The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1931
Page 3
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MON'TMY. .KINK 22, 10,'il JtU'THEVIU.!-;. fARK.1 COUKIKK NKWS «KEfl 01 Numerous Chassis and Mo- lor Improvements Under Consideration. BY JSKAKI, KLF.1N Science Keillor, XKA Service WHITE SULl'HVJH SPRINGS, V, V«.—Motorists may ,sse some very redlcal improvements in cars ivllh- !n a few years, it suggestions ma;.-: bv engineers meeting hi-re Demand FOL Rattlesnake Steak Exceeds Supply ARCADIA, l'l:i, (UP) — There's kilo: 1 : Just how to spvll the name- no dopiession In the "snake-steak" of (he particular rattler which l)t:sin<us of Gem go 1C. End, whose'yielded the "steak." troubles mainly are those of nu | It is the "ditimmid-back." rjeiir who cannot liogin toj End estimates il hi- possl- the Inilicnied dvmand. j Uly could Tilt the orders he lias ri>- End Has been in ,,,e canning S^l.J^ta T P ffi. ^J each rattler glvos up considerably less steak than a steer, and is failure diliicuil to halter-break. As an I'xampl,', n six-foul, elijhl- inches diniuunil buck was slain on :t nearby plantation recently liy a negro' \vho happened lo disturb it while Itcc-lng. It's sic'nk lilled only four or five Etui cans, uhicli Is u .s own expert manner. Ummb-imil lyix: of business in the The idras were presenter! at ihs animal summer meeting of liic- Society of Automotive Engineers here. '1'lie engineers lalkeil of aulomo- bll:-s ot the future that wmild be M-.aprrl like fish, '.hat would be powered from the rr-ar, thf.l would be spectljer, inoi 1 ? comfortable, more efficient, more economical find rcomicr than any cars 'on our .streets today. They discussed the "lear-chop" car and rear engine mounting. They considered the uses of oils and ways to improve them. They mulled over such subjects as riding comfort and Ihe contributions of tires, springs, shcck absorbers and even seat cushions toward its enhancement. And they even went into such subjects as the utili/.alion of motor buses and trucks, various technical prctlems such as vapor locks and luel line temperatures, torsions! vi- liration dampers, Improvements in popper valves, automotive and airplane Diesel motors, anil a of questions relating lo fuels and their development. Tells of Kear Mounting One of the most interesting subjects al this meeting concerned the radical suggestion that future auto- moUile.s have their engines mounted In back. Herbert Chase, automotive consulting engineer of Forest Hills. N V., stressed this type of mounting ns permitting more freedom [or improving tlie design of the body eliminating all odor, heal and noise from the body, affording a more compact and efficient power plant and providing more room, comfort and greater visibility. The rear-engine car is no innovation, for ii was used severa L years back In some'of the first automobiles in this country and Europe. Cut in the List few years European engineers have returned to the possibility of .such a car fo: general adoption. They have pu some on the streets and have been toying "with the idea until nov American engineers are exceedingly interested. SUidy "Tear-Drop" Design mounting ties in quite conveniently with another radical idea presented at this meeting. It is th? subject of the 'Teardrop" car, with a body shaped like tlie perfectly formed tear falling from a movie actress 1 eye. The fish form, without iins or perhaps a better compari- eanning Duslncis for years, car.nlng all kinds of vi'.'dables. K.'cemly he "skim" a d:::mondback rattlesnake. olKorvnl (he "steak" looked clean and apprising, and prepared some fc.r hi.s own table. He iiked il. He thought others would like it. So he gathered up seme likely siM'hncns, canned Ihe meat in his and took the product 'to the Florida American legion convention "as joke." Ki.s fame instantly spread be- ond th; conlincs of -Florida. In- uities have jmurod in from al! ).irls of the country. A nalionally ilvciilatiiig majj.i/iuc wanted to Chicago Pichiro Opcvalor Lalest Victim of 'Racketeer Gunmen, PAGK THRBfc First Picture of Famed Shrine of. Moslems• was CHICAGO, June 22 cl)I" -A war on gangdom which was lamiclvd lifter ihc Alfred J. Linelc murder and climaxed last wc.^k with the!! of Al Caponc was renewed vigorously today as a rc- .sull of Hi? slaying of Jacob Kaufman, a motion picture operator. Investigation huu ' Kaufman's slaying by a gunman Saturday nifcht revealed the niicrntlon, authorities said, of a gigantic opera- face of national demand. A patb;lic economic fact that 30 young snakes, gathered m-jiors union which netted between lo tin' parent's interior lor protec- S750.GOO and $1,COO.COO annually to (ion when the negro disturbed tHc-| Thomas Maloy. its director. As- diiunondback. similarly were slain, fbtanl States Attorney Charles E. at such a tcmk-r age Ihry were ] Loumbury said he believed the slaying was an attack by union of- Is on LI p'-and jury Inve.^tlfta- lion commenced two weeks ago. He also anflnnced his investigation di.sclcsed the union recently placed all of its cash, said lo be S248.000. woithless even as "vealers." Monk Wright Lets Kennett Down with Only Four Hits this week. Mrs. L. I- 1 . Moore motored to Cottonwood Saturday mcniing. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sayrt were business visitors in Blylhcvilh* Friday. he aid of tire engineers and all Caushn and Louise Twitter of Ok- thc-rs who in any way would helpllahoma City. Okla., were guests of niprave the riding qualities of an Ed Whit automobile. The S. A. E. meet ing. d 2 vote:! mich of its lime to (his subject. iringing fo the motorist the assur- ince thai the will be riding in a nuch more comfortable, roomier, as a-cll ns more efficient and ecmioml- -al car in the very near future. They even went into such minor >rcbl;ms as reducing the noise of automotive cooling fans. Improving he starting of engines, determin- ng and reducing gum content in gasoline, anil other .such subjects hat help toward Improving '.he design and operation of the who!; car. Hayti Society- -Personal MANILA, Ark.. June 22. -Monk Wright, stellar right bander for the Manila "Black Crows" mowed through the Kennett. Mo., nine veiterday afternoon to (he tune o[ 10 lo 3. Wright struck out len of the visiting team, and only allowed four hits. In adition he increased his baiting average with two singles and a double in five times at bat.. Tom Nick Wright, young brother of Monk and former player on the Blytheville American Legion fliate Champions, with two doubles, "and veteran first in the hands of Maloy to be used in fighting an Investigation. Huge Trout Pulls Angler Off Pier Miss Janie Gillum was hostess to the "Tine Blue" class of the Bap- list church al her home Thursday evening. Ten members were present. The business session was conducted bv Miss Mable Alexander. Ti:e girls will make cookies lo send to the Baptist Orphans home before the next meeting. Lemonade and cake was served by the hostess. The Girls Auxiliary of the Bap- lisl church met at the home of Miss Janie Glllnm Thursday afternoon with eight members present. Miss Opal Alexander was leader of the program. At the close of Ihe meeting, dainty refreshments \vcrc served by (he hostess. The next mcet- Ini; will be at (he home of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Foster. Sterling Duncan, student at (he Teachers college at Cape Girardcau. entering i his uf !lk' must remarkable pic- Christians succeeded In tmi-a ever taken Is this \icw of a : the sacrrd city of Mecca, birth-j of the iii-:i! thiong o( Mohnmrncilaiis in: place of the Prophet, in which" this ' ing the muUh or piiuilma ho!y sluinr. at Mecca. Here great Inner shrine Is tactile:!. I year. The luiue bluck-luok life. About 100,000 members* wllh 'hangings ot rich black bro- 1 '.' visit the HANF, Alta., <UP)—When a man catches a llsh it Is not news: hut when a Pish catches n man. It, is. Authenticated by police reports, this Is (lie story of a fisherman who icfused lo give his nnnu. He (of tt:e pier into twenty feet of w.v " "'ter. He did not lose his head with shrinr. at Mecca. Ihe Hist lime mi actual photo ispli hits been made of the la!:';us sanctunry which <or more 13CO years has been strictly tuarded from the sight of all nonbelievers. Only Hi disguise and at !la> risk of their lives have a few place dur gc each lOking ob- was fishing last week off the pier at Lake Minucwanka near here with a light rod and line when a 20-iMimd lake trout struck so viciously that the angler lost his balance and was hauled off the. end Among the tens ot thousands of i jecl In the centor ot the crowd peisons shown wllhln the stock- [ actually Is n cubcshapcil stone uilcd r.iiclosuro aiu pilgrims from j Winding which l'i the rcnl Kaaba, all ovrr the world, for ovcry Mo- dnilng irom pie-Islamic times nnd I'.amincdp.ii whose menus and • health permit Is Iwuntl lo i«r- form Ihls lite at least once In llnkcn over into Ihe new by Mo ] Imnuued mul designated ns (he , House of Allah. It Is covered cade. In one corner !s the famous"; Black. Slone, venerated and kls'seil,' by all Mohammedans, the light- colored building at the. left houses (he sacred well of Zemzem'. whicli__. also Ls the (only well In Mecca. .Behind the decorative gateway Inf. the center of (he plrture is "a;'', pulpit from which the pilgrims arc addressed. . olf in a bont and landed both llsh I tind man. j The fish Is now al the laxlder- — his balance, bill, still clinging to i Ins red and line, fought the trout I " lUl '' s , nll(l Inler wl11 llc a ~ •• -~ ».«•«». i if In w pnw ill the water until Constable James B of Cnlgary and another man put,' fllub Kflrnifd, IUP) NaFlivllle I'fioranto club Courier News Want Ads Pnv. dls|ilnycd;has Ix'en formed here, and Its members are v, orktnji induslvi- onsly lov:aril Ihe day when they will be - conversing wllli people throiiEhoiit the world in a com,- . mon loiigue. They me hoping to., get a regular Espcranot teachL'f-r There arc more than 55,000 doc- ois registered In Cireat Britain. . arrived home Thursday evening. Tie baseman Wells with a dc-.iWe and i wl " s Pfnd Ihe remainder of the solngle also starred at bat. Stevens,! weck llcre w' 1 ' 1 ' Ilis parents. Judge 2nd baseman for the visitors, led at and -Mrs. J. E. Duncan, bat with a single and double. j The Intermediate D.Y.P.U. with The local nine has had a very I Rev. J. W. Cunningham, Mrs. Ma- successful season, and is looking I b!e Burress and Miss Kurie Burress for games with other strong semi-1 as chaperones. enjoyed a night pic- pro nines in this section of the ni c at Chute Sixteen Thursday eve- becoming Batteries: Wright and Roth; Eubanks and Kirk. Huffman News tail. son. for the engineers have actually been studying the advantages • of this form, both for better appearance ar.d greater si>eed, as^ applying to automotive body de- 'sign. "If we started out today to design a fast automobile and were not handicapped by precedent and fashion, said automobile would not look or act or be mechanically arranged like present automobiles," Waller T. Fishleish. Detroit engineer, told his colleagues. He had in mind, for the most part, the rear- engine tear-drop car. Until such a cnr presents itself, however, the engineers will continue to apply themselves to improved operation ol the cars we are using today. For this purjiose. they took up seriously such problems of oil • rciiEumpticn. of winter starting and ff .-.inter lubrication, and the latest development of synthetic hibricot- ing nils for use in automotive en- yines. Oil a Trnblcm • The question of oil is affected by • several important factors, such as engine speed, wear, lubricating system design, viscosity and other features which have fcep: the scientists busy in their research laboratories for years. Changes may still have to he made in engine design in order to accommodate one to the other in a more efficient way. Comlort rps bccoaic as important a sujbicl for discussion among the engineers, as has t!is more technical matter of power plant development. In Ihcir efforts to produce n car that will not jar passengers out ol their seats, they have sought A group of young folks enjoyed music and dancing at liic home of Mrs. Emma Peery Tuesday night. ' Mrs. Paul Fitzgerald was hostess to Misses Mildred and Marie Hay Tuesday night. Mrs. A. F. Bowles and daughter Mrs. M. E. Ashley of Tyler. Mo., were gucs!s of relatives here Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Smith Bracken was thj liesi of Mrs. Eila Ray Wednesday afternoon. Misses Preston and Lissie Peery scent Thursday'night with Misses Mildred and Marie Ray. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elaslett entertained with a dance Thur.-day nigh!. Miss?s Regina and Eileen Hogan who attend school at St. Louis arc at home for the summer vacation. Miss Miidrsd Ray'was the guest of Miss Preston Perry Friday. Mrs. Paul Fitzgerald had as her guest Friday Miss Mil:ircd Ray. Misses Dottie Wann, Beltic ning. Games were played which a picnic supper war, served. Mrs. J. W. Golden entertained number of her friends with a lawn parly Thursday afternoon. The ladies spcn I a pleasant aflenioon quilting after which the hostess served a fruit drink and coskbs. College Oirls KM; Hiker GRINNEI.L, Towa, «JP> — Bicycle riding and roller skating have been added to the list of athletic activities for women at Grinnell College. A recreation department has been ;dderl to the Grinnell Women's Athletic Association and Ihe department, supervision of the new activities. White trousers and blouse? ave standard equipment for the girls. RADIO REPAIRS Phojic 121-122 Louis Gvesn - Julius Shiclc When HEADACHE Is Due To Constipation OITV.N- 0110 of Hie first-felt effects of constipation is a IIKADACHR. Get at tho bottom of the trouble with r\ ,1.,.=,! or t<v> of Tlio.lforcl'3 ni:icl:-nr.n:i;lit. Don't Flransrl^ n.i- f.iiv's nuU-iy wlih m , ro |,:Un-kitkTF, bin rtlkvo the consllp-illon — ruj.iy II .> i. tr.-st.-riK relief which tlini:;.tno'.i of !••>[> 'lave i.jiorlr.i froM the use or |: : .ii!i-r>r.u!ehl In stich cni»lll!nr.G. lt!.i,-k-l>ntii>:lil Is nnile OC Imriy P.IU... ;ol le-ivo* ;ll ..| roots O f ^p. |,t,.v, .i tll<Nlii-ln;il J-laiLl.t. Mr. 1.. P. Diincin, 323 W. Lincoln St. T'lll.ilioiiia. •Iriin.. writes: "A few <v.-, ks .ik-.i 1 lin.l hr.ul.vcliu. H^viriK lilack-Draushl on l,:in.t iin.l kunivliiE 11 £"c-t. I took II an>l it rellewj mi-. A (••»• nlshis ,110 I took U ;IK:I|II with si>!o.-ulH results." ,„.„ BLACK-DRAUGHT •Sold by druggists. In 35? pncknRc?. Notice to Tax Payers In Drainage District No. 17 Taxes Must Be Paid By July 1st To Avoid Penalty And Costs . H is imperative Hint tho interest on tlie Bonds due Fclmiai-y 1st, 1031, be paid not laler tlian July 1st. To do this it will be liiuCwaiT for the taxpayers to pay their taxes now. . Under the very substantial reduction in the tax rale for Ihe current year it is exiwt'ted that the taxpayers will co-operate with the District fully and pay before penalty attaches. CLIFTON H, SCOTT, Receiver Drainage District. No. 17 of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Good~fAei/Ve ~ • ~- /jzsiszs^, «/ NIGHT and DAY PHYSICIANS THE U.S. A, | 122 million American lives! Mot « mmutn to call Ins own. Subject to your needs and mine. Serving cliccn'ully rich and poor alike. Dispensing help and courage as welt as medicine. A good friond, a wise adviser. Who, of a!i poople. Is more., respected/ better-liked, or moro often consulted ihan your doctor? They always give their hest! •• • FOR A MILDER BETTER TASTING SMOKE Ripe mi!d tobaccos in pure cigarette paper, aged right, blended right, rolled right.. . TAKE AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE. They're MILDER . . . (tint they TASTE better! ' Chesterfield THEY'RE MILDER and THEY TASTE BETTER

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