The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 13, 1932
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXIV—NO. 23 BLYIBESGLLE JCffliffiR NEWS Blvtlievllle Dally News. Blylhcville Herald, ROME EDITION vllle coiirler: lilATHKVlXLtt, AKKAN'SASJVIWNESDAV, AI'UJlA'J j SNGLE COPIES FIVE —— T^S;^-; •. - -~r-zr-r^r^-, ouiuun lUt'lKS FIVE CENTS NATIONAL TOPAY 331-3 Sit Cffll House In Rebellion Against Parnell * ~ o Ey,j Takt'fi llie Voil Ooiiblv BrauiiM LiBEiyiiL IflEITIFIEB BUT Organizes With New Clerk and Sneaker; Impeach-. ment Will Be Proposed, j LITTLE ROCK, April 13. (U!>)Tho Arkansas house of repre<entu- lives rebelled today to force eeon- "niy in state government despite the fact Governor 'Parnell was r->- poi-l«l lo nave adjourns;! Uie sf s. sion . No report of the governor's ae- lion was relayed to the house officially. nor was action of the senate on the house resolution to ex- lend the session. Xamc Mason Speaker The house declared S|x?akcr Irving C. Neale's chair vacant and dec-ted Hep. Dick Mason of Camden as "speaker. Mason was sworn :n by Supreme Court Justice E. L. McHauey. The house eiectzrj A N Snttrefield chief clerk to succeed W. H. Phipps who did not report. The governor instructed 1 Pliipps not lo give legislators the combination to the safe or keys to the files. At the time he was not advisxi the houtc had sent- for n locksmith to change the cnrhbinaikm and "mute keys. for anything we want unlocked" A commtUre is to be appointed Twenty Dollar Certificate Found in Circulation in Secret service officers said they had been unable to discover who WASHINGTON. April 13. (UP) — One.ot the bills paid by Charles A. Lindbergh lo the supposed kidnapers of his son has been Identified in New York, It was learned nl th? Irrr-sm-y loday. The bill was a $2(1 «olit certificate. put it in circulation. U has been j turned over to New York city JKI- I'Vsl Visitors Kind \c\v Judge ill Twi boys, n iml i I5 j. Cl , rs oW fared Judge C, A. CiinnliiBlnim when the newly elected offlclnl Pieslrted over his tlrst wssloh of municipal court this morning, ^de h)' side tho two youths od before the bar us j tt i\ &e nnlnglinin asked for dctnlls of cuse after (he two Inul plcnd- fiiiilly lo pel It larceny clini/- TO: END PIllEuE TUX OELIUENC! Council Authorizes City Clerk to Force Payment of Fees by Law. chickcu than with an 'empty, 'flic iwRro owner of tlie chicken . . -- i i-- -- 1 " 011 Iwsldo Mic boys nnd told llie iccjor assistance In checking up court lie ho;l recovered the fowl '" ' " """'I asked the court to deal lli;ht- ly «1tli the outputs. "You fellows no on home" said he judge nl lh? end of n brief lecture, "and If you £Cl to the by the speaker this afternoon draft a "salary reduction bill " to illTI f D lit I I I 11 NJILLII HIT nil NT PV II Dl III I U I ; Suspect Arson in Fire ! Fatal to Little Child idbcrijl: Dr. J. p. Condon, aged relired I school principal, the J.ifsle • of the negotlaiions, declared he 'had. re- committee is to be composed of "•— lawyers. c . nrf working on k-* - ng on ..MIrXowii---tirrtV ilricf m'oiAy.- Hep- Charles Fleming. St. Francis county. says "leglslalors can have ev-iry cent" he has to help them "stay for reduction, of taMs." rarnell Says Session Illcjal Tile governor says it is tin illegal «ssion and the legislators were called rebels but in view of the fact there has been no official notice. given the house it looks like Par- f.ell is wrong. Speaker Mason ruled the house is continuing nntler the governor's call. Rep. Evafis said, "H lo worst we will have tfcs Arknn- •Sfls national guard pnt blankets on the capilol we can stay and ssc th move through." Impeachment articles against Parnell are being drawn up by Rep Curtis Cannon of Hempstead'coim- >y and may be introciv.ced this aft. ernoon. R«P. Wilson called Parnell the "Al oapone of Arkansas." and Lieut Cov. Wilson his racfcetee'r Parnell says there is nothing to tr.e sc.ssion and is headed for the opening- game here this afternoon behrrcti tile Travelers and Mem- pins. The governor's dismissal order was given to the press but has nc-l tee:, read lo the senate and Jioi^e. There was some feeliri" Iflday in the house that when the B.-.vcrnor's messenger arrived lie will be refused admittance. Governor Proe'.iimtd Adjournment After the house late Tuesday had voted to exterxl the special »s- sicn to "enforce economy i n state and county government" Governor Pnrnoll last night issued a proclamation adjourning the special session at 0 p. M. Tuesday because of disagreement between tli e two houses as to time of adjournment The. senate hod voted to adjourn' ' Hindenburg Signs Order Suppressing B r own Shirt Fascist Army. -.BERLIN, April -13.- (UP).-—president . Paiil'Von rrindenbfirg'htis signed an emergency decree dissolving and supressing the Brown Shirt Fascist army of Adolph Hiti ler, it N-as annoiiticed officially today. • . . Police at Koriigsberg were reported closing the .barracks of the Brown Shirts in East Prussia at once. Similar action. It was understood, would be taken promptly throughout Germany. Hitler's army, nnd shock troop; were estimated to number about whe " ll 'c kidnapers, after'receiving BIRMINGHAM. Apr 13 (UP) n" •* 5IJ -°°0 in ransom In n —Little John Lee, 18-month-old ',,, cemetery, failed lo deliver sou of Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Lee i as a S reclt -. iwns burned to deatli today n-hrn' BelliluJ lhc statement, however. •Hrc destroyed 'the Lee home. - j " lcrc "I'pearcd to run a strain of City and county officers slarled ',' l )osslbl >' indicatlria threats a search [or a man believed lo • " abductors [hat further ne- hnve set fire to the house in . a ri ; olls hln S p on a picdjjc of- effort to get revenge on a woman-! 8 , r 5Krec - v I have never identified them ' point where you've got to have a chicken lo get by you come see me first." W , PL L o eni "' s tor thc \\ynne Lhurchman Sue- failed to equal -,. •• -• ••"-••« V./II.J \J1VI l\ Sidney Cral|j to notify Imltvidunls nnd concerns owing these taxes I hut resort will lie hud lo Icjjnl inem- IHCfi lo compel ptiymcnl. The money, it was brought out lulcr, is badly needej to meet immediate obligations, nnrt (he mayor mid council members nisn prtnlucl out, that falhu-e lo collect nil prlvl- Iccc luxes Is unfnlr (o those who do Piiy. Krvenurt; Down W,»M Tlw auilltov's report showed n rc- dncllon In clty.cxpeudltnrcs (or the fiscal year ciulinu March 31 o( np- prosimatcly J13.000 from Hie previous nscal year. A l (he same lime however, revenues declined nearly *8.000. mid owing chiefly [o [| lr heavy privilege lax delinquency revenues tor the fiscal year Just ended by „ •ui.iti.tu^u tnci[] ur'j said a vord aBauist them." Condno'l, vo«-cd after-rctuxolng Home during " uiiui «.>»«juii i^tn.- i-w»vM iw nfiiai (.'.^[x'utiicures ov $£- InnpcKnm Man at I74 '"- Wltl1 P'OPtr charges for tle- jonesboro Man at !,, r «.tio.i nr c iiy property the ciiy s Head of Presbytery. ! nc ,L for thc **""' IVIU ' 1 the night, from a mysterious errand I "I value my life and' Ihey value I tlicus. t know my ij [e wouldn't, be worth anyUiing if i sai d anvlhlnz asainst them." ' Condon expressed the desire lhat ilie not, be followed on his numerous irips this frustrate efforts _..... |"'« >i'iw mis tr urandi hndorses American:' 0 rwtroe tho bab >'-. Plan, Offers Sweeping! N ' n «*vort from London T }' • n ' H7 A<3LTT»T*Tr«.-\.m.r Italian Program. The U. S. . i-iist to bankers numbers of bills paid to the supposed kla- ofTicials today, who exurfised douW , ilmetion cf world armaments. I He attacked the French plan , for inlernnlionai armed forces' lo be placed at disposal of the league- of nations. He outlined the Italian plan as follows: -rl P ' M ' >' oster(i:1 5'- The legislature Tuesday com- passage of the measur Return to Kentucky Line for Possible New Test of Their Rights. CUMBER LAND GAP Tenn 13 (UP). -The Commonwealth college delegation, nllegedly beal- tn and ejected Irom Harlan county. Ky.. last week-end, arrived a the Kentucky lino today in com- Dr. John n. Nca! , - i . tail calibres and progressive rte- ^ l °^ y \ , truction of the other groups „ authorities emphasized pany cast Tennessee attorney. "\Vc came here to' confe othpr persons in connection with the outrage commuted against u; in Kentucky Inst Sunday." Lucier Koch, president, of 'the college a. - ..... ............ ,.. t ^,. t; JIenn ' Ar)! • and leader 'of tin Lrour mid the United Press. Koch declined to name the per- for refunding of J47,- 1 sons to whom he referred. He ' —^ "• n.inii\iillg ui ^^1,- J ^•" i "' tv> MILUI^I n(- iLllrlSU. Ht rofi.opo O f 0][ j r( . 3A improvement explained: he nnd his companions district bonds. This wns the bitsi- wer e .here following a general pro- iicfs for which the special scs- Ifernm ot Instructions provided them sion had been called. Go\ernor P.irnc-11 said he had c.l:lai:i«! plcdces of state oflicerc lo cut expenses 20 per cent. If this was not accomplished, he said. H C r,i c l™ Ulrt "?° willin « to cal1 the into session again in Rumors of Rockefeller's HIness Receive Denial D. na., Apr. 13 , umors lliat , ^f m ye " Old , ; \ ,' lllng healtl1 were de - ntid emphatically today bv oer sons close to him. "There Is absolutely no foundation to Ihe rumor Mr. Rockefeller Is 111, an official of the household told the United Prsss. "There is no need for alarm at nil on the pan of the public." by the American Civil Liberties Union. The 24-year-old college r resident said he could not definitely stale whether the group would go into Bell county, Ky., one cf tlie coal mining areas they planned to visit on their tour of (he state. The delegation was said lo have under consideration plans for filing of n daniagf, cult, -in federal court nsninst. the Kcmuckinus thcj said nllaekctl them. Federal Budget Deficit Oyer Two Billion Mark WASHINGTON, Apr. '13 (UP)— A federal bvidgct deficit of : 8o8.745.29 on April 11 w», ; e« by the treasury tod»y . ,_, ,,, It Li t>"< firrf K~. i .».. i Jonathin Oronsn, 63, stiffen ny ration's « a0 cVr/," o^2 ^* «««>= while sUndiu, any. nation's peace exceeded two dend doU^rs aouitrs. of the correctness of London, reports which said bills bearing the numbers had been found there. Guard Curtis Grandrhildif PROVIDENCE, R. I. A p rn 13 . (UP)—Police guards were assigned First, division of all canons nnd '° lhc B-r-T-ilchildren of Vice Presl- munitions into three groups with ^ °h«'« Curtis following re- Irnijsediate de,s(ructlon of the heav- , S * kidnaping ploi.-it «as »,ri?«5,. --- i %£•£*££* £ E it ils total'Knvni in,,,,,,,,,, . ™f cn of aea!ln and prominence Fourth, ••abolition of .bombing measure ?lanes by- fixing a percentage to be TpcfrnVClrl rmnnr.11.. .1 .... „. mtll[kll rtjiu prominence m Rhoie Island as a precautionary annually. I r,. . _ )n of! Financier Beaten To r>avis of fryrine'"vna . elected moderator of the Arkah The budget for the fiscal yjnr jra.s based.oi) au anticipated tolnl eiecieu mrxierntor of the Arkah- Incomc of *66.0i5.'Actual' Income, sns Presbyt5ry which convened at lnc "«""R revenues as given above the First Presbyterian church ,' onej ' "covered on the-bond of here last niRhl, He succeeds Kev.j" 10 c »" 0 kee Public Service cora- Rttdolph S. Schuster of Jonesbpro I |w " > '' flnd a sm -»H interest Item, who attended the meeting nnd de- wos Wl.950, or 14.075 under the bud- livered the . opening sermon. Bel «*umate. On the other hand A number of local church mem- f^t disbursements for the year, bers and approximately 20 visiting mcllltllll B several non-expense Items representatives of church's- In' were "• 947 - 30 In excejn of budget iCStimatpK Northeast ArkAnsas heard Rev Schuster's sermon on "Tlie Authority of Jesus." Other business transacted at the session last, night Included the election of n temporary clerk. Rev. L. A. Taylor, pastor of the Central Presbyterian church In Little Rock, wns named to this post. Additional representatives arrived this morning and attended the session which was opened with a estimates On c accomplishment of Ihe year wns the purchase by the city of four hospital bonds al a small discount, effecting a saving of J190 per year for 24 ye.irs on interest charges. I.ooks for Improvement Mayor Reed, in comjiienllng ujwn Ihe report, pointed out the Improvement shown over the previous year In the face of sharply cur devotional conducted by Roy Wai- i ?*?L " f!>ce of shnri)li " Clll> ton, representative of the local! ta , 1 'f d revenu «. »«l predicted that church. Rev. Chnrlcs M. Campbell f ?. t ''' "^ eco » otntes recently instl- of Comvay delivered n sermon on ""MJhe.comlng^year would mak: Ihe "Redemptive Purpose of Jesus" which was by the Lord's Supper, conducled by the Rev. J. P. Snipes of Earle. The Woman's Auxiliary of the local church served luncheon for the visitors at noon in the social hall of the church. Fifth, immediate destruction ill supplies of 'chemical easscs. Turkish and Brazilian delegates •• --- - c ,^., Dea{ fc and Body Burned :Uo endorsed the American pro-1 _„, ——- josal. j EPHRfAM. Utah. Apr. 13 IUP) i —And f(*W niprrnonni-fl ofi n—v-_i lordship Says Modern Audi* Commission Calls Pine Bluff Witnesses LITTLE ROCK. April 13. (UP) — I Five witnesses will be heard today by the slate highway audit com- j— Andrew Djerregoard, 82, Ephrl- most "wealthy "cifiztn" I beaten to death today and Art Shows Ignorance LONDON. (UP) wood, Princess Mary's husband" i ''?. me thinks modem art shows more ig-, e "' .„ ui..ivn imiiiy and Ills ixxly burned by an unknown assailant: The charred body of the former Lord Hare- 1 , nrcsi(lsint wis found i n his y's husband,i,?. me by his 17 -5'^r-old grandson Tlie men were summoned from Pine Bluff. Those to appear were Albert Mademg, former dislrlct engineer. Martin Mc.Munray. construction engineer. Fred Toed, shop foreman, W. P. Ship, construction engineer, and Hank Phillips, engineer. Dwight Blackwood. chairman of the highway comniiislan. will be called to leslify teforc the audit body Thursday. norance thnn originality. umiiLc uiHn originaniy. j "The most important, quality in; Bounding BatOUi le realm of nnlnlinir Is tb.-. nmtAr ? .._ ™ Selling Gas Pumps the realm of nalnling is th? power \ to draw correctly." Lord Hare-! H'ood said in opening the Brad-' ford Sprins Art Exposition. | LO^roON. (UPl-Jean Borolra At least 99-lOClhs of what the "Bounding Basque" of Interna- passes for origtnallly. not only In tlonal la™ tennk fame has gone nrt but In many other spheres, is Into the gasoline business really no more tlinn a lack of cdu-1 He b one of the directors of cotton-and thoughtlessness. We ; Avery-BardoU. have In any new school, as a rule, .. the leading artlsls affecting cer- in t tain mannerisms and th; minor line Limited, supply Mine Fire Bosses Hold Workers' Lives in Hands HARRISBURO. Pa. (UP)—Importance and responsibility ot tho fire boss In determining mlr.e safety was emphasized by Walter Glasgow, sfcrriary of Mines and Mining for Pennsylvania. £* ' oll « entcrs thc mln " CMl ' new .Wit e , light* flocking wrier -.(hat banner : Kilherto^under fee Si of free in order to conceal their want of .imports, large n^bers of thl Power a,id drau.htsmanslnp," P»m» „« gaso- j goes on duly. He checks and Pine Bluff Mm FalU Into Fire and Dies or foreign manufacture, pally American. princl- " g5 "" an even better showing. The city hall may soon have two new tenants. The council granted the request, of n girl scout organization for use of the room In the southeast corner of the second floor, and appllcnlion of C. L. Llnti;- enlch for permission to use another upstairs room Jo.- Radio Station KU3N was referred lo a committee consisting of Aldermen Umsford, Hughes and Thompson. C. V. Sebaugh submitted, his res-, ignatlon PS city electrical 'inspector because other duties-,made it impossible for him to'do"the work, and nomination of. Dick Hull to succeed him wns approved by the council. A bill submitted by A. G. Hall for the city's auditing work was tabled after the point was raised that the present auditor, J. p. Lcnti, was appointed n ycnr ngo for a two- year term. Mayor Reed lo!d Ihe council that he had been approached with a request, thnt .some provision for the city library be included in trj new budget, and asked that the council members give the maltcr consideration. Permission was granted the Sut- 'on Amusement company to bring their carnival company here for tr:e benefit of the Samaritan orphan- 8£fr, and lj. G. Thompson was named a committee of one to see thnt the inlere.sts of (he orphanage were properly safeguarded. Want, Phone Rafw Cut Two resolutions. Introduced by Alderman Thompson were passed. One requests the Southwestern Bell Telephone company to submit a . His mark shows the date and time of examination. Guided by «n approved safety ™* *" Ortnsn, 63, suffered a, ' while standing be- flre. Ke; fell In the . - -r . torttt to ocmbat . 97.01?*, which burned over 7,114 «ciw.of .Umttllbx National Fomt, trioe of gas fj found, the we bois niarks a danger signal «CTMS th* entrance. Men m»y enter th« mine only when he hss de^ 'termlned Its aifely. cr asks the chief ot police lo keep trucks of more than ordinary length from parking on Main street and Interfering with trafflc. The question of permitting sub- satut« to »xjrk out street tax TK and shite , Thompson advocated it »s an unemployment relief measure other members pointed out that, it inljht sertousJy cut into city street tax revtnues find no nrtlon was taken, Will Make A'bovH Available to Bank's;!-! Depositors. , . - L. Bradley, receiver -for' closed First National bank iioimced todnv he hnrt been thorlzed'by the federal 1 of cu com _ .„ .... of (he defunct- Institution. Checks' covering Hhc, first dc-nd declared since the closed last October ure to : Here's a hew slnnt. on fashion!. Uctte Davis, screen nclress. look/; life straight In the focc-^vlth one eye. Tlie tiny, blnck, brlinless hat slic Is wearing drops n Inrec mesh veil with a sprinkling of polka dots over her right cyc.-.Tlio left has lo Inkc kU own irlcks, ro- f currency IQ diclafe h 33 1-3-p. cent 'divldfiid to all• cmjlior»'.{9 e -rto >? * 1 .r lianfcj OF WiflT Market Advance May Lead the Way to General Revival of Business. : CHICAGO, Apr.. 13 (DP)-Hope thnl hlBlur whent prices will lend America out of the depression grew stronger today but conservative traders suld n 7 5.3 cents n bushel advance since Friday \vns too rapid n rise. Attention of the entire nation wns focussed on iiu grnln trndlng comers by the known record thnt bull wheat prices broke Ihe paiilc of 1896, steadied stock prices In Ihj world war crisis, nnd led the way to recovery in 1931. As yet Ihe trend irns not strong enough to be conclusive. It was pointed out that crop srarss occur almost annually nnd the market is normally bullish each spring. A determined rise of prices occurred last fall utter grnin had been at the lowest level since the Elizabethan era, but mast of the 'grain slipped nwnyi during' the winter. R-itlronds did not look for tiny marked Increase In car loadings. They pointed out stocks h;ld by farmers have now been reduced to about 160,000.000 bushels, and with an estimated winter wheat crop of 440,000.000 the margin left for ~.».,VM iw:,* wtiuuur are to no' nisi* Irlbutetl nfler (hoy'have-becn'fiij-^ ed.oul, WnshihgtonVforV completion, and returned - ; ' Mr. Drndlcy. sold. .- . . ,' Creditors who have lipt "yet their chilms with lh.s receiver-..^u,. hlill do so In time to •"partlclpnti?"! In the first dividend, Recording to-.'j- Mr. Urndley uho snld nil clnlms'i : - bi-oiiRht In tliLs week' will be -con-'--^ side-rod in the first payment, • ;.!{";• Mr. Urndley estimated . that-! 1 -/ there n'oiitd t-^ apprpxitnrite'ly SM'-'iK* CM distributed In depositors fn'llic* .i' llrst dividend. When, the: bnnkj'> closed.In' Octcljcr dhen was snldr-K to hav,j been in excess"of*S160000"'}J } on deposit, Including i»ppfoxlm-:K ; nlcly »3,00fl of Ihe local Fireman's'.!!' Relief Fund, about $l,:ioo credited-"]? to tho, City, of Blytliovlllc.- 1 fihd"1i; approximately J10.000' in : counly!4;* funds.; .Th? county funds wcre're- ;l r covered, however, wllh the rnyH-y ment of n surely bond protectlrigH;-' tlm deposit. This did nnt poyi-rU? fund;! of n. L, Gulnes us ehvii'lt^j j elerk and commissioner in ch.iu-' f".' Charles S*alfings Dies .'• ^ After Two Operations I; • Chnrle.s St:illlng.v farmer In ifiii -''i Reece'school nelghl>orh6od Epiith- • eust. of town,-died at the Blythc--!. ville hospital early this ntafhln^.'.'- : Mr. Slallings hud been in ill hcaltlup for some tlrne nnd two operation^, T had failed to Improve his rondl- i' tlon. . ,:• Fmieral sci-vices ivlll be hcl:l a't i'-'. the family home nl 10 o'clock' to-'! : morrow morning with, Ihe f!ev. W. "'v E. HiiKhes of Ashport, Tenn.-;" of- '".; nciating. Intorment will to mnde nl'':':' Elmii'Ocd. ceine(er)-. Tlie Cobb Un-''- delinking company Is in chnr^o ol-'i--' funeral nrraiigemenls. ' •..•_;•'•'-. Tlie decenscd-ls survived byliis' ; - wliow. Mrs. Corrlne. Stalling, hU^''' : parents and t'hree sons. • Texas Railroad Lawyer Falls From Hotel Window NEW YORK, April 13. —CUP)— I. John Moblcy, Houston, Tex., gen-.:-; cral nllomey for tlie Gulf coast. lines of (he Missouri Pacific, rail?' •• road. j'iiinp:d or tell to his deatli > loday from the ninth floor of Ihe Hotel Pennsylvania. The body was 'found on n roof. I , Mobley registered at the hotel yesterday with a friend. John Slia- ry. nlso of Texas. Stary .:ald Mcb- • ley had a severe coughing s|ieli. Police found'no note to Indicate sui- I clde. It wns thought possibly Mob- • ley sudered another coughing sjKll '" and had gone lo the window for aJr and lalten out. " shipment to market is slight, because farmers will need 150-.000.- ooo of ths, total for teed, nnd 300.- Manufacturers Leader 000.000 bushels for seed and home ... — - consmnption, leaving nvnllab^e for shipment (it the July harvest nbout 150,000,000 bushels. So although the amount in granaries is sornciwhnt larger than usnpl most farmers will be forced to conserve the supply In fear of n Inter shortage. Women Shorten Skirts As Men Cut "Knickers" Wants Brew Legalized WASHINGTON, Apr. 13 <UP)_ ; ' An amendment to the Volstead Act lo -legalize n Uvernje which- could be taxed for $270.000,000 waf proposed lo ihc' .senate financeV committee by James Em;ry representative of the National Asso- jcintlon of Manufacturers.'', i The association endorsed 'the j'-nianiifncturs and sale of a wholesome, pnlntnble cereal bever»«e nol inloxicntln; In fact." : LONDON, (UP)—The men are ] pulling 'en down and ihe women ! are pulling 'em up. : C. O. D.'s tlnelalmed By this Is mcnnt that Hie li;?M I MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP)—Post-' styles In men's and women's fash- j master Ed Shcely says about 25 per [ ons indiciite that li-.n men of Eng-j ccnt ° r th c c - °- R- packages re- land arc nbandonlng Plus-fcnr.i on! cfivdci nere ar * "<>' P»»I for and, Ihc golf courses and are v/enrin" i consequently.' are returned to tho Instead flannel trousers cf a stan-i E ? ntlpr - '\bonl 50 per cent ot the d»rd louriKC-.suit length. According to Captain Molynnix. one of the mosi famous c[ ihe Brli- •• tsh drew designers, skirls this! spring will be decidedly shorter, the j - ' o e I packages nre not paid for on the '• firs| - ^t'lwry- he- «iltf. ' WFATHFR to the cap and Is reminiscent of the days, some two yjan ago when skirts affording flsstins tllmptss of "twlnkllns knees" iwe ill I the raje. Captain Molyncm- declared garden party frocks and models plsn- Md for the Ascot nets, w Inches shorter than l»st year, According to ths official wtither i observir, Ch«tl«s PhUllps ]r tt'e maximum t*»B«rihire here v««cer- ' 'd.y was «6 degms »nd the mini- ' .mum 43<!egT*es, deir Today a yo.« ago the mtxtmimi trnnperatiiTt Vis S3 desw«» »od the minimum 00 r!e- • grcfs, cl«r.

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