The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1932
Page 6
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FACE SIX MIET SUlllVi Samfny Fuller, Boston's Mighty Mile, Is Throwback to Old John L. By DEXTKR TEED . SEA S»rvl<y Writer NEW YORK.—The stiadc of col- orfii) JoiiJi L. Sullivan, biiily Jieavy- welght lighter of days IOIIK iwsstJ. stalks hi miniature through Amer lea's pri?.c rings once more. For In Sammy Fulter, llf;hlv.-<:-if>lu contender,'. Boston •. liai. another . "strong boy" haltllng In the rlntr wars wiio Is a pocket edition ol the original ami raging John L. Barrel-chested an:! with arms thick as n 200-poundcr';;, littb flvc- foot-llirec Sammy brings tack thasc days when men fought for ihe sake of fighting, when a r»'. of (joli »-us- n't the .sole incentive lo desperate and bloody combat. , ' Hairy, and muscled like a wrestler, the sa\ved-oir Boston Italian looks like a cave-man—until lie 'leaps Into action. Tljtn you'see speed. Hthoncss, boxing .«klll and uncanny punching ability unexpected in a 1 man of his bullii. He has beaten Ray Mll!or. knock- edoiit the veteran Billy Wallace and just, the other night dctulca Jackie (Kid) Ucrg, "the Whltec'nayel .Whirlwind." England's most, famous fighter. He Is pointlnc now for Ull• ly Petrolic and later the lightweight champion, Tony Canzenerl, whom • he beat on points before Tony was champion. ' Puller, born Snblno Ferullo. is a "natural." He fights first because lie likes It. Secondly he fights tr make money. He burs nobody. He would be fighting every week if rr had somebody lo fight. Sammy lias been battling almost since he was born 24 years ago. The ; oldest of 11 children in n family .: living-In .Boston's North End, lie went into the streets as a bootblack fls n, incre child. Tire Ferullos needed money—and little Sabino got it. The 'nickels came In because he ^fought for them. The kids around his neighborhood were Jenkins of one another. They swung little lisls • for the privilege of shining shoes. They laugiied at imrtersir.ed Sammy until he leaned in nntl llctel "tough guys" twice his stye. BRUSHING UP SPORTS •-•• Some .wen years ago he was a full-fledged amateur. In (lie Nation- ar Junior A. A. U. tourney he was second in the flyweight class. Then hy':-turned professional and foujlil .'as 'a bantamweight. feSllieiweight nnd - finally ns a ligluivelcht. He .accumulated $20,000. a Ire, mentions sum for- a boy who had twn Rind to make a nickel. Dining this, (line J>e beat Red Chapman Chick Suggs. Benny Ba-is. Johnny 1 • Sr.eppard and Uonsy Hoy Finncgaii. Then he went into temporary re.. tlremenl. During the winter he needed money and he ramc out with both lists • swinging. IJke Billy Petrolle 'he .was better than ever.'Dan Car-' roll, his 'manager, mid Harry Kelly trainer, believe he «-IH be the next . lightweight champion. What rice." Sammy believe? "I'll fl?ht anybody," says "Little Giant 11 .-Sammy. "Thev donX com" too tough for me—nor toD big. Jit* 1 give me Petrolle or Canzoneri. that's • all I want." "We don't bar any of 'cm. 11 gcc.s on Kelly, "if Petrolic or anv of those felloas come in over weight it's all right for us. Sammy's rk-h'' now.' And. Sammy nods his head nnd says it's all right .with him If h- • gets the money. He has a nits an* n baby to support. He p| ans t 0 £enrt some of his 10 kid sisters and brothers to college. Youn* Pittsburgh Boys To Be Baseball Guests PITTSBURGH, Pcnn., (UP) _ Pittsburgh boys. 12 years old and . younger, will be able to sec major league baseball, games this year ..'-. without charge, the Pittsburgh Ka:- tiohal League Club announced. President V,'. E. Bensjvahger announced that two days a week will be set aside during .June, July and -August, on which, toys under 13 will be guests of tlie'Plttsbiirgh management. HE'S <wf A' , (t HAS 6NO SHOULDERS OF A SAMMV telRED R?OM SoMeTMe AGo too, 000 — IOHMT BROKE Well. now. (like this fellow Joe Savoldl, wrestler. Did it ever occur to you thai ihe Imli-y, imieh-mns- cled Jcc would make n pretty (air Tarain? Anyway, Just that has occurred lo Joe. And Joe snys il occurred to the movie people, too. "They offered me the- role of Tar?an." Joe confided the other dny, 'bill I couldn't, ni>rrc wiih tlu>in on money. Johnny U r ci«nnillcr under- bill mo." There must be pretty S o:xi lotjSh in lhe wrestling racket. * . • • A Southpaw Custom Lefty Corner, the cunning Gasman, has some ot the same letl- Miicleri frails that made Hubc W.idrtell (lie subject of song and lory. Thus. Lefty the other dny re- •eated that one of his dearest. de- Ires was to don a suit of armor ind ride a bicycle from the biill- icn to the pitching mound. Ii e £ akl ie thought. It would create u sen- saliou. Maybe II would. * t • An Opinion If Jack Shnrkcy will discard his .',_ y ".".""..when lie meets ciinni- summer, unplaced only once anil earned I *211,MS for Ills owner. \ To which a buy colt named Sun Spi'ar conltl reply that his daddv was Sim Hriar.. nnd -that Sun Hriar was ihe pappn of Sun Beau. loo. and Sun Hcait won $440,77'l, which was mure Hum any oilier rnce horse ever won in this world. ilon Max Sclmieling this fQOOR Afl^rS MAW'S UJEAKEST SFdT-THAT'S rr OFT&H HtS M ew _WJTA HOKVAA S — - 0 , fight straightforwardly from gong to gong, without hysterics, irc-ims or other occasional fL-,h- vlfely outbreaks, he will lw reward- «t for his palm by being knocked uilc cold. iolnr Away Back Phar Uip u dead, but some ol H? blood will be represented in the i m m ky Derby of 1932 - "'» 'to is: Pliar leap's ancestry goc 1 ; back ve generations lo the "great ndl- ish horse, carbine. Carbine's lino goes back to Australian. War Plane a son of Amerigan Flag, by Man o' War, by Fair Play, can be" traced back to Hastings, and the Hnsttiws «r.c goes back to Australian, tco • • • Twtnlj- Grand's Kin Some close relatives of Twenty orand. winner of last year's I>rbv will comiwte hi »,, event this vear Twenty Grand Is by St. Germans: Bonus^ In (hi, year's race, Clolho and T\v-ceny. by St. Germans are entered. They arc half-brolher and half-sister, respectively, of Tn-enty Grand. Another kinsman is Pro Bono, by Chicle-Bonus, claiunne relationship on the maternal side of Ihe house. • . , Bip Bnilhrrs Fli Bht has a couple of slep- * wf:0 rafl} ' go !o '"c post her on Derby Day. Miss T%> Is a daughter of Dh Donc- . Indian Runner and ! Sav t»;o gentlemen runner... also call mnn^° nc pappj '' Illdiau Huniifr's mother was Indian Maiden, and I Says mamma was Aloft. • • • Rirh Relatives ,J'rt ny . ° f lhe hwscs cnlc '<^ In ir'^r 1 '^'" tnlking "» U traon- cy. R. M. Eastman's Cathop a bav Mlt by Supremus-CIonakllty can ™ " "S, hU hea<l " ncl wak Hint out. His mother, Clonakllly. ni, 0 ».i5 the mother of Mike Hall, "a isreat stake horse that won S213- 220 in his racing years. And Sekhmet, nut filly by Sar i can point to a preUy able •S»rrt»n«nle, a French hor w , Champs Beat Pels nnd Travelers Bow lo Memphis. The Birmingham Barons won the opening game as the start on nn- olhcr Southern league pennant vcs- (crday. The Dnrons disposed ol the Now Orleans Pels at New Orlxins by a score of 12 lo ft. About 10.MO fnns = at fn on the game. White, rookie 'ontlipaw. came to Bob nasty's aid in the eighth inning and held the Pels In check. At Memphis lhe Chicks and Travelers committed error after error but the Pcbs finally succeeded in giving tlie opening game lo the Chicks. The pitching cf Griffin mitigel Memphis southpaw, was the redeeming feature of the game Tlie score was 10 (o 2. Approximately ROW fans turned out at Nashville to Fee ihe Vols take the opener from the Crackers G to 3. The veteran Mil'tead held the Crackers to win over Morrison on the mound for Atlanta. An error in the ninth inning gave Chattanooga Lookouts a C to 4 victory over the Knoxi-llle Smokies Some 12.500 were pvcrcnt for the season's limusrtiral at Chattanoo-a where about 17.500 watched the opening game last-year. Standings Memphis ... Nashville Birmingham Clmltanooga Knoxvliie ... New Orleans Atlanta Little nock ! Southern I.ratruc W. American W. Turtle ilcnd Stran«lr,l n f „ MADISON. Va. (UP)-Mrs TI B Fray tclU a slrange story of how she lost one of her pet hens re, cently. The head of a turtle Us mouth open, was thrown Imo, the chicken yard. The hen began pick- jiiB it to see if it W!ls g(KKi tc , pr!>t The turtle head grabbed the chick- tn In a death-like grip and sirang- Rend Courier flows Want Ads. Grand Leader Barber Shop 110 N. 2nd Hair Cuts - - 25o Earl E. Parker _ n. s . Prevost "The St Man" KRKSH RIVRR CAT FIS!! RVKRY DAY Jimmie O'Rrien's Cafe 105 a 2nd St. Phone 271 New York Chicago i Washington i Cleveland o SI. Louis o Philadelphia .'.'... o Uoston Q National Philadelphia St. Louis Cincinnati Boston Leajue W ' Chicago Pittsburgh New York Pel 1.000 1.000 1,000 1.000 .000 .00" .000 Pet 1.000 1.000 m .000 '.000 Pet. 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 .00" .000 TODAY'S GAMES Southern I.rasuc Memphis nt Little Rock Atlanta at Nashville. Birmingham n t New Orleans Chattanooga at Knoxvillc. American I.cajrue St. Louis nt Chicago. Cleveland at Detroit. New York nt Philndelprira Washington at Boston Pittsburgh at St. Louis Cliic.igo at Cincinnati. Boston at Brcoklyn. Philadelphia at New York ADS THE RESULTS SECOND HAND FURNITURE Se« Us First R. J. Dodson 391-303 E. Main ' The Offices of DR. FRED CHILI), I>R. L. II. MOORE. •>K. H. A. TAYLOR Will Be Closet! Every Thursday Afternooii. Call Phone No. 243 for INSURANCE SEUV1CB We Wrilc: Burglars- (Residence ft Mercantile safe) Insurance, Health & Accident, Automobile Liability, Plate Glass, nnd all lines ot rnsually and bonds. Sell real estate, atwl wrvlco rental property. W. i\I. BURNS COMPANY, INC. World Champs Off to Good 'SlarJ; Ruth Hits I wo Homers in Opener The world champion St. IXMIIS Cardinals opened the 1332 baseball vason with a triumph ovsr the Pl- i'fitcs yesterday, while die Athletics, American lenuiif' title holders, •«.-nt clown liefore a home run Ixir- of liabc Ruth and lii.s N2w — Yankees. I he Curds wnn behind the steady urling of Flint. Rhem' ami due to ielr own ability to make hits count WRDNESDAY, : .13, :l932 HV JAMKS K nONAHlli: NBA Srrvfi-i! Writer 3!eantiiK mulerneallt the car Is lirnhnbly Hie job n motorist ran inideriake. But whctli- er he does It himself, or has a i t'on ,!""" "" ll - il «'!» ">™» t In • life ol the car and easier ' Wliifc you're ewli'ifT over l>arl:> It mlRlit | M : ^ c \] lo - iho .ncciminlnu-d mud and lioni t| lc . sj>r| llRS ttjlh ,, ;1 , "lid tf.cji give :: fresh ap Memphian Who Fought With Forrest Is Dead . MEMPHIS, April 12. ,(UP)--j..T. L- j Laird. 80, wlio fought w mi GenVr- ial Nathan n. Forrosfs troops, died here early today. For half a century he had i^en associated In (he business and io- clal world with Percy IicMailw 7C, his roommate, at the Sunshine' Home lor Aged Men to which he iclirnd three years apo. Fmiernl niriiiigomr-iifs had not been completed today. (licsc t . ]fm dirt York i'he score was 10 to 2, with Popper Mirlln, scns;ulun of last, fall's world ene.s, stcnliiif n baie to a'r.ov.- he 5 still ot:t and aliont. nalK Ruth hit two homers, his mtlield mate, Sam Byrd, did the <me und Lou Gelntg hit one as lie Yankees blnstc-l George Earn- haw on" the mound and trimmed he Macks, 12 to tj. Simmons and '00 oi the Macks gol four-ply wals. The New York Giants opened ths Rational ic.isne season at their lome park but the Philadelphia 'Inllles supplied the fireworks, win- ilng 13 lo 5. Phil Collins held tile Ji.inl.s In II.-IIKI .while his mat's Mundcd out. 17 hits. Kfds Win Ijle The Cincinnati Reds waiter! im- il the Hindi inning and then pro- ocded to stage a furious finish be- ore the home town fans and de- rated the Chicago Cubs 5 In 4. Red / contributed a double at an pnortune moment in the big in- inir as a pinch hitter. Ed Brandt (Drew the ball past the Brooklyn Dodders from hLs )>ort- ulc all afternoon and the Braves •on. a io 3. Brandt, held Careys 3»f.slioii Marts (o five hits. The rooklyn Infield turned in four oithle plays but went to sleep at (her times. The Clilcaso White Sox in the mencan league won over the St ouls Browns, o lo 2. Sad aim ones held the St. Louis hitters in icck while Carey Selph, new Sox ifieldcr, wielded a wicked bat for ic home team. Games between Cleveland -and otrolt, and Washington and Boson were postponed because of cold rain. driving. If you wonder why cleaning the under side of (lie car will ma ke lor easier driving, stop and in- SJKCI the- bottom. Winter'.',- mud ^,'J." and dirt are caked on the chas- i" P ,, inl C.-eneinlly a motorist will paint the top of a fender • v.-licn it becomes inarietl. but there arc rev,who take Bl :od C n,-;. of n w , mi]( ,,. sis members, imilerncalh the feiicl c-js and probably on the flr.or boardf of the car. If this Is very thicl:. the bottom area is large enough to accamiiiu- ilal = (juilL' a wcisht of mud nnd other matcrliil. This weight adrli to the load ihe motor has to carry increases gasoline consumption, and cuts do;vn power. If you intend-doing the cleaning Job yourtelf,' get, yourself ii Bood stiff brusli with a lo.'ij baii- i die. Th e handle will enable you to work without eettlnu directly under the falling refuse as It drops from, the chassis. A coiialc prevents tlie metal from Misting. If applied only (0 me top of ih e fmdora. lt does >M . I good on the bouoin, :i iid water ii|) from ihp i- 0i ,d | )y n, 0 " ''lists [ho muler sur- Fish Won Where- Mirwr Failed ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (UP)— on Clianu, former Logan county ' V- 1 - sWI, stood off a "crowd of miners during slrike trouble 1S121. But lie was knocked down HI completely winded by the first sh that struck his line in the Gulf Mexico. More than 55.000,000 stems of innnns were imported into the nlted Stales during 1931. of .knives with strong blades will help lonscn r the mud that has caked on lenders. Don't, be afrafd of kicking up a lot of dirt. To remove il from the chassis, it's necessary to use a. lot of "elbow grease." A gentle touch of the brush will have no more etlect than the sting of a mosquito on an elephant's hide. The mud is sometimes diflicnlt to remove, even willi a knife. In this cafk! as much as possibic should be scraped off nnU ihe remainder washed off by a .strong -stream from the garden Hose. If grease covers the chassis it can be removed with a siisolinc-wnl-- ed rag. Lcok at (lie wheels, brake drums and rods. These units are subjected to jiist as much dirt from the road as is the chassis of'the car. T1 '"e parts, and In particular wheels -soon luce. Oilcn tile bottom will wen thin that, despite the s i,- onB peaiance of the top of the fender il is pci.sililo to push ;i j, 0 tc' lln-oiish il with your linger. This Is because the rust has-eaten its way from ihe ' buUoni and le/t ig but :i layer of paint on Will Say Last Rites for Youmans Tomorrow FORT SMITH. April )2 (UP)— Funeral services for [J. H. District, Judge Frank A. Youninns. who died •il HariLsnn yesterday at the iip.e if 72. -will he he'd here fimmr- row. Kounly lo ray Tuxi-s iiolliin top. ,o ..HUMBOLDT, Tcnn. (UP)—In- slea-j of collecting ihe si bounty for each, hawk li.rned over to the county. L. W. Duck, farmer. Is having the amnuiu credited lows his tax account. He has killed hawks and drawn no bounty u'nr/It J wards. After a thorough cleaning of Hie under siifp of the car, give it a treat in the form of a complete lubrication. Have ihe springs greased, the dfirciomial and transmission Drained, Hushed, and filled with new and heavier lubricants for summer drains. Drive down lo your garageman and have him renew th; hibiic-iiiii in tin; clutch. Put ne«- grease in every uup on the chassis. After you've driven tlie cai about a hundred mili-.s after this yrcaslnj, i(. js well to get out am lender and (.heck over the chitssi! and tody holts underneath. Sec that Ihey are i nil tight nnd replace any Hint' hr.vr worked out towards ) V RITZ TFIEATM Last Time Today -Matinee—2:30 - Night—7:00 Aflm.— Malmec t— 10 TO and 25c Te.sU of a new French anti-aircraft gun have proved [hat it .' efrecilve ai ari altitude of abati seven aud a half miles. Rend Courier Km:* Ads Attention Truck Drivers By Resolution of City Council Drivers (if \]] Trucks Arc I rnhilntfd From Parking on M;iin Street In the Business Section From Lilly to Sixlh Streets This Resolution Will Be Enforced linmediutelv find Truck Drivers Violating This Orrlor Will Ifc Br"mi"ht Into Court. Signed, A. D. GWYN Tn See 'Tarzan the Ape Man' with Johnny Wcismiille Also News iiiul Comerlv Thorsday and Friday Adin—Malinpc-io iiiul 25c Night—jo and 3i5c 'lhe Fullwr consuniwi sv i t li bitterness for a great wroni; The Swoelheart ' her liajjpincsy shattered . . but she smiles again Th c Str-ili^cr ivho brings joy to rhem both in the romantic I / lalk atout Riding tke Magic Carpet! FLOATING POWER AUTOMATIC CLUTCH FREE WHEEUNG SILENT GEAR SKLKrTOR 01L1TE SQUEAK.PHOOF SPRINGS HYDKAUL1C BRAKES CENTRIFUSE BRAKE DRUMS ALL-STEFL BODY DOUULtDROP OIRDER.TH.IJSS FRAME Lry riding in a CHRYSLER neith Tattnleil FLOATING POWER CHRYSUR SIX ' . ie; II CHRYSLER EIGHT iij? 1 "' ' ' ' * U35 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL~K;HT 3boJ r typ« . . . ^ IMftcb »!»<[(,„,;,; CUSTOM f^2i*si£iiiij'£i^ '^~<" Ctr)il, r Eight Si Jan, $ 1 4 7 5 We've been around. We know exactly *•[,* all cars have fo offer, what all cars caa do. We* w «. there isn't aaythinfi on wh« s that even approaches a Chrysler in what it has •what it does, wh»t it is worth. ' Learn what Chrysler has accomplished with Tloatine Power. You'll hardly believe your senses. 8 With patented Flowing Power engine mountings-with many otjjerjirgnty important engineering developments- Chf)»l«lha» created an entirely different kind of performance. There s a new and marvelous "feel" in Chrysler performance at all speeds. No power tremnr at any time And the </fmn ? _i[' s really wonderful.— T • K * ear-5h ' f ^ LSUch eas y- P° sitive h«kc control. Its the way these Chryslers arc engineered. It's what they have that other cars don't ha,e. That makes the bis; difference Drive a mile in a Chrysler and you won't spend t minute thinking of any other choK- BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 117-119 East Main O LULLABY a Qaramouni fftam UM BARRVMORE CARROLL.., •• • ])H • • HBjt • HOLMES... fi LUBITSCH Tiiken from "The Man" Killed." This picture has been especially imloi'xecl .by clergymen IIIK! others interested Yn iti- tcrnaUonal gond 'will amf'W. world pence. GEM THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday , Jratinco~2:M - Night—7:00 Mm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25e

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