The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on May 13, 1909 · 13
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The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts · 13

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1909
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r X X THE BERK'FTFTT'nn EVENING EAGLE, TTIFESDAY, MAT 1 inOD. ' V 'V Tnnrrnn r Baseball Golf Alblellcs fSBESSI 'W& I 4 liLsssss Q t, -53) Bolloonlno Tennis Raclnn X 6 X l B-'V rs i ! ) c PITTSFIELD OPENS SEftSO BT' DEFEATING -SPRING I ' ! V Openingof Wahconah Park Was Successful in. Every S. Wa Pittsfield llit the at Opportune, Mo- bipts yhile the' Ponies NotConnect with ase?. v. Players Show' . Well for Thirst Game While, League Men-Slipped up on Some; Easy ChancesJ a c kr Ferry Pitched hjhmself Out of Several Tight Holes As Mayor William i. Maelnnls pitched the first ball over home plate for a strike, the baseball season "'in Pittsfield was formally opened yesterday afternoon on Wahconah park. Tht opening was most auspicious. Ideal weather, a large crowd, gnd a- ylctory for Pittsfield' was all 'the local enthu siasts could ask for or desire,- ' The . , , Novalr , reached first while Tacev Springfield team of the Connecticut shr cut Houston at hom. Cv" Per-league were the locals opponents and ere came into fame again, but bit t ha g weft n rto T 4 a A tn a F. a c- ,the score was 7 to 4 in the home nines favor. At Just 4.03 ,the mayor threw the first strike over thg plate. Then the game started. Jack" Ferry, the old . standby of the lecals, was In the pitch-, Ing boa and be did fine work. With men on bases he was almost unhittable; Viand pulled Out of several tight holes, if ,As the game wore on "Jack" grew stronger. With Tacey, the Springfield twlrler, things seemed different., In th opening innings he was a Vmzzle, but tin Vm mi afi&i iin p but once the local boys got after him theyi landed good and hard. The hits generally came -w-hen; men were on bases and they resulted In runs. . ' - Tile PCtsheld teajn gave a gopd ac-s count of , itself considering -thattbe game was the first of the season. o-J?ides ; pitching -'finely 'Jack' Ferry fielded his position in a masterly manner. BMeegan did well, behind, the bat; He had cme bad throw and dropped one foul,- hut otherwise' was all there. Cy as usual played a' prominent part In ttye game. ,He covered the Initial saejf like-the veteran he is and his -timely -double. started the locals ' on thtlr-leai that resulted in "Victory. Novak took care of everything that camt.hls way, but did not taveimany chances. 3 Burns was a-lively young ' stef at short.. He covered. much territory and handled throws well. . His sliding fon bases was a marked fea,-, ture. Hughes did well at third. Hi yRTrOrs were a stop and throw.but they were not costly. Curtin patroled, left giydeu and he. had several charfces. Ills one mlsplay was a fumbled ground" hit. Jim Mahoned earned . his board money at least, with his tinely swats'. His hits were hard and came" when needed., Houston did not have' much chance to show himself in right yprden., 1 There was butane thing about the 'gamerthat coald b Criticised. It was r a trifle slow. Tmpire Cain'waqot as fast as some umpires In anouncing his I decisions. Some of hist decisions on b.'jlhs .nd strikes were apparently far from correct, but he showed no par-titlity., , r The Springfield team lvad wonv!five 'V straight games In the Connecticut leagiije, but- if the ball theyevxhlbited at times is a sample of the ' Nut meg ' circuit -sty le they must have easy propositions. Several easy chances 1 were let slip .by which .resulted l fatally, c Wkchob, who came from the 'coast bague to gatch, coiild stand much tuore training lf his work yesterday is his best. The visitors hit the ball hard but could not connect when bits Vef6 Manager Flah'-rty ty North Adams was In this city jesterday afterncon. He was at the game at Wahconah winning Hi to 8. The game fais- Park nd thought well of the Pitts-!y well played uj to tlie seyonth in-L hvld team. - . , . ing, but alter thgt tltfre was pour' - the season under moJL auspicious err-; taking away with 'them the credit of -plM ir.g and error in aound.iuce. Esteil H took five large automobiles to car-emnstances. The season started W Uh travelling the longest distance of-'anvidid the twirling for Drury, allowed butO' tb,? players to the ground-: jestf-a victory over a team that -had be:-n aeronaut in flights from Mew,' Eng-! .seven hits and struck out seven men. j Iter noon. - Arldlu playing league ball for two , w eeha. f ,e conditions were in evefyB -;Way .. n. nivvnmantO V' ' - satisfactory. . The arrangements wyvroihe balloons, the gas and the' pilots practically perfect and .the large 4. and-Jet ms go out for a jet-ord that cjrovvd vyas delighted Some imsyrov ill stand for some time to come, mepts will be made bots,we have no j ? further measou to cbmplain- We arei Thq referee takes this occason to more can we afk? . ; i ' . vv rx-t, juj laUiv,ofLevry baseball fan In the saa j at North Admis. Managtr Flahertys death of, his brother, Jamfk Noonan, j letter savs, Hope-o see you at every1 The latter bad beet) suffering from j game,". 1 wish 1 could accept the in- nervous trouble; He was a Iwseball f vita.tion. fan as are all the other members of; , j ' - s thtr.famiiy, .When' "Pete" received I Franli McPartl'iiirw bo was reported ! 1 theVad nows of his proteges, the Uni-. as plated for the management of some ' .verp'ity of Maine was trimming Col-jjeam in dk'orth 'Carolina this season, by college. ' 1 - again with AVaterhury, He, with lju .P T-S ' ' I Ea-tman. did, the twilling in a game'.,1' .7 ' The suggestion &r-a don tie balloon against Holyoke, this week, McDonald race between piltsMt and oinh Ad-1 doing the backstopping. McPartlin fv' n 1 2' C ams should 1114-et with favor. lxt thebas Jheen in the game many years and 1 ,, n . -c r' ,H North Addin 'boys come down July should make 'a first tla.-s managtr. l-atiseuon . and the Pittsfield. bOy s go to the j . - - ' 53 . 1 noith Berkshi.p cifv during Old HoiueJ weeii and upotj both occasions efforts ( flould be nmd 0 break the''ew ; Enelanl. niibtahce record -Let NorLh Adams balloon rarry Notch AiVuiih ,men, and have none the 'Best wlt-he for tlie christening aui j irQry 0 J 0 0 only flight. Mr. Giddn i detei mined to : WilluimVtow n fl 0 f U o make a long trip if the weather co jeo Tutsi haaeb. Pmrv 2!. WilHam.stow n hut IlttHkid Tnen in the Piitsfield' ditionsmre tavoi.ahle. Incidentally it ij 2. Fa-iific-i liHs.' Fount., m. D.ivL. hello' . Thedhtcts sliouidHie f-or' dis-'i madtf known that the gut wio wastol,n ha, () i'nni li. .'whin 'i, tance m hope that wiiatever honot 5 to make- a trip in tii first filght of, Fountain. F.'di edge, Thonia-'4, pvec- Iiwn cfiiue In Hus linethat It mav fail; the bnlh'on. will tk amHX the ruis"liv , (Wnitutri, Two 1m o hit, Prln- lo eiifit-r 'of the Beikslnre .i;ubM:ins Th" Toll of guests wii) include a iTte 2. Eldr ige 2. Tonkin Tin ee-l e-o' Many lpti-on will tome to the Berk- needed, helng at the mercy of 'Jack Perry. The outfielders tUd fast work-The Infield played times, slipping, up on easy chance Durns was one of the busiest men oh the infield. ! The Game, X Mapgert bit a. hot ode that 'Jack Ferry could not handUv in, the opyn ing inning. Ilarbout hit, to the hitcher who got Maggert out at second. Waite flidd to Ourtn and Rising struck out-Jay Burns fanned. Mahoney was Out. Coillna to Luby. Collins error letN Novak on, but Cy,K Ferry hit t6 Barbbtir, who got Nov 8k at second. In the-second inning Hughes threw out Lubt atNflrst. 'Collins fanned. W chob doubledXfo Wt field. J. Burns hit to right fqr two bases and'Wa-chob scored. 'Tacey was put on fanned. 1 . In the third Maegert hiafe. Bar - hour was out, Hughes to AV tuy. Waite then doubled iyhd niaggert acored. Waite .tried fdr third, hut' Cuipin nailed' him -Burns tr.PQ J bad throw,of a balT-from Kising's but.) "hut Novak got Riseing when. Ltrby bit,' a grounder to ywonl. J Ihttsfieidnine two runs In the third.' Houston bitAafe. H went to steal, f bit Burner dropped the throw, tirns fanned. Mahoney hit Jay safe. ... . -. toijk the .lead in this Curtin out HXnrst, F5u Tie leather to center field for a double , and scoring two runs.The' band struck1 up Morniiig Cy. Jhck, Ferry waaf out at first. s In the fourth round, Collins single Wachob got first while Collins ! whs out, J, Ferry to Burns. Wachobgot seepnd on Meegana bad throw.Burns filed to Mahoney. Tacey singled and j Wachob scored. Tacey was oit at sec- ond. i ln-1 Burns error let Meegan cm. H stole second Hughes was: out. Meegan taking third.! Houston was passed and stole second. ' first and the JfatterNgot to second. Mee- gan and Houston scoring. . Mahoney at first. In the fift bour were out at first. him out. A Ferry was out at first. Jack" fanned, but Wachob missed the last strike and Jack reached first. Curtki was safe while Jaok wgs caught it second. Curtin vfcas out trying to steal, , ' ' In the sixth inning Luby started ,,?r.,F:,3b' with a double. Cqllins fanned. Hughes threw out Wachob at first. Burns to Ta-cev, -ho' got Meegan on the play. This was the only double play of the day Houston fouled to Barbour In the sevtntb Tacey fanned. Mag-gert .doubled to right! Barbour singled and Mageriz .scored. Mahoney got Waite's ny. Risitr was passed. Ruby ws out, 'Hughes fa. A. Ferry. Burns fanned. Mahoney wi? out at first and Novak Hied to Jay.Burns. . Jn ttie eighth Collins.-was hit. Wa-chob' sacrificed. f.Burna fanned.. Ta- ?.aat, FIT "F t0 Mitggert.v .Jack hw fpr two bastes. Curtin filed to RisingX Meegan. doubled and Xiack scored. Hughes jhit for two sacks and Meegan vCrossed the, plate. Houston Was passer. Jay Burns singled. Iahoney,fli4d Lo NVaite. -it In the ninth Jack -Ferry did, fine work Maggert got his fourrth hiXL a double. Barbour filed to CjVHugh got if an error and IVaite was safe. Rising sirgled, filling the bases. Luby -Jiit to Jack" Ferry, who threw out ' Maggert at the plate. Collins filed NoVsk.' PITTSFIELD. AB. R. 1B.PCXA. Burns, ss, s , . 5 1 i j 1 land eitie-. Pittsfield and North I Adams have demonstrated they have, .t n the North A his kindness and thoughtfulness in Mr. Glidden wilt be.heie Saturday for the dedication of his new balloon and a: trip to Canada is on the tapi 1 1 - - -- nephew of GovT-Diaper, iixciiars nsrt!i,B Yesterdays Results, Boston 3. ClPvelartuS Phtbidol rihlit t, f-tXj,nuta 0. , alitntin 8. iXfiCHgo 2. Detroit 11, . Yesterdays Results. VlKIsdelphlk, 3, Pittsfield 1. . X'Xjni Immll e. RuMon 2. Vnrk -3, Chicago 2. IX'Uls 10. Brook!) rt 0. Oth erx Games. - - - Sh(vil. ! j . s v,ootJ,n.t i-ri,e -j HolyoM K itn.vcn Hertford .13. xoruAmpton A, i Drury If. 4. IS, fili.unMovv n If, S. S. Bridgehmrt ft s t Hdy erwe j. Y, -rmorit,. - . y'aln 1, W ir ia.mi 3.' Iritnetift 3, Brown Niw ltsHatrV . Mtyi-e, X pitv nf Tcnnsvl van! trn)umb a. Avfclr 'tjii!cge 2. PhiiHps-nte- r.!tyjf, ytaine 8, Coihy 3. 1, Andover 3. ' DHkfme.Hh J. VVest Point 4. IaCivcile 5, Ffdh,im 1. Nvy 1 , R(n thill 0 New liuglatul leitrur. Worcester Z. l'. tl Ki v cr- lesruic i,j NW Bedford 3 . I.ynn 9, BroX,tn 2. llav erhiU X. I.'cil 1 IlH-lcru la-ngiir.' 2. Buffalo 1. Toronto 2, Jiircv C'itv J. N'evvntk 2. Tlochestcr 1. Montrcjil-Brov , dii c ' - grounds). A AincHian Avtailoiv us 1. d 1? van aUs X!1X,n,'A!1o!.l V u . t '-AB. R. JB.RO.A.E.j 0 0 ! o' 2 4' 3 I 0 2 3 0 2 1 I 5 6 7 8 9 0 0 6 2 - 1 0 0 1 0 0- Sacrifice hit, Wachob. Stolen bases, Barbour, Rising, Houston, Meegan. Two-base bits. A. Ferry, J. Ferrv, Meegan, Hugbes.Mgfgert 2, Waite, Lubv Wachob, ' Bums, Waite.First Three-base' hit j base .on bails. Rising, 7 ! Springfield 11. Struck out Rising Collins 2, Burns'2. Tacey 2, Jay Burns1 3, ,J. Ferry, Meegan Hughes.' Hit' by pitcher, Collins. . Double plav Tacev and Burns. Time, 2h. 5m 'umpire James Cain. - ! 1 Houston. Left on bases Pittsfield 7 i SPO fiflME. WilliamstowD Defeated by a Score of'46 to 8. - The Drury high school , baseball team defeated the WiiLnromown high: The -opposing tw flier was Hull, and the Drury LHimen secured' 11 hits oif . his delivery. The score: ' DRURY HlplI SCHOOL. Tot?! ; 31 16 11 27 11 WILUAMSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL. A B K H PO A E 1 t . s i n, Thomas, 1. C Watson. Ostrander, r lot. Purtt 11 Home tun. Ptiimh Iptlti scoiuis . vr cArtniN rus ,m American" League. National League. " BTANDINO, Fltoshurg , . hl!1rlphla Cilll'HgO Jl,irtH. . , t nu ImistV jirrw'klv n Xw York M. IcmO Inter-Scholastic League. Stardo9v f'lrurv .... J, 1 HtsfiflJ . . , tries , , A d a fit 1 V il,iamtown .$90 .600 008 City League. HTAXIUN'I. W on ependrnts , J. . . 1 VrcHen , .,1 1 ittaflelds Record. s p. r 1.009 . . . Cobha hl'tln and base running base on tmildXpff IXtes 45, off Hunt 12, were naeponetble for Mvtn of the De-? truck Out, by Estes 7. bv Hull 3. Bat' trust run etrday whert the Tiger ter hir, McCarthK INviibie play. Ete ! bead New York it to 4. NeW York; to Olirien to Tomlin. Ias.-ed balls. ! uL.tor!t't U,!r rdJrh,r nooriy. ( Fdlredge 2 VXllXiXAS. Hull Z. Time . ' ev . . w ,w rn wan rKiorly fenfl 2 fiont9 I of one drAwn out I 6 dams, JUtnfaAc tu v s (rrscent, and fhillons Colt Flay bat Three Inningw, the rrmcr Winning 5 to 2. . A . In the City league cfn the common litT.t night the Crescents defeated Fallons Colts S to 2. Only three Innings were played, darknes-s- ending th contest. The fourth inning was started but the umpire could put tl the ball so the score reverted back to the third Inning. Both rides scored two runs in the opening Inning. In the second inking no runs were made. The third Inning was where the Crescents lauded on Dale and scored three run,. The Colts could not score In t) 3 5 their half IXirkness ended play soon JCiescents Fallon's Colts 2 0 0 2 Batteries: Crescents, MoConkey and Ptowell. Colts. Dale and Drennan. Umpire,- "William Jojce. CARS TO GAME . Pittsfield street fall way to aocommo - date those desirlpg to attend the base I Special cars wll be run by the ball games at Wahconah park. Be-f th" !n niR and forth to the park. so there will be' of cars will be waiting at the close of the game. x e - rThe minister ofwratnunlcatlonai cf thp Japanese government Is consld- ... - - . . . . ... f'rlna: the advisability of using aatobio- h!les ,or rarrying niaila In the cities ?f I5 ItR also occurred to that ailtopbiles might be ad- anaKousl-V mae of to transport mails to sectiofis of the Island not reached by raUways. -If a wtf refuses to divorce her dyspeptic -husband that la, love. - IN THE LOCAL aseball Field iur Maloney Is one oDthe real 1 baaebiilf fans Aythur wks proseht at j the game yesterday and has ueeit greatly Interested -ip the local team for A Eji-ome time.Arthurvay8 he does not tj it ' plan to mlssiiauy odhe games. 2 2!. tl 0; T-he number f the t'elephona at I - it Wahconah park isMIS. 4 It ! . , 1 li . Tucker" Geneftt "of. this city Wt I ' u to;,fty; io begin the.preUniinary work j , with the. North Adams tekin.Oenest Is t . to have an .infield pot-ition. The sea-- j son open May 21 at North, Adams. 6 The players report today. large number witnessed the game Matthew Powell, the photographer, obtained some good views of the game yesterduv He also gyt a snapshot of tlie mavor U In t-iing the first, ball. The pictures are on oxhiJtion in Jeriy lti others vgindow. Pittsfield )i ter long. vuiuu who is hlghlv reeoiHinr nneit by and it is ex- will have a new pitcher A tnnn from Pt-nnsy 1-j " Nov ak li.t been whed pet led that h will come, 1 Where was Thai lie" Turner? - )v dill oil iil ftti 1 1 St Hll t Stand, nidivs ( Kan GamcsToday. Washington t 0jtrBgo. ' rbiladelr.hlA St M. I,mj, New York at Detroit. teuton at Cleveland. Games Today. Fi(Vhur at Fh!ldlphla. Clfflnnatl at Hoaton. C.bhago at New York. ht I.otna at Brooklyn. ThU Weeks Games. AT WAHCONAH PARK. Saturday. Mohawks of Sfhmvria- m. rntefield . i d at 3,30 p, City League. Ma v U -Fallons n. Crvecents, May ti-Stju-,tcy v. Eaton. , - American League . tleeton agw.n wort from Cleveland j at Cleveland thl time 3 to J. Chech j wi effective with men on bases. I Berg- did good work In the hog for the Nana. Boat on bunched hit In lb fourth inning and won. , Bender of the AthletUa won a pitchers battle from Graham of Pt I,oul 1 to 0 Fhtladelphl got Us run on two single and an error. 'National League much tcyrEmpensate. The bright sun-1 light, tffe large crowd, the players in ' newbnlf'orms, the music of the band. run that Yw ,.n Mutomobile. the ladies in pretty run tnat tied in Chub and also the . . , ' winning run at. New York yesterdagyr0718 JI dow n-to-the-mlnute has. Overall of Chicago weakened rtoefr clever plays at crucial periods the errd. : these all help to make .the late after Cincinnati won 6. to 2 at ojiton yesterday. In ail 20xbaae jdf baijs hadlf menertn'bl: Boston Errors by Wagner- yC Phtladelnhla beat Fittsburg s to Vat Phiiadeiphia. 'jVttfi1 a. .Pitchers battle each allowing five hits St. Louia d'yf'ned Brooklyn lo to 2 at BrookJd. Wilhelm was hit hard at aii times' Brooklyn fielded below it standard. . College "Harvard won a hard fought game "ron Amherst at Cambridge 3 to 1 hjttlng and good Wor?rt? yteMtayndn! Foley allowed Vermont hard at won 5 to 8. but three Dartmouth trimmed West Point 5 to 4 yesterday. Dartmouth made only three hits but the West Pointers fielded poorly. Williams went to pieces n the first 1 seven run. Inning at New Hayaa and Yale made seven run. From that time o.n It was a hand fought game. Yale won 9 to 3. The only tblngg that ever keeps a gir! from falling in love with other men Is to be la love with another man. Sporting and Balloon News on Sixth Page. - - . was well filled with those who could see the game gratis by standing in yards and looking over the fence Is to. be discontinued. hTe neighbors have rose up In arms because of people who had the nerve to trespass on their land. A large canvas is to be put up along the fence which will hide a view of the park from the street. . The management wishes ta apologize for- the condition of the part of the field set aside for teams. The ground wasoot in shape yesterday because filling did pot arrive. Everything will be all fight next Saturday. Boy a will not be admitted free anv more If they desire to see-.the games they must' pay the regular The last side of the field was reserved for the youngsters yesterday but the and the crowd Is nicely handled. j Throughout the game the band Pavs at intervals, lively airs. 1 The grandstand Is loomed at the south end of the field. The homeplatej is iu line with the center of the stand; J the tall is batted north. The front of I the stand is covered with wire net-j - ------ - iu ting as is the reporters quarters j rope off both the right and left sides. Manager Edward Cam is In charge of j , field so a to keep back the the box office and he has a busy dav , Wds. v lorn. ; t . S ' 1 I I b -'lurbay Hlt official score- board kan. , 1 The oulfleT-i is being gone over again I It was in prflty good, condition j s- J - - terav hut where the horses stepped pulling the roller, they' Toft Impress-' sinus which will by filled in. The lino of tho Aiuhawks. the! Schenectady team of culiege men which plays Saturday is- -Fofiidcr lib; Kale,. ; Howsrrh, 2b; Brobt, McMinn, At.; Parrons, If; R.tjs, if Gage, c; Perry, p. - X PLUS Tall Field Captai Helps j Some Scenes of Opening Mayor m- rnnis, ,,, X ; t lynn end Suiliran. L3yid3ny Women Onj From tb Standpoint of tne rpecia Wahrnnnh Parlr to I tor- th arn pretty satisfactory. 1 wanconan rarK io-vn-t.i;p)ttsfj,,d.( I(?nd Wfm &y tnit,w j;,,. Pittsfield to Victory, 'HP and errors. Three. two-bagger , I In xhe r-'ghth clinch )h game for to . .. 1 locals, and poop! !o If-eve for hrr- . I now a satiifi- d that t here is to b Players Go to the P i eld in : "a gcdng,up in me air in u. r.:-h, , . , r' . t- tJ,at 'S'Nory i-i a'ready with.n tn" Automobiles, St. Joseph s WJthm the Kr? or - cyv men. - Band in the Lead Great J 'onm both r.r- field 8 favorite-, ar e Jet to j-nn t-c Day for the StreefRail-i tnam and strengthen-it. vay Company i Erpor 4n Ja-nent. Pittsfield 7;Sprifiafield Porwea, 4 It 1 ttm hour of 4. Mayor MaclnnU In brown suit ami derby,- walks to the pitcher's point and tofaieg the ball from hand to hand while he crowd intently watches. A phojographer. ramora in arms, hurries ters has been no balk. .. , , , . . , . . rule boog from bis hip pocket and 1 h upon the field and hurriedly erects b4,urf,r consults it. When he ha, Rv shadow caroher Just .west of the city , isked, he returns the book H, his poev.-executive. Macgert of Springfield, a 1 et and motions the runner to go cats left handed baUcr,.steps to the plate, . !o Rerond, Then th gapre proceeds, stick in hand. The band aUlkc up "Hail to tb Chief." The mayor, with' an underhand twirl, thrown the haiT, !jfarry Watnon which goes over the hocneplate for a vtrike. The crowd applauds. The mayor leave the field and the teams FfarrrWatson. who captained the start on their two hours journey to' NorthAdams baseball club for a tim the fins! eonsummaMon, The base- la-Jsurxinaer. but who cou' i not reach ball season of UK9 in rittsficid is for-' 5X agreement with Manager Flaherty regain this season has been secured to cover fUvt base for the Bennington r iub. He will i seen In tile line-up for the. first few games, at leat. b ,t day 'it i, hardly extorted that he will play for the game, this af'ernfin of May' with the Bennington cine all reason. 12. The breeze J, a tpffie too chi! v Vaton recenTly ret-irned to hi home for eomfortv Pe oplyiflve the grand- in WllHamstown from Lawrence stand In theIaat Ip-fung. not because her he faie-j to make good in a of lack of Interpkfln the "roort Of tryout with the team which rero-e-k'ngs. but because of the raw air. snts that city in the New But asidwc'from the cold there Is lpaarue , 5 Ttnon ' J oftnald' admission to De grounds" I Itr -paid aamjss.on to grounds. : number is 900. Of this number .VW f T-1 sit In the grandstand. To the 1 wev.or the stand are the automobiles and teams. The bleachers in that sec "econd. while Wafers, a torrer Bcn- , . - ,, . , . - .nington payei. will he at th'rd. Corov 1 tion are well patronised. and OMeara, th BennirvrtPn hatter', Morning Cyl" j hal from Boston) Bressette of Black- Kverythlng about the new grounds , nton play he outfield. has a semi-holiday aspect. It's" a bigi .eooj-natured crowd in which adnur- vs of the home team, of course, pre- ' ? dominate. Maggert of Sprlngeld and W. tall XCy Rerryof Pittsfield do the S. Jersks trotterf Keynote, 2.18 1-4, has been sent to North A3-stick 'work that delights. Hardly S;am-', to th training stable of Pat-the game well underway when Cv s Ulancy. who has driven it for laces outa two-base hit, bringing two hrsem lower itsk runs and tb? band high in the grand this year and prove a winning ra, e-stand." begins to ylay "Morning Cy. hore. Could, anything be quite so pat? The I spectators laugh 'and applaud,' j ' Baseball Notes. Baseball crowds in Pittsfield at al-j ways early In arriving, so long before, Gerge Browrte outfietder o? th the tpening of the gam the grand 1 Utyk-a go Nationals, was yesterday ot 1 stand begins to fill up. MA n cable fea-"A,niy , Umvklev. .. . , , , , . of the ritchine stair of the Chi- of the day Is the large namar of chJU caeo team, was void to Loulsvil'e dren. They seem to he everywhere. The . Renfrew have organized, an 1 On Coogans Bluff, over to the right i n,R nlY their opening gam of of the great inclosed field are probab-1 Sat.urd.?y afternoon a?ln?t Iv 150 people. From that point of vantage an excellent unobstructed I view of the diamond is obtained. I Later in the season the field will be. a great deal faster than It I today. Only recntly has the work on the 1 grounds been completed. Tons .ttpoi tons, of dirt have been dumped here j and then rolled down hard as posi-I ble. But a first game Is sure to kick' ! up the dust. Notwithstanding this.; the ball, for the most part. Is-'well j fielded. ' ' To Field by Auto. i At 2.36, the players, in automobiles, leave the center of the city, for the, grounds on the west side of Wahcon-, ah street Wahconah park Is the fa-' miliar designation of the place. Sf. 1 Josephs band, under the leadership 1 of V. J. Gorman, heads the, players.' : The playing of the hand is a signal ; for uneasiness all over the city. The business- man suddenly remember an important engagement that wilt keep him away from the store for a couple of 4iours and the lawyer. In the midst of the preparation of a brief, recalls ' that he has references to look up in the law-'library and so forsakes his, own office. Foiks from all the walks! of life go to the baseball grounds 0 ; mingle in the democratic crowd. Iw-; yers, doctors, clergymen, business men, editors, one. or two judges these all demonstrate that the national game, fL a drawing card, still 1 reigns supreme, t Extra cars .are run, on the Pittsfield Street' Railway line. Manager Flaherty of th North A I-s aius team cotuesdown to attendthej opening and to extend his congratula-1 - r GOOD FROM START TO FINISH." T!!6L!S ALIEN X 10c ALL DEALERS SELL PIO by Fa , k n Umpire Cain iy oX'-gej to j,e-knowb-dg- ai error of dec.Von n at-low irg a Pittfie!j ri;Dn.r to go from second to third o-n a baik.X Tt -s raises the only real prot-Nt of-rrie game, thwurn there Is some gvtttnol.f v .1- nn f5-- When the umpire calls a. nonchantl ja,k on xacey the' Spncfie-tTmeo leave their p oiions and ciuter around the umpire.- protest, r.g rhX Ca.n pulls a' THE EENNINGTON TEAM. The Rennirirton team is to open th sea.-on next Pattuay, when a nir from IVilliamstown com flowed partly of college players, will be the opposing aggregation. Cable Pnndle of WKIiamstown wit! cover an outfit tl position and cap'aln the nine whi'e Matty McConnell of -C.revlock. wl -. ' r reIia!tpd Ne' R-itain and B-rt Wb!tP thP oK! racVia-on player, will trv out 7or 'th Infietd. 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