The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1932
Page 4
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-BLYTHKViLLE COURIER NEWS COQWDOt HBW» CO, PCBU8UR8 Hunger NtUootl Adrtrusni* RtpiesenUUvei: <lrt*aiM DtWei, ax, New York, Ctacago, Jtteoit, St LMfe, Btllu, KOOSM City, Little PubltaM Evcvj Afternoon Except' Sunday. «. second class matter nt the post »t .Blytherille, Arkansas, under act o? Concrea October 9, 1911, Serrw ty tn« omiea Press ••-:•. 8UBSCH1ITION RATES - »B» curler In the city of BlyCiGYlllc, 15c per week or '$0.50 pfr year In advnnce. By mall within & rsdhu of SO mile:, 13.00 pet Jitt, 1150 Jar six mouths, Sic for three months; by null In posts! zones two to Els, Inclusive. 16.50 per year, hi zones seven and el£ht, $10.00 per year, payablo In When Samuel Seitbury wis conducting his investigation of ooiTiip- tion in the city ;tnd cuiinly jrovcrn- 1 . incuts of New York lie found (linl it was iiiiifc tlse ordinary thing fur <)]'. ficiuls sillied witli the Tumniiiny ovgiin- . ' izalioii lo have ktrye i-iish reserves in ' lock boscs.- II- v/iis by drawing on Lltese . reserves, wilncs.-e.-i explained, tlial officials with unlades ranging 1'ioni $5,000 lo $12,000 per year wore nl>li> to . : make bank deposits rangiiiK from $25,'• 000 lo ?100,000 immially. This rather strange method of hand- liiig liiwiieial affairs is apparently not - iwculiar lo Tammany Hall. "Tin-LJox- itis," as it has )>cen ealled, exists anionK Arkansas oli'ico holders, or at least we .. .have one distinguished example of it in tho case of Dwight likickwuud, with at least the possibility' that il may . prove to bo a habit with which other members of Hie slate highway ot'Kan- ization have been nITIictcd. Here is opportunity for interesting research on tlic part of the highway audit commission. Continuation of the (invcstijralipii jUoiin preKenl. linuu should ''develop worthwhile in formal ion as lo . the financial practices ol" I huso who find public life profitable. Aside from this purely academic side of the highway inquiry, however, - testimony of recent day.s has been of . • particular interest'to residents of Mississippi county tib its revelation as lo ; justihow.excoi'dinijly profitable the 6f- fice of sheriff of this county has been. Mr. Dlackwood testified thnl Jie iwide nfootit •$3ii,000 a year out of the job. Get out your pencil and figure wit how much belter, olf Mississippi county would be tu'day if thu $5,000 constitutional limit on thci pay of county officers had been ap])lied in tliOiu days. Also of particular local interest, ,- esiMcinlly to those who contributed to Jlr.^iilnekwood's'campaign fund when he first ran foi- highway commissioner in. 192G, is,his testimony that he had between $50,000 and §GO,000 in when be loft Mississippi county for Little Itock. Why, KO mc folks . here .thouBht he was broke and that Hie few dollars they were able to .scrape, up were necessary to help a promising Mississippi county boy nuike ;1 f ( !trt j,, state politics. Old-faslucncd nculriililj- disnpp^ml win, Hie siEmng of the pact of I'.vls. -Niel !t ,l.-, s Murrav Butler, president, Columljia Unhn-s-iy. OUT OUR WAY A Wise Appropriation The Senate shortly will be called uj>- on to decide whether il is to reo'eate, lor tliu cuinj);iign of I!);i2, n .sejiiitoi'idl c.'inipaign fund invcslijjalinif cominil- tue similiir to the Nyo comniitlct; that J'imclioiicd so encr^eiicatly a «)U|)ltj ol 1 years a^o. If (he Senate is well ndvisiNl il will lose little IJJIH; in voliiifc' lo cslubli.-ili Kiicl) a cuinmitleu on pivcixiMy thu sumo basi-.<- as thai on whk-li Iho Nye cuiu- niiltce o|K'rated. Tho cost would not be Ki'cnl. Proli- ably $l2rj,()00 \vonl<l more than cli-- I'l'a.v itll of the C.\I)I.'IIXL;.S. A.'id Ihc wnr« done by suth a coininilti'i; is extreins:- ly vahmble to tlic nation. The Nyu coniinittco more tliau justified its existence; (here is no reason lo Kiip- pose Unit a stinihir ctflnmiUou this year would bo am- lew BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS it °f tf IH one at]j,'h> to I IK! present wiikspjvad demand for a bonus lo U'c/rld U'itr veterans ,1-hal is usually uverlookwl when tin; subject is disciis- Ki'd. That is Hie iVfliiif so many eit- ixens liave lhat Mich a bonus would \ic no less than fair in view, of tbe way in which big business and high finance ran .and t!o get extensive (inaneial assistance front ihc federal treasury. That feeling may lie mistaken; even if em-reel, it may not in the, least justify the veterans' demands. That i.; be- sii!« the point, it is intpurlanl that the fccti'iitf be recognized and understood. The war , veteran is not, certainly, any more sellish than any other citi- xen; and in calling for a ?2,000,0()0,000 bonus ho docs nol Jeel thai he is asking for any special privilege. Instead IIQ jioints to the. vast sinus that have been made available to belp linance and industry, and asks if only.lhe rich and powerful can get at Uncle Sam's purse. Until opponents of the bonus recognize the depth ami strength of that feeling, their arguments won't, make much impression on the veterans. 1 The wets have beaten us with the dally press, bill ive'll show l;iem we can win n cum- iraisn uith the newspapers (nlkini; the other way. — Di- .Clarence True Wilson, secretary, Methodist Board of Temperance and Public Morals. i * * p The Unlled Slates has no imperinlislic designs. It maintain..; merely enough force lo defend its own territory nnd Us own institutions agninsl hostile assault. IMtrick J. Hurley, secretary of war. * * * Today some seem lo look,.oi- pretend to look, ttpcn marriage as a kind of temporary convcn- llun. —Dr. IJerdT.iu Pollock, bishop of Norwich. England. * * * Tlie Uciuccmlic parly will win Hie next cli-c- l!on only il it nmuluales the strongest, mo--: outspoken and fearless lender who has Ihc best economic mind to restore prosperity [lirni^liout I he United Slates. -Dudley Field Mslnae. wtiorncy. By Williams .. TAKE CARE OF Ti4E V_EFTOvr-C? Or- HAVIMG A SAUttC? OF BEAMS PUT iiviTo TM' ICE Box THREE PRu^ts INJ A PEA INJ A MEAT OLATTEC?. LGSSOISHSS \f, '^ TOWA-bH /^ SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "Yonse c«|)s is always hounding me!" rain Is What Distinguishes Mao from the Lower Animals KY I)li. .MOUKIS riSHBK.IN Kilitcr, Journal nf (he American iUcdiral Assiirialloii, ;iiul of llysoi.i, Hie llcaltli Mii;a/iiu- Tl'.o diUcreucL 1 tetwccn man and tlic iipn Is (lie dlfTerencc bctwe-;n un nuloknalic machine and rcnsa : ^ ng ijonvr. lit otlior words, Ijruins nmki.' lliu liiunnn being different 'roiu Iho iinimal. In Liverpool, Ur. \v. Uliilr-Bell, noted lirllisli surgeon, considered of NIC menus devise;! for ilo- cnnlnii];: \\heihc 1 r or nol- a person Has the niuoiuit cf brains nec?S3:»7 'or Giicccra in life. It is commonly raid that one man has br.iins anJ ni'.othcr 1ms not, Llic comjK'.rison ii.'Hiiilly referring to wlial mnst iwo- pln consider nvcvngc. The mental tests commonly u.std ail lo take inlo accoiml numerous factors ivlilcli are signincint; for r.xnnijili>. tin; amount of stcqi tlut he tndlrldinl has had, his physical s(ntt) of lioaliii and iicrliaps tlic vaiintlons in tho I esters. Wluit we rail iiilcllcctiml gifts, ns ihc ability to learn music, :hc ability to ncciirnlcly in iiiathemniics, mid the aliilily lo ra- T.cmlxjr, arc probably inheiitc'i in nnny discs. TlicoroHcally il shc.ild If possible to lireed iicople wiln ex- memories or of special musical Inienl. ijoine day the world nay make a serious effort in this direcliun. Memory is called on to pl«y a linrt in most menial nclivitics: However, all intellectual abijil^s are capable of education and further development. Hie degree of dc- velor.iv.cnt depending, of c;;'irsc. on am. tnc amount with «hich one Sc- fiecord:; are aval'able of ;; light- calculator Mho was taken 10 Cambridge Uni'^rsity 31111 who g.ive murrpjoi;? ,ii;s\vers in ;,11 tif the questions, hut who coultl not It'll IIOM- he cnt his answers, ifcj'.h- er could he apply his methods-in l-'tnclical use. In his case il «as tco lj;te to educate him. He dirt net have- bialns; he had ta)ent Ka doubt, m<:*', of us begin with ;cmc brains, Iwt tilcy are of Ii;t!c use unless they are properly (rained, niul ad|i ftcd to. daily !ife. A motor car is full of energy, b:it it cniinot use tint energy until ;be ignition switch is thrown nnd the clutch engaged. Control, thtrcftirc. is necessary fur proper use of human brains. After control comes ene-^y. The lazy man does nol think bcc.Hisc he does not try to think. If he tried, he probably would find he had the mental equipment tc accomplish the result lie wan sect- Ing. Otic of the finest exv-iples of Ihc presence of brains Is the development of ideas through, imagination. The man with ;i ii::(c-:t memory may never create a single thcught. His brain merely records Ihe thoughts of others. The artist, (he genius, the intellectual leader, is (he one • whose brains, through rcnsonlng, develop thought nnd ideas which all hu- nuin beings recognize as imnor 1 .- BEHIND THE SCENES IN W^SMINGION Mills, loaded with great and heavy fervent tliese days. Ilo doesn't mind- Msslng senators or even newspapermen. After his appearance before the Sfnate Finnnce Committee, under the admiring eyes of his wife and Congressman Ruth Pratt of New York, he was being Interviewed and a correspondent asked a question which betrayed slufptlcism. "I don't have to slnnd here and argue 'wllh you!" Mills barked heatedly. And a moment later with the questioner gone, he demanded: "Who is that fellow, anyway?" The Rev. James Slicra Montgomery, House chaplain, apparently alms his prayers at current developments. The day afler an oil tariff had 'been voted into the tax bill he .spoke of "anointing with oil," and the day the tax bill was voted on lie asked the Almighty to bring every member of this Congress Into an experience of thnt knowledge, understanding and Judgment liltherlo unknown." * • * Wiy She's f^ Alfalfa Bill One slrl hen.-, says she doesn't know why she should have to work so hard when there arc so many unemployed and that she hopes Alfalfa Bill Murray will be elected president so we will have three crops a year. Some federal employes work vary linrd; others are ubio lo loaf. The liccocistructiaii Finance Cor- porntlon was overtiming girl clerks Into nervous collapses until newspaper publicity discouraged the practice. • • . : VTW But time's an old story about the tourist, v;ho was Kazlng admiringly at a Inn tall bureau building nnd risked nn old man about (o pass In: "How many people work in lhat building?" The old man grunted: "About half of "em!" • i * Cfosed for Good? That speakeasy in a block adjacent to the While House reopened recently under new management, but not for Ions;. The cops came and threatened to shoot tear.gas in at the staff and customers of not allowed culiy. So the management regretfully "dumped," let the cops in and promised to move) afler emphatic assurance that it could no longer operate. ... Sol Bloom , (lie Washington Bicentennial director, asked to support the drive of the Junior Chamber of Commerce for 50,000,000 vote; next November as a "tribute" to George, said the Idea didn't possess "one-millionth" of'the importance of his own educational campaign and might "embarass" it. KLAMA'i'H PALLS, Ore. (UP)— Afler slot uiacfiines were ordered removed from business houses police set up milk bottles palntcc white and bearing the letter, Police Milk Fund." WITH RODNEY DllTC.UER I1V ItODNT.y IHJTCIIKI: NBA Service Writer WASHINGTON — Anybody can make pot likkcr. which Senator Hut?y \A\Y-* of Louisiana insists b" 0:1 the Senate Restnur-' Duller 2. Whatever funds tlicj- get must be spent more prudently than ever before. * « * lie. Kills [he Bill ant incti'.i. Throw a lot of turnip Ktcens, a hunk of salt |»rk. a few is wealthy, has mans wealthy, conservative contacts and as chairman in 192-1. had the turnips mlo a !>ol. r.-ason with salt; piiUtlon of n hardbollcd tightwad and prpper, cover with water and; among politicians who'came seek- bu:l for itlioul. an hour. That's j Ing money for their state activi- Hue.v's recijK. • tics. . . . And tire Democrats can't You may. then cat the crccns a ' for d anyone credulous enough to and turnip;, hut that's :iol com- sink lonrts of money in such slates inilsury. 'Ihe point is to drink I as Pennsylvania, ns Chairman the likkcr. drinking your corn [ Itasfcob did in 1928 aflci- falling bread In il. llir.y says Ihc stuff I for tllc assurance that Smith could lidod for every human ailment; thai Ihc Confederate army lived en it for four years. Lo!i:; nnd Jon RohliiEon renewed the o'.d controversy as to whether ll;e corn b:i"ul .should be "dunked 11 or Ijrnkni into the Itkkcr ic- cintly. The result, as usual, was a lie. l.on^, of course, championed (I::-, "dunkcrs."'s ;\ I.ul nf Minify UiirouHrmrd report jieve .• ays iMicr: Loi;gvvnrth has ttirncil do'.vn an offrr ol $25n.OOO for writiu;: story of her lite. Sounds lii;h. fur these limes. Economy is not exactly a new IliiitS h-:e. Take, or Inslnnrp. antomoUle which the IVparlmpnt of Jusliti- use* her<- !nr shatlo.v \vnik. coundcntiiil inquiries and nfllcinl business of the Bun an of iVTsliiTntinu. H was 1'uushl In 1021 and has cone 3D.COO miles. Bur-ail c;hicf J. Kdgar Hoover io: ( | ;\ conBres- siniial ro:)iniillco about il. He w;nits a nc-w cor. HeiKirli that William M. niil- Irr of C;il Cnol- ld-.;c's <M frk-nd. may In- drafted In sen- iijaln as of the Republican inliniul coimnitu-e arc faintly credible bccnuj-e: 1. Parties are having n mi<?rab'e raising rune's carry it. * + * Mills liven Sasses Reporters Secretary of (he Treasury Osd;u rcsponsibiliUcs, often gets pretty Announcements Tlic Courier news TIRS twcn authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August 9. Fnr rrnscculinK Attorney DENVER L. DUDLEY S. L. GLADISH (Re-election) For County Judge XAL B. HARRTSON (for 2nd term) Fnr Sheriff ROLAND OUEi;;,' CLARENCE H. WILSON Coonty Treasurer W. W. HOLLIPCTER (for 2nd term) Circtiil Conrl Clerk B. L. "BILLY" GAINK 'for 2nrl (<>rn\> 1-REH FI.EEMAN County anrt rrfiUite ClrrV W. II. "DOC' SCAUBOKO MRS. .10H.V WN'O (Ue.e!cellon> MISS CAREY WOODHUKN For County Assrswr JOE S. DtLLAHUNTY (for !ad tcrni) to Kansas City East entrance of Union Station, Kansas City J UST tell Long Distance . . ."I'm calling Kansas City, v Harrison 9900." Or, if you don't know the number,; say, "Give me Kansas City ... I'll talk to anyone at ; Mr. Henry Wilson's residence, 1500 South Broid- '. way." That's the way to place a station-to-station call; Even in the daytime station-to-station calls (on which-' you will speak to anyone who answers at the number i called) are cheapest. And they're reduced about 25 pef : cent between 7 and 8:30 p.m. ... about 50 per cent" after 8:30 p. is. £0112 examples: :; Blytheville Chkago (111.) '$1.05 Ulythcville Memphis (Tenn.) 350 Ulythcville St. Louis (Mo.) 60c Ulytheville Little Rock 50c (SlathH-to-itaiion ratt after S:jo p. i».) SOUTHWESTERM »EIL TELEPHONE COMPANfJ. /Ifter sunset comes twilight Light As the twilight hour approaches arid the sun sinks in the West, millions of. hands reach for a tiny button or switch, seeking LIGHT In the old days, thoughts turned to matches and lamps, already in readiness, the bowls filled with oil and the chimneys washed. Or, in the less efficiently managed home, office or factory, there was a scurrying around and a flurry of preparation against darkness. Today, a gesture— the motion of a hand, the faint pressure of a finger — and, instantly, huge generators, somewhere, manufacture and furnish you the light you need. No delay, no fuss, no fumes, no flame— just modern light — the sun's only rival And, in the same easy way, you may have heat, refrigeration, power, radio entertainment Service made possible by years of preparation lo inecl your needs ••- anil the investment of millions of dollars. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO. i:-

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