The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 20, 1932
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Served by the United Press VOJ,. XXIV—NO. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ^MM^MBr^orxv^^^^*^^** '"-i ~ •" TT kJ IMyihovUle Dully News, Blylhevllle Herald,' Memphis Preacher's Daughlcr New Queen of Picture Serials , __ . __ _ __ KMTHRV11.I.K, ARKANSAS, TUKSIMY, 'Al> upsia Relieves Mililansts frying Provoke Clash. U[| f]| Defendant Freed Whi» IILLIH Evidence-"Blows :Up" i DETROIT, Apr. 21) lUPI—ji'h iBernic Barter was arraigned .-,•; (charges of possession und s^lc A beer Assistant Prosecutor Howard Bowman iu i ose i .and said: ,] i.-:\ "I move to dismiss, your Honiv, our case has blown up." '!/U-! Judge John nrrnnan was''per- plexed until officer Moody appear( r-d, brushing beer fiom his coul, j- Q I The evidence, Moorty explained. Doii|»|f Knds Secret Affair MRS. MASSIE TO TAKE I was In n buttle In' | when Ii exploded. Ills Uicille Browne, above. Is the new e,ueen of the serials "most Her Inir " LUCILLE IS ML She Toils From Dawn to j Council Approves Pronos- Dusk for Entertainment' 1 : ar'to Charge City Cleric nf Tall/ir.-K'=.,<- !' ATC.i I • ' ^ PLUN P1ILE6E TUX 1 LONDON. April 20. (UP)—Europe is concerned lost, strained relations between Japan and Russia, intcn- , sificd by bitter charges In hostile j language unprecedented in p;acc i lime, be turned Into war by any- I one of many explosive faetois in I northern Manchuria. Foremost among dangerous elements is the'presence In Manchuria of thousands of white or nmiEolshevll: Riiisinns wSo fled Russia lifter the revolution. They hate the Soviet re;!m?. Many are re- l»i-led ready to do anything to Involve tlie Moscow government in double. Japan Seekinj Excuse? Then ihers U the Scvist conviction that Japanese militarists believe difficulties with l-'.ie Soviets alont! the Siheria-Mtincluiria barker would nfford the exeus: Jor Jainn lo remain' in Manchuria indefinitely to suppress the red menace. This, the Soviets believe, would gain the approval or nt least the benevolent neutrality of anti-Soviet Eurooran powers and dissipate any oblection? to Japan's occupation of Vfanchu- Oencral Ma Chnn S-ian is another important factor. The Savbts claim ihal General Ma. vln no-i- claims to be onjynliig the Japanei" •ifter allarnUtinj us tl^lr friend [ IEEK10 BETTER Mayor Issues Procla;natioii . Urging Observance in Woman at Mmplils 'Yiclipi •of"Memory Loss MKMPIUS, April 20. -lUW-ij .oaniiiB and wccplnu, a pretty ijioixl wuinnn • - • - in - 2 4 years old is irying fiiintlcnliy to ro- hoi- nirinoi-y nnd |d<-n(lfy im-- Shr told lm |[, v wilo |)kk< , ( , »H »-aiiilerli) 3 in Confc'denile i .she ciinii. r ro ronll B ii X . ,, 0 , "Where Is Mr. Mac and Dr. Mnr- W?" .-.he continually moans In SI ' honpltal. She savs 5 he Is ' Blvllieville. _ She wore a wtiTte'skTrt, a white erwii sweater, black sll'iiwrs chiiron haw. Her while purse any mark are no . ere nre no murks of violence on her hotly. ' and foe. has paid by the J;.6- of Talkie-Fans. , aness for montlis to start trouble K'iiich ivould allow Japanese forc^ to advance in Manrturia .Ma Called Hi«Un e ' . A high. Soviet official'said Moscow- had what Mayor Neill Heed has rcqurated, observance of nexl «-;ck a Better Homes week in this cllv in accordance with a nationwide pro- giam sponsored by women's clubs. The mayor's proclamation follows: "To Citizens of lllytlicvillc: "Ax mayor of Ihe city of Bly- thevills I hereby iirarlolm April 25 to May 1. 1932, netter Homes Week. "The niytlieville Women's Organizations,-Cooperating with Better Homes in America, are sponsoring a Getter Homes Week and in con function therewith are urging a clei:n-iip campaign to rid our city of accumulated rubbish on premises and. vac-ant lots; to encourage the planting of shrubs, trees, ami flowers, and generally improve appearance of property within the city. ""Urging that every citizen cooperate In observance of this National Hctter Homes Week, I liere- , unto an my hand and seal of th5 ' : , . ....i.v i#jj . n the employ O f Japanese mllhar- "Neil! Field, 1 Mayor." ists bjfore. the occiipailon of Man- The hair-raisin,; serials, which j iiege t a 7"bcS «th t ed. charged up to the city clerk nt tuc besinning of each part of film programs during tin- old silent days, really have come „ , ,,„„„, acmumma bacK into their own again. Several f ron , him .at the end of the ncr- studios. w lt li Universal laking the | !od. Tlie clerk will b» asked to lead, are concentrating on serbls j show th» ta>-.--, collected tho«e re- Wsl as as on Uuir feature j tirrned delinquent.' and report on productions. Thus, with . Miss! nfforts made to collect Sand Browne crowned as Universal's of- I the number of distress warrants ficia! serial queen, she steps into) i.«j;«I for f.illnrc in nay. at the M:c place once held by Ruth Ro- lami. Pearl white. Kathlyn Willi- nms and Helen Holmes. And Lucille goes her predecessors one better. Instead of suffering in silence as those former her- <1rmtoO( < that oinw riltt stir r-rlf; =-nt- iiv« o n ,i ! 'fermnn Cross . ! close of i?ach collecting period. Tile council voted to apooinl two assessors to assess the stocks of business houses whose privilege licenses pnvmenls are based on tl-e value of their stock. It was understood that Frnnt Webb and IKE DISTRICT FILLS nines did, she cries she jokes and '""""" ^^ ™' D0 named as her thrilling stunts are performed ' asscssors - H 's estimated that the nmid plenty of nol«e-all of that i r ' JS5E£ors can complete their work due to the influx of tlie talkl-s '" a <™ek or ten days. Asarssments ,,, „-„ • ,,, j , . , '»'" te ni!l de soon for urivilcgc 11_ M ^ s ,.?. r0tt . nc 1 ;\. t ' hc . tol: .^tcr of ralscs ^ be emended for the Seeks R^r.overv o f $38.^33.05 on Denosits in Defunct Osceoia Bank. OSCEOLA. Ark. -- Directors of -•;-••• ...... ...... , . r. -will be named as ; the St. Francis Lcvcc. of the current year, privilege licenses are _; Browne is the daughter of (. clls( ; s a minister, her father having been , EC ond pastor of tltc Dccatur Streal Chris- '-'fM In te tfcui church in Memphis TSnn. And, J charged ' for' many" types of contrary lo Ihc usual stories, he! 11CS . W5 wlli | c licenses lor did uol object- to her becoming an J particularly general mei- actress. j c h nlu ij se . stores, are based on It n-ns her mother who objected ' stock valuation. —but not very strenuously. At the i assessors, it i s estimated that the j filed su it here against the dclu'mu """'"' ""'" "" ' Rank of Osceoia. tit? state bank commissioner, and (he Geonja Casualty company for recovery of an admonition lo James to comply nith city regulations at onc». James was brought into court as the first move against "milk bootleggers" by O. Shonyo. sanitary inspector. Mr. Shonyo asked the court, to bo leiiienl with first offenders. It . is understood that other dairymen selling milk here without permits are to be brought be extended for the I S3S.G33.Co unde r a deposilor olher age of 9 Lucilb played the lead in her seliool play. At 14 slie was teaching Sunday school. At 1C she won the title of "Miss Florida." And at 18 she was in New York posing for nationally famous illustrators. Now playing in her third serial, the young blond actress ho« plenty >o talk about- far more (tan most 'of our act&ss:s who gb in for straight romantic roles. "My greatest thrill," she declares, "came when Roy Wilson in an air- Smal) Fires Tuesday Cause Slight Damage Two fires yesterday afternoon re! suited in -only slight damage. An oven at the Tasty Bakery..204 Main street. b2came over-heated in some manner, selling afire Ihe stovi , i . c * kcs m , fs af b>kln °" piano tried to drop a note to Jimmy Flavin and me in an antomobll? and hit nn air pocket, causing him to nearly crash right into ns. Now that Its all over I can look back on U fls simply nn exciling moment. But at die ttme I was so fright- cncJ I couldn't even think." Lucille has been mauled by an ape, has been soaked with ice water while working in snow, has taken innumerable tails from hcr.vs "';. rc ","!!? was n - 2rly drowii2d when si.e became entangled in her parachute after falling into a lake She hasni even had a chance to find out if jhs likes Hollywood "I have to got up at 5:30 in order o b< -on locate.,, „„ ( | n1( , and v[Kn the day is finished I'm too tired to go anywhere but to boJ." «h c do- I City firemen smothered the blaze with wet sacks. A few minutes before the alarm In the business district, was founded firemen were call?:) ta the home if Miss Gladys Sparks. 521 West Walnut street. A cord extension on an electric Iron had shorted out and lire extension line hade b^on burn?;!, fircm:n reported. And that, folks, k what we'c.ill ' Spring Hill Residents OrganizeJVild Cat Hunt SPRTNO HIM,, Ark.. April 20. ltIP>—Residents her« were oiling their suns icrlnv tor tomorrow nieht they will hold a wild cat hunt. The Brenl brothers are managing the hunt and hsve invited cverv- bc-dv in Hempstwd county to tnke part. A niimhor ot cuts .>avc been feen anH fanners fear loss of live slock. One of the larszest cats ever seen hew was caueht in a trap recently. . ' " ••*-Hi*anui t CKJtlll. The money was on deposit when tlie bank closed last December n and (he district has been unable to recover from ihe bonding com- liany. Judgment Is asked for the n mount of (he deposit nnd interest. The suit is .filed In circuit nnd will come up for hearing at the May term of the cii-il division. The bond, according to the complaint, was written on March 18. 1!)30, to cover n two year perio:!. nnd carries n penalty of 540.000. The bond was executed by 'the bank as nrincipil and Ls signed bv J. L. Williams as president. Mr. Williams' son. B. Frank Williams of Little Rock, executed the bond 35 attorney in fact for the Georgia Casually company. ' Finis E. Miil-r. llquld-iflng agent r the closed bank, and the Am- cricin Surety company of. New York, surety on the ruialifylng surety bond of the Georgia Company to do business in Arkansas, arc also made parties to the suit. Negroes With Stolen Car Nabbed for Cape Officers Four negroes, riding in a stolen roadster, were taken into custody by Patrolman Bill Hlcfcs horc th!s morning at the request of Cap? Gl- rardonu. Mo., officers. Clarence Hall, driver of tho mn- clilne, admitted stealing (he cur at Cape Glrardcau and said he picked up the other negroes. Dudley .'ones. Willie Shanks and Richard Williams, at Slke.-tftn. The negroes were returned to C«pe Oirardcau by Missouri offl Mrs ihis morning. Raymond • Moore was fined five dollars for assault and battery on ih.' person of Tom Salibo. A similar charge agninst Leonard Bone was dismissed. A cash deposit of $11 was ordered forfeited when the defendant in a public drunkenness case failed to appear in court. First Victim of Sanitan " conialncd no im,,,= y ur of Identification. There M WILL FAIL Renews Promise (o Pve-iefi vent What He Regards!',"; As Unbearable Burden. j of . Tern,,. A p r . )-A cliinitosltne love affair, u , nil ----- Mrs. WIHIc nni-KCss. WASIHNCiTON. Alirll M. (UP)-j?''' ,„ , ° f " fr "'"""' r ' la I'l-i'slilcni Hoover Is firmly con- '™ -' r homL ' 1>ftcr '" I rlmcA soldiers bonus bill now i r --•-.. .. U v,u,, iianiinislralloii officials nre m Commander to Cnanue ? nm)or " Iirt of (n « a"'"* 1 ,.*. I »^ , t> 0011111 nlritl HilfArn *li^ Lin.. Attitude or Resicn. __ Henry L. Stevens jr.. national commands of i hc American. Leg. Ion, Is advised to Minporl Ihe Palman ptopasnl for Immcillate rash payment of cx-s6ldlers odlnsted coniDcnsallon --'or resign," 'in n •ilmrn tnlwnni authorised Insl nlSht by Dud Cason Post' No 24 American Legion. The lolcarmn, npnrovcd by the post with only one dlssentluc vole was dispatched to Stevens today by . O. Patton. post commander. It reads: . "Henry L. Stevens 'jr. "Nritlonal Commander, ^American before congress h !ls no t the sllghl- chance of becoming law. The president lielleves if ih: house sliould pass tho bonus (In- senate will defeat It, and If the senate should pass it lie will us- the veto. According lo aUinlnlslratlon estimates the bonus, directly or'Indi- rectly. wocM cost, the counti-y $j- 400.000,000 vt.iether u was paid with I a government bond Issue or an issue of new currency as provided In the I'aliuan bill. T | Tin; president believes the country at this lime cannot bear Kirch in added burden, and If congress tes not prevent It he will. With the president's full line-king i" ndinliiLstrallon officials nre wu"ins a major part of (he alluck on ilm "onus plan before the house ways ami means committee. Veterans Administrator Frank 1 . "Wiirsaw. N. c. "You arc not voJcinj; the membership of our organization You •should either support the bill for «o ndiastcd compensation or rc- ijn. Do not misrepresent us ' tnc- r.". . , ( H. Is} signed for the post by Mr. Pstton, aSHcrihimander.. and Fred Oarlock,' ns'ndiiitaht. C. n. Babcock, who cast the only ilsscnling, vqte. pointed out lhat Elevens' position on the cash pay- Adrnonition. A charge of selling milk within the city limits without a permit agninst. w. Jamas was dismissed by Municipal Judge C. A. Cun- r" i wi- i =icvens- position on the cash ' freed Wim |»' CI " -IMIKV was known when "' jivas e!?ctcd commander, nnd that that was the lime to have opros- eil him. C. J. LKtle, who was a deleialc to the convention at which Stevens was elect-d. replied that Stevens was elected as part of n ninshnn; vesferday afternoon with j scheme engineered by Republican politicians to put the Ir^ion on record In opposition to the bonus, and that the delegates who elected him did not represent the views of th? rank nnd file of Legion mcmbershio. He particularly condemned O. L. Bodcnhamer. El Dorado. Ark., past, national commander, who ho charged helped engineer the- deal by which Stevens was put over. Dr. A. ^l. Wnshburn, the post's child welfare chairman, told briefly of the White House conference mcetliw held Insi week at the city hall. He nlso urged cooperation In the observance next week of "Better Homes Week," which the Blylheville Woman's club is sponsoring. Merchants Have Novel Plan to Speed Business PAHTS, Ark.. April 20. <UP)-A novel plan to .stimulate business hiis put to work by merchants Connecticut Boy. Hit by Pitched Ball. Dies BETHEL, Conn.. Apr. 20 (UP) — One of the first casualties of the 1832 baseball season was reported j today with the death of Clifford Some 2.000 or.c dollar bills, eac'i iSpauldlng, 17. a member of enclosed in n transparent «rapt»r, Bethel high school team. the .. were released l:y the merchants. The name of the store releasing each bill is printed on the wrapper with a place for ten signatures. When the dollar 'bill has b:en endorsed ten times, indicating ten transactions, the bill may be re- nrticd to the merchant, whose n^me s on It and It will be redeemed for SI.10. He was struck . on the temple by a wild pitch. H>i continued to play for two Innings. He then started to walk home nlone but was found later sitting on a curb dazed, 'his left arm paralyzed. He d led n short time later. Abolishing Irish Oath oCinj Pa»ed , Aor . of the bill . . -First readlrfg removing the oath lo the crown from the constitution of the Irish Free state was passed by the Dall without a vote today. The diplomatic crisis between I ?, an , rt tha ***« sti "e resch- ? IJf Lclim " *ith-. introduction of the bill, its final passag. by ne dan was considered assured. ,™ c «"»'«. where the opposition n^.K?,',".' 1 is *«"»• mav how >P the bill for 18. months, but af- «• that it may be made law by jreapprovnl | n ,)„. dll jj Jimmie Jones Freed Again by Martinean Jimmie Jones Is back in town. Jimmie left, town Saturday In the custody of federal agents but didn't stay away-long. The local man was given a six months suspended sentence and a 1100 fine by Judge Martineau in 1eral court several months ago I his plea of guilty to a charge of violating the federal prohibition son. Jack Adojns, n. sloshed her Ihroiil with n razor, then cut tils own throat before horror Etrlckon snectalnrfi could stop him. Bolh died. Adams had been attentive lo Mrs. liurgess ifor some, time before her man-tune, residents of the community sold. Adrinis Is mar- rlcd nnd hm several children. A note In Mrs. nurguvs' hand- wrlllii8, to her mother, read: "Mnrnn, I nm tired of living. I run going lo try nnd end 11 all. Foieive nw If It kills inc. i c(m -i live with you. I can live with no one, You don't want me here." / , ~. „.,. r.,, v ut - Mi tno] Massle ciimo into court tOu.v-H,.,; defend her husband, her:mother,^ nnd two sailors in the honor •'-••' <'fl Hlnes was one of the witnesses Cornbt'nation Worker! and Cash Removed Sometime-Tuesday Nigh). - — •*••»- "• ii"- wiiiicucj called today. President Dawes ot the reconstruction finance corpora- tlon, Chairman Meyer of the federal reserve board, and Secretary of Treasury Mills. *HI appear Inter In tltc week. They will the argument of bonus ndvosiUex that payment of $2,400,000,000 of I Ai")ro-> new currency to the veterans would | «i fron, u,, mncc-we nt thi oe a sound roctliosl of »xpandlny i wholesale pjant of the Barnsdal' moneyed credit and bringing .he |nennln R romotnv or, HUrhwaTu dollar down to Its average value, jwrst of Blythevllle, aomelimn last The robbery was discovered bv cmnloyes of the company when Youn R Wife's Will. End Trial of Ho'noi Slaying 'Defendants; -;!'f ln« or joe . . Her appearance was a ^ cllmas to thn drama wh ii»fnWc<l In the courtroom orw. weck~a play ror life In whkh v Massle, 'hlK mother-in-law. Mrs- Ortvco Hubbarcl Porte! i '-ub. -anil "A' O. Jones and E. J. Lord, nnvy.-..#ri/ • listed men. are . charged with kilN Ins tlv. half caste wlio alleic<liy : *-She was expected (o. be-the filial • witness after Prosecutor Johft Kejlv finisher.) firo^s-cxfonralnRttoh- of Dr. Gdwanl Williams, Los An- Bcles iisvchlalrlst. : ••:'•''• Dr. Williams nnd tir, Orblson. Los AntiMes. Massle WBS .Insane .last January when In the Fortcscuo corian Knhahawai was slain. • ..;,'• -,••• It was Mrs. Masslc's first -at)-'- neirnnce since the IrlBl staVtwl. Necks craned and voice* irc",? a*'-"the young wife walked through' ,tlw • :•' courtrooni door. She looked frlsht- enud and nervous. Mrs. Fortcsciie, :? the any wen thtv )tit t , plant this mcfrn In g: . ',Thrt -j> Mi Ifiwui) . found Urges Appropriation bv Counties for Hospital . Care of Destitute, Dr. F. L. Husband, operator of Ilic Blyrhevllle hospital, addressed the Arkansas Hospital Association, meeting in Memphis Monday and Tuesday .together with slate hospital organizations of Tennessee and Kentucky. He .urged'the initiation of a constitutional amendment which would allow each county In the state having a population of 20,000 or more to make adequate appropriation from county funds lo pay for hos- pftalization of charity patients residing in tlie county. Such a measure, Dr. Husband said, would do much toward •• effecting a remedy 'or the unjust practice of "boot- egging" chariy cases from one community to another. He pointed out that hospitals In Memphis, Little Rock and other cities In this district, were continually forced to accept, charity cases from other communities, whereas the responsibility of caring for these cases should be placed on their respective counties. The Arkansas dlrlslori held its meeting at St. Joseph's hospital Lee C. Gammlll of Little Rock was succeeded as president of the stat- organization by the Right Rev. John P. Fisher of Little Rock. Dr. Husband was appointed a member of the committee on rules and regulations. ' ' Mrs. Husband and Miss Florence I . . onen nnrt a number of ch«e1u I piled In n ucatlv assorted stack on ton of the safe. J; O. Dlxon. miinajer of the comnany, said that thi>. coniblnotjon had been' worked. Officers from the sheriff's • office a,nd -'members of the nollcc orce who Investigated the robtnry .'aid llierc was nn evidence to connect any professional burulars with the theft.- 'T>>ev' intimated that sorr.'xjne familiar with Ihe office and the safe was connected with the robbery. Several persons know Ihe safe combination, officers have hrai advised. Willie a window to the office showed thnt It had been forced open police said It Is possible. th<» window was opened from tli3 Inside. INTS [LEGTI es Flerpin" Renews His Demand (o* 1 Anotli- er Legislative Session. Byers, superintendent of nurses in i crrrnllt slon." . ROCK. Anrii 20. .UIPI— In a loiter to Gov. Harvev P-rncll R«p.. Charles Flcmlnt 1 of Pi Francis county, one of the leaders of a movement to cut Rovernment cn- nenscs. ccmmcnded the chief "\- erntlvr on his nfnn to cut 0|ierot- p- costs 20 ner rent. However, the «', Francis "ri-b"i" renrercnlallvo tsid h« bcllevil "M more Ininsrtnm tn aliolMi ii5el«« ind the slot; li!s;hwa« Mrs. Mitssle's blond boh .wii* _ t rrrt cjff bv a black skirt greenish black waist _ doited. and with pastel flowers and a.btaclt lelt hat. . -.-• : .. ',; Hawallans. most of them women; •• predominated In. the .spectators'.' benches, v ;••••••' .•:..• ...t';"•'.".:,"-:-.,, Dr. Willliims>ent on.'tt* stand for cross exjaHnatlbrt. .ilrs.- Mos,. sti'- «iann«J«,'[>»:.Jury>."a'-7.; nanf] tvnlcal of tfi(>"rricin ture of the-islands.! ... . .':' Williams plunged,/ again to > lils i ' previous testimony; B&ertlng "n, r "mental bombshell; 1 esplortod . In .- NfuMle's hrain as he sUxxl "over. "° Kalmhawal with n gun. ;;' . P"blir Invitet) to Hear '--'•-'..• Or. Hedjer Here Topigbt In n meeting open to tlie public, Or. Carolyn Hedser. of ..the." 'Ic, Dr. Carolyn Hedger, of the. Fomidallon of .Chicago, lll,-,-~'!wUl' •soe'ak here this wenlna-,' 1:M o'clock, at the city auditorium: Her subject Is "The Adolesces! Ase." ' . - -;.-.. : Dr. Hedjrer, who is in Mlssisstp» pi county today as the ROMI coustv council of Parent- associations. Is recognized as an authority on child physchology and child training and her address IS said to be of much Interest'to. both fathers and mothers. Thtre Is no admission fee. » I',.', • Miss Marian Telford, of -New York city, field secretary pt ( "jlJJ national safety council, will.lie..'a guest. She will remain in-'the city tomorrow for conferences with local leaders. ' '' ~ r — ui iiuiM.'.'i m the local hospital, also attended the conventitHi. primnrics. Grocery at Cardwell Robbed Monday Nijht CARDWFXL, Mo. - Sometime. Monday nlslil the ware-room of' Hamra & Felsal's "Model" Grocery, in the building formerly oe- The cupled by Krogers, was entered. fn "PIP Tor I district at the Arw For , . Three 50-pound cans of lard, some sugar nnd flour, and probably some other things were taken. The management has tin idea as to .he Idfntity of Ihe robbers. WEATHER law. agents carrtei Jimmie . Saturday to face th« court ajain, but IK was freed one* more. It is understood that I* payment of the $100 fine . cloudy and warmer In northwest tonight, Thursday partly cloudy. According to the official w«ath«r observer, Charles Phillips jr., the maximum temperature here — «-.^ ... v . ^. aii«>Ai Ilium VVIllJJt-1 «^ULC 1JCIC jrdLCi • lie finished, day was 76 degrees and the mini- fine. He was i mum 60 degrees cloudy. Toddy a ln LUtl * Roclc bl ' E - E l>' emr »C° Ule maximum temntrature of thli city. - ure of Alexander and Coop- I was 80 o/srees and the minimum (»ll tr I nft J . __ 'L 70 riegre*s, eltv council nf nav!n« th« r- A *l rrrnn-. lighl fc'>'' fir various orsunlrTInn's n-in> ""•et in lh-> rllv hall. Al lhaf was the sist of tv Hiscnss'o'i »l last niirht's meelin? which resulted In artopton of a rwolutlon . all users nf nffji-c in the fitv hill, "it rtt-»ct'v connected with th.» arimlnicirnilon. to their own light bills. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T. SB 3-4 - : Anaconda Copper 53-8-: Auburn : 30 5 : 8". Caterpillar Tractor 6 1-2"! Chrysler 9 1 -8 •'. Cities Service 4 1-4 . . Coca Cola 94 1-2 :'. Continental Baking 35-8 General Electric .: 13 1-3 ; General Motors 11 3-S-- Mlddlcwcst Ut*.t!es ..-• 3-8'-'. Montgomery Ward 1 1-8. NJw York Central —-••' Packard 2 1-2 > Radio 5 1-2'.''• Simmons 5-3-4 ' Standard of N. J.'.... 22 1-V, ; 'Texas Co 11 " ." U. S. Steel 29 6-8 New Ynrk Cntfon NEW YORK, April 20. (UP)— Cotton close4 steady. Open High tow Close May July Oct Dec Jan 603 621 6*5 861 6W 684 613 630 656 611 679 695 599 618 643 658 667 68* 611 630. «5S 670 679 693 Spots closed very steady at «5, up IS. The resolution reo"'-cs that nr- i v_. canteatlons uslns offices In the! " ''•'II Imvc scmrat their lights m*f«»d *i_t _ r*l**tns "icters for KEW ORLEANS, April 20 of or'-ratlnt • —Cotton clowd steady ' ---- "' ' ' - • — off the one bulMhvj meter as at. I prtstrit. Oreaniratlon^ occupying May ... nfficM In UK city hall nre tin- July ... chamber of commerce, ricd Cross.; Oct. v-twins of Pr>">l"n w^rs and! Dec. Jan. Mar. Kt,CM, radio station, and the Girls Scouts, recently given, permtsskm !o mnve into (he hall. Oj*n Hifh UT Close W3 613 601 «13 6« ' 835 620 631 M3 654 641 653 M2 6GS 6C2 CSSb «W 677b «M 685 «H Spots closisrt »t «I8, un 10.

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