The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 12, 1932
Page 3
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_TUI-:BOAY. APRIL 12, BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NRWS i "Cleanest Baby" I Congress Candidates Must Run At Large Decision Indicates. WASHINGTON. April 12 — All J candidates for the national house of representatives from Missouri may have to run In the state at large this year, nilher than from consresslonal districts, as the result of n derision of the United States supreme court yesterday thai a mli-itridine law. passed by: the last legislature, was not valid' becaus; it did no', receive Hie sie- nalui'i! ol the governor. i Krdislrictiiv '.vas made necessary l;y ai'.ion ul congress in reducing :iii«5omTs r..-[>: escntation from 16 io 13. Tin- :;atc legislature passici :i icdtctrictiiiij act, but it was not lijncd l;y tin.- governor. Il was contended Hist the leyiiitalurc had the- right to rtdistrlcl the state without the api::i-.v;\; of the gov- (j-|!LT, but ll!;- . i..,i!-:ne court I'.eW uthi-iwise. Unli-ss a m:\v rL-dKlriciing act is pa^.cid and signed by tiic fiovcr- noV telorc tile election all congressional candidates must run fioia Hie state al large. GIRL SCOUT BETTY— The Hostesses .FILEOJCIIPt Numerous Southeast Missouri Residents Accused Under Prohibition Law. CAPE G1RARDEAU, Mo.—Infor- mations against numerous residents of Pemiscot and other southeast Missouri counties were filed in federal court here i%fouday by Disirlut, Attorney Arthur Hopkins. This procedure is followed in mi- 'nor cases, making possible their prompt disposition in case defendants desire to enter pleas of guilty. Major cases are submitted to the grand Jury'. Amortg those against whom in- formations were filed are: John Burell. Eugene Fleetwood, odie Sullenger, Pemiscot county. pcs;e.=3bn; Pete L. Bishop, Caruthersvilte. pcs- You can't dispute Hie fact thai little Anloni.i Morales, shown lieu, scored a "clean victory" in a contest with numerous otiwr children in tlie infant .schools of Barcelona. Spain, for ?lie ivas awarded t:ie pri?.e a.>; "Hie cleanest nnd bist-kept child." The contest was in csnnre- lion witli ;i •campaign for p?r>onal hygiene. finely minced, celery rut in cubes and cabbage finely shredded and mix thoroughly willi meat. Add tomatoes, salt and pepper ami sprinkl? rice over top. Cover closely and ccok over a low fire for South Sea Islands Furnish Setti one hour. Serve very Dried canned or fix-ill mushrooms can be c:ldtd and chop suey sauce or Worcestershire" sauce can be used in ^^^=' c ^: Lf L» flYho- £- &'bJ^r^,£ ta .:.., Jc ™ »»*™l' oven. Serve from ea S - , Brock, ,'Porlagevllle, Mile and ps.s- session; Decoder Bruce. Micob, pawt53lon; Jack Christie, .Pemiscoi ccimtj*. sale; >rofman Craij. 'Hayli. sale; Willis Cecil, Bragg city,- sale and possession: Dave Collins.' Pem- iscol cDiiiily, pofiession; Lee Check, Wardell, sale. Hurley Estes, Kennctl. sale; Hoot Uibson, Steele, sale; Lul.i Hammond, Caruthersvllte, sale; Tom A. Jolinson, Pcmiwot coimty. possession; Bill Jones. Catuthersville. sale; Clarence Jordan. ' Pemiseot county, possassion; D;ltoh Leslie, Poriagevllle, M!S; Uriah Morley, CaruthersvUlf, sale; H. w. O'Qiiinn Caruthersville, sale; Emma Robertson Stover, llayii. sale; Bill Short. Caruthersville. possession; Orvillc Shields. Kennel',, sale; Sam Ste- VEf!s. Bragg- City, possession; Cliar- ley Simmoiu, Kenuett. sale: Hubert . Ulley, Holland, possession: Con Walter. Pascola, rale; Tom Wil- Braggadocio, possession. KITCHEN Shorl-cuti -n Spring Cooking HV SI.STKK MART NEA Scrvjp Writer Witli housccleaninj and sarden- making days ii|»n us. shortcuts in ccoking arc welcomed by home-makers. The meat dish that .combines \egetabl;s and meat in true labor-saving fashion Is a boon to the busy mother. Precious min- ules saved not only 1 from cooking but dishv.-ashing, loo. mean moie time io spend ici the garden The following rub for breast of lamb makes a dish that needs only a salad and simple dessert to provide a nourishing spring dinner. The meal is not "nuke-shift." nor does it sacrifice Important, food el-:- m:nts lor the sake of ccor.omv or lime. Sttanied Breast of Iamb Steam breast of lamb for three hours. Arrange on a hot platter allh parsnips v.hich have been tolled, peeled snd cut in quarters Pour over creamed peas and serve. bro'.h. Chop Suey Chop suey Is another meat and combination that is easy 10 make and serve. One-half pomid pork loin. 1-2 found round steak, 2 o'nicns. . Cut bacon In small pieces nnd " Hnid Casserole HLIUI casserole served »-ltli spln- icii and a des.'ytt of fresh Iruit nakes an appctlFJiig meal. One slice ham. cut an inch thick. :ciaioes. onions. ]>cpper. mustard. ingcr. 1 tup milk Slice enough potatoes .'iiich have been pared to more lion half fill a baking tiisli or cas- rc-rcle. Season with pepper. Cover ivilh a thick layer of onions sliced thin. Season with iicppcr. P\&z? en top the slice of ham which has been soakotl .In cold water for two -inuis. Sprinkle over 1-8 teaspoon each of ojnger and mustard. Pom .ercle. 'at. . Choose hum with n rim nf onions, ice-box rolls. : rhubarb tap .oca. milk. .tea. DINNER — Lamb stew with 2urrois. potatoes and onions, grape. rnit and prune satad. black chocolate cake with canned pears, milk co lice. Blythcvillc Wins (louiHy Mccl for \cgro The Biytheville school, with" 26 points, placed first in the eighteenth annual rally and field meet of the negro schools of Mississippi county, held at Osceola last week. Carson placed second with 24 points a::d Armcrcl third with 12. Upwards of 400 children, reprjscnting 15 nejro schools of the county, were present. The Crawford Greene prize, offered by the superintendent of tiij Biytheville schools for the best two minute talk in oral English composition by an eighth grade pupil, was awarded Lucile Murry of Blyths- ville. Her topic was -Wholesome Outcomes of the Depression." Miss Winnie V. Turner of Ihe county department of education judged (he literary contests and tiic extra auricular contests in voice and declamation. The alhictic events were judged by William Thompson and Drs. W. H. Young and W. B. Greene The picture of John L. Webb, ne- 8TO philanthropist, offered by the Thornton drug store to the schcol having !j, c largest attendance at the rally, was awarded the Biythe- ville school. Hrj.1 Joli Is to pi-mlil!- ivfrcMmicntH HI n K i- ,wr(> I.-IHJJ Klv,.!, |,j |l|,||,\ m m|,,, r , Jlltk- "lunli-.vMi. 1 - (jo | 0 „,„[. Hospital Notes for Doug's Picture I M """ y '" nrt ' • IV t. L/UUu. » L 1C llll LI -wo. hav,. been having n lot ot '' ^- Tomorrow's Menu '- BREAKFAST — sliced oranges teri.U, cream, broiled |;nn-fish feasted corn bread, milk. cotTce. , ~~ v ----- ' " -"-*•> muiv mmn:; LUNCHEON — naked stuffed , make P |c ' llr « in this raannp rb tap- ! J^AI. 011 "™ com Pa»J'. includiiv BY DAN THOMAS NEA Service WriU-r HOLLYWOOD.—S ailing the oulli Seas aboard a 136-foot schooner Is no end of dm. Bu; u ilso Is a lot of work when you must keep in mind the fact that a motion picture must be made lo defray the expenses of such a cruise. At least that was the tone of a letter just received from Doug Fairbanks, who now is cruising the .Seas In Joseph fjctaiek's yacht. Invader. But Don; Isn't spending all of his time playing. When he returns he will bring with him a picture entitled "Robinson Crusoe of the South Seas," in he Is playing ihe stai-rlng role. Contrary to previous reports, this film will not be a travelogue on Ihe order of his last production. "Around the World in Eighty Minutes." A real story has been written for the film which will show Doug^in the title role, a part not unlike the one he portrayed in "Robin Hood" some years ago. This picture will be all talking, though. Always a Rover Sure tliere is a reason for the actor going to the South Seas. He always has been burned with a ruv- ing fever. And since his last trip around the world 'he has discovered thai he can satisfy his desire for travel and still do some work. So he Is through confining his activities to a-Hollywood--studio.. From now on Ihe entire world v.-ill be his studio. Of course, it costs more money 'fun and .some very aiiiuslng c.xperi-j An Int-ereMIng sidelight to the eiices so (nr. Oim day one of llu- | Fairbanks picture is Dunn's llttl 1 .-1 (nctm- monkeys—»- c have foiir of l!:ein. n.s • ! C!1:; l"li lady. Maria Albu. Several I <[IIC |,. well as two imrols. ou bMrd—got j years uyu she stood on n balcony i M. {.•' '"""c and lurnixl on 11 bathtub dm. jl'> Uaici'luna. S|mln. .ind lielprtl I he- • (n n« Almost, our enure suoplv 'oflthiongs welruiv.e r'ulrb'inks unit ! Nfnhir Sale of New Product! A<lmlte<1: Cliarles Stalllngs, city; 1 : &1 Melcalf, n;ll: John K. Hopper.! wut Dilrty ric.i.'ei-.-i hanilllns >lly: nnd Ml« Martha HodjM, city J ,, r ' v,s n,r m „ ' . ' r"i,-;.. " ' ''"" ret. dls'.ribiileil In this ten-it«ry j n. Joyner of this city, met ! banc|Uut room of Hie llot;l l 1^ discuss pin fresli water ran out Ix'fOR.'ii'w as ' Mary 1'ickford to Hit- city. : ll'» iu.iili"tln'i"or"7i "i'ipv"-'-!Vi'i',', , • discovered. 'Hie muni; now is con- I "l-Htl,- did I thinl: then ilml »„„. i e "^ lomcH wil hi thl" , , ; I lined lo the bri ;! . joay I would \»- Mr. P.Uvbnnkv Iran- !,inj,s- ' """ l "° " l ' SI fcw ' ] "If \ve continue lo liiake Hie pro- i )ll|! llltly '" thc Spnnls-ii uhl told me I 'iiVi)vc w .,iTii,.,, v rM . j juii'ss we have so far. we will \x- : n fow w ieks a^o jur.t bcfove Ihe i wcr( ,. | K .,,> ',„ ,,11 < n . '"""liany | !hack in lime for the Olympic unnies. ! l ' or " l " ln >' <-'iubarkcd upon UK loin; | J10 cluct Out of'in,™ -I"-.!-. T*'i iis.^'^^r"" :r;t;:r£'£»:; : ,S; »"s« =r-r"f °'« !i ™"' - -™- '«* ! '""'" "• ' «»^ ,'Bl't n, u.y back yard prae- invest on North Fifth « w! , ,^ • ,- ,' ', ' ."'.suit of Injuries sml-uird In nn ; l-iilrtanlis has ,mlie a iuimb:i- of'onto acciduut Su'ndiiy. I,,'a I 0 -, m .r ! p.ans-ir he. can cnrrj- out nil o: ; accident three ribs were limki-n iilicm. For one thing he.hopes toinnd these ribs were pnii'tl npari' net a semiciice which will show aisund.iy ! band of cannibals hoarding lire ,;,e- I Mr nnd Mrs .lack mr-l and l"os private yacht. To accomplish !dnii B hli : r S , Owsln :u,d 1.011 .inidra™ i __ co " cclral l!l ° Wen of lo Memphis Sunday. CARDU! a director, actcrs, writers and tsch- nicians phts complete etiulpment must be transported wnerever he Hue's Maria Alba, leading boy i for Dcugtas Fairbanks' new piclurt-, complete^mpmentio" *"'**'"P ln ant °< «he Sonlli' i«unik ^ costumts 6he uses , n , h( . fi]m „.. .,,.,,01^^ t v« wuKitvLr ne i ~. .... . i goes. That. however, doesn't b-Jhcr ' ou makcs up Sor lls bf«'ilj- Doug. His bank account already is "' ' ls f!ash ' n » col<)rs - Retirement pay of a federal civil service employ is not exempt from Income tax. GOOD NEWS FOR BLYTHEVILLE Williams Laboraioi:os have arranged to have 'a man in your town ivl'.o will tell you about WILLIAMS' FORMULAE. The Formulae that those who have been liquid under the steamer fortunate enough to get n bottic 1 be saved. Cooled and freed arc so enthusiastic about. Satis- Ircm fa! It makes choice lamb nclioii guaranteed or vour money bm " refunded. Get back your pep. Ynii Know That "Wonderful Frtlinj." Reconimci|dr-d for stomach, liver and kidney disorders covering dys- nepsia. biliousness, gasy stomach, * *• "**."!*, t. UEJIV.II:>. j distress after eating, heartburn u-ad celery, l sro all head cabb.ige, sour stomach, chronic constipation cup rice, \ cups canned tomatoes, sick headache, neuritis, neuralgia' 11-2 teaspoons salt. 1-4 icasucon rheumatism. Isme back and general' lurner. 2 slices bacon. ' —' We feet of ,, look at our 'mshe.V every nlgi,, jlnt | Tim Next LATTICE WEAVES 200 SQUARES TO THE INCH This u of , illll IPIVl r tlii ious riirl::<iniU'd lu' ovci-vwlli-ri: for .V. Created ,on the private looms of Hart, Schaff.ner & Marx New pigmy checks that have a plain line ten feet away, Well-dressed men are wearing them—everywhere. In shades' of brown, tan and grey. And the prices are back to 16 years ago, with quality better' than you ve ever seen it i For as little as $ .75 r .v^o ....- . Keep your stomach, liver and i fry out tat m a large iron frying kidneys healthy and nature will do •-'.,,? f' 3 ! 11 COVEr - Ad(l ™ M tllc " st Gel a bottle today from .cut in half inch cubes and brown JKirby Drug Co., or Klrby Bros -Adv, 1 24 New Mead Clothing Co. . „ liilckly on all t.tdes. Add onion i Drug Co, ALL NIGHT If you muit g«t up repeatedly , at night; U you hive a burning, uncomfortable, nervou* ffelinp and arise in the morning tired out, your kidney* may b« causing the trouble. Use Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules regularly and «« II >xm don't sleep joundly, feel younger, ((row stronger. During 23C years this fine, pW preparation has helped mil- liotu. Isn't it worth trying? 35c ft 75c. GOLD MEOAl HAARLIM OIL CAPSULES , Eating Ever visil ;i viiicyurti early in ihe uroru- iiif;, when llie dew still lingered 011 ihc greul cluslers of piii'plc "rapes? Ever s(Hi«:<;z«; 1'iein between your lips ami experience the genuine thrill of .that .first (Iclidous wine-like flavor? Nowhere else luivt! you set'ined to <piite match thai lang —jjnlil llu- New Nufirupe came. usiiiil now ill-ink, by a process exclusively Inis surccc'hc-d in imprisoning the elusive thu ilow-tcct yraiic, just an il is plucUctl K vineyard in season—c!c:«-, tingling nith I jiri-flimed. Yes — yon cun tlie of il Ihc nininenl Mit: l>o!l!e is opened, vivid mniiiriil, you urc "In 11 Cr;t(ie today, it's Nu Grape Bottlin Co. c Si Arl; MADE WiTH W€LCH'S GRAP€ JU5CC

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