The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1932
Page 5
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. APRIL 11, CLASSIFIED ADS Two centi t, «ord for tort Insertion, »nd one cent » word 'or neb tutecquent Intexttoa No sdvetUscment ttkea for kw than 60c. c.-nint toe word* and Mud Ua cash. Phone 306 FOR SALE I'Ott SALE—Baby chicks. I'art cash, pay balance in fryers. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythcville, Ark. 21ctf FOIi SALB-Men's-Half Soles, 50<\ and Men's lUibber Heels and Leather Heels, 4(Jc. Progressive Sho c Shop, 103 South Second Street, Blyihevllle. 8P-K23 I'OK HEM' KENT — Furnished oparl- inent, 207 N. Fifth. Phone 846-W. 7C-K.13 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 305 Dougan. 8lf FOB RENT—Five room bungalow, t'Oo Chickasawba. Good repair, cheap rent. Apply New York Store. 28C-U FOR HENT-A three, a live and a six room resilience. Sec Dr. Saliba, Ingrain UiiildiiiB., uckn WANTED BLYl'HEVTLLE, (ARKJ_COl)ItIEU NEWS WANTED-Posltten [Jus season lo repair, sharpen and operate Bin. references. E. M. Allen, 523 W. Ash, Blj-tlKville. HcklS PERSONALS BEN Z. HOCOTT - Guaranteed Radio Service. Tubes Tested Free Phone 57, rarkhurst Co. 8P-K15 Closing Stock Prices A.T.fcT Anaconda Cop[>cr Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Continental Baking ... General Electric General Motors Micidlcivest Utilities ... Montgomery Ward Now York "central ... Packard liadio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J Texas Corp U. S. Steel IOC 5 1-8 50 1-4 7 !) 5-8 •1 3-4 104 3 1-8 14 5-8 11 1-4 5-8 G 7-8 20 2 1-4 5 1-8 5 1-2 25 1-2 10 1-2 33 5-8 New York Cotton NEW YORK, April 11 (UP) — Coltpu, closed, pleady. May July Oct Dec Jan March iiifjii 020 035 662 678 MM open 020 635 660 674 fi83 dSS 701 C89 closed at 625, up 5. loiv 602 (521 646 G63 676 close GIG 634 659 GTS CSS •;oi New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 11 (UP)Cotton closed steady. Jray July Oct Dec Jan March open 017 "037 6G1 076 GSi 700 high en 637 661 "676 684 700 low 603 620 643 659 681 687 Close G33 657 673 681 b 697b Spots closed at 613, unchanged. FRESH RIVER CAT FfSH EVERY DAY Jimmie O'Brien's Cafe 105 S. 2nd St. Phone 271' New Grand Leader Jwirbcr Shop 110 N. 2nd Hair Cuts - - 25c Earl E. Parker R. s. Provost I.VSIIRKD I NTER TKUCKINU BONDEU c() DKr'UNlMltr.R DAILY SERVICE TO BI.YTHEVILI.E FROM Memphis and LIHIe Kork •I. l>. McDowell Tctcplionc Local Agent No. 82 Guaranteed Pure Stoneville No. 1 PLANTING SEED $25 Per Ton]? ^ nils seed was grown on bur own plantation and sinned in our private gin wllh no possibility of mixture with Inferior seed. C. F. TUCKERI on Promised Land Road, 3!4 miles southeast of Blytheville. SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First . R. J. Dodson W1-W3 E. ay ua ttmci me UfCI.V HKHB TOU/IY IIHAS CAHKT l»Uk» > k«l- ur»> cuur»c aMd irriirrM her ttmt luh ttiu I;II.M:ST IIKATII, .icH- !<•<•!. UOll IIDMIAU. ... .1 . Cfclraeu wdltfua'lcc, coMfarli hrr *hh II protpretfve rniple>rr, Bu««»'• AUNT JIISSIK, (Id-fa.klo«r4 "B* •Iclct. tHCkmriECM her IrlCHl- •Uf lijlk OKS f.AHII'MAN, , iu"i>4r J'oimjc miulclnn. lira IMkn k" lu n iiudla imrly. Ski- !• • dnmri-> of JACK WAIIIM;, ,((,„ wurk. In |b F »mr uMt'f. Hub !»««• bar atki her !• Umrk Ml Kill krr he I. (•!>( »br»a4. :•„•• "nllici >kt l> |. "Ilk bin. NOW CO OK WITH THE STOll* CHAPTER XI £)EN1SR ACKHOYD. slim and Perfect In her tailored suit of black faille, continued to stare Insolently nt Susan hut her words wcro nddres- 1 to Hob Dunliar. "Whcro have you been keeping yourself?" Uculso wont on in that high, cwcot, agrccablo voice, which had rung out above the others that night at tho Slrlnskys' BtuJto. Bob Bald rather uncomfortably tliftt ho had been with tho family at Lake Geneva, that ho had got In GOIUC soil. ' l Vou look ft," said Denfso, surveying him with what Susan thought a proprietary gaze. Susan felt out or it. The other girl, with the case and smoothness of long practice, had taken control ot the litMtion. Susan was suddenly con sciaiis th!i< her rose pink shantung ras all wroug. Sho wondered, dismally, why sho bail come. Slio was out ot place In this big, cool, shin In" room where all the lunchers Eionied to know each other nnd stopped to talk and laugh in little Intimate groups. It t" . other girl wa:. aware of *ny rii "—ess In ci.oring Susan she gave no Sign. Sho monopolized young Dimuar completely. It was only when Susan, raging In her heart, gathered up ' glove: .-•• '. B«ld sho must go that Dcnise ap- (eared to notice her. ."Oh. you have a job, I suppose?" »ie said In a surprised, faintly dls- italnful tone. As If, thought Susan »»Siily, there was anything wrong •'abJrjt having a job.' "No, don't come with o*e," Susan Insisted to the young man. "Really, I must rush anil you niay as well stay and talk." Surely bi won't lake me at my word. the. girl thought Surely he'll finish what he started to say before that uatcfui Deniso Interrupted! Womanlike, Susan Insisted that the young man should do csactly what sho hoped he would not. She did not really believe ho would take her at ber word. But Dunbar by this time was bewildered by her silenco and sudden coolness. He began -o Imagine tlio flash of understanding which had passed between them was nothing but a alrage. He walked with her as far as tho lobby where, puzzled and annoyed by her new, distant manner ho !efl licr and returned to tho restaurant and Denisc. • • » YffALKINO across town, Susan raced In Uer heart The. click of her heels kept tiu* will: her furious thoughts. "I hate her. I liato her. I halo her," she stormed Inwardly. Sho wa hard put lo U to keep back tlio tears. The day which Iinil seemed so perfect an hour ago was unendurable. The sun beat down on the pavements, tbo big policeman at Adams and Clark looked fairly wilted. No wonder, thought Susan, that girls like Deniso Act- royd nliva.-j tnnnaged to Jook so euiulsltely turned out. They had their halt hundred little French ' frocks, their efficient maids In tlio background. They Jiad swimming and tennis. They had adoring par- cuts who existed lor the sole purpose, apparently, of paying bills. For the first time In her life Susan began to be really sorry for herself. She wondered rebeiliously If llio needed to be so utterly unfair. The corrosion, ot self: pl'.y ate into her il, g/onc- quiet and pale, so subdued. Quito unconsciously he hail como In Hie last few weeks lo depend upon and In o*n™i the Hash ot glowing understanding, tho ready response. Hint was half Susan's clmnii. Today nil that was absent. "I wonder If Uio girl Is 111." Ifcalh thought, tor Iho moment vaguely annoyed at the Idea, Tor llio first time slncu sho Ind lieen In his employ he began to speculate, idly, on the gliTn Ufa apart from Ernest Henlh. Incorporated. Like most men ot his typo—correct, dignified, rich and unimaginative—his secrclary ot the moment always seemed to htm to havo been ere alcd for llio solo purpose of arriving promptly at nine each mornli«, discharging her ilntfcs crisply and efficiently, and departing on llio stroke ot five into some dim limbo ho tcilher knew nor cared to know J.JISS O'CON'XKLL whoso place Susan was taking had alway soul, U was lu this mood that she entered tbo olilce. hung up her hat, n . f . hail uever occurrcil to He.ilh to wonder what her llfo onlsido the " " "°' "'" was Hearing 40. of washing her linniln. Soith-lnuv aim win nut u i all eager to K" h«ne. Tim dull pain at her lioiiH whli'li had been vlamonii); fur nun,o nil afternoon scemcil lu. :<Misl!l,',l. with ihnl alianniciifl «C I'lTi-i'iiiiua \vhlcti teems lo como lo ill of, in aflir wo li.ivu 1)0110 nn l:ei-n in Kiivo Hob Diiubur us shu had. "Vo'.i'ro a UUlc fool." imu told hci-ell :iii8rlly. "Von led tho Held completely lo DenliiO!" SMo slglicd nnd iln> slsh was- 111,0 a prmm. "Whal un earth's ihu nuillciT 1 QI.'KAN 1 clinical up to fcb tho ye* of liny Klannery - her. ".Viilmily," saf'i Hay singly, -WIT nioanuil like the, •s she ihoitjtlii Mho wan In love." H suimnonrd ilm Kh»3t ot n >. blinking her lienil In denial. i univluktm; utiivo Him lieva liifivdiihnisly. "I know Mm symptoms." liny wont on. hi.iklu;; wise. "n:ul Inks Ii frmii me. klil, It Isn't worlh II." U'arniini; ID her subject sho perched on (ho nearest deik nnd continued, "l.ove'u n lot of liocey. It's all rlKhl In llio movies but whnt 1 fay In, lenvo It lliere." Sutan Liunlicil. Sho couhln't help it. liny, wllli her head, her pretty faco niaitc up In whut Amu Jciialo' would linva (hoiichl ElnunclesH fiiuhlon, Hay IKIIIK, vvna reiilly too fiiuuyl "I'm lelllnt' yon," Hay pursued liiu siiiijix-t wiih ri'llsli, "Miimnni s:iyn In me, slio bnyu, 'Don't yon ':o ipilMg off and Ki-illni; mnrrled Ilko all thcso crazy khls In Kline- water, wlthoia a penny lo their naiaes.' llannna nay a 'have a iwod time wlilln ytiu'ro young, You'ro only yoiniK oucu.' " Atalu Susan'a wan Binllo iiuswercd her. "iNo foollns," Hay nssnred tier. "It's the. bunk. They all step out, " nylw lo Cruu-ii I'olnl or St. Joo soiiiewhcres. anil Ihst ihlng you Know they're having u liaby nnd up Attorney Collects Relics from Sea MKiMl'lllS, Tdiucsai 1 :-, ill! 1 ) — ; iali;c! '<;. L. Miii-slllloi, ntlonioy, us n Inrm- co!li>cllii|i of slilp nnil issel .'Oiineiiiis, wlilcli include Hie iliot wliM'l of tin- ill-falnl S. 8. .'hlsllercy and u boat Imok from he Mnhic. Tin: Tliistleroy sank In ID! I nnd h; snlvnuc cn|«iiin piv.-:i>iitM tlio iiwyi'r Milli the ivliwl. l-'rltiuls ivurc ol Ins inii'icit In tlw sen, 'ii'-scnU'tl him Urn bniNi hual hwik mill the Miilni'. whlcli ttiis sunk n llavniui Imibor, Cub.i. you see llicin pnslilni; (he ....„„, .., and down Kherlilnn Itond on Sim d.'iy nflcrnooii ami looking Ilko they'd cut each other's throats tor a nickel." Her description was so painfully apt thai.Susan «lssli-il. Hay iiail taken out her nmkc-un kit and had begun meticulously to rub moro raspberry colored salvo Into llni already llaming. Suami wntelicil seemed to him tho veriest roiiot. H licr, fssrlunU'il. For otio wild mo- PAGE nv* Kcnd Couvlci- News Want Ads, WISE. Virginia, (UP) - An .'clew and tailless calf, owned by Olnrenco Richardson, Is iitlrucllng coiuideniblc uttenllon mi u freak of nature. UCCKV GAP, Virginia, (UP) — Mrs. I'loyd Jones, 45, vms 111 with Jii'.ut lionulo HI licr liotiio, here. I'lissliij boys llimw tlones nt tlui IKM.SI'. Hi-coining frightened, Mrs, Junes fell (lead, liiilliion spiders linvc been [omul i»o miles «bcvu lliu earth by J, H. Hovcnniu'iit scientists us- hijj Insert Imps on alrpliincs. These bplclrrs (ID not lm\e tliu power ol fliulit. however; ihey ure carried alofl by wind, OUK HOARDING Ctmel Artists We From KB Ciiectm 0 ARM EX, Cal. (U ?)-,<; irmel's l»lnt«rs, poel«, and ^ther artists wlio find tlw world unwilling to pay cash for tMr »mrk«, needn't worry 1 about eviction from their lodgings, under a r«ctil rulins of Herbert Heron, ixxst-mayor. He lold I'ojlcu Chief aus England not lo bdihe'r Anyone'who;"loj- lack of funds, sleeps on ihe ncwly- acqulrcxl benches hi the city park Englund snki his officers would not oven awoken tho sleipcrs Milk Is the incsl complete food uinpllod by imlme. V -eRkAfF= EUSE I JAS 1 OU-f' AklV MAIL , QR HOOTS A1ND HEH BUDDIES^ WAIT A MAN! and with notebook In hand weiti , *" ' 1C ' 1rlDS ^ S " C !„,„ M, „ „,„.. „„.??! i™^lralcss eyeglasses and. as Hay inlo Mr. Heath's private office to tako dictation. Veslerday all this She bad Imagination lo see the poetry lhat lay behind tho prosaic talk of stone and mellow beams and steel work. Vcslerdny Susan had I thought ot herself as n cog In this important business machine. A small cog, ii is true, hut still a necessary one. Now sho wondered Flauncry had devastatlusly on- liouaccd, had worn a hi'.lr net.-Susan was different. Haitli. Geil.ite am! proper as lie was. Ind not realized what an fnspiialion lliere! been for him In thla girl's e.iscr, upward glance. Tlio (iasli of Jark cray eyes under long lashes, tbo rich apricot color that occasionally stained her check—Irrationally now he mtsscd them nnd, I.V.I....J null llvi IIIE3.>IU dully wliy that had seemed to mat-! manlike, was annoyed without knowing why. Listlessly Susan finished her (ask. Her employer, with a pricking sense of uneasiness, slgued the completed Idlers, snatched his Impeccable Panama, from Iho rack and departed In Iho direction ot Hubbard Woods. Susan closed nnd happened 1 0 tho girl. She was DO [locked her desk and dawdled over tcr. Sho wanted passionately bo tho son of girl Douiso Ackroyil was. She wanlcj lo bo able lo laugh and lalk flntlngly of the endless notbinga which seemed to mako up tho conversation ot that particular crowd. ' Ernest Heath wondered what bad bard ment licr Impulse was lo conllilc Hay. Surely ihla knowing lillln crcatino could lell her hnw lo handle Uenise Ackroyil. Hut reserve he.'il Susan silent. "Ross gone';" Kay oskcd. filanc- Ing nrnimd casually. Susan Mid ho wns. "Thai's swell." Ray approved, "lie's n nil] If you ask me. Tho kind Ihnt goes around wllli his ngso I" tlio air." Snsnu frowned faintly. "He's been very kind m me." slio said. .. : Hay sniffed. "What 1 always say Is. I like n fellow will] n |iui Q ||f 0 In him. Some one," hero sho lowered her shrill voice ever EO little, "some oiio liko Jack Wnrliig." Susan was pal ling on her hat In front of Iho mirror and so sho did not hear Ihe sofl footfall liehlmi her and was utterly taken by Eurprl50 when two warm hands clumped themselves over her eyes. Uut sho recognized Ihe mocking voice sny- ing. "Who takca my unnio lu vain?" Scarlet, confused, slio turned lo Hud herself within nrru'.i length of that Phila^rer. .Hck Wnrliif;, himself. (To Ui Continued) Pennsylvania State Conduct School HAnniSDURG. Pa. (UPj—The Pennsylvania State Police "keep school" each nigla on the tri-state police teletype system. The pupils are the municipal policemen in the station houses linked with the lelctyin; transmission system in New Jersey, New Ynrk and Pennsylvania. Ilifc le.'tons arc instruction in criminal law and criminal procedure, compiled from th= course of study given the state policemen in their training school here. No examination* are co-nducled nor graces given, but results are lenorled as "satisfactory" bsllt to teachers and pupils. Fr.ur Loused tliirlicn llcrn DUMBARTON. Virginia. (UI'i — A four legged chicken was recently hatched on Ilic Ucrgcr fa:m here. All of the chlcfcen's other Broad Hock brothers and sisters have to run along on two legs. Msht for Krcry oilier Ciliicn nURMtiGTON. JIass., lUP) — Bnrlinglon, which claims to be Call Phone No. 243 for INSURAiVCK SliRVICK We Wrile: Burglarj- (Residence & Mercantile Safe) Insurance, Health & Accident, Automobile Liability, plate Glass, nnd all lines of casualty and bonds, i Sell real estate, and service rental property. W. M. BURNS COMPANY, JNC. Massachusetts' best lighted town, lias cue street li^ht lor every two inhabitants. The nuuiilallcn is 950 ar.d there arc 4S2 lights. Nol<! l-roin Saft- Ilurjlars l-'ALL RlV!:i(, Mnss.. IUl>l — Alter faiims to op-u the safe in the cfiice of the Olote Pants Manufactmiiii; company, hero, recently, burglar.; Idl a note .''ay- ing. "Lean: the safe open "lexl, time." Bv 'Crati, M) HIS FIMKNDS VJ£ (SOTTA GET HlfA To oac M,ies, BUT ME CAsrr WA'.V. ' HSS ~tx> HEAVY FOR us TO CABS-/.. COM.6 OW,LlUoy... V PUT POOOLE CMLIWDYAN' THEM HIA1 TO POODLE STILL HA9 7W6 PlEcfi OF SLASS IM HIS WASH TL'DIiS 1 WASH HEMK.MUEKS! A F&XE WVENTOR VAt&OT ME'NN' Ef»,V/ IN N J^M OiJER IN COSTA CsRANPe

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