The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1932
Page 3
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_JVR[1N'_RSDAY, AI'UIL 13. 19.152 OF NATION U11 Oratorical Marathon in Prospect al Jefferson Day Celebration. WASHINGTON. April 13. lUf')- Hopotul Democrats assembled frcm all parts of the country today lo take stock of their election clinnces. They arranged an ail day prc- Sram, using J.'lfcr.'.on's birthday as the vehicle. An array of actual and potential presidential exndklatcs «'fis puracl- ».d to shov." voters some of (lie party's best wares in statesmanship and to iusiill in the parly a fialit- iiiK moral:' for the tattle ahead. Governor i'r;-.iji:!i!i D. Tcco k .cv?!t who have HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY BY DAN THOMAS "unr 1 ! 1 ^ nr " mS ' won-t lct BIM H "' work "Sain • • • HOLLY woon-Droams of a Hoi- j after trying .out, bloiul tresses. Clara ij'ivood reporter: Greta Garbo has decided that slie is imieli bcl- BrantinB an exclusive imerviow . . ! ter satisfied as a redhead. . . Sally Eilers taking long moon- i Mnrlcnc thinks Von Sternberg is iisht rides with V;lark Gable . . . ! the world's ercatQst diiectoi . . William picture S. llnrt mating amitliev j Mary ami Douf never will separate . Clara now n-ying ID j as long as they are in pictures platinum blond nonors from j . Mcrlene Di2l- directed by Jo. 0 . , , Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks getlin? a <i i voice. Alack Semictt beiiii; sued for breach of promise . . . n.irryl 7a Jean Hurlow ric-li refusing ( 0 'f von Sternbera inic-k making "(|iiickl-'.s" .'. '. Olo- ..LI-.IJ J ' :l -"^Wiiiison :md (lie inarquis stall .'icrminatlon. bi:c lie da-lined. He '"I' H "eiv romance . . . Ann Hard f i hose Instead l.'i round his !>;.. pro-r!)B 6Wi>c the real reason for 1 er convention keynote nest. Monday at ! .St. Paul. Minn., in the bean isf'ihe insurgent cell. .More Votes fur Itoosevell w • tlevK wires bronghi in reports of •ni. no n in;o ulull^.Jl ill lepjrlS Ol .still more delegates to add to his total which far exceeds any of his rival's. The Kentucky convention iii- structed (he state's 26 delegates (o ' These are In addition to 1C5 Roosevelt had previously won. Furthermore, the Michigan state Democratic convention' today was to »ive Roosevelt 38 more voles. The latest primary news served further to cool the hopes of others present at todays meeting, including Former Governor Alfred E. Smith. Governor Albeit a. Ritchie of Maryland, and Ohio's thro; personalities. Governor George Wnite. Former Governor James Cox. and Newton D. Baker. • : •' Speakers Are Numerous Today's program called for: a mobilization meeting with the Democratic minute men surveying political conditions In every state and discussing mains ct ' increasing . campaign contributions, which are , suffering severely in the depression 'Following this wns to be a prepar- luncheon three hours long ^V'ith" speakers.' including Senator Joe T. Robinson, Rep. Henry T. Rairiey. and Governor White ot Ohio. Newton D. Baker n-ns sheeted ,tb speak at the tomb of Woodrow W!te»U.ri.t?» inte afternoon. . The-Jefferson bay" dinner will provide the climax of the rhetorical 'marathon. Former Governor James Cox. Senaror Ham Lewis of Illinois. Governor Ritchie and Former Governor Smith will work on thc ear-weary Democrats. Governor Win. H. Murray of Oklahoma. Melvin Trayor of Chicago, and Former Senator James A. Reed of Missouri were unable to mt'ncl Aiks Inquiry WASHINGTON, April 13. <UP(_ !n- ....jnnce Bennett driving an old Ford . . . Diet Ar!m weok . ending in the mountains . Jack Oakie without, a sweater . . Dorothy Jordan annouucm-' her engagement to Ihe Prime of Wales Barbara Stanwyck not talkin* about her hiLsbnnd . . . Harold Lloyd living in _, bui«a)ow Anita Page going out of town without mama or papa alon» Phyllis Haver coming back into me I i'"'" ' ' '. n ' i " lk ""SOW im-mns .. .. ° -- - - - win] un K. Howard paying no attention toil- camera angles . . . Jack Cilbeit and Jim Tully having another fi-ln • • • all beautiful dreams And Xoit- for the Truth Garbo is tco exclusive to grant Senator 'Robinson', Republican , . today io!d the senate it should invcsliualc charges' Democratic convention votes that tin D. Roosevelt of New York. Robinson quoted from a newsra- per article renaming Governor Murray of Oklahoma as bavins made ti:c charge. ri Gosncll News - • * j " »*n.i. r.ugar uraw turned to Hcber Springs Monday- Mr, and. Mrs. Earl Smi th ' S. E. Craig and divorce . . . The four Marx bro h crs makiiiK a tragedy . . . Charlie Cn.-iplin in a Miking picture '"ally TH'cry traveling on a trim i - . Helen '1'welvetrees goln- lo ! tcno. " ' Mack Scnnclt doesifi make prom- Darryl Zaimck is firmly ises —-. .* . ., i_.«.i i _j | tj«iiin.f, LS It rill IV eiurenchcd as the big bo=s at Wir- ° down golf game Willnm interviews to anyone Sally —^""^ • . . oaiiy- - happily married lo Hooi OibEon and so is Clark Gabfc-mit, n«- to Hoot ... for rca5Cns ^ known to themselves producers just Tl FIIIES NEW GUI IN TUITION RES IT Announcement Made Last Night as Situation for Next Yca r Is Discussed A reduction in (ullion fees charged sludenls in junior and : cnior hiKh schools will be offee- ive Friilny, when Hie Hun) t | K .vccks term begins, it wa i ; an- I'Hinecd lasl niBlit by Hi. 1,. n Moore, chairman of the «li l/i>n... group which has oix-niroi! die ilgh school department us a pn- 'ate school since Jaimarv au. The new rale for. the final si weeks lerm will be »7JO per student In Iho high school and sii K-r studenl In junior high. The ecs were originally $3 in n, c ilgh school and $8 per lerm in junior high. At the te'_liuilng of the second term, however, the ommittee found It. had a sur- >lus fund in tlie Junior high detriment nnd reduced Hie fee to ,.._„, S0.50, Indicating that a reduction x?n "' night also be made in senior high.! [IV,.. , , • al the bcslimlnir of the next term.!, ,' " :1 loss lllst - vmv l» Inx ™l-1 Tlie annoiinccirent was mndc at I , s " f "I'Pi'oxImately $20.000.! .with :i rcduetlon of approximately I Judge at Cape. I.upe Vfki ! ners . . . bolh Gloria and the inai ! quis are ehappily married to ne. . 'spouses .... Ann Harding con Sentences in Li quor Cases clem d ^T^L; bv Fprlpril '• to •* f V nnv • • • Charlie absoiut -' ' cucl "i [ ly refuses to taif: . . . Wally j his Isvo airplanes too well . . j Helen visited Heno once but didr -.. : like it. CAPE GIIMRDKAU. Jto—Bed i ... watie of Haytl was scnt-uccd lo ' TIl t'y don't Lunch Tojelher five nionllis in jail ami [m..i S 475 j -M_i when he pleaded guilty i tl fcrternl i Dotot ^ • anil Lu|K just -on't -- ^ w>em,o,i VOKC «-r- c ?'"'' hcrc to ""»« Jifjuor at his ! illndl 'osetlKr . . . such a press being bought for Governor' Frank- P ' 11CC ' U llle """''section of Hi"U- i L1 « DIU W01|W b c afraid of being stuf- T;., Y-> T% .. . ._ mur. u-nv: OJ o.i.T ri -^ .- : fojl ^n.l n .., :., - BLYTHEVILLR.JARK.) COURIF.re_ NRWS PAGE THREW '•If ' lllc SC|HX>1 lx):ll<1 Nerd Taxini. Tower ;amoinu of iinurance and tax p.iv-i Thc necessity of :i conslltiilion- 'ments to be mei, the illslrli-fs I nl nmendment which ivonlil per- j'olmnco of ojieratinff a full i?rm i nit cilizens of Ihis school rtlslrlcl ! froc school on even less leveiiue o vole a sufficient millaga tax to ' lllr> » it received bsl year was de- • operate n full term free school i scribed ns small. ; va.s stressed by Cecil SJianr, pres- ' -Mr. Simiif womt sir-BOHloiis ' dent of the scliool board. Provis- tlla ' I»P supcrinlend.-jit and "ruin^ ons for a more complete assess- dpals could lie eliminated In the menl and collection of taxes could school system. He cited eximkn-1 * made In such an amendment. ."* of the pnst In w'liich the sclioil I Mr. Shane said, which would ]:, ? _.. i board had tried unMU'ccssfiiily 10 i manenUy solve the school dis- ns.sume certain diilL~> taiteu car-, ricl's financial problem. of by these officials. Tlie school district now faces • next^'vcar "nni^'"^ tntf- °'i nn " tlie prospect of another year or !operniin'(. expenses lie *M I part of a year under the tuition '.with the numhel- ot sliKlem., creaslw: annually 11 w!ll t"> pnie- • tlcally Impossible, to ojieiiile with! fewer lc.irhi'1-s ihan w iwtt ,.]„, ! ployed. Mr. Shane iirsy..| um nn c | t] . zens take greater interest In RU/- ernmenlal affairs whli Hie vlciv of cmUing cvii!:'iil waste ami misus-' of publlu si:ii»ol muds by uie Mate. Enforcement of tin- i'nw re- , nnlrlng nil mlult, nuile citizens to pay n |x>ll tux was also suv ed. Coii|iri.itt<in I'ralsnl Dr. Moorr pruixcd ilu- crwpr.-rn- ; lion of the fiu-ully. H-hoo] | ln t-: vons, I>..-|'. A', worker.-,, utmlcnis 1 and general public In the Micess-! fnl oprnitlon of [he private ! schools this year. He .'iiibrnilleil u '. llnaniiliil ronorl nf the cHI?rns'; connnlUee in ulinrgc of the KdmoH • in which 11 was revealed Hint nf-. ler the payroll is mcL next Vrl- i (lay the senior hlRli school fund • would hnvc n balance of ?:t58.0:> m, surplus and thr junior hlijli would have S'jiio.7-1, wlilrl, amounls will j I I u. n I «7- ' fr i;pp!i.Mi tnw.ird piiymtni of| J - J. nargetl Is Winner . die final :-ix i tenn. | irniisnctcd by the K en- j in: 1 liigh I'. T. A. Included tbq olcc- l!oj) of officer.'.-, u report by' Miss Mnry l.oni-,0 Taytur on the un- ttonnl pvcslilent's nifMuiie, a rc- l«)rt by Miss Wlllii- t.awson OH the of asslsl- , - direcdir of paienl education i with the ntitlonal Parcnt-Tcnclitr . iiv,0i'iiiln->n. al tlie dlstrlcl mcet.- lii);, mid nlhcr r.rpork. New offk'iM-s elected \vero: Mrs. l'iiul '1'ipton, prrsldent; Miss Hosa Ilnrdy, Ilisl. viee-pi-r.ldcnl; Mrs. 1,. It. Monre. scmnd vice-pmsl- denl; Mia. Tom Se;oy, rccorcliu'? isccietary; anil Mrs. (j, W. DHIa- 1 hiinly. UensuRT. Mrs. Tiplon B av. u vocal Mjln, i inicompanii'd by Miss MurfrareL 'Men-lit, at the pinna. Courier Wtws Wunt Ailx Pay. In Oil Company Contest J..J. Harwell, manager ot a Magnolia Petroleum company service station here, Inn been Informed Ihnl • he is Ihe winner of a state-wide' contest conducted by Ihe company. In ik Hter to Mr. Hareett, of- Hclnls of'll.-e company which main- tntiis some 700 service stations in Arkansas. tolJ him more cur ureas-' iiift service Jobs hail been recorded by Ills station than any oilier of tlie cnminny's In the stale over ft llnce-monlh pjrlod. CARDUI ways 84 and Gl near Hayli Othcir Hnyti men sentenced in- clui':a Norman Craig, who rirew three months on a limmr scliin" charge, and James Stanley, who fpd and put in a museum . . . Billic continues to get. more beautiful . - . Janel hasn't any children. Constance Bennett has such a sleek - - _,, ,, uu car and a chauffeur . . . Dick Arwas given three months and fined i' en ran l S cl his yacht out of his S250 for sale and possession. • vac '3tiO!i thoughts . . . Oakie al- Willis Cecil of Brag;? city was ; ways wcars a sweater . . . Dorothy ' sentenced to three, months in iai! doc - n 't even know the prince. r _Mr. and Mrs. Ed;ar Crawford re- : ° r se-llin» liquor, and Sam SI"-' Barbara always mana'-cs lo nrnwl to u.-.-rn,. oi ,,.... ,.. . vcns. of the same place, whose at-' S «'«'S the conversation arounrt to tlorncy said he had served ns llcr husband in some manner constable and town marshal and' Harold has thc biggest -estate'in Ciiurch services will be held . die home of Sam Statum Wedr day night. Everyone is invite;!. Lone Oak Items Mrs. J. B. Langslon entertained Ihe young people with Monday night. a dant? ; Mjssis _ -Mrs. Lobly is sippi Ihis month. The young men and boys pra-- ticed baseball Simd.iy afternoon R E!mer Ubiy_ look dinner Wh (lav. and Clyde Jarratt Sun- Calvin PeopL-B is side , !lis n . eek The Mtsscs i_oia sue and Irene and Mr. and Mrs. Hanuon . . Estes of Yarbro . siKnt Salindav night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Maxwell and family. Miss Bessie Brock sp-iu Monday night with her sister. Mrs Earlino tlucy. The women of the Ladies Aid will euterrain th?, couutv council at the Blythevillc club ho'usc Saturday. Unemployed Enlisted in Sales Promotion Plan A plan that will give immediate, employment to at least ten Blv- , theville men who have been with- I cut v.or!: lor seme time was an- , nounced today by Russell Phillips ! iminnser of the Phillips Mo'.or; company. , Booklets, socd fcr discounts on j ;.irlous merchandise nnd service olfei'ed by the company, .will be ' placed in the liandit of the job- i less men tomorrow, for sale to the '• public at 25 cents each. The job- IC.TS man will keep the 25 cents, the buyer will B el th c discounts. : and the company hopes (o at least j break even through increased vol- ; imic of buslners. arc the best of friends now so like most dreams one finds them i ... just dreams. [}gly pimples K»Lo»'j wmrning— hf Ipumhjre clear rest cemptexfan and paint ml rc»«s iayour [ tV E«. Truly wo-xlerful imOtp SRwS22FE5 )I V5* llMlt)r — JUTOTE*» BEMtDY-lo rf •tmrthea.rtiQreI:ai=itiT«OT »*fehl>i«tTmrnformit>xi, Tr f mtrt feuthrc*. OslvSSc. NOTICE All Delinquent Privilege licenses, Oir Licenses. Dray Licenses, Taxi Licenses and All Other Licenses Due the Crty of Wythcville Musi I5c Paid ut Once by Offlcr of Ci(y Council. N n I'"' 11 ai Oncc Wnrr «"<s Will Ik' Issued anil > f ! ' iccnscs S. C. CRAIG City Clerk. •Jc rfcammandc par- liniliprcnifnl [inr xn finesse cl sn pnrclc. Knoiigh VI' LVET for 50 cigarettes . . . 15c to roll... tastes great! Some tobaccos arc made for pipes — some for cigarettes. Velvet is wade for rolling your own. Thc mi mile you pour it into the paper you'll sec liow close it lays... the minute you twist it you'll see how easy it is to roll... the minute you light it you'll know how good it tastes! • >»3J, C (, Co,

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