The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1932
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

I ffOLFJOllEY '•Yotiih's Steady Game Un; ; dejr All Conditions Wins Critic's Praise. \ ',. "BY ART KKENX • NEA Service Sports Writer A uood-lookliisj, blark-ljHirod ;j'cungsl*r of 22 has Jnsl eom- '•ptetea his first winter lour In fast company. His name Is Dick •''Met!! nii<l lie linft Hie sonmle.s I have soon In many moons. I vatrhcd lilin In the recent : North nnd South-Open and sel- - dom.dki-he stray from tlic straight •.-• «hd"n»rro\v. His tec shots were long, with never a curve. HI; irons were crisp iilc c the crack of'» rifle. On Ihe putting green he might even have put the I |Ji»t Janes to shame. In ' one -• rouiis, on Plnehurst's sand greens, .he required only ID,putts for the 18 holes. 'His. home .town Is Arkansas, : Ka'n. When he"was 17 he tinned -pro'fcsslonal and "accepted-a pos!- ;uon at:turTkiji,"Tex. He held Uiis •post for.three years and went \o : San;Angelp, .Tex., wliere he joinwl the irinter • caravan. .'•In 'less "than t\vo. months 1115 June .has /netted J1COO. - • • . * * '• "Witli'a little luck," says Dick, "I led 'the.qualifitrs and managed tp ptaci 'in the Los Angeles Open, .-fconVby -.Mac- Smith. 1 ' That was ; good;;ior *937iO. Thai was my ! first n'inler- tournament and gave me a good start toward expenses." In the Phoenix Open he finished 10th.. at .San Antonio ninth, and the same at Houston. In these three small .tournaments he collected a total of $182^0. •From- Houston the winter pypsy trail led to New Orleans. Here he collected »2M for tying MacFarlane in sixth place. Thc next .stopping place was Gaspa- rllla where he led thc qunliilers with 195,. tied with MacFarlane. auJ went . to the third round where he ..-was beaten by "Wild' Bill Mehlhom, 4-3. This tournament . added another J225 to Dick's growing, bankroll. At Pasa- •<tana, Bellair and .Miami he failed to get' Into the money but col lected »50 alter a defeat at Ihe of MAlhorn and Ed Dud- BRUSHING UP SPORTS HC:is-th'e present Texas P. O. A champ and the Southwest Open UUeholder. He won the Sonih- . irett by 'a. miraculous shot, stand inc krj« deep in soft muck and ditgiht out a buried ball. Dick tells tag he beliefs tlut the divot taken^jrhen -this shot was played is tMtJirfert la history. '."It.wwaB ot a yard long," he says. • - . • --* • •. "•WUd-'Bill^Uehlnorn, who has defeated- the youngster - in two toarhunento, comroenU favorably en hit t*me: "Be is » splendid kid.' v Jus keep your eye on-him . and he'l «ho*' : ypu «ome ; wo» Thee he ceU a couple of years o eiperlence under' his" belt." Ueti praises the "big shots" o . "Tbey all .tive- : treated ... . fine," .he says, "and have taueh me mor« In a ye»r of 'toumamen ptay fcin I epuW haw learned .: 10 years at a country club." •/ To enable him. to ptoy more : loutnunent golf, he has acceptet . a position as assistant pro t , . Cralf Wood of Deal, N. J., * run ; .nerap in the recent North *n "Sooth Open. >. " : Okk would like to play in tire J..; 'British Open. With a little coax :>.-; to* froni some ol thc leading ' •>, swd, IT his new job permits -•o«m'join :'ttw little army that 1MB lo fcncettul In the invi 0« Brttala tA \M U« 10 Laufer COURIER NEWS VAKCE E PIKES (Wfc*!M. ES, PREMIER. RiW\T|W;CtP-'. . BA<J!kJ&S (UtttihSKA SRIG LEAGOE IEAGUG LEAGUE' (M v te<?K (AMEPXAM LEMoe- w 191 UJl«H He CU=AKEDTfiE ALLEY TO faer .'iis sfiMie Wf(5rr7i£ AVK> 10 PiN HE ROLLED A ItfWRO ATlHE Di BfiiEfiGM-F CXlMft UP W fi€fW,HIN(i " .OBS-'-HlS, GoLF W fbujwueoM-CHiPnJ's ... So'oiw>>iTiiRSv HIM in -.-— T^EM OOMPEO^ HIMSELF Jj»WSCUEO 0AUS/O.U8/ " ~ WTc AMD CADDY STBJXfif W.VA.-|C»( It is thc exception to (he rule •l-,en an exception lo the rule turns ut to be the world beater, But lark Chamberlain, Mlclilgim Stnle ollegc runner, bdllcvos he has nough exctpllonal abillly lo come lirongh for Uncle Sam as an Dlympic winner, Chamberlain is frail and : he's icrvoiis. HLi trainliiB schedule Is mostly caling and restjng. He doesn't even pay particular attention 0 »'hnt die cats. But he nearly al-' 'ays faces the starter realty to run rflcord-brraklng race; Becau?c he can run anything rom two to six miles, tint or ero<w- ounlry, _llx! slender Spartan will et ft.chance In the Olympic trials. Ic might even turn out lo be UK CM-mcler steeplechase or 5000- nrter champion. -Chamberlain began Sis 1931 out- oor campaign with a two-mile vlc- ory in thc Drake Relays In record imc. Later he won the national col- egtnte twc-mlle championship.-Al he end ol th; outdoor icitsan hs was thc 'A. A. U.'s choice for cross- ouulry king on tl-.o All-America rack'and field squad. • • er Director CLARK CHAMBERLAIN \ World War veteran nnd original sponsor of Ihe American Jion junior baseball pro- Tram will direct athletic activities it University of Minnesota. He Is Prank o. McCormick, above. one- Lime football, basketball and baseball start at University of South Dakota. McCormick Is 38 and for two years has been heart baseball and assistant football coach at Minnesota. He Intends to continue the policy started by Fritz Crisifr, his predecessor. Ban Harbor As BOSTON. Mass., (UP) —Boston Harbor no longer may be used as a "wastebasket." A Inw, effective this month, prohibits throw- or refuse into the harbor, under penally of tines o( »20 lo $100 COMMISSIONER'S SAI.F. NOTICE is hereby given lhat Ihe undersigned commissioner, in compliance. «1th th e terms of a decree rendered by the Chancerj Court for the, Chlckasawba Dis trict of -Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the 22nd day of Fcb' niary, I932, wherein The Wesl- em & Southern Life Insurauct Company, was Plaintiff, No. 5084 and Eva Chapman Porter, Kati 9, Chenr, et »!., vtn nefenriimijt bste; STAR'S plaij it Pf.iy This df.sseriallon Is Intended to warn you, gentle reader. You may one day come amiss a piece In this jic'A-.spajxH' reluliiiK how Joe Ronnd- w shot Tor lilwsdt u ferocious ninu- fout, allijiiilor lurking in Hie Florida swamps. Don't exclaim, "Why, great WK hero!" i-'or alligator hunting Is among our lowest forms of Kj>orl. Babe Ruth .shot n nine-fool alli- fiator last winter In St. 1'eiersbini;. Hill. Ihe. Ilabc lilinsei; broke dawn find confessed to your corie.S|»n;l- <nt lhat he was ashamed of hiin- FClf for doing it, mid couldn't stc5p t.flunclly for 11 week niter Hie cru,>] imissicre. llnyr It Started A wave of'alligator.hunting lha't itsullfd In a virtual pogrom was WBUII ImiocfiiUy enough enrly In lie winter ni St. Petersburg. A lunch of the boys. Including some -•x-Governor Trumbiills, Hlckoks, Macys. and other very good people, simply not tired of the brand of u'hooplng it up, which consisted of. "vitllni; on the fronu ix>rch of thc Vlnuy Park hotel and liaving point•d out.lo llicm the exact spot on :hc terrace where Calvin Coolldge often used to sit and think, and sometimes sit. Major Macy started it by remark- lit' lie had a gun. It was natural 'noueli for the other boys to rant :o sec it (jo off. 60 something linit lo lie found lo shoot. The hotel management was consulted. After some rewarch, the executive board of the Hotel announced that (here were alligators in Florida. So all hands fared forth in search of (he ii-loiis creatures. Cnide's Job a Pipe To hunt alligators, you have to lire n Biildc. and there Is no Riildo n St. 1'cter.sbnrg. or indeed all 'lorida, like good old Larry Nash. The guide's duties arc simple. All ie has to do Is to find an alligator lest in sonic .swampy ground. That, sn't hard. It wasn't even necessary for t'r.c .hunters to venture beyond he St. Petersburg Chamber of com- nevce probably will sue me'about. All Larry hail to do was to point ):e alligator, wade in with a stick, sliove thc slick. Into the alligator's l'.:ill Rack Farther to Low Irons Correctly Many players have (rouble hitting the low, ciisp Iron shot characteristic of leading; proles- slonals. It Is necessary only lo play the ball back more than : for the drive. The further back the TO HIT A LOW IRON SHOT, PLAV TllE 8AUL •. BACK fr^RE OFF''THE RIGHT FOOT. trillion of Gene Savazcn and note Hie jxisltion of (he ball with regard to his right foot. When shot is played in this manner, ' . descending blow and to take turf Immediately after the teen sent on its way. (Copyright, 1032. NEA Service, Inc.) SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 1932 Somhwtisr Posses Hunt Bandits After Massacre One of the most determined man hums i,t the history of the southwest "is" being slased' bv stratem shooting Mexican an<|- American officers on boil, sides of tl, c border for three bandits who Wed seven persons at Ihe ranch home of Melquiadez Espinosa. a ciittlcnmn near Eerino N M after Vrmnmlin* $5000 which lliey thought Espinosa hart hidden in his house. The victims' wer/ Mrs' EsMincis-, inrT her six children. At the right is shown Espino.^, who was wounded, but escaped by'fel-nlii/death The ranch house where the massacr,. occurred is si, own and, in circle, Adjutant General" Osborne' C Wood of thc New Mexico National Guard, whom Governor Arthur Scllgmnn ordered to th scene' Wocd is a son of the late Major General Leonard C. Wood. mouth, drag the alligator out on dry ground, tie n rop? around tlie alligator's month and Ihe rest of the hunting party aid all the work. A gruesome sport! Maybe the Accent Helped Finally It was demonstrated that alligators can even be slain by bow and arrow. A young man from Newton, Mass.. named G. Cr.indon Woolley,- of thc noted Newton Archers, entered his (rusty bov: and arrow and Harvard accent in U:t chase. ; :| t. Woolloy buried a shaft deep in a one of the brutes, after good old it Larry Nash had delivered it for the .—•*— • • - .......i.!, n Ltany ^UMI JIUQ ueiivereu 11 lor tne is a simple matter to hit a crisp, kill. This young', man. havlne ta- f lOGrPTlMlnir Vilnm nnrl tn (nT» l.._rt^_L.i. . .. . O •" , . - jected a new note into thc racket, ball has was interviewed by this pryins correspondent. Woolley's description of the al- igator hunt, was dramatic and to j It is thought: that cosmic Ynys the point. Clearly and simply he i boinlnrdtni; Ui c earth from spaces V: : .beyond the stars, influence plant It was just like slicotine a leg." land animal life on the earth Wherewith you have tile iiobib '-- '. snort of nllignlor hunting co'ii- I plctely debunked. i - and said Eva Chapman Porter \va: ! crocs-complainant-, will sell at pub. lie auction lo Ihe highest anc best .bidder, on a credit, of thrci months, at the front door of tin Court House, between Ihc hour: prescribed by law, In the Cily o Blythcvllle, Arkansas, on Hie 15tl day of April, 1332, th c follow- ng real estate, to-wU: Part of thc Fractional Northwest Quarter ot Northwest Quarter and of I/it Four W in Section Thirty-five (33), Township Sixteen (16) North, Range Eleven (ID East, described as follows: Beginning at the. northwest corner of said Secllon Thirty-rivet 351; nu, thence south with Section line 1178. feet; thence east 1326 feet; thence North with east line of said Lot Pour (« 1130 feet lo the northeast corner of said Lot Four (4); thence hi a westerly direction with the Sectlo nllno 1328 feet to the point ol .beginning. SAID sale will be had to satisfy ball is played, the lower thc shot ami. consequently, the more dis- stancc ullli the iron. Study the accompanying Illus- R1TZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Matinee—2:30 - Night—7:00 A(!m.—Matinee and Night— lf> and 4(V See This Is The Nite' with Lily Dainita and Charles Ruggles Also. News and Comedy said decree In Ihc sum of Jl.800.00. with Interest and costs In favor ot plaintiff, aiW $600.00 and interest and costs In favor of Evi\ Chapman Porter on cross-complaint. THE purchaser ax. SSM sale will be required to execute bond will approved security, to secure thc payment of Die purchase money and a lien will bo retained upon ity for thc payment of such purchase money. WITNESS my hand nnd the sea of said Coint. on this. Ihc JGll day ol Marcb, 1932. n. L. GAINES, Commissioner In Chancery GEM THEATRE Sunday ud Moaday Matinee—2:30 - Niplit—7:00 Ailm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 30c See 'Fanny Foley Herself with Edna Mac Oliver Also Cartoon and Comedy QIIITK A NICE ]>H.K Prof. II. F. Lut?. of the University of California, estimates thai Alexander the Great look booty i of $5.000,000 at the Daitlc of Is- | sus,, over $141,000.000 at Pcrsepo- lis. and $212,COO.COfl at Ecbatana. . ARMV OF AUUIE11S i In 1330 half of England's troops i were archers, iu«l by 1360 practi-1 tally all of the archery troops were j mounted. The meu used a Dr/,v r about 5 -feet in length, and a ",- j fr.'ct arrow. ". . . and the Courier News delivers your 'store news 9 to 4,000 HOMES like these". It is in these homes that the vast majority of Iflythcvilie's "buying decisions" are made, whether the purchase be one directly concerning every member of thc family or an individual purchase by an individual member of that family. You as a merchant should therefore, be sure that your "store news" is being placed in the hands of AM, of these potential buyers BEFORE these family "Iniyinp decisions" have been reached ... To do so economically CONCENTRATE YOUR ADVERTISING IN THE DAILY COURIER NEWS It-

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