The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 22, 1931
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Served by the United Press VILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVIII—NO. 83 Blytherllle Courier, Bl7tb<vlll« Daily News JJlytheylUe. Her«ld, M!ssi<alppl Valley Leader. m,VTHKVHJ,K. ARKANSAS, MONDAY.'Jl'N'K 22, 1031 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ^ NATIONS WELCOME HOOVER DEBT PLAN Merely Pushed Woman Away When She Attacked Him, Planter Testifies MEMPHIS, June 22—Arguments again got under way Monday In the SSO.OOfl damage suit of Mrs. Lucille Speck Folsom of Memphis against R. E. Lee Wilson, proni- inent planter of Wilson, Ark., in which she charges he beat her causing the death and premature arrival of her unborn baby, as the GC-year-old planter took the stand in his own defense. He emphatically denied beating the young w'jnian. staling he merely pushed her from Ills path when she attacked him during an altercation between Wilson and her father. Will Speck. • "I- was a trustee, in the Speck estate and called, on Speck at his store to talk over business matters." Wilson testified. "He got mad and said I stole $76.000 from him. I slapped his face, certainly." Ily Wilson Testifies Wilson said that when the daughter. Mrs. Folsom. ran at him he merely "put my hand in front of me to ward her off and walked toward -the door." Zane Gray Charged With Big Income Tax Debt LOS ANGELES, June 22 (Cl'i — Zane Giey, author and sportsman, was charged today with owing (he Eournmcnt' $103,923.62 back income tax. Grey denied he owed the money, claiming a pre-mari!:'l agreement with his wife cause:! him to divide equally, with iicr all royalties from his books. Tl;e lax commissioners however 'ijvo attacked the validity of the agreement. Mr. and Mrs. Grey h.ive been summoned lo appear ue.'tj-e the board of tax annuls ujn-i their return from a voyage in in-: Huffman Man Says He Fired to Save Himself; Injury Is Critical. Jesse Hatcher. 20. Huffman farm laborer, was in a critical condition at the Baptist hospital in Memphis today, suffering from a gunshot wound in tho groin, inflicted by his brother, Henry Hatcher, 25, at their home, about nine miles northeast of night. Henry Hatcher surrendered lo of- Hy Wilson, employed bv the T--C.C Wilson company, testified in Wilson's behalf. He said he first! fl.'Ll^ 8 " 0 '."' 6 .. 5 . 1 ?.'? 0 " 1 ? 8 ,, I"" u '. as caught Mrs. - Folsom's arms prevent her striking his employer Gil! Jfsll Lures Furnkey lulo Bullpen, Grabs Officer's Club and Escapes Gunfire. Wresting a blackjack from a turnkey at ihe city jail when the officer entered the bullpen at noon today, Tom Miirhpy, 23-year-old ne- gro, fought his way to liberty after feigning injury, only to be 'recaptured a few minutes later with only a powder burned shoulder an:i a bullet crease on his head to show- that he had successfully run the gauntlet of the officer's gunfire. The negro, serving a jail sentence of petit larceny, attacked Kyi: Recce, police desk sergeant and turnkey, when the officer entered ihe jail in response to the negro's plea for :i pair of pliers to remove a tack from his shoe. The jail is lo- caled in the rear of the city hall. 'Ihe negro struck at the officer with an empty milk bottle as Rcec? entered the jail. The officer backed out and re-entered the jail lo place the negro in a small cell after strapping on his gun and arming himself -with a blackjack. The ne- gio wresicd the blackjuck from the officer as he again entered the cell, here, early Sunday I Hecce succeeded in drawing his gun and fired. .Makes Second Break Tile negro fell as though wound- to lodged in the county jail here by cd ami 'he officer led him from Constable Erwin Harrison of Hull- |thc jail to wash the wonncl and cail and that she cursed him and jerked away. "Will Opeck then ran to the back of the store and I thought he was going after a gun and I left the store." he said. "Were you afraid?" he was asked. "Yes sir. just plain scared." - Attorneys • for • Wilson placed great stress on undisputed evidence that Wilson formerly financed a ' business course for Mrs Folsom due to his "long fricnd- man. The young farmer, who claims 11 physician. He discovered I'nat tli; to have shot as his half-crazed brother was approaching him with negro's shoulder was only powder Ready for theLong Trip to China and Japan Wyoming Arrives at Cork With Submarine Nautilus QUHENSTOWN, Ireland, Ju'iu 2J i UP) — .The submarine Nautilus, owrd by the U. S.. S, Wyomi.Hj, nlved ill Cork harbor early to-. iny. .... j. . . ' The Nautilus broke :down, while rosslng the Atlantic on ,11.6 ; woy o England and 4'^ !cc ' nortii- vard on H projected 'cruise, under he ice tu the. north jwle. The Vyornlng stood 6y and (owed Ihe iniLlllub Into port after tho sub'- iimlne's engines went o'll oi coni- ulsslon. Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh's fleet monoplane Is shown hoiVntlsd with pontoon* which will' be used on the forthcoming [rip across/the North I'nclllc. This ship Is a far cry from the. no* out-of-lhile land plane In which Llncly spanned the Atlantic. POT EFFECM Till Sheriff Promises Action Against Operators Gamino Machines. of ,- Im Ihnr dis burned. He was returning a drawn knife, was charged with as- ] sault with intent to kill. i denly wrested the blackjack from j .._- v( . H , „ „ •• ,,-,,, i 'I;' He was released late today on | the officer again and struck wlti-' "" Otl ° f mcc whldl lllr sheriffi Sheriff W. W. Shaver said Ihfs morning that orders would be issued todav lo his dcmilies in all narts of the county lo confiscate ' .""A" T ic's. A luv Henri Cochet Beaten in First Round Match WIMBLEDON, England. June 22 i UP) — Henri Cochet of France, generally regarded as the • finest tennis plnycr in the world, was eliminated from tho English tennis championships today In Ilia first round by Nigel Sharpe of England, 6-1, 6-3, 0-3. bond. Ithe weapon. Sergeant Kyle warded ship for the entire Speck family." that llis °^° r brother was always a Mrs. Folsom was lo pay back the "Hltlc off." indicating that he was money advanced for tliis part oi often seized with almost uncon- rate of S10' 'reliable fits of anger. Young Hatcher said that he brought his brother here lo make his home, after The young farmer who today is|ofi tile blow and reached for his anxiously awaiting wj>rd as to the I Pistol. •_.'•.' _ . i comiitton'oThTs^rothe~r7bTainT!5"'t''he' "'The—negro fought' wltH'htrri for tragedy to a dispute over farm chores and his brother's mental condition. He stated this morning her education at the per month. Case \n Jury Today The case is expected to go to the jury this afternoon. It hri' neon on trial several days beiou Judge Harry B. Anderson. Attorneys for Wilson claim such an attack would have beon imposvblc due to Wilson's inability to use his right arm which wa; partial. ly disabled as the result of nn accident several years ayo. Testimony of prosrcution witnesses were taken Friday an'l urday. Mrs. Polsom on the witness stand sobbed and accused the elderlv planter of "killing my baby." She said he choked -ind slapped her and kno'kfd hu down. Leon Speck, brother cf the young woman, and Will Sprck. her falher. also testified as t? the attack- the gun and as Pete Barnes. Huff- ihi them, orators of the machines.| M,.,. FY an t c Spfnvrl hem timp to depose of 1 JeiOld, expired Saturday night. j.^Trw -U licit ;noU'i re one v Imarhi nis; which have ber.-i>ne common over Ihe eounlv and here in the nast ' i!!ht ancl thp _. , ft . ,, . . i ~.v:iv .tun LIU- )>iu]j]it:.ijiri ui uie ni-cK nils arnvctl ,i, l"!^^'^^".'^;^-"^ '">«** "«*"!* tl*y an, succeed Mrs. Heler j^nced Worker, Has Ar- riveci in BIytKeville'.""""'' Mrs. Frank T. Seford of Little of the 1 Reck has arrived in Blythevilie to building. Reece fired three'limes at the negro. Officers A. D. Gwyn and Jomcs Bomar, who were entering an allev back of tiie city hail in their securing his release from the-state j a s the negro ran out. took up tin insane asylum al Jackson, Miss.. | chase and Gwyn found the nejro - - • | hiding in a storage bo\ in the 'rear of the Hubbard Furniture company, about two blocks away. He was returned to jail and Intel „„, u u.,u „„*„>-. ^ m C. Pohlson, Osceola grabbed a big knife and started at j grocery Proprietor, Dl6S Pays $10 Police Court Fine for Part in Fight Chester Hatch was fined $10 by Claude P. Coooer. acting judge, in police court this morning on a charge of fighting. The police court fine was the aftermath of a fight, alleged to have occurred between Hatch and Bufor<l ivfartin. taxi operator, near a Main street cafe about 10 days ago. Martin foiled to appear in court this morning after the trial had been continued from time to time. Police were ordered to bring him in tomorrow. One mail's deposit on a charge of public drunkenness was ordered forfeited when he failed to put. in appearance at court this mornin". Isaacs and Wefcb Take Over Phoenix Gin M. A. Isaacs and John Webb have purchased the Procnlx Gin and beginning today will have the several years ago. Hatcher, a sharecropper on a Huffman farm, said his "brother became incensfd late Sunday when a youthful member of a neighboring family suggested that lie nil tho water trough in the bam lot. Hatcher said Dial- his brother chased the farm bay aroimd and finally ^ Kl Hatcher. Denies Any Quarrcll "It happened' 50 quick I don't remember ever pulling the trigger but I suppose it happened," he declared. Hatcher had secured his shotgun when his brother's threats and anger increased, he said. "He had cursed my wife frequently but I didn't hold that against him." the young farmer said, stoutly denying that the tragedy was connected with any trouble within the family. The wounded man was brought to the Blythevilie hospital here las! found avresled. the sheriff said.! ciittv.; secretory of the Chickasaw- adding that he planned to check j ba district chapter, American Red un on local torlay. I > business houses bte Cross. Mrs. Seford has had about eight double chains. sent out on the street gang with Mr. Shaver stated. The sheriff's ''"" w " "'""•- statement indicated that he hoped I to make the prosecutor's officfc ; share the responsibility of remov- pambling machines from the Slot machines of the vending years experience in Red Cross tvr/o. many of which are apparent-1 work, tlnling hack to 1918 when ly "inside th« law," will not be moisted provided the operators of such secure certificates from the Die-secuting atlornev's office show- ins that the machines are legal, ntehMn" I CobblrnSrcVaTtert; f °"°'« !ti ™ E '™" ™ f >'' Armorel doctor had ordered his re- "" "~'''-~ '—' I ~-~ - moval to the hospital. He was rushed to Memphis later. OSCEOLA, Ark., June 22— Funeral services were conducted yesterday afternoon "at 2:30 o'clock in 2G from the Methodist church Lnxora for Clem C. Pohlson, chant, who died of diabelik in the Memphis hospital, Memphis. Saturday. The service was conducted by Ihe Rev. C- O. Hall, pastor o'f the Lu.xora church, assisted Dy Rev. Ell Myers, pastor of the Osceloa Methodist church. Interment Mr. Pohlson had been a resident of Mississippi county for the past 15 years. Coming here with his family from Glosgow. Ky., he was engaged in farming until 1.1 , r, . . ne was engaged in mining until mlanta rOSterS Another ! * tew montlis ago when he entered Ing operate dthe Bertig Gin last Babe Breaks Collar Bone in Fall from His Bed C. G. Redman Jr., five months old son of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. P?d- man. broke his collar bone when lie fell off of Ihc bed this mor- hine. Youthful Golf Prodigy ATLANTA, (UP) - Three years ago Gene Dalilbendcr, jr., first te- gan learning golf and today lie's hailed as a child prodigy, possibly a second Bobby Jones. Gene is seven years old. the son of a sports hop prprialor here. During ihe relatively short period of his career he hns acquired what Atlanta professionals char- aiclerize "the finest swing ever f?en in n yonnstcr." Usually Gene plays on the Am- !ey Park course here, and has negotiated the nine holes in 5-1. There's a 15-yard drive required over a dich on No. 1 hole, le decs it regularly. He :chcd HO-yards perfectly on to No. 8 green. His putting Is a bit inferior to Ills drives and approaches, but he P'ays almost all the time and now. with Bobby Jones out of CM the golf, Atlanta Is watching this boy's progress closely. | the grocery business in Osceola. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mattlc Hill Pohlson, of Luxora. his parents. Mr. and Mrs. C E. Pohlson, of Glasgow. Ky., three brothers. Ernest of Glasgow. Ky.. Aaron of Heth. Ark., and Jim of Birdsong. Ark., and two sisters. Mrs. I. E. BilliiiRSley of Luxora arid Mrs. Jim Bagsby of Birdsong. county. T'Wul Trnons Asked to Manikin OrxW in Mexican Stnlo nf Vera Cruz. VFRA CRUZ. Mo:.. .Trnue V. for fwler"! has hern sent m"i>t = sil'iaticn tndav in the atiKCo whrrp D nirr.<: rlpthcd In a noi-il of a priest killed from am- '-sh. T!'.- diyid inr-'nrlrd .«rl- o^'n of Ca'h- a' the fti- nnlieemrm. Former Attorney Genera Will Help Carry Case to Supreme Court. LITTLE ROCK. June 22 (UP)— With the addition of Former Al lorney General J. S. Utley to the side of the Home Proteclive Asso elation which Is fighting the Ar kansas 90 day divorce net, J. W Westbrcok, attorney for the an irressors, said today they would at tempt to hnve the act declared un .constitutional. she was the field representative assigned to the territory of which the Blythevilie chapter is a part. During last winter's drouth relief program she was field representative in charge of four northwest Arkansas counties. For the present Mrs. Eeford's salary will be paid by the national Red Cross. Mrs. Joseph, who was temporarily assigned to the local chapter, will leave about the middle of the week to resume her work as field representative for the national organization. Mrs. Seford's husband, n unlive of Forrest City, is now a patient in a veterans bureau hospital, hut Mrs. Seford expects him to join her here later. court will bc'tible to.act oft' b'u petition during the summer ses slon as It adjourns July 13, and nndirstand the court it crowded, Westbrcok said. "However, if lh court unholds our petition and de clares the act not a law, then dl vorces which are using granta undes the 80 day* net would be null and void and persons wh came to Ihe stale seeking sever ance of marriage vows will hnv just been waslliiR their time." The addition of Utley to the le gal staff .was made iiossiblc at las Saturday's meeting of the assocla lion which Is composed of Arktin )tock and Commodity;^! Prices Rise As. Result of <\ Proposal. BY. UNITED''PRESS''','•'. Approval was expressed- in'mos^XJl capitals of, Europe today,' b( PresI- tsl cut HooveVs . plan 'for 'a.'.warjrVI cbl nntl '-•' reparations' .'Holiday/-' Frnnfe was The only nation wher?..^ oubt was; expressed thai "fiiH'ap'-r,,v iroval would be for f .hcomlug.y.Tho-! ; ^" French object" to auf nllemp'l'^lo j tUer the' Young plan for reptira-v Ions payments ' , ''";-' Death Saturday Is First In This Section Attributable to Heat. The first death attributed to hot weather In this section this summer occurred Snlurday when Oscar L. Knight. 40 year o)d Huff- mnn farmer, succumbed to the effects of R sun stroke snfferei while working In his fields Pr! day. '- ; According to reports Knight wn working on his farm when he bs- came exhausted from his labor under the hot sun about • B o'clock Friday morning. His death followed shortly after midnight. Funeral services were held Sun day at Grubbs, Ark., with thi Rev. Dalle ofTlclatlng. The service; were held nt the. First Bnptls church. The Blytiwv^llc Under Inking company was In charge o arrangements. The deceased Is survived by h! widow, "Mrs. Artie Knight, tw dauihiejrp.. Lelgn^and .Roberta, s'brT '6sc«iFr Jr., ai\d*1wo"T>rothcfs Heat Is F?r Short of Last Season's Recon If Ihe post few days have seemed a trifle warm, don't become dlscour aged for there's hotter weather 01 the wtiy. With the thermometer a 97 we have yet to reach last year' record. A year ago today tl<3 mcircurj climbed to 102, according to lh records of the official weather ob server Charles Phillip.- jr. And tha sas laymen who are leading the j Isn't all. On ,7uly 10 last year it wa fight "lo protect the homes of the state and the name of Arkansas." Negro Laborer Held for Murder of Negro Woman James Dennis, 31.-negro farm laborer, was lodged in the comly jail yeslcrday charged with t.he murder of a negro woman on 'a Four Arrested for Theft of Automobile CARUTHEHSVILL-E, Mo.—Perry Bronston. Katie Bronston, Busier Stilwell ami Mary Mlddlelon, all of Shade Switch, arc being held in the county Jail on a charge of stealing the car of H. Slubbs. This Is the first offense of all the defendants except Perry Bronstou who just came home from the penitentiary three weeks ago after serving two years on a similar charge, The trial two nvilwm. .rmi-r renorls will co]i;r , 1]p nt t he regular July D-, ,*nv?r\,lt ll<lrf Krtnv. l-illnrl A .... . said 25 winus had be»n killed A rcnrcsontiiivr- u-n?; sent bv Ihe stito gnr<>rmn?$' t" invsttent" 'he clash. H«? wn.s forcrrl to abandon the effort when his life was threit- cnM. Thr fishtins further ir-lensiried ll'i- feeling Aroused bv the nnw im'.l-urlest law restricting the number of nrif-sls in Vera Cruz r\ /• • T~" 1 ¥» I " " nv)u ul "'iit-M;' in vtMii v^ruz ueticit rurther Reduced ! slal( '- "^^ ™?t nniimritative nc- i T T n |cnunfs "f the disturbance ay income I ax rayments abmt 2.1x10 catholics attended WASHINGTON, June 22 <UP>The treasury deficit dropped today lo $819,168^71 due to additional second Instnltment Income tax collections. Au aggregate og S41.033,- 048 in Income tax receipts was tabulated on June 19. the dally treasury statement today showed. Young Senath Wife Report Greta Garbo Will Marry Swedish Merchant burial of the nrk>st. Dnrintz the ceremony several Catholics raijed the former war rrv of two vears aso. "Lonir Live Christ, the Kinf." Father Cordcra. who was offiel- atinc asked them not to excite the peonlc. When the procession was returning from the cemetery Catholics assorted the commander of police and several policemen fired "from an ambush." Allhoueh It was be-, , . | llcvcd they fired into the air Ihc Carbolic Add 1 1 " ol(tent provoked great excitement and fear, the account said. KENN-ETT. Mo. — Mrs Jessie ' The Catholics rushed tile ambush. Lutes, 24. wife of Sylvester Lutes, ! Th< * ^Hacked the police with committed suicide at her home in j slicks - stolles all(t COPENHAGEN. Denmark, June Senath Saturday, drinking car-1 „.,,„„ r ..Oiavc The X-ray pictures mada at the 122 (UP)-Greta Garbo. the n'.lur-! bo'.ic acid. Her husband's t<*ti-l Morr .,,.,. ...... „.„.,,, r ,. s ,.„... nivtheville hospital disclosed thep»B screen, is procccdin; to nnony at an Intmesl indicates fam-j He.miH^ frnm V n ,ir hrnirol i tn injury and the baby was allowed Europe lo marry a Rwvdiih ms:- lly trouble was the cause. Tiw.tho US ivimlmei t of Asricin- to i-plurn to his home after being chant named Andcrsson, a Swc-liMi couple hnd separated four tinwi i,irr iii i'oii Inr ,^lii.v,,, Arri-ri -"-'•' '-'"" Urn-ins wvcn years of married life. ,,ient" ">«»»<>" f w Kiven first aid. papcr said today. .erm of circuit court. Officers Seek Negro For Shooting Episode Officers today were seeking D. Erwin Harrison of iiufim.-n " li<:f fro , m !" C slvcll ?""B '™per,.- eputies on a sand bar alone 'I"? 5 , w !; ich , P" 5 ™ 1 " 1 . °, vcr !llr farm near Armoi'cl yesterday afternoon. Dennis was captured by Constable and di the Mississippi river It was reported. The negro claimed self defense, claiming that the negro woman had threatened him and was attacking him wi'th a kiiile when he shot her. He said that he .became frightened and ran when his neighbors said officers would "beat him up". The name nl the negro woman could not be learned today. 101 and it also reached that max iinnm . on Auguset 9. These wer the two holtesl days In 1D30 Yesterday Ihe maximum here wa (16 degrees with Friday's 97 yet th lilghwl temperature for this year. Hot Week End Results in Only One Drowninj LITTLE HOCK. June 22 (UP)- Siimmer arrived here officially to- : Britain .LONDON, June 22 (UP—After ; , special meeting of.Ihe cabinet '\'i Premier J. Ramsey : Macb6riald!>'| announced In t/c .House .of Co'm-X mons today the British: govern- = ucnt cordially welcomed President---'- ioovcr's debt." proposal. .Th'o.. gb'W " eminent he-"sald is prepared to .• work out details for milking., the'- plnn effective withoit dc'iiy.. ; .' '.- .', Musi Act Promptly : ,'.'":.• WASHINGTON, Juhe-22 (UP)4-: Prompt action on the .part' 'of „ 'orelgn nalons", necessary,';.;'** Secretary of State ':Stim'3JU said .-'-•;: .oday, to make effective. President ;3 Hoover's prtpsjn! for a' brio, ye Jr. i-* suspension of international deb't.;'--:'ij Sllmson snid no In'ornnjIoiWl "•';.? conference would*be call!"*.-'to'.'dc-'""-•;? bale Mr. Hoover's suggestion. -.;-"'" Await French Rnpotue BERLIN, June '22 (UP) —Ger- '?$ many waited anxiously today Tor ?^ a sign that would indicate thntY-f France would support Preslderit-VJ HOOVCT'J plan: German government-- 1 ; tenders-, were confident both Great ^ the Hoover proposal.-r-"--. Meanwhile the - government has ofTlclallv consented to the Hoover; plan. Dr, Julius Curttiis,- foreign.; minister, snid. "Germany receive! Ihe suggestion with 'gratefulness' and joy." - Boom on Ilcrlin FAchanfc BERLIN, June K (UP) —• The f wildest boom In years broke 'on. the German house today under the impetus of President Hoover's'- ; debt proposal. . ' ' ,' ln< - rc promi5c "' ramcc. r.cgro, alleged to have 1031-32 college season Pair of Penn State Stars to Captain Two Teams STATE COLLEGE. Pa., iUP) — Two Pennsylvania State College _ athletes have be^n selected to j captain two teams each during the shot into a negro servant house on an alley In the rear of the 1000 West Walnul block Saturday night. John Shclton, accused of being with Gramcs at the time of the shooting, was lodged in Jail yesterday by deputy sherltfs. Shots fired into the negro house did not strike the occupants. Domestic Iroub'.c was blameo. for the shooilng. Thieves Take Gasoline From Barnsdal! Tanks OSCEOLA. Ark-. June 22—Between fifty and sixty gallons of gasoline were stolen from the Barnsdall Refining company's storage tanks north of Osccola last night. Investigation this morning showed that preparations were made to also break Into the company'.* warehouse, but the', robbers were evidently frightened away. No arrests have been made. Freddie Brand jr. was named as leader- of ti2 basketball and golf teams. Ted McKune. Johannesburg. South Africa, was selected to pilot the sccccr and tennis squads. McKune was notified of his election by radio at sea. He had started on his long journey home for file summer vacation. E. O, Gerhardt, Waynesboro. Pa., was the bst Penn State student to captain two sports in a single season, and like Brand, he led the basketball and goif aggregations. , , state during tho past week. However yesterday light sh xvrrs were . reported in scatlsring sections of the state and in parls of Litlle Rock. Only one drowning had been vo- portcd early today, nrandv Altam, 35. was drowned near I'fingburn late yesterday when he attempted lo save a woman who scr-Mined for help when she got in r!; L >p water. The woman was sav:d by other;.. U. S. Stocks Rise NEW YORK, June 22 (UP)— The New York stoc kexchange foN Allowed foreign markets in a .wifd " rise of ptices al the openiug-'lo- dny. buying being inspired /by Hoover's plans for n one ycaf',1 , debl moratorium. Prices soared one to 15 points. Trading was the. most nctive of the,year. Cation Opens Up NEW ORLEANS, - June 22 (UP) —Tn line with other markets cotton futures on the New Orleans cotton market today opened from 43 to 4R points higher than -the doss of Saturday. October was lip . 43 at 915 and March up 48 at 1035, the two extremes. Two Ho!e-in-0ne Shots Made in Tournament CLOUDCROFT. N. M.. (UP) — A holc-in-onc is a rarity in a golf tournament, but two of them were made in a tournament here. What made these acts, more stranee was that they were made on the same hole in the tame match of one of the match plays. On the first round of the 18- hole match, Paul Helsig scored an ace on Ihc 100-yard sixth hole. Coming back over the course ncatn in the second round of piny in the Negro Couple Arrested for Burglary at Hayli CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.— RosiS iswls and Sain Cox, both colored, were arrested Saturday morning and irpughl to the county jail here, charged with breaking Into the '.oaies of George Woadson and Jim ' Stanley at Hayti. stealing three, pis- ' lols. a gold watch, and wearing apparel and also some money, all of- he value of $200. They are being' leld In jail to await the action,of' lie circuit court which convenes in Julv. Old Kclirs Found PHILADELPHIA, PC-mi-, (UP) — Discovery of an old \vell and pcd his spndc-mashlc shot into | the cup. No. 6, a three par hole, Is a blind one. To get to the . green, ore hns to lift the ball over a hill. The flag cannot be seen from the te'». ones believed to date hack to tnciArmand Fallieres, Former ime of William Penn resulted re- p in -J , f\- time cently when excavations were made near the site of the former Penn house in Ihe center of the old city. Among the relics we« an old copper kettle, bits of china and some iridescent glass with a bottle of Hie same malerial. French President, Dies AGEN, France, Ju»o 23 (UP' Armand Fallieres, former president of France, died today. He -.vas 90. Death came unexpectedly nt 1 A. M. of a hearl attack. Pemiscot County Boys and Girls at 4-H Meet CARUTHEHSVILLE. Mo.—Twenty five Pemiscot county 4-H club members, accompanied by M. D. An- burgsy. county extension agent, and Mrs. Pearl Wilson of Portageville, attended the state 4-H meeting at Irondale lost week. The meeting, which lasted three days, was held at a boy scout camp and recreation was combined with study. George F. Jor.ej, college of agriculture entomologist, gave a study courses in insects, and T. T. Martin, state club leader, and Miss Sarah Chiles, nsslctant leader, dl reeled various phases of 4-H activity. Recreation was under the direction of Fred Boyd of the college of agrculture. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Fair tonight, T day partly cloudy.

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