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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 5

Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 5

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

E. Simms Campbell: HOLIDAY FAIR AT Wr announced tod; CHESTER (l.) TIMES FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1941 "INEWS ARTICLE I CAUSES MISTRIAL Mrs, Is InL RIMTV CHURCH The imrnial Holiday Fair will be Mrs. Clar aha a Mrs. Herbe Mrs. 1 11. ISlllio. DEBT DEFAULT NATIONS LIKELY TO GET LOANS bv Ma, 1) Mr Mrs. William We. a Mrs. T. Ba.sseU. of George Ryan. 12. Si. Oilier persons on tin erni H.i.vs. Mrs. Jo Kahier, Mrs. S. B. i The Garden Club of Provider I rttel; Hrewstar. Maas Anna 11: ike. MKslroad will hell) decorate the chuit rve; Mrs. Oueu r.Mdna Mix Helen Mixsell, for da occasion. The public Dai dlallv nxctisiM oi S5000 from Paul Gehiek. Chamuers buvu. wlini JuclKt1 Cm" is Unkt Philadelphia, astiwd with a de counsel plea thai a newspaper on i he rial was "prr indicia! 1 to Lhe defendant." iterl hirh defaulted I heir World Bok aid the was urt'iu war I debts will touch of! futile dicial in that declared "Ryan was tUvuvmn of lhe owir.3 us known to polirr or various. sta arouse Vast one vsr he wa tiietf a rouWs senate veteran to another headline photograph and that til ere making contest. Scvcntv eisht vear old Sen. Hiram ''r 'u of Warren win be nrtpd 0,11 b' standm? there shout ins "no" cum mk if his tin colli are uriani tl PriI)N loai.s ana u.lmuus.ri, uilkei 4c" rame acstaaa repeal tiie JoJlJlSOll a I 1 M'p151" thlnSS make SUChi wts.Jhey are sure tome! clear "the wav for private loans to! The Johnson Act was passed April; It oude debt default in; so ts. As 3i si.vant Secretary ot State Dean Unitet aaaa on ama a a Haia 'ff ''n'v tares or new loans by for emmeiu in default on to the United States. See These And Hundreds of Others ftd'Ttibiy broader than the form in, hich, it finally passed. 1 As the senator proposed it, the act would have forbidden loans to "ov Relief At Last MONTGOMERY WARD 'divisions In defalt no; only on obli For Your Cough gations to lhe United Slates but on obligations to corporations or in fii Hna) i is of llnileri States (,. a tatattyW', President Roosevelt's cause it eoes ripht to the seat or theijni.nson agreed to an amMirt.ner.! trouble to help loosen and expelled: limited his loan ban to those (cnuiauHi wi csi auuaiuaiiuii on detaed to sootno ana. neat raw, tender, aJuJ another which I uaiueu Miuyuuo mem lv(i bv Coiicres.s branes. Tell your druggist to sell you ft bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it cuieklv allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION The House Post War Planning Committee. which. heard. Ache ton yesterday, does not plan further hearings 'on repeal of the Johnson Act. Chairman Sol Bloom. for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis of the House Foreign Af fairs Committee, ii 'within a week." The defatilied are carried on the Great Britain. Greea iUinnVi.v.a"l Polnnd, Ho aly. Latvia. Litfraani; and and Italy owes about $2,000,000,1 Soviet, Rttssta Of ail bo: Oft gAedil CHESTER YOUTH CONCERT SOLOIST McAfee, son of Ml mid Mi's. Ravttnond McAfee. 100 Kerlin street will be soloist in lhe i Messiah," to be given by the Arion SEMI SHEER RAYONS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 69c 2.25 MY ARM Extra powerfulOMEGAOIL gives relief from muscle pain PLEASE HIM WITH A HANDSOME WHITE SHIRT Ask any man what ha wanls for Chrisfmas ani ub ol Mi. It he Milwaukee Auditorium, this Sunday afternoon. I The chorus of 200 singers and a full orchestra is conducted by Dr. Herman A. Notl. On Dec. 10, the limes out of ten club will stive another presentation Full fashioned stockings in semi sheer weight thot you can wear morning, noon anci night! They're made of 100 denier rayon with reinforced tops and feet, and they're knit to cling so flarleringiy lo your legs! You can gel them in smart new shades in sizes. 8Vi to lOli. Be sure lo buy at least two pairs! Be sure too, that they art fhorougfily dry before you puf fliem on! jWltn ne Kaeine Itra in Racine, when McAfee will again sing the bass and baritone He is a student at the Northern Baptist. Seminary, Chicago. 111., and he'll Say "a white He knows thaf a white is the mosl versatile of ihirts in perfecf taste for every occasion, every day of the year! Here's another tip: he prefers Wards shirts for their smoothly woven, durable fabrics their syperb tailoring perfect ftt (they're Sanforized!) 519 MARKET STREET, CHESTER, PA. is studying tvitn jonn H. sample, teacher of voice, In Chicago. NEW REGION A WPIi DIRECTOR J. Griffith Boartiman. Philadelphia insurance broker, lociay was tlie newly appointed regional director of. he War Rrnchicunn Iioare atteta ed liiB Orville H. Bullitt, who resigned. Pi Boat. npnatttiti' n' aa nounced in Wasiiinglon ycsti. rriay by J. A. ivruB, vvrts cnairman. i ne new director served as Slate Secretary of Revenue from 1E1H7 to 1939, rainer Tin e.iik!ii:uljt tee." whr, passed the ied licilt at Fourth and Price street. Trainer, were fined by te Joseph O. On nil v. )nr of the number, Lawrence Bloomer, of Bucks county, arrested by Pa.trol toJlowmr: ntfr. Tlie olh WAV. of Plt.ladeltilita, Penned D. SaatJi Hiaveia r' Uevrreattx street. remitted fines and casus after a summons had beffn issued for thern. A meeting id the enni Ittee of the Parent Teacher Asso alion of Trainer ptrammar scliool as held at the school on Tuesday cnir.c when plan1 were ma collection atTOLLIIV'S! SNOW WHITE BUNNY MITTENS FOR CHILDREN PRETTY DRESSES FOR OLDER GIRLS meet of liir oeiat1on to be held on the eveninc of December 4. 2.49 Teachers will in tneir home rooms between 7.4a and 3 a. ranlr i WARDS HANDSOME NEW HANDBAGS Mexican Fiesta Chairs Settee ant! two chairs 11 95 will: parent of eliiltlren on school it tea ddir mertme will follow 1.89 2.98 2 98 Kiddie' Rocker 2.S0 Up JJSn SHE'LL WEAR HER CAROL BRENT MANY SEASONS 2.98 Because Carol Brent sweaters look better and wear longer! Why? They're made of pure Wool with every jtitch expertly woven. In loely too! 34 lo 40. on Mexico tol.owtng the ta 6.95 session The first report, of the Sixtli War QE Lnan Campaign will be made at ihr Children lovn them bocaum they aro 10 joft, so fluffy and so warm! Thick while bunny backs with fleecy palmt in bright red wool 7 to 1 1. Crisp p'iplins, hrnadelotli. percales In rhiinly cheeks, and flfiwer SlmpU; smart designs nod h.irminc eolors. si: loot r.otiay, it fijJI.V rnom.l ami sports fur dresf Black, brown. announced on Thursday JoilO Maynaro, fan: principal. A meeting of Trainer Troop, No. 2.00 1 Bov Scouts, will be held this carina Bjtxk Hall. Tables and tuo Benches ax Birch, Table and two chairs Dart Board Game Ration Board Game Ward Cuff's Football Game Spot a plane Game Checkers, Chess, Dominoes 9 nn srouunasiei. i.j oe rity, of Fourth Heanev d.ret;,, Chester, will 2.00 into his recently acquired new I nn Chestnut on Salurda; HELD FOR PiiOBK Chemcraft Chemistry Sets 3.50 $5 for rUr by police Robinson Low esfetl a litrdtr.rjt early todav, bv Detective HoRzinsiti. and city police, and charged with suspicion of committing a morals offense. GIVE THE BOYS SMART DRESS SHIRTS 1.00 Sturdy percale prints! Handsome solid colors! Expertly loilored, full Cut Tubfo.t. GIVE DAD A SMART COAT SWEATER 3.59 He'll appreciate the wormth of the 100 wool yarns the iturdy tailoring, comfortable fit! HE'LL BE GRATEFUL FOR A MUFFLER 1,98 Get Dad worm wool plaid, or smart rayon print or buy him one of each! tool COAT SWEATERS FOR TODDLERS ,93 1 to 3. Wcrm oii wools in pink, bue and snow white. Other coat sweaters, 2.9( REPAIRS TO ARM DRV ROOF 1 Bids to repair t.lie roof at the State Armory. Eighth and Spronl streets, have been icceived by the State Department, rjf Property and Siifiplics Tiie ri r.nday had an unofTicial low bid of $2625 from the Fla ai.a nat; Company of K' nnett Square. Git Them Thar Hoss Thieves 3.95 The one hundred and twenty tn tina tl; Udarai C1 Plastic Tea Set Wheel Barrows Doll Cradle Shoo fly Rocker ty of Upper Darby r'fhe Horse Jack's Pony Company will be heid Saturday. Dec. 2, In the rooms of the Upper Darby 'Optimist Club at aW Garrett road, Upper Darby, it was announced today by J. Milton Lutz. president. Dr. James C. Munch will be the speaker and his topic will be Modern Hars" Thieves." The business rn eflr.K and election ftJlc r.s v.tll held at a HOW ABOUT GLOVES FOR YOUR MAN? .49 Good looking slip ons of sturdy eapeikin, wormly lined with cot ton ond rayon fleect. WARDS FANCY DRESS HOSE FOR MEN 29c Variety of smart patterns in good quality rayon1 Regu'ar and slock lengths. 10 to 12. MEN'S SMART TIE AND HDKF. SETS .00 Floltei him with these hcndiom matched handkerchiefs and tiesl Distinctive patterns. Boxed. A LOVELY HANKIE READY TO MAIL Fine cotton, beautifully printed. In a gay envelops that you od dress, stamp and maill Farm Wagon tt'S ttali Ooli and the banquet, will begin a' 6 ClOCK, A drive is beine made to increase the membership of the old time organization which wa.s called to Use your credit to buy any mtrchcntfli From ur ttor fh horn out cttgt. flsht hors thieves and Lutft de Jt ees atWte for clared today In announcing the an meeung, "we stui reel Were great number of met: in the community who bclon? r.n lVlONTGOMERY WARDl 615 17 EDGMONT aa i' na ion. rart on thf friendships that have existed in this community among the fa.mllies, friends and the descendanw for more than hundred years." CHESTER, PA. SHOP 'TILL 0 TONIGHT AND TOMORROW PHONE i' 1

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