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The Newsi
Paterson, New Jersey
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Nov, 19. 1971 Paterson News 3 MORRIS COUNTY Ali Not Satisfied With Performance $300,000, the profit for promo boxer with eood sneeed. He has Mayor Sisco Reopens Kinnelon Mall Issue been fighting seven years. D'm, wno speaKs no ungusn, said through an interpreter that he would giv Ali a better fight than Mathis. He said he would take three months to prepare for Frazier.

"I didn't even hit ttie heavy bag one round for this fight' All said. That's bad. The heavy bag gives you power." He said the Mathis fight was not a tough one, but said Mathis was a eood boxer. ters was $40,000, Blin, 28, has defeated George "Scrapiron" Johnson, Manuel Ramos, Robert Davila and Charles Polite on the way to a 28-8-6 record. He has seven His losses include Joe Bugner HOUSTON mad Ali said Thursday he was not satisfied with his performance against Buster Mathis and that ft would not have been good enough to beat heavyweight champion Joe Frazier.

"Ali, 227, knocked Mathis, 256, down four times in the last two rounds to win a unanimous 12-round decision Wednesday night. It was Ali's 33rd victorv two other shopping centers on KINNELON Plans to con-! struct a controversial $2.5 mil lion shopping mall here were Route 23. Rudolph Herling, a 32-year resident of Fayson Lakes, exclaimed, "We need three su Ali announced he will fight Jureen Blin of Hamburg, AU said ngnt hand to the jaw staggered Mathis in the 11th set him up for a combination that knocked him He was up at six, but went down again on his face and was saved by the bell when the count reached four. Ali knocked him down twice in the 12th with tans with his placed into a "state of limbo" Thursday night after a number of citizens appealed to the Mayor, and Borough Council last permarkets like a noie in of London in 15 rounds in London May 11 and to Manuel Urtain of, Spain, in Barcelona, Spain, for the Europe heavy Germany, in Zurich, Switzer head!" in 34 starts, losing qnly to Following the anneal. Eric land, Dec.

i in a 12-rounaer. Ali will be guaranteed $300,000 razier a uue iignt last week's Planning Board approval of the site plan. weight cnampionsnio June 19. the same as for the Mathis jwarcn. yi "I saw thiniss I wanted tn An 1970.

They are Blin's only Mayor. Glenn Sisco told a fight. 1 iosses in the last three years full-house audience of about 70 right band, but Mathis was up and couldn't do," Ali said of the Weiss of 15 Honeysuckle Lane, representing Kinnelon High School students, stated their opposition to the mall plans, citing an accompanying increased population as a major reason. and his handlers said he was a victim of hometown decisions in The Ali-Mathis fight brought in $400,000. The live gate was about $150,000 and the net from persons, "What this means is that the whole case is reopened.

Matms light should have been in training loneer. And at seven Dotn times, ah saia ne could have knocked him out, but didn't-, want, tn itaka a both fights. You can put your minds at radio and television was would have to weigh only about 215 to fieht Frazier. ease." chance of hitting him hard and Weiss asKed ll pernaps a ucw- $250,000, according to Robert Blin, Whose fighting weight is about 202, is considered a good He was apparently referring ter commercial use could ne "If I'd keep my distance and Arum, president of Tod Rank. vauaiug per inauem injury.

to a large number of residents found for the land and heavy which the broadcast 1 tfewi Photo READY TO MOVE into its second century, officials of Greater Paterson General Hospital Association get together at annual who voiced objections to the applause again rights. J2l I college" PROFPS5IOMAII stay out ot corners, I could beat Frazier. but I wouldn't have fought Frazier like this with onlv 12 days training AU proposed of the meaicai siati amner meeting at Marriott Motor Hotel. From left. Dr.

Roger C. Laauwe, president of the medical staff and Mathis receive $60,000, which was the IS per cent he was After Ali's mall between Kinnelon Road and Kiel Avenue at the meeting saia last week. Second Century Fund chairman; Stephen Germond, president of the hospital board of trustees, and Joseph C. Bamf ord, past president and honorary Second Century Fund chairman. Community's Interest Nicholas Osifschin.

who rep 'tW; I KIU TOWER RATINGS I resented the approximately 10 WEEK-END SAILOR MQT SCHWARTZ appellants and presented the riPiZnownaysi wice mayor and council with the ap peal, said that the people who organized the appeal "have the For Fort Dik Soldiers community's interest at heart, About North Jersey Boatmen Wherever They May Sail There is no animosity here and this is a non-partisan, non-polit- Ratings and predictions are based on a mathematical sys-. tern that gives football teams comparative numerical indexes computed from their own past performance statistics. The 'difference between ratings of opposing teams gives the score spread that can be expected in their game. Ratings are revised weekly. Home team bonus is indicated by an asterisk ().

SATURDAY East 1 The petitions being circulated by the group oppose the shopping mall for the following reasons: potential traffic tie-ups and road hazards blocking the major shopping mail; proximity to local schools and school bus routes; expanding further into Kinnelon the Y'high crime corridor" along Rt. 23, thus jeopardizing the safety of our children; questionable value of the center's estimated ratables -of $70,000 (a poor return on 15 acres); questionable need by citizens of this community for 15-20 small stores and 1 large Pathmark food store (a third supermarket in the immediate area, at the same intersection); the problem of sewage disposal has not been solved; questionable design and engineering planning of the center. lcai action." stamping and the greatest number of "power" fists, particul By STEVE KNOWLTON I WRIGHTSTOWN (UPI) Applause followed. arly among biacK tils. By BILL CARMEN With song titles like "Insubor The mayor said that he and Thursday night's twin perfor dination." and lyrics like "Move the council will next hear the mances were the last before a on over, or we'll move on over If your only association with water has been in a bathtub, deciding what kind of boat to buy can be a A military audience before the appellants, who must justify the appeal.

Then the. council you," the antiwar FTA show group leaves next Wednesday rolled through the Ft. Dix Army will decide whether to reverse lor a ennstmas tour of the, Pac- town -of wrlgntstown, TThurs- or support the planners' uic. day night drawing clenched A fund raising benefit Until then, no action can be fists and peace signs from nearly 2,000, soldiers. An audience of about 900 ner taken on the project to con scheduled for Sunday night in New York's Philharmonic Hall.

In Wrightstown, as in the other Winners and (Ratings) Boston College (120) Boston University (82) Colgate (92) -Columbia (88) Cornell (96) Dartmouth (96) Delaware (107) Holy Cross (85) Lehigh (91) Penn State (142) Syracuse (116) yillanova (106) Yale (87) struct a Pathmark supermarket. sons, almost entirely made ud relocated from Bloomingdale; a seven military towns the show of Ft. Dix soldiers, jammed in bank, and 15 to 20 "satellite" to the town only movie House nas toured, all military personnel are admitted free of charge, stores within a quarter mile of And like the other military in for the three hour highly political vaudeville show. When it became clear hundreds more stallations the troop has played for, they were denied Demission would have to be turned away, Losers and (Ratings) Spreads Massachusetts (77) by .43 New Hampshire (79) by 3 Rutgers (84) by 8 Brown (82) by 6 Pennsylvania (81) by 15 Princeton (93) by 3 Bucknell (79) by 28 Connecticut (76) by 9 Lafayette (77) by 14 Pittsburgh (113) by 29 -West Virginia (115) by 1 Temple (105) by 1 Harvard (83) by 4 South Davidson (86) by 4 North Carolina State (99) by 14 North Carolina (120) by 2 Tulsa (107) by 25 Notre Uame (134) by 3 Virginia (101) by 6 Kansas State (118) by 2 Wake Forest (112) by' 9 Kentucky (110) by 18 Tampa (108) by 6 Chattanooga (90) by 1 Southern Mississippi (108) by 6 Richmond (94) by 12 to take the show on base and License Exports for World's Biggest Truck Plant in Soviet the troupe decided on a second resorted to playing in the larg performance. est nan in tne -nearest town.

Donald Sutherland and Jane Although a few GIs said their came primarily, for the music, WASHINGTON (UPI) -The licenses for equipment and particularly that of Nina Si-I Fonda were the stats of the regular show of songs end skits denouncing the Army, officers and the war in Southeast Asia and advocating resistance and mone. most said they wanted to hear the sharp satire and the technical data. "The immediate affect of today's licensing action will be to enable U.S. business to compete with foreign suppliers," a Commerce Depart Commerce Department Thursday granted U.S. firms licenses to export $528 million worth of heavy equipment to the Soviet Union, clearing the way for black comedy and nave the personal freedom.

But it was the guest appear chance to rail loudly against the Army. ance of. singers Nina Simone which brought on the 1 clapping, the most persistent ment spokesman said. "To the extent that U.S. firms are able to obtain Soviet Panel Kills Move U.S.": firms to help build the world's biggest truck factory in Russia.

Export licenses are required before domestic firms can ship strategic material abroad. It was not immediately Citadel (90) Clemson (113) Duke (122) Florida State (132) Louisiana State (137) Maryland (107) Memphis (120) South Carolina (121) Tennessee (128) Vanderbilt (114) Virginia Military (91) Virginia Tech (114) William Mary (106) Bowling Green (104) Cincinnati (112) Colorado (143) Illinois (121) Iowa State (134) Kansas (123) Michigan State (130) Michigan (146) Minnesota (122) Northern Illinois (106) Ohio University (110) Purdue (123) -Toledo (124) contracts, significant benefits will accrue- to U.S. employment and our balance of international payments." To Visit U.S. To-Halt Funding, By United Press Internationa' a government source saia tne approval was granted after Israeli Prime Minister Golda known which company received the licenses. Mack Truck Allentown, cancelled the OKs Troop Cut Bv JANE DENISON review oi prevailing U.S.

policies related to national Meir will visit the United States on a fund-raising trip within a plans several months ago to security, foreign- policy and month or two, Israeli news MARO economic supply a major part of the WASHINGTON (UPI) budget-writers have shied papers said The newspapers said Defense The government also said all of the items on the export list machinery required to bund the plant after the White House away from forcing President! Minister Moshe Dayan, who is Nixon to end the Vietnam War were available from overseas planning a trip to the United States for the United Jewish immediately but have endorsed brineinc home one-sixth of the U.S. troops who stand guard against war in Europe. irustraiing experience. Here are some tips on boat buying for novices: The first thing to remember, is that there are just as many boats to choose from as there are models of cars, so decide first if you want a fast boat or a slow one, a sailboat or a powerboat, one you'd like to live on or just for fishing. If not sure, visit boat shows and marinas in your area this winter and browse through boating magazines and books; List the qualifications you think your boat should have.

Remember, know how to use a boat before you decide, what type is best for you. Know what you want? Now decide how large your boat should be. In this regard, it's best to buy the smallest boat that will meet your needs. Another rule of thumb is to pick a boat with accommodations for the immediate family and one or two guests. If you're not sure of the boat's accommodations, look for the capacity plate most manufac-' turers affix to the hull before the boat leaves the factory.

Decide how much you want or can afford to spend on a boat. A few more feet can boost the price of a boat considerably. Boats come with standard equipment: It's how many you want that will up the price. You'll also, need safety equipment as lifesaving devices, flares, etc. Classes in coastal navigation and piloting and in marlin spike seamanship began Wednesday at the Seaport Museum's Pier 16, East River, foot of Fulton, in lower New York City, Classes will be held at 6 p.m.

and are free and open to the public. Coastal navigation and piloting will be offered every Wednesday and Friday from 6 to 7 p.m. Marlin spike seamanship (sailor's knot tying and 1 macrame) will be offered on Thursdays from 6 to 7:30 p.m.--All classes will be held in the wardroom of the Ambrose lightship, moored at Pier 16, For information and registration call Kate Downer, 3494310. South Street Seaport Museum's Pioneer Program recently completed the first summer of training cruises aboard the 1885 cargo schooner Pioneer. This program, which trained young people from the city's Youth Services Agency and Addiction Services Agency, was supplemented by weekly evening classes in seamanship, held every Wednesday night during the summer aboard the fishing schooner Caviare.

The museum plans to expand this program for 1972. Prospects loom Nov. 27 and 28 for the fastest field ever entered in the $60,000 Outboard World Championship at Lake Havasu City, Ariz. This is indicated with the closing of entries and 92 drivers signed for the eight-hour classic on Thanksgiving weekend. By paying a penalty "of $100 for late entry, it is possible several more pilots may be in the starting lineup, Robert P.

McCulloch race director, said today. year Bill Sirois, Fort Lauderdale, raised the average speed mark to 79.62 miles per hour," McCulloch said, "and ft was expected to stay there for a few years. "But this year, drivers are saying they are going much faster than they did a year ago and it won't be surprising to see the record raised once again. "Refinements in the hulls and more power in the motors are the reasons given by drivers for' the faster rates of travel." The field is smaller than a year ago when 114 entered and this in itself will mean a faster start. Emphasis in the race will be on single engines.

Of the field of 92 boats, 57 will have single engines, 31 twin engines and four three engines. Race observers give the edge to twins to win at Havasu even though heavily outnumbered, pointing out that Sirois finished 44 miles ahead of the first single engine craft driven by Bob Hering of Sheboygan, Mich. "Single engine drivers, however, say they are moving much faster than last year," said McCulloch, and In marathon racing many things can happen before the final gun. In the Outboard World Championship, boats must be running at the finish in order to count. "For example, a driver could lead with one minute to go and have an engine breakdown.

He would be out of the race if he couldn't get the boat going when the race ends at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 28." As the final event in the London Bridge dedication, the race will be admission free' to spectators and this fact is expected to boost the attendance to the 30,000 mark. Racing hours will be at 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

each day. The winner will be the driver covering the most distance in the eight hours. The victor will receive $18,000 cash guaranteed. delayed approval of U.S. participation in the project.

Approval came one day after Commerce Secretary Maurice H. Stans left for a two-week trade mission to the Soviet Union which included extensive discussions with top Soviet officials. Midwest' Dayton (98) by 6 Miami, Ohio (109) by 3 Air Force (122) by 21 Iowa (109) by 12 Oklahoma State (121) by 13 Missouri (115) 8 Northwestern (129) by 1 Ohio State (129) by 17 Wisconsin (113) by 9 Xavier (91) by 15 (88) by 22 Indiana (111) by 12 Kent State (93) by 31 Southwest Texas Tech (114) by 20 Colorado State (102) by 8 Miami, Florida (117) by 20 Wyoming (111) by 10 Baylor (109) by 3 Rice (114) by 1 Far West San Jose State (113) by 23 San Diego State (108) by 7 Utah (109) by 10 Weber State (98) by 3 Utah State (115) by 5 Oregon State (121) by 2 Fresno State (99) bv 4 Appeal (UJA) later this month, has been asked to cancel his trip so Mrs. Meir can negotiate "at the highest possible level." companies. The licenses covered a wide range, of equipment.

Included are machines, presses furnaces for producing forgings for -truck components; equipment and machine tools to manufacture such truck parts In back-to-back votes Thurs 'There is a growing in the government that the day, the Senate Appropriations Committee rejected 14-10 one amendment to cut off funds for the Indochina conflict but Arkansas (134) El Paso (110) Houston (137) New Mexico (121) 'v Southern Methodist (112) Texas Christian (115) only way to restore understand It also followed by two. weeks the signing of a $140 million endorsed another 14-13 that ing between the two nations is through a meeting at the highest possible level, namely a would reauire the return of as gears, axles, transmissions, hub and brake drums; furnaces to heat-treat and produce crankshafts, camshafts and timing gears: mechanical Dres pact under which the Soviet Union will buy feed grains from 50.000 of the 300.000 American meeting between Prime Minis forces stationed in Europe by the united States. The Commerce Department ses for shaping body panels and next June 15. The twin actions came as the had previously approved 15 ter Golda Meir and President Nixon," the newspaper Ma'arlv said. Two Israeli newsDaDers said parts, and data for conveyors, materials handling systems and committee approved a $70.24 licenses worth $461 million for Arizona Stated 136) Arizona (115) Brigham Young (119) Idaho State (101) Idaho (120) Oregon (123) Pacific (103) billion defense department paint finishing.

budget bill tor tne current the $1.4 billion Kama River Truck Plant, about 600 miles west of Moscow. The plant is Dayan would meet with Defense Secretary Melvin Laird and Jo fiscal year already more than .1 nA. 311:. one-iaira over tous.o miuiuu SnnHiorn rali'nrnta (11 seph J. Sisco, assistant secre tary of state.

Dayan's spokes UCLA (115) by 20 smaller than a version ap scheduled to open in 1975 and Eroduce 150,000 heavy diesel ucks and 100,000 diesel men, however, have denied re proved by the House Wednes Stanford (131) Washington (135) Gia Scala's Ex-Mate Gets Restraining Order Against Her LOS ANGELES (UPI)-The day night and $3.3 Dunon unaer ports of a Washington trip. engines every year Today's action involved 54 Nixon's initial budget requests. Hope to Vietnam SAIGON (UPI) -Bob Hope former husband of Gia Seala obtained a court order against Lakewood Blast Damages Motorcycle Shop, None Injured California (121) by 10 Washington State (121) by 14 SUNDAY Pro "Detroit Lions (176) by 3 Houston Oilers (168), by 7 New England Patriots (171) by 3 5 Denver Broncos (170) by 12 San Francisco 49'rs (180) by 2- Baltimore Colts (1S2) by 1 New Orleans Saints (177) by 3 Buffalo Bills (166) by 5 will make his seventh Christ ner Thursday, complaining the actress had repeatedly attacked and harassed him since their Bishops Voting OnVietPullout After Hot Debate WASHINGTON (UPI) After LAKEWOOD (UPI) An ex mas tour of Vietnam next month, military spokesmen said today. The comedian will be under divorce. Chicago Bears (179) Cincinnati Bengals (175).

Cleveland Browns-(174) Kansas City Chiefs (182) Los Angeles Rams (182) Miami Dolphins (183) Minnesota Vikings (180) New York Jets (171) Oakland Raiders (182) Pittsburgh Steelers (178) St. Louis Cardinals (175) Washington Redskins (183) Donald J. Burnett. 40. a plosion ripped a hole in a motorcycle repair shop the usual tight security regula stockbroker who has remarried since his divorce from Miss damaging some cycles ana win dows in nearby homes.

tions, and the sposesmen Scala, 37, became final a year San Diego Chargers (172) by 10 New York Giants (173) -by 5 Philadelphia Eagles (170) by 5 Dallas Cowboys (177) by 6 retusea to say now many snows Hope will give in Vietnam, or the stormiest debate on the issue of the war in the history of the American hierarchy, Roman Catholic bishops were to vote today on a resolution call where they will be. Capt.Steve Belitrand said the explosion was apparently triggered by a time-clock device inside a beer can "packed with Dowder." He said it blew a "20 ago, said sne nas repeatedly called his office to annoy him, rammed her car into his, kicked a hole in the front door of his home and ignited a fire MONDAY Green Bay. Packers (176) by 3 Atlanta Falcons (179) inch hole" in the building lo on his car. Supernationals Start Today cated at Park and Fourth Ave Superior Court Commissioner John L. Goddard issued a nues.

Last week's prediction results: College 43 correct, 19 wrong. Pro 8 5 wrong. Totals to date: College 426 correct, 163 wrong, 7 ties for .723 accuracy average. Pro 75 correct, 35 wrong, 7- ties for .683 accuracy average. No injuries were reported, al restraining order against Miss ONTARIO.

Calif. (UPD-The though the blast, which oc Second Annual National Hot scala, enjoining her from "molesting, striking, harassing or otherwise disturbing the peace" of Burnett. curred at 8:50 p.m., was heard three miles away, police said. They said their investigation Rod Association Supernationals. carrying a guaranteed purse and accessory monies of $225,000, extra-point try an da field goal YONKERS ENTRIES Giants Underdogs Jets Favorites was continuing.

attempt. gets under way at Ontario Mo Fairfield Firm Gets t-1 Minnesota runs up against a New Orleans Club that has 4-1 tor speedway tooay. Rick Ramsey, 26, Marina Del RAV Tolif mill hp hark tn de 4 Tropic Song, Tallman 5 Adloe Waverty, Her. FUloa Gaviland, N.D. i 7 Royal Count A.

Cantor 4-1 ing for U.S. withdrawal irom Vietnam. Before the 250 bishops attending the semiannual meeting of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops is a two-part resolution on American involvement in Vietnam and "the journey ahead to peace justice in the world." Thursday the bishops debated the- resolution "for about an hour," according, to a spokesman. Bishops attending the session said it would be fair to describe the debate as "heated." Pat Going to Moscow WASHINGTON (UPI) -Pat Nixon says she definitely plans to accompany the President on his trip to Moscow next May, but she's still a stand-by so far as the presidential journey to China is The First Lady said Thursday Possible Plot Foiled PHNOM PENH (UPI) been beating the Brass off the -l (Continued from Page 16) 1 111 Pace 1 1 'May Sampson, N.D. J-l Speed Helrees.

N.D. 4-1 Valley Princess, N.D. 5-1 4 Kathyi Lassie, N.D. 5-1 Stella Barry, R. Cormier (-1 6 Yankee Shadow.

L. Fontaine 7 Sandy Greentree, W. Gilmour 1-1 Timely Melody, N.D. 1-1 fend his 'top fuel eliminator $500,000 Computer Job From NYC Betting Corp. FAIRFIELD Digital Com St U.Wfl Pki 1 Coach Tom Landry used Roger! championship.

Drivers will compete for puter Controls, has received money in eight divisions Top Staubach to get Dallas moving the last two weekends and prob 1 I.M.P., K. McNutt I I 1-Slngle Trlx, Her. FUfea -l 3 Ballard, Marks 1-1 4 Warren M. Byrd, J. Tallmaa -l Good Shot, NJ.

8-1 Brother Dean H. Dancer Jr. 4-1 7-John Peel, N.D. 6-1 Foreign Policy, N.D. 10-1 an order lor $500,000 worth of mini-computers from New York top teams in the league.

The Saints trounced Dallas, San Francisco and Los Angeles and Held Oakland to a tie. The Vikings are the stingnest team in the National Football League with a 72-point yield. They have shut out three opponents this season, including Green Bay by Fuel, Top Gas, runny car, n-o Stock, Competition, Modified, Super Stock and Stock Eliminatorin the three-day meet. tai 3,000 Pace 1 1 Calvery Cnoea. N.D.

-l i-Pacodal, W. Mark S-l 5 Tootsle Viking, R. Colllni 9-2 Aphrodite Lobell, R. Cherrix 1-1 Dame Fontane. Her.

FUlon 1-1 6 Masada, L. Fontaine t-1 7 B.W. Elaine, K. McNutt -l Tipper Topper, J. Tallman 10-1 9-i-Money Wise, N.D.

acy win go witn mm again, especially after his 176-yara passing and 90-yard running effort against Philadelphia last Sunday. In nthor Knnrlau Samoa Mlomt Cambodian police last week foiled what may have been a planned attempt on the life of U.S. Ambassador Emory C. Swank, a U.S. Embassy spokesman said today.

The spokesman said police caught a Cambodian stringing a wire across a road leading from the embassy to the ambassador's residence. The man took police to a house that was some distance away where oth 120,000 Pace 1 Citv's Off-Track Betting Corp. The city's Board of Estimate exempted the order from com- petite bidding. OTB has given Digital a letter of intent, saying it proposes ultimately ta huv 1 Gamely, Her. Flllon a Sundancer H.

Dancer Jr. 4-r 3-0 last bunaay. Roman Gabriel tied a ram Lillian Greene. W. Gilmour s-l 4 Boatman Lobell.

F. Tagarlello 4-1 is a 3-point pick over Baltimore, Minnesota is favored by 7 over a Lroy Phalen -l 8 Frank T. AO. L. Fontaine 12-1 7 Public AHalr, J.

Chapman 5-1 I Keystone Pat. N.D. 1-1 record with. 11 consecutive pass completions against Detroit as he hit on 17 of 22 passes for rd 13.004 Pace 1 1 Pro Volo, J. Chapman 1-1 a Gold Medallion.

N.D. fl-1 I Young Hanover, D. Inko 10-1 4 Bonnlea Might, L. Fontaine t-1 Storm prool, N.D. 1-1 Mister Hall N.D.

4-1 7 Trojan Hanover, W. Gilmour 9-1 t-Local Choice, N. Dauplale 31 A.E. Mabdo Hayes, W. Mark! she is lobbying to make the trip to Peking but "I don't get 7th 18,600 Pace 1 some detonating caps were found.

178 yaras and two touchdowns. John Brodie conected on 20 1 Awesome Boy, W. Gilmour J-l everything I lobby for." New Orleans, San Francisco and Los Angeles are rated a toss-up, Cleveland is picked by 8 over New England, Pittsgurgh by 4 over the New York Giants, the New York Jets by 7 over Buffalo, St. Louis by 7 over Lo Dares, N.D. 4-1 -Trader Nardin.

N.D. 1-1 of 28 for San Francsico in the Pegasus 'Hot' At Aqueduct Pegasus', the Paterson Newi racing, handicapper, tabbed four nice-priced horses at Aqueduct on Thursday. named Misty Gay in the second Three On-ions, his best bet, in the fourth Bold Nobleman in the fifth and closed out the card with Fiery Flight in the ninth 4 Ensign pat, J. Chapman 9-2 5 Aruma, D. Insko B-l 6 Chuck Bralnerd, N.D, 10-1 loss to New Orleans.

He picked up 203 aerial yards and threw two to 4th IM.AOft Pace 1 1 Lucky Child. R. Cormier 4-1 Light Forbea, L. Fontaine 1-1 I Coldatream, W. Gilmour (-1 Georgia Boys Gals Rally To Keep Red Light District fnuaaeipma, Kansas wuy dv $2.5 million worth of the small computers for use in its operations.

Rudy Vallee Gets 6 Months for Calling Neighbor -'Word LOS ANGELES (UPI) Rudy Vallee pleaded no contest to a charge of disturbing the peace Thursday and -was sentenced to six months unsupervised proba-tion for calling a neighbor four, letter names. 1 The ludee ordered t)i Tn-. ine footman, H.u. -l Lucky, J. Curran 1-1 9-HostrevoT, D.

Wood Cleveland is in one of its 14 over Denver, Oakland by 14 worst slumps with four straight over San Diego and Detroit vs. Chicago rated even. losses and hopes to use the ATHENS. Ga. (UPI) More 8tk M.MO Face IX 1 Fast Princess, L.

Fontaine 4-1 1 Miss Scarlet Dawn, Her. Flllon 3-1 3 Con Amour N.D. 5-1 4 Jewel Lawn, N.D. S-l 5 Oaks Carole, A. Mver 6-1 YONKERS SELECTIONS -By TRACKMAN- Patriots as a springboard to victory.

But the Browns hook prominent madams in the university city until her death nhniit five vears aco. than 50 young men and women Green Bay plays at Atlanta in the Monday night nationally televised game, with the Falcons 8 point picks." students at University of i up with an improved New Eng 6 Little Miss Judith, J. Chapman -l Operation of the alleged Georgia held a rally in the city's setting a club interception record of 143 yards on four thefts. land club that boasts two straight wins and a rookie all- Miami and Baltimore meet 7 Game Maiden. R.

Cherrix -l Virginia Cleo, Gilmour 10-1 A.E. Claire, T. Tagarlello red light district Thursday night to protest a minister's apparent houses of prostitution became a controversy over the weekend when the Rev. Gordon McAfee, Kansas City, a hall game old singer to pay linn in the iirst of two clashes within a three week stretch that may decide the Eastern ly, successful campaign to close back of Houston in the AFC's America making headlines. Jim Plunkett had his best day against Buffalo' with four TD a fundamentalist, began a cam Mb gg.MO Pace 1 M.

1 Belles Reporter. L. Fontaine t-1 I Woorihurv. Her. Flllon 4-1 three alleged houses of prostitution.

Western Division, beat Denver, paign against them. MCAtee stationed himself and a Salvation 16-3. earlier this year. The passes last weekend. 1-Umi'i Challenger, N.

pauplalse t-1 for Effie's." chanted neichbor, Dr. Ernst A. Phillinn Vaffee and phillipp- became antagonists last summer over Vallee's unsuccessful attempt to. persuade the city council to 1 May Sampeon, Kattiyt Laesle, (telle Barry 1 Pacodal, B.W. F.lalne, Tootsle Viking 1 Bonnlea Might.

Trojan Hanover. Storm Proof 4 Coldatream, Royal Count Lucky Child -Brother Dean Single Trlx, I.M.P. Public Affair, Gamely, Sundancer D. 7 The Footman, Awesome Boy. Lee Darei t-rasi Virginia Cleo, Utile Mist JudlUl Belles HepoWer.

Lima's Cfcsllsnger, Dr. Julius Jubilee Mit wti vimuo Htrum, Oakland is unbeaten in its ticeot Jerry, w. Herman s-l 5 Dr. Julius Jubilee. F.

Tagarlello 1-1 Division title. Bob Griese came off a sick bed to pass Miami past Pittsburgh last weekend. All three Griese scoring strikes were to Paul Warfield. Baltimore managed a one-Doint win the students until police broke up the gathering without Broncs will have Steve Ramsey at quarterback in place of in-iured Don Horn, out for the Army band in front of tne houses on Elm Street and vowed to close the "gates of hell." Macedonlo Boy. D.

Macedonlko t-1 7 Hobo Jamie. D. Insko 8-1 Cartridge Hanover, Galbralth t-1 last eight games after its season high 41-21 win over Houston. The Raiders also are crimed VDtircJ wnera thev One student exDlained that Very little activity has been live jtu ue vauee" in nnnnp mm season with a shoulder separation. Va.

0. phalsn Raotng Freelegged seen in the houses since. Effie had been one of the more for San Diego's John Had! after over the Jets after blocking an ft fV i.

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