and her mother were taken by ambulance to Hacken-sack Hospital for further treatment. It was later learned that the girl and her mother were the family of one of Makowskl's co workers, Stephen De Beills. a cable splicer also from New Jerse Bell's Passaic, district. Makowskl, who has 19 months o telephone service, completed a company-sponsored first aid training course' in 1970. He lives at 591 Moonachie Avenue is Wood-Ridge. Vandals Damage School 28 Room - t1!n. ' Aim .ran1n1f Ii ICfAlk 111 Ob aiv4--- broke Into School 28 at Tempi Street and Presidential Bpuie-vard and ransacked room 107. In addition, the intruders en- 1 . 0 a. . ...all terea tne omce and remove I tho linnJI.. .. tU. nfa hilt did not gain entrance. Policy were alerted by tne scnuv. alarm eystem. . Justin Quiies of 77 cedar said that a plane ticket to Puet- Itn RIfrt anil tAM In rash were I-w -w nil vi Of ivu l stolen from his home. He re ported that there were no ia of a forced entry,

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