The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1932
Page 6
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>'•.*'ACE. SIX' turns I.EFEIT 1 lilH; ft'S; HELD IDLE Brown and Tiger Hnrlers Get Riqht; Weather Delays Four Games. Rain mid cold weather continued to hold tennis of the t«-o nin- .tov lea»ueE to a slow sliiru ycsier- dny as two game in each lc,i$u? > were postponed. Bad wentlicr did not prevent the Pittsburgh Plrntes . ficm i:versing the order or victory: Ih their-game with the champion' cards cf the National league. i The Pirates singed nn uphill- fwhl (o Ijeut the chainjK m St. Louis. The £cor? was S to 4 with 'the winning run crossing the plate In tli: ninth Inning. Derringer was' the losing and French the wln-j 1111£ pltCllCV. ' The Cincinnati n.^ds scored five 1 inns in the first iimins and then succceiled in keeping the Cubs from geliini; us many though the Reds had goc.«e eggs the rest ot the day. The final score was 5 to .3 with Red Lucas, the well.known' pitcher, utility and variety mini on (lie nio-.iiid for the Reds. Th? Chicago White Sox lost 3 to 0 ns Sam Gray hurled •" five hit- h<il] for the St. Louis liro.wns. nscl' ..Kress homered ulih Gosllnj aboard In the fifth to give Gray . F foaH lead. Gray pitch-.!) to only 31 lullcrs during th? uiiiiie. ' . • The Detroit Tiger's set the "Cleveland Indians down 3 lo 1 ns! . Wyatl held the Indians' to four! hits, ills mates got sev;n off lludlln Including a homer by Gehringer. Babe's Bat Knocks Lid Off Season i BRUSHING UP SPORTS FKIDAV, APRIL 15. lD32 Laufer el* Win Third of Series j With Memphis; Look-' ouls Going Strong. •w. 'v: 11.' ,.,, UL . MJ h ly innn. Mr. GfOrpe Herman limn, was ireacii'-; :i small. ;ICR-!,S ih,- irW-lijj» oulfJdo I'lilJ.-uMi.'lil.rj, Slillje I'.nk when this Cuiirii-i was token. It r.n.s the tall piiched anil the lube's (list ilm . -i bit. ir gtiine of the soiison. i,,:d the liomci' war, Die first oi luo that null: ciiniflliii'ti-d to tin- New Y,,rK I2-IC-0 vlctorf ovrr Du> rli.inii)lr>n AUilrtlcs Tlnix- f irr-i-r-,- xt,,i , f , . • • iii.iiui<ii>ii /iiiuiiK.-!. iji.ii!, _.i(K!C] Mickey Coehraiiii via? croucliln rmpty-nlovrd. Umpire Illldcbiamli >ll;l duly at ilu- plate. one «ay u Penic, ,>• o o ' ' i!ue "Pavlo\va" Cochraiic Doi.'s His Sltil'l' Pifrfs of Iv»ry ..'. Chick Haley wos H nice pl;ce of tvorj'. For six years he was -nrcniinently displayed nt the si Louis Cardinals' main store. But he •was too .high-priced. The dcpr's- . iion came, nnd readjustment. So Haley wa s whisked off the shelf and traded nivny. Two cliea|.'?i : pieces 'of Ivory were installed h< his place. - Brutally, that was the deal thin brought Bonny: Frey and Hnrv.? v Heiidrick—plus-, ."Korar. very handy cash—16 the 'Cardinal*, and viii last year's leading htlter in ih» fluiiness as Usual j 'It" wns . just another busine.«l •.liiiiiKicHon. and il was 11 typical! • Cardinal den), seemingly devoid op ..wiitimo'nl. but actually a lasting l«w to cvsry niece of ivory in the Cardinal chain. .Hafey's salary clemanilb «-er= t'eeuicd unreasonable by H"id Salesman Branch Rickey" Hafcy v-'< insistent. Tlie other St. Louis alhlety cnn see what Intpprns n an unreasonable nnd obdurate ball Phyer. Hold out and you tire Iran.. 1 ed io a tall-end team, and lose! your world series shar.?. Haley led the National Lea^ip. ("Siimcs only won the 1931 world .'orics. Hornsby only won a pennant and a world .'.Ties tn 192o Grover Cleveland Alexander only i helped Hornsby in the crises o'f that world championship battle For their efforts ll:;v were re-<i?d with n nice fat herriir apicc:. r.arrain Mincks -The miracle that was Binleich Grimes in th? world scries nf 1031 was peddled for Hack Wilson and Hock Wilson was bartered for $«.- the dime representing a ball tlaycr named Purhn.-n. obifthrd from Brooklyn. Tlie miracle that was Grover Cleveland Alexander, stepping Inlo the box to acromalisli the* ini- liossib 1 ' . in a world scries, was wranpcd un neativ and sent to the Phils, another • tail-end team, in exchange for twenty cents worth of Ivnrv lagged llom:r . Peel and Bob McGraw. Center Fielder Taylor Doiitlilt. laMn--. his batting eye. was shlp- •;ed to Die Reds, in exchange for Standings o Srnitlirrn Illinnlnglmin : Mcinplils j Atlanta 1 Nashville .Little Kock •Kno.\vlllc •N:-w Orleans i ;)ki\in^ r a hrav> n,^ ; .ii 'nff't-iKwii with :i io [;led. llnrri;oL WLIM ii:e .i.iijii; ! pitcher. : The I.HIli- Rock Travelers after I two Io.^:s KiitTCjded in 1111111113 Ihe tables on the Memphis Chick-: | at littlir tloi'k. The w:ure II • lo 5 vlili both teams hilling Ire- I <|iifiiilv but HIP Pclis tishm th-irs , to ndvnntai.'c. lliiahes lasted dc, ' i spite I•) Chick hits while thi- IV. L, i» C |.{Mpiiil'lil«iis iir«l t!ir?j liitrlers. :i 0 l.COOi The Crackers started late Inn a 0 1.(MOI finished ahead of Ihe Vo!s at At- 2 1 .GGTlliuiln. The Crnx .scored Hire; ''- 1 .BCTl 1 " 115 '" 'he ninth and one in the 1 2 .;W3lieiilh to <-ke out a trhmuih. 4 to 1 2 .Ml)! 3 in n hard louahl BHIIIC. It was 03-' .BOB; . ' on-'y extra iniiijig (,'.•>»•-• of the Aincrii-au ! Wiishinslon I New Yoik ! Chicago ; Clevelanit \ Detroit I St. I.ouis ITCHEl H ! Uoston i Oxen Delirrr ."M.ill ICCKTON. WIs. (UPi-A team " ' • — oxen plodded throueh a 12-mile cently. carryin-f mail io rural set-' for five ri-ivs muii M,» ,,,11, '^-. eieli of mu ( ,dy road^her^re- tl.nem, Th, oxen made llie ^^^^^Z^^^. '«.'"-. ^,^ Nntlonul . L. 1'et. n LOW 0 i.oooI 1 .C07I 1 .C Wlml-s-llifeMlckcy CochraiiL- doing a' spring dance? No i',e Alh-^ 1 lencs' catehfl struck this unusual no?,, whi-n lit- slailcil to 4ie "Mini '' third bare anil then jim,p«t on the tas inili-afl." IJc'd just immiii'rj;! i New York Yankee^ al Stnbc I'.n-l:. Pliiludel|)hia. Thui's Third lias"-. mm. Croreitl of the Yanks recplvin s the bel.-m,! l),™w. The Nrw Yorkers «on. 12 (o 0. i OLYMPIC UfiPB a/ CLAIRE BURrttY RoellRer lasl year. Rojers Hornsby. one of the Greatest ball' nlayers who ever lived, was >(fad«d lo Ihc Giants for Frankie Frisch. V?:ause Frisch was younger, a belter fielder and would phy more games lhaii the high-priced'. Rajah. lion- Many Cjlindtrs? A ball player, ate all, Isn't unlike an automobile. By the way did you know that Sam Brcadon, owner of the Cardinals, also sells auio-nobiles? A ball player is sood for only a specified period. Like Hornsby It may b« an' exceptional model, 'and run for a good many yeais. But In (he end. of course, lhc has to be junked. The ball ribjcr has to be . automobile junk- e un- ed. too, unless lie can h- sold or traded lor a better model. Cop Chalknsrs Nohl n£° rd , D J rtcl , n " r * h| ey. .-.Oftinpic hurdles winner English In 1928, -.-- ••. •'•» WUIIILJI tiiin. UD5- :,csri Simpson, who Is a college man .,; f M a pollcerntri. Owner News Want Ads' University of Coach I.nwson .._ ^ have sent probably as many (rack ! es Yrist' and field athhies to Olympic lame TODAY'S GAMES Sniltllrrn l.l-:i!;iit> Meiunhl.; :-.: LIU1; R:rk. Nashvil]..- al Atlanta. New Orleans at niriuinf-hiim. . St. Lonis a; Cliica^.t. Ck'vcljnd :n IXrnii. Now York nt. Philadelphia. Washington at H.v;o:i. N.Uitinil l.-ium- Pittshuryh ni St. l.oiils. Chlcajo a: Cincinnati. IJoston at Brcoklyn. rhil:u'?![ihic. nt x?« York. ' Sudbwrv Team Enters Socrs,- Lzagnr • I'luy mis ro-nn,. i V,.,, ; the elvinenier • .: •.- ; league, wifh n s: ; ii- • .. ! iwo C:n!ral lean. . «hi!i> ih-.. placo t. -Cubs wns tnkeu bv .. j erulli'J tram ; u fiud'iurv ' Sndburv r-.:'w n]j V -';l m as uny similar Pennsylvania and Wrsl. Stanford jumper, whose win- Hobmson. who nin? leap measured 24 Icel 1 hu-h- year nl Frunklin Fii-M. Boyle bettered ihi- onr ii'.ch TYam Siidbm-y Athletics\ji- Yiinkn-s Sudbury Giants Central Cauls Sudblliy C'ubs Athletics vs Cubs. Oianls vs Indian-, Cards vs. Yiiukrrs I Centr-il defc.iiin.: -a. ! w. i.. PC;.. ii 11 1.001: I 2 .(](,-,. 3 3 r.1-1 :i ^ T,M- 0 0 . coinbinaf.on. ad- Intercollegiaie record by ' - ., , • *"• '"-' i^vm ymn- ictum ov OI iiiice LaMoinc Uoylc as „ can- with a Imp of 33 feet 1 1-8 diriatc for Ihc United stales .-.quad i . - -- " -I-...V. in tlie qualifying trials in n-i- '4 1 ., !I,.™^ lng _.^ M " j; '! u " Thelrmab. Dick Barber of Southern . „. ^ „.„,,, Pennsylvania senior on his good • California let loose n Dentist Practices for Olympic Discus Event leap of rr ; LOS .W.KI.ES. itjl>i_ lhl . nko thc'^ea'nf'Nvm^r^- "" iT, 3 ^ ""^ n " d O "" " Sn '" ' !> " r0 "" 1 " 1 "™™ ^- 'D^ A'l. Bollf ,' C on; N of U> JSe Sam, ^^^•^^^^•^^^ ^ ^ ;^' ^ ile L! C ^ 2:!™' .^^..J«'»l>- '.n'-ycnllesialc channiionslnp '.u m the 1?^,'oivmp^' ^ ^ f tlie discus t,, the 19JS ,'amr .''','•'. • Amsterdam. j s back in tin- ,- iV | "'•«'£ x i ur» B ,r:: :! *-'"• t.->. [;•, crs. He hns leaned thai distance. Berkelev "in Julv no less than six times in his two- " U varsity campaigns al Peunsylvau-' p « n c ia. Assuming tin; Jarmn's Mikio "CCIOr UptHS jeasOP or Cda ivIU uncork anotlicr ,., world record leaps of 20 feet „. better. Boy!; stands an excellent chance of flnuishin; the runnerur.s. Boyle earned himself an envia ble inlerscholastlc reputation " athletics ' - - home. Wharton and, followhi? hl s grad'uation'imrt ['"i^.V the liiternatlonnl • B,IIIIC.> at Lo: tcamn AjigeUe, he will enter Ihe world p.3' In two successive years Boyle vitiJ, was runnenip In the broad Jump Bul , d a of the I. C. <A outdoor chimpion- oa-'-hln ships. At Harvard stadium in ht • was; bpalen by Arno'.d n,..j At Holbert Park Sunday .„ rl 1)r I">»-"T. now n io..ih-rv.-,- amon- ' C '°f te ° rs VVi " opcn I1>L ' t01 '' ll;>5i b<? '' 1> worklm- nut ic-1-'-:'' amon n , ca;on „, thp Mcw , Iolbcr( ly |n Ws rvV,,, ,,!.-;', T o:it of Holland Sunday »„)! tlu-'a lot of upstans stm ,' .-oi'l- home team, the Holbert Red Bos'nuV: his comeback , ,,.-,", opposed to the visitors. ; When one recall-.'that' Ho- 1 ':. 1 A r'u- ritrl.- Inc lic-^.» t^..(Tf „. .. .... ,. . _. tl'M.v-,-, lichle will hurl for Holbert : or n-.c^presrul'^c"; will be en Ihc JJ'.ouii'd 1 llousrr lias passed for Reclor with Pniitt jmork in pructicc ,1,1^' v a - ,.,., ' ' w '<!le he finds his practice' r.'r-' ' ~~ ~ , iotis curtailed. Ins h, g h i-. o .,,' „,: courier Nr« K Want Arts. . wpro.rhiiic ir,o tfn thL. summer I _ - .1 oiu-f IMVC a luslc of llie Now NuCrape. you always co IKM-I, .». ,,,,,,0. It's jilsl thai s»rt«»f a flavor-a/nyslcrioiis sonic. lliing. Lorn ol' j)lini,p Concord grnpcs nnd sunshine. There is nothing anywhm- near liki- it, with ils bouqm-l of ilew-ripenetl grapes, an«l ils .sparliling, ilaiu-ing life—us of champagne. Next lo im|)ossil,lL- lo lci-r,> ll,,- N,-w NiiCrupc on ice al home—the family sneaks in for ' ; j llsf ; ,,,olher f)t>!!lo :; ' ,-veu wla-u a case is purchased al n linw. Km si m -o Niiuire ami Sctouco l»rc«wi il an<l brought il to ils de- JigJufui Mato ,,f aj,,, cl ixi,,g ,,<>rfccltOH—you can drink as nnit-|. as you plfiiso ;is often as yon please. There is no substitute for the AVic XuGrape. .icc<'i>t none, jor it nwiM only inran disoii- tioinlnienl. The genuine is sold ave.ryichere jor ;><J. NnGrapc Bottling Co. •ilrn & Lake UlythcviHc. Ark. MADE WITH VttlCH'S GRAPE JUICE

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