The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BOMEHWON VOL. XXIV—NO, 2f> Ulvlhevllle Dally News, niylhevllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Loader. lilyiliflvllle Courier, AttKAXSAS. FKIDAY. Al'Ull, IS, IDS2 SINGLE COPIES FIVE-CENTO f Goes to Trial for Crime Committed 29 .Years Ago '• Eruptions May Prove Blessing Anti- HAK.E11SVILLK, N. C., April 15. iUI')— With .selection of n jury completed. George Pre^noH ivcm jn tiial for his life (n Mitchell c:imty superior conn today. clunked v.-llii tiic murder of Lewis Huctuman ^y \ears ayo. ------ | I'lesiul] tl?d 10 Pj-.u.-cr.sville. Me.. . _____ o.-.mll IX»vt n «<-»i-i : where lie lira! » model llf^ until i M r n r .• r> airiell b'emonsha- \ li; . ffns Mrc , M s=vml v .. ceks nsa .i Norfolk Investigators Rc- tion on Cai:itol Grounds w « w »« M> »-iii- i:nd en- ' .j, i / M i i lannecl !oi- Monday, STILL ILL IS him. h: 1 remarried ,13.1:11. and lo liini : LITTLE HOCK. April 15. iUPl — Arkansas' rebel house of repr:s;n- tatives stood adjourned tuiay \y,\\ undefeated, for they wer? tack s: their homes busying themselves, with preparations for a mass meeting to be hjld on he capkc! ymnvl. Monday. "We should com:: down Mere Monday and run Governor Harvsy Parnell and the other fjraflcrs oi.t of the slate house." Rep. Char!c3 Fleming said as h? in'.rojncrd a ijjohuicn asking t!ie mass m?c:in? be cajlcd. Session Held Illegal The resolution was squirt by in th-j gallery and 50 members of Ihe hou^e and adopted fliniil wild chreringr. An unofficial ruling by six of the seven me.-nbcrs of tile natc supreme couri said: "Tlie Segislaiurc was r.djcuvn^d automatically Tuesday \vh^u th^! hoii'e and senate failed to concur in a joint resolution 1= csiuiii!:. thc session." The house accep:«l thc spinier gracefully and after adjourning sang. "God Be With You Till We Meet Again." . Members remained on tlie floor, denounced [he governor and extravagance in sovennn?nt. Then they left f* their homes v:ilh the words, "We'll be back with our folk! Monday," on their lips. "JarkawM," Says Harvey Governor Parnell termed thc rebel r.cuse'cf representatives a ''group of braying WHIG*., jackasses," in a statement to'th'o press. He was not outwardly disturbed al the prospect of the Monday gathering' at th: capital. It, was believed from the tone oi many that they would come witli delegations to the meeting which already promises to be a 'revolu- tion'' and a "revolt against, extravagance." port Receiving Reassuring Information. Visitors for in 1 rafftc Law ment Recommended. ••^i!'ir ; v ! p. JL^L-v- A Kil " lu> ^'«:i&Si^i|^ '^\'- SRAilu r^ivf-flrlycJ^^l IC^^o • T >-V t :v-| ;t ;;!;!;.!;_. •-';'-;'••!!!.I:'. ! ;C Three Jonesboro Bank Officers Are Indicted Aik., A])T, 1J : LM'i— Tlnw officials of the CUK-; Hunk of Joiu'sboro wsic Indict- • today on cluuiii's of aceoptuv^. dt posits after the bunk was In-, solvonl. i T. J. Kills, president. .1. E. Me- i Kc? mill Juntos K, PIUT. nctliot vice-presidents. vtre mimed Indictments. In a Miowy. M ! ccnuneir. \vhei blanket, volcanic ash covered -u hum 1 aiea clear across the South American 5Cvcrnl sU[i[Hijpuly Inactive Andean volcanoes hrokp suddenly Into eruption. Sucli enor- as .similar widespread eruptions the ash fell on the KIM. NORFOLK, \'a., April 15. lUI'i—j New Information has been received i • which leads three Norfolk !nv;sii- • gaiors lo believe that the kidnap?:! • Lindbergh baby is Mill alive and i i well, Uobson Peacock saiil to- I day. The rector had just conforrc:! wllh John Hughm Curtis and Hear A<lmiral Guy Huri-aiie, w.-.o relum- ed today after being away on mys- cerisus mission^ for . c clav?. i Dean ! ; eacoek relter.itcd Hi; Norfolk plans would nol pcrinii an- , — -••- jolher ransom hoax to b? [>?rp.Hnit- linens land nrcns have seldom In rcccn', ycaib bi'Cn covcicri bv voJt'Onoi'*, jcd against Colonel Lindbergh. :.,.,.-e generally taken place in Ihe South Seas « lien most of . ...„ Report? were circulated ilia 1 , seme! .' . . , . , _«, " representative of Colonel f.-im!ber:>h : * was in Norfolk to ker-p in conimun- \\7 1 O . . n,« • 11 • K'ation with the three n^tlators. , \ OlCUMOCS SCattCl' MllliOIlS \ but, Dean Pcaccck said tlie triD pro- , ' : ferrcd not to discuss thnl. . »» T^ (* I7< 1~> . • I • > ,,, ,— ol Ions or l H ree rerlili/cr l.inilbtrtjh TEianks I'res^ , N. J By NEA Service l!ie pampas ipralrles) were cover- BUIiNOS AJUES. — Millions of " fl (o a dcptli of several Inches. ;.. , . , r.toiilc in a 280.050-mUe. area he-' 1 For tlie fanners, at least. thcliNCW Ambassador S twecn this city iind tlie Pacific ! cloll(1 ol us '"-'5 hail a silver llninsv coail of Chile lire still ivonderlny' Thc - v were assured by agrlcnUiirnlj whether they have been vlsilal by! chemists that their crops would bj: want, tola blessing or a curse. 'ureally aided by the phenomenon. For although they lire still sliak-i 9 1lt of ll '. c . westward sky hail crime.. .Meninhis Doctor's Car' Collides Will, His On Highway South of Town. and have issued tins statement: "Mrs. Lindbergh and I express our greatest appreciation to thc;c members ol the press who in \ j many instances have given us Roy Walton Chosen to Attend Church Assembly Little Rock was elected as the ineelinu; place of the Arkansas Presbytery in November by thirl.' . lepre.-entativcs who adjourned after a two day session at ihe Hrst Prcsbjtcrian church Tuesday ana Wednesday. Tr.c November meeting will convene at thc Pulaski Heights Presbyterian church in Little Rock ol which Rev. D. A. Sharp is pas Rev. Sharp was one of ihc representatives at the meeting- here. Commissioners elected to atlen-i thc general assembly to be held al .Montreal, N. C., May 20 or-;: Dr. w Moore Seott of Little Rock, superintendent of Synodical Home Missions: Hev. C. M. Boyd of S?arcy. and Eiders Roy Walton of Blytheville and Dave Hamilton of Wynn;. Courtesy to visitors lo Blyt and Mississippi county was urgsd by Judge C. A. Cunningham, recently elected to the municipal -court tench, in a brief talk to officer-, ot the court yesterday niicrnocn. Judge Cunninaham tDld the assembled police olticeis and coniia- hlc's force that protection and as-- ,-. i pii _ A I' 11 Snl^Thc''^^ '"Tc f *" ^^^^™*^ or1rafnc SC ieeSa < iion's.'The [1 ncvv''^dge ° ay hl "" for l " clr Wd »»P E '' "" said he would be more praue to fine an officer for of his au- llwrily than some visitor, who, svitliout intent, violated pclice regulations. Tourist traffic has b.-en touted ayainst Blytheville in. the! pasl. Jtidg? Ciuminghain declare j. ind asked lha! ah officers use t leir' nTorts to create a yood name for' this : city and tlistrlcl in tourht circles. 'He poinied ci:t that though •esidents of .the Chickasa\vba dis- ,rict' living outside 'o! Blythr.'ilii rind no vote in Irm recent election, iiat tlicy are within tho venue of he court, and dererve as much c?:i- iiceratiflu a. 1 ; Blylheville residents mrt probably even more ill traffic matters. The new jud^c assured tile officers that- they will have Us silp- 3orL in performance of tiisir duties. He ;tated t!:at though the municipal court may not be "consid- coi:rt by sci:ie." C. G. Smith, svell known tmmei «nd heiul of the land ilepnrtinenl of Hi; Three States I.umb:r com-, pany here, vvus InJuvvJ uiul Dr. M. U. Heiidrlx, prominent Memphis physlciiin. momciitarlly .stunned In i nn nuclilcnl on Hliilnvay fit near I Dlylhuvlllc early this niaritliiji. ! Mr. ijinllh sustained cuts atom j Ihe face and neck and an X-ray examination wns to IX 1 mnrlc to de- Icnnlne the cxieiit, of ills injtirlrs, although physicians expressed tlie belief thnl he Is not. seriously hurt. Tile accident occurred abniil Ik: i miles south of niylhevllle. Mr. .Smith had been oil an early mnrn Society Address Warm-' 1 "* 1 ' 15 » ccti °n trip O r iiis faun and I i 3 . , I "ad just. driven over a ion(h!;lr IV Received. > ditch atul up on tlie highway em i kanknient when ihe Memphis cat LONIX)N. 15 (UP)—Urlt-' til ' lv 'c« h y a ncfiro chanircnr. ill nnbllttv. hun-1 Hie rear end of his car. Smith Will Hold Funeral for William Burns Monday SARASOTA, Fla.. April 15. tUP) —Fnueral services for William J. ', Burns, internationally famous de-1 tectivo, who died here yesterday. I will be held Monday by Saratota | Knights of Columbus, of which lie | much of a court by sci:ie." was once an officer, thai he regarded It as nn import- I The body will be placed in a re- ant part of the judicial system and jceivinj vault until June when it. is would treat it as such. j hoped Mrs. Burns will b'j able 10 from the. violent craters, sclent-. plowing time, so much of the mu-. nm bassnrior ists estimated that thousands of.tcrial can he turned under to en-' lor.s oi the light ash had fallen.' rich Ihc poll. The grcalesl daucor In some of the mountain passes Is to livestock, bnt early rains are of the Andes, however, tlie deposit; expected to wash away enough (it was repotted to be three fact deep, the ash so that foragd will not be And Thousands of square miles of,'seriously damaged. One of the firs', rules laid down by the new heaj of the court was a ban on smoking in the courtroom at the city hall. accompany the bc;ly to N«w for burial. York fames Terry Treasurer i of U. A. Student Body! James Terry of this city, junior at the University o'. Arkansas, has teen elected Ireasurcr of the university student tody. The Blyuc- rtlh studenl was nanvul lo tlie office in a recent election, running i without opposition. In addition to his duliss as an officer of the student flPHIRBBtDF BLftSI \vcr Mapnale and Two |Seek Cause ,of Explosion O-h-rs Will Administer I FoUal to Seven Workers Middlewest Utilities. ! °n State Building. James, to have fnUh ll\at capitalism despite'.Its defects would lendj (lie world to-great prai[Jerlty, thii United Slates mid Britain, de' said, were erjiiipiJed to play A role tosctli^r of "inestimable valun." Tlie ambassador did not men- lion .war debts but said lie wnr. opposed to "iiuick and spcclocu- I lar remedies." ; Britain, he said, hnct turned llv>| : niost rlifflcull corner and the sit-1 i untlon Is in hand. The Prince of Wales attended the dinner. Tile king K?:it a message of welcome. Lord Derby presided. Mellon's debut was successful. of St.|th; Memphis snrg:on cciitlnucd' hL' "'iLarge Portion of Deposits Made in Currency, Testimony Shows.. .-• LITTLE ROCK, April 15. (UPI- DwIijlH 11. HlackwODd, $5,030-a-year chairman oi t^e Arkansas highway cominlssloii. deposited -more than Siw.ooa in two banks in the slat; over n period of little more than tlirce years, testimony before : 'thc ishwiiy audit comnil.sslou sliows. Of life deposits some 535,000 wqs i currency. . . ."'.. ' (!»l H Out In'Time, • Records of the American Ex--- hiinse bunk of Little Reck wcii', cad by Frank Edwnrrls, assistant niildaiini! agent. It was s.^own at he time HIP bank (slled Black- rooil had only SU5.81 on deposit.-: Ic had stopped deposits fiiiif " nonllis previous. At cue llmii Jis lad some J41.000 In the Instllu- ' ioti. ' l - •-.-,. Al HID Bunk of Osceola BlackV vood had dc-|>05lt5 totallliiif .irjofo- Ihan $20,000. Tills bank'also L Is. closed. At Itie time ol Itj Inllufp, icwever. records showed ilia hluli- wny commlssloiier had only $1T. V 49 on deposit. . ' ,' : Btiickwo:d will apjiear before : ihO-- audit commission lo.'ay. He' wa's- scheduled to appear.y«tcr.1ay : biit'- was excused, : •',-"-' Wilson KiplalRs Oyccola l):|ii>jit' Sam Wilson, miothcr member of tin. t,i«ti....... rnnimlssion,. wa.t said to :!ir;«. .:..-... : an $5.000 on ifc- posit In the MTsslsitppl.'cbuiily lii- stltutlon, and that a fe\y days'te- forc its closln'j he'withdrew-It nil' and paid a >5,000 noti to thi.lianki.- Wilson, however, strtd lu hadMiiiy'r" cr deposited" any"In lia-'p.;- ,;., , - Pele Robertson Is Witness for His Deputy. Former Chief CHICAGO. Apr. I5 (UP)—Sam- i'cl Insiill, who built th? two and ' ione half. billion dollar mlddkwcst [-. • . i Utilities company, and two other ^^ck Order Restl'ainino-' ohic!lso business leaders were "Alleged Unfair' ?^^*K P= £\%S& ™»» .• r ». i • c- i ijin Instili's vast utilities network. tites ol ivlempnis School I u. s. District i COLUMBUS. O., April 15. 10PI — i State agencies, led by Gov. George te. plunged today Into a dDiible d invcstlgatloii of the cxplo- ! sion which late yesterday conv:rl- | ed l.l:c first two floors of Ohio's j slate office \.. i building into a chaos of broken Honor CAPE OinAIlDEAU, Mo.—Trial chlel Judge Insnll, j marble and twisted steel. Walter Sevf workmen \vert Injvivcd fa- Charles of Jesse Johnson, fcrmei deputy of • PemUcot county, on ; a charge of conspiracy to violate the national prohibition law was still underway thjs afternoon. Johnson is the la it of 14 defendants In- Idkled 18 mont!'s asjo in an invrs- ticallon by 'federal operative.'; to face trial. ~i T • \vr i' W- P ' Robl:rt -' i0 ". fovmer sherilT. Murder I rial Wll!| who k already under sentence for rv D ' , T ;l'ls pan in UK conspiracies, took be Kesiimed lomOrroWitlic stand In defense of Johnson If Lawyer Recovers. .'"i* morning. FORCES Ml Fake Diamond Gets Newport Man's $1,400 ^rE^^PHIS. Apr. IS <UP>—Three men w.Bre sought Here today In connection with the alleged swindling of Sl.400 from H. Sal- ensicnd of Newport, Atk. ixilicc a man Riving his name as Goodman came to Newport, reported he had sold his business in Cairo. Til., and later was joined hy two men with diamonds. I afeed lawyer was indisposed. Ccivrt and John W. Davis toslay acce|>t:d -•-•--•• , . . , designation as members of the New reporlcU to Memphis York delegation at lar=e to tin Slate Senator Scott Pitzhngh. at- |f or Snlcnsiend to purchase some of the diamonds, which were given as tccurilv. Th: men left, town and AJ, A ,I, D- f< 11 a to be worth-l A « cock Boys on College ....... nn- tcrney for the board, filed the suit. th C gigantic corporation, the float- C-.,.. ,A cc:np:-tc e.\amlnal!0:i of t)ie in? dcbt of wl i ic h aggreaalcs. onlar l ticnal Democratic i _____ _ ^__ Governor Rccsevelt refund mcni- } books and records of the dental jjGCO.OCu"6j» "is made on an" SS.OOo! bership on tlie delegation, o.vplain-1 college for Hie last throe S'eRrs.i c | a . m . Tiie action Is friendly and! ing in view o f his presidential can-''»'it!i an audit showinj dispcsition ' was .,__,(__, _, y _|, e Lincoln Print-; D-_J'i Bandit Not So Smart After AH; Jllc| s« i*wu said. Darrow became i provided Darrow has recovered.! didacyhe believci it would be litical indelicacy." i ing companv, in which a lar»e ,..',' 11,1^-V- nf rl/v.v. ;* Vi^lri V,,. T.n-ill in. t P"..lSaiU Ihe diamonds proved lera. I o! tees collected in the clinic for v.ork dout by students and facul- jb.K.^of slock'is h;ld by ty irembers. is demanded. 'torests. ' Dr. Rol^rt S. Vincent is named , idotor.dai'.t luduidually ana as dean L . . _r it o V '°^ ^e college. Dr. O. W. Hynun. - IStS Ot Honor Students executive aiul adminislv.illve ofli- (.ir, I'reiinenl II. A. Morgan, mid ' Two Blytheville boj's Lloyd M ;tiovavnor Ilf.rton also are named. " ~ ' ' ~ Adcock. won places i« well ss all trustees of the Uni- CHICAGO. Apr. 15 in yottng man entered a tsouthsitle candy shop and said to 1 Fiances Alloway. 23. the clerk: Georgia Favors "You're place." , He drew in shortly after Illinois Gang Chief and Henchmen Slain sweet girl in a sweet a revolver and told! arriving here several weeks ago. He | recovered quickly, however. The intense heal, which has been particularly trying since tho trial start- MADISON ' "'•. April is. lUPj— cd, is believed to have had some-!* Z M ~ thing- to do with his . places ^s well ss it;, list'ui-iity of Former Air Chief Urges s .. d nobc n E Increased Aviation Force °» thc (iistinemshed suments . :0f Oklahoma Agiictilf.ual and • Mechanical college at Slillwater, , DETROIT. (UP)-AinerIc?.'s air O kla. Such recognition Is granted iBrewCrV Owner Locates slrsnglh should be Increased at students passing al courses and 1 ' " wl . _ ..' n!rir»-,.«. n > r~w,(*ren*o i l^r to give him the money ill the 1 .. Disarmament Conference , cash rcg!sti;i . I Year Book to Tel) Story ' "You're too sweet to deceive /tr lAoi • T n-i r- u vi 1931 in Tex. Oil Fields a note for 45,000 lo bo used-in GOY-. einor Parncll'.s cainpalgn. . . ' records showed that 6! the more than $41,000 deposited'' by "' Blackwood Iti (he American Exchange bank between .February 3,1027, and July IS, 1330, «17,G20 'v^as In cnn-pncy. or de'|»s!ts tot'ulinij: $20.0D8.34 In [he Bnnk of Oswjla,-- of which Mr. Hlackwood's brother-" -in-la\v, J. Lan williniiK, also ii '• member of tlie slats highway" cam- : mission, vra s president, all were 'in cash except part ct one deposit of $1.234'.' ' ,. *>sccola Deposits In Caih : Thc O?c;ola ceprisits were'- In two accounts'. One account, ^designated as an escrow account, shoi--. =(l Mr. - Black\vo:xl deposited JS.OOX. n cash In January, 1!)31, and that was checked out the next' day" 3cp3Sits in his'. jKr.sonnl 1 account in ., lie Osccola bank amounted to SI5,- WH.34 bstB-cen December, 1928, anil September, 1931. ". '• Nfemoers of ihe audil commls- ' ion said accounts in Mr. Bl'ack- •ood's name in s=veral other bank? n the slate will be checked'before he audit is completed Commissions (o Ranty Another witness..A. M. Edg'iv_.qf Satesvllle. former partner in t'he Gcod Roads Gravel company - of Newark, was questioned concerning loyalties paltl Tom J. Raiiey,. .for T ii'.er state senalor. whs. it 'wns ' brought out, received approximately S1D.OOO from the Go:d Roods ompany and $10,000 from anoilijr N:wark gravel concern for his efforts in obtaining state and county contracts. He said tho arrangement was maSe with Haney because the lal- ter had supported Dwight Black- wcod for highway commissions in 1920. whereas Edgar supported Herbert R. Wli:on. and it appeared thai liancy would "be in better siiaiic to get thc business tlian-I would te." : He adrtJd. however, tint fc'ar- rangement wltli Raney was made more In the hcpe of gotllng Mis- • sisslppi county's business than of petting state business. He said that he found Ihe arrangement prcfH"- able. GENEVA. lUPi—The tiny stale ! mp -" he said, as she handed over of Georgia has raised its vcice in iV^- favor of disarmament. ! " !t wfls 5wccl ot nlm to lcav<! J'l a memorandum addressed lo ieest ten times, in the opinion of I making an average of B. or high-1 Nfajcr-Ge|i2rjil James E. Feciot. C r. The' A'dcocks are students Ini former chie! cf tlie United Suus.ih: scliool of agriculune. ! f Doidarc Arinur Henderson, president of I0r Raiders! (he arms conference, til/- national arms conference, the national jj.^^" ! "It was sweet of without this." said Miss Alloway, displaying S70 hid wider the counter during the stream of wise- HOUSTON. Tex. plctc hhtory of U Army Air Corps. Speaking here Fcchet said even! \\ith 10 times our present strength we would still need planes to Insure an adequate national defense. The former air chiet decltived that at- present mllitarv air estab- HADRlSnURG, (UP)— Slat: | government of : tested against Gr-orgia has pro- , Soviet occupation i C- t A_l D • i riTSt Arkansas Denies l on fahn* Marl-o^ on laDOt market police and other dry bw enforce- | sf its territory, ment agencies will be afforded: The document every convenience when l!~.ey wish . disarmament program coiilalns lo raid the Smith brewing plant .'ilire ? points, firstly recognition of the pu- the right of all nations lo work states oeorgia' s .American Missionary Murdered in Poland CAflOT, Ark., April 15. (UP)— l;5b:i'.ents and cotntnorclal air line.'!)The first strawberries of the season do not absorb aircraft engines and at Steellon. on orders prictor himself. The plant owhrr. Pr:d Smith, Dinicannon. notiflrti Hi; police thai accessories fast eno-.i?!! to maintain the minimum manufacturing requirements necessary in time ol were brought her: today by Jess | a key lo Ws!blisnm;iu will l« Boyd and sold for 35 cents a quart, j at all llmc.5 avallaKc at the office Boyd's farm is on. a south slope 'of Us lawyer here anrt he invited reason his. berries j the authorUios to use tSe l>ay any - and for this riprn «arlv. they wished to visit the place. ci't its own destiny, secondly the creation of an international police force, at thc of tlr I.oaciuj to force rcs)>oct of iiuenulional attcnncnts, and thirdly creation of an Intmiational hody lo rigor- ), cr ' thro;il cllt . P< ,f| Ce WARSAW, Poland, Apr. 15 (UP) —Edith Oral-Molt, 40, head of Ihe U. S. Baptist mission in War- ssw. svas murdered In her home here, police announced today. Mrs. Gral-Hfott was found -with the i UP)—A com- ie East Texas i j field, storm center of the pctro- | lenm industry dnrinj the Mil ! year, v ill feature the year book i \ to be distribuled al tlie eighth I : annual ' convention of the National Oil Scouts Association here May 15. 16 ar.d 17. [ The cook also will contain papers on all pluses of recent pet- rolentn developments, wltli special emphasis on Ihe problems which and tue of hi were shot lo de.ith b machine gunners here oarly toda> The body cf Thomas K. Hay V.ead of the Hays gang, was fc;iij3 J 20 feet, from his wrecked aiii:au- • _ . bile on u main street. =nrt later t 1 -.- i rntnds Advise Hoover bodies of his two henchmen \verr 1 i O UX • , foi.nd In another car near Vonice. | Against tantornia | 111.. .1 few mite WEATHER ARKANSAS— Incrca?:n:; cloudiness, warmer toni?ht. Saturday cloudy and somjv.-iut unsettled probably showers In ncrthwr-st portion. According lo th'.' official weath- WASHIN'GTON. Apr. 15 <UP)— President Hoover. If he follows tiie advice of political' friends, jvill conduct his reelection campilsn from the White Hoiiu and the banks of the Rapidan. The United Press was reliably informed today pressure is tclng brought on Mr. Hoover by Republican politicians to cancel hls- scheduled trip to California. He nations. . control the armaments of oil ! murderer Viad searchto her home I for mWlon fun tin, cr observer. Charles Phillips. Jr., had planned to attend tho open- arose during 1931. one of the in- t ho maximum temiv-rature htraliue of the Olympic sanies In tos duslrys most, eventful years. : yesterday was 74 rienrcts and the'Angers. Piaii 1 : liaxf been completed 'or; minimum 40 degrees, clear. Today - From 4 source clost to thr entert*inmenl of the 200 or moreia yiar ago the maximum tern-.president It is learned he Is v<yr- and visitor; expected |5KTaturc svas K degrees and Uicjlns toivard the vt«w of thes* ad- jmlnlnituri 55 degrees, part cloudy, i visors. here for tho convention.

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