Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 11, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1895
Page 1
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!sS®?3jjj^ ^-.r. v-:'-; .••' :•::• at™ ~"" 17 " VOL. XX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA- THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 11. IS95. EASTER OPENING! WHEN YOU SEE IT YOU WILL BE SURPRISED! We Mean Our Easter Display of Capes, Parasols, [In the Annex, J and Kid Gloves I [In the Main Store. First Aisle Front.] Ou 15th Annual Kid Glove Sale is no-win progress. Real Kid Gloves from 79c up. Foster, Paul & Go's, guaranteed kind are handled here. Every pair fitted to the hand by an expert fitter. All the new shades. ft The most beautiful for Easter In every Department. First in Style! First in Quality! First in the Hearts-of our Citizens! We Invite Your Inspection. Parasols, Kid Gloves, Capes. SPUING FLOODS. Heavy Eainfalls and Melting Snows Do Much Damage. Delaware River the Highest Since '78 —Industries Obliged to Shut Down — Hudson River Overflows. EASTON, Pa., April 10.—Not since December 11, 1878, has the Delaware river been as high as Wednesday morning. At that time it reached . 29 feet above low water mark. At 10 o'clock Wednesday it was £7 feet above and still rising. The old Delaware bridge built in 1305 is ia danger. The Edison electric light plant, which furnishes power for the transit company, is partly submerged and the entire electric road is tied up. Only the incandescent portion of the plant can be operated. Imluhtrlen Conipullpd to Shut Down. Front street, between Spring Garden rind Church streets', is flooded and residents Tuesday night moved out in boats. The retaining wail along the Delaware has been greatly damaged. All industries along the Delaware and Leliigh have been compelled to shut down. Navigation on the canal is suspended. Numerous small buildings along the banks of both rivers floated, away during tha night. The Lehigh Water company has been compelled to stop pumping, but there -is water enough in the reservoir to last lor several days and no water famine is expected. The loss to property in this vicinity will be heavy. The Delaware has backed up the Bushkill and all flour mills are shut .down. Dispatches from the upper Delaware report the water rising. The Lehigh river, backed by the Delaware, at Easton, overflowed its banks and flooded all the storehouses along the Easton water front. AllPCtinnf River Overflown. PiTTSiiUBGH, Pa., April 10. — The heavy rains of the past few days have eatised quite a rise in the rivers. At noon a 20-foot stage and the weather bureau expects 24 feet by midnight. The Allegheny river is over its banks in several places above rtinstorm prevailed in tnis valley all night and .all streams about hire are badly swollen, causing a good deal of damage. Thousands of acres ' of farmland are flooded aid some mills and residences are in peril. At Bellows Falls the Connecticut river is the highest known for years. The basements of some mills are flooded and the machinery is stopped. UUattromi Mood» In Hungary- LONDOX, April 10.—A dispatch to the Daily News from Vienna says that serious floods are prevailing in Hungary. Szegdin, capital of the county of Czongrad, which is on the Theiss river at the influx of the Maro, is threatened with an inundation. The water now almost covers the dikes protecting the town. In 1S79 the town was nearly destroyed by a great flood, lu Peeska 340 bouses are tlooded and many of them have collapsed. In .Szerbboka "00 houses are flooded and 700-people are homeless. The town of Ceftsa is submerged. Scores of villages are threatened with destruction. FATALLY FICKLE. An Indian Maiden the Cause of Two Murders, Infatuates First a Father and Then a Son—The Latter »t Last: Deserted. WITHIN OFB BORDERS. Telesrrams from Towns and Cities In Indiana. OIL TAKES A BIG JUMP. Scarcity of Crude I'etrolflum Ku»l>e« the ; Price Up to SU.45. PITTSBURGH, Pa., April 10.—There is a prospect that the oil excitement of twenty years ago will be repeated this spring and summer. Oil producers are beginning to feel the infill ence and speculators are looking- forward to a revival of the exchanges, which have been practically dead for ten years. It is predicted that petroleum will go to Si by August The oil fields are virtually exhausted, and though drilling 1 has been energetically prosecuted for months, no new fields of any consequence have been developed. As a result the daily production of crude petroleum has fallen off until.it is now 30,000 barrels less than the consumption. The reserve stocks amount to only 4,500,000 barrels. The reserve in 1884 was 37,000,000. The daily runs from the tanks average 100,000 barrels. The result is a jump unprecedented in recent years in the price of oil. Not since 1882 :ia's the price been so high. April 1 the miirket rate was SI a barrel. Last Friday it was $1.10, Saturday SI.17, was registered! Monday 81.30; 'and Tuesday SI-45, Refined oil is quoted at $3.1.1, an advance of 11 cents in twenty-four hours. GLASGOW, April 10,—A meeting- of Scotch oil manufacturers was held PERRY, O. T., April 10.—A murder occurred near Paul's Valley Monday night, in which Jamison McChire, a Chickasaw Indian of much note, shot and instantly killed Joe Paul, another prominent and wealthy Chickasaw Indian, who is the Indian judge in the Chickasaw country. Paul had just returned from TisLomingo, where he had been holding court, when he found that McClure, who is his oephew. had stolen his wife. The men pulled their guns and a deadly battle took place, and when the smoke cleared away Paul was a dead man. Two and half years ago Sam Paul, Joe Paul's father, married an Indian girl. After some months the new wiie became infatuated with the son, Joe Paul, and soon she quit the father for the son. This caused a difficulty between the father and. the son and the son killed the father. After this he kept his father's wife and it was this same Indian woman that caused the death of Joe Paul. She had become tired of Joe and had, in his absence, fell in love with Jamison McClure. VENEZUELA IS GRATIFIED. 1895 SPRING 1895 We take Pleasure in Announcing the Arrival of Our Spring Suitings! And we feel justly proud ia the success of our untiring •afforts which enable us to ?how you this season the Latest, Most. Stylish, Most Attractive and Exclusive Line of woolens in the city. Carl W. Keller, (• %ailor & Draper. 311 Market St. the city. The Pittsburgh & Western railroad tracts in Allegheny are under here. Wednesday 'afternoon, at which it was decided to increase the price of illuminating 1 oil a penny per gallon. GULLY ELECTED SPEAKER. MOTHERS! If you want to dress your little ones in Up- To-Date Clothing see my line of Combination, Reefer, Junior and Jersey Suits. They have never been equaled in Logansport. G. GRACE. 426 BROADWAY, 1 foot of water, b\it no serious damage is reported or expected. Situation In Hudson Klvor Towns. KINGSTON, N, Y., April 1 10.—A heavy flood has been raging in the Hudson river and the streams in this, section, caused by a steady rain that fell for twenty-four hours. People are moving into the upper stories of their houses at Eddyville, lloacudale, High Falls. Kerhonkson and other places. Thousands of dollars' worth of damage was done along the Ulster & Delaware railroad. Another storm is looked for, and if the rainfall is heavy it is feared the guard lock at Eddyville will be washed out. TROY, X. Y, April 10.—The Hudso river continues to rise, and the wate is now extending into the dock streets The Citizens' steamboat dock is unde water, and the mills near the river which depend for power upon the Hud Eon river, hare been compelled to shu down. PORT JERVII, N. Y., April 10.—The most disastrous flood that has visite* this section for seventeen years is now prevailing. The Xeversink and Dela ware rivers have overflowed thei banks and fields for miles along their courses are submerged. .Farmers along the Neversink from this'village to Oakland have suffered great dam age. A large number of bridges have been swept away, and railroad traffic Is badly impeded. Garden LA nil Wn«ned Awaj. DUNKIRK, N. Y., April 10.—A seriou flood was threatening Tuesday, but the rain ceased during the night and the danger la over for the present. Nearly 100 cellars were flooded here and considerable damage done. The Canada Way creek overflowed between Fredonia and 1 Bouland's farm, near the lake. Fences were carried away and several hundred -feet of valuable garden ,land was •washed out and carried into the lake. BUFFALO, N. Y., April 10.—The rain 'which has been falling incessantly for twenty-four hours ceased Tuesday night and the weather Wednesday was clear and warm. Buffalo creek la rapidly receding and the threatened inundation of the aouthern part of the city is averted. ;_ •• '- Flood* 1» N«ir Entland. ' BOSTON, April 10.—The heavy rainfall during Monday night ha* •trollen all streams iii Uew England .tremendously. The stone dam at Bernardston, Mass., went out Tuesday morning. The Deerfield and Green rivers are very high and much damage will result Several mills and -other establishments in Connecticut are doted on account of the high water. ' Frmbeu la J(ew Hajnprtilra. PLYMOUTH, 5. Bf.,. April 10.—Tha rains of the past thirty-six hours, melting the snow in the mountains, have caused a biff rise of Xew Hampshire waters, and, in consequence, many hundreds of acres of interval land are under water. Ice is breaking up, blockading roads and rendering bridge* unsafe for travel. Vermont Farmland* Flood** Vt, April 10.'—A h*>*Ty Tha Sncceiwrul Contestant Js the Govorn- ' J?,. ment Candidate. lif/XDOX, April 10.—Mr. William Court Gully, member of parliament for Carlisle, the government candidate, was elected speaker of the house of commons Wednesday in succession to Sir Arthur Wellesley Peel, who resigned Monday, by the narrow majority of 11. j The Parnellites.jyotea against the government. Mr. Gully in politics is'a liberal.and supports Mr. Gladstone's Irish policy. The hou.se of commons has adjourned until Apr.ll 22, the interim being the Easter recess. Her Concreu Thank* th« United State* for Jtn Action. WASHINGTON, April 10. — President Crespo. of Venezuela, has sent a special message to the congress of Venezuela concerning 1 the attitude of the United States on the British- Venezuelan question. Immediately following" the receipt of the president's message the congress passed resolutions amid great enthusiasm heartily thanking 1 the United States for its sympathy and support. Sc-nor Audrade, the Venezuelan minister here, has received copies of the message and resolutions. In a day or two Superintendent* to.Jie let Aloae. INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., April 10.—GOT. Matthews has appointed the following 1 boards of control for the institution for the education of the deaf and dumb ' and the institution for the education of the blind at Indianapolis: Deaf and Dumb—Churles E Haugh. Indianapolis, democrat: Thomas I* Brown, Bedford, democrat, and Samuel A. Bonucr, Grfousburg, republican. Blind—J. L. Allen, Covlngton, republican: Nelson Bradley. Greenfield, republican, and John F. Hennexsy, Indianapolis, deuiocrut- This completes the list of appointments under the new law providing for non-partisan boards. In each insuinco the superintendent of the institution* named the board and thus none of tho superintendents, all of whom are democrats, will be disturbed. Hue* Attack Krult UutU. ~~ WABA.SH, Ind.. April 10.—The fruit- growers in this neighborhood have made the discovery that tl;e fruit crop is in danger from a small green bug whioh is eating th« heart out of, the bursting buds* A number of buds of various kinds have been examined under a microscope, and it is claimed that they were- literally covered with the insects, and that the buds had begun to rot. Tho enemy of the fruit is a new one in thia locality, and orchard owners are at •> loss to know how to check its ravages. Woman Murdered at Cedar Lake. CKOWX POINT, Ind., April 10.—A murder was committed near Ctdar Lake, miles south of this place, early Tuesday morning 1 . The victim was Sirs. Barney Ellwanger, a Bohemian, aged about 35 years. Neighbors discovered , her at her home lying in a pool of blood with her skull crushed and a rolling-pin lying- beside her. Tho bloody clothing- of her husband was on the . floor, but no trace of the missing- man can be found. Clearing Uj> ft"* Fount Murder. EMVOOD, lud., April 10,— Sheriff-" Dean, of this city...'has orders to arrest Dan Ivelley for complicity in the Fonst murder, and 1'olice Capt. Frank Totter -. went to Rochester in response to information from the chief of police of" " he will have enrolled copies to be de- j that city that ICelley was thereunder livered to the state department and j the name of George Farr. It was a • ninth of an InTentor. NEW YOBK, April 10.—Richard Dudgeon, inventor,, died ut his home in this city. He was born in Scotland seventy years ago and came to this country at the age of 8 years. He invented the hydraulic jack thirty-five years ago and also the roller tube expansion system, which revolutionized •the; building of boilers. He also invented many other useful improvements, which brought him both fame and fortune. * Burned rn» jmctorr. JJAXCASTEK, : Pa., April 10.—Harry L. Stetirian, of Rohrerstown, a son of the late state senator, John M. Stehman. was placed in jail here Wednesday on a charge of arson. After setting fire to his cigar factory he gave himself up, stating what he had done and that it would end his troubles. It is thought that he is demented. glioemaker* Meet. BOSTOX, April 10.—One hundred and thirty-six delegates, representing nearly every city and town in the shoe industry in the United States, met in convention here Wednesday for the purpose, if possible, of taking such measures as will result In united action of the workers in the American shoe industry. WhUlcjr Truat Director* fU*lfn. CHICAGO, April 10.—Forestalling the cyclone which is in store for the old whisky trust directorate^at the annual election three of the board Wednesday resigned. The retiring members are W. N. Hobart, Lewis H. Greene, andJ. Walter Freiberg—all the Cincinnati interests. J - TerrLOe Boiler Explosion. LAXSD.-G, HL, April .10.—A terrific boiler explosion occurred in Labahn'i brick-factory here at 9 o'clock Wednesday i morning, which -instantly killed one of the firemen and threatened the lives -of everyone within a considerable distance,'." Ste«i Worker* Rtrtk*. CUMBERLAND, Md,, April 10.—The men employed at .the South Cumber_and steel works, -who have - been holding out since hut Saturday, have gone on strike. There U a- difference of six cents per ton bctwitn th« men and operator*. ;•:, .? '. • ' probably to the president. The peopl also are getting 1 up a monster popular petition breathing 1 the warmest appreciation for the support of "the great republic of the north." B\g Lemi- of Grazing: Land. GoTinnE, 0. T., April 10.—The territorial school land department has consummated the big-g-est lease of land ever made in the west. The lessees are D. Waggoner & Son, the big cattle dealers of Decatur, Tex., and the lease is for five years and covers all the school land in Rogers, Mills, Day and Woodward counties, or 532,800 acres. The sum. of SI7.250 per annum is paid for the lease. The lease will bi-injr 585,000 to the Oklahoma school fund, and the tax levied on thi cattle will bring the territory a profi of $25,000. Greanhat Accoiett. CHICAGO, April 10.—President Joseph B. Greenhut, of the "whisky trust," is charged with diverting 1 $235,000 from the company's treasury into his own pockets. This accusation was made in a bill filed in the United States circuit court. Recent discoveries of the experts who nave been examining the books of the company have brought to light some of the secret history of the trust in its life under the management of Mr. Greenhut. On one of these disclosures the suit was based. mistake, however. It is expected' hta — arrest will clear up the murder mystery which Mrs. Bottom's testimony only •' Public School AnnlTer*arjr Ob*err«d. NEW YOBK, April 10.—Three hundred thousand pupils of the 312 public schools in this city on Tuesday celebrated the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the public school system of the state. The first appropria' tion for the public schools was only 8100,000 for the state, whereas now New York city alone raises $3,000,000 and contributes as much to the support of schools of the state outside of the city as the rest of the state doe*. Thnnton to Olre Up HI* Job. DENVER, CoL, April 10.—John M. Thurston, solicitor general of the 'Union Pacific and senator-elect from Nebraska, announced Tuesday evening that he would resign his position with the railway before he took his seat in congress. „____ 1 • • Train* G«t Through. FALCON, CoL, April 10.—The Rock Isl»n'd,'"after an eighty hours' blockade, demolishing two rotary and one wedge snowplows, besides working a large force oif men with shovels, got their delayed trains through. Carrying a sorry-looking but happy lot of passengers. Gen, fitrniwortb. Bartod. AIBAHY, N. Y., April 10.—The frme- ral of the late Gen. John G. Farnsworth occurred Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Services were held in St. Peter's church. Bishop Doane and Sector W. W. Battershall officiating. Liquor Kill* • Boy. GKEKTYTIXE, O., April 10.—William Shoe, a boy of 15, residing at Weaver 1 * station, was furnished liquor by William Arlington. The liquor caused the 'boy's death. Arlington has fled, and, if found, may_be mobbed. KttlRhtft nt I'ytlil.M. IMtnaU S*ll»d- EvAKsyrtus, 'Ind., April 10.— The new rituals for tUe Improved Order Knights of Pythias, which order is tbo • . outgrowth of the row over the adoption* of only the English ritual by the supreme Lodge Knights of Pythias, feM into the sheriff's hands a* a result Of:. injunction proceedings filed again,** Eosentha.1 v t Baumgartner.printers, Iff St. George lodge. Trial is set fur April IS, and a big legal fight is expected. Grand Jury Fall* to ladlet. I^DlAJfApoi-ls, Ind., 1 April 30. — T^he- grand jury that has been investigalnif*" the legislative riot, during which GOT. Matthews' {private secretary, Myronu-. King, had hiv ribs fractured, adjourned without returning iodictuents againxt- the republicans. It was given out th^t from all the evidence submitted tbek* was none to show any more culpabilffjr" on the part of the republicans than 0»— the part of the democrat*. Dae* for tUO.OOO AJDKRSON, Ind., April 1ft.— Ed Cftpe ' has brought a $10,000 damage suitiiL. the circuit court against the Andersdtt Steel Casting company. He wan hit Or a piece of flying steel 'while at -work at one of the emery wheels. The steal buried itself in his skull, and whfa*; taken out left a hole about as big as » . half dollar, exposing the brain. Cllnav has recovered and is able to work. Girl* on a Strike. Ind., April 10,— The twenty girls employed at the Hemingway irlaat works went on a strike after being refused higher wages. The girls appointed a committee to watch the fao- tory to keep other girls away. It will take men to fill the places unless other girls can be found to work for to* wages, forty cents a day. Weraan frightened to Death. WATERLOO, Ind., April 10. — Mrs. £<»• gene S. Aldrich and her daughter wet« driving 1 anrosi the Lake Shore <t Michigan Southern railway tracks north of this city. The horses shied, but did not ran. The young lady jumped unhurt. Her mother remained in the carriag* and was frightened to death. An Amietad Family. jErrait80KVii.i.x, Ind., April 10.— Charles Warren, aged 70 years, died of the grip four hours after the death at bis only daughter He ttie, aged 20, wh<*-~- — had the same, disease. The wife aiul mother is thought to be dying of pneumonia. Smallpox at >?eff-er*onTlll*. ' ^* BKOJmiiK, Ind., April 10.— FOOT eases of smallpox have developed in thia- ' city tnd vicinity. At the pesthouse two negroes are down with the malady i»- ts worst form. Death or a Pioneer. \VABASH. Ind., April 10.—At I occurred the deathjof Daniel Wise, iioneer of northern Indiana, afred ! -ears.

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