The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1932
Page 8
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PAGE EIOITT. GIUNKFXL, la., tUl 1 ) — Myron'.later in the cvpnlnc runs tack to PilbroB,,GiInnel! truck,-man. inns tlie dormitory, to keep In training a mlb to the home of a girl and for the two-mile event. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Haytt Society— Personal jf.cii. James Wllks, ilslicd ll.c for- Mrs. S. L. Ontcs, Mrs. Annolo Moiihalis was lo Hie Wonnn's Mksi'Jiiniy Inter's mother, j Sunday. ; Mr.s. J, T. Tcnsler Is will j Woodrow McDonald :iml"warrcn I Henderson alleriitol (o business In j Memphis timl Si'liner, Ttnt). Knt- nrday. Batting 100ft \^ in the FLAVOR LEAGUE! Make a home run today with MALT SYRUP, ly at, tli<: Mc'.liudlst church Wwl- j ncsday nlli'iiiuon. with 22 members llllltHl(,ln iiuil l\v« visllui* jiii-.-i-nl. Mis. ,(. W. Oolcc'ii wai, cirr.cil di'lc^.Uo lo the annual Women's Missionary meetlni! at. Cz\x Ohardean ni'xt Wednesday, Tlnirvlay. and Friday. Plans were made lo sturt a "Mystery^'t." SGO:J. 'i'hc flltlrch (teht has teen paid up lo date. Plans to beai:l!fy the church lawn were made. Mrs. s. E. Nethery was hostess lo tl'.c- Women's Mls-slonaiy Union of thn lia')llsl ctniH'ii ot i:cr hO:ne Wcdnei'j.iy iiltpriiunn. MPfilainc? Bumis an:! Fry and Rev. Hiilhni;- on led iht> d?vallon:il. I'him for a chicken dinner Saturday v.'Crc'iti;ute. /Irs. N^tliriy .s:rved a desert •, assisted by Mrs. A. Cl. Sau- det. 1 :. Mrs. G. N. Walts oi Chaffee is IMTC Ihls week vlslllni; relatives. Mr. and Mrs. ll<xly Jabour and dauftlitcr, Pnlsy were heic Tuesday nfl'.'rnoo:i vislUnJ velatlves. EMLs Koury of Wardell was here Tuesday afternoon visiting friend.'.. Aft. and .Mrs. CieorKC Moarv of New Madrid moved hurc Tuesday. Sam A. Philips, who Is III at ihc home of Ills daughter, Mrs. .1. W. Hhodcs, Is imiitoving. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Oalfs and Mrs. Frank Oainblln and hon Lawrence, who visited Mrs. Oiimb- hn's inolher, Mrs. Fannie Huffman, a few days, returned Friday to her home in Kennett. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Webb and ' ' 'Miss Maxim- Mr*. Em.T.,1 1'ccry Wcdnesdaj- PUIDAV, AI'LU!. |r,, }<y',i>-. tcinoon. Mrs. Alice of Mrs. Inln a few days. Sliorte Is the guest Harrison of 48 for Boston Stores Open War On Return of Purchase I10STON. (UP)-norton stores hnve aetc-d to inlnJnilxe Insofnr as Judgment, so that he may abide commencement exerci^s June 3 f-n nii«M Cl m .1 , Dickinson is the first college es- Co-opcratlmr with the stores, us 1 fablished west of ti, P susque- Courier News Want Ads Pay ^jj^sji" ~"<i =,^ v'L,^ ForTains"DuP To Neuralgia fenders; "penalizing "ihem'"bv"sus-1, The ln! "«"">«on Mil precede pcndlnif their charge accounts. ' l!!'_ c .!V" lu ?].. illl " l ". li an * program. It ki estimated that as much :is! $5,000,000 nmy lie saved annually! through the plan. for arbitrary reasons. They have Issued forth clear, simple. uni- . Mi's. F, Moore and Copcland vlsllcd relatives Cooler, Mo. Sunday. Among the ealleis Mrs. Marvj Metrllt was hostess to Sunday afternoon were Mesdames Ed Whito- Innst, Annie Stokes, Aubrey Mcr- , rill and Cecil Kayrc all of hero land Mrs. Aubrey Terry of Tyler Mo Mrs. M. A. I j ob!e returned here .Sunday afternoon from a , visit over the week end wllli her sister Mrs. X.el Poole of. near Tyler, Mo. Mrs. llulnn: Holmes who has limi fjullp 111 from effect.'; of "flu" Is icporied ublc lo l>c up again. Mrs. Emma Beavers culled on Mrs. Maudy Brunson Tuesday. Mrs. Maude Cassidy who has lie™ in Ixiulsiana and Tennessee for several months, is vlsilini; relatives here this WC2X. Mr. and Mrs. Joluulic Webb called on Mr. and Mrs'. Smith Bruckln Weilnesday. Mrs. Maiidn Brunson called on , , form rules 10 govern exchange and return er Inaugurated June 3J CARLISLE, Pa., (UP.)— Di Karl Hacc.ilnuirate service!, will'be Iield June 4. wilh libhop Ernest ftieh- ardson, Philadelphia, I leader, ns the preacher. |mal coiiuueiiceii'.eiu exercises jlii; lield June 5. , ., .— TInslcy Waugh will be inauguvat •' - -.--..v^ »uii b ij iviji u^ IMiUlKmaL 1 ,' !", R " !°_ b " y : Pri ns the . 13 «". P«sidcnt of Dick n , - , - ••" «« uii- jam. president , i__(o_use more deliberation nndllmon College ai the 149th Kxpc-imirr.ts will) icm articlioiic hare sv.-ecter si.jnr than Eitlier sugar Millions have found qnicl: relief McUiodist (rotn iwuraljle hoadaches, rhi('u- Tlie fni 1 -1 nntis p.iijis, ;in ( | ivomen's p.ihis by will i akiiii- Ciiputliiie. I!ci«!; liquid '• It i Ives relief imiirh quicker (hint lap- lets or [wwders. U tooihes the the Jcrusa- nerves and quickly slops the pain, produced; Ciiputiiiic docs not upset the is yielded or tane. uiuuiall Kcnd Courier News Want Ads. ! lonuch and does not contain opl- i tes. Ai drug siorfs in lOc, • Me, • find COc bottles; also by the dose ini founts. —Advs. '3-1 — £] SYRUP SALAD DRESSING A m M § IP Hi t f flPWENTTHEZEP — 21.700 MILES/ ®aW*^^-^^ §";<ii .'"^ff • * ' : f&~<%* u'voui-iniL to int>Lioiii;D iitvy ntL,utsuo. I Pf^ft^^f^^^Sr^C ERS WHO TKY ITS HIGH TEST ALWAYS FIND THftT IT f ^^HW^IlPf*" MORE M1LES PER GALLON. AND-THJVT HIGH TEST IS PL' ^X^*A:>-?w',:,v5*Vi5-'?;-'^- ^X 1-lt/lU VA/TTU nnmi /"•onvr-rv onkir-ivn-t r-f»^\k* /-n <n-rrv * HIGH, .WITH APRIL GRAVITY RANGING FROM 62.1° TO (, An mtenMiog hiUcry of the oil industry widi in nlinuile of iu future • contained ta UK illutUatrd Annual Kcpoct of tbe Phillip. On requMt, it w Le nui kd wilbout oUif AiUrnt: THE CASOUME OF COHT«OU.ED VOUTIUTY Irnlcum Company, Itarllravillc, Oklklioma KROGER STORE Bargains For Friday, Saturday and Mondai* *j> 25 ( FISH KKI) SNAl'PKR Pound - -'- . ' CAT FISH Blue Channel. 1'ound SHRIMP Headless Found - - - OYSTERS Pint .... SALT .MACKERELlAO FHit. Each - - IV ALL FISH FRESH 15 C SALT MEAT Hides. Streak-0- Lcan. LI). SPARE RIBS Very .Me;ily SWISS CHEESE i,,23 c PORK ROAST Very Jlcsity. Small Hone. Lb. VEAL ROAST 101C LI). 16 2 BACON •'vt'r-f.'odd Is fiond All Center Slites ;i Pound Limit Lb. 1Q1/2C WEINERS Aln-o ; i All Mc,-i( 5 Pound Limit Lb. Idc BHEF ROAST K. C. Bahy Beef. Shoulrlor, Ll>. 17 l-2c; Thick Rib, Lb. lac; Chuck, UP. 12 l-2c; Brisket . lOc Gem. A Delicious Table Syrup Gallon 39c Best Cream 24-Lb. Sack 25c May Garden. Orange Pekoe 1-1 Lb. Package 17c Country Club Quart Jar MLR ALE Country Club 24-07. Bottle Camay or Palmolive Bar DRY FRUIT Prunes, Lb. 5c; Peaches, Lb. lie Apples, Lb. lOc; Apricots, Lb. Kic "HIGHEST TEST" at the price of ordinary gasoline Ypq get more for your money—more power, pep, and soap—more miles per gallon—more pleasure out of driving, when you use Phillips 66 r. . the greater gasoline. The great Phillips organization would not make claims as broad as these, if its gasoline .did not deliver 100% on them. And we couid not make these claims if Phillips 66 were not higher tea than other motor fuels. How much "higher test" it is, you can see from the definite gravity figures above. :-7*hat is why every mile you drive is a gratifying demonstration of the premium performance which you get without paying a penny premium myprice—because Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline. Phill-up with Phillips, tomorrow, at the Orange and Black 66 shield. For those who prefer H... Phillips 66 Ethyl ... at the regular price of Ethyl Gasoline The WORLD'S FINEST OIL for your motor Tim new «od finer lubricant is 1003> pure paraffin baM. A triumph of ultra-modern scientific refirung. Worthy in every particular of the Phillips name and the Phillips reputation for giving more for the money. For stabilised, longer- lasting oil jervke, at a thrift price, this lubricant ii unmatched at 3M a quart. Big Deal 6 Bars Pinto or Great Northern Pound BEET or CARROTS 5c Pure Cane And Fine Granulated •' Limit 10 Lbs. 44c BROOMS Heavy 5 String. Assort ed Color Handles. The Greatest Broom Value Ever Offered Each 25c BANANAS Finc Ycllow F S! 5 C ENGLISH PEAS APPLES Fancy Delicious H1C Lb. i 2 SWEET POTATOES. u . nc Bunch I 2 MUSTARD GREENS , POTATOES FRESH TOMATOES ,,,,10° licst 15-Lb.' Peck 29c APPLES Winesaps SPINACH TURNIPS With Tops IftC Ilimch IV ARTICHOKES ,w CELERY '^ c Crisp Sl g eh 15 C CORN Standard No. 2 Cans Roxanna 4 Cans 25c LETTUCE •^••••••••^••••••B ORANGES _;e Firm Large Floritias Swccl and Juicy Head 4c mBBHSBBOiBaKEIBBB Doz. 39c PARSNIPS Lb. EfiG PLANT or Squash L b . 12 1C CABBAGE LEMONS ^S: SL2JT; ASPARAGUS . Fra * IA 23 c • i lb. 4c \cw Texas Green Firm Heads PEACHED LiMiy's Roscdalc No. 2 1-2 Cim Can 12k

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