The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1932
Page 6
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£>.-•.-.• French Couple Spon Stars French Racquet Wcilcler | • Wants Old Brilliancy For Cup Matches. HV MINO'IT SAliNDI-KS Ni:.\ Service M'rlliT PAKIS, April 8— rear that Ihe . Davis Cu]i may lx> into-n out (jl France this summer Is spurring Rene Laooste, l«adcr or the Three Mcn'ketccTs of tennis sOio vapuii 1 - c-J iho cup from Amerifa. to intensive practice in Die hop? ol Ectifng tack Itilo Ills old-time tcun. If ho finds.his » he \v Lo a member of the dcfendir.i; team, otherwise her will icmaln In re!iieu:eul. Lacc. r .lc has regained his lu-aUli and :.;ordin» to his friends, talks as strong as ever, lie is moct of his nork in :ccici Icels tliat he must irain hard ID regain hii precision and mastery cf itro-:c. • • • Crcnt pressure is bciiic moughl I:;)::: Lacosi c ijy his faithful fo!- !ov,rrs (o eome back Jean Borotra 'is firm in his decision lo keep oul of Unvis Cup singles piny, an:! (his leaves Henri Cochcl alone Rincue i.he u'lsmm ready to Him l.i'.r-fc any Corhcl icoks us £f.od as e\er. judging from his I..!ll:anc2 in Klvicra tournaments, and though he won for France las! . year he hardly can be expected 10 . sliinrt the strain again arrnlnst ilrcn;:cr' challengers. Wllli" I-a- 'ccsle at his side ngain. France would stand nn excellent chance. But Lacosl e has made li clear thai he will play only If ho feels he will be an iissel to the tcnin. "1 have in false.notions about my chancss of getting Intp shape". '«; confide.-! to n-filoiid. "Most of the great players I was up a-jahist in my prime h.ive yiars- .. ctl tn ana v.-ny ur another and it (s only logical thai the same lots is mine. The cry today is for youth and 1 am not as young as 1 used to be. "Our strongest opponents. Eng. fen and American, are young men. Wa also have some very premising youngsters, but they ate iml quite experienced as their internn- nal rivals. In another year ov Iwc they may be relied upon, but this year Is a Irying or.c for France." Tiie Fiench youngsters are bc- "!ng looked \ipon with much more . .-;r!fi(.:ncc since llielr -surprisini; { defeat -of- Eujland's foremost player:; in the recenl London'i-Parls !n- tcr-cily indoor toiiriianserit'' line. \Vith tlie old stars absent Hie Paris team was not conceded a chance, but London wns defeated by 13 - iritehes to 8. Outstanding among the younger, players are Marcel Bernard, u . i-chcolboy of 18, Andre Merlin, i'tender protege of Cochet. nnri Benny Berlhet. Bernard beat Bunny Austin in a fine display, and. .partnered with Ilcrlin. defeated ned Perry and Pat Hughes, lust jiar's Da\ls cup pair.. . . There are n hnlf dozen other .youths.coming up fast,'bin cither Ucnuro or Merlin or both may be called u|xm io ma):c up the Eu\is Cttp team this year. . MCamvliib much depends tipjti 'bsihe STAPS plaq it If you've played this sprinj an:l your tec shots hr.vcn't bc;n straight, it probably can be blan-.- •ed on the long winter layoff. After some correctiv.:- practice, vuu ought to straighten out easily. Tlie reason is that the left hand, missing tlie exercise it g^Ls in the golf swing, has lost some - AJOTICE— ; -WAT • -ale: LEFT-HAND AWO ARM ARE Trie: DOMINATING- FACTOPS (M TKE SvWiGr OF CHAPL5S "5^*SS^r r of its strength. This caves tilt light hand In command for the flrEl few times. Ths overpowering right turns the club face on; or position, cutting across the line of night from the outside. ^To correct this, grip Ihc club ightly with the right hand and take a firmer grip v .'lth the left. Let ihc left dominate both the backswins and the downswing. : neimrted in Slnlcn A.lo . WORCESTER. Maw. (UP) John peknu. n. was jailed for three months when police dlscov- ^, d IS.?! 1 I" TOs U5illg a 6tolen .automobile for his weekly trirts lo to report to the pro- Laufcr _ FK1DAY, A_PR]L_J, 1932 The lomrlKu-k that Urn,. IM,K(,- has- I,,,,- i onslilf ral in inlcriia- tional triirts is uvtually Ukine fiirtn. ami if Hi,- K ro:il l-'i-rnrli pi iyiv can tcjaln :i sniibtoiu-c c.r life one-lime skill, lip v.ill liclji l-'rauc-f difditl the Dails Cup Ihls s<-.iian. . l.ii w ,-,l<- ls sllowl , .,1,,,^., „,[,, hls lintly «ifi.,-|lli- turner Mile. Thinn il,. l ;1 Chautm. s ,ilf c'liamiii at :i rrcei t FrcmJi-KiiKlisli in.nis tmiriMini-iil. i The death nf Phar I.ap recalls' '• ]:nlf.aiiMly (1:?, tni|;«ly thai end- | >rt the career ol another grC'it! . Aiisliallun, Lea Darcy. There was | this dill'eicneei I'har Lap ui>-j \ from ealhij; too much, and Ix?j' • IJarcy died from a broken hcarf Darey was a yrenl middleweight , iilmul the tin-.-- v;hcii Ihc World War b!Bnii. To escape cniucrlpUon lo which Aiislralians would be '.submitted, Oarcy anil K. T. O'Sul-1 liivni .shipped from an Australian ,1:011. Conscription hacln'l been in- laiiBiirjilcd. hut there was Inlk of ill. li-'y shipped un-Jer a eanva-i 'on deck and were on Ihc hieh seas before It became known they had I'.one. Hr-Kir.inl by Managers 'Ihe ship was bound for a South American port. They trnnsft-r- ml n> an oil tanker bound for tin- Unliril Slates. Every HL manager In N'w York wanted to Ret a "piece" of Darcy. Ma'iy of them cliiiitered launches lo eo out and men thr boat bringing ihe ll|;lit"r. In Ihe early dawn they rr.ccu for Hit privildjc of being the first io fireet Darcy.- Te.x Rlckard look nlnng a latmcli "How About a Lifiht, Harry?" ^-^ */ The world aula sii:-etl record bcloiifis in this roimiry in,iead of li'i"- tantl. liL-H.'Vcs Barney Oldfleld. dean of >,io«l drivers, and If « 0 m"- ywin build uarney a fast car he'll go out ,,ner il l^e is shovi 1 -r with one n! his forrnvr kpjtdway inmie.=. Marry ilartz, toiicliinr a match to Hr.rneys ever-present clsnr. On' the coast, th- veicrm ot many th.illins; races Is Uihing Ihe wheel ajuin in prnctice spins lo B el IC.UU- lor the v-.orld rccoul run Ihn. ho hopes will come toon At four-year intervals since 1S9G, n-ith tl:e exception of tho war year of 191G when the (same* wero canceled. .111 American lin-; von Olympic high jumping honors. And why should il be different this, year, particularly with a George Spitz waiting around for a chance to crack the record? The bcsl Olympic leap. C feet r, inch, was made in 1D2-I by Harold Osborn. former University of Illinois, star. Spitz is n cinch o btut that, and perhaps Osborn's world record leap ot 6 feel 8 1-1 inches. Indoors n few weeks ago. the lanky Lonsi Islander, a sophomore in dentistry nt New York University, hoisted lib body over the bar at C led 7 inches, lyin; his own world Indoor record.' In the series of indoor meets that wed, he f:-sp«l C feel 7 1-4 Inches, 6 feet 7 5-8 Inches, C feet 7 3-4 inches and. in one gr.ind effort. C fc-'.'t 8 1-2 inches. Tremendous les spring and l,is own awkward foim alone are responsible for SpiUY, position in thr athletic world. Had he l--:.:n in average high school junipsr. ni- • ! '.ead of an interscholastlc chani- pion from the brgiiiiilng, his mi- SKlnly scissors style probably would have be-".n changed by soai'e coacb. But b?ctmse he wns an es- cpplloti. none Hied lo change him. Here's hoping t!i; Olympic coaches will lei him a!onc--he'll win for them If they do. Read Courier News Want Ads. hired another speedboat" The l!iiincr>"s maneuvered around the bif tanker, each trying to be first lo board. O'ltimrlic Already There Harvey's craft Ijsat . Rlckard's In the Jin-keying, ami Charley lioaicbd ami made a dash foi 1 Hiircy. But he wii$ met by To;n O'Rourko with n good-natured '.rin. O'Rourke, with a horrow- •d newspaper pass, hiul come ibonc'd hours before. The ran wns to no avail after ill. O'Ho'.irke explained, as Darcv lircndy \ia; sold on Tex flickard. vho wns nol seeking to man[i»c the ynnne man hilt only wanleti llarcy's assurance that 1\; would fifiht under his promotion. A brilliant future loomed for (he Australian, just as a bright rrnspict stretched alieatl for I'har Lap. lint shortly llv» siulsler w : .iis|)cr. 'Slm-k?r." went Ihe rounds. 11 was nsked why nnrcy was allowed to desert his country in time of war md come In IhK caunlry to enrich himself while his native land suf- fm-d. too yo-.;:i;: :o 1^ ;,:-f. r-.^;l iji i;i ; nriny. I'nat h v '• •• i ,-'- l -'---\ ;-. Hie flr-t di if:. • . '. . !:,.••!• ....-' six brd'.her-i • and thai h:- • . t,, ' enough mnufv . . --. -. htr. full nf newspaper men. Charbv Harvey, for yp.iis iinporirr of Bril- caulilloiver. and Hurry Pollok Ish O"'" 4 . BECOME A ...CLOJJM- County, Arkansas, on li-.e 22 day of February, 1932* wherein Equitable Bvjildlus fr Loan AwocU- t!oi! iva.s WatatlfT ;'.:., nn j p T. Wndlcy or.d Is • '• / -.1:-.-, his wile] i ; H IbUMP Itrj uy\V foCK 15 "M-b 66 LEAGUES AS A av.'nc COACH ^ IN HS PRESl*j[TAWr. "(F'.c'r;\Ci "iHW" I'E G'OCc tUASOME CF .•- "' WE LEAGUE'S / r-.CtML-^T- f C'OMMISSIOMIU'S SALE '. NOTICE is hereby given that the : indcrstgncrf commir.sioner. in com- i jlianco with Hi,, ic-rms cf a de- I ;ree rendered by ihc Chancery i CoiirC for the Chic-kasawba Dis-j rict of Mlnslnslppi County, Ar- • sa^. on the 22nd day of Fcb- •uary, IK!, wherein The West-. :rn A: Southern Life JiKiir.ince '• rompany. was Pbimill, No. 508-1, : ind Eva Chapman Porter, Kate i Cherry, el al.. were Defendants.! ind Mid E\-ii Chapman Porter was : crots-coniplainanl, will sell at pubic auction to the highest 'mid i r.e.l bidJer.-on a crsclii of three: •'I.' nl Hi" frnn'. d.-.or of !h" " E H-'.;.-i'. i;r-'.'Acen TJE- iiniu N im r?al estai'--, to-v.:;. Part of the Fractional Northwest Quarter of Ncrt!v.vest Quarter and of L:;t Four (4) in Section Thiny-five <3-ji. 'fcv.-nshii) Sixteen U6i North. Hsnge Elei-en (11) ESM. de- hci'ibed as fo'.!ov:s: BeginniiiE ai. tho northwest corner' of said Section Thirty-Fivci 35i: niti tlicnce .scnjli •AI'I.'I Section line 1178 feel: tlirae? ra3t 132G feet; tlicner N'orili with east lif.r of said Lot Four (4i 1UO teet (o Ihe ncrtheasl corner of said Lot Four (4); thenc" In a westerly direction whli the S.-etio nli:!e 1323 feet pci'it. of beginning. £n. on a u-o-i. i-f .:" : V,) j ;l y 5 . ^t liie limit ;>•;-•: :.. in- court ifoiise, hr-twcrn the lic:irs n.'iBribed by law, in Hie City of Hlyiii^vlile, Arkansas, on tilt 30th day r,t April,' 1032. the folloniiis real c.slale towit: LoLs Four and Five (4 and 5) in Ulo'cfc Seven W), in E. M. liryan's Sub-division of ll:e SB U of the SE'.i of Section Nine 19). Township Fifteen H5i North, flange Eleven ill) East. Said salo nil! be had lo satisfy said decree in ihe sum -if $6)3.53, wllh 10 per cent interest from Pc-b- ruary 22nd, 1932. The purchaser at said ?a!e will be required lo exec'islc bond wit'i ap;>roved security, 10 secure the pitymcip. of the purchase money, and a lien will be retained upon said properly as addllional security for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and Ihe seal of AA^."" 1118 ' 11 ? m(1 « y0t R. L. GAINES. 2-0 Co;nml?.5loner In Chnnccrj-. COMMISSIONER'S^SALE i Nonce is hereby given that the j undersigned commissioner, in com- j phance wiih the terms of a decree- rendered by the Chancery Court for | '-he Chickasauba District ol Mis- isusippl County. Arkansas, on the | 32 day of February. 1D32. wherein Equitable Building & Loan A^O. nation was Plaintiff, No 3357 and Mrs. Mattie Neal was Defendant will sell at public auction to the lushest, and best bidder, on a credit of ninety (M) day ^ at (he , ro|ll door of the Court House, between tlie hours oreseribed by law |.i the City of Ulytheville. Arkansas on the 30lh day of April, 1932 ihe following real estate, to-wit: Lot.twelve (121, Block Twenty-four (24), in Old Ton-n of . Blytheville, Arkaiisas, fronting South on Jefferson Street, fifty feel, running back North along- First Street. 140 ft. to an alley, being carved out o! the NW!i of Section 15, Township 15 North, range 11 East. Said sale will be had to satisfy I est and costs in favor of Eva I Chapman Porter on cross-com- j plaint. | THE purchaser a-. N.«I sale will bu required to execute bond with ' approved security, to secure the •'payment of flic" purchase money, _ „„„ lu M and a ben will be retained upon j said decrse in the sum of $788.51, ; Hy for the payment of such pur- ; chase money. ! WITNESS my hand and the seal ! of taid Court, on this, the 26th . clay of March, 1932. • :<.. L. GAINES, ! ' Commissioner in Chancery! ! . 26-2-9 with 10 per cent interest from rtb- rnary 22. 1M2. The purchaser a t .said saie will be require-a to execute bond with ihpproved security, to secure the 'payment of the purchase money, I and a lien will ba retained upon | saw property as additional wcur- ——•— ity for the pavmenl o f such nur- COMMISSIOXL'R'S SALE j chose money Notice is hereby given that the I - witness my hand and to seal of 1 ~ -j. . t ,^n Lt ; ,.-, 11C1CUJ glVtTil LilUL lilt b^ had to satisfy- unccrsigned commiwloncr. in com- 1:1 the sum of M.aoO.OI). j plir.ncc with the terms of a decree nnd costr. in fc.vor ! rcndircd by the'cirancery" CmisT'tor " : .-•.M.IK, nnd inter- : th c Chickasawba District of Mi:,-." said Court, en lliis. the 1st day of April. 1932. •R. L. GATNES. .,.- .2-3 Coaimi.=sloner in Chancery. Da rev eriiflr IVYr-ri barred '•• ••> i slate. Thai <.• iv Y.II-'- I he r.--m- ••• A sho 1 , 1 ! ::.«: a I!rll( •• ror.ivl dr.wn. 'i>ii - i' - - Ho i -fi • i' • . vn iii'ii '• . .'.:'n:;. . • ; : r .• it was reiinvi- i ui;!:ncted influrn- 7a. He died, llnl you never could ti'll his fr-rul. old Charley Ha'-vi-y, lhal i lie flu caused his death. Old Charley knows better. o:d MjarJnv knoivs that Lcs Darcy died of a broken h?art. WAUNIXr, ORDER COURT. CHICKA- SAWHA DISTRICT. MISSISSIT- PI COUNTY. ARKANSAS Virginia Reeves, Plaintiff. No. M82 vs. . Albert Hceves, Defendant. The defendant. Albcrl Reeves, i; warned lo appear ivittiln thnlv -lays in the court named in lh" :aptlcn hcreol_ an:l answer th.> complaint ot the plainilfT, Vivinia Reeves. Dated 3-18-in3i. R. 1.. OAINKS. Clerk. Hy EliMbolll lilytlie. II. r,'. Sr.m Ally. Ad Litcni. COMMISSIOSi:t!'S S.AI.i: Notice i? hereby sK-cn that t!i? iinderMgi-.ed ciMumi'sicm'i 1 . In compliance Kith the tertus of a decree rendered by [lie Chancery Court for the Chickasawb.i District c; Mississippi County. Arkansas, mi tlie 22 day of February. 10:12. wherein Equitable Building ,t ..\ r - socialion Plainliff, No. 493S. and Paul o. Ujinon and Lou Emma DaiKoii. his wife, and T. IM Via and I/.iry K. Vis. his wife, were Defendants, will « r n -,( |).. ; blio aiio- tloii to Iht highest and b.^t I);,!- dcr, on a credit of ninety i90i <l:iy?. at she front door of' the Cai;r Ilcure. bem-eon 11:5 l-curs |i;e=rrib- ed by law. in tho City of BlythevilU- Arkan.Ms. on the 30:h day of Apsil' 1^32. Hie following real (-.>;at?. [ 0 . ^ i I: I*ot Seven 171. In niock 'y "38". in Blythr Second Addition lo the city of Blvilie- viile. Arkawas. Said sat.-- will oc had io sati^fv snid decree in th,-- sum of $53707 with 10 per ci-iu inttrest from r-h- rn.iry 22nd. 1932. Tnp purchaser at said sale -,\p! be required to execute bond v.iii, approved security, to fociire D-» payment or the "purchn." mmiev and a hon will be retained n->.v sn:d proix-ity as additions] secmi'v for (lie payment of well piirri-il- money. Willies'; my i nn; | .>..,, ,, 1P „., of rnid .Court 0:1 i his. the Is; i' ". . . and the Courier News delivers your 'store news' to 4,000 HOMES like these". II is i" these homes thut Ihc vnsf majority of Rlylhcvillc's "Innini; decisions" arc made, whether (he purchase be OIK- iliicrlly tonrcrnins every member of the family or an iiidindit.'!! purchase by an individual mcmlier of that family. You as a merchant should therefore, he sure that your 'Store news" is heins placed in the hands of AI.I, of these potential buyers HKRIIUC these family "buying decisions" have liccn reached ... To dn MI economically CONCENTRATE YOl/R ADVERT/SING IN THE DAILY COURIER NEWS

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