The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on September 28, 1903 · 8
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The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield, Massachusetts · 8

Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Monday, September 28, 1903
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BERKSHIRE EVENING EAGLE MONDAY. SEPTeMBER 28 I0O3. M mn urn it - Harrington Fair Do you look til right to go? The Suit, Top Coit or Hat, if needed, should be looked ifter tt our store, for the style, quality, mike and price are all in your f tvor, for you get the right thing. Yours truly. Bring the Boy. Monroe $ Smith, The Hustling Clothiers and flatters. - . Have The Eagle mailed to you while on your vacation. Leave the order at this office or with your newsdealer. Postage free. THE WEATHER. Fair tonight, cooler except in ex treme southern portion, frost in interior . Tuesday, fair,' continued cool fresh to brisk east tbjnorth winds. Highest 63, lowest 43. Rain fall .42 inch. LATE LOCAL NEWS. owes has been promote ' Harvey Howes has been promoted to first assistant engineerat the Pittsfield Electrfc light company. His place as assistant will be jfilled by Peter Hoffman. -Robert P. Kelly has returned to Jew York after spending the summer tnis city. -Ex-Mayor Hart of Boston spent Bevepal hours In this city yesterday on his wayto North Adams. Mr. and Mrs., Gecirge W. Marshall of West ebanon, N. Y., are the guests of Mrs. W. C. Meyer, Burbank street. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Foss and two children are visiting in Sherbrook, Can. Mr. and Mrs. I'C. W. Rice have returned from a visitlin Bo&toil. Miss Ella Seeor and Miss Emma Read have returned from a fortnight's trip to to New York, Washington, D. C. and vicinity., Mrs. John McCormick is qute ill ,at her home on Wallace place. The W. C. T. U. will meet tomorrow at 3 o'clock. ' The train due here at 11.05 this morning on the Berkshire division was two hours late, on account of 8 washout at Stepnby, Gonn. Edward jBastian, Thomas Kenney and FrancisJ Daugherty left yesterday for Washington, D. C. Mr. Bastian resumes his studies in Georgetown medical and Mr. Daugherty ihGeorge-town law school. Mr. Kenney is to enter the college. Mfs. E. A. Clark has returned from a visit in North Adams. Ther will be a meeting of the city committee on charter revision tomorrow evening. The city ordiance will meet Wednesday evening. There will 'be a meeting of the colored drum corps Wednesday evening. O. L, Bart left, M. D., Successor to Dm. H. A. & W. F. Noyes. EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT. Hours 0 to 11. 3 to 5. Tuesday and Satur--dny cvcninKS 7 to 8. No hours Sunday's. CENTRAL BLOCK. 73 NORTH ST., PITTSFIELD. In the absence of Rev. P. F. Matthews, Rev. Mr. Jetter of Lee officiate yesterday at the services at the People's mission, 'Fenn street. There will be a meeting of the Guild Thursday evening. G?. F. Hall and Harry Jeffera left this morning for an automobile trip to Brattleboro, Vt. A Winton automobile owned by Mr. Geisel of Springfield sustained a broken shaft yesterday ami is now at the- central automolbile station." Attorney .G. P. Nicholson of 'New York spent Sunday with friends in this City. ' I I : - Miss Jessie Redding, of Be.-ks-ihire is p'.anning to erect a house hr either that town Pittsfield. and is loo.king ifor a desinJble site . ' 'John Con'nor left this morning to resume hJ9 studies in the Georgetown Law school. C. H. Pierce returned this morning from a visit in Coxsackie. Mrs: Pierce will remain for a few days longer and will also visit in Albany before returning home. , Thomas Malumpy spent Sunday at his home in Housatonlc. Hoy Gale returned this morning to the Boston school of Technology) --after a short visit here. - Mr. and Mrs. Max BerkoVite of Boston are the guests of the former's parents on Bradford street. '.. f A. jU Bertcowitz and son returned this mqrniing to Boston after a visit here. The Stauley baseball team has been photographed. There will- be a meeting of the Meat Cutters union Wednesday even ing, when the semi-annual eleotion officers will take placets' -Jcseph Frank and William Cush maa are the delegates from the local Central Labor uion to the state con-ventjicn of the American Federation of Lalior, which is. to be held in Worcester inext week, and. they will leave for thVi city next Sunlay. kTchn Mott, a mwiMtr embloyed by E. IB. Jcnesc & Sons company. dHrpei a casting weighing nearly 800 pounds cn Bis right fo:t Saturday afternoon, severely injuring that member.! He was atien led to at i'hevPlttsfleld Fimprajen-cy . hcspital. It is not -believed that any bones were broken.' J L. Denno and Miss Kathefine Burns have returned from North Ad ams, where the former acted as west man and the latter as bridesmaid, at the we lding of Miss Mary Denno a'nd Lewis Senecal of Albany. The Housaonic Agricultural soci ety has suspended a banner across ?orth street, advertising the fair this week. ! i Miss Lizzie Kelly and Mis3 Gertrude Hamilton returned .Saturday evening from a visit in New Yoik. Misses Lillian. Walsh, Ella Callahan, Bessie Fleming and Alice? McMa-lun have entered Miss Mary MjcCarty'a echocl of stenography typewriting. Samuel A. Meyers, acccninied by his sister, Mrs. Friedman, made an automobile run from Boston to this city yesterday arid are the guests of Mr. and Mrs.E. G. Lyons. Judge Slocum has appointed Theodore Erny administrator of the estate of Amelia R. Erny, late c this city. transferring a house and lot in Leno-J dale from Bridget Hines to Albert B, Sparks and a portion of land in Rich-mend from Agnes, Raymond to Maud R Rose. 1 ! CONFERENCE BEING HEID Relative to Straightening Wah-conah Street at Taconic. At 3:30 o'clock this afternoon a conference was held at the Taconic mill office between James Wilson and Aldermen Howard aid Macken, members of 'the city committee oil street railways, relative to the straightening of a portion of the highway in Taconic. , ' -' ",.. J . ' In order to make a change in the fctreet it will be- necessary to utilize pioperty owned by Mr. Wilson, and it is with relation to this point that the conference Is being held. The '-: im-mittee feels that it'thould do everything in its power to obviate the pc3-ribility of a repetition cf the unfortunate accident that occurred some weeks ago; that public convenience and necessity demand that a change 'bo made. A memlber of, the highway committee stated today that he believed the sentiment of the city' is id favor ef the abolition cf this danger 'point. He raid that the street near the Housatonlc' river bridge is dangerous hot only for travelers on street cars, but for pedestrians and those using teams. The bride at Taconic was shored up last year, and the highway committee feels that a new fetructui-e should fce erected at, once. TftTS will have to be done reparoles'; of whether it is decided to straighten thlSfireet. Stanley Company All Right the finan: in here is local interest cia difficulties of th Lake Superior com pan 3 Makie. Mich., by reason of -the fai t that the Stanley Electric Manufacturing company furnished much of the equipment in Che large1 power tran-s-mivsich plant at that point.The Pitts-field concern was fujly protected, be-ing paid 'in full for its work there. I Jfhville Millinery Opening of au- Mtumn styles, Tuesday and Wednesday. Sept. th and 30th. . Home-Made Pies We want you to try one of our Home-made Mince Pies. We always made good ones, but these are Way ahead of anything we ever turned out. You iust try One and see If vou will agree with us. , We also make Custard, Cocoanut, Squash, Lemon, Apple, Berry, etc. Our pies are right from the oven at 10 a. m. RICE'S, NO. 5 ACADEMY OF MUSIC BLOCK. General Repair Work Umbrella repairing, lock and key fitting, shears and knives sharpened, sewing machines and phonographs cleaned and repaired, saw filing and lawn mowers sharpened. Bicycling repairing of all kinds. Vulcanizing, Brazing, Enameling. a. 3xr"i":ixr & s . Does your awning need looking after or are you In need of a new one? Ltt us look after it for you or quote you cost of a new one. Awnings stored for the winter. Canopies and Tents to rent. 277 North St. DCVALL. Tel. 623-4; tWMait Orders are given Prompt Attention. Will Have to be Remedied In the laying of the asphalt at the crosswalk between Taylor's and Fos-tor's store, a depression was left in which water accumulates. The trouble was caused in establishing tkie crade of the thoroughfare, and it will he hece ssary for. some chajnge to 'be made at that point in order to rerqedy the difflctllty. So far "as can be ascertained this is the only place along the street, wtere water accumulates on paving already laid. TO BE RECEIVER. Continued from page L wasisaid that the directors of the com-pkny'd failed to take up a loan "of $&,0000M of Speyer & Com pan v of New York, that the actual value of the plant is far in excess of the amount of the loan and that the stookholders fear if a forced sale was allowed they Would lotfe the entire amount invested. The company admitted, through counsel, the truth of the allegations and consented to the appointment of a receiver. -o . HER HUSBAND A CATHOLIC Eut Mrs Williams Was Unaware of His Religious Preference. The condition of John Williams, the Boston and Albany brakmen who was injured at the Junction Friday afternoon, isf very favorable and there is every probability that the man will recover. The doctors feel that he is practically out of danger. The surgeons, by the operation performed Friday night, saved all the right heel and some of the foot which will make it possible to attach an artificial foot to the part remaining. One of the first questions asked of an "accident patient" entering the hospital is as to his religion so that in case of necessity a minister of the faith may be summoned to extend divine comfort. In the case of Williams the man said, In reply to a question by the physician that he was a Catholic, and Rev. Michael Lenoard ofsSt. Joseph's was sent for', The priest went to the House of Mercy and administered the last rites of the church to the brakeman whose injuries at that time were believed to be fatal. That evening Mrs. Williams arrived from West Springfield and oh being informed of the ircident said: Why, my husband is not a' Catholic. I am a Baptist, but so far as I know he has no religious preference." The following morning Father Leonard went to the hosmtal and learning of Mrs. Williams', statement expressed some surprise although he immediately surmised that, as Williams was suffering intense pain, he might not have been wholly accountable for his utterances. On reaching the sick room. Father Leonard said: "I understand thjat some mistake has been made here arid that you are not a CathoTic as you professed to be the other-"day" s "jYe8, I am," wis the reply. "Indeed I atn a Catholic. ,1 was correct in my statement." The fact was that Mrs. .Williams although the couple had bepn married for years was unaware off the religious faith of her husband. . 1 . SITUATION UNCHANGED e ' n:o!kiam striking BJack8miths Get Posl- y at Saul ;e , lions tiswnere. There is lfttle material change in the Boston andV Albany situation.- The blacksmithsdelare that the next move will have to beT&ade by the company, as they are all content to let the matters remain as they are. A number of the strikers have already secured work in Renssalaer ind vicinity, and those who have obviously, been enjoying a vacation will to. some extent secure positions this week. No move has ceri made by either party toward securing a conference, and so far as the company andj the strikers meeting is concerned theie is no more likelihood than at thaAery beginning of the strike. The strikers have been semi-officially informed that the company is" about ready to mt in men to fill their 'places. if theylo not return to their jobs at onceybut the men are as one in their determination to hold out for their whole schedule. The waging of the strike has been different from that of the machinists' in th$t no picketing is being done, the striking blacksmiths not' going near the yard. at all. r ' New Fall Shoes For Women At Robertson's. AT $2.00 Ladies' shoes in styles to suit all tastes, button and ' lacr, I'gh', medium and heavy soles. Sizes to fit all feet. AT $2.69 Ladles' shots here at $2.69 are the $3 shoes at other store?. Hind sewed sole:, fine vici kid uppers. AT $3.00 This line of Ladies' Shoes is bound to suit. Made in VeloUr, Box Calf, Vici Kid, Pat-ent and Enamel leather. Equal to many $3 50 shoes sold in this town. Special values in Ladies' Shoes at $1.25, $1.50 and $1.69 and numerous styles. J. S. ROBERTSON, 221 North St., American House Suild-i ORDER CF ARREST SERVED I : " Summer Resident of - Great Barrington Summoned Into Court. James Seymour, who with his wife, has been a guest at The Wendell at various times, -was last Thursday before the district court of Great Barrington ah order of arrest having been served upon him. This action was the outcome of aHransaction in which IWr. Seymour arid Dr. W. P. Sall dT Creat Barrington were Interested. Thfe writ is returnable on Thursday, October 10. Bail of $800 was furnished by Clarence B. Rowe and A. F. Fasgett. . Mr. Seymour rented a house on Berk-j shire Heights of Dr. Small. An agreement was reached by 'which the house was to be occupied by Mr. Seymour for a period of three months, commencing September 1, Mr. and Mrs. Seymour occupied the house until last week, when, feeling that the conditions had not been lived up to by the owner, they vacated the premises. J Mr. Seymour paid in full for the use of the! house during the period it was.dcupiiicL Dr. Small feeling thatfMr. Seymour had violated his contractbrought suit in the sum of $800. Later'believing that Mr. Seymour was to leave' the town the order of an arrest was served. Representative Charles Biddings is attorney' for Mr. Seymour, while te interests of Dr. Small are being looked after by Lawyers Bidwell & Joyner. County Fair" tomorrow, Academy, matinee and night. Common sense prices. CURTAIN RISES AT 8:15 All In Readiness for Opening: of Colonial Tonight. The new Colonial theatre will throw open its doors this evening and let the public in. The last of the carpet was laid this afternoon, and the playhouBe presents a most attractive appearance. Manager Sullivan states .that the house is practically sold out, and desirable seats remaining are few and far between.. The only disappointment the management experienced was with respect to the marble base to be placed in the rotunda. However, the walls are so artistically decorated that few would remark the lack. The doors will be thrown open at 7:30 o'clock and the curtain will rise promptly at 8:15. . had bfeen expected that the Bos-tonians who are to present "Robin Hood," would reach here this morning, but they did not get in until late this afternoon. SOME REFINED VAUDEVILLE. Continued from Page ' 1. lightning change phenomenon, submitting his Galaxy of Character Portraits, tricking the eye and paralyzing the Intellect of the bewildering rapidity of his' evolutions. "A quaint quintessence of quick comicality." Lanesooro Weekly Farm-hand. Ogden, Photographer. Famous maker of small photos, 6 for 50c, a fitting souvenir of Berkshire. La Petite Cabinets $1 a dozen. We develop and print for amateurs. 57 North 8L Hew Advertisements. Wanted Two desirable furnished rooms for three adults. Address," Box 5, Eagle Office. Wanted At once, experienced dressmakers. Apply to Mrs. G. E. Alexander 133 North street, over Wood's Music tore. ' Wanted Girls for fine adjustriient work Apply to Stanley Instrument Co., Great Barrington, Mass. J .' . Wanted Active agents to represent The Combination National Lite ' Ins. Co., incorporated under the laws.of Massachusetts.- All industrial policies full immediate benefit, with cash values. Apply Room S, 150 North St. Wa'ntcd-hance of immediate advancement. Ijor an ambitious Industrial insurance agent of experience, to .represent The'ColumbiSn National Life Ins. Co., incorporated under tiie laws of Massachusetts. Apply Room 8, 150 North St. A Steady Young Man of. good habits tl'l ) Would like at position as chauffeur to a gentleman br family owning an automobile. Has had experience- and can give good ' 'references. Address, "Chauffeur", Box !l271 Pittsfield, Mass. Wanted by yjcnTng man experienced in buying, selling, repairing and esti mating, in Oriental rug business, also in chlorine bleaching by gas, desires a position. Hafe first-class references. Address, Box 4, Eagle Office. Wanted Person to call on retail trade for manufacturing house; ; local territory; salary $19.70, paid weekly; expense money advanced; previous experience unnecessary; business successful; inclose! self-addressed envelope. Standard; House, Chicago. Wanted Experienced cook in a small family. Apply at once, llf Wendell avenue, f. , - To Let House n Maplewood Ave., completely furnished. Inquire W. & C, Eagle Office, ' ; For Sale A Fuller & Warren range, cheap.- 61 Cherry St. For Sale 1 cherry settee sofa, 1 cherry tete-a-tete, A cherry spring rocking chair, 1 mahogany Sleigh roll top bedstead, 1 mahdgany veneered Davenport lounge, 1 wjalnut arm chair, best workmanship; upholstering ajid finish. Call and see John J. Rome, upholstering shop, 56 Spring St. Lost Black silk umbrella, pearl and gold mounted marked across the head in full, Mrs. rt. Neill Wilson. 130 Wendell Ave. Please return to address, and receive suitable reward. Lost On West or East Housatonic St., side bag containing $7. also express receipt, on which was written owner'.-; name. Finder will kindly return to 135 South St. Lost On Sunday, Sept. 20, a pair of lady's gold eyegrasses wijth cord attached, in black case Finder please return to this office and receive reward. THE ADAMS ...NATIONAL BANK... of North Adams. CAPITAL AND SURPLUS. $700,000. DEPOSITORY FOR UNITED STATES Interest Mowed on specS at deposits, W. A. GALLUP, President. W. H. PRITOHARD, Cashier. NEW MEAT MARKET. NO. BoveU's Block, II MELVILLE STREET. Round Steak, -Shoulder Steak, Sirloin Steak, Porterhouse Steak, Short Steaks, Roast Beef, Shoulder Hams, BUY HERE AND SAVE MONEY. 14c 12c 16o 18c 16c 10c to 14c 9c RAIN COATS! Rain Coats are ideal fall garments. i "j ;! . T - I f i . ( ' '' I ' ' 1 ; A;-t-K i l'fe-4 -; " ! We show a very extensive line fo which we have just added some extremely nobby things that are worth looking over. i H. S. Taylor & Son. F or your front door FAKC1T EflMZfMD ALUMINUM NUMBERS. Numbers UTTER BOXES and DOOR BELLS. HARDWARE AND MILL SUPPLY CO, 126 North St , Pittsfield, Mass Window Glass and Putty. Our prices on Window Glass are tie lowest in the city. All sizes in stock.) Estimates furnished on all kinds of Plate Glass Work. Berkshire Hardware Co., ACADEMY BLOCK, PITTSFIELD. THE OLD SHOP AT THE ST At RS. Somewhat down from the village street. Is the Pittsfield Dye House, trim and neat. , Across its antique portico 'iall trolley cars, their shadows throw; ' And if yoi'd save the cajsh yosi earn. A Don't buy new clothes, but quickly turn And read with care whene'er you pass , Tiiese words upon the window glass, H SCOURING CLEANING PRESSING DYEING I ESTABLISHED TH JRTY-THKEE YEARS. ITTSFIELD DYE HOUSE, 05 12& SSfBef LAW OFF! !! Partridge, Quail and Woodcock, October 1st. WE SELL GUNS, Also AMMUNITION, and Sporting Goods. "Our New DBL. STEVENS tm a Beaut" ... a Arte laws free. ... Hardware $ mill Supply Company, 126 NORTH STREET, PI1TSFIELD MASS. TO BE SATISFIED IS TO BE CONTENTED. Bujryqur coal of H I "X" E3 , THE COAL MAN, and be happy, f Buy now and be wise. 191 NORTH STREET. LET U5 IMPRESS THIS UPON VOU THE LANE OF BAD LUCK that seems to have no turning can be turned into a regular circus ring if you consult us about y our Plumbing. Our pi ices are low and our wojK is guaranteed to be reliable in every way. Get our estimate. CAHILL & SMITH, 27 West Street. SWELL SHOES "Wo Should Say So. We have the s we 1 lest looking shoes you ever saw. Com fort and wear in every pair. See them in our window at the bridge. MEYER & BETTERS. ' 4 -1 G. T. MANDIGO, GROCER. s 1

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