The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 9, 1932
Page 4
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FAGt TWO (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Sticiety Calendar • l! Monday Tile • Lake Street Mctliodlsl church W. M. 8. Is moling in (he home of Mrs. C. T, Shamblin, 710 Clark street, for Its monthly program. Tile \V. M. S. of the First Molh- odist church will meet this afternoon In the church with Mesdames W. F. Brewer. E.'J. Broivnu, F. D. Smith, T. J. Crowdcr, Walker Baker and Herman Cross as hostesses. The Presbyterian Auxiliary will hold circle nicotines with No. 1, Mrs. ' Ross Slovens, chairman, in Mrs. Stevens' hows; No. 2, Mrs. W. A.'- Dobyns, chairman, in the home at Mrs. Carroll make-more; No. 3, Mrs. C. R. Babcock, chairman. In Mrs. Bibcock's home; Btislrrss Woman's Circle. Mrs. n. 1i. King, chairman, 7.30 o'clock with Mrs. Dick Webb. Tlic . W. M. S. of the. First Christian church Is meeting in thr home of Mrs. A. M. Wiushburn: Today Is visitation day fov the Baptist W. M. S. following chcic meetings. Circle No. 1 will m:et in the home oJ Mrs. M. C. Oiil- law; No. 4 with Miss Conlclln Wilhltc. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Forr nre entertaining with bridge this evening honoring tlielr gucsLs of Memphis, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Es- tllc. Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Lelnnd Mitchell and Mr. ami Mrs. Ijirry LJndell. Dcndy-Smlth. Announcemcnls have been te- ccived hen: of the marriage of Miss Jofle Smith .o( Ilouslon, Miss. to Bryan Ccildy of Valey, Miss at poniolcc. Miss., Saturday oveii- Int:, March 10. The bride lornu'rly llve<l in Bly- (hcTllle and was superlntcnde'.i cf nurses In the Blylhevllle hospital while here. She Is a grndu- atu nurse • "f the Houston hospital. The young couple arc making their home In Houston, ladies Bible CLiu ' Urge.! Ixirjc Attrni'niKC. Tho-Ladlis Blbl; class- of the |Flrst -Meliiodist- church urges n '100' per cent nttcndaucc of members during Sunday school Sunday ana Invites visitors. O. C Barnes will be the teacher and nn interesting lesson will be studied. • • • Open Doer Ciass Imlttn Ywi To, Smkcs. The, Open too? class of the First Methodist church extends a cordial Invitation to you lo attend Sunday morning's services. Mrs. L. N. Henbcst will give u reading mid Mis. Harry Klvuy wll: play' a pinno sob. E.irl Siiydcr, president of the class, will conduct the devotional period and a number of appropriate songs will be suns. There will be n nctv tra- cher ullh an Interesting lesson prepared. '• • • Baptist Voting People Raids Election of Officers . The young pcopb of the Baptist Mission Station, located on Lilly street,, held a recent, meclhiff in the church to el.tcl officers for .the Sunday Beam Band. Catherine Sanders was elected ^president and Jeanell Adair, vice-president. Other officers are: Bernice James, secretary. ' Bcvnia Bcnnell, treasurer and Loutse Lovelace, reporter. Mrs. Mary Hopkins Johnson is .the sponsor of the band ami meetings will be held each Sunday afternoon at 2:30. The ages of .the members range from 2 to 15 years. Everyone is Invited. . • * • Epworth Leagve Ha; Wrincr Riust The senior Epworth League of the First Melhodisl church entertained 35 young people of the church Friday evening with a wciner roast. A number of games and contests were played with Frances Adams and Bobby Good-, rich as winners. , v Misses .-.. Go'da Rinks. Emma Jane Robinson and Mildred Moori had charge of the cntertainmen' and social hour, when the wcin- frs were'roastcd and served with Coca Cola. Costumes Stress Youth- and Sophistication veil: "Shepherd Boy". Mvs. Hen-1 Jones rsou Hall; "Little Bo Peep." i Mrs. John Long will explain thr Joyce Somcrs: "Palm Branches." j "Arkansas Plat" n A 'r-n,, , Villle Lynne Edwards; "Night and ' ham, vkiltng speaker till Uay," Amy Rulli Morris; "Ecren-1 address on Dorcas Has HWness-SoclaP The Dorcas class of In: Fint Baptist licJB ils monthly business- social "iftbttini .Friday evening in the social rooms of 'the church with Mrs/ W. •»!. -• Crowe as the hostess 1 . '£••'.' ''•_:• > A brief devotional lesson was given by Mrs. K. A. Malian and Mrs. A. Wert, president of the class, conducted a business cession. During the' social hour Mrs. Crowe headed a surprise handkerchief shower for Mrs. T. H. Haynes, in honor of her anniversary occurring next week. A huge birthday cajie was .also presented her. The R;v. A.' S. Harwell dollvor- cd 'an '"Interesting talk on "Prayer .-and Spirituality." ' Refreshments «-cre served by thrt hostesses. Tlicre were 13 members present •with thrr; visitors^ Rev. ana Mrs. A. K. Harwell and Mrs.-Alvin Huffman. ,. . * * .« Etude Mu-Jc Chili Meets The Etude ,Muslc club met -Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock In the home of Mrs.' \V. A. Edwards with daughters, Willie Lynne and Ellz- »t«h u ho»tewe». Th« flrat nuai- 11Y POAN SAVOY NEA Service Writer YOU have only to see a wdl- dresscd woman and her well-dressed ticbutantc clniighler step out. to- fe-olher (his spilng to realize tin; change styles have undergone. There Is n decided difference between the type of thing an older woman looks smart in and the costume the girl of 10 or 20 years will choose. .For the, older woman, too, the n gcrniilimi ; brimmed lint has Its full appeal. ; Heaven knows there are plenty of ~" • •j'jui. , lui" J.JCKCL sloprs In to emphasize .llie waist- f ., ' t ----l....,J.,.v .LUL « , ....... Ji line where the yeranium -belt ricmq days when any woman over 35 lts bit. The plain i eck nc n lor welcomes the _ sheltering shadow of I,, will, the Lrf, "S is a «rv any kind of brim I As for daughter, it she wants a brim this year, she Is likely to exaggerate it, for she nonts it merely for Us looks, not Its protection, and It may be either a wide floppy brim or just a trifle, to show which way her hat tilts. The sophisticate is likely to pvo- fcr ;moro.. t 'conr,rrvatlve materials than 'thijJ'ySungster. Slie nmy wear a gay dolor, but she probnbly will combine it'in a charming way with' i soberer tone for her costume. ed blouse and scarf lo match ant! Typical of the costume thft.wcll- talloKil sophisticate might select Is tills llRht-xvcight beige twcctl Jacket suit, with a geranium color- nont one. The daughter wears"a.light beige suil with a novelty weave, and-a lemon yellow jersey blouse, trimmed with scalloped pl<iue. instead of a cot, her suit has a skirt and cape. The cape is just W alsl length, has fitted shoulders nmi ties shut with a white poque scarf. Tills, suit is trimmed • with cork buttons. Her little hat, of thj same color and weave as the suit, nlso has cork button on it. ici 1 on the program was the sons, •Arkansas" in unison. Thr bio- raphy of Handel and Easter nin- filc composed the program with ?ach member answering tlv\ roll :all wilh a fact about Ihe sub- eel. The following numbers were kansns 1 social legislation? Margaret Merrill. 7. What Arkansas woman bccam; !V national lender for women's suffrage? Miss Cora I<cc Colcman. 8. What Arkansas citizen is to b: found In -Hnll-oC Fame" at nallonplayed: "Largo" by Handel, pi-1 al capital? Minnie Matthews ano solo. Mrs. Dola Harwell! I O.What ex-governor was "teaclier Pussy's Lullaby," Mary Jo Buch- statesman, and lecturer''" Marie man; "The Country Band." Ell- | Hainish -obcth Edwards; "Humorcsqiie" 10 . What do vou Ililnk ww the 'lolln solo by Bonnie Osne Bucli- ,nan accompanied by Mrs. 'Har- most Important piece of iDgislallc of the last legislature? Bcinice triollsm." he lining give an Special music will be furnished by Miss Margaret Merrill. • •* • Local Voiinj; Teoilc Oo to nilcm-llle Rally Mrs. Marsh M. Callaway accompanied several young persons to Balesvillc for a Presbyterian Young People's Rally today Those going with Mrs. Caliawa'y . Misses Lois Hooper. .IcaiW Harrl- . son. Marguerite Grav Oran •-• ..... • lahunty, unrt Anna Marguerite i of . ""' rte." Eugenia Crawford on the iolln accompanied by WlnnlCrcd 'rim-ford; nnd "Easta 1 Time," \nnc Buchanan. The . following members were resent. Bonnie C.cnc, Mary Jo nd Anno Buchanan, \Vinnifr2d nil Eugenia Crawford, E:irlcnc Damon. Alice Jane Hestcv, Hunter lall. Elizabeth Edwards. Willie Lynne Edwards, Amy "Ruth Moris, Joyca Somsrs, ciirisllne Scolt. Mrs. Ivcrson Morris, and Mrs. fcndcrson Hall. Mrs. B. Somcrs, Mrs. W. A. Edwards. Mrs. W. C. Buchanan, Mra. John Buchanan. Jclsy and June Buchanan and .Irs. Uola Harwell were guesls. The club fK'Cldrd lo have n con- cst recital al the Woman's cliib louse in June on piano, violin and composition. "Minuet In G." will be played Danube Wait?." m classic and romantic composers as the ccn-.posittoii subject. The hostesses .served refresh- j The business of the first rvcninj ncnts during th; las! hall hour, j of Ihe meeting will be the elec- Mary Jo Buchanan will be host-'" ess'to the May program. Bils oJ News Mostly Persona! Wallic-n Pruitl of Osccola was a Bljthevillo visitor lo:lay. .) Mr. and' Mrs. C. M. Buck . a.nil daughters, Polly and Churchill, spent today in Memphis. . Mary Anne, little daughter of Mr. aiKi Mrs. Oscar Blankenship, is ill with Influenza at their home on Lnke street. Wrrd has been received here of the death of James Oliver, father of C. M. Oliver, who passed nw.iy fit. Iho family home in Vandalia, HI., Thursday. He is survived by five sons and two daughters. Miss Martha RobliiEon is very much improved after a few days Illness of influenza. Mr. ami Mrs. Edgar Hrrrlck and son, Bcbby, have returned from Joncsboro '' j a few days on Dent. Tho boys going McDowell. Billy Morse, Tommy Mareh M. Callaway jr. Harrison, riyron i Thotnpson. and' John I n} ??' cck - where they spent account of death ^' 5 motlicr, Mrs. Miss Charloen Robinson has returned aficr a Imcl visit in Jonei- boro witii fiicnrls. Mrs. W. T. Obcrsl reliiiucd last Arkansas I'rrsbjrtrry ' night from Memphis ahcvc she The Pr-esbylcry of Arkansas will' visitctl her daughlcf, Mrs. Spur- convenc In the First Presbyliriair ~ nn ''I'ltcr.wn and baby. Vivian, on piano, "Bine church Tuesday evening al'seven- ln tllc Bapllsi hospital. The mo- violin, and •fisay | thlrly o'clock. Ihcr niut« baby, who wciglis C Rev. R. S. Schuster. Jonesboro, t oulltis nlu ' 10 ounces, are doing will preach the 0|x;nlii<; sermon' i n ' cclv - - - ' Mrs. E. II. Mason Is reported much l:ctt;r tcday after a major Deration Thursday in the Baptist hosr.itnl in Memphis. Miss Avis Pritchanl of Oxford. Miss., t:as returned In hor- home after a few days Iwre as ;;iicsl of B. & P. W. Club to Complete yludy Course. • The twelfth and last le;son of the tudy course on International Rc- atkms conducted by Mrs. H. L. Reynolds will be held at the club rooms in Ire Gofl Hold on Monday evening, -beginning at T:30 o'clock. The public is cordially Invited lo attend. The following arc speakers and the subjects they will discuss. l.What lals Arkansas has become nn international persona;;;? Hattie Smidrty. 2. What, are the b?st plans of correcting H. L. Menckens diatribes igainst Arkansas! Clara Ffuble. 3. Name six of your mo?! prominent Arkansas women and give reasons, nuih Whitworth. 4. What, In your opinion. been the chief service of lliis year's pogram? Gertrude Barnes. 5. What Arkansas lawyer Is at Ihe head of world court adherence program In Arkansas? Dr. Edna Nies. ' .-•6. Who vet chief. leAd.ef.jn Ar- lion of a nsw mortcralor and various clerks. More than fifty arc expected to attend this meeting. Ainonc them will be Rev. Hay Walson Smith. n. n, of I.itih Rock, and Ihe'Miss Marie Leggctl. Hev. Thomas Kay Young, pastor I . Walter Lo^an and Jamrs Dcwn- of the Idlewild Presbyterian clnirch • ing spent, today In Memphis. of Memphis. 10,OCO Lambs Will Gambol on Ranch Mr. and Mrs. Oclls St'.cppard and rianghlcr. Wlnncllc of Jonr;torc arc siMiiding the wcck-ei;:l wilh re!! a lives here. MAUTINSDALE. Monl (UPI-] Approximately 10.000 lambs Mill , Hospital Notes ,,..,- , : Admitted: Miss Anna Map ,Iy;ies gambol ,n the meadows of Iho 17,- city. Dismissed: Misses Loul^ and 000-acrc Smith ranch, near h:re. I Mary Anne Laud and MKs Erma this spring. J MI Hnj. llcs . The tambiiiR started about tlu> Read Courier News Want Ads. about tin- middle of March and will continue until the middle r.f May. Verncn Qalenllnu, manascr at th? ranch, said (here were about 13.000 slicep on the ranch before Ihe lambing feosoii opened. Tlio huge tr.iel a capacity for Zd.OOO sheep, hut. dtir to rausc f conditions and a lack of hay, Ihe j number of s'ncep was reduced from 16,000 to 13,000. At one tlm= there vtre 50,000 sheep .on Ils ranges DuT.tdenc Permanent Including Shanipoo nnd Set Frederics Wave - . - 46.50 Eugene - - - 58 McAHam's licanly Shop Phone 258 -'-•- ]iigr«:n Bldg. PIlXiKIM MITHKKAN CHUKCII II. J., pastor Adult Blljle' claj.s and Sunday ichcol, 9 a.m. Divine worship, 10 a.m. on t'remi, "Jesus' Third Appearance to His Disciples Afler HLs rtesiircclion/'. Immediately aft?r the seivices a congrcgallonal meaing will be held. Lecture on Bible l-'undamentals 2:30 p.m. ' Evening services, 8 p.m. on subject, "The Virgin Mai y,". the ECI; . oncj of a scries of studies on "Women of Ills Bible." ^WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON _SATURPAY,_A1PHIL 9, 1932_ How Sin Begins CHURCH OF CllltlKT Mum Auditorium of Ciiurl llouso Sunday school, 10 o'clock vsllh Bible sludy on subject, "How. din Begins." 1 • Communion, 11 o'clock. ' Ladies, Bible Study Wednesday afternoon In the home of Mrs o. n. Crimes with.Mrs. Howard Gill as leader.' You arc Invited and welcomed to each service. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHUKCII E. K. Lallmcr, paslnr Bible school, V-A5 'a.m. Communion ami sermon, n a.m. Vesper' services, 0 p.m. A cordial Invitation always. III.VTIIKVII.I.E OOSI'KI, TABERNACLE 51S Ash Street Services toulghl, 7:45. Preaching ssi-vici. 2:30 p. m. Preaching service, 7:15. (Subject The City of Sin). Evangelist, W. E. Thm-mcml in charge. ASSKMBLV OF (!OI> CllllltCll II. X. Tranllliim in charge Siuidny school, 0:45 J'icadiing service,' li a m with Evangelist W. E. Tlmrmoml speak- Ing. Tent: Gen. 2:15-17; 3:1-8. . .Tht International Uniform Sunday School U'ssun for April 18. BV WM. E. GIJ.KOY, I). D. Editor of Hie Conirfjatlunaliit There arc few subjects in relation (o which there has Ivjen more revolutionary tlioujjht and stale- j mcnt within the present generation tlnin the subject of sin, with ep?ttal reference to its origin and Its nature. Many who arc still living rc- incmber a time when everywhere in religious circks the Idea of the fall of man from a slate of primitive innocence and purity \vns com.- nionly held as the interpretation of the Genesis story, which const!-' tutes this lesson. • • * First there came a qualification of this Idea by a questioning of that primitive stale. It was a. state of innocence, but was it a stale- of conscious character founded upon will and pmposc? With this same the common representation of human freedom us inevitably associated vvilli real nood- iwss. and with the knowledKc of good and evil and the choice of good aguinst evil as the determining' factor in character. Next came (he idea, nssociali'?! with the conception of evolution but never commonly accepted in religious circles, that "the fall of man was u fall upward." By this It was meant partly Iliat only with the knowledge of good and evil could man progress from his state of innocence into intelligent and moral lifa In our own lime the revolutionary conceptions of sin have gone much farther and are being defined in a world of psychological Invc'sligalion in which temp- FIRST METHODIST CIH'KCH -Main and Seventh Streets 1'. Q. llorle, pastor Worship and icnnoii, 11 am ani 7:30 p.m. "Stewardship 6f Life" subjact at the morning hour. "Shining Fiicc" subject of sermon lo joiing.people cit evening hour. Sunday school 0:45 a.m. Junior League, 2 pjn. 111-l.ragiw, li.-jj ,,. m .' ijenjor League, C:45. Woman's Missionary sccicIV Monday nt 2:30 p.m. (Jouesboro District conference nuets at 0 a.m. at Tnuuami Ark pi-y 12th. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7-30 p.m. Clioir rehearsal, Wednesday, 8-13 p.m. i .- ! SECOND HAITIST CIIlHtCH J. L. Ncwsom, Pastor Sunday jchoM at 3:45. J D Bcok- er, superintendent. •Ei'inion 11 a.m. Subject "Tlie Bible." B. Y. i>. u. 0:30. Ronsy Chlsiim director. Sermon, 7:30 ,,.,11. Subject "A Castaway." W. Jr. S. Monday, 2:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday 7-30 The best li. Y. P. u. study course' ever conducted i n our church closed Friday night will! over fiftv taking (he coiir*:. The students enjoyed a nice cocinl hour which closed with refreshments. The school was taught by J. L. Ncwroin J i- Friend and H.-itlic Smiclrty. Over forty rewards will be Riven by the Sunday School Beard for work don- In the school. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN (:|i,] Rr[ , Marsh M. Calljivray, Minister Sabbaih schcol, 5:45 a m Morning worship, li o'clock Kev Frank H. Smith. D. I), pastor cf (he First Cenlral Congroeatienal church of Omaha, Neb., will preach «• (his service. Evening worship. 7:30. Sermon bv Rev. Marsh M. Callaway. Christian Endeavor." C:SO pm Miss Doris Hay Dobyns. Icafcr. There will not b: a mi'1-wcek service this week. Yon are cordially invited [ o worship with us. .VA/.AKKXE CiriJKCH Sunday school, 3:15 a.m. Preaching service. 11 a.m. N. Y. I', g. c:30 p.m. Evening- service, 7:30 p.m. The Hev. Smith of Cariilhcrwllc will be with us durinq llic Sundav services and will hold a revival campaign all iiexi «eck. FIRST BAPTIST CllfRCif . Cnrnrr Walnut and fill, sts I Itcv. Alfred S. llara-rll, |Ms| Br :I>itlo school. !):45 a.m. o C Miller, educational director. Morning worship, II o'cbrl: evening service. 7:45 p.m. The p.i.stor Sweet Crciim litillcr 30e Lb. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Ql. Delivered Phone ?•! iinllttniilk Tic {)(. fio to Church Sunday ions nnd sins are commonly rfi'Tlhe front pages of his daily ,- u >ct\ •leu lo as "complexes," witli a to nnd evidence that whalVvcr tatioi tendency lo treat them largely on th?lr physical and mental side with Hie moral element left oiit/j How do Ihuse conceptions sta^nd Ihe test of examination in the', light of tin facts of life? And, what clement of truth is there in the account o! sin in our lesson which Is persistent and Insistent in .spite of all tendencies to disregard it, and to define sin, and account for it, in oilier ways? In the Genesis story sin is associated with disobedience, and with the consciousness of guilt. Is new light we rimy hnv; UIMII si'n, elementally it is largely what man formerly thought ft-to I)C. The Genesis story may tc r'ad In Ihe light, of lhat modern in- vesligalion has taught us ecncerti- i;ig human coiiducf, but elementally its symbolism is still vital. Ul- '• Innately we are all somewhat like-i Adam 'and Eve ill the Gaiden of..,, Eden; we are In a world that' Is,,., perplexing and lhat offers to us . great oportunities of takinj tho" 1 wrong course. " The grcnl tcachiiig nf our lesson is that we cannot cir upon ...„ uu..^w.v kl ^iiviKj \SL bum. Jo inm i;> i mil UP CUimOu CIT UjjOu this experience true lo human life | (he side of seeking guidance and or iiatl > ttetA^ one go farther than [upon the side of moral solely. ;'-] will preach at both hours! His subject for the morning will Ire, "Why l^e Lord departed from Samson" and he will speak a', night on, "How Christ seeks lo bring us lo God." B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p.m. All groups meet at this time. The Ordinance of the Lord's Sup- pc-r will be observed at the close of Ihe morning service. Teachers meeting Wednesday, 7 'p.m. and the Mid-Weck Prayer service at 7:45 p.m. Choir rehearsal, Thursday 7: 30 i;.m. Mrs.- Paul Tipton. director, and Mrs. J. T. Hall at the organ.' 'LAKE STREET METHODIST CHURCH Kcv. W. J. LcRoy, pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Preaching service, 10:55 a.m., on subject. "Thc-Great Needs of. Today." - ! • Intermediate Lsaguc. G:45 p.m. Senior League, 7 p.m. , Preaching, 1:30, on subject, "The Three Gieat Trullis We Need lo Know About God." Everybody is cordially invited. Pecan Grove News Mr. anil Mrs. Larson Crump, were Ihp guesls of the l.iller's °iAi:dparcnls, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wilson. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Euyeiic Davis were Ihe giiMls of the former's brother nnd family, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Davis. .Sunday. A large number from this community attended church rev vires '.it 'Lone Oak Sunday and Sun- flay night. *• Mrs. Lena Coker nf BlyUievillc spent a few days wilh her son and family. Mr. and Mrs. BufonI Harvison. Mis. Kthel Wilson has been spending Ihe week wilh licr mother. Mis. I.c 0 Ham. Lesley Wilson of Lepanlo spent this week with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Larson Crump v.rro Slipper sucsls of Mr. and Mrs. Bulford Harvison Jlouilay. Mrs. Bill Robertson and sons. CalvJii and Doughis. v.-cre the dinner puests of Mr. and Mrs. Larson Crimip Tuesday. .Miss Lccra Moody was t!ic 01 her aunt, Mrs. John Over man. Tuesday. Future Farmers Carry on Active Work This Year The Blythcville Wgh school chapter of the Future Fanners of Arkansas has been very active this spring under tlia supervision of C. T. Kramer high school instructor in vocational agriculture. Tile boys have built arbors, drained yards nnd done other work for citizens of Blythcville who have called on them, thus getting practical training. The agriculture classes also fixed the track for the school this year. The county public • speaking contest for Future Fanners was held at Wilson March 23. Claude Whitworth, repress ling- ""Blytheville. .lost to a Wilson'boy by Uiiifc points. . The local chapter of the Future Farmers of Arkansas has thirty members. Fifteen of them ar; chartered national members, eligible (o participate . in any contest open to studenls of vocational agriculture. Officers of the chapfcr arc Lewis Freeman, president, Bill Secoy, secretary and treasurer, and Claude Whitworth. reporter. Lewis Freeman. Bill Sccoy, Ocl- cll Crook arc probable numbers of the judging team that will represent Blylhevllle in the slate :n?(?t at Blythcville. Manila Baptists Will Hear Jonesboro Pastor MANILA. ,Ark.—Monday evening nt 7:30 o'clock the Baptist brotherhood will meet at the Manila Baptists church for ils second r:j- ular monthly meeting. Dr. E. It. Herd, of the First Baptist chnrcli of Jonesboro. will be the principal speaker. The program Is as follows: song by the Brotherhood, led by R. c. I-anc; prayer. Arnold Fowler: iniar- lettc; devotional. Dr. W. P. Hutchins; solo, A. H. While; first topic. MATERNITY HOSPITALTloT'mT C'irtiinatc girls; secluded, private. te reasonable. For information -write Fulrmount Hospital. 311 East 27th, Kansas City, Missouri. '•'-: J. M. Cleveland', second topic, j; C. Chapin; address, Dr. 1£. H. Herd; quartette; secretary's report, sony by the Brotherhood. Sunday morning the men's Bible class of the Baptist Sunday school will meet with the. man of the Methodist Sunday school. Next week-' men of ihc -Methodist junday school win visit, the men of tile Baptist Sunday school. • ' The sweet peas Is a native 'of Sicily. CARDUI ay month. Sold by Druggists Just As Many Miles • Per Gallon A s M any Hijfhcr Priced Gasolines . . . 17c A Gallon for. "s (5nar;int eu<C' j Motor Fuvl.-. i YOU CAN SAVK ON AND OIL KY TRADING ' WITH AND SON, ON YARHKO ROM) Lei "Phone 327" Remind You of Thoroughness 25 '0 Discount On l.mimiry Phone 327 For While Truck Thoroughness in Rug, Bedding and Drapery cleaning '.thoroughness in family washing's Thoroughness in the cleaning of your wearing apparel. Phone 327 Today BtYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY.

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