The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1932
Page 5
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'APRIL 16, 1932 CLASSIFIED ADS o «au a word for flnt ertloD tad ooe cent » wort for tub futoqwst buerOoo No •dvntlMmect Uken (or law than Me. Count U* votdi tad 4 the cub. FOR SALE USED CAR BARGAINS We invite yon to come to our Show Room and ask for a rtci.n- onstrallou fn one of our Good Used Cars. 4V 'phone us and we will call for yoii any time or place Terms to Suit You. '28 "A" FORD ROADSTER PICKUP, A Real Barnalii $ 10 •28 "A" FORD PHA:;TON, uuns Hood ami is Worth Much More Than We Aik. A Bar- Bain for cnljr ............ $ 85 '30 "A" FOK1) TU!M)R SEHAN This 1'ofdlir Modrl is 1'cr- frct in Every Way. I'sinl Like New. Good Tires, Mechanically Kight, A Heal Bar- Bain. Only ................. $315 '2'j "A" FOKI> si'WRi 1 court: A Real Sporty Job. Kuniblc Seit, Good Tires. Taint Like New. Mccnanically Good. Orly ...... ... s ......... .-. . $195 '28 "A 1 " FOK1) nils. COUPK If You Waul a Good t'st-d Car Cheap Ask lo .Se c This Coupe .................... $ 95 '2!) CHEVROLET SIX COlll'V; Tills Mntur is C.notl, I'aint Like New, Tirrs'O. K. An Ouktandtiif Value. Only . . $!D5 '23 UUIIANT SIX -1-Dr. SEDAN' A Got.i Value. Worth Slorc Than We Ask. Only .... $ 55 '29 CHEVROLET SIX PANEL DELIVERY. Just the Car for a Merchant Delivery ____ S195 CECII, LOWE, MANAGER USED CAR DEPARTMENT PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealer Phont «11 FOR. SALE—Baby chicks. Par! cash, pay balance in fryers. Mari- Jyn Hatchery, Blytbcvlllc, Ark. 21cU. FOR SALE-Mcn's He.lf Soles, 50c, ami Men's Rublier Heels anci Leather Heels, 40c. Progressive Slio c Shop, 103 South Second Street, Blythevillc. 8P-K23 FOB SALE^-One living room suite. 222 East Davis. 12P-K13 FOR SALE-Pure Stoneville No. 1 planting cotton seed. Save;; before, rains. $25 per ton. No clrtcr cotton ginned on our gin except this cotton. J. II. Smart, Sr. FOIt SALE-Cafe on Highway (i4. Corner location, good investment.. Box 388. Crawfovdbville, Ark. 15C-K23 "REDS. BARRED ROCKS. Orping- tons. Leghorns, ICO—J5.SO; heavy OFEorlcrt. % S175; prepaid; live delivery. Central Farms. JefTcrsoii City, Mo." 17-24-1 OSAGE CHICKS-$6.75 per Hundred. Blood-tested anil Electric Hatchrd. Prepaid, 1CCS live delivery. Bnned Rocks. Reds. BufT Or- pingtons. White Rocks. Osage Hatchery, Jefferson City. Mo. :' 1SP-KH TOR KEOT FOR RENT-Five room hnngalow. (505 Chlckasawba. Good repair. clieap rent. Apply NCB- York store. 28C-tf FRESH RIVER CAT FISH EVERY DAY .limmic O'ltrtcn's Ciifc 105 S. 2nd St. Phone 271 SECOND FFAND FURNITURE S«e Us First R. J. Dodson 3*1-303 r. M*fn The OITicc.s o[ Hit. I.. II. MOOKK, »«, II. A. t Will He Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. Call Ilmnc No. 213 for INSURANCE SICUVICIJ We Write: Burglary (Residence fc Mcr- ci.ntilc Safe) Insurance, Health & Accident, Automobile Liability, pjatc Glass, and all lines of casualty and bonds. • Sell real cslalc, and service rental projjcrty. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INC. "tins COURIER NEWS AAABElUMcELLIQTT IIIV n !.». !»<-.. -«fc «• •rc-rr- . K iiKvni. .r,hi. ltd. JACK IVAKlXli. dlvunv* irlrn f.. lire nhk ktr b«t u r«- kuprm. HI:\ i,\nr*A.v > M ni>i< JMMMJE MUklclNM, lnlir« SHMH I II a •<**>>• mrlf Hill >te 4ur> mat Ilkr kin tr!r«««, «,.!,•• rrallir* «ke i-»rr« dr*i>| r for HOB 111 Ml AH. KHIHC •lIllluN.ln- •»<• >lrl M butl- " •• , »ckii<il. A< l«nrk «nr 4n; H«fc (M nk«Hi t« (HI hrr iMMMrlklMK ]"l"'"»»l «!•*• HH.MSK ACK- Hllt». R «nrlflx itlrl, Imrrmpm. Sbtitilj nllrniKt* kr null! fnr llu- nil'f. Su.nn'. All.Vr JUSSKl ivln »*•»• .he IUr», drr»ria for n «« . tr, • rr Mnd kh r ri-Jiiilvr* itrirr io ««t "" ' «'<k *lm pciln. HA» KI.A.V- .r"^""* '• "«• •«" NOW <ill 1).\ \VITIt TIIK STOIIV CIIAl'TBK.XVl IT was Saturday afternoon ilurlng (lie tlilnl nock of Aunt Jraslc's utaeuce. liai) receivcil a wire only Hint morning saying licr mini . woiilil return on the seven o'eUiuV train. Now, at one o'clock, tlie \t-.u K jflornoon yawneil Iju^foro lier. IR (hero anything In all the world so dreary as a ImlJ holiday .sj.ent a!mio? The world seems full ot clulUTliif, noisy erciips narl coiiiilca. Young ineii with teniLls rnrqiicla, girls in tlilu while, elderly men with golf nags, moiliclii v.lii, children IwuinJ for tlio beaches. Susan coulJii't decide (jnilo wliai to do willi herself. SI.e wamlercd down to MiclilKiin avenue, dccMcd ns.iijjst lunching alone, and tally nianagcil to slriiffilc tci Hie Ion ot a norlli Iwiind ims. Khe v.oiild liny Eonio saniluictics, alio dcciilcd. and t r e< off tlio Ims In Lincoln !'ark anil ptenlc all by herself. Tliat would Ire liclter thnu golnt; liomo lo an 'emrl.v house. it was such n day as occasionally comes to Cliicngo In August, a clay divinely blue, superbly cool. The sun was warm anil yet already. B O early as this, there was n hint of aiilnnm's crlsnness In Hie air. Susan took off her hal anO let (tie lake brcezeo rufi'lo her hair into Mule ringlets. She- foil iierfcetly liapiiy, at iicaco with tlio world. It was luxury, just to he alone on such a day an tuis. She felt suiwrior to the noisy groops she had envied half an hour before. While they were wearing themselves out on tennlo courts or golf links- sue, Su- Ean Carey, would enjoy the glory of tho day. ' Tlio bus was bn^llns along through the green par,- pow. 'mere were .;llm|ises of (ho lake tliroush the trees and lo (he wcrl yon could BCO the roof ot tho rofeclory. Snami decided lo alight. As she nrdcceiled down tlio aisle, Kwaying am! clinch- IIB nt the hacks of Mats lo bleaiiy herself, K!IO heaiil her name called. "llelto, Miss Carey." Tim bus swayed (o a slop and she lurried, •around to caieh (lie oyo of Jli-iiU-,1,. l-aiiipTiiaii. j ,,, "I'm getiinc off here." sho sahl| 0] | ' S '" C ' wildly nnd umu'CCSKirlly. since licr luirporo was apparent. Khu [lung herself down ihc Blairs, the youus man nt her ticelu, "I dliln'l men n—you needn't bothered—I'm lerrlhly sorry you -" lie smiled at her. "i wasn'i no. IIIK an- plate In Thought I might as well get off here-. it's a swell day." lirujlicd the crumbs from 'ier skirl ami Den unuio t\ paveel o( Hio debris ulilrli ho ilqwisllod In OHO of Ihoao huge, haskols [larli olllcliils h.ivo illKivwal tin tree trunks tor (ho lienelit of tidy citizens. "I.el's to for a row." ho proposed. "I didn't linow ymi could." Mnsan Von B i.t the hi,| 5 over Una side." he pointed. "1 think thai would lie fin!." ea \,-\ Susan, "Iiu( we'vu BUI ui w.itel. the lime. 1 mnsl meet my aunt wllli- out fall.V « * « IT was pleapanl lu drift uluiiu on thu green walei-. in chijblo yunr CUM agreed although ihc lien; v (Inn bucmed to hur highly In- hands and sit hack luxuriously us a S'omiK man rowed. Susan wondered If Cleopatra Mail Mi ]|Ve this |as she- floalnl down ilm .Vile. Hho smiled at tho ridiculous lhonj;lit and looked ii|i to llml IJen'a eyes "Whcro are yon Iwiiiid for?" Su- sail resinned herself lo thoi Inevl- lahle. After all, she might 33 well he plraram lo DiPj young war). lints said ho was lonely, llo had no - ... tonii nnd W.-IK "the •lucor moody sort who docsn'i make frlciiila easily." . 'I was Eolnp to get somo food anil have a picnic by thyself." i-lie Bald. "Do yon want In eoiiio along?" Ills lean, dark fiico llyhled up. "That would bo great," he said. "Look, (hero In the Casino. rlghl over (here. \Vo can picl: up somo s. Cosh, 1 wish ril... known. ra I, avo 1,,'oiiuht mj -1 ['^ fixed I LOT. 'hi.i Is nice." h;hc sihl He tioildc-il. llu hail J j^H -•.•iin,t : ;,-.-: ncer dm wonts hut Uley tiillndi-d r li':ir. "I want i,,_| wmit lo usk you lo marry mi ..." Susun c:,s|icd. Sim Mt ns If n llninUi-viiult Mild fnlltn. What i-(,n[,i ,!,(; S uj.j Klic foulil lliliil: .>f iiMtiiin-. jjlie looked at liiiii :iiid lonlied nwny iiKiiln, nnaldu l» bin- (ho tcrrllilo c8Viu-.-.(iii-ss nf. Ins I'azi 1 , SI"' i'-iSju-d. "Hut 1 Inu-.Uy know ymi— 1 in-vor c-ivn ilreiimcil— " Cl "I'iial'.i Just | 1I|]l | l),)ii't you believe, In lovo " , )„,, . rout off nnd Tor the llrat ilmu nhe noticed iiov: hmad his felionlduru Iliai. at llr.n Jiii;':iii nlaivil. "Yiis. I RIICSS ™. lint wlmi lina ,|,,,t lo ,|o--" (Hi. dear, tin- hail hull hl» feet- IniiH attain. Tin, S |, )W ,, 0 | (lr nurfiireil Ills .Uiek anil !,l.iliii<il hb ntck, Susan li.iftoiiul In iiiako ninpiiijM.' "I am wry. ||.,i lumcstly, J liailu'i ULO Icail l.lo.i." His i-yi-s liiirncd |nin hrr.T. "I knew I lie ;|r.,t Hmo [ saw yun lint yi'ii ut'io jlui Kirl for nu\ Kmta liisi'-l (houi:lil--iryi>ti know 1 IIKMII—M ll] ( ,nglii you wtro limn-- nil'lihlp. I Ilkvil lhal." Mr. llc Iheriiioa." flrango young man he wan. For a moment or two ho seemed Incon- solablo over Iho absence. o( hie llierwon. Susan repealed n liitlc iraratlcntly, "It doesn't matter at ..,,., "Heavens," she thought, "Is he going to stioil my lovely day Just ..,„ ......i,,,,,.-,, ivlicii 1 was Beginning (o enjoy ray-1 Bon (!n> time. had said? Well, ho dliln'l lonk niiicli like a farm Iwy now. lie looked moro like a yuuiiK poet or the niu-ili-lan !»• really wna. .^Ir. Heath wouldn't approve or Hen (hu ulrl decided. She Hushed. Ins: why it nialtereil. Mr. would liavo thought Men ami rather iinlinnpi. u|. Mi liiu-n was :i|i,iiless anil Bliahhy ^iill \vr!l 1.,-nshiMl. ,\ll| ynuiig in™ W |jo came lo see! IlKllh rany tl'.ona cd :d her ikvply. Shyly slu "Tliaufc you for saying thai." II'- i:rlnni.-i| t| a . oaru ajjnln. | r aiiJ Inn furward in his raet-rnc^. "Don'l answer inn nnw. Von'i iln-lihi that i-iiinl u r tliiur, all i ( f a biiihh-n. Tai-i! yoni' n mc .. \- m IIM :i hail ran. l-l'i| (u, K <m\ lo you. 'li-n'l^ ihluk your aunt would My; tiriinl, Kus.-in jskul wlmi mailo 'iN^'^'u" rS """ "'"••"'"''""^tJ 1 "ink >',!u Ilie 5 Mien U,o ,| b hi vvcic-well-l,^ iirniy <„ w,,rk ilounluwii iiniriu; all iho.K.i inll1l,,ii. nlron ami m <,n. s| ic ncmn-,! 10 Iliink it wonhl hu heller II you or PrlnvcU.ii. pcoplo nnii IwlniiKcd to Iho eiiili9. lii-n u-uiihl never ilo of lbo:e Ihiuts . They ruiiniteil Ihc littlo torn and started lo to hack toward Iho land ing. Sunn, notlchm with alarm IciiGllicnliiK bhadowi), naktjl self?" Unt the moment passed ami snon they were laushliifi and lalkins; »l;e old friends. They snt on n IIHle hillock near Ihc lagoon, lieu out newspapers so lhal Susan II Ket you y|:are,'' ho "Don't you wovry. I 1 Iract u-ltli ininiiics to assured her. Tiu-y \vcic ill the Btiad?w of a willow now. Tiic ]i K ln wits curious and unreal am] for no j^mil reason -, J/ ,.. i ,^. u c! tl l |J(1L OU.1.III Q HI > ill II I 111 nil HU £||[|ll 1C J SO II pink shantnii-; frock sliouhl remain! Susan's heart iK.yiri h. poiiml. 1'or- : "" '" ' l"p.< it was somclhiiiK in Iho way FOR KENT — a furnished, light housekeeping rooms. G25 Walnut. Phone 521. Mrs. S. P. Carondar. 15C-K19 innocent of grass slain. Over (he shared snndwidics and the ginger ale they came to a friendlier understanding of each other. "Why, he's not half bad. really," the girl thought in surprise. T)io boy said to himself, "Ijjrrt, but she's iirntHer than I rernEin- ; mm, rc^tcti on hig onrs. i her aa lie "1 want to (all; to you," he. boson. "I waul to ask you somc- thini:." S.'io managed a Emllo. (T» aiicail." WANTED SALESMAN—Permanent representative for oltl established manufacturer. Sellln.? nationally advertised line to business concerns only. Full lime- iiat necessary. Merchants Industries, inc., 2001 Home Ave.. Dayton, Ohio. HP-K18 PERSONALS WATTOS HOTEL, SUNDAY DINNER—Fried and baked chicken with variety of other foods—50c. Phone 854 Saturday by 6 p.m. for reservation. KITCHEN BV SISTKR MARV NBA Servirr Writer At, this season of the year, tho main source of vegetable supply lies in the canned variety. Only :\ few of (he fresh green vegetable! arc coining into the spring market and they arc apt to bs too expensive for rcgulnr UEC by llic average family. The winter slock is beginning to lose much ol Us original crispness and flavor and a change is wanted. Vegetables arc such an important factor in maintaining Ids family teillh that they must bo supplied. Mineral salts, roushage. vitamins—those are essential in keeping the blood pure and tlio complexion clear, in stimulatinj; 111: ap- pclitc and producing growth. Canned vcgclabte arc net always adequately appreciated. Their nutritive value is in many respects equal to llml of fresh vegetables Unfortunately, ] ac fc of pro|>er care •Hid methods of preparation otlcn make Ihem sadly lacking in flavor and unattractive in appearance. H is only by careful seasoning mil treatment that canned voso- ablcs. can be given their nlrn'nsi value. Therefore, certain definite ndrs must be follotvcri Avoid That "FUt- T^lr One of the first and most Important rules is that .•i,, mw | foxj, should IK: properly arealcri. Prac- .ically all the air was exp:llcn roai the can during the process of cannmp. Tin, naturally rcsnlls "Hat' _ lastc not imcnmnian In iinod goo,^. As soon .is a of eUibles is opened, it, should bo turned into a shallow bowl and allowed to stsnd uncovered fcr ten or fiftttn minutes, In this \vav- fcv oome In contact with the al'r ani the regain what llicy lost dnrim canning. The second ni!c is that vegetables should b? relieated in the water in which incy ivcre canned. This water contains .valuabb nutrilioii and flavor, and it the vegetable.; are drained before reheating, both of these projicrties are lost. An excellent plnn In the case or vegetables of delicate Ilavor is to heat them in a, shallow sauce pan. kceji- ing them uncovered nnd allowing the water lo evaporate completely. In Ihis way (be flavor and nutritive value arc retained. Always scn.son vegetables weli and do not depend solely on salt ant! pepper and butter. Lemon juice, vinegar and tomalo juice improve the flavor of such vegetables ns spinach, bcols and green beans. Corn and succotash are given zest by the addition of red and groin sweet peppers. Gink-d c'nceso may to added to tile white sauce Jor creamed or scalloped vegetables. Onion, celery anci horseradish parsley, chives and mini arc vcgetabtc- ilavormg possibilities that arc worth keeping in mind. Butter nnd bacon fat add flavor io vegetables that probably no amount of other condiments can were seltlcil down." "I uovor heard ot such a Ihlnp," murmured Siixan, scandalized, lien liuililcd heavily, "That's what she Bald." he cor- migrated. They drlflcil back lo Hie hnrl- In^ ,-ilmust lu ailein-e. The sun wan .ilipiiliiH rtoiviiwairl niiw. The |uik lirul losi its pi 1stInc lunl; of i;tory anrl had licfomo jniit a city t'l^y- Rroiiiii] with n liner of paiiors on UK Mirface, Hen hnndcd her mil of tho Iwat with chivalrous care. "Don't nie now," montslicd. "I know yon'ro ami nil llir.l. Hut don't answer iwo "All right, (now.'Think It over." I «'?•» lie Con(lniH'il) pronoiiiiced llnvnr (hcatt lettuce with lie buller is inpll- rye bread, strnwbeny b;ille •owned before Ihc ding, milk, collci'. Bive A moie id", ?'"IMM ed and sllslitly hot vegetable is added. When Ciintied ven Fei'vcd simply <Llre;s? : l lliey must be dry bcfo is adricd. If (lie vegetable water lias not been rv'nporaled by c:wk- 1115. il sliouIS be drained off. tins liquid for soups and Creamed vegetables arc before creaming and HID juice wilb milk in HID "Made'' clhties etables to advantage. Soulllci. JUANCKIIV COUilT, C111CKA SAWBA DISTKIOT, M1SS1SS1I'- ' IM COUNTY, AHKAN8AS Kleomi Lamping, IM.nlnlin. No. MtlJ vs. llnrrj- Lamping, IMcnrtunl. The (icfendnnt. Harry Lumping, wnrncit to npprar within Itilrty <(.'i.vs In ilii! court iLimttl in (he i-npllon lii-roor mill answer (lie i-omnir.liH of llic; philmin, KU-onu Ualwl 4-0-1911 R. I.. CMINKS, Clerk, April I« March WettW Rival in Texas Pank«n41e AMARILLO, Tex, (UP) _ \vild month/ ago E. d-:v«rney', 01 Hie UnerUto.Trib*!*; * en Kick. There' was i» oo« tb cart ot hit paper, M -bii n. °. kl , d * u l h « CT Alleae, »' c ' least for llic T«XM P»uh»n- 1|K> *' ll(1 tlw year aroiiiid is slrong. 'mild" April Is the windiest, month, . u 40-ye«r record of lliu United States WcMlw Bu- rereaLs. Tlic records velocity o( April inm here :i;lxnv ll lauili: Ally. , ' < .....u.. ,m- mtiilljy YUUtUV 01 Uy Kllzabt'lli Illyllic. 1). C.twind since im Ls 14.1 miles F. Citfipi-r, Art IdlU'ni. Uonrlcr \\tini Aos Pnv. hour, wlillc f«r Marcli tlic uvcrasa Is H' miles an hour; 17-Yrsir-UM UUU BUAWJUNG HOUSK (ilrl in., . the Dutmese hu ptcktd ua since hit dauthfcr-tooitelmrfe,; Richard Treverthldt, of Eui.- land, ecncrally gets credit for ' At-'~i vlstne In '\Wi Irte. first wotiir (•elilcle n-hlcli touW be otser^fej. Improvements ww« made ' In hiv' Invention nml by IE* ' several stciiin . Vehicles sere in operutiori Huns 1'uiwr (UP) — Four . n tho Kiiglish cities of Chcl-' tenhain and Gloucester. • • Read Courier News Want Ads tty , iVs oM GFF BFJISEWklE, I C>L)I-T" BEOIUSE I A BAP BEIMG MLlMBL&S I VlldP A MIRROR ! V SO.V1 , — TeuU ME, ^— M ^ BUSiASriSS ARE WAS MUMBLES -TH 7 VoU S££ 7 I'M . I osep -Ta -QS. ui Trie VEARS Asor ves—AIAVBE NOLS HeARP OF MV V/JHlp.-K- riaow-e PATeni-fep LOISD CRACK ''" Vail KMa(*l tloiAl -THAT BUSINESS VJAS BOGIES A1NB HER BUDDIES TSK, XYPHANN nblss rue in btiiler. tlij tultcr . - nneltes, fritters nnd sulii:ls are de- licious when made with canned prc- Don't overlook your caiincil "sjar- dcn truck" wli;n Ihe frc.sli i-.-irlctics beyond your jinrse. You can IV DC! your family well and econamically it you make full n-s; of the canned BREAKFAST: Gra|K-fri:il tions, cereal cooked with cream, crlsu broiled bacon. i Di»s r r- UK& QoERBMc fT CARRES . LUNCHEON: Riigont :if mixed vegetables, (ousted cheese i- wiclies, apricot whip. mil!:. :c:i. DINNER: Creole bonlllabaisc FfiECK^ES AM) HIS FRIENDS V!3t-i-... POOSLE-'S A GWARf OOG — f 1 UE \'/AS A^ DU;/.B AG SOV.E DOGS. US VJOULDilT DO TRICKS M A W.ILLlCll DOMT -jtoO ASV- DOC -X3I1ES To TEACH HIM SOCAE I'M CAT.IEK. FOR TH6 REST OF TH6 DAV, BUI 6«ltJS HI l/i G6E...1F PoopLg \JKXXD LSAOJ LOTS Of= TClCkfS \»E COULD GST CLARA AH'iSET UP A DOG AU' ... AST ftoOOLE VXiULP ee -rue \w<wep. DOG OF Tug y«eLD...Boy THAT as WASH TU15I5S «rt£N ; fROM, » WE. IS U£W>Y To STRIKE.

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