The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 16, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 16, 1932
Page 2
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1»AGE TWO BLYTHEVlLLfe, (AR£.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL. 16, 1932 HES Calendat Prescribing Chic for the Spring Invalid , • ' Mond-y tho W. M. S. of thi Second BapllU church 'is having social day'in lhe home ol Mrs. Chester Norman, 325 South division sired. The Business" and Professional Woman's club Is having a bnnquel ' at .7:30 i:i lhe Woman's club house in honor of completion of slt:d> on Ihlernallonnl Relations. The • 'Woman's' Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet st 2:M o'clock In lhe social rooms of the chutch for Impoilanl business 'transactions. The Woman's Missionary Society of the first Baptist church v-ill- niccl- tills'afternoon lor a jcint. business" and progiam. ..' • Open Poor Class .To . Have •IrtrrcEttnr Study. The O;:cn Coor clars of the First MetlKrflst church has pre- paievt an .interesting program lo t>e presented Sunday morning $w- 1113 the Sunday school• hour. Marcus Evraid ftHl tc Hie five-minute speaker and Miss Selnn Lent/, will give a violin, solo with Mrs. Jack Horner us piano, occumpan- . lit Mis. .Wilson Henry will sina a EO!O wllh." Mrs. George Lee at • thcr jijano.. . • • • ' A short Devotional sUiily will held"with. Earl Snyder, prufilcnt in charge. All are-.invited lo attend. . ~ • • • • It.tcrmvilinlr Depart incuts Have \Virnrr Rrasl Anil I'nrty. The luletmcdiale clepariiiit'nls of . UID First . Mctliortisl church Joyeii a wiener roast nml l»rt\ . i;i'-|tie chuieh tccial rooms Friday evening wllh I ho iltv. P. t) P.orie and (laughlcr. MIss.-Kutli In cliarvo-.of Hie enlcrlalmncni . nnd serving. Tlie Unity-two pvcs- cnt, p!aye ; l. various gauifs. allc: losstlns'lhe wieners over fire,; •' - Io:al Mcmhcrr -AUcml. I'niinty .McrllnR. • Mrs. E. !•'. Womeyer nnd Mrs . J. V. Sanilcra \vcre.cU-li-fiittes (vun .Ihs BVjlheulle SVcmnn's clnb I the "comity leileralion c( Woman' Club nici'llnp, held in Luxor*! Frl • " day.- Other ufllcers iir.d member* attending wore 'Mcsdamcs John Meyer, C. O. Redman, Howard Proctor, H. M. Adklnson. C. E. Crlgger, Sr., James F. Clark, Pan! Tlploii. Russell Parr, George Lee, - .Harmon Seford, Beu Busg, P. U : iins'band. Mia Willie Lawson'.nild_ '' WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Abraham a Religious Pioneer: H«8T CHRISTIAN CHURCH K. K. Latimer, Minister Church school, 9:45 a. m. -• Holy communion and sermon 11 a. m. sublet,' "Voices." Vesper service, li p. in. 5lh de vollonul study on prayer. A cordial welcome always. cnun'oi OF CHRIST Main Auditorium of Ciiurl House Sunday school. 10 o'clock. Hnly communion 11 o'clock. Bible stiKly Wednesday aflernoon 2:HO In home of Mrs. E. M, Huffman with Mrs. O. D. Gilmes us leader. All are cordially Invited to each of HICKS services. 1.UT1VF.KAN CilllllfJII II. J. KIHmllcml, I'.istur Sunday school and Adnll Bible class, 9 a. m. with subject on Mlllcniilnllsm." Ulvlnc Worship 10 a. m., "He Whom Now Loves', is Sick." o'clock, lecture on Bible fuml- mi-.-jilals, -;j-lie lord's Supper." o'clock! evening worship with "Peter's iiiother-ln-law," scries on women ot the Tilt: lutfriiationul Uniform Sun- duy Sihool l^ison for April 17. theme, third of Bible. I-'IKST HAITIST (JHURCH Wainnt unit Mil Streets Ittv. Alfred S. Harwell, Pastor Hiljlc Schnol 0:45 G..C. Miller. Ednralimial Director. Mm n ing Worship 11:00 a .m Evcr.lng Service 7:45 p. in. Ttie Pastor will preach at bntl 1 hours. His mornhiR subject wil >p, "Christ Crucified--Tlie Powei and : Wls(Iom of God." He wll preach at night on,-'/The Lordshli of .Icsus." U. Y. P. U, 0:30 p. in. 'file' W. M. S. will nicel at thi Church "Monday afternoon al 2:'.ll ng Wednesday a Teachers 7:1,0 p. m. The Mid-Week' I'ruye Service 7:45 p. m. Clioir Rehearsal Thursday. 1:30 p. m.. .Mrs. Paul Tlplmv Director anil Mrs. J. T. Hall at tl::i Organ. i!Y H'.M. K. GII.ROV, I). I). Kditur cjf The Contrf [jUonmlUt Abraham has Iwen referred to as "the Hist pioneer."- As a matter of fact he was by no means the first pioneer, nor was lie even at (he beginning of pioneering In history. Tlie archaeologist, has dlegliig In Abraham's conn- try, and his excavations have been- largely confirming the Biblical' story; but at the same lime investigations and explorations have Irvcn going on that lake us into far distant experiences of tho race In which Abraham is relatively modern nut Abraham is a significant. figure for our modern world be- cau£.=.i he was very distinctly a| pioneer in the history of that novcincnl westward, and csped-i illy in the pilgrimage!) of religion] ind Hie irr.v colonizations associ- ilcd with Ihc religious inolive, which have continued through our time, and which have conbli- .I'llcd'- such a .slgnincanl parl of :h« history of our own country. ''Abraham is an inlcrcslhiK and vm>\m-ing figure for our sludy lie- cause 1 he typifies exactly IhLs P'l" grim movement of life and of religion. Brought up in an environment of idolatry it was Abraham's div.iuclioii that he came lo finer ami clearer ideas of Cod and of religion. Probably we rend into Ihe slory Ihe conceptions of a lator age; but Abraham could not have done what he ilM. nor could he have had Hie impulse lo ilo it. if his religious ideas hail not been fjr in advance of Ihe community in which he was reared. Like •!* souls in advance of his community lie felt rcfiliiiinls iiiion his freedom, and like lhe pilgrims of lat(his problem by territory Allf ndince Of Membf rs. The Woman's Auxiliary of..lhc First.- -Prctbylerlan church will have' a-meeting Monday nllcnwon in the church. All members are urged lo be present as Important business is lo be Iransaclcd. •'.-. • • -• » -* . * Snniay Sfliool Clars .Has Parly. The -Fislelis class cf the First Baptist church was entertained . in th» home of Mrs. A. A. Thompson oil 1010 Chlrknsawba avenue Friday' evening with : Mealtimes Vena Henley and Hcrschel Bmarl as assistant hostesses. Mrs. • Bob Barnes. president ol '•the" ctos, supervised tho business meeting and "and all officers finve their reports for the chinch year'.-, v.ork. Miss Lun»'" B. Willvelm, the teacher cave' an Interesting account cf Ihp'blblc slndy covered by Hie/class and the good \\ork ac^onipllslied. The social period "was preside;! ' over by'Mrs. Herschel Smarl. Mi<% Marllm Chambers conlribiiled much lo -.the enlcrtaininenl bj . "giving the rending, "Bashful Boj. nnd.the llcv. A.'S. Harwell gave a helpful talk. Games .were play ed. .the remainder of the ever. ing until-a late hour when ;e fiCEhinents of cherry pic, • red cream, cheese and coffee v.n served.. There were 30 in a'.lentiar.c wltli the Rev, and Mis. A. Harwell. Miss Martha' Clian-.bc; and Mrs. Jessie nccder as j BY JOANiSAVOV NEA Service Writer A EliiimiriB bed -Jacket nnd b«tl •over and pillow eel is just about tho most efficacious .medicine any :ouvalesc£np can have. ... ; " If;.'yo4,,'li*vo .bfcn sick and are. jusl- at .' Hint sitting up stage, :fo h 3bly . your spirits noiild eonr inn your tense nerves relax If on conlj .just see yourtelf Icok- inlllion dollars, though mistake, not 'lo 'dress for .sickness. Wliy not cap- titllzc the little vacation .you are .citing from work and the' dally like luk. It Is a big nice for Ihe family lo have allracUve looking. A Chance to Rest in Style Even If yon haven't been 111, might lie n ge.o:l idea for you (6 This set Is made of peach cicp; de chine, with deep ecru. Alcccm lace, appliqucd In delightful' patterns all over 'the pillows and the throw and edging (ho jacket. T'^rt Y.n.1 • (3M.-M Ib ft'ln,.n\<, : n»i, ,ln;mor yourself anil spend a week-' j The' bc:V jacket is o'lovely'thins. .;encl resting up. There Is' nothing'j'olose lilting, made with long grintf- Inl sleeves Hint are excitingly lem- Inhi'e. . . The sleeves fit lo the elbow, where they lall open hi angel sleeve effcc.1. The'Jacket Tils close •.ouie roullne? • Aside..from its being like 'an absolute rest to set going right for the strenuous life that early summer brings. Whether you arc sick or merely like Ic look, nice \vlicn resting, you will appreciate one ul LV.ese lilllc convalescenl seis 1 s)to!;c of, bed-Jacket, chaise lounge and pillow EEt, Chcafb some cliecry, llatlcrhiB color, light and pretty. Aprlcct, HHST MKTIIOinST CliL'HCH Main anil Scvcnlii Slreds V. <J. Roric, Pastor Worship nnrt . sermon. 11 a. m. and 7:30 n. in. Junior 2 p. m. ' • Intermediate K:K p. in. Senior -Young People, G:4!» p. m Wiiiiian's Missionary Society Monday 3 o'QlDck. leaver meeting Wednesday p. in. Choir Rehearsal. 8:15 p. ni. feeding church ' officials cr cms, lie solved reaching out lo ivl:ore he plnnncd lo make a home for himself and lo build a civilization in luirinony with his conceptions. It was divine Impulse thai led him. Who call doubt it? He is the ual daring which led him lo break visions, .peaceful purposes, with his own environment and lo; peaceful ads and policies of Abrai,, feek n holler way. As we shall Ihiun. ' " |n , . . alcr lcsso , 1Si i, c nils n deep- 1 It is from this standpoint er significance lor us. With k*m|we ought (p .slndy him. ixil simply.,,.... vHo.n he saw a belter age arising; as'a figure in his own rallier dim.'.' ,for man and lie peered far into • age, but as a figure associated with., own the future ol nobKr worlds of! a-moral revelation, in many of it*. Ihoiight and action. As Jesus put! incidents and . details Elill worth, Vi U "Abraham sought to see niy:studyiiig and-worth Imitating. a>'e and lie saw it and was glad." j shall never . advance our own only In Ihc courage of' his physl-1 its warfare is still, hi the 20th I sentatte ot religion, not only cal adventure anil in thai spiril-! cciitury, far .b?jiind the peaceful; faith but In action. ;ood psy-1 r.prini; green, pale pink, d;iir yel- .liotogy lo * look your best, il Is | low cr a pinkish lavender. la Ihe many an neck in invalid Hie back, 'for (eels chilly al Ihe nape of Ihc neck. Arrayed hi such a lovely jacket, any. woman would practically be glad lo be under tlw wcalher lor a lew days, jusl 'to look so nice. BUs oj N.eics Mostly Personal Luxbra Society—Personal has writes ng ' several days In Gates and [ Jackson, Tenn.. with relatives. i Misses Hob Williams nnd Mar- I ucilte Matthews nre spending.- week-end in Memphis. • [ lolslon Robint'on is spending j eral dnjs in Liltlu Ilccs: al-! ding lo business. .. Irs. IT. P. Nail has returned her home in Halls, Tcnn., • af- ti visit with her aunt, Mrs. lit and claiijjhlcr, Miss Smi- r.e Swift. Mr. nnd Mrs. August Wastbrovk Ridgcwood. N. .1.. nre visitors re during the week-end. ... inch, will conduct rcrvlcrs in I heir .home last Satin-tiny night. I H av t'. Student clnireh of Lafe, Ark.. Sim- I Those attending wei'u llic Misses J „ . iillcrnoon. iMnble George, Dixie Howard. Mor- | ' Mrs. Charles CrlRijcr, Jr.. and • eclith Graham nhd Lorine Saycrs, i rs. Bernard Ooodi spent, today j anil Thiirmaii Scott. Edward'Till- Mcmphis. j nian. Junior Wnnderllcli, A. J. Miss Mildred Arnold, who has Lynch. J. C. Seal. Joe Corkran! tt-n nltf nding school ir. Vnlli-y ', ! «»l Pcrstiins Tuvncr. > Ark., returned home i Mr. and .'.Irs. Dliss hu'rtclay for the .summer men- • (ini;ghtcr. Mary 131 p. m. FIRST rKESUYTKKIAN CHUKCHi ''Marsh M. t'alhway. Minister Sabbath nclioOI. .OM5 A. M., J. \lek. Thninns. suitrintendsnt. Morning Worship. 11 A. M. There will be an inslallalien and ordiu- ilicn service at this service. The Lord's Supper will be cclebralcd. Evening 'Worship, 7:30 P. M. Ecimon by the pastor. Christian Endeavor. 6:30 I'. M. Mid-week service. Wednesday avcniiiB. 7:30 P. M. The public is worship it these services. of alll lor urch 2 oni vatlen for him shall he appear (Hebrews 0:28). Among Ihc citations from the Bible is the following: "But as le which hath called you is' holy, sb'bc'yc holy in all manner of conversation" (I Peter 1:15). The Lesson-Sermon will also in- chuie passages from Ihe Chriblinn Science texlbook, Health with Key "Science and In the Scrip- lures." by Mary Baker Eddy, one of which reads, "If Truth is over- ccming error in your daily walk and conversation, you can finally i v.ill to a short talk by Ben Wiggins. Pleaching, 1:30 P. M. Subject: IE God's Kingdom Old Things or New Things?" This messajc is one of -Jcsus's. greatest lessons. " >'•'' •• ASSEMBLY 01' GOD OIUHICH N. II. Trunlhain, in i-h;irsc Sunday chooi. 9:45 A. M. T' lako siKcial 1 interest in all classes, special teachers selected. Preaching- sctvicc nf'll A. M. Young Peoples service, G P. M. Evangelistic services, 7:45 P. 41. | years he has • bc.-Mi a resident of i Cooler, and serving as new; cor- ; respondent mid fcnliire writer for> | « number of dally papers. Mr. All! I'Cd's p'uctns arc widely read Illuoughoul lhe Trl-slnles. Some of . lhe ixx?ms to receive coiumenda- I lions from Eastern Magazines arc: Miss Mildred Galycan, who" Ins I "In tlif Arms of the Deep." been inking nursin;; training • :il; "Thanteglving tXle," "Consola- 11:1 UapU;-. hospital, Memphis,] tion." and "Goodbye." A!lr?d also lor Ihc) pSsI Ihree months, returned lo her' home. Misse;, \Targuerltc and Mildred column headed "The Richards entertained a number ot j her;. Watchlowor". The couple will make their home ttie ycung people nt n purty .ir . • Queen at Westminster . ( HAYTI. Mo.—Mifs PaullllR lliis rtly who attends Wllllnin "i:crls m!!cyi! was one uf the irci' iriiiily tnieens clrrltrt ti iss Ynjiccy inul j tnlr over lh e Westminster "Bliie iss.'.ot Hughes, Jay" prom. The c3rona!lnn tco] iv. Miss Arnold lia-j complete:! j Ark., were sucsts of Mr', 'anil Mrs. place Saturday ni-jhl,' April D. Tlie er ^eccn[l year there. iSjiann Sunday. ' J -rlcclinn was ttie result of y.r. and ;.7rs. Harry Atkins have ; Fcuner Governor Charles linnich; vote taknn by lhc Mulleins -,0',-(d Ic their hemo en High-1 vlsllcil friciidn here lor a slioit | Wrslininfter colk:;e. iy 13 and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson i idv.e Weducsiay. I Miss Ct-ndlt. l;cslrtc:; li^ir.g v.'el lenry have moved into the house; .Mrs. Noble Hunt has been vis-', 'ike:l hy' hrr own svluinlmnici a'. | NARARENK (JHURCH .Tamra A. liuistll, Paslor Periling services— Suntlay school, 9:45 A. M. Preachin; at 11 A. M. ivenlng Worship— N. Y. P. S.. 6.-15 P. M. Preaching. 7:30 p. M. Don't miss lhc messages o( llcv. jinllli, lh c evangelist. The Ktloy quatlct will sing lor ,-oUi services. A cordial welcome awaits yon. SECOND HAI'TIST (JHUUCll .1. \,. NcuMini, I'astor Sunday .school, DSS A. M. Sermon, 11 A. M. Subject "Mag- nalisin." say, "I have fought n guuel nghl j., this will be the close of the 1 hate, kept the fnilh." be-! revival Ecrviccs:' >: All arc welcome cause you arc n belter man. This j to these services, is having ciir part in the atone- W. E. Thnrn'ioni niciil wilh Triilh and Love (Page 21). ST. STErllENS EPISCOPAL CHURCH Services will be held Suntlaj I -11 o'clock with the Rev. C. C lU.YTIlKVU.I.i: GOSPEL TABERNACLE S19 Ash Street Sunday school, U30 P. 'M, Preaching tervicc al '3:30 P, M. Evangelist W. E. Thurmond h;is promised to speak for us. Subject: "Eight Hundred and Pilty-tv.n One". All ure .asked lo bring (heir Bibles. Scimon, 7:30 P. M. Snbjecl "The Covered Wugon". W. M. S., Monday. 2::iO I'. M. Prayer service, Wednesday, 7:30 . M. hey vacated on 1717 Chiekasawba ;cnue. friends out of lu.ui th s | Wilhnm \Vrnds. is veiy j;oiuibr or. ? uricraJ Services Held CScor« I the Wrs'.inn-.stcr ''linn Wrnih .^lic At Wil:i rmirOn:r nf Mr. and Mrs. Monte Isaacs spc Friday Jn'" Memphis. -. O. . P. Moss drove ta Wain nidge yesterday on business. .'Mr. Slid Mi's. C. M. Buck, M Fianclo Carpcnlcr and Mrs. J. Guard; were visitors'in Memn yeslerday. C. .V. Scbaugh returned I siisht Iroin Ultle Rock- where spent n lew ' da>-s Snd atlcut me Ice canvcnlion* J. A. l«ch :i»fitdrd to bi ner-s in Memphis Icday. T. H. PiUlerson and daugh Miis Ruby of Memphis have re- tmiicd here to' mrtkc Iheir l:;:r.: afrim aluri' several nionlho in Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. J..K. Fislier and Miis Ruby Patterson drove to ! CtiulhHsvl'.le Friday. Mi$& Louise Broun of Wilson Is th* guesl of Mr. and Mrs. jchh realherstonb for the week-' .tnd. K. T. WrRight and L. C. Cliam- .^'j; -spent Kriday morning in Car- ullurHville allendins to business. Tho'Rev. H.'J. Kleindlen5t, : itiiv; v.cck. G. A. Gcorjc niirt , ._ . - wer.t to lilylhevlllc Tuesday lo. Ihc Plii Hcta. honorary mii=li- and jal H«'.ol_ Noble. , visit S. Ealiba, who Is 111. i drawalir iriilernily: Fiem-h Club: Charles Stallings; Tils llev. »nA Mrs. Hv.-ce! :it-|Y. W. U. A.: and is sor:n ID t.ikc leueled the Methodist eonlci-encc | part in a music recital. at Truinann. Mrs. Rush and Mrs. j C. Turner went nr. delegates. All members cf the H. Y. P. U.'s cxpeclcil to IK [irebenl at Ihe evening services as we iinvc forly clglil inwards to be yiven lo Ihcse who look the study course. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE CIH.'KCH "Doctrine nf Atonement." is lhc subject of the Less:n-S.'rinnii In I.AKf: STREET METHODIST CHURCH W. J. LcKny, I'aslnv Sunday jehnol. fi:4r> A. M.. Tver- son Morris, superintendent. I'reachiug, 10:55 A. M. Subject: "Is the Church Becoming a IJar- iinm with a Jumbo?'. Thu; sermon will l>c "A Life Size Picture" of Today thai you will 3C interested in hearing. Epwoith League service, G:30 P. M.. , Special fealine ni this pro;ram id will' sp^ak at 11 of lhcs« services. nm'kc of Mariauna in Visitors arc welcome. Hospital Notes Admllted: G. T. Gracey, U 2, Blythcvillc and Bobby • anithcrsviile. • Dismissed:. C.: G. Smith! and Miss Anna Mac ; Jones,, city..',, j CARDUI New Grand Leader Uarbcr Shop 113 N. 2nd A Superb Service At Low Cost Here is » KliPRESENTAI'lVE Family Btnullc l-'uncral ^-vvircs Vtn; hel;l Thur..- iay niornln; for Charles ijtulhnp.s il the l:eir,e t>I his parent, Mr. '.na.Mrj. J. W. smiling. Ti-.r' Rrv. W. E. lil::^lics. of A-b'.K-.rt, Tenn.. pfCifialrs*. I':l;r,iri-r5 wire' Hay ll.iyni'.-.. .jam Bil:er. Bud H:iil_u : 3al:er. H^nna Gr.iy and o'.hi-r Via. Mr. Klal'.mss. who lived in llvj .tcccr CLniniunity, dird m llic Jlly- hevillc ho-.pilal r.Ilei lv.;o ppcia- linus. He is survived by, his pnr- :nls. thr,-c trpllu-rs, Cluy. WeMoy ar.d £v^\vcll. iwo . :^s|cii=. r.ifl'.^v- ind Mi'o. J. A. Hayne;C thr^c i>oiis, Billy, Ray :ui;l Jack.'ana 1 his «:ri- ow, Mrs. Cprrinc Siniiiiiiji. bosiclL^ many more -dislinl rchU\e? s. Clara Patrick and George W. Allrcd Wed- Fiddlcrl While Grass Fire Burnr.d Down llojne WKMIKLT,. Mass. lUI" in Ih? Chrisiian Science ser- 'ovimiay uiovuiiv.; i\t n o'clock The Golden Tc\t is: "Chrisl was nice offeicd lo bear (he sins ol many; ;md unto them liial bni: MATERNITY HOSPITAL lor 1111- f)rlunale girls; srcludrd. ]>rivale rates rcnsornKc. IVr hilormatlor, write 1'nlnnDimt litvopital. Oil Easi Snh, Kansas City, Missouri. Just As Many Miles Per Gallon COOTEH, M.1.-A v.-cdrtmr. o[ m- !ii »«l''wd didn't 1,-ivc N,-: .' s cviij ti'icsl lo people ol So.itlieasl Mi,-i lnt:llt - m ' 1 sllc nddlctl v ' lli: ' ! " r.nuri nivl West- TennCMCo look OUS1 ' ""S' 1 *- lllx 'place al llic home of the Ri-v. .1.1 So• »^>tol wa 11. Copcland here whrti Mrs. darn i hrv x!olul "',-,'). Z .Patrick, Of Trenton. Tcnn.. I,,-|," n to lllc "*f»">c (\iiuc • br luft, Ui lil'lLlul], I L'[]ll., D--I'. ' . ride of Oc-orgc W. Alfred, 1 k » mv "n; «• er. Tin ceremony was per- ! ' tn) - vcrt - The tf '" 1'l.iving '^ llr< ' tll 'l l1 wiihnnl her IIM- \\-.t, d^o! Cooler. 't'D^ rereniony was pc lonncd by the Key. Copelaml, rc- l;red HaplKt minister. Mrs. Allrcd is the damiht-T of the la!'- 1 J. T. Hlcssing, planter of CheMrr coiiuly. Tennessee. Slie ir- i-civcrt her cduraUon in Iho i-rhools .STOCKHOLM lypc of central lur.eial nert'Jolm B:irncll. nn uiL-|of that cotinlv. and is ulenU-d in c!c, . and R.-iuv.ond Thcmas, of. music. She was active in Ihc ?o- Kenr.cU. Mo.. Mrs. Tom Mcorc. .isijrial and re.'rgious circles of sent, of Riplt-y, Tcnn.. Mrs. W. 1C [ county. her A new rndiator has l:r:ji drsi;ned bv ;i Swedish rmjlncrr. It reprrsr;its mvcriil novel fealurrs. A 11:01 ^. exterior form makrs it to Hie compact) I adaplflWCill Turner of Lcb3vilie. Ter.n.. ,\' 1 rs. Biirns. Mrs. M. Bales. Mr. a no Mrs. Sullivan Carey Unoadcj Mr. Allrcd shall county. nAlive Alabama. of Mar- i and nl . j>c nf modrra apart-jll fitting it Sr.lo an^ul.n cor-;| S»vccl Cream Hnller 3flc IJ>. Bennetfs Pasteurized Milk I0c Q(. Delivered I 'hone 7-1 inn liiiltcrmitk ISc Ql. cf Covinsl3n. Tenn.. gradmt^ ot lhe county high school | FOll SALE-Cheapi I-'.:octr;o I'op-1| :s of Hennir.g, Mr3. j at .•Gumersville. After •, finishing ; co:n machine in good.condition.11 •inc KCV. M. J. Kieinoiensi, p.w- uarcy itnoaacs 01 tierenr.g, r-ir^.!at -uiimersvuie. Alter nmsning; co:n maciiine in goo.i .condition. ,UII f*n In rimr<,l « I tor ol the Pilgrim Lutheran | Wilmer Wis^ainn and Myrtle Bur- jhlgh school he completed a course! Apply X. Johns Grwcry. 303 W.'HM - '" "' l lluml Min(ia> Mrs. Sldrcy Williajr.s is of Osccola. in Journalism. For the last few Main. 16P-K20 Higher 1'ricctl (•asolines . '. . ISc A (Dillon for Jiiii v a nice (I M « I o r l-'uci YOU CAN -SAVB ON «A AND Oil. BY TKADlNCi WITH VOLLMER AND SON, Inc. ON VARBRO ROAD ii siiirts 8 liny.s' shirts 10 men's hai 1 ladies' di'exs 2 liloomcrs 5 ladies' linnd'chicfs 2 summer iiiiitniFiiils I pair pajamas , 5 children's (h-esscs 7 POUNDS 1 lablccloth '1 sheets -I pillow slips 2 .liiith towels 8 face Uiwcls M napkiuH '9 POUNDS^ Seven Pountls oT Wciiring Apparel @ 20c . SI.'10 I'oumlH of rial Work @ 8t 72 ~S2~r2 Discount of 25'.I : -5H Net CosPof Bundle •SJ.59 Kcmcmltcr — KVIT.V iirlicle in (hi>; btinrik- \vas compleU-ly lihinhttl— ItcltiriK-ft (o the owner ready to 11:11-. ftLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY Free Molh-Pvoof liags for' Your Winter Garments :i

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