The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1932
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•••I- Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TH V rVi\*YW ft «»n tinxian &ovn rtw UfVlft^m V ft. 0*^ IT-H^ t-un • n *».-. ~.^. . _. _ _ ' * * • *"^^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI8SOCR1 VOL. XXIV—NO. 27 blyllKYilie Dally Ni>*s. Ulytheville' HeinldT Mississippi Valley Leader. Blythevllle Cornier, .i.K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, Ai'uu, is, iM2 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS '4 MOB LYNCHES SLAYER OF CHILD TICK PLUNGES !0n ! REBELS MEET HT Young ' People of Street Church dent Near Holland. A Uike Street Mel'wdift church Epworti! League oi.lins met :tl=3s-?r hut miraculously enough avo!:led tragedy yesterday altcrnocoi when a' truck loaded with 23 members of the local church plunged olf Itijh- way Ul a mile south of Holland. Mo,, turned over and smashed into a concrete culvert. Al least, seven memb3r.s of the party sustained detinue ttioush apparently not severe Injuries, v. .:ili: most ol Ihe uUiti-x were nui-sins; bruises and nits today. who weie nol injured were subjected to an involuntary ducking in t-'iie half filled ditch into v.-hieli the true!-, skirlded as it turneti ov;'r. The Injured The most, seriously tnjur:A are: Pete Trnntham. suiferin» from a broken collarbone.,.. Lee Duncan, wh'o sustained in- )\nies to a leu. Mrs. Lee. Duncan, hip and back binlses. Alice McNeil, who was unconscious for seme time after the wreck. She received cuts about the head and shoulder. Geraldtnc I.c.wis. with a hip injury. Dorothy Riley. with a bruised neck and back. Henry F.vrartl, with an iujined side. The truckload of young proplc. rnnging from 15 lo 18 years of age, with' their cliaiterones had Isft Blytheville in the morning and driven to Carulher.wlllc and SInyti, stopping on the way for u picnic lunch. 'Hie accident occurred as tho party retnrnme to BlytJieville. .'•" Truc-k Turns Ovrr According tn rcixiris the hat of the driver. Oeorgc Ingram, was blown of! nnd two girls riding in the front, seat of the (ruck grabbed for it. In some manner Ingrain's and lie lost Fleming and Quarlcs to Address Rally in Park i liis Afternoon. Slocks Slump lo New Lows • •i' '• York al YORK, Aplll IK iUI') — Loading sh::ie. 1 , dei'lined to new low' levels fcr t':ii' b:-:u marKuV today while the i;em-i-:il list, llinugli sy.vttniiitit.illy IO-.UT, malnt.ilned 11 rcluiu-ly Mciidy position ill a Iradin-i t^uc oj 'jiyht years ;ixo. J'rini'ipn] piT^urc c< inverted cm { . [American Telephone and Telc^iuph LITTLE HOCK, ApVll 18. lUPi—(and tlic ,:,.-,w Aruppi'd l« the low- IA mass meeting of-Arkansas 1 r.--tel csl level Mncc 1021. u closed '—- •—- '- '- '•-'•• ••-'- nt 100. U. .8. Etcrl declined to n new- low since- \yiVi nt. '.il 1-4! H clnsvv.l at 31 n-rt. • Officials of the company indicated dividends would be contiiiBi-iu u:i eflrnlntis. Aside f i om (li:-i:n:ulcil r>[ tlic Japan's n lomol/iiu; Sr rcsulcni's l : .cononiy Pro Ui'aiu Will Ik* Recom-j hy Connnitlcc. I Miss Mai-inn Tellcrd, Jjc-lil tec-re- t-ry di the National Surety Cuun- ci!, Washington. D. C.. v.-hi) will itddriss Ihe county I 1 . 'I'. A. toun- ;-:! meeting r,i Wilson Wednesday morning. Miss Telford will spend several days in the county, in Hie vision was obscured control ol the truck The heavily loaded .macMne slipped on the road, made slippery by showers, turned over Into a roadside ditch, and finally came to a standstill when a concrete culvert blocked its erratic path. Most of the group riding on the truck were thrown clear of the machine but several were pinned beneath the.truck nnd were extracted by other members of Party and passing motorists. Tlie injured were hurried to Blytheville by motorists and the oih- crs followed soon after. Two wreckers were sent to the scene to pull ihe truck out of the rtilch. The Itev. w. J. i* Roy, pastor of the Lake Street church, said that only one member of tlie party was able to attend Epworth League services at the church.last, night and the services were called oft. Lai-dime rlcdger of Mc- Corimck Foundation lo Speak" Wednesday. WILSON. Avk.—The. Wilson High School Parent-Teacher association will-be" hostess to the MissLssi|)pi County Council of Parenl-Tcncricr organizations at a meeting here Wednesday, April Caroline Hedjer. j representatives was to be held this j afternoon In a city park to prolesl ! against adjournment.- of th: special j session by Governor'Parnill. Ftep. Charles Ftemlns, v.-.iu'Snlro- j ducert tiie resolution" to held the meeting "on the capltol grcunJ.s," ! w - as scheduled 13 speak on "Our i Present, Administration." ' Fleming's resolution was- signrMl 1 by >.omu fifty members of Die and ihe entire gulleiy. Tnc icbds met for I.in2 cays despit3 the fact Governor Parnclt adjCHitKiil tl-.e .session b^L-nusc the Uso ileuses wore in (ILsagicemenl as lo time of adjournment. The meeting place for today was moved from the capltol grounds to His park when Secretary of State Ed McDonald rulc:l It a political meeting. Sennior John Qmirlcs of Helena will speak on "Tlic Relation of Governmental Extravagance lo Unemployment." When Ihe supreme court gave an unofficial' opinion that the house was adjourned the representatives voted to meet today. Representatives and some of Ih2 people who sent, congratulatory messages to the lower body on it.> stand began arriving lust, iiijlu and early today. Those attending will be Ltrel IniliiMry at tlik.' animal meet 20, M. Elizatetli McCormick when Dr. U., of the Memorial asked to express their opinion ns to whether or not. Governor^ Parnell shoiil:. reconvene tlic session for the enactment of laws economy and.volrenehincnl. r Cotton House At Ungar Gin Destroyed by Fire A collon house at Ihe Jake Un- ear gin, a hundred yards north of this city on Highway 61, was destroyed by fire early Saturday night. The fire followed a blaze a few weeks ago which destroyed another' cotton house at the s'm. A complete estimate of Saturday night's loss was not available this mom- ing but it is believed the damage will exceed 43500. City firemen were called and succeeded In preventing the flciniss from spreading to other buildings and the gin proper after a truck pumper had been brought into use. Tlie pumper gradually settled into the ground near tic water main as water from the truck exhausl made Ihe ground soft. After the lire had teen extinguished an Arkansas-Missouri Power company truck equipped with a hoist was used to extract the fire truck from lie mi.d. similar assistance \vas necessary when the first fire occurred nt the gin. Foiui'dation of Chicago, will talk on "What the Community Owes the Cliild." Dr. Hcdgcr's talk is scheduled to begin at 1:15 o'clock'in the high Echo:)! auditorium Wednesday afternoon. She will speak again al the city hall in Blylhcville nl 7:30 o'clock Wednesday evening on "Tlie Adolescent Child!" On the morning program of the Wilson meeting, which will be held at the community house, .Miss Marian Telford, field secretary of the National Safety Council, will speak at 11:30 a.m. The meeting will open al 10:15 a.m. Mrs. J. T. Lee of Joiner, president of the County Council! will preside. Officers will be elected at the morning session and installed in the afternoon. A report of the recent district p. T. A. mecling will be read by Mrs. Oscar Hill, president of the Wilson P. T. A., and the rogram will be inlsrsporsed wits lusica! numbers by junior boys and iris of Wilson. Liuicheon will be served at noon n;the high school cafeteria. usion of 1926 Issue Under Refunding. Bill's Terms Is Possible. Wants Cow Arrested for Eating His Ha; ZION, 111., April 18. (Tjp)_steph cu Scys walked into the police sta- ttmi Itacing a Guermcy cow that chewed Its cud reflectively "Crarfie this cow with larceny, trespass, and malicious mischief." lie told Captain Ear] Casperson. Scys explained the bcost, was owned by nelehbors of Ills. ^to3t. of Ihe officials are sitrt to trals. Savor lonil tvcatnicirt, ol veterans In local and privately owned, hospit.ils. There is a group, however, that Is against such a move, declaring the incieasod pniwr work necessary would the loeol profit to ft inininium and Honds to ihe amount of ^DO, issued by the Os'.'cok River road improvement district after August I. 192U, may no 1 , come under the provisions of the refunding act- passed by the recent special session of the legislature, according to Sunday's Arkansas G37.CIIC. The dcfuiuting act provides thai bonds issued after August 1, 192G, 'which bends were on February 4, 1921, unsold, or sold under a contract which was cancelable or whicli contained any rcpurcri.isc agreement, are not bonds of ro: i improvement districts which tno legislature intends shall be paid out of state highway revenues,, in- ccnue or funds." The biennial report of the sU'-e highway detriment for 1030 shows that $210,500 of Osceola-Li I Vie River district bonds were issued after August 1. 1KC. but docs not show- the date of their sale or the terms of the contract under wh'ch they were sold. Part of these bonds have already been re'in-d by tlie stnte, but a balance rif $188.500 is still outstanding. The Osceola-Lillle River district Is one of 17 in the slalc whlci may have some or all, of th?ir r.oncls excluded from the benefits cf the law. Ten of these dis- ricts arc in I'nlaski county, nm : was against these that the ex! ehisicn provision was primarily i:i tended lo operate. Proceeds of the Osccola-Li'llt River district bonds authorized af- Augusl 1. 192JJ. were used fir construction of numerous ta',- Money Will Change Hands Only Upon Delivery of Missing Cliilci. NEW YOltK. April 18. (TJP1 — Contact with Ihe suppcscrt kinnnp- ers of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh's baby Im.s been r. -1 -cslal;t!>hed; Jal- sie reported loday as oth:r. snurces claimr-d ^$100,000 additional In ran- srmi money had Ix-en demunde:!. John F. Condon, the neqnllalnr who paid a $50,000 ransom without elfcttiiig return of the infant. lo make his statement (luougli a news reel microphone, saying. "We arc in contact willi the kltlnapors Anil the toby will be relumed soon, ! Il0i»." • Hut behind Condon's announce- luenl several signiflcanl reports stood out. including: l by Colonel Lindbergh of a large _sum ot money in currency and gold with an agent in New- York. The Dally News loday placed tlie sum at flW.OOO. Activity of U. S. ships nen> Martha's Viuyard, Nfass.. following the appearance of a mysterious amphibian plane at night. Renrwed interest in Norfolw in- ve.sligalors, said to be awaltin visit frcm the high seas, as WASHINC.TON, April 18 (UPl-i 1'irsidonl I Inner siieiveded ln:liu in ciKiviTllii:; Ihe house I'coiminy ccninmlec lo his'views nn ihi; pispi-r lv')'!blnti\o melhtx! of i'l- lectlii!! niiiiunai economy. 'I he ri.nimltir?, which htrl lirrn hrjlilin:; nut for a pragriun yf ils own (IliH'iljiv in sim-m) Iroiii tin- president's, capitulate;! in a .slui-iiiy M's.slfln loday and di 1 - fldi-d ID submit lo Hie Iwi.'v 1111 inniliu:; cc-nnuiny bill mrrylng u- din linn-: In KOYcTiiiiiuii'. : nljrlf i. ft apjH'invd Ihe i-unnnilMc ril.'.u ivia.ltl no titou',; with llii' yin'si- ili.-nl on his Mai;,>m'd i'ii-[iluy- IIT-lll I.flll-dlllo lit ImllJIIKlu, with- uul pay lor lateral employe 1 -. C< iiliilll.- riiiln' lit "lihnrti" 'I In- scmiliirliil inve.sllgiiliou uf llh 1 New York sto-.-k o\c)iiiii);:- brnuslil an liutlranun '-Ijli; name:;" w'jiilc'. bj> di-sclosf-J us iiiiiuni: those wim huve purllcliial- eil In short felllna al various llmi-s. A mass of i-fcoids was prci'uled to Hie sfiinle llnance connniltK: iu<l liU-liiinl Whitney..preslden'. of ihe New York stuck exchange, |.*>!; testimony 'where it \\iis broken olf last wt-ck. Qucstlcnlni;' of Whitney Immnht little a'.lditlnnal iiiformatlmi ami Ihr "biy nanii 1 .-;" were iitit iti'r'it';!- lali'ly iiviilliihli-. 'llh 1 iniliimiiblli- and r:Ullo inilus- Irli's lallfeil at the muili 1 fliu-iiu-? coiiuultlce liearinc on the rovi:,iiic 1)111 in opposllinn tu pro]W,scd '.axes ctfecliun their' industries. Will Hrar llnnus Vi*» Kmcilonal apiwals fnr help w dislrosst^l ex-service uien rcatiireil Ihe bonus bill hearing. Pi-opon- ecl by thrcc ' Us; °" It nuisl liavo wemwl IM;e home lo .Inpaneiie Ambasstulor IctiLsujl D5- biu-hi nnd his riunlly when, 11:1 pleluivd liere. Ihey slrollNl aloiiif the 1'otomai: Hlver while Washington's fiimoiis Jii'iiiiirHe elit'i-ry blossmns i'd (heir lovellrsl. Madame MiuchI trltilili and llii'lr (Inushwr. IH'lnifhl ilefli, uim- nilded "nlinos|;hi'ro" lo (he scene by'tlnn- pU'turesqiie nullve coslnna'S. lake Prisoner, of-Sheriff After Fincliiig" Wticrc Killer Was Hicklen. ST, FUANCI3, Kiums, April }8 lUPi—An Infuriated mpb of vvest- frn Knivsas lariner^ early lodjiy lynclicd lilyhard Itctid, '53, -.con- iMKctl abductor urid klllor ot Dor olhv Itiinler, tt-yenr-olil girl. The mnS) overpowered: aiii.rifr A A. iiiirnn cif 'Cliayciin? cnunty, fnnrd him lo .unlock .'-Ilia J^Ll t 'icl'/td Head and lonk him to ifii Isulalod r,|Kit near Mcllonalil niiil' Im'nt'.ud him from•"«"• Ire* Ai; he slo'il Imneatlr I In Ircu \vllli the iinnsu about his neck lU-nil. a loinier cjolora'dn convlH, n muniUeil lit'i crime and lol<V the mob. "Yon are lynching tlio I num." He said llu uii In Inxlcitlrtl at Hie time he, kldiifiixid'- tin 1 Illllo iilrl on her way home! i school near Seldeii! .Kims., Tlnn-aliiy, as&nlltcd her, liclcVhcr'. i-inillvc S4 limit's, cuirt tlien.klllca' till Take Sheriff iiy Suri Nearly aoO men WCIL In n-mvU thai thovc. hi . to SI. Francis when lhi> caicliill'y rsiuiulfd MTioi Unit Rend MIS held time- hiuilly sprenil inn s tin wrs.ti'rn l{iin»a.i iintlrfas. The mri) t-nteved- .SI. KmiiclS" nulelly before ••''iiie* and : sinruinidwl Jill cuts nf the T'lilnian fnr suaiicc of ' S2.W1I).000.000 in nr,v ciurciicy for Ixmtis purrx\sc.s concluded their arguments and the cppobition will l}0 •lirai'tl tomt)r- row. The. house naval affairs cojn- rmllee voted In begin heariiiRs -.icxt week on [iropcsril.s . for abnndnn- "viif ft na'-v vnrds ,il T1 oblun. Portsiuoiilli, Charleston, S. C., and ...v» urifnns. 'Ihe senate, passed Ilie John refoliillon .iiillini-i/iiu " lis "" to Jolul • c by Colonel I inrt- If Condon has renewed his con- act it must have been sometime Sunday morning, for Siiliiiilay h( •aid he "still hoped' 1 lo gel In tnuch \ilh tile kidnapers again. •It was undcrslcod [lie agent for he reported S100.COO was bound by only one stipulation and that was l-.e money and ttie baby must be 'xchanged "on the sp.'H. 1 ' Wert Aikens Denies Part In Keiser Assault Case Wert Aikens, implicated in the assault oi\ NighL Marshal Elmer Wcmack at Keiser .several weeks igo through confession of "Happy" Roach, was held in Ihe county jail here today on a charge ot night riding. Aikens was returned Saturday by Sheriff W. W. Shaver and Hale Jackson, chief deputy nt Oiceola, from Dawson Springs, Kentucky. He denied any pan in Ihe nluick on Womack. Aikens (old officers he had run a gambling house at Lepanto fnr )rofils nntl losses culton exclianycs. future C.ipnei nn in- trading, on wheat .nut Reiterates His Views on rohibilion in • Letter lo Tokyo ' Spokesman Says 1 roop Concentration In East Evidence o( Plan. i.TOKYO. April. 13 jUI')-Con- •enlrnllnii of 7U.OOO Sovk-i irooiK on iiii-. Mniiehurln-Klbri-ia twrdcr indicates Unssla is prepariuj: to fighl "cUlier oirensively' or tle- fenslvely" u government .spoftps- n'.iiii saltt today.' His slatcineiiM came ns lie (erm- etl :i New York World-Telegram editorial warning against tlic effect, nf American toleration of Japanese aggression In norlh Manchuria "absurd." The editorial lind indicated strengthening of "these militarists" inighl lead them in atlempt ag- trcFSlon In Soviet territory nnd suBgesliii" tlin onlreme of such nc- lion would be a liiissn-Japaiicsc! Cliwrnl at Si. I'au! ! war. chletly bccauEn of lji:lief in i sr - I'AUL, Minn.. April II! (UP) Tokyo thai America would toler- —Gov. Fniuklln ,». Roosevelt re- Fninklhi n. Koosevelt of New York, In u leltcr lo the Civic League. Inc., lixlny relleratcd his opinion Hint control of Itiloxl- cunts should be returned to Ihr several state:;. "Please consider I still maintain 100 iwr cent my pnrlicr expressions of opinion fnvoilin; reliirn pf ronhol of Intoxicants to the stales." Onvcrnor Hoose- velt wrdle. "Tluil Is detlnllc. I hare on many occasions ugi-rctl iilth your rlnteineia Hint, tlin time has cornO fnr drnnlle netlon." Plenty of Roads Both In and Out Prosecutor Tells New Yorker. ate such action. Tlic sijokesman denied any jios- sllilliLy oC Japanese anercssinn against thr Sovielr,. bin SAlri ihe inlcrvenr: in Ihe event of a clash between the Sov- llie new Manrhurlan ceivfd nn enllmsiastic welcome lo- dity as Jic arrived lo open PINEVILLE. Ky.. April 18. -Arthur Garfleld Hays, New York „ liberal attorney affiliated with tlif American Civil Liteilics Union, to "come down Into old Kentucky, where every prospect pleases nnd only man is vile," was made public today by Walter B. Smith, militant county attorney of Bell county. The Idler was in answer to Hays' recent communication annoimeino lie planned to visit coal fields of southeastern Kentucky. Mnsccw Adniils I'reiKiraticvns MOSCOW, April 111 (UI'l—Soviet cciicemiaiioiis on the Maiirhurian frontier were admilted by Moscow j loday although figures were nol available. Thorough preparations have his mid-western canumiioi (or the IX-morralic pvesldcnllal ncmlnn- lien. More than 2.000 persons cheered nt the Union stuliou when the Nc-ir York executive heg.w his iiar- aile lo hotel liead<|iiarlc:s. 'I'miiBht Roo.icvclt will innte Ills lii'sl poUllcal srvfccl; outside ol New York In his campalRn (or the nnminatlon. .. ,^. ^'.i.-u-Misr:;!!!!' ulm-lil sild. nifn rai'nc ninnln, up ni l'.(Hi:«," he 'niM. "Bptbre I liiij chiiiwe lo nlii iii'siile -iind.'liVck. Ihe dcors I was. overpowered ahl -lrtl . iibbul'. 200.- yni K vrluio 'io v'eiv oilier iiu'mlx.n, of llii nioh. I (njlmal)' :(liere were inni-u .iv'J^'ilicrji-iri.. U>,r-,,.erqn>l "i savi' Uiey wcro detinniiTnl l,o have HCiul ami. there uould 1M liloodshctl If they . wero reslsli'tl by 'force. I pleiltlprt; with them to aito\v the In* to ttike. Its (otk/ei Gssurfn; them II was M-Hain .Repil would lx' sent, lo the penlkntliuy fur the. rest, of his life. "Cries came fvoni mpmbrr.'; , nf Ihe mnb to lynch H«id. I|s IrniU ers linnled through m> i«ckifs and found my keys."; Hciul v,as druKRed iVoin liis • cell le.idliiEr for merry. ' "We'll si'i'C you the same.'inei-cy you nave (luit IlltUi Elfl," hl» e:\pi'.s nnswercd. iMakrs Ccnfessiftn ^ "We're not uoini; 'lo lake any chance ol yn« getting mit your deputies mid stepping this Ing," one of .ring leaders -of some time, had gone from there to " A " roads lead to I'incville, and OsceoVa and to Dycrsbnrg, Teim.. j SClne It- 1 ' 1 Irom ll ." Smitli wrol before reaching D.iwson Sprinj-. Tie will probably be taken to t!-e Osceola jail loday or tomorrow. the small allowance granted by tho governmenl wrmld be Insuf- ficlcnl. Frank Williams Robbed of Cash and Diamond Ring LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—B. Prank Willlanw. son of State Highway Cc in miss toner J. Lin Williams. OE- ccoln, reported he was robbed Sat- The organization o[ a Southern : urday by n masked man of $110 in Hospital association is almost assured at the convention. Dr. and Mrs, P. L. Hn&ind and Miss Florence Byers, superintendent of nursss at the Blytheville hospital, went w Memphis loday where "I've got gcxxl hay on my farm."; they will at'cnd a inceltn? of Ihe " ' . Eeys said, "but I wcn't have it much I thls coa- has come over and eaten all of my hay that it could, hold. You've ?<H k> make it stop" Hosplial Association and a joint, meeting of hospital associations of eight southern aUWs, The meeting* will be held to.-iny nnd cash and a diamond ring he valued at ?2,500. Williams said the man accosted him as h« was placing his automobile In the garage of his home. An attempt to kidnap Williams was frustrated two montlis ago by police who concealed themselves, near a spot to which Williams said ilieves to be" the' lie, had been directed. Two mcniplant in Blylhevil!? is among the 250 projects. i "Yen CAII luc your own judgment about whicli of those reads you will take. No person will molest you on cilher highway. Your freedom of movement, on either road will unhampered." The county attorney included in his letter a biiing denunciation of Hays' oreanl7ation as un-American, writing, "ft seems a funny tlitnf; to hear or.e who is the head of an organization the purpose of which Is the overthrow of Hie government and the constitution setting up such nn awful clamor over constitutional rights." "K a dog htis n, constitutional right to run rampant in Bel county, biting people and scattering hydrophobia, then tlic American Civil Lib?rtles Union has Ihe, same right, but just as we would suppress Ihls un-American union. 1 Amendment Will Insure P. 0. Construction Here WASHINGTON. O. C.— All work on the Blytheville poslofficc will be eompietcd, despite the threat of a 10 per cent, cut in the treasury department's appropriation, under terms of an amendment tint has ton introduced ' by Senator MS1- tord W. Tydlnpt. Maryland. ?.fillard's amendment stipulates that when the treasury appropriation U cut no part of the cut shall aflect 255 federal building projects which, according to Secretary of [he Treasury Ogden Mills, would bo left uncompleted in the event con- . - ------------ gre-ts approves the slash urrcd bv ' lllc macl dog we will also suppress Senator McKellar. Tcnneioo.'' ' "•'-"- ------------------ national tlcfensc," The press gave will not l>e for was staled, wtirnin; Ihe Soviets caught unaware. One paper said: "Hired bandits are rushing on our frontiers. They should know [here Is not a single window hrough which robbers can creep I'illiout risk." Offlelal circles strongly denied Soviet conncr I ion willi the recent \rcckln:; of a Japanrfe I roop imln Manchuria. Stock Prices TVr\rr>t- i --^ T >. ° ENCF " Orc found guns, rones and masks in their automobile. , \i« \f " *'• 12 Inches in circumference plant is five years old, Garden Pairt in iO JIinnl« . ABERDEEN, Wash. (UP)—An— idrev; Wlnber?. Aberdeen baker. what fhe tP-jmadc his garden pay In 10 min- 'utes, His shovel struck a rusted iin box tilled witt: silver coins, was,some of Iho sliver was badly cor- Th" | rodcd, but he saved $50. The' carll- lesl dat«l coin was 1500. A. T. >t T. Anaconrla Copiicr . Auburn CalerpMlar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Continental llakinj General Klcctric ... General Motors — iflddlewcst Utilities Montscmcry Ward New York Cenlrnl Packard Radio Corp Simmons Standard of Texas Corp U. S. Steel N. J 100 5 1-2 35 1-2 4 1-2 .') 1-2 14 S-4 11 7-8 1-2 7 in 3-8 2 5-8 5 1-1 5 l-: 23 I-S 11 1-2 SI 3-8 New York C.ntton NEW YORK, April 18.( UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. Open Hl?h Low Close SOS 810 605 "' 628 653 C12 678 603 May .. July .. Oct. Dec. Jin. Mar. G2.3 650 670 677 603 62'2 047 605 623 C47 C72 698 672 CR8 Sjxits ckwc.-l nt C15. on" 5, Killed When He Opened Fire as Officers Approached Still. WATflfl VAU.fJY, Miss.. April 18 iUPl —ftlr-nn flavis. 30. was shot and billed today by federal aRctils wlm luul gone to his faun sis miles i-asl of here In raid a slill. Deputy Sheriff W. N. Frost said Davis oiXMinl fire on a party of himself and tour deputies who accompanied tlie federal men. Frost s-tid D.ivis had a rifle and the agents returned the fire. Ihe mob told.the sheriff when lie was ordered into another niilomb- blle to go with the .mob. From tlie converfullou of Ihe. uen in tho car the sheriff thought Heart sias to bo taken to the., cenc of Ills crime near Solden : nnd put to death. clriR his .captors m thu clave, rf automobile hetidlighls fie.ul 'aid: . ' . : "l am guilty. -Yon are hnns'ing . the right man. I was drunk when I look Dorothy. It I had Iwtn sober 1 wouldn't have dfme sucb\V thing." A moment Inter he was hoisted up. Tlie crowd stood silently while he died nnd then melted milekly snvay. Criminal attack was established by physicians as (lie motive of Read's crime. , Bherilf IWran said he iliil not recor,ni7e .iny ot HIP men in the mob. Dorothy llunler, Head's uclim, ' buried Suixlay nl Itoxie, Kans. Hundreds o! farmers services. Negro Arrested Alter Accident on Road 18 George Hurst, negro, was lodged in the county Jail Saturday nlslit on A charge ot reckless driving. A. n. Brlstcr and Sam Nr-nman mad ; bond Sunday and tim? of were thn prohibliion nj.'nls on! tr i n i has not y;t been set.. The iicsro, It c'rivcr of a car which figured 1n . reported, was the the raid. They are from Oxford, | Uavls was one of four Yaltibou-{ nn accident on Highway 16 east of sha county men ncciuvd of killing j Blylhcville Saturday night. Details J. II. Trewlit, a government pro 0 , t| , c nc( ,[ cfnt c o u i,| llot t c <*: hlbllion informer, three years n?o. talned bl|t a ,- understood n n one was hurt. The case has been slato and federal courts for more than Iwp vrars. New Orleans Caftan NF.W ORLEANS, April 13. (UP) —Coltou closed steady. Open III;h Low- May Julj- Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar, 610 620 650 668 677 688 C11 625 652 669 677 6SS COS 624 6-17 664 672 Close 601 C24 643 664b' 672b Spots r.lcsed at GI2. off (i, WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, probably scattered thur.dershowm tonight and 1 ucsfoy. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr., tho maxtnuim temperature her* yesterday was 71 degrees »nr) the mlnl- mum 47 c'egrees, cloudy with .23 inches cf raJnftU during the weekend'. Today t ye*r ago Ihe maxl- muni temperature, was 84 Jesrc.v, nnd U« minimum fA ilegree.i, cloudyj • '•••..

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