The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on November 17, 1882 · 4
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 4

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1882
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The Scranton Republican; Friday Morning, November 17,1882, LUZERNE COUNTY. W Ilk -B.rr Ttm Table. . I W. SLOOIUBUB DITOTO. Elrgston Street Car North 1:40 a. m.) 1SJ5. K 1 ' igetoa Street Cr South 8:05, 9:55 3,40 6-40 p. m. -To Naotlooke only. , 0. B. . O I. U BITIAION. North-8-00, 11,05 a m.; 1:10, South 8:40, 10:00, 11:45 a 8-2'7 7:00 P-SVe A.hi.y only. fTo Drifton Junction onlj. attOH.J,!. - NAKTIOOK BB1BCB. Down 7:15 . m. 4.-00 p m. Leave Nantlcok 835 ft. m., 4:36 p. m. Leave W&namto 8.0o a m 6:15 D. m. UBiea TA1L1T BAILBOAO. West-1 :10V 7:30. 8.45, 1035 ft. m., 1235. 205, 6tl0W.8:35, ll:50t . m., 2:20, 4 45 1, 6?0t 3, B. Junctloa only. tT0 Suffer Notch only. t , Advertisement. New To-dy, Plumber wanted. Summer hotel for sale. WILKES-BARRE. Special Local. Besides the squarest meals, no tetter cigars can be had than those at Lohmanns. Brevities. baa succeeded Van Loon Niven. Post-men are again promised us ; this time by Dec. 1. Uncle Toms Cabin to-morrow afternoon and evening. Court adjourned at noon yesterday until ten oclock to morrow. Lieut. Dauenhower to-night at Music Ilall, in the Y. M. C. A. course. The Council Committee bas difficulty in getting a quorum on the paper mill business. Mr. John B. Law waa visiting in town yesterday. His home is now in New York. The remains of Isaac Davis, of Bowman-street, were interred at Forty Fort yesterday. Rugby game of foot ball University of Pennsylvania eleven vs. Wilkes Barre Academy eleven at Lee Park to morrow after in indicting noon -Under new advertisements read a descrip tionofthat delightful summer resort, the Mountain House, now offered for sale. Rar chance for somebody. Rey. Geo. D. Frcar will co nduct the week-of-prayer meeting at the Y. M. C. A. rooms this afternoon at five o'clock. The top ic will be There is such a thing as coming too late. There's to bo a free entertainment si Charley Howard's Amphitheatre Ibis evening, when 8 performance of horses ponies', dogs, birds, raccoons' and monkeys tricks will be given. The Wilkes Barre Academys colors are cardinal and black . those of the University boys, blue and red. There's a football game on Saturday, when the prevahng color on both aides may be black and blue. Tho Social Six" was supposed to 6nve teen reduced to a quintet by the marriage of Charley Lieb 'yesterday, but one of the six say, now we are seven. By this rule, how many will wo" he a decade hence Dreams" contains not a single touch of vulgarity, nor an offensive line. Union-Loader. Was that carving joke free from vulgarity? Was that sticky stool business a nice joket Was not much, very much, of the language an action an appeal to the more ' vulgar taste for the extortion of applause? Mr. Charles A. Lieb, Wilkes Barre manager of the Western Union Telegraph, was yesterday married to Miss Anns M. Nachbar, daughter of Philip Nachbar. The ceremony was performed at the residence of the liridce parents on Northampton-strect, by Rev. Richard B. Webster, of the Grant street Presbyterian Chapel. Wanted for Wilkes Barre: A better system and more prompt service in the matter of fire alarms; fire engine teams always near their engines; certain knowledge of the condition of fireplugs; more and better hose; a Chief Engineer clothed with supreme autho-ity at flres,and provided with means of giving his commands distinctly to firemen. There is every indication of a large audience at Music Hall this evening to hear Lieutenant Dauenhower, of the Jeannette Arcl'c Expedition, give his Arctic and Siberian experiences. It is unnecessary to speak of the man to those who .read, and the fame of his exploits bas gone abroad throughout tli world. Those who have not yet olAained their seats should do so this morning. The diagram Is at Brown's book store. ' A Tis PelUldaa Bmmm Iaa, John J. Bruiin, a young man of Sugar Notch, and who has teen quite prominent in certain political circles in Luzerne county, bss become suddenly insane. His fricods have teen instruments in having him secured in the county jail, and yesterday a commission of inquiry into his mental condition pronounced him insane, and he will to-day be removed to Danville for treatment at the hospital there, lie was the secretary of the last labor Reform convention held here, ooly Inst month, and drew op the resolutions which we printed at that time. He was alio one of the Congressional conferees from Luzerne to meet a like body aelerled from Lackawanna county to select a Labor candidate for Congress. llsasr to Dr. Coptlaad. The following preamble and resolutions were adopted by the trustees of the Wyoming Seminary, Nov. 15, 1Ss2: H' et- Tbe rerlon. and pmtnretefi ft knew of Ur ti i(.fDUHt 0 It, baa renden-4 t iru snabls I . c - I arre tit dalle ul !-rtatjml ui ua t T--n nan.marr, aaS H . j f a mw arant b bow offers his r- arnaiba) aa f-rtsrtpaJ and trsaioo, to Isas after at laroaol the prerent term, therefore, Ilmi-Ht That we iire, a treWeee, to nwg. tear he Martel and tit rent arrrWe Is the ala a earned rfl -ee dunri, a lnue store than tea eera. 1 I .eerrs that t.M aMturea aa S teerher. with 1. a a It and f r-e a a a ntanarer of the Important trier. ' e tr m t.nd to a.a Miarra. haee onetrlbetad (tred Uj the pf-remT of our leeUmitos A'" 7 t-al wa alwerrly apt .re. rate the Mrtl e-eem la e t. . I-r 4se,ajid Laa l-eea re,f.OTJ,,r hei 1 aaa ta-Hrer reMM.eman asi relnnator u.emira ttMr.ieae,-r aodraief and tml.rm. "ha i in the r.r.e-ii.f of tbeae ere Ore e t, r . m-m to I. . operand oer a s 1 1 1 n ti i e rtrrw ' t.ntta rer-d and eieo to etpreea , i r -e-- - 1 b ttr . -.i e , h enure r . fef frrea toe .ere an t ufer tnroent to the f- -t oi now MU eted O - r.'.M - r . -i -n n-wr-n'ed he se and to ti e erut W at dee rei-eAa. e. nno ,. to tie tendered e at- a, ea-e aM . MM . .1 our l.earet, father and r - M Urat ta I e tree a rns Mf he da,. f . e.WBM, p k .. ear (iMee he I , t-ui htmae f toe r - e,. nn.-ed t -.e .eat 1 ate and Lewd '4 t.e t . . --I aud r. aer at .eat t if fuj tate uf Btekor -i reward. a , eert, t. a A G-re.. ft I r-r ak a, 4 O W ,utca. rr Crsjtf. i tff Mfeirl' Splaiai. ' r ihn f .-etnas, 7 fi-n tre Lead axi s! o( thr m - I' -r I ;er-jaT t, aaj t m -m L-'v-.k --.ffter, fr-sn rftt lo c ' ff k we, smpls dstfu-Lcf ! a &rrt.a lie rwws- a f c, y, IsLa tUre t ax T la c. h. I ee - . Itln raa d-w - . f 1 -a f- dB i 1 t f measure supported by the Insurance companies whom they have enriched. - Tbe BKCmUnntal A4jndIcstloB The adjudicator notes and decisions on the Welsh singing contest at Philadelphia, on-Tuesday evening, October 24th, 1882: Hunting Chorus from Haydens Seasons, prize $600. The fire choirs sang In the following order: No l Plymouth and Nantlcoke Society. No. 2 SonuyikiU Choral Society. No. 3 Cambrian Society, of Ude Park. No. 4 Lackawanna Society, of Hyde Park. No. 5 Wyoming Valler tJocletv. . In the following notes It will be observed that the party receiving the lowest number of points, indicated the highest degree of merit, and that five was high, being the point of excellence expected in the rendition. KoU H, A Clarks, Pitch Expression Total Kotet of C, M. Schmitz. No. 1 Sopranos fair; altoibad quality through forcing chest notes; tenors weak and timid; bass good tone but intonation a little off. No. 2 Deficient, especially In attack and Intonation; balanoe probably effected by relative position of parts; altos hareh, fell some. No. 3 Good party, but altos hsrh sgain. little uncertainty in Intonation, especially modulation to K Hat No. 4 Another good party; tempo too slow; unfortunate slip in soprano at finish, altos better, but Htill rather harsh. No. .V-Well balanced party; strong attack; intonation good, but not perfect; good tempo Prize goes to No. 6 by a gain of two-eighths over No. 3. in precision they are a tie, also in pitch, expression, volume, tempo and intonation. Ihe gam is In quality aud balsuce. W. W. Gilchrist. I have thought U might be mtiafactory, and also of some advantage to the different choirs to have the places pointed out in which they made mistakes In intonation 1 have, therefore, with the approval of my colleagues, complied the following Itsi of error Hunting Song,1 (Dttson edition oratorio choruses!. riioir No. 1 Third measure, 2d brace, page 1, G ft ha ip in bases, flat. First moasure, 1st brace, page 4. A soprano, flat. Fourth measure, 3d brace, page 11, K flat basses, lost. The chord on page 11, first measure, 2d brace, and a t measure last brace, waa not sung in perfect tune by any of the choirs. Choir N. 2 Find measure. 2d brace, page 2, A sharp for A natural, bass. Firth measure, 1st brace, page 2, tenors were flat. First measure, lt brace, page 4. supranoa fiat A Sixth measure, lit brace, page 5, tenors out on K natural. Fifth measure, lit brace, page 8, basses inaudible Fourth measure. .Til brace, page 8, not In tune. Fifth measure, 2d brace, page 10, not In tune. First measure, 2d brace, page 11, bass sang B natural. i hoir No. 3 Fourth measure. 2nd brace, page 0, I) flat, sopranos sharp. First m-asure. 2nd brace, page )l, tenors sung D natural (also in lost bar same pagei. Choir No. 4 Fourth mea.-ure, 2nd brace, page 1, basses flat on O sharp. Fourth measure, 1st braoe, page 11, basses missed F. flat. Choir No. 3. Sopranos were flat In last measure on paze 11. II. A. Clarke. Prof. Xuta, I'niversiiy of Pa Note The prize a os awarded to No 5, The Wyoming Valley chorftl eociety, No. 3 (the Cambrian ( boral So let) ) taking the second position. To-morrow tlie adjudication upon tbc Daughters of Israel" will be given. Ed. Th rioslDK Conference. The Baptist Conference completed its sessions yesterday, following the programme as given yesterday very closely. Intercalated within the afternoon scheme was the adoption of resolutions marking especially the Keystone Academy at Factory ville aa worthy the sympathy ana support of the lovers of education; also expressive of joy at the brightening prospects of the University at Lewisburg. and complimentary of its management; also committing the convention and the church to prohibition, aiisolutely and unconditionally; also to the better observance of the Babbalh. The press waa thanked for courtesies shown. Several new member were added to theJConfcrence. The evening session was occupied by Rev. J. R. Remsea on The Value of Prayer in Relation to Efficient Church Work, and a discussion thereon. (irial Jary Fladlagi The Luzerne Grftml Jury yesterday returned the following indictments: Com n.Pa AN T.C.IRR Co., nuisance, Wn, Reilly, proe ; John W. Tbomae. tippling bouee. Hannah barker, prog.; John W. Tnomee, telling liquor on 8an1y, same proa i kugvne hhtppey, robbery. A B McKlnetry, proe.; tberiee VeUue, aeeQit ena buttery. Jemeu Davie proe ; eume, aauauit and bat lery, aame proe : Michael Burke, aeeau It and battery to ravl'ii, Lillie Smith, prox ; John Walih, perjure, Fa trick Gihbooe. pro ; John MoGoire, eggTU vateu owauU and battery. Oeonre Iiradereon,jnw: Gwytm 4oho, foruaGoo and bastardy. Gwen Jobs, proa ; Frank Nicholas auit and battery, Clarence itoae. proa.: A. Ntveo. libel .tba V on Looe.proe; Bernard Brody, rape, bamnet fcmari, proa i Jaor MeiglaUL larceny and receiving, Fat k Cotter, pn.: hitfo and bndget Ftallbtn, eeuing Uqror on Sunday. Uormob Gibbuna, pros; George Custer, aaaoull and battery. WUliom G. Downa, brp; Tbtmhoa 6oU-wW k, euooeo icd weapooa, Cooney, proe; John Kent, eelUng liquor to minora, George ft. Bronn pme: Mamue) u fthullx, UMauli and battery, Buphemia hbolt, prex; FatrW k Beatty, larceny and receiving. K. T. htevena, proa; Jeon lioer. oaeault and battery, Catherine Gordon pm: Aotboa y 4 aHey. oaaoutt and buttery, Aim qotu, hrox. KUen Murray, lorcany and noeiving. H. 4'. Vietcber, proa, lewia and Ann Lnpdmcaeer, larceny otui rccetfting 4, Kleleber, pen. Lewie lands eater, fehsuioua abootitig and MeaQit and battery, ft. C. Fletcher, pro: ft C. Fleeter. a4V,ujt, Aru IauL mewe. prox, Henry BfblWbtnqU. maViooi tDt-chief, Henry Kmp, pma i Mary Aotoa. mmdII and battery. Ckoo. Mot'ormkik proa i iUlbarlne A KuUedge, aeoult and batlcry, JCUea kauedre Prot ; 1) r bej'ert Belling lUjnor bumiaf, Geo. W. pmc : Joeeh oung, damage to livery, Jaa yitrpeiriok. prsft TW foiXFwtcg ifre returned Ignored, proeeee tort to fsay ersoa: Com n t R. FcrwH, eeiliDglbiUoron Sunday; Mary A tmnu. aemult and butxeryi tame, tome charge; Tboroea Bartdena, maiVdfmt miat blef. The foUouiog. ignored, paO the ooau oath ematy. Com vm. 8 VL FetD. telling Bonor to miacTe; Moikoe aatevHne. oaeonlt and battery, Manignade koebeoftit, imaiU and battery. Isttgermo Cetrtt Before non. Cbftrks E IUoe, V. J., yre-terday. Ayvma C nmH, Comma ft applW-atWm rf (Gbome. trnvtee for MaUhiaa H tenheh et at. u ami rwoJ mui. Prxukw of Ji4aT Do? and kjo'l? a H- ixvt''k for modibra Wu o 4 dime hsod dcre auibfkfiurg aoe tamod,ad ao to aatnonxe t uatee to aril r'f ptrwt of Jcsuu PattbiM k and fami v aud not tey mter- rt ebV'O Jona T Ir?ie er katiy A. Uotieuborh ma? bar? la the pteru Mm b r t.ruTDe r Jbn Gruver IVpoaHVem ca par? of proiAUff ftied. naew nrjm.4 4 t va W RTe? T S. If ran et ai re 4 ui ke r re G.rrr a ba-r-e: Petrv k B I' amibe Pa-t 1 lf t al re S y lw rt ti Area i. TD- mu rt u vx u 1 r et a ii ,i e t. o FrnuDr.rema kituii lofnfewt uiaj J &. bifdma rt ku. M BfVv r f.ewyi p IbHe-Kji rerev v Ja i,rr woc-t rwirw re ( uctm-ne a J Ai J tr t ro Vl- t kino? are g Laeumeuecr va Levi Bern, ter re L. 4 1 . Aotmttm Jk ssi fhmi cssfi (cm re fws ft Kev4 oe re Ftew f. eat u htiamr, Nov at L6 a a Ceatftay Eeetik. 1 rt-n.4 epeak Iro of TL.r5.rk n oi h Ury bk'f l4n a V) O 1 me of I snavnd aM wb'-k I hoJ r Tcred fw j m-v' y.r J Va-uti, Ba-arf Tom&io, Oal. Fr fa I y Ltirvi ir aNcta at Fiffy Pelttn -f f if r' -a I a wri a t ' f ; i t l i J pi c- i r-e 1 a ' in -c- -a, J ! n N -A 1 4 F j STRENGTH tb vigorously push a business, strength to study a profession, strength to regulate a household, -strength to do a days labor with-"out physical pain. All this reprei i i sents what Is wanted, In the often heard expression, Oh I I wish I had the strength I If you are broken down, have not energy, or feel as if life was hardly worth living, you can be relieved and re- . stored to robust health and strength by taking BROWNS IRON BITTERS, which is a true tonic a medicine universally recommended for all wasting diseases. 501 N. Fraont St, Baltimor During the war I was in jured in the stomach by a piece of a shell, and have suitered fromiteversince. Aboutfour years ago it brought on paralysis, which kept me in bed six months, and the best doctors in the city said I could not live. I suffered fearfully from indigestion, and for over two years could not eat solid food and for a large portion of the time was unable to retain even liquid nourishment. I tried Browns Iron Bitters and now after taking two bottles I am able to get up and go around and am rapidly improving, G. Deckel BROWNS IRON BITTERS is a complete and sure remedy for Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Malaria, Weakness and all diseases requiring a true, reliable, non-alcoholic tonic. It enriches the blood, gives new life to the muscles and tone to the nerves. BROWNS IRON BITTERS. FOR BALE AT PHELTS DRUG STORE, Wyomlng-avenue, Scranton. . ..;RCHli.f DIBOOVEBE Jo DBl VaRCHIBI3 CATHOLICON. itOIITIVI SOU fOI FEMAlifQMPLAlHTS. This remedy will tet tn harmony with the aaio eytteui at all times, and aleo Immediate. opoa Uteebaomioa) and uterine moaclee, and tore them to e healthy and etroog oonditioo. Sr. Marctaisifc Uterine CetboUcoa will oere falL inf of the womb, LeacorrbmaChronlc Inflammation and Ulceration ot the Womb, Incidental Hemorrhage or Flooding, Painful, Bappreeeed end Irregular Menalrnaticrn, Kidney Complaint, Barrcuaeee and t eepectafl? adapted to the change ot life. Bend lor pamphlet lree. AU letter ol Inqnlry freely eniwared. Addreee u above. For eAMby alldruyrleta. New else II per bactla. Old elne $ 1 .50. Be sore and oak for Dr. Mar cbiele Uterine CathoUcoo. Take no other. Wholesale and retail by MATTBMWS RfiOTH MRd, durantoa. Fa. WILKES-BARRE ADVERTISEMENTS. WILfiOH 1. BXITH, oowToacroB an atrxLou, Shop asd office, corner Canal and Unlon-etreets. WANTS D TWO MILLINERS AT Jonoe Loofe, 217 Market street, Wtlkee-Barre. 101J PLUMBER WANTED BT J. W. PAT A ten A Co, WUkeeBorre Good wage end iu vv, tv uam-oarrw ui teody work fora good workman, ateiy. ragre and Apply Unmedl- 17t3 IJX) LADY TEACHERS. TWO LADY A. tear here may obtain board tn a private family, near Frank lin Gram mar Be boot, by addrceelng P 0. Box 1040, Wllkee-Barre, j a. fl(f CUMMER HOTEL FOR SALE. THE O at traet I ve en tamer hotel known aethe Monn- tain Hooee protert?, la offered for tale. 1 be b itel was recently refitted and handaoakel refurnebed throughout, ltie eapplird with go and tbe pureat of water from n mountain aprteg. There ere fine tabling aooom mod et lone. It ie located on tbe W Mkee Barre mououiu, near Lanrrl RunHtaUon. Leuigb and nanquebamia kailpoed. and it broad baioonire overlook the beau'iee of tbe far-famed W footing teller. I- woodland muroondinge In rUe, In aeaen, muck trnnaient petrooage. It la an may and delightful drive from VS llkee Berra, Is but five boar djtiant from FbUedelj-bia endix from hew Tufft. From ten to fonr aorae of mounteln land go with the hoteL Term easy, Addreaa W. ft. Paraone, M lUtee Barre, Ia. I7t3 Y. M. C. A. LIME AT music HAI.L. Tbs Toaa Ves'i Chrlstlas lasacUllos of VTUXes-Bsrrs, kat provMsd for tb foUowtaf Uneqaaled entertainment, To V r-sn a.rtof tbs yssset s.s TS. - A'o. nLteAur, LL DnmenXomr, U. 8. Jf. Bobjsot 1 Arctic sad Bibsrisa Kxperistces.- Dee. 13 Lecture. Jmepk Cook aubleos- KnrWsS s4 IsHct ss A Lis 04 Jus. 1 7 Lecture, . . fLiert CoCytr aah)sci - CWr Crtt." ManX t7 Concert, Heete CXotterUm-BiArtT Gp sf Ousts IVAsU. It ttasi tdsWost 75 sesls. TV, for ,m , M. b r ,ft4 t Brnss'v O' t, t. .tr-ks4 f-- M- mb ."I r , d, -. m ntMUisBMt SU STARTLING DISCOVERYI LOST MANHOOD BtSTOBED. 4 rvenm ef h: dsei Mnwg kre rf, Pe n Tmu. -v, lA litfMN. ev, be- f m4 te esse ery t sr t f w ene mj' nsm. wa-ve W - e --a f v n e a. It. iLl A V uikMmaM.k.1. ar7ABLBZD xtm. THE SCRASICN SAYIXGS BANK, tie TTonw a nrra PETtNTr SSTTD rfc' ALL CLAS, raixKLj ca min. Istfirit ca Sjv!; C-:;:i'ts. PtBKTtiltti V T 4 T v ,'ivwf-i-v fyommg Seminary anil Commercial College, KINGSTON, PA. Repaired and newly furnished. Attendance, present term, twenty-five per cent. larger than oqe year ago. Ful) corps of teachers. ' Winter Term Begins - . For Circulars, address 10w2eod-H38w3 ' O. M. BCVATT, No. 435 tackswanna-ayenue, Scranton, Pa., dealer In Breech Loading Shot Guns, Ammunition, Glass Balls, Watches, &c. &c. 8BND FOB IXXrSTHATKD CATALOG UK. OOTOBBR aXest, 1082. The weather at prerent Is not exactly suitable for Heavy Winter Clothing, yet It U wise for every one to be prepared for any emergency, and yon are also aware at this season of the year that tailors are busy, and now while tbe weather is moderate Is tbe beet lime to leave yourorder We are fuUy prepared to meet the wants of tbe public by bavin on band a fuU line of FALL and WINTER SUITINGS, TB0U8-KRINGS and OYEHCOATISGS ot Foreign and Domsstto manufacture. Would be pleased to have yon call. J. ALEXANDER & SONS. MERCHANT TAILORS Mo. 423 Lackawanna Avenue, (JTtHMTN'S NEW BLOCK.) fE bavo placed upon our floors at 120 Penn avenuo, samples of the largest aud most carefully selected stock of Slovcs, Ranges and Ileatera to te found in the city. We are solo Agents in Scranton and vicinity for the Hot Blast, Manhattan and Metropolitan Hot Air Furnaces. These Furnaces are well known In the city as the Burtis improved, and are in use by the Second Presbyterian Church, Scranton, Green Ridge Iresbyterinn Church, Linden-street Synagogue, and the following well-known citizcna; Dr. Hand, T. F. Hunt, esq. John Raymond, esq.. Geo. Sanderson, jr., esq., and many others. We have also, secured the Agency for the MAYFLOWER FIRE PLACE I1EATER, possessing many advantages over any other Heater now in use, and which in our judgment, is by far the test one in the market From the many Stoves presented to the public we have selected what we consider the best. Among them are the BERAIGff, HAPPY THOUGHT, GOOD MORNING and HAPPY HOME RANGES. The BERWICK RANGE contains all the modern improvements, including the Clipper Grate, which for convenience in raking and cleanliness is conceded by all who have seen it to be superior to any other Grate. The ash pan is in front, and so ingeniously arranged that a Are shovel is not required to take out the ashes. The HAPPY THOUGHT and GOOD MORNING are too well known to Scranton-Ians to require any detailed description at our hands. In the line of PARLOR STOVES we have the ARGAND, tlie handsomest and best stove manufactured. The HAPPY THOUGHT, with Duplex Grate, closely rivalling the ARGAND. The CLASSIC, un open Grate, par-tictilarly suitable for ted rooms. The BAR-STOUT open Orate, thirty-five years in market, and more popular than ever. We have Stoves at all prices, from TEN DOLLARS to FIFTY, and nut a had one among lh lot. WATSON & DIMMICKS. INCREASE Y0UIE CAPITAL. Tboe dwlrnj to make money on all i4i imM.iLiii imoaunruis in gram. and tGork pe'culotlo.ift. cun do nob v Disrating ou our plan. rmn May ittfc, )HI, to the irrwnnit date oil ill-T --raenti of filo cat4l pf.tflti har boon realitf! and pout to investors amouutioc to venU times titeoriMinal invest-jiieiti, still Uiuoiu-luai in- v9tueHt innkiittf money or pay-ilo ou demand. i'TlannUiry rtr-rulars uU stetmeuts of fund W ent fiee. Ve want Mionible ageuta, who will n port ou crops aud tutroduce tho plan liberal $23 WHEAT $39 STOCKS $109 onoimi ous imwl Ad h-eaa, l raUIMMi A XtCkAtlAM. r wImIm M rvkaU UtGgr Ulwt Olive Butter. A FCRE VIOrraBLB OIL, For Cooking Fnrpoiet. I better than Lard; fatly equal to Batter, and eot ka thaa either. One Pound of Olive Butter WILL CO TH WORK OF TWO FOUNDS Or LADD. Pat ay ta 1 lb. and I lb. Oan; 80 Ih. 0. TDK TRACI StTP PLIED BT G. A. FULLER & CO., Wholesale Grocer. 1 wvf ': y4 t tai rr?)Hr rwtryitdg fteo. P'A C4 V iff I wy, A ww Ik I Mil t ftre-ia i rVaa. v nb a ? m fAVf a a ftr rift. t '-,, kff Xeyv MS KMl Uyn ry k'. )i'Mktxt. S!4 4 - 5 e ks-ri-M M Vbm X c . m Mb . WFae y- rr we - ' a e rr t r TWta fc-wV kvbt.t.rAiLA, c. , ,v- Iti Mn Kill Co. Lniltl rum, FA Brea-8 M QoebaaAej. P J-lGrchfLnt Minors, AM ftrajars is nXIIS.fEED KEALCRAI8,. o- l-o.- it w I" ,i ot f or it;, a D e rorkfl, rr c LD '- .reef p--r -T- t.o'nr', ao'i tl-jrerext--'pLs ui tt)a jrerti fttitJiuyt. -i December 1st, 1882. " Rev. L. L, SPRAGUE, A. M.,' Principal iunoaiiHinent of ths Fill Csmp&iga far 18S2, THK- MANUFACTURFRS CLOTHlIiG STORE, 516 Lack. Ave., Scranton. . We taka pleasure In thanking onr many custom, era for their liberal patronage since opening our Mammoth Clothing IIoum in Boranton last Hpring. Wearenow opening the Fall and Winter Campaign of ) 8S2, and offer to oar many customers and the public to general tbe largeet ana finest stock of Ready-Made Clothing I Ever Offered in Scranton. The stock consists of a full line of Men, Youths1 and Boys bulta and Orercoete of everr grade and description. Also an hnmente stock of Wrapper and Drawers, Woolen and CUerolt bhfrts, oil of which we offer at the Lowest Wholesale Prices. AU QooCa Retailed at Wholesal Price. W give the price of few of our OVERCOATS : 3, t, t-". to 50, 0 00, tlO 50 and 11 60. Men bore taatea demand finer goods can be suited wills the lino at $14 to too. 16 LACKAWANNA AVENITK. WE. TAYLOR, Manager. NERVOUS DEBILITY I A CURE GUARANTEED. Da E, C. WESTS NERVE and BRAIN Treatments exilic for Hratorla. Dicxineoe, Conmlaiona, Nerroue Ueodacbo, Mental LMpreeeion, Loea of Mmnnrr, 8pormaUrrlMit, Impotency, lu-folantary Kmlsslona, Presiatura Old Ago, canoed by Oror-exertion, eelf-abnoo or over-tod ulenca, whica Made to miaerr. dwy and dealh. One box wlD cure reoent oosho. Kacb box oont&lna on montb'e treat Bknt. One dollar a box or U bottle for fire dt4 ku ; rent by mail prepaid on receipt of prlo. We gnaramoe efx boxo to our any oaaa. With auk ordetr racolved by aa for six boxes, aonom ponied with flv dollar, wo will rend th rrnn hirer written guarantee to refund the money U th treatment don not effect a cnr. Guarantee tHeaed by MATTiUtwa UKOd., WlMileeatoand ReUil Agent, frvrantoo, Fft. Order by mo3 will rerwtra prr.mpfi fttreottoo. dr1-lftKOel R. SUPERLATIVE During the late period of enforced idleness in Minnesota milling we have made important .changts in our mills, by which the quality of our Flour has beej greatly improved. It has always been our aim to keep the as high as anything manufactured, but our is a Higher Grade than anything ever sold It contains a greater proportion of Gluten and less of weak,v starchy and impure matter, and is consequently Stronger and more Nutritious, and will produce more bread per barrel than any other. . . -' Ask your grocer T. H. WATTS, Agent for Eastern Penna. WASHBURNS HUNT & CONNELL, Limited, .. IOKAMWOH, DEALERS IN Heavy Hardware AGENTS FOB THE LACKAWANNA DOUBLE! MERCHANT . BESSEMER BAR STEEL AND Park's Black Sweets T ire Steel and Toe Calks BURDENS HORSE SHOE, i Putnam, Globe and Vulcan Nails, ROSEBERRYS RAILROAD SPIKES, Morris, Tasker & Co's Pipe, Austins Galvanized Corrugated Leader, ' ABEND ROTHS SPIRAL RITfiTED PIPE, - ! For Hydraulic, Mining and Engineering, Ventilating and Leader Pipe. American Galvanized ari Blatl SBEET IRON and Russia Sheris. WEBER PMOS-GraM, Spare and Uprisll, WEBER PIANO. A. And nnlv A rent for wm CONNELL & BATTIN, Stoves, Furnaces and Ranges, ONLT AQENT8 Happy Thought Range. " Happy Thonght IJcating Stoves, Triumph Heating Stoves ILL VITTBD WITH BMTTHS DVPLBI GBATKA The shove are the Finest Stovgs In the World, and sold at Low Prices. D. HUBBARD & for Hubbards R. D. HUBBARD & CO., Mankato, Minn. SUPERLATIVE. y 1 f - g it tt r l t Iron and Steel. IRON AND COAL COS REFINED BAR IRON, , BESSEMER STEEL CAB AXLES. Diamond Steel, T2 CEOICE CF ILL (BEAT UTISTS. F4TTI I have need the Plan of every oet- bratea maker, but rtveyonri thft preferenoo over SHKSTXR Yoor Piano are most eroeQxl to every particular, tbtfr eweeV ness ana gyro pa thy of toot making thorn most drdrahi to ft elugor. OAHRJNO I am not aerprteed that every ere the We: ruly noble 1l Ohd meet every roqolrement tbe most exacting. artist prvrere Che Webar Plano". They ore truly noble tuetramenti U . 3tlng. k U3 U M a4ame Parana called yemr Plane the first to th woild, and I Wy mdvrM that opinion; they Aom a rixai anyxchjru FILLSOtf 1 alLUl take every opportunity to prtdM end rtoommmd or Tiarjt. tfnAXiQ For the tort ix yefii fm Pianos have been mv rhdes tat the mnewt room ftar. ' Komt, H. BACON. General Agent Nnrthera Pennsrlrenta. Waade nU BVwk. WOkm-Barre FOB TUB COS FLOURI standard of our Flour New Flour we claim in this Market. New Superlative. . A I t e i l V r . ' -! ViT-shbilrns Superlative, Now as Alvay:, Stands '.umber One. - . - ' a', ft i ii w t - - I- " : r ; T . V .. ' te r w t :src;i :ill c:v:vt i;-' T Is r t t Mw: m A tar a a 3 m Mn.y.fvtut. 1 - V E J r c f

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