The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1932
Page 7
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, APRH, 15, 1932 CLASSIFIED ADS eentj a i[ort r« flrat KM ooi out » wmJ (or Mob nibtequtnt Uuuttoo idtertiKmeat uken for lw tA*n Me. (jaunt tb* woroj «btt Uw FOB SALE USED CAR BARGAINS We Invite yci) (o come to oar Ehow Room uitbH ask-for n dcm- piiElra'.ioii In one o[ our Good Used Cars, or /Iphone^iiis arid »e will call for,vyoi|. a,ny' time or place. Terms to .Suit You. '21 "A" FORD ROADSTKK PICKUP,' A Real Bargain $ 70 78 "A" FORD I'HAICTON, Runs f 0ood and is Worth. Much ( More Tim, We Able. A Bartain for only $ ft •30 "A" FORD TUDOR SEDAN This ropuhr MoJel is Perfect In Every Way. Faint ' Like New. Guod Tir«, Mechanically Hifhf. A Real Bargain. Onl>; an '20 "A" FORD SPORT COUPE A Real. Sporty Job. Humble Seat, Gc*d Tires. Faint Like New. Meenankally Good. ; Orty '. Sl?i '28 "A" FORD BUS. COUPE If You Want » Good Used Car Cheap Ask lo Se e This Coupe 5 95 '2!l CHEVROLET SIX COUPE , This Motor is Good, Paint Like New, Tirts O. K. An Outstanding Vulur. Only .. $19: '20 DURANT SIX 4-Dr. SEDAN A GocJ Value. Worth More Than We Ask. Only 55: '29 CHEVROLET SIX PANKL DELIVERY. Just the far for a Merchant Delivery .... $18; CECIL LOWE, MANAGER USED' (JAR DEPARTMENT PHILLIPS 'COMPANY Authorized F«d Dealer •ij < Phone HI :'' . BLYTrHEVflM,R, (ARKJ COWlIER NEWS •uptcil Jtcise'f continued plaint to ' MU.tX OAHKY, 1», rnllr • •* • H MtMh«B, ]|vr« Hh» Brr AtNT JBSIIIK » Ik* W,,l tlit .t C«,l- HKATItrTrcSlltct.' «*e Ktnu JACK WANING. »M ilMMll !•«., umi HAY PLAK.VEKVi Ike vr.y, Warl>« •»«• llrlall- OM km su»» 4l»tMrKi-i kirn. WHS. IIKATH *t,,\, ...b. S — Htm. HUH 1)11 XBAH, ;..»f .11- »vko«l nliu krr, l«lir> *u«u> lo ItiBtk, «ton« t* ««r M«c1kl»t lu- »lrl. FOB SAI1E—Uaby chicks. Part cash, tyay balance in Iryers. Marilyn Hatc.neryj'-Blythevllle, Ark. 21cu FOR SALE—Men's Half Soles, Me, and Men's . Rubber -Heels ,'aiio leather '. Heels, 40c. Progressive Sho c Shop, 103 South- Second Street, HJytlieviile". ' r - OP-K2o FOR SAtE : One living'room.giite. 222 fast Davis. ,- 12PrK15 FOR SALE—Pure Stoneville No.' 1. planting' cotton seed. sa.vei bc- lorc rain's.' 1 J25'per ton. No other cotton ginned-on our. gin.,except this cotton. J. H. Smart, Sr.' FOB SALE—Cafe on. Highway 64. Corner location, gooH investment. Box 388, •Crdivford.VArk. , 16c-k22 FOR BEST FOR ElENT—Five room bungalow, 605 Chickssawba. Good repair, cheap rcnt..'Apply New York Store.' 280-tl FOR RENT —Bedroom adjoining bath, private home. Beauty Rest mattress. $10 month. 1044 Walnut, call 284. ' 13pkt6 f FOR RENT—3 room Jurntshed apartment with bath. Call 510. Hck20 FOR RENT.- 2 furnished.'Tight housekeeping rooms. 625 Walnut. PlHinc 521. Jlrs. S. P. Cavendar. 15C-K19 FRESH RIVER ' CAT FISH EVERY DAY Jimmie O'Hrien's Cai"c 103 S. 2nd St. Ptiona 271 F0RNCTURE -. See tfi'Fiiwi.v : R. J. Dodson ' 30I-S45 t.* T Tim "(jjffipcs. of. I'R. n&b CHILD, ••• I>R L.-fi; MOORE, HR. H. A. TAYLOR Will Be Closed Every Thuvsdav^ftci-nqon. C»li Pho^No. MS for INSURANCE SERVICE We Write: Burglary- (Residence & Mercantile Sate) Insurance, Health & Accident, Automobile Liability, Plate Glass, and all lines of usually and bonds. ' Sell, and sen-tee rental property. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, INC. , c MSK ACKKOYD, (orlcly Duukir ulJ« f>r Kur.tx- «• »• r»lli» >kc rniri dctplj for klm. II KN I.AMPMAN', a.olkfr fimirrt, l>kc> kcr lo • >ll<lo ynnr km .he katn kli frl»<«. Aril Jutle 4rwrl> I* irlilt krr • l»ttr >n4 HOSE MII.TOX, lltcM- ly oldr-r llia> »>un, f«»t« <• ||9; itll^ krr. sliimiM. Itiir])-, jtrrevu lVnrlnn'> l»>llal| n> tar «« cvr- »!MK'« fnti. Knjr flnoarrj anil nn- olk<-r wnH R(» wltk Ikrm. Tkrr K» frciMi 4iHe »ul H 7 vlrmiiTe Ttfart (• »«'<lkcr nnd .Su»» I. Jlifu.lrd. \Vk,n \Vnrl.t I9kr> kcr knnr kc klii«r« kfr. NOW CD UN WITH TUB 8TOKY ,, CIIAPTKH XV ' you arc a flno one!" Hoso exclaimed. Susan did not answer because fprUho inomcut she was too busy fiiinhllng about In her pnrso for her key. She was conscious niily :of an eitiuisito SCUFO of rcllif. H was enough to be sate at home with that nightmare behind her. "I waited and waited," Rose was saying Utterly. . .' "There wasn't anyone I knew lo call, although 1 nearly did give Ben a rins." Susan - gasped in horror. "Oh. thank Heaven ron didn't!" "\Vcll, I iike that!" Rose stood transfixed, cyciiiK her. "You are a cool one! Hcri I've Itcei: fretting myself sick for the last Ihrce hours." llio room and slaro'at herself in the mirror. "Do I look olrter?" she inquired. "I fed it—years nnO years." "Von look K frlslit." Uoso assured licr with a best friend's frankness. "You're pale aa n shoal mid thcro aro rings under your eyes." Susan slipped mi arm niomul Hose's wuist. "Mouse don't to so cross," siie mid. '1'lien to mi accompaniment of "olis" anil "alia" and "I don't boIicTo U" sho [rauvcil out tho whole. Blory of her tidven- ture. When slio had finished Itose suld with emphasis, "I hope this the living room fairing switched They were in now and Susan, 'on the lights, sank into a comfortable chair. Rose pursued her grievance. "You haven't evcu told me whom you were with or anything," she said, annoyed. Susan could have laugbed from sheer relief but ' Hose was so much She had, iponiieiice?" uo asked. and laid It boforo him. "Good Rirl." ho bmilcd al her. ••- -.v.. ---. »..»,|., ,jii;v niuttf Kt,'Ut •kou seem lo know what I want tlic r,p,,allin E sandwich nud sho didn't dare. ill earnest. , "If ynu'll Just let me net my breath," Susan IwsgcJ. "I'll tell you :ili aliout il. I don't blame YOU a bit for being Curious, but honestly it wasn't all my fault. I tried mid tried to break awiy hours ago. It was ghastly!" She shuddered at _ „„,.. tlie memory. HOT; could the have murmured her thanks They went ..been such a fool as to envy other ou with the morning's work nnri - girls those casual "dates" they boasted ot? She 'knew now that ibe .had been better, off at home wTtfi Aunt Jessie sewing or read fifs, uo tuaticr how'mucli she had j'csented the dullness ot it. Well. . tills was to M| 8 s O'Cutniell, wlm for unveil ycnrs lind lolled ovi'i 1 Ilia Illcs, bad worked ovrrlinii! without comiilntiit. liiul tiouelit ulrlliday for hh wife, wh . IIIRS dirrcimt. lie knows his way around, and baby. eim \ w ' ,113 fui ma M ni-, « uu unu, MM fuel, been Iho perfect moilel of 11 Uless sccrclniyl Susan thought, "I feel n hypocrite- -leltluiT him s«y Hull." 'lint Iho elo\v lyartncd her just tho wimp Hho went about nil day v.llh (ho lift In bcr heart. It seemed « d|. vino dispensation Hint J,:ck WuiliiB had boon tent lo South llcml that Susan hud a Ilitlo inura . In ™vcrl!i K . finrlud | U but, htid ills- Now let's will be a lesson to you go to bed!' That was nil. liming Katd her say Hose was content t« for^l t'no affair and Susan was grateful to her. Sho know (ho story would (ravel no further. She thought she would never di-nn off to sleep but so suneib was her health and jo licr con- sciciire. now Hint her fault was ton- fcsseil. Unit in live minutes slio was lirenthlng deeply mid evenly, safe In llio liuitl of dreams. 'I 1 !!!-: next morning, however, tli: ordeal camo flooding b.ict to licr. Slic begnn to worry. \Vluit if «lr. Heath should find out? What It Hay should talk? SUBUII knew licr oira conduct would hear r. close scrutiny IHH xhc also knew how such matters can bo distorted. She arrived at the ofik-B !u a fever ot apprehension. Everything seemed ouito as usual. Tlieio was Plerson nl iilu high desk wlili Ills Iciicrnrs spread out licforc him. Tl.ero was llio neiit little pile ot mall to be torlcd and, In flvo tniimtes, there was Mr. Henlli, dap- licr awl well proonicd as ever. Su- aau fell like a thief anil a coward as she returnee) ills cheery (rood mornlujr. Quite well slio ineir wlmt would be Ills opiulou of tier part in last night's eutcrtalnraciit. She valued his esteem. "Do you have that Walker corre- tlicso days l>cfore I know myself.' Susan flushed, deeply and rosily This was high nraise, i/ideeil, Urnest Heath. Confusedly nothing nioro of a remotely tier passed between them. . " n '° lo com t loso bevseif for t dc!l1 ot l'l"i "Sain. he or- When It actually did happen II was not nearly fio bad us slio hail! expected. Tho Koiitti JK>m| |H;H|. ' iiesa draped on for days and It was n-t null! the following week 8' ? nud WnriiiK me!. Thorc was u brief Iiitcreliaugo of greet- iiiKs. Tlio mail was 113 cool and compos) ns if Ihoy v :ro complete straiiErrs. Susan, auawcilni; MA "siod mornliit;" as calmly 113 . * ••• i-"" null jl (lll[i> hcsau lo llilnk aim luid _|i 0 ,.,]..,., dreamed Hie eplsoilo of Ihjj kiss. | |,,, s |,: iml > .. ---- f M •|1|L'3kllNI iUlU IfUGJ) purely ihtlurK-iii and u reply «as not CMuvial, Elm sank tack In h« r rhnlr n B ,,l,,. T | w moiioluguo cuu- IlllUCll. "If n Klrl idayni |, er cards i-| s ht ami « as really Mmn 1 think sho Wild Isnd m, r |, 1g . no's „„,,„ BOOil i ..... ley" (Siiunn womliTcd Ir- rcluvmuly other ton of money Iboro miiihi | w) ..,,,,,1 , „,,„,. |ic .j Ilko to eel married ug.iln." made a low Eonnd whtcli t h.ivo ticiMi Interpreted m - asrcuinciil. "Yes hi;'* « iiy Kiiy." Uny pmsneil, domol- iBhliiR ho last erum and on IKJ l-ain-,1 |,(. :u . 3i .. llQ r . rlfd a loin; lime, yon know, nnd Ilia wife i;lv» him thu n llilnk," (hilshcd Kay, "If , ho K | rl was (he ,-1,-iu klml-wbal 1 mcun. had a Hill,, m,, tu her and so forlh Hin-pit-.i' Hho felt Imincubcly relieved. "Well, Hun's tliui." S ] lc toi^ ],,,,.. self. What tin li^d licuii drcadinK fso Jrnd come io pass forn-n i oiiudlcsa. always lib's ibat. -.- her Mayha life was Sho hoped so. S 1 il linen avoldinfi Itay ....... over s ; -:u Iho ni K ht Iho Inner i live In Iteiiinri-ly F,mm Innnli-cil what llays lilru cif a uood huHhiinil might bo. Ituy c-\i'i,un,icd her Ihcory Kindly. "Woll. first of all, I think n man shouldn't expect „ B | r! UV(!r (q) t "r lianili III ,ll«h n-alor." »l,o K ;,|d. I KC-I married I'm KuhiK lo ...„..* a.m IILILU1 , •••«• ... 1, 1HJLL-I JUlll IIIIVO Jill 111 nud Sehuyler Webb bail completed S meals ,: cllt „„. r m ",„,? ,„,„'! llio foiirsMiie. llul she could not <loj« mink coat and n iwr.niuicnl wav this forcvor. Hay's impi-y-liko friendliness knew no rescrvcii and recognized lew rebuffs. There came Iho iiimlabli; d:iy \v|ieii Susan liinclicd willi i;ay asaln. Kay's lunch orders were ahviijs faiuly preiiosteroiis. Her fiivorHo sclcc- liou was a ham and cheese sandwich, a iinivl uf baked trails and a . chocolate makcd milk. R was what la HlIL'O IIIUIIIIlH. Not 0110 Of (sbu louclicd her yellow -•', "HOI (J1IO of tliCM inn na exiu'iislvo onn m place mi Mlclilcaii avoiiuo. Then I want n simrly voiiilnter and u chow or mnyl»—I iloii't knoH-—a cse." Itny's e-v.-ruiisioii was rapt soulful. HIIMII wiiulcd to - «lrl. talking-vol- she }ia<! ordered (o;lny. SuEnu watched tho oilier fasclnr.t»d. Kay was tnlkln ubly, "I 5 -ii,i to Momma, I 'It's fuuiiy but I haven't seen a tiling of Surim since Hie night we bad Iho dtiulilo date?' her sharp. Ijtilc- ivliiln tiiiucd in a sliniilly inuffled voice. '. "I said It's funny, but It kli,da seemed like Susan iliiiu't havo a flic Bond lime Iliat nipht." Hay's luiiiKl. incrcilliily frtnscil eyes searched Susan's. Tlio girl wrlgjlcd uncomfortably. "\Vliat I always say fa," Hay Cloning Slock Prices A. T. and T lOti 3-tj Anaconda Copper .... t) Auburn 43 Caterpillar Tractor o 7-8 Chrysler 9 1.4 CMIas sew [co i Coca Coll Comliienlui nuking Cleneia! Klcclvlc .... General Motors ... Mlddlcwcst Utilities Monlgonipiy Wiinl , Now York Central .. 1'ackurd liaitlo Simmons Standard of N. J. . Ti'xus uo U. S, Steel PACK SEVEK 101 3-4 . <! , Hi 1-B ID 1-4 ... 3-8 . tl . 20 3-4 .. 1 1-2 .. 55-8 . 5 1-il 'M 1-8 11 1-3 34 1-3 New York Cotton NEW YORK.-Apfll H. (UP)Cotlon closed birely ilegiy. Open High Low oioso M »>' «3S 833 817 619 Jl| li' 6W «5J 834 (37 °C' 671 678 8«1 063 Ml 693 6£4 6J-) H»r 71S 718 700 Sliots dowel at tao, olt 10. 70J Slale rornli, M|t),«o Acrf» HAKRI8BURO, Pa. '(Ui>)_T| 10 caiih • of PeiiSsy|»»n|» 116,400 ngnj, of fore«( Orleccfu Cotton. »tW <»!j«AM8, April IS.' (UP). —Colton closed ttewy. • j•. ' Op«n Hlg!i Lsw May 834 6M 620 July WO 653 «M Oct. Dec. Jan, M»r. «12 «8J 671 692 «0 6TI ;io 711 701 Spots closed tt 620. off II Clcsi U22 638 ' ttt •671 .M5b 701 land •1'he MM* CUi. S* Yc*n WEST ASHEVILLE, N. C. (UP)— Mrs. W. B. Logan has laught a,.. w -v»^l) Ul IVIC^V »* 1 * D . - - In !J7 countlei (luring i»j|.i Bible ct»M for 60 ycar$ »nd° e-siia • purchases broiuilif the toUl matej |h*l 200,000 iwrnoni luve it- 10 I.r>i5,5«. The nvcr«|c (ended her clasws. 'Her present' it and Ernest Heath felt it. who's a''^/'^,-^"^ ^keVarhis' ' •jlio man-nought, ?'Dusli it--"- : • th' 1 '* ~ =iice glrl'and-a amnrt i SALESMAN—Permanent representative for old established manu- .'acturer. Selling nationally advertised line to business concerns jnly. Full time not necessary. Merchants Industries, Inc.-, 2001 Home Ave., Dayton, Ohio. I mutton absorbs od'Vs more rcu:ily than most meats and should therefore be protected from them with special care. The dinner insnu In tomorrow',; menu uses mutton to advantage in a combination with vegetables. The menu for the entire day is well bal- WATEHS HOTEL SUNDAY DIN- NEB- -Fried and baked chicken ftji variety of .other foods—50c, Phone. 854 Saturday by 6 p.m. for reservation. I2pil8. WANTED-Position. -this season to repair, sharpen 'and operate gin. Best references. E. M. Allen, 523 W. Ash, Blytheville. llckie KITCHEN BV SISTER MARV NEA Sen-ice Writer Although mutton U very ,»pnlar in England, comparatively lev: American families use it. Iamb 1s steadily gaining in favor, but is usually high in price and no', practicable for everyday family mcalf. Consequently, many home-makers limit their meats to bsef. veal and pork ar.d overlook a chance for a pleasant change. Carefully prepared and ccnk=d. mutton is a truly delicious dish, stronger flavored than lamb but tender and line graincS in lexlura. Since il is' not expensive nnd IE nourishing, it is excellent for lam- fly meals. The fat gives the rathar strong flavor so many people dislike, so careful and thorough trimming is essential. The cuts of mutton are the saiv.e s of lamb. The leg. the s'r.oulder and the breast are all goal for roasting or broiling. The chops are broiled, pan-fried or braised. Th2 neck is excellent for making slows. The "saddle" of mutton is the entire loin cut off before the animal is divideri, and ot coursj is a large piece of meat. This cut is prepared at market uith some of the bones removed and the flank ends rolled and cither sewed or firmly skewered and tied in place. The kidneys arc left clinging: to tho upper side and are roasted with the saddle. How lo Judge Mullen Mutton of good nuality Is fine grained and of bright pink color deepening to red with the fat while hard and IIsky. Mutton ts sure to te good If the m^ide E kln comes oil easily. Be sure to remove any pink skin or the outside sklh b«forc cooking, because both these skins contribute to the strong flavor of mutton. • ' It should also be remembered tha 1 der. atcu! fifty from casserole. Tomorrow's Menu ' BRE,1KPAST: Stewed rhubarb. cereal, cream, srill codllsh ball;. cornmeol muffins, milk, coltce. Ugo attendance of 80, QtAi> -ro Mee-f 31SS-T CAUL MB PAP 1 — SXY IIP OF MlfAe rlAPpEii -To tftAP A MAR-n(A nnd have, nil Iho aiiuh but dared nut ior unspoken thoughts Hay lurncd lo her sharply. from me," nbe sahl oracnlnrly. "Yon . want lo work things the. rlghl wav ' ami you'll K o over WK—what mean, liko u million dnllars. Hut you can't go nut nu iiiirtica anil pull long facu and expert Iho burs to AND HER BUDL»lEi5 No ktddliiKl" stood u,,. Sho felt sho had had enough of all this. It went on .much lontcr Hh c mt K |,t have to be rudo lo lier anil .sho didii I want to do thai. Kay p a |,| her check, dazzled the fountain hoy with a smile, and linked her arm coiiipDiilonably In the other Rlrl's " ke THAT SOUNDS oftsfTo SOME ' KIDS IS bQUMD TSLI< Cress anil potato spaghetti in tomato sauce, n , ions nnd radishes, orange pudding. milk, coffee. MOT '. 1. 6W IU& VOO .lob 1'romises Slump CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)— Only eight per cent of Die member., o'l the class which will graduate from Harvard college in June hnve bo?n promised employment of any sort. Ciccordin^ to Don W. Moj-er. of tlic Harvard placement, bureau. In normal times the proporliDii is much greater HARRISBURG. Pa. (UP)— Penn- value of potato production durin? 1931, according to the Slr.te De- iiciiHnre. The Male . crop was valued at stl.OI1.DOO and aggregated 26.5-i9.OIX) bushels. Read Courier Hews Want Ads. NfTuivm HISFRIENDS oo uers see IF TEACH m,i,\ A TCICKS.... I'tU use /> OF CHOCOLATE VHY, HE'D B6 A SOOD PUPIL.... PE pfALLY l-EARWS IMAGIUS THAT-'1 D1DIJT TJIMVC M6'D DO IT.... tSOOO DOS, SIT OP Ftoiz. CHOCOLATE? J-'O STAhJD Ot-1 WASH TUBliS Foi^•rw£^MM.^Nc. TrttRE \5 NO . o GOAT, economy Is an important feature. Casserole of Mutton anced and nourishing. No out-of- Uoup \s-itli grilled dices?, laast sticks .season foods arc suggested, since pineapple and carrot salad, graham bread, ginger cookies, milk, tea. j DINNEK-; Casserole of mutton. One slice mutton cut 1 inch thick, 1 cup white turnip balls or cubes, 1 cup potato marbles. 1 cup carrot marbles, 1 cup tiny onions, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons flour, 2 cups boiling water or slock, 2 teaspoons salt, 1-2 teaspoon pepper, 1-2 tcaspoon celery sesd. Choose a slice of mutton from th" upper part of the leg. Trim and pan broil until half done or broil six minutes under a flame, first on one side and then on the other. l>nt into a hot, well grea.scd casserop and add vegetables. Stir butter and flour together until perfectly blended. Add with seasoning to stock or water and brini; to the point, stirring to make „.. Pour over meal and vegetables in casserole, cover and cook in a moderate oven until vegetables arc ten- HAS TAV16KI '• TJE Piece OF SLASS OUT Of- POOOJ.6S PAVf AND "we ooa SM7*.-S MIS Jov ' GALLOPIUJ

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