The Berkshire County Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on August 19, 1925 · 15
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The Berkshire County Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts · 15

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1925
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3 REFEREE'S - SPORTING CHAT - prtrgeh .4".....3.,,groo",",07.0.,,,,wa eft, I, rittsileld 4. : adelphia Ledger and the-Npeanut i - struck the scribe full in the faCs., Bridgeport defeated ilarttord., : "That's the best control you have - 4 , flown this Re1at-m9 - shown this season," was Isarninger's .:sew,Itaitenston overAlbany. - , quick sally.. And ,it was true for Lefty has ,had - the Pirates 6,n4 Giants won. - much -troirble , finding the homb tr .- - ,-..- ,. ', plate. lie has, wonderful stuff 'and : Waterbury turned back NVorcester with better control would be the . 4, - - I v-1,1 - . smnsation Connie bad loped be , ' Art; Mills, suffered-his third sUC- would be4,Ilartford Times. . , cetsive reverse. . , - - - ', r. a v - , - , . e. i - , Among the goners who are slated I ,Spr in g A e 14 will be here for a double. to compete in the national amateur header thia afternoon and one game chainpionship at the .Oakmont Coen tomorrow. .. , , 4 trv etrits Cut te mr.rt, T3. ....1...... ,4.44. , , : r , , - AmOillr the goners who are elated The lialles pl4 )e4 an uphill game -but Springfield's kad Wit3 too much to overcome: , fr.-1 ' The Itc,11.eti will be at Hartford Sunday for a doubleheader. ',With, fayoratde weather a big crowd.will be on S. hatid lot the games. Del Capes its & very Valuable util' ItY lori. Toronto. Ile has-- s batting average,, of .365 for 43 games ,!'and has been used to advantage at , ,various tImea Lu ,running bases tor Ia sPeJY Mtn. The tae,t that-CaPes Is not in the game every day shows that Dan Howley has a strong that,. ista Jack Scott of the,thants, has alrick ot zipping a pang soft one over for a third stiike sit frequent intervals. I le pulled 7...-iets -Wheat. rn-u-th to, het latter's disgust. -in one ot the Ames in New. 'York in June.. ItThat Scott's emulsion ball: -good -ifor weak tit:Ws." jubilantly explained Giantrooter,porting News. qe,"g Albany will splay 'here Fridat and Saturday.. ;Dill" McCorrY' will have sortie nekv 'faces in the line-up owing to the fact that An Hermann has been uspenfled and Eddie TaylorIs on the Injured list. A1ban3ri has -suffered 841. vett ly by injuries to Taylor, - Cot- Herinann .and Emerierith and the faiturelL of Hermann to play is steadily as sias expected Act him. - tett The TIOston , league will 110011 bevome known as a 'one inning" telgue.. A surprisingly ,large number of gamesfare decided,in one inning. In three or tour games played Monday ributh runs-were. scored In one Inning to s.-in the rgamel--,four being eact ot the victorious .1 teams.' In the other 'game the losing team seared aeven runs in atm inning. The Kn!ghts of Columbus have an ranged a fine program for John Col-. Iina day tomorrow afternoon at Wahronala park. A band. will, furnish music and there will be some excellent Numerous prizes, will be iawarded MI the entire program A hould be attractive. Springfield and ,- Pittsfield will mitt in the ball game 'H l- there is always a thrill when Vic . 11:aa 'and the liampdens clash bete. , The G4ascos, of North Adaths put' , up t, quite a game in. defeating the Neer Departures at Bristol Conn;; Sun. , day. a to 9. belaneyw - forrnelY pt. Michael's college and Suffield !school ath'ete who tried -out with The '1.1Ilies in the tying. was on the - mound 'fort the Isere foe a part of the - 1 g me. Tatorn, Horkheirrier,, and , Clyde Waters were arnong the former Eastern league players with the New Deptrtbres. 4 , ' - r- . - ,) lf Conte Madk was not Vet's to of4king the limbs otsome of his high.. priced- stars the Athletics could form , a pretty fair ftlotball team to do a. hit of barnstorming when it gets too cold for ,basirbail. Walter French. the oki -Weitoroint star, a utility out telder and 'Cordtilt Cochrane, catcher, srere a pair of backs, good enough ter aln3ost any teamin the coutnry and Georg Bcrry. ,aZibstitute catcher, its " , the old, totayette star end Who-was graduateit from the Eastern college ,, 'legit June., 1 - . , Left Groves. -after ..pitching the frst three innings., stood in the run! --way ' of the ,grandatand watching - tho Ile threw a, peanut 4a1-, Srborts Efitcti !sapling-ex of the Phil SAY VOTORISTS tlito 10 1.0!:EER FEAR COLEISIO!I A hundred laws bare been named.' several hundred lenses have been de. slimed to cut down accidects duo to 4 glarthe headlights. I. -It remained for a chau eur 'to Invent ,a special side light that takes the thrzare out of the brightest headlishts the darkest road. This little invention railed the Proteetolite, is mounted behind the right wheel on the 101,404r MIMI', and throws a broad beam of light right ott the outside edge of the road- Ewen In the strongest glare of an oncoming car with your own head. ,Lgh to- dzanied and the Protectolito switched onyou can ;watch the ont-i side of the reed and pas In safety Von toe the ditches. tree STAIM'n boulders. on -the side. as clearly 'illuminated as la the daytimeand yen can avoid them easily. With this. 1 danetv remove night. tltrivtng is ' certain to become less basartious even rne toe most nervous driver. The.. rrotectohte is now on sale La this city by auto aocesesory- deelere.. , , . ---t SPRING A u WORK T of el kin-doreset14 raw, .reirforting, 'new Ea bvithlrg and ohacklo p tolt lobo. . , ' - I 'A 5 ,Largest P ,' Stock R ' ot sprtrgs west a Pilot ors N - óme.cas fto,lomom R v. t. I , G t G Geo. E. znippney k ,----- t .-- C . t "1 ti,,, I Onirka trAtie -Aft. I .1J -- IF' i otstle:11 . - f -'..--'- It oete 1 TAII r.ttS. M. H 1' ' 1 Re',airzt of - If t !! Auto.Bod;es. .,. , 4 lanks. -Fenders .J and Radiators , .... , , , :,.:1c-.,:;-7,011;.! i,....4mp.zctioa ,-;', , 3 3 rza-cint---,Str:zt -- to compete in the national amateur chainpionship at the Oakmont Country club. Oakmont. Pa.. starting Monday. August 31. are 10 or more who have played in the Berkshires. They include Max R. Merston of Hunting. ton 'Valley. Walter R. Tuckerman of Washington, Parker 'W.- 'Whittemore of Brookline. James D. Standish. of Detroit. Alfred C. Ulmer of Jacksonville. Fla..- Sherill -Sherman and ; Thomas Sh cl ripen of Utica N.Y., John G. Anders cf New :York. Jesse F. cauliford of ,Woodland. -:''Reginald M. Lewis- of 'Greenwich. Conn.. and Fred, crick II. Wright; Jr.. of Albermarle . , ' i . r-4 - , ' - ' An Interesticg goltrnatch has beea arranged for Sunday at the Stockbridge Country club where Johnny Farrell and Leo Diegel. well known professionals. will meet Boland-Wingate. professional at the Stockbridge club an Victor East,-Longmeadow professional.- Eighteen ,holes will be played In the morning and 18 Ili' the afternoon. The tour of Farrell. and Diegel is being handled. by Bill Mc- , , earthy of Springfield, athletic.; coach at New York university, who also brought Gene Sarazen.and Farrell to ' Stockbridge two .years ego. Sunday's , match should be close and Interesting. Wingate and East will provide plenty of opposition tor the well known pair. Fatirell and Diegel have numerous chamnionships to their credit and H .I t, Farrell tis one of the countrs's most capable players'''. He is supposed to be as near perfect tn the matter of style as any -,prefessional in the country. , Hugh "Red" Borty, Eastern league umiiire, Is especially good company a3 he has ready wit. a retentive memory and senses' the human side of baseball happenings. In a recent -Pittsfield-Worcester game at Wahconah park. Barry Purcell was at bat and "Lefty" Anderson was hurling for the Panthers. Purcell .would'rather face any other twirler In baseball than Anderson. The Worcester pitcher has sort of a deceptive delivery and when Pitching to Purcell there happened to be a man on first -base. .1Anderson used a' sweeping motion which he started toward first base but did riot let the ball go until it was headed for the plate. Purcell missed the sphere by a considerable margain and then turning to Umpire 'llorty inquired: "Who pitched that ball, Anderson or the first basepurl," The auburnIttip'ed arbiter takes great pleasure In recallin g. jhe dent at Portland ln old New England league days when be made a decision 'against the home team1 that resulted In a riot which was so extensive that some of the bleachers were knockedl down. Rorty. bad police protection in making' his escape.,Toe-Burns who playa right field for Bridgeport was in that-garrie and Hugh says he was & graceful player at that time.. Burns after going to.the majors suffered an ankle injury which slowed him considerably. Kent Greenfield. who Is the -Giants' pitching ace, was with New liaven last season and near the end of -the campaipt Rorty asked the pitcher g he expected to be recalled bl$ the Giants. "McGraw probably has forgotten that there is such a fellow as Kent Greenfield living"-answered the liurler. The:twirler was wrong, however, for Clyde Milan reported to the .Giant leader that Greenfield was THE BERKSHIRE COUNTY 'EAGLE ready to make good in tbs big league and surely he has done all that the New .11axen manager , predicted - for him. RortY' says that' Greenfield's sueeem was due to willingness to work. Ile Watt so anxious to go in as relief Pitcher that, Milan frequently had to refuse his .services. I Rorty said that one .day he save Greenfield mowing the grass on the New Haven ball park. The greatest surmise of the present season for 'forty was the failure of John Sehelberg to continue to win games for The Hillies. The first few times he saw Sehelberg 'pitch he Jigured he would the best right, bander in thale4gue.! The most Improved ball pla3-er in the circuit, in Rorty's. 'opinion, Is Rob. erts the Bridgeport pitcher who. formerly was with Albany,. ' Rorty expects that Art Mills 'and ."Wa(kly" MaePhee 'will go higher. 1"Mills has the moxie,"; says Rorty, (meaning - that he has nerve). "Furthermore. he is smart and has a grand assortment of stuff."' ; : Like so many other persons -----w'ho have followed the iEastern league closely the veteran umpire cannot see why, The.Hillies are not up better in the race. He likes' the looks, of the 51,ubc , SPORTING NOTES. Jack Hobbs. the Currey cricketer,. made another centuryi at Taunton, Somersetshire, Eng.; yesterday in. a match between Somerset and Surrey. Monday be scored his 126th century. thus equalling the word' S reCord set by Vi G. Grace In 19044 His feat Yesterday .eclipses all records and makes him 'supreme the sport. A.century is the scoring of 100 or more runs during one period at bit. "Hank" Dresser, former 'athletic coach at Tech High In Springfield, will coach-the linemen 'at the.Unlversity of Vermont tills fall. Dresser has been made assistant director of phy. sical eduCation at Vermont. The di. partmenthas been reorganized and 1 s , , WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 19, 1925-- :low under the direction of A. K. Aldinger. for 20 years in charge of atti; letica in tbs New Toett city schools. Dresser hopes also to become basket. ball coach at Vermont. but hasn't se. cured the appointment yet': W. J. Mc. Avoy is football coach and Harold Mayforth remains graduate manager. M ,.A.val.dMilL INTERNATIONAL POLICE rnovEn VALVE, SAYS BERLIN CIIIEF BERLIN. July' - 23, (R)----11'e Inter. national police 1 conference' In NZw York recently- f41M1ed, its objfKi beyond efbectations; in the 'opinion of Colonel Kuenzer, of the Berlin pollee ' )n 7 Ak t .1 ' ' t hr 1, - 1 ! .. 1 ! ,.., - : ---- 4 , ' , , .,;. , le , 1 f -It..., . ,,-...,,ikr- z-40 . .-.10 .1:-. . . I ouratiret liars' .... 1 Y . ... ..... Jk ''A i 1... AA . . 1 ' 1 ' ' KEEP your this corrirctly- inflit.- 1 ed, go easy on rough places, have cuts and separations repaired , ,''' us. they occur and have your tires Nestlerized (retreaded by the Nestler Process) at Isaac once, and you auk I :"cut your tire cost in half. , ...s . , , : tour complete' tire service Is savini ' . - thousands of dollars for our custom. . era...! When your tires need atten- i tion; come in and see us, . ' '7.' Orncal Licensees sender Novae? . . t , I Rubber Papin Procne Ponta. - Pittsfield - Tire Exchange 154.6 NORTH ST, OPEN UNTIL 8 P. , i imuummob-'-1 department. In.addition to fuinishing many helpful Ideas and auggesilona. La sold. it supplied tha much-felt want of putting the police sillhiets of the entire world In close touch with each other. Colonel Kuenter praised. the Now PA G E hFTEEN Toth department nd Commtecones Enttght and added that nothirg eves - L)d made MI eh a deep imprtrtion tp an his oCklat heart as the. parlie of New York's 't nest.' TRIED .AND FOUND WORTHY A Carton cans) 75c c.i Scores sthi took advan- ,0 , late of the trial offer of rEP-1TE,. the wonderful carbon remover and. ': pretender. a-re offering testimony. "Simply wonderful" 'Nothing Ilk k"--"Stopped the knock In my motor in two t days""I gel seven to eight , . miles more per gallon with . " , " , " , Guaranteed to scut the Carbon'. , , t from any Ntotor- - Fahey Drug Co. oi 15 MeIYiUeSt. - - .. Pittsfield, Mass. Weeks Battery and Electrical Shop 1 t44' ,4,41s : k 010077.-: , , 4", vOrs.'t, itremenclotm nest:onso 100 I G HT here in Your own town .1Ah n the last few days thous.. ands of new arid enthpsiastia users of Boycb-ite have been added to the millions throughout - t the country who wouldn't drive' a mile without it.- If you haven't put your car on its Boyce-Its diet yet I earnestly urge you to do 'so at once. Any of the dealer's listed below, have the new improved Boyce-ite. Don't drive another mile without it., 1 - t1- - up ,1'ec31' ,bor, Ircv , 4 " t ,o..,;- 41to 4 it'Ast 4 - lk .4."1. onOr- 771- ,og4- , ' 4,44 . - ' ' PITTSFIELD, MASS. A. Barritt Beitzel & IlarneY1 The Berkshire Rubber Co. Dunn Brothers W. S. Farrar & on ' W. S. Farrar & Sons . (or Br. HamDom& Morrissey Ideal Inn New South Street Garage North 'End Garage Olmstead Brothers. Pitts! lelit Auto Supply Pittsne I Tire & Battery Shop 'Fleet a-While Inn J. T. Sraee & Sons South Street Motor .Co. Summer Street I-Ming. Station p. .1. Weber wended' Garage West Pittsfield Garage - - ADA31S, MASS- Irolvoc Tire Serviet A. C. Rithmond ,"r BALLSTON SPA I Charon It Guertin 0 griens Garaxe 1 h 4'e Brot hers 1 7 -SViettt: S 'Tire Shop Unto-t & Service ftat.on BEACON T. C. & D C. Frovt tieortro h'orerAl'n , CENNINGTON, VT. Prin tr clon Ca rum") irAha;I Caraga rkarkmr o ,44:3te'rt !it-a t & 17:c- , it' t.4 Ai. 0 ;w0.- 4.0 ,:- A e i 1 v ' ' 1 , - Double Stretgth i .4,. . 1 - , BosyAlEceital is ... 1 iI , odOt , , It cannot Injure ' the finest meta! ' 1111 e ' ?RESIDENT .:: . surface nor ettdam ' ' 1 . ger the health of , any human being. - BOYCE tv- VEEDER CO.. Inc. , I , tocts bland CUT, liew York iI 47.:1::, .,,,....: ! ; , 'i-,:e.. 'I,' zt'z 3r ,':.--4,,:-,'; i''.:,.:, -x:,... t::,,Z;'-'i-s'1'....' i, x '7-(:::: '':-.5. ; 11, :'--i;;;,-..,,:;. C to every 10 gallons ;of 'your gasoilue aaa con;' tents of otle 25,oe4t cittx of liprovea 1 Strength , 1 latolceite , , el. 12480. .11 4.4 '6, iiJ 44..v71 17, ; IkL.,)04 1STRIBUTED BY BLUE STORE H. naught - - CASTLETON Castleton Garage Rensselaerwyck Garage .1 '7 CHATHA31 , Abram 's Garage Bohl Brothers ,CIIESHIRE, -MASF Green Acre Filling Station , ' COHOES' , Cohoes Motor Car Co.- Clarence Hume Lincoln Filling Station North Side Garage COLU3IBIAVILLE -Liberty Garage DALTON, MASS. Bentley & Hubbard - , , FORT EDWARD James A. Morrison & Sons !,. GLENS FALLS Beaton & Wilsey Ned Buckly - Bissell Motor Co Citizens'. Garage Empire Automobile Co. VOT1111 Motor Co. - -- tower Warren Filling Station Miller Brothers F. F. Newberry LeRoy Ball Garage - - geatilmosGarage The The Shop Warren: 1totor Sales .Co. li6 T ubstitution,-Proo 4 t ,- 1 1 ; 1 4 1 I SINO: Oi&,. 14?; A. oO''''' fir- -.' ..' . mope......01010 14,;:!,,, '''', .11, ! 4t V !Sae" 4i1S40.4 ,. ' ..1L'..41 oi"N 010'.4 X': - :'-' tiga & So Co. Inc-. - Pittsfield Mass. , --..!'!-LI)ok for ,the, Ydlow :! '71 , earton at. atiy of the 'D'ealers Listed , , HINSDALE, MASS; C A Fierce , , Jericho Garage - 1100SICK FALLS lens Gitrage Carlo's Filling. station '1' HUDSON FALLS A. B. Carpenter HUDSON Paramount Oil Co.. Inc. ' KINDERHOOK Kinderhook Garage Garrison's Service Station LAKE GEORGE Th Is Duck-Inn Camp tale George Garage Cci. 'Guy L. Martin Sisson's Garage - Wiiiseys Garage ' Worden Auto Sales' , LATHAMS , A. ( - mAsji 1 1 Bohi Brothers '1. George P. Panniff George B. Woodward r 1 LEE, MASS. - Con a Garage R. P. Hayes ! ! LENOX, MASS. 1 c,Tt. Hutchinson 1 MECIIANICVILLE' Bosworth MotOr. Car Co.' Henry G.,Colel Garage , ! T. E. Harrigan Wm. .1,, Heaton H. H. Van Ilechan N. P. Wendell - I , n I A I .nrat13 10 Gationa of G I - f' 1 N.,, 41, , . ,Jp , S ' 1 A. K. Link -, ;SI- I 114, kf- 4 - , , '46-'r'"- , qt-' t EDOUDIEJ, OritIFIZZZGVII I IP E. 3. Sheer R. D-lfacr ;aeon's Garage Orundy'a Garage: C Its Diu Artees ColosIdattifies the Qtnuitte Double St7engthl3o74x-4te1. I OlittlbEtittr 3 , DrOARDLESS of di;t ewelbanip cat ansclision so demises el .wur motor, or dte amount or gra& et 3 ' I tool. eltw ea:01ns Doyen rested gasoline as lour seam:lard meter food, rat ever again lout le loecossers so remove carbon. hoe that carboys burned out soul send ' us the ban A check win be mot yea lomedkittb. NORTH TROY n - NORTH ADAMS, MASS. ',Trail garage The Greylock Garage George Weat Georges The Shop SHEFFIELD, MASS.- ; I SARATOGA, N. Y. ' Dodge 'Service Station C. D. Eggleston Garai , - 1 Ross Ketcham 1Philre Filling Station : States Livery & Garag - - M. Stow L Dan Smith ' , White Motors J. B. White Company SCOTIA R. & M. Gas Filling Station , I Leavitt & Sons Service George R. Hatton Mohawk Filling Station I SOUTH GLENS FALLS Dwyer Brothers Stanton & Collina 1 WATERFORD Hoffman Filling Station ; 1 WATERVLIET , Decker's Battery Station 1-1. S. Patten Schuyies Service Statiott 4 'Watervliet Tire & Vulcanizing Corp. WILLIAMSTOWN ., I . I U I 3 , S "1.1 0, I ASK THE - MAN , 4 i--); )t el, I .,- P; --.A , ,t t . I I c'.N WHO OWNS ONI AtIONNIS rim fir rz.); s n ef I i Is I;;- , : Has Been Appointed Official, ' North East Speedometer.Servicle.. Station , Cairying Genuine North past Parts The Only Service Station Having i Real Speedometer ' Test Bench , Call 4048 . 21 Reed Street r y1 - ps-,...46; 3 . ) 1 , . Pe ook tu:eci a long reign Padcatti Eight. A ITER 'minty-five years of leadership ins the IX manufacture of ftne motik" cars Packard 't has' achieved the new series Packard Eight.' - 1 It is built to those unvarying Packard standards whimean long and satisfactory service. And . 16,m there are the new improvements which. make such service doubly suie. t On the 'new series Packard Eight you will find. the chassis lubricator...and the oil rectifierboth parding Packard Eight precision by almost auto . matically assuring regular and proper lubrication of both cllatc;" and motor. These are the most important improvements in , , mottF car -design since the electric self-startzr. S:- W. GOODRICH , 1 e EAST. STREET GARAGE Pittsfield, Mass. ' ' ' Phc t - 0 t We believe it long before Pacir2rd can surpass this carin beaut.-y,and distinction, it comfort azid perforteance,' - , di:kora Eiglit is ifferel ten boay tyfe4 four open and six enclosed. Marry purchase thew Pack:14 Eights otst of iticossioysther Own Pori cg.prital. 0 , " It Phone 630 I . Lii fjuara -- ,1.1 1----:,'cit- z. Fahey Drui . - ' . . . - .. , ' . , , , ,,, ' ton . ; , . , . . -pe' .e,0 cans) 75c ,4 , . , s, ANI . .. , :1 - , ?..,r- . - , , tolleC ..- . - 1 ''...; ft d2d'S ' kirle." . . I N 4 t 1 .' fa; OV "- . . 1 114 iP ; . ...., . 1 ' ; ; . ' . . . . " k ' ncores lab took advt a 10 , - ' '' cLC Late of the trial offer lit& rEP-1TE,. the nrond . I i 1 ' typ,e,. ,7.-'. tut carbon remover a . pretender. are offering tet . - .---' - . mony. d-Struply wooderf IX ' .04 W-- Ei ' '': . , . , L , , . , , Don't- - -, ,., . ., t 1, . . r i -Ii:..,; .. .---44k 1 y o u ..., I" 'II i ,,,, . .,.. r '." 7-- - 1 - r , t 4..- -I . ,',i , 1 i I EEP 7 o -I - ed, g . I. . h .-. '..' 1 fi- ., ,, ., ri 1 S. avthe eyrutsoc , , , S .:. r i ,. : ' ' tlestleriztx , ' ';-11 I b , 1 Process) a ' ' ' -'C 'cut your ti tk 1 -- our tomr ' 11 'I - th-ous- Ands'- - . , ers.. 4. 1,1he ' , -' . , --!' tion; coral ' '' I Rabb( , : 1 . . . -.- Pittsfield Tu , . , - .,,. , ir A eN ILTetn"rtlt 0.1. Tne race. tie cluC , 7- - SPOR , . , , , . , . . . . , - ' - t , g- , ' ; - . . . . . . , . . . . . , .. . . ;.0...ft, Niontemob.........m.mmungoommonsgmeon TI ,,,,., ,,, ..., , .. 0 So.," O. . I. v a . ie . - sa- --- , - et ' - . 3

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