Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont on September 17, 1890 · 1
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Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont · 1

Rutland, Vermont
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1890
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viS I. 7 ' ''A t. v - - - " 11 i A "? 1 - it a . - - --- . .. . . , .1 VOL 29-NO. 221. AMERICAN TRADE; Sserstiry BUlnVt Effort For i r Id s , LAisniiun.: ii Uiother Letter Defining S Beelprocit TUb, f. I -.'V,r::- : How He Would Find Markets tp Goods In South America. I BoTOX, Matt., Sept, IS. Tbe following j letter from Secretary Blaine U furnished P LlrHamo.Mjl,1 ' Sept. 16, IbuO. J W. W. CtAPF, XtMTOB , SoTOt I Jockxax. Bonos. MAjkcacXTT:i f I , My Dear Or I am la receipt f jour favur tanking ma If I caa atund Lb annual banquet fof the Boot and Shoe Club of Boston early (fa October. Ton add that tb member ar"ia Chearty sympathy with my viewj regarding ,tbe beat method of extending American trad, nd would b , glad . tajuvy, ajsyblrta ftbem." . -!.'? I I regret that my engagement will not per. "mil me to accept the lnvttarioo, bat yon win thank the club- for tlie eomphV they pay me. I am glad to . heay gtbat the members of the ictab-iax; "interested in a system of reciprocal trade wftj latin- America. They can do great good by aroanteractiog a certain phase of Sew log. Hand opinion, entertained at home as well at it Washington. An opinion which I must nnnl in the hi best degTe unwise sad turn aful to New England interests. ew England is to receive in the new tariff the amplest pro lection for CTery manufacturing industry within her borders, both great and nsall, aoa "p. will, in my judgment, be- both inexpedient nd injuriou tor ber representatlres to di. Tecard a measure watch will preaots) JWestern interests. - , , J ! I hare lately received a letter from Mr J. F. Imba of St. Louis, a leading represent -Utire of the floor totemta and president of - 5 he late eonsenuoa) of muiers at Minoeatoils4 pekin for the grain and floor interests of Ht MfiM Mr ImU u. tK.t X jrkws of recent date front' Cabs, stats that kiuties now collected at American Hour are at a higher rate than was trst , supposed to be the case," and he adds: "I respectfully tubi jolt that the American miller will be unable to retain any pert of the Cuban floor trad iualesss immediate relief is secured." i i In view of these facta, is H possible that a' protectionist Concreea eaa even think ot opening our market to Cuba products free, iwhlie allowing a great Western iateresa ts be. fabsototeiy exckMied treea her market by si rohibitory tariff? - - - ? i f With reciprocity the West ea annually: aell many hundred thousand barrel of flour the market ( Cuba and Porto Kioo. to-vetber with a targe mass ei ether agrieukoraj. j products. Without tedprorUy aba wifl be tdrrven more and aaere frum those markets. GiTiae; the faiatat proiactioa to all Eastern interests, sa lbs- pcopo-sd tariff bid does, "ssirely no man of good (lodgment, certainly-. tM protect kc 1st of wise ToTast. 'wWbcs to expose a Western interest' serious inmry, especially when t It. manifestly easy to protect and promote fit manifest' easy, because at this Terr time. the boards t trade. the chambers of com-rmerce and the public opinion in Havana are' demanding reciprocal trade with the United I I select Cuba and Porto Bleo for examples,1 ibecause In certaio quarters ft has been said bt. while we might seenre reciprocity with saat Utile countries in Sooth America, we aeouklalo mot bin with fh Soaaiab bUnda. lt o at least give the Spanish islands an op-' ftortunitT MspeaK lor uemseiTes. Certain wise men ash: Bow eaa.weseD arm prodocte in Sooth America when the name things are produced there? . Cereals are undoubtedly grown in the louthernmost part of South America; but the wb men will remember that cereals and augw do not grow in the same soil and that toe sugar countries of South and Central Americaand the West India Islands contain AMajOuO of people who Import the iarcest bart of their breadatafls. Indeed the Unrest tit of the sugar product of all I At in- America, t our doors, and we can c really enlaree br exchanges there if Co-greis will giT us' 4 rh MimrtHnflv fiip Mlnrw mI trsjie- ' Another class observe thst they want time to study the eyatem. To this I mbr reply that the bet method ! ot atudrisaT a system is to observe its practical workings. While studTing hi the abstract mod pefosing to take some object iestoasj $ - i Have you ever called THE LEADi; i i ll Company ? If not, we want you to come now; you fwill be benefited by doing' tt; so will we; so will I - : sothers with whom you come in contact. Wrong im- I i r : fpressions will be sot right 1 i I place of wrong ones ydu? may have entertained. iWe want you to see what 3 f Iwhat sort of goods we sell; f i fask. We want you to verify all our statements. We know you will be convinced that our full line of I - : ! t clothing is as fine, as artistic and as reliable as it I ; lis possible to make it, and that our prices are a I little lower than this class 5 Isold. i i 5 I i WILL YOU COMB? ROCHESTER CLOTHING CflMPII, r - ' " s ' - ONBftBRICK CLEMENT BUILDER ETJTUJNI), VT. n j t a. - - jr I fi -- v- .- tieaei eentlemen propose to ooea oer market to Latin- American nreducta free of all charge. wltbowt askiag Latio-Aiarira to rise a in tarn seme freedom la their markets. The object leasee) Immediately before as is tb treatment at tb so car e.aestisa. , Shall we make Lsrin-Aneru-a a gift f that trade Wbea we have studied that lesson we shall be prepared for the eecond. . The want proposition of all la pot forward by those who say: "Let m put sugar on the free 'list bow and next ; year we. will take ap the subject of reciprocity? If I aadersUad tbear logic, it is to make sugar free this year without eooditioa and aextTSsr to ask: Spain If sbe will not kindly consent to grant a re-dptwenl trade. Botdlag the eomplet van. tag ground ourserees. tb proposed policy transfers the vantage ground to Spain. Instead of granting a laor to Spain today, we are to ask ber for a favor tomorrvw. Those arha) take this ground belong to thai class of careful aaardiaaa of property who prepare a very strong sack for th stable after the horse I rone. . :- Jl do not mean, la anything r ' have said, to haply thst reciprocity Is only a Western loterest. A I remarked in a not to Senator Frye, It will pros beneficial and profitable both to the farm and the ebop. What, for Instance, could be more natural or more Just than that, la rrriac a free market la tb t atted States t hide from the Argentine Bepabtte. we should ask the Argentine KrpubHc to gtv a better niarkclvthaajv now have fay th pre-daet of leather from the United Stales? The many norma la which, our- bulla sas hUarests wta ba praeaetM by reeinrocity eaano4 be knawa anfil th netln umimi riisimea of th 1 lotted -States shall fcave developed those forms by Investigation and -experteae. We shall, not realiaa the .full beoelt of ' the - cwHey la a day or - a year. Bat sball w therefore throw away counties minion of trade, m addition to tbt MvOOOjOOO we hart already throw a away, and then Ignorsntly declars wit bout trial Ust MTbesTstem woan workr Ff nally. there is one f set that should bsse great weight, especially with protection its. Erfry free trader in the Senate voted against the redprodly provision. The free trade Spera thronshout th country areebowing termlaed hostility to U. It b evident thst the free trade baustors and the free trade papers have a soeciae rea for their eowraa. They know aad feel thst with a system of reciprocity estab-Ikbed and grewmg, tbetr policy of free tmd receives a moaterkuibv"r T be protect ion ist who opposes reciprocity in the form la wbkh it ts now presented knocks asmy one of the strongest supports ot his system. - Tbe enactment of reciprocity is the safrgnaH of protection. Tbe defeat of reciprocity Is tbe opportunity of free trad. i ; Your very respectfullv. . James. Blaixk. j.'SHOT THROUGH THE HEAD. Sale of a Wealthy HMtoataa Caasosl by c ' Aaaasty mm 4 Ovarwartu .BokTOk, Sept. M Dr. E. M. rerrU. a wealthy resident of BrookHn. aomaaiued sakride at his Botoa office, 44 Summer street, this morning, by shooting through ch head wUh a revolver. Sr. Ferris was proprietor of the building tawhtehht eommlUeVl tbe 4eed aad had a desk In a rseol of tbe; onacem oa the second floor, where he managed hi extensive real estate basilars. Thi moraine ho came to the ot os la a back," aooompanisd by his wife and ehildreo, wh n instsi loathe street while he raa apstatrs to tbe eenea. lie had hardly seated himself ia hi chair, when the employ at the further ead of tb room heard th report ot a pistol, saw Mr. Ferris rail back la bis chair, and rsa for assistance. A pbysidaa waw called, bat the victim died Mag before bis arrival. Mr. frris was J years old and was reputed to be aa extremely wealthy man. II was wall known ta social circles, where be was extremely popular. The cause of the deed was laid purely to anxiety sad "m-w"-k ,- THE NEW TARIFF. Xw Yaefc ChasabW Against Its I zNrw Yobk, Sept. 16. A meeting of the Chamber of Commerce was held today to pfotest against tbe Immediate enforcement of the new tariff law. Be solutions were adopted setting forth that tbe time allowed by tbe Me-Klaley bill for the removing sf goods now ta bond Is too short, that the money necessary for sack removal would add to the present trtniency, and asking that time for re movies the goods be extended to Feb, 1. 11!. bn the Rochester Clothing ; new ideas will take the sort of a store we have; ; what sort of prices we ? of goods are generally QUESTION. PUBLIC LANDS. Bitl to Repetl th Timber Culture " Law. " ' 3tr. Kenned jg Favmona Attach on - Senator Quay. -K a i ,-v. f Tbe Resolution -of ' DUapprrrJ Before the Ilooae. t . .. ' . Tit, . -v ... i Washdsgtos, Sept. 18. Tb Senate met at 11 a. m,, with Ttae-PreaideBt Morton la tb chair. '. ' ,' . Mr. Biseock mtrodoced a biU aulborlzins; the construction of a taanel under the waters of tb bay of yew York, betweea . Hiddic-town. States Islaad, and Kew Utrecht, Long Islaad. Keferred to th Committe oa Con- Tb frit bill on the calendar was tb Senate bin authorizing the Librarian of Congress to purchase, at not exceeding 130,000, Town-sends library of nation I. state and Individual jinib eenmi slug the wilghit nogKar aad easeq,oaeea of the hit civil war. After , a mag discaseion, , tha. fell ; waa peasad." .. . ..- - ia , , beverai other bill on the calendar were ' also discussed and ' passed, after which the conference report on the railroad land forfeiture bill was rssomed, aad after a brief d Urnion the conference .vport waa agreed to. The House snti-lottery bill was psasad without discus ton. Tbe Stoat proceeded to tbe consideration of the House bill to repeal timber culture laws. Mr. Plumb, who reported the bill back from tbe Committee oa Public lands, moved an amendment in th nature of a substitute. Mr.-Mandrrson moved aa amendment to section nine of tb substitute, providing that no more than 60 (Instead of 100) acres shall be embraced In one town site entry. Agreed to. Mr. Plumb also moved to add to th aob-stitut a new section restricting reservoir sites to so much land only as Is actually necessary for the construction aad uaiatea-a nee of reservoirs. Agreed to. Mr Teller also offered an amendment ( wtolcb .was sgreed to) tivlng -the right of way through tbe . pubtte binds to canal or ditch companies formed for the purpose of irriigation. Mr. banders offered an amendment to section of tbe substitute, providing that In tbe Kokl and silver mining regions of Nevada and in those states and territories In whkh there are public lands containing timber, and wtere there la no United States law authoriziag tbe sale af such timber, lands, residents of sush states or territories. If prosecuted for eulUox-4 timber, msy plead taat tt was cut lor agrveui-tnral or mining purposes. i Tbe smendmcnt was agreed to with some mediacaUooa. Mr. Maadersoa moved to add a .new section setting apart th Aaette Islands, In Alexander Archipelago, la southwestern Alaska,' as a reservation for th us of the Met la tab Ua Indians, and to sucfe other Aiakaa natives as sasy join tbem. Agreed to. v . The substitute was then agreed to and tbe bill passed. A conference waa asked an the dtaagreelng' votes, and Messrs. Plumb, Petti-arew aad Walthall were appointed oonfbrrees on the part of tbe Senate. Tbe Senate then, oa Motion of Mr. Edmanda. took ap from the calendar the Senate bill to establish a L b lied State hmd court, aad to provide for the settlement of private land claims In certain state and territories. The bill having been read, was laid aside until tomorrow, and tbe Senate, st 4 :4&, adjourned until tomorrow aj 1 a. n. IN THE HOUSE. The Keaassly-0ar MaSas Oeeaytoa Most sf tss TlSM gssasraar. Washtngtox, Sept. 18. On motion of Mr. Bockwell of Mssaaabusrtta, tbe senate bill waa passed constituting Springfield, Mass., a port of delivery. The House tbp proceeded to tbe consider-e ration of tbe Enlue resolution relative to tbe Kennedy speech. The resolution is as follows. Resolved. Thst tbe clerk of tbe House be and be is hereby directed to communicate o tbe Senate tbe fact that tbe House reprobates and condemns tbe unparliamentary language of Hob. liooert P. Kennedy, a Representative from tbe state of Ohio, published la the Congressional Record of Sept. 11. 10. purporting to be a speech delivered on tbe floor of tbe House Sept. 3, 1-UO, in which revised and amended speech be repeats bis Irapescb-meot of tbe honesty of Senators Individually and of the Senate as a body. The pending question was on the point of order against tbe resolution raised by Mr. tirosvenor of Ohio. Tbe chair having overruled tbe point of order, Mr. Bayne of Pennsylvania offered a resolution referrioir tbe Koloe revolution, together wltbt Mr. Kennedy's speech to tbe. Committee on Judiciary, with Instructions to that committee to examine tbe speech and rule and practice regulating debate, and report it finding to tbe House within three days. A long debste followed, after wblt-h Mr. Kaloe demanded tbe previou. question on bis resolution, which wa modified to be an expression on tbe part of tile House that It "disapproves and eeodemns" Mr. Kennedy's speech, and direction to tbe puolic printer to expunge it from tbe permanent Congressional Uncord. Tbe House refused . yess 83, nays 1U, to order tbe previous quentlon. Mr. Bayne again offered his resolution re-ferrinr tb wnule matter to the judiciary committee. Tbe clause requiring tbe committee to report within three (lava was striken out on a point of order raised' by Mr. Knloe. Tbe previous question on Mr. Bayne resolution was ordered yeaa 123, nays 64. Tbe new resolution was adopted yeaa 124. nays M, and accordingly tbe matter was referred to tbe Committee on tbe Judiciary. Mr. Boutelie of Maine, from tbe Committee en Naval Affairs, reported a resolution calling on the Secretary of tbe Navy for Information as to whether tbe Bsthlebem Iron Co. is usiog for manufacturing steel gun forg-Ings for tbe United States Nsvy ores imported from Cuba orny other foreign country ; also whether ores suitable for such manufactures cannot be procured In the L' tilted Statee. Adopted. Tbe Speaker announced the appointment of tbe following-named eonferreea on tbe tariff bilk Messrs. McKinley. Burrows, IHngley, Mills. McMiilen and Klowrr. Tbe House then at 5 : 15 adjounuM. ProviatoaaJ President Elected. WA8HIJSUTOX. Sept. 16. Tbe Department of State has received a telegram from Minister Mizner. at Guatemala, saying that tbe old National Assemblv of Salvador has unanimously elected Carlos llaeta provisional President of tb re public until the 1st of next March. AFTER a waxkino delegate. New Yoke. Sept. 18. The Brick Manufacturers Association, at a meeting here yesterday, decided to try to secure the Indictment fof conspiracy of tbe walking delegate responsible for placing the original boycott on tbe bricks of the four Verplanck Point manufacturers. A committee of three was appointed to push th matter. Th association also decided to keep up the fight on tbe lines laid down f it lasts all winter and next sf ring. ARKArttAC ELECTION FIOURE. Littuc Bock. Sept. ' 14. Tb official majority for Eagle, Democratic candidate for governor, is 21jOS6 over Fixer, Cbtoa Labor and Republican candidate. Tbe total vote la th state wss 1 1,44, of which Eagi received 1W ,367 and KUer 85JS1.- Average Democratic majority aa balance of state ticket la about , HACK DRIVE DROWNED. ' Norwich, Coan Sept. liv Th, body of James Shea, a man of about 90 year of age, waa found ia the Thames river tarty , this morning. He is a well-known hack driver, aingle, and taat seen oa tb trailing of September 13. ..-... . . RUTLAND; VT.. WEDNESDAY "MOIINING, SELPTE3IBEU 171890. ,. yi PLACED UNDER ARREST. Crtsataal - LevoUraJli ' Borrow, gspt. 1 Walter Potter and WaJ-hte D. Lovsll, tb young bankVra whoa failure three week ago startled th flaaaeiai world, not ouly In Boston, but la all th big axaey centre of tbe country at well, were piaoe4 nader arrest ytsteruay and were arraigned oa three criminal counts. Tbe first alleges tbe embsaztemeot of money aad property to the amount of $290,000. ' Th second charges the larceny of 170,000 la rash. Tb third ebarga It - tb fraudulent disposal of 70100 held at collateral security. All I alleged to have been the propertv of Charles Bichardsoa at Philadelphia, and be Is the complainant agalnat the bankers. The announcement of lb failure was a big surprise, bat their arrest caused vo mora: of a sea-sat ion. Ever sine tbe crash that carried down so many big house these men bar bees called Boatoo'e b'spoleoo's of finance." . Their meteoric career has been tbe talk of the town. At tbe first announcement of trouble tbe arm's liabilities were placed at lm0.000, but atone tbea the figares have continually been on tbe rise, and now It I believed that ITiHu,WJU will hardly cover tb aum lovdvVedby tbel tioa of th policy thst led tb young bankers to ruin, aad many bav bee a outspoken ta their charget of crookedness, bat until within a few day there hat been nothing which would justify action oa thee charge. Many lawyers wbo had looked Into tbe ease declared thst there wa nothing srimlnsl la tbe firm's transactions, nothing upon which to base leral action. Tbea mora facts wers developed by the Investigatloa, aad civil actios wti begun to recover teearttiet which were thought t bare bee Improperly transferred, but there was ao thought of criminal actioa until baturdsv. when those wbo wers push-iag tb investis-athMi decided to k for warrants for tbe arrest of tbe two partners. Tb warrants wer issued on 8aturday.bat as Mr. Potter waa in New York th papers were not served until yesterday at nooa, when both men were together ia their office. Both looked up from their desks la surprise when Inspectors Hoaxbtoo, Watts, Collins, lhtgaa rather nncrretnonloaaly announced tbeir presence. Tbe papers were shown ta each. " Whew.! wa tbe first remark' of tb senior partner and that expressed the surprise thst wss given vent to more coherently a minute afterward. Tbe ass under arrest requested tbsl tbv have a conference with their counsel before going to hesd(urtrs, and that vii seceded to. Word was said to the office of Ilvde, Dickinson A Howe-, and Mr. Elmer P Howe, tbe junior member of the firm, talked over tbe matter whb the men under arrasVawarly halt aa hour. None of them at the time knew the exact nature of Mr. Ktcb-aribon's charget, although la a general way they understood wbat It was about. - wbea tb conference between counsel snd Jirindpals were ended carriages were taken or polios beadqaarters, where Mr. Mehrln O. Adam, Mr. BichaTdsoo's lawyer, wsa wait-tog. Tb counsel tbea had a long eonau la-tioa. Bondsmen wsis sent for. tad Mr. Whines. Mr. Potter fstber-ro-law, responded, with several other gentlemen. Tbe lawyers talked a uUie more.'and then tbe procea-sson started fwe. the eon it bouse, where tbe prisoners vrer qnb-tly amhrped. Each pleaded not guilty, and each furnished fO,-Otto bail for appearaaot oa Sept. Vt, wbea t more ertealed beartng will be xiven. Mr. Cnarlra Rtcbardsea of Pblladelpbia, at whose request tbe warranta for tbe arret of Messrs. Potter aad Lovsll were tssord, la tbe senior partner of tbe firm of Charles Jtichard-snst A Co. lis hss toagdoae business with the Potter. Loveli Co., and has foaled a great neat of paper with it, About four veers sgo, Mn RJebardsoo save, Messrs. Potter A LoveU Informed bias that tbey were having considerable diflicalty ia piariuc bis paper, and, aa tbe Rk-barosoas wee besrv borrow, era, it would b dealrable for th Potter-Love!) Co. to hold a eoilateral some secartties to protect Mr.. .BJcbardsoa's drafts, a well ae tbe former's Interests, In case the BarbardsoBS should at any time draw la ad-vaace sf their papers aecutiatiou. Toti wtf readily agreed to by tbe Kicbardsons, wbo forwarded to tb Potter-Lovell Co. t'.O-000 6 per cent. booU of ti e Edae Hill Fur-race Co. Mr Klcbsrdson ssys that since that time be has n -t In a .intrla tostanre draw In advamw of his negotiated paper, on which account tbe Iotter-LoveII Co. ba hal no expense nor lexai opportanlty to make any us or conveyance of tbe bmds. Wben the eompeays tronble first came out Mr. Kk-hardMn was in Iio.toa.aed. ealline; upon 'Messrs. PoUer JaLoveil, requested that they return to him the bonds, which, oa aocoaat of tbeir financial downfall, could be of no further o to tbem. They stated tbeir inability to procure the bonds that dsv, awing to tbe clows of banking boors, but saU that at a later specified time tbe bonds should be turned over. Mr. Birbardsoo ssys that not only did be fall to recover tbe bouda, but be teamed that they bad beea conveyed by tbe Potter-Lovell corporation to Potter, Loveli A Co. copartnership, and, to meet tbe demands for collateral, bad beea deposited to tbetr account wkh Cli.tE. VTsltsoe of Itocbester, N. H. It is upon thi transaction that the warrants nave beea issued aad served. Neither Potter nor Leveil nor their counsel will suaks any statemento ta ta their posllioa with regard to tbe disputed bonds, it Is said thst other bills in eqnitv. tnvolvina: large sums, will be brought by ether houses, whose names have not yet beea naeationed, and it Is also hinted that other criminal charges will be brought against the accused men. s Another Beitsa railarsv rhwTox, Sept. Tbe J. H. Salter Co , jobbers in silk st S3 Bedford street, baa made aa assignment to Oscar A. Mardeo of Boston and William W. Coolidre ot Sateen. Tbe company makes no statement as to its liabilities, which are estimated at Tbe failure is caused by complications arising from the failure of Seavey, Foster A Bow-maa and PoUer, Loveli A Co. GOVERNOR LOST OM A PRAIRIE. Pir.KKK. S. D., Sept. 1ft. Gov. Mellette and three friends started out of tbe reservation Monday, Sept- 8, for a few days' bant, intending to return Wednesday evening. The party did not return, and by Saturday evening considerable anxiety was fek for their welfare. Sunday evening tbe four men arrived at Fort Pierre ia a half-starved condition, having been without food since lYldsv. Tbey lost tbeir way on the prairie and would have perished had not a ovwboy found aad brougbt them to the fort. AN INVENTOR'S tUIOIDE. Elizabeth, Sept. 18. Christopher Stan-icy, an obi inventor, killed himself here y ester-lay with Psris green, because it la alleeed, be was unable to discover perpetual motion. He bad experimented for yean and spent hundreds of dollars. He wn 74 yetn old, a veteran of the Franco-German war, and was a fine mechanic but an eccentric character. He ate half a can ot tbe pobtoo. told his landlady be wae tired of life and hi struggle for fame, and, giving ber tli to pay bis funeral expenses, lay down In bis bed and died. DRAWN OLOVK FtOHT. Buffalo, Sept. 10, Tbe glove fight between Tommy Warren of Cleveland, Ohio, and John Tan Heest of Ashland for $500 a able came off early thai morning la the vicinity of the state line just over oa tb New York tide. It resulted In a draw after 11 round had beea fought, though tb light waa fairly woa by Van UeesL Charget wer mad that tbe affair Wat "fixed" for Warren to lose In order that money could be placed against him by his friends. RAILROAD'S IHOWma Cbicaoo, Sept. 1LTbe SOtb aaaaal report of the Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Paul railroad, for tbe year ending Jane SO, shows groat earning?, i8.4O3,70i, aa . increase of (083,140 over tbe previous year; operating expenses, 117473,007. an Increase of 9624-713; net earning. $9,233410, an Increas ot $a3A3a. ANTI-CHINESE LIAOUC " Abxrdexx, Wash, Sept, 16. At a mast meeting of ettUeaa yesterday, presided over by th mayor, ta anti-Chines league waa formed. A committe of 4$ was appointed to notify all Chinese to leave towa before Sept. xl. A number ot Chines hav already felt. - MMachuMtti Republican .Will Mtet Today. i Proantse of an rnasnallj Large Nomlier of Delegates. Lirelr . Ceateat , for the Several Placet n the 8tate Ticket. Borrow, Sept. !. Judging 'from tbe crowds sbout the Tremont liouss corridors tonight, th attendance at tomorrow's Re pub lics ttato convention promise To be very large. The stirs absence at all meaiioa of candidate for Governor aad Lieu tenan t-Go v-eraor was ttngalarty aotteeabl. at those offices arc uoteowtested thU year, Gov. Brack ett and LieuL-Gos-. Hall havtag a char field for re nomination. For th offios of Secretary of State th fight Is hot betweea Col. William M. OHu and Wllhu-d Uowland, while Frank M. WhllmsaVbst the support of Lawrence aad Haverhill delegates for that position. dm aad Uowland both feel tar of getting th Boariaatioa. aad it is conceded aa til tide that neither will by any means havs a walkover, but aa tb other haad that the winners will b oomtaated by a very slight soars la. . , Olios' friends ln-4t apoa Bomlnating tneecbet being made ia tbe convention, aad x-Gov.dohaD.Laof will be their tpokes- maa, lb nomination to be tecaaOd by Kcv. E. A. Horton. 8. W. McCall will probacy preseat Howlsod's aame to tbe eooventiosL I low buxTs f rteaos say that sfter tbe first ballot. If a ssoassl ts ssis i i Whitman's unnnrt. en will com to tb tid of tbeir candidate, aad tbey claim to be abb) to secure enough notes to insure Itowtand't election. It ia t very eioae contest and ao one caa prophesy tbe Hon. A. E. Flllebury'a candidacv for tbe Attoracy-Ocstrslihla waa boosainr' tonic bt aad bia headqaarters were threnced with bla friends. His eanvaak was certainly being carried on In t rigorous manner, but in spit of external appearances, Icdiestlng bis turn nomination, tbe inesxis of Attorney ueneral Wateraaaa were werklaf quiet ty, and that gentle usa declared that unless be wae belag misled by false report, bis chances of re Boratnation were very encouraging lnieed. Maj. J. Henry Gould also received hit irteocit si the hotel atx! was assured that tbe outlook fcr his aominatioa fur the Auditor-shin waa vary flstvtiog. Hon. Charles R. Lsld, the preseat ieoumbeat. evidently considers his rsaom I nation assured, a be had no headquarter in the house, sit bough bit supporters were thick about tbe corridors. Ho. Geerr B. Lorinc will make tbe speech ao sains ins; Major Gould- for Aaditur ; A. J. Jennings of fall Biver will present Piliabury't nam tor Anornry-Gsaeral, while AUoraey-General Waterman't name will be presented to tbe convention by W. S. Slocom of Newton, W. Tl. Brooks tf Holyok seconding tb womlnaHoa. It had not beea oerMed at a hss boar wbo sboald present th aosa-taatioa of Gov. Brackets, LseuU-Gov. Hall or Auditor Lad J. Hon. Fradericfc T. tireeabalga at Lswttl will be permanent chairman of the convention, but the perms osst orranlzatioa win not be snnouneed until tomorrow. Tbe reaotatioae havw beea prepared, but tbe w fuRUMw also wtthbeM from tbe pub-He h la asoerstsod that tbey eadors th tariff aad other iegiaiatioa of the preseat Congress, favor tbe extension of our trade wkh Cntral tad South America, approve Speaker Bead's course la the Hons of Kepresenta-Uvea, aad the Ledge bill. NUTMEG DEMOCRATS. Habtfukd, Coon., Sept. 16. Tb following to the pisiform adopted by tb Demo-era tic state convention. The other planks were reserved for debste: Tbe Iwtuoeratlc party of .Connecticut reaffirms its adherence to tbe platform adopted by th national Democratic convention of 1, and condemns tbe Republican party for Its attitude upon tbe great questions affecting the welfare of tbe people as a revival of th most odious doctrines of thst federalism which has ever sought to establish ta this country an aristocracy of wealth and despotism of legtolatioB. W declare for such a re vis loo of tb tariff aa shall admit crude materials ot manufacture free and lighten tb burdens upon the necessaries of life. We charge toe decline of over one-half In farm values in Connecticut to the prevailing Republican tariff poilcy. We denounce th Mc Kin ley blU, which will Increas tbe cost of living and reduce tbe cost of luxuries. W e accept James G. Blaine's interpretation of it as "Infamous." W denounce tbe un-American and tyrannical policy of Speaker Reed and the mslortty of tbe Iloosoof Representatives, which deprives tbe House of its deliberative character, arrogantly dWregarrMng tbe rights of tb minority and establishing a scheme of eeotri-fural and consolidated power. We favor a liberal pension policy toward all soldiers and Bailors who were disabled to tbe service and to their widows and dependent children, at tbe ssme time Insisting that tbe Treasury sball not lie depleted for tbe bem fit of bounty jumper, deserters, skulkers and Imposters. W e denounce tb federal election or force bill as a measure begotten in partissa des-perstioo to perpetuate tbe power of tbe Republican party. We also reiterate our devotion to tbe principles of tbe state Democracy at set forth In tbe state platform of 13. We declare for an amendment to tbe state constitution, pro Iding for tbe election otaU state officers by a plurality vote. All unnecessary Interference with persona liberty by means of sumptuary enactments we oppose, aa contrary to tbe spirit of our free institutions , and we demand that County Commissioner be elected by tbe people tod tbe present method of appointment be re- We regard tbe secret ballot law enacted by tbe last General Assembly as a step In tbe right direction, and we favor such amendments thereto as will render tbe compulsory secrecy absolute for tbe suppression of bribery and Intimidations and w ill prevent such attempted evasions of the same as were practised by high sutboritv at tbe but election In tbe city ot Hartford. We favor irgisJatioa to protect tbe people from adulterated food products, and we demand that such laws sball be execaxed by officials wbo tr in sympathy wkh tbem, and not political beneficiaries. Finally, we linvite tbe voters of tbe state to cooperate with us in this campaign to rebuke tbe spread of centralising ideas, and to recntbrone the will of the people. A informal ballot for Governor resulted: Morris, 303; Hyatt, 83. Morris's nominal too was made unanimous. Tbe balance ot tbe ticket Is : Lieutenant-Governor, Joseph W. Abmp of MMdMowa; Secretary of State. J. J. Pbeiaa of Bridgeport; Treasurer, Marvin H. gangeof Canterbury; Comptroller, Nicholas htaub ef New Mllord. L Hob. William MVpringer of Illinois after-wardt spoke briefly In support ot Democratic principles. Tbe convention adjourned. New Havkn, Conn., Sept. IS. Tbe Be- Cibllcaa ttato convention met tt th Hyper-n Theatre tonight and organized temporarily by electing ex-Lieut. Gov. Cooke ot Bark-hamsted aa chairman, and appointing committees on credentials, permanent organization slid resolutions, after which toe convention adjourned until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. I Xew Baasaahtr RepebUcaws. Oosootto, N. H- Sept. 16. A caucus of delegates to tbe Republieaa state eoaveatioa waa held at Pnenix Hall tonight, Hon. John B. Smith of Hills bo ro Bridge presiding. Hon. Joseph G. Bellows of W a! pole was selected at permanent chairman. There I ta annaually large number of delegates la th etty tonight, and tb indications are that th convention will be aoa of tb largest ever held by Lbs Republican of this ttato. A good-aatured caucus for tb Gubernatorial aominatioa I ta proires. the ota-dldatet named being J. Albert Walker at Portsmouth, Hon. John D. Smith of HUla-boro Bridge and Hoa- Hiram A. Tuttle of rittaneia. air. thus wui prooaoiy o lotted, t RAILROAD" AND FARMER. ? Ta tpsiiai af Cbaasesy at. Dspssi at the) r t -rv . Vow Teak tUa trntr, bTAACCtx, X. T-, Sept! ML At the State, Fair today Cbaoncey M. Depew spoke to ta large aa aadieaot a could et wtthle beartng. HI main topic wta tb relation of tbe raO-rosd tbd th farmer. U said la part: Th railroad first develop tbe - agrfcaltaral resource of tb 'country,' tbea thresteoed wkh paralysis, and new under wiser admlnls trail oa tbe owe haad aad a snort liberal nnderstaadlng o tb other, th farm aad the rsdread art area to be Inseparably a tilted as ante aad at partners. N Tb aSgfat of th oa Is tbe bsnkraptry of th other. Every mO of new railroad brings into cultivation 100,000 fresh acre. By kerpina- this fact la mind we sball atore clrarir comprvbead th tresseodoas poteauatty at Lets vast expansioa of our rail wty system now 190.nri miles. - Mr. Depew traced tbe growth of railroad enterprise, with results of over-building aad in reaosuMi irom temporary eaabarrasawent. Tbere was a vast Immlgratioa and expansion of population snd an enormou owr-produo. tion. Out of the fir and rmote of on of tb llereest, and what threatened to be an of th most dbmKrout cos trovers let of our time. of the most beneficent aad far-reaching principles of tbe century, a principle which bad always beea and still hi de nied by tb railroad asasarer of Europe, It waa that enorwiouB volume of traffic, economically bandied fa th largest possible and drawn bv th moat nowerful aos- etbie eacroea. westM ao reduce the cost of traaspertaliua aa to sas Ms the railway to carry tt at rates unheard ot before, sad still mat a rswsonabt return apoa tbe latest. meat. Under th operation of thai ras, railway rates la the bat 90 years bav roue down over 100 per cent., while th product of th farm bav failed about 90 per aent. Tb rate of 1H70 sppHed to tbe tonnage of 1 would bars ywMe lor th year Si juuv.Ouojwq more than tb grots revenue of th railways of tbe United States, a aum larger than their total frekrbt and passe azer re- eetpts.slasost equal to our present national eVbc and the sssne ss Use war usdeaaaay pafct b. t ranee to Germany. lutt mis tressenoou. soonest Ion of al jOTSj. 0O (sJ a year to tbe commerce of tbe coun try ba auo st i muls ted that eommerc to ta extant t-taott bevosd the realm of Imagina- uon, ana lu return xiveaj to taw raliwsr a busuaes wbsHi s fairly remunerative. At the same time, ben by union of railroad aad farm, the British turn-act was entirely ia possession of tbe A Bisrtcan farmer for hit wheat, when his corn meaafactured into th bog wa feeding continental Europe, wbea tbe despair of th forenra scnruburWt was srading thsan to so change tbetr prodocte as to still farther enlarge our opportunities, tbere was perpetrated a crias against tb prosperity of to United state aaeoasUed ta its far-f caching re sult by aay war, pestilence or famine of ancient or naedern times. Ipecula- tivo activity and capital combined to corner the food supplies ef Earepe derived from America. It alarmed alias capitalists sad cabins is; k stirred op the dormant eoargte of aider . peoples aad conservative govcrn- tt etimaiated railway eoastructtosi is Indus aad Rassia; it saaue tte fellah sf lbs Kile, the ryot of India Bad pesisat of itoasia tb competitor at tb Americaa farnner. It ao alarmed th go vera menu of England. France aad Genua ay that they pat fatal restriction upon tbe Importation of our Mvs stork and our pork. But while our forelrn markets have thus beea ta a iarce measure lost, our productdoa of cereal and live stack is goo aa eaaataaUy increasing. It becomes lb highest duty of th Amert- 1a statosmaa aad Americaa farmer to look about for rrmedie. Tbe first art at the farmrrs of th United Stale should be to Is- tellitvotly argaauM. la tbe present enadltloa of th world orgaaliaHaa to th aeeesaUy of extotenca. Capuai orgaalaea ta corporation, labor argaalae bt trade anions. tuaifae-turer orgaalaa for protect low. Farmers also bav failed to an!t ba aay efficient and practical way. Tb farmers should he ao bands d tacetber that tbey eaa toaprsa apoa th governmeat wkh eomasBadutg Voice their needs, that they eaa to eagat ia bt rotatioa of crop and escape tb middlemaa who tape their Ufa. Tb farmers' orcaaUa-tioa sboald inscribe upon lu banters tbe three "R's" reciprocity, retaHstsaa and revenue. We have made remarkable stride within tb tost year ia tbe practicable application of tbe idea of "Anx rica lor Americans." We have beea brawebt into closer relations and have better aaderstaading with tbe other countries a poo tbe North aad South Americaa continents. Br n wise and judicial application mt lbs prineipst of barter aad ex-changs broad aveaaea eaa ba opened for our prod acta into hitherto ankaowa markets. By these met bod each of tbe eoantnes p tiripattng eaa be mutaally benefited aad ar-ea- riebed. Mr. Depew advised farmers ta aelf-ceiisoce, severe sod -methodical traiutns;. Teeaatcal schools are greatly benefictai. Tbe distinrtioa betweea science and chases ts tbe difference between com pe tenet r.nd povertv. "In my judgment.' said Mr. Itepew, la cloaing. "we are near tb bcttom of the grade of agricultural depression and will sooa begin to climb up tbe other side. W mast take Into account always in our country la calculating the operatioa of economic forces, tbe awing of tbe pendulum. It swung toward state rights and brougbt oa tbe civil war; it swung back to natloaaHty and saved tbe repubfle ; It swnnc to fist money and brourbt oa tb panic: tt twous back to hon est currency and restored national and Individual credit. With agricultural prosperity before us, so certain and full of promise, the country can be coafMeatcf its growth ta wealth, health and happiness." lajancttsaa lilmt Rom Lax t. Me., Sept. A decision wa rendered this afternoon br Judyv Haskell in tbe case of tbe town ot Wsldoboro'e spplira-tlon for an Injunction against tbe sale of tbe Knox A Lincoln railroad to tbe Wade syndicate. Tbe Injunction la refused, but an indemnifying bond of 1 30.O0U, to secure against loss or damage to Wtidoboro, to required of tbe purchasing parties. SWEDEN AND AMERICA at atacksjatsa tw the Osaesrs turn Cralser Bawl era. Stockholm, Sept. IA A diaoer a a given tost night by tbe city of Stockholm to tbe officers attached to tbe United States steamer Baltimore, which conveyed tbe body of the distinguished Inventor, John Ericsson, from tbe United States to this country. Two hundred guest, including tbe ministers of slate, military and naval officer and leading civilians, were present. Count Lewenhsapt. minister of foreign affairs, presided. Mr.Tboma. tbe American minister, sat on his rbrbt, and Captatn Schley of tbe Baltimore on bla left. Count Lewenbaupton gave a toast to tbe President of tht L otted States, and dilated upon tbe unbroken harmony that bat existed between tbe United States and Sweden. Minister T nomas responded to the toast, ard in return gave a toast to King Oscar. Vice-Admiral Vlrren then proposed tbe health of tbe officer of the Baltimore, to which Captain Schley responded, thanking the Admiral for his courtesy and the ctty of Stockholm for lu hospitality. FATAL EXPLOSION. Tweaty-riv Mister KJUsd ia a rit ia BtatLCr, Sept, IS. Aa explosion occurred today la th May bach pit at Saoet WeadeL Ebenish Prussia, by wbkb 55 miner were killed. Th other men in tbe pit, to the Dumber of 335, wer rescued. The thanaptna Stria.. PoiTTHAMrroiv. Sept. 16. A rupture la the arrangements agreed upon by tbe men and their employers to threatened, owing to the men belonging to tbe Union Steamship Co.' steamer Moor refusing to go to tea because tb boaUwala to a aoo-uakmist. KlsrUsas bt BraafL Rk) Jaxtjko, Sept. IS. The ejection for members of tb Const Itueot'Assenibly passed off quietly. Tb success at th Republieaa party la th lection It assured. The press congratulate th govern meet apoa th result. - - - . , , I AsjatrsJIsa TtTlasi atrtasw Stdxxt, TT. R. "W Sept. 15. Tbe grester" number of tbe Lhhgow miners bar gone aa! atrik. Only th small collieries tr work-lag. ., '. . . . - i Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. w BASE BALL. BasaiBswnBBBBsaBss...saws- Rain Caused Postponement of Many Gmei. Thin Ttaa Oalj;; OnVlrjerV , League CoaUat. v M Boston Nationals Wrre Out of It . Alter the First fnnlrje:. . Boston, Sept. 16. Tbe Bostons wer out of tb jrame after their first inning today. Tbey started oft wall with t home run, but after that they couldnt bit LoveU, while Gelatin was pounded 'at wHL aad was.' beside, poorly supported. It thrrateaed rsia throughout th agame. Attendance,.- 91A. Scot; HrooklTt........ ttlOOlOO x 1" u Boston 1 0 1 0 0 0 J u 4 7 ' f Bsttcrics LoveU and Daly; Getxela tad Hardte. Aa CalatersstJas; Osrae. Chicago, Sept. It Today's Cincinnati-Chicago game wa unlateresUag. Attead-aace, 1000. bcor: . a. h.x. Chicago. 1911 1000 1 A 7 1 Cincinnati OOvOOSOOa J a 4 Battarifs Hutchinson aad Kktridge; Mal- wi aiairiuawa aoa aveesaa. Oaa rivwlaalag Osm. CuvkXAXD, O., Sept. 16. Tbe Cleveland and Pittsburg teams started to ptoy two gamee todav, but tbe first came wa stopped a ue enuoi use nun inauig ay ram. core ft. B. 0 4 o o o4 1 o i 4 a s Oevetand... Pittsburg Batteries Visa and Ltecker. l l and Zimmer; Anderson Taa Oats Players' Laaaae Cams. CHK AbO, Sept. 16. Tbe Boffsius defeated tbe cbicarot today (a the presence eft crowd otv. I be weather wa. entirely too com iur anion, ecore : - H. ft. Chicago 10000000 1 i 4 S 8 1 Buffalo.. 01003000 x BatbfrV Bartsoa, Dwyer tod Twilcbeil sad Clark. Bojle; Players At Xew York, Pblledeipiia and t,rvciaej. Ktthmal At New York. Atlantic At Harris burg. . Othar CIbwss. At Lebanon Lebanon S; Xew Hadra 1. At Rochester Rochester 1; Strata L Sevea inning; called on account of dtrkaes. At I'niladel phis Baltimore J; Athietic 1. oevea lanlngs; rain. At Cohimbu Columbus 1 : St. Lot is 0. At Toledo Flrt game, Louisville I 4; To- krdo I. aeeeasl gamo Utuim vbss 0 ; loscde FtasasV Laagsj Ota mi hag. Per Woa. L-ss. Ceot. rvwtnsj... New York.... BrookJva Pauaaemasa Charu pKlanarg Cleveisad .... ... Bagsio s's M. A" AM J XA v sa ?! M MtawUa aiL Lost. Cesn. si .ta . U ? Ait .71 7 Jit ..? a ait . S7 t ATt BraoUya. Csscat.... CWvebUHl.. Pmsbaxg... a jew lut a si THE GRAND CIRCUIT. Osnlst of taa Bf sstias; at rhllsvAslrhla Dfivtas; Park Tssti rday. PbilaDRU-BIA, Pa., Sept. 16. Tbe grand circuit meeting of the Philadelphia Driving Park Association was commenced to lav : 1 33 pacing class, purse triors). Orphan Boy woa; best time, 11 4 by Treasure. Urphan Boy's beat time, i 3 it class, trottlnx, Irsel 1000. Night iocato woa; best time. 2 34. ty Frank T. Mht-ingaie's b4 ti sse , i i at tsrasssaU 'rw Tout, Sept. 16 The races at Graves-end telav resnbed as follow: Flr-t rare, five-eiicbtba mite Volunter II woa; lime, lattVt- So-nud race, one aad one-aixteenlht miles DfstHo won; ttme.t -X. Third race, prospect stake, threa-foanht m'e Russell won ; time. 1 :1T. Fourth race. Oriental handicap, one and one-foorth miles Euro waa; time, t:134. Firth race, five eighths mite Kirkover, woo ; tme, KO. Kixtb race, five-eigbtba mile Victress Filly won; time, 1:05. X Seventh race, one and one-sixteenths mflrt Kempl-iad woa ; ao time taken. r CUT WITH A KNIFE. ladstrssl by a rraatic la Axua, III- Sept. 16. Yesterday a German woman, a patient at the Southern Illinois hospital for the insane, attacked Mis Walker, one - of the attendants, with a case-knife, cutting her face open from tbe forehead to tbe mouth. Tbea the attacked Miss Iievlne, sn employe of the hospital, and with 00 slash severed tbe muscle of tb right arm near tbe shoulder. Miss Dora Steers, another attendant, wa the next victim. The knife wa plunged into bA neck in dangerous proximity to the Jugular vela, which, however, was not cut. By this time the physicians ia charge had beea called. tand succeeded in overpowering tbe maniac Tb woman hat been t patient for year and wa never roesid-ered violeat. Tbe knife was fastened to her arm by a shoe string, and bad beea secreted In ber sleeve. Il to not known bow sbe tecured It. TOBACCO AND BASE BALL. John B. Daj aad His Brother la-Law Have a ratlins; Oat. Xiw Tokk, Sept. 16 A difficulty has Arisen betweea John B. Day. president of the New York Bt Ball Club, or rather tbe Metropolitan Exhibition Company, and hi brother-in-law, Fred Davis, who wti one of Mr. Day't partner la tbe tobacco busiaeas, and his confidential maa to the bes ball business, through Mr. Day taking advaauge of a clause in toe panaertuip'v paper la to tobacco bosiacas), aad crowding Mr. Davit out of tb firm. Mr. Davis ha beea a reeng-nixed fixture at th Polo Ground since Mr. Day went into tb base ball business ia the fall of 1J. He never asked for any rein u Deration for hi services ap to tb tun b left tbe tobacco firm; but tine tbea a bat concluded to charge for hi services, and hat brought suit to recover $ LL0U0. w bleb to a claim of auout SdUO a. year forth past six rears. f LOOKINO FOB COUNTERFEITER. , Toaojrro, SepL 16.4-SuperlDteedent Geo. C. Bell of the United Bute secret service aad two detective are her hunting for a gang ot eoanterfelter supposed to be ta thst neighborhood. Besides, counterfeiting A tner-tcan currency, copies ofj rare coins, pLtes and other curio are maaufketurtd and shipped to tbe failed Slab, bjiipanatrst have been mad from Oak vibe and) other small stations la tb county of Peek Tbe Imitatioes art said to be to perfect that prominent auatto. mat Wta In tbe United State bav beea deceived by them. - - - -' , SENTENCED Toj BE HANGED. ' Tho karat raaalty ba lattictasl aw Wis srsww HI , . , , , . St. Auaxs. Sept. 1& Sylretbrr JJB of Fairfax, eoavicted at murdering hi wife Dec J6 last, wat today tnte4eed by Judge Rnv to be btaged at Windsor op, tb second Friday la January, litOS, between th hour of 1 and spaa. . . -J-.. -, .---a, - - ,,..- . P1UCE THEEE CNT&4 ATTACKED BV A BULL. x . WaPs CrsssSsa a Field. FftAxxLwvnxjc, JV T-, Sept. l.-ht aatarday evening th ' 15-year-old ton' af Henry Gardner, who Hve at Crosby mil, lad ugly bull from hit fathert stable to water, by a Kick Inserted la the ring la tbe aalmaTi aa own tarred -apoa tb bay tad threw him dewr. Tb ar( asothet re. pesHkd U his cries for help, ai, yrsiAuvg an ax-, strnck the brute two or tbre stout blows oa tbe aeck. wberenpon the bun torned apoa th woman aad threw ber violently to th ' a'000'-Th bo j row bad time to get ap, and he turned in to resco his mother.', He s-rhhd k ,... lb btir ton aad Jerked bard, wbeti ba wae araitf set opoa and downed. Tbe f urtoa ' jabbed hi brad aa.1 burnt Into th boy ebest with terrible .fon-e. The mother grab- bed tbe bull by the burp aad attracted bis attention, o that be left tbe boy aod again went foe hr -H ,w i ' . . Jumped over her. Tbe lad sraio psp-bed ia' sore tt be was. and a as causbt by th balr bornt and tossed up. The aaimsi was wild, and jost tbea be spied a bat -met, whW-b be sat apoa aad buued. ThU ave the by aad mother a chaace to eseap. aad tbej did so. Tbe mother received t had gash m alright rm "d waa terribly lmise.1. The boy received a bad c.h in u. np!r and iaaer thigh aboot four inrbo fcmsr a d Verv sbsraw" beside being otberwKw injured. , . VERMONT raJRS.-. (- J . i1rAM ' , . v Saecsssfal OBwaiag af lha -- rnif 1 Onty Pair at M. JSa.ar7. - y -St. Johsbi b. Vt., Sep. im The 43d annual couLty fair opened here tOitoy wkh tbe largest number of entries ever made. Ia the Green coutty race. Clev Almont.'s- tered by H. Soacers. woo ia three straight heats. Time, S :44, 2.44, Z:4&- Ia tbe 5:40 race Jrubie er treed by Brock A 111 on. won three straubt beats. Time, tAiyt.t&y..1 Tbere is a tor;e di-plav of blooded ctile Jat oxea sod .beep, ov.r S00 entries f horses, HO entries of penttrv. a tone exhibit ot vegetable snd a fine floral di.plat. l l. lisrea of M. Jobn.hurv exhibits 26 bead of fat oxer, averarieg oesriv 4300 ru.L pr vole. H. W. key of Xenburv sawws t llobtrins;J. (i. Brousou. 13 JrVe)s. Joba Coorber of Lyaovo. uie fair priae winners from bis Hobtein herd. Fine sbeep are , .howa from Lyndon and Waterford. erthwtw Calestoahs Tuiw. LYStsDxvtlXK. Yu. Sept. 16. Tbe Northern Caledonia fair opened todav -trr tb most favorable eonditioos. The entries are targe and tbeexbtbits saeritoe ton. Th green race today had eisrbt entries, it.' aswwy bring won by Albert Jeok.c. A"it ?H0 people were present. 7 Pewavkts Fair at Wilnkat, WATTftBraT, Vt., Sept. IA Tb- reotes fairst Wsterbwry com sae seed mi... Not- ithsUbding tbe raia, a torge auu b-V of ea-Irirscaisela. Tbe lour-vrar-oid race wat by tcber A Wincbee' bay mare, Msie H-; IL S. Town's bsv celdiag eco.d. Joha F. Bsrns Lambertns third. BRANDON Badge at Psisssal aad Oswersl a Live Ts BkaXDOX, Sept. 18. Hoe. Charles Daaa and family left town for Jfew York etty Mday morning. About 30 persons left Hjd Manor and Lake Dunmore for their Bvate os tb assll trsia Monday. The tam-Bser rrstdn-ts el Bra ad on aod vicinity are having f'ft'lbflr.ettr homes much' ear Her thaa usaai isnunt of tb raiay wvatber. Di P. Maatey died at hi home ia this riL -togeMofday morning. Tbe infant child af Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith wta buried yesterday, i becbt'd died of cholera tats atom. Mr. emith aad bia wif bav tb sympathy of tbe entire community in tbeir bereave-nucot. C. W. Briers, C. H. Boat and D. W. Kidder went to Rutland yesterday where they are serving on the grand and petty iurv. A llate letter received from C li. HoiWook and E. I. Thayer ss;s that they were about to start for' Helena. Montana, hence their rvturu will not be expected as early as waa exoerted. Tbey will be absent some two weeks longer. D. F. Sextoa it expected hoaae from tb Wot today hi las Coy, the joarg tody who hat IstrFy com to towa as a bum teacher, hat rctaraeat Jluat a brief abseace. O. A. Durgy hat ptoeed his son In charge af tbe "tee ceot express until the retora of Mr. Bofbraok, wbea ba will take charge himself, Hon. E. J. Or ma-bee returned from Moot pel ier Saturday aigbt, ted went back on tbe earii trsia Monday. Tbe new motor that V. E. Bricgt baa put bt lo run the electric light plant to taariy r ready for operatioa. He will tbea be ready tu supply the demand for more Hirst. Braa-uua hss aa excellent liarht. aad Bvasy out of town partiea have beea ber to see this plant a ith a view of copying the I rocrM of placing snd putting op tbe ritsw. Mis. Chirk e I-. Sioner and Mr. Jowpb Men of Forest-dlr died yoti-rday. Col. F. D. Proctor of Proctor was la town jesterday. FAMILY TROUBLES. PfntinC Statkix, Csl , Sept. 16. Trvubh) arose lat eveniag betweea A. Meake and kb sec -in-law. J. J. GUkea. concerning dome-tie sad business "mattrra, tad resuted in t shooting 1 If ray. Mlrnketodead s d Glaken ux really wounded ai d a son of Meake ts wounded. Tbe partiea were all promioent hep grower.. KNIGHTS AND FEDERATION. Sew ToMSepL 16. T. V, Powderly, general master workmen of tbe Kalghtt af Labor, said yesterday that at the next convention of tbe federation of railway em- pwjes those atstrirt assemblies composed ox rsiiwsy nwn w tbe federatiOB. NEW YORK MONEY AND STOCK MARKET, trs Tusu. Seat. St., - Mmtsrr sa sail vas asaa taster. rsaesT diss 4 Ss Is, last sssa s 4. sat sisstss uSm m . , . raoaa MaacsBvnj r araa ss fw. 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