The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1932
Page 5
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JFjUDAY, APIilL 15, .1932_ (ARE.) COURIER NEWS All ot Osceola Gets Spirit of Clean-up Week OSCEOLA., Arlc., April 14. — Members of the city council, Khool children, business men and [ifgro populition have all caught the spirit of clean<up week fostered by club women of Osceol* and clean-up activities are already in evidence, although tli* week, officially designated by Mayor A. S. Rogers, doesn't begin till day. The fronts of business houses on Main Strest are being scrubbed clean and jn some Instances painted, (lie negroes ure cleaning back yards and alleys and getting rubbish r.iidy for the free liauline which will' be provided by the city council all next week, beginnin Tuesday, and each grade in school has a project dealing with th; sub ject, which includes essay writ Ing, grouping of civic models, and in Ihe tipper grades there was a flower exchange yesterday, when pupils brought plants and shrubs for exchange and each pupil ,'^K'dged io plant -something pf beauty at his home and report on Us growth. The clean-up program proceeds national "Belter Homc.s Week/ which will be observed locally under llii supervision of Mrs. L. S Mitchell of the Osccola Woniens Progressive Ciub, The club has taken over as community projects th,? beauliflcation of grounds around the municipa light and power plant and a va cant lot in a prominent business corner, which will be made into a. sinail city park. "As an individual project the will redecorate their own clu; rooms In the Courthouse and wil give first and second prizes fo the best vegetable garden, the bes front and back yards, best boy room, best girls room and th best outdoor living room In th community. Mrs. J. W. Edrington, presiden of the club, is steering the move ment with Mrs. C. M. Harwel .chairman of the front yard con test, Mrs. C. L. Drake chairman o the back yard contest. Mrs. F. P Jacobs, thj outdoor living room '. Mrs. Arthur Brickey, the girl' . bedroom and Mrs. J. B. Bunn th .boy's bedroom, and Mrs. Claud ?errin, the vegetable garden coi: t?st. \ Mrs. W. E. Hunt is In charge < similar contests among. the ni groes and is working through th City Mission, a" local federation the various negro women's churc crgaiitaatibns. ,iMrs. JryfejWil'arae.-'ts. directin \VqrX on Mb. 1 ; 'community projects •• .Tuesday, April 26, has been d si|na'te<l 'as 'visitor's day, and _ quill fair will ba, held in the club rooms in which clubs from all over the country haye been invited to enter hand pieced quits. Prizes will be awarded, non exhibi- BRIDGE play* tie el«ht # (lube, West win* it- with the Jack, By ctwfully provjdtnf afamst bad distribution, the declarer nude his contract of three no trump .md MI« extrt trick, Copyright, 1S32, NBA Service, Inc) WM. E. MeKENNEY American ftiitt Uaiut During prosiwrous times (he suc- ssful business Institution sets up reserve to guard against unfore- n emergencies—or what, might ae termed "bad breaks." Even with great array or high cards—or hat a business man might term prosperity"—-the successful card ay«r Is cartful to protect against ad breaks by conserving valuable itries in the play of the hand. ¥5-3-2 • A-K-10-8.6-2 A5-4 4k MO. 7-5-2 VK-Q-7 KORTH 5 SOUTH 46-4-3 ¥J-10-9 4.A-K-8 VA-8-6-4 *Q-3 +A.Q-3-2 410-7-6 408 courier News Wani AOS Fay, h»s been compl«t*<l By B. A. Stlr- lon, Onlvislty of California Paleontology vertebrate authority. The imlmal roamed llic North Ameilcni) pluins 13,000,000 ycai-s ago, Ushtlng pff betir dots and saber-tooth catt, Stlrlon believes. Oauna) RccoutracUd BERKELEY,' '6*1. ' (Vl'> ••" Reconstruction of a fosslllad skull, believed to have been that of a lhroe.horn»d anlnml, prehistoric The particular imlnml, whose sfcnll null, loi'lU. ]»w showed Hint lour relative of the deer and antelope, h; reconstructed, wandered Into alteclli liatl been knocked out, swamp after food, became mlrcd and died. The skull In exceJ- In the sticky clay mud preserved the lent condition. , Slli ton believes llio iixclmen tic secured had uppnrcntly met n ! bear dog or Borne otlisr fierce unl- folk* CW*T DecttM F»r SANFKMID, Me. CUP)_Uoyd W, Uitchcldcr, recfnlly )W)t*4 police chief IK re, u a weillhy firage- nion. Ills first step iu » wwlcipal ocoiiomy camp»lf» vu V> an- notitice lie would serve ritftout pay. K Iu) wlflted, lie could dr*w a Calory of |2| w<fUy. eotry |rap< MftA ^ ' **• *• ' r»». charged a small art- ond a free luncheon tors will be mission Ice, will be served the guests by the club y,-omcn. Windover Terrace, the country home of Mrs. F. P. Jacobs, with its beautiful garden and outdoor living room will be thrown open to th.= public on this day. Prizes In the various contests will be awarded at the end of "Better Homes" week. The Biddiflf Some players •will open South' hand with an original bid of Iwi no trump, but more «nd more th Xpert declines to make an origins bid of one no trump with a bli riablc suit In his hand, and will no bid t» p o no trump unless all suit arc safely stopped. When playln he one over one the original bii would be one club from South, West.. would pass and North, with his Ix-card diamond suit, and two quick tricks, can bid one diamond vhich is a one over one. This requires parlncr to bid again. East passes, and South now jumps to Ihree no trump, whicli buys the contract. The Play West has the opening lead and ieads his fourth best spade—the five. It usually pays to open the fourth test of your longest, and strongest suit when partner has not bid. West has two suits—spades and clubs—but. the king jack is a bad combination to lead from and with hjs king-jack of clubs and king;queen of hearts it looks as if Weil has plenty of re-entries, therefore he should try to establish his Ion? suit. The declarer plays the nine from dummy, East plays the —^nd -ivaU^a. : rnc^sntHM you rejcji for that- eight spiH? If your business is conducted that carelessly. I am sure that it is not iu a healthy condition today. Befofe playing that eiglil spqt, let's look over the hand. It looks as if the diamond suit should breaic. but what if it doesn't? In order to go game the declarer must estao- Health Director Plans To Paint Mosquito SAN JRANCISCO, Cal, (UP) — Dr. J. C. Geiger, public hestlth director, entered the mosquito business today. He's going lo paint all the mosquitoes he can find to match the color of their probosces—the proboscis, you know, being the business end of the mosquito. There's nothing like having a tastefull) decorated mosquito, Dr. Geiger bs lievcs. But there's a scientific purpos- undernEath Dr. Getger's idea. He plans, by giving all the mosquitoc he can catch distinctive colors, \U learn In time just where the: make their homes—so their breed ing plac.r> may be destroyed. Girl Runner's Bike Stolen CLEVELAND (UP) — S Walsh, famous girl runner, is hop ing the thief who stole her ret and white bicycU. -returns it be fore the. piyit^ic games. Stella had been .using it to harden u her leg muscles in preparation fo tt-?,'events. The bicycle was stole from Her garage. ; lish his diamonds. If the declarer ere to play Ihc eight of spades nd the diamond suit did not break, would be impossible for him to el into the dummy, therefore he cts up a valuable reserve by oyer- kini; his good nine fn dummy ith the ace of spades in his own and. The qiicen of diamonds and l-hen small diamond are played. West lows out, discarding a club. De- larer wins the last trick in dum- with the ace and then returns he king of diamonds, discarding a mall club from his own hand. Vest drops the deuce of spades. A tmall diamond is then played rom dummy. East winning with ti;c ack, declarer discarding a heart, nd West has to play another side. Is West lias signaled with a club, iast nou~ returns tlie ten of clubs. Declarer finesses the queen which West wins with the king and ll;en plays his king of hearts abandon- Ing the spade suit. Declarer wins the trick with the ace o! hearts. There are two good diamonds in dummy. You can nou- sec what a Ifaluable card the eight of spades is to the declarer. He now leads this card and wins in dummy with the queen. By being careful to con- ierve this entry, he' is able to make his two good diamonds in dummy, upon which he discards two hearts. West discards a spade and a heart. A small club is returned from dummy, declarer winning with the ace, and then leading his king of spades. West discards the qu«en of hearts and when the declarer Fifteen hundred tons of push or pull can be exerted by a testing machine at the University of Illinois. ..V Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone M Kansas City Robert E. Lee HOTEL A Room With Bath *|50 A Ft* * $2.00 tnJ$2M All Koomt Vifit Ceiling Ftra BEST POPULAR PRICED COfHE SHOP IN KANSAS OTX G A R A 6 6 HERE ur TEXACO ^//?£ GASOLINE Developed for Fire Engines / Yours at no extra price The U.$. Government specifies for its emergency use "• • • a grade of motor fuel which is suitable for ambulances, fire-engines, emergency vehicles,—" (Excerpt from I'ederil ptmpblct VV-M-571, July 21. 1931) The Texas Company produced it for your every-day use — a vastly superior motor fuel with every quality which makes'for finer carburetion and instant power. Authorities said that the gasoline specified by the Government could not be produced for general consumption at any reasonable price until — An advanced process, developed and perfected by The Texas Company, made possible the production of this "ideal" gasoline on a commercial scale and made it practical to offer -it to you at no extra price. That gasoline is the new Texaco Fire-Chief. It surpasses the highest U. S. Government specifications for "emergency" fuel. It is an anti-kopek gasoline with an octane rating that is outstandingr-»it's alive with snap, da»h, action—brimming over with eager power. Confirm this good news for yourself —today! One tankful of this spnw- tional new gasoline will demonstrate power that is power. At 60,000 dealers in all our 48 States. -T1JE TEXAS COMPANY • Tezoco fclnliam Froda<t\ Copyright isjj.Thf Tun Cowpinjr. t ON SALE TODAY! F. B. JOYNER, Agent PHONE 558 Main Service Station W. J. WUNDERLICH PHONE IV

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