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Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont • Page 9
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Rutland Daily Herald from Rutland, Vermont • Page 9

Rutland, Vermont
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RUTLAND DAILY HERALD, SATURDAY MORNING. NOVEMBER 1, 1980 Farmland Is-Issue in Addison County Skinner Accused By SALLY JOHNSON UDDLEBURY The future Olaerirullnral lanrlc lthe redistribution of Miller rApmuu a i Of Brochure Tie In the Addison-Rutlar. Windsor race, Rep. Jose ph Steventon. R-Rochester.

i stepping down. Two othi Rochester residents Democrat Robert Rummt and Republican Wallao Martin are seeking 't replace him. By NICK MARRO Betty Nuovo and Kathleen Hanson. Richardson belongs to several Addison County social agencies; Nuovo is a Middlebury attorney; and Hanson, a Rip-ton resident, was once an administrator at the Brandon Training School. The fifth candidate in the race for the two seats is William Palmer, of East Middlebury who is running as an independent after he was defeated on the GOP ticket in the primary.

Vermont Prem Rurem 1 Arnold of Whiting for the seat left vacant by Rep. Harold Giard who resigned to run for the Senate. Neither has held elective office before. Another vacant seat, left open by the retirement of Rep. Chester Ketcham.

is up for grabs in Addison-5. The other seat in the Middlebury-Ripton district is currently held by Elizabeth Deppman, R-Middlebury, who was appointed to the post when former Rep. Jim Douglas resigned to go to work for Gov. Richard Snelling. This time around.

Douglas is the Republican candidate for Secretary of State. The job which Deppman hopes to keep is also the goal of fellow Republican Brenda Richardson of East Middlebury and Democrats whichs made up of Cornwall. Bridport. Whitin Leicester and Salisbury. Charlotte Hammond of Bristol is an educator and 26-year resident of the county.

In a one-on-one race in the Addison-2 district. Rep. Arthur Cota, R-Starksboro, is going up against Democrat Marilyn Barbato-Sullivan. who comes from the same town. That district includes Monkton.

Starksboro, Lincoln and New Haven. Cota has been a Starksboro selectman for 21 years and a legislator for two. Barbato-Sullivan works in the fields of elementary education, speech, and hearing and massage therapy. In the Addison-4 district. Democrat Marie Baldwin of Cornwall will compete with Republican Maurice about his legal experience wese deceptive.

More than a dozen lawyers took part in the assult. charging that Skinner's legal experiences consisted mostly of handling "uncontested divorce cases." Friday, Linton pointed to Skinner's brochure and said, "Voters need not even look. for a deceptive Skinner add on television. Thousands of Vermont voters have written proof of Mr. Skinner's deceptive advertising.

"The back page of his brochure specifically states Since 1976, Scott has pcactices law in Montpelier with his wife." Linton noted that Skinner wasn't admitted to the Vermont bar until 1977. Steinhardt confirmed the statement in MONTPELIER A campaign aide for Republican attorney general candidate John Easton Friday charged that Democrat Scott Skinner "lied about tys experience as a lawyer" in a brochure distributed earlier this year. Tom Linton, Easton's campaign manager, charged that the brochure cleary states that Skinner claims to have practices law in Montpelier since 1976 when in fact he wasn't admitted to the Vermont bar until late 1977. Skinner's campaign aide Barry Sheinhardt called the Easton camp's allegations "a half-baked, warmed over charge that was made during the I i ON THE RESTAURANT 4VIIUUI4 cuuiduuu lunas-and the repaying of state highways seem- to be shaping up as the key issues in the minds of the men and women whose names will appear on the ballot in Addison County Tuesday. In the four-way race for two state Senate seats from Addison County.

Brandon, Sudbury and Benson, voters will choose between incumbents Arthur Gibb. R-Weybridge, and Seeley Reynolds, -Salisbury, and Democrats Harold Giard and Charlotte Hammond. Gibb and Reynolds are both familiar faces in Montpelier circles by now Gibb has been a legislator since 1963, and a senator for ten of those 17 years. Reynolds has had three terms in the Senate. a Bridport dairy farmer, is a newer but often visible face in the capital.

He spent four terms in the legislature, representing Addison-4 CLOSED Now playing 7:00 only Matinee Sun. 4:30 primary. the brochure and contended that it was Steinhardt said the latest alleeation wed. Nov. 3, 4, 5 Nov.

10, 11, 12 OPENALLYEAR ttMtlat ft Dnm, Smu I I) 11 ttpa was "a concerted smear campaign orf not misleading ZlP-A-DEE--DOO-DAH! Walt Disney's the part of the Easton." "Scott was admitted in another state. He added that if Easton was concerned but was unable to practice in Vermont," about the brochure he shouldn't have Steinhardt said. "He was assisting Mary MOT CHOW (his wife) but couldn't appear in court "The Popular Price" Souths mm Dwwi PtMucWona Mm tv. Im 1 II Mallt M.n VI feat. I 1 I mi 773-4424 RESTAURANT Downtown Rutland waited until four days before the election to raise the charge.

"Obviously he's desperate for issues," Steinhardt suggested. "It also is a good indication he played a role in the earlier attacks." Steinhardt was referrine to Thurs-. Starts Nov! 7 "Jesus' Linton, however, disagrees. He contends that the impression left by the brochure was that Skinner was practicing law. He said, "Mr.

Skinner's empty qualifications are dishonest and people must be aware of this deception before they vote. Finoct VERMONT COB-SMOKED HAMDINNER WITH HOMEMADE PIES POULTNEY METHODIST CHURCH SUNDAY, NOV. 2nd SERVING: 3, 4, P.M. Undx Tickets: Coll 287-5511 Mm The RmnHrm day's assult on Skinner's advertismentsf by a group of Washington County lawyers. "The question in this campaign is ex Chinese -American em Served and To Take Out perience, ability and integrity, Linton Inn -4 said.

"Mr. Skinner has proven himself The lawyers voiced concern as attorneys that Skinner's advertisments lacking in all three areas." "THE PRIDE OF THE ALLEY" Brandon, V't. The Old EPA Says State Could SAWDI'S STEAK HOUSE Come and relax where fine food and wine have been a tradition since 1786. Very Few Inns Can Say That We must be doing something right For Reservations, Call 247-5766 Veto Any Nuclear Dump Search Continues For Missing Man COLCHESTER Police here continued their search Thursday for an Essex' Center man who has been missing since last Friday. Police have recovered a blood-stained crutch and a boot that belonged to the man, 37-year-old Wilfred King III.

King, who is handicapped, was last seen Friday evening. Saturday two hunters recovered the blood-stained crutch in a field off the Middle Road here. A later search of the field located a bootownd by King. Thursday Colchester Officer Clayton Wood said police are treating the incident as a "missing persons" case, but have not ruled out foul play. "The longer it goes, the more likely foul play is involved," Wood said.

King's white Chevrolet Blazer with a yellow plow and trailer hitch is also reported missing. For Over 25 Years Rte. 7-4 Miles North of Rutland 773-8124 Open Daily 5:30 Closed Sundays Reagan had claimed that federal regulations proposed for California would have made driving in California "impossible." "The simple facts," claimed Blum, are that Reagan, while governor, vetoed an air quality auto emissions standard law, passed by the California Legislature in 1971, that was stiffer than the federal Clean Air Act. That same year, she said, the Republican objected to another measure passed by the Legislature that would have provided a full-time state board to MAKE SUNDAYS A FAMILY AFFAIR Children Under 12 Eat FREE from Noon 10 P.M. from our Children's Menu or These Specials SUNDAY DINNER BUFFET Noon to 2 P.M.

Adults $6.99 Senior Citizens $6.49 RUSTIC WOODSHED RESTAURANT and LOUNGE RTE. 4A, WEST RUTLAND 438-9889 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT WE ARE NOWOPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 6 A.M. TILL8 P.M. SERVING THE BEST PIZZA IN VERMONT EAT I Nor TAKE OUT Also 3 Daily Specials and A Lunch Special LOUNGE WILL REOPEN NOV. 14 promote strong local pollution control programs.

Reagan's objections, she suggested, led to the board becoming only a part-time entity "with diluted authori ty-" Reagan also vetoed legislation in 1974 DINNER SPECIALS Noon to 10 P.M. CHICKEN FRICASSE or SPAGHETTI 8, MEATBALLS $3.95 that would have created a full-time Air Resources Board and a strong regional agency for the Los Angeles area, she By ELIZABETH SLATER MONTPELIER? Barbara Blum, deputy administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, disclaimed any responsibility by her agency Thursday for suggestions that Vermont might be a future dumping site for nuclear wastes. She said such a move would be impossible without Congressional consent, if Vermonters themselves opposed it. The Carter appointee, in Vermont campaigning for her boss, said the original idea that Vermont might be a nuclear waste disposal site came from a study contracted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The study pinpointed Vermont, with ti granite deposits, as one of 16 potential wastes sites nationwide. Blum said she was unfamiliar with the laws governing NRC, but believed the NRC would be the agency to select any future dumping sites for nuclear waste. But in doing so, she noted, the agency must follow standards now being prepared by the EPA. Blum said the NRC would have look elsewhere for dumping sites if a state banned nuclear waste disposals, as some Vermont lawmakers have proposed unsuccessfully in the past. But "obviously, if all 16 (potential sites) banned it," she added, a Congressional "override" to state bans might be secured to dump the waste materials.

Blum, ushered through Vermont Thursday on a tight schedule by Carter Democrats, had more on her mind than nuclear wastes, however. In a prepared press release, the EPA official attacked Carter's Republican foe for statements made about air quality control, efforts during the televised presidential debate earlier this week. Blum accused former California Gov. Ronald Reagan of uttering "false and misleading statements" when he contended that, when governor, he had no quarrel with air quality control laws, only federal regulations. said, and in 1973, appointed members to that boarijl that "delayed" until 1979 putting into effect strict auto em missions standards that had been proposed by the Includinq Salad Bar.

Vegetable, RollsSi Beverage of Rutland 775-1911 Air Resources Board staff in 1977. "I can see where Reagan would be ashamed to admit such a record in air poolution control," said Blum, "but it was his record which he made the THE BENCH TAVERN 87 State Rutland Luncheons DAILY SPECIALS Dinners Fri. Sat. Broiled Swordfish Steak N.Y.StriD Steak. 12 Oz.

The CHOPPING BLOCK PROCTORSVILLE, VT. Bringing, the best to you in Rock music. This Week FRI. SAT. "Red Handed" NEXT WEEK "GLASSMT." No Cover Before 8:30 on Fridays and 50cDrafts.

rrr citizens of California live by." "I do not believe that the citizens of the United States want or need a continua tion of the Reagan Air Policy." Reagan's stand on air pollution control laws became an issue in the presidential campaiging several weeks ago after he made a comment suggesting no more ef Roast Turkey wDressing Old-Fashioned Pot Roast Baked Stuffed Shells Chicken Breast Francaise 775-5919 forts were needed to cleanup the air. Blum was scheduled Thursday to put in an appearance at Montpelier's $4 million sewage treatment plant, still under construction, which the city was required to build under threats by state and federal environmental officials. But the visit was cancelled because of her SPEND THE NIGHT WITH ANNE MURRAY apparently tight schedule. Corinth Home Is Destroyed The Science Fiction Classic '2001 IN MONTE CARLO WITH HOST PATRICK WAYNE. PLOOM AND LES GIRLS SPACE ODYSSEY when he got to the Tilloston home on the Corinth-Chelsea Road.

White said he does not know the exact cause of the blaze but that the fire was centered around the woodstove. Firefighters saved the shell of the building, but White said Thursday the house probably would have to be Evenings at 8 P.M. CORINTH The Wayne Tillotson home was destroyed Wednesday, despite the effort of volunteer firefighters to -stop the blaze. East Corinth firefighter Dustia White "was first on the scene at 11 a. 171.

Wednesday. According to White, flames had already broken through the roof Sunday Matinee at 2 P.M. 4 lVi 1 XL- SATURDAY 7PM ft ZlP-A-DEE-DOO-DAM! It's it's exciting, it's variety extravaganza. Hoff Questions Decomposed Hospital Move Body Found BURLINGTON (UPI) LYNDONVILLE' A Former Vermont Gov. badly-decomposed body of Philip Hoff is leading a an unidentified man was group of Burlington citizens found early Friday on the Wall IMmm'vN now vatunun.

lune 11. Illy Blum Hits At Reagan BURLINGTON (UPI) -Another high ranking federal bureaucrat stumped in Vermont Thursday on behalf of President Jimmy Carter. Barbara Blum, the Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, told a Burlington audience Republican presidential hopeful Ronald Reagan made false and misleading statements dur- ing his televised debate Tuesday with President Jimmy Carter. Blum said Reagan's claim to object only to federal regulations conflicts with his record 011 environmental issues. She cited four cases in which Reagan, as governor of California, vetoed or delayed air quality improvements drafted by state officials.

The Carter administration member said she can see how Reagan would be ashamed to admit that Blum said Regan's statements during the debate were "''false and misleading." TMHHUU)H' wno are snepucai auuui a Back Center Road off of the tr -iiLif massive rebuilding plan at the city's Medical Center DISNEY DYNOMITE DOUBLE FEATURE with co-feature THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG RIDES AGAIN' Strl Evenings at 7 P.M. Saturday 1 Sundcy Matinee i P. Ml Passumpsic river in Lyn-donville, state police said. Detective Richard Perry said that the body was found by two canoeists, Clayton Hubbard and and his son, as they were checking the banks the river for their dog. The body, that police Hospital.

The group organized formally Thursday night as the Friends of Health Care, Inc'. Members said they will ask for a formal role in state government hearings on the hospital expansion Plan- 1 1 .1 r.i iitrtiT The Medical center, ver- believe was ther'e for JILL 'MICHAEL CHARLES CLAYBl RGH DOLGLAS GROWN "At last, Mr. Wrong." mont's largest hospital, has 8eVeral months, was found askecj state permission to behind the residence of a spend nearly $80 million Dr. Bailey on the Back dollars on the first phase of Center Road, police said, the plan. The hospital's long-term 0 yja Kii4ino nianc pmiiH rnst transported to the Medical I UV 'xSSr Saturday I I I VvKA 6 30PM iftill "I don't know, whether it more than $150 million over Center in Burlington 1 where was through ignorance or 4 funny love story.

Evenings at 7 and 9 P.M. faulty memory, or with malice and forethought, but in any case, it was an inaccurate statement," said Blum. 20 years. 811 uwipsy was iu uc yci- Menjbers of the group said formed, police added, they ire not necessarily op- A police investigation is to the rebuilding under way to determine the plan. cause of Saturday and Sunday Matinees 2 P.M..

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